Diversion Examples: Watchtower 6-15-2012

Examples of Imposter GB Attempting to Retard Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1990 Thinking – A Look at Watchtower June 15, 2012 Issue

“Ignore the 8th King Globalists” So Say the Imposter GB

Phase 1 GB Globalist Synchronism

Though some of this may seem like nitpicking, the collective effect of enough little details, revealed in prophecy for a reason, form a clearer big picture of truth overall. There is a reason why the imposter GB globalist agents do not want to move Jehovah’s witnesses past 1990 in prophetic analysis which was expanded in marked fashion globally after 1991 by the globalists in Europe as their national puppet USSR “King of the North” was retired along with the “Berlin Wall”. (The real “King North” is the 8th King “success” (Dan11:36), USSR was just another national distracting “failure” (Dan11:27))

That was a new level of globalist activity in a marked world event.

The significance of this globalist first step into the modern progression to world domination of this 8th King, globalist “King of the North” system progressively developing has been ignored since this imposter GB came into control after Fred Franz passed off the earthly scene in 1992.

Instead the GB went on a “new world order” quotation fest for the UN/DPI initiative as UN NGO with almost 100 “NWO” citations in 10 years from 1991 to 2001; (Search the Watchtower Library CD for examples of “new world order” quotes). The imposter Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses made GB, George Bush Sr. an honorary member of their GB, “Globalist Boys”.

Phase 2 GB Globalist Synchronism

By September 11, 2001 another huge globalist world move was under way to employ and expand Global NATO (1999) worldwide, among other globalist world order objectives, that were also ignored by this imposter GB.

Instead the imposter GB had already devised a handy mental and attention diversion in global reproaching UN/NGO scandal in the UN/DPI affair “breaking news” as they provided and pimped the image of the “Virgin Daughter of Zion” as a call-girl escort and propaganda streetwalker “non-governmental organization” for UN advertising to the JW select demographic.

That handy little globalist guided and perfectly “911” timed development diverted much Jehovah’s witnesses’ time, energy and attention to confusion, scandal, and mitigating the apostate attacks worldwide that such reproach and hypocrisy inspired non-stop. This instead created perpetual focus on defending, repairing and steroiding the attacked organizational bodies of the “GB”, “Slave” and “Org” into an idol factory subtly but progressively year over year.

The apostate imposter GB did not bring up Global NATO’s significance in relation to “Har-Magedon” as a “global military fortress” system earthwide expanding to 70% global war potential scale, which Global “UNATO”, in association with the United Nations represents, by the way, as the greatest war machine man has ever known.

The imposter GB also did not dare utter a peep as to the worldwide globalist significance in 500+ new worldwide military installations and supports over 10 years time as this all progressed after 911, or the many “special operations” wars of US-SOCOM of Global NATO. They did not want anyone to grasp how this 8th King inspired “world invasion” actually fulfilled the “globalist paradigm” final fulfillment of the “King of the North” as a globalist world power system, expanding globally in Daniel 11:40 final fulfillment phase which kicked off on 9/11/2001.

These are now easy to see global developments that even worldly researchers are pointing out the general, not biblical, significance of in fulfillment of the “signs in sun. moon and stars” of Luke 21:25-28 that the world system itself forebodes the ominous meaning of.

This imposter GB wants everyone and his Jehovah’s witness mother focused on 1990 and 1914 forever and ever, with no hint whatsoever of the global ramifications of ascendant globalist world government developing worldwide, undercover of the night and the imposter GB.

A Coming Phase 3 Coup [1]

The Main Objectives (MO) of the Imposter GB and Bible Prophecy:

MO 1. Breed Complacency and No Real Need for Bible Study in Depth of Final Fulfillment Prophecy

The imposter GB teach that everything is basically fulfilled and done – congratulations, you don’t really need to study the bible anymore, for therein lies our final exposure by final fulfillment prophecy that in fact has not fulfilled yet, but will fulfill very soon, exposing the fraud GB and Org globalist infiltration; (Zech3:1-9; 2Thess2:3-9; Mal4:1-5)

The GB wants to breed a subtle but effective dozing complacency respecting biblical prophecy in final fulfillment manifestations avoiding any telltale or blatant signs of their fraud undercover existence as being a biblical “man of lawlessness” prophecy that must fulfill in a little while.

So, the imposter GB keep recycling 1990 perpetually (20 times so far), saying it is almost done entirely, it is all at apex, to keep all JWs tunnel visioned backward to 1914, a temple foundation era that has expired, but in fact must replicate in the great temple completion phase we are NOW entering and into the near future.

MO 2. Obscure the True Detailed Globalist Identity of the Anglo-American Two-Horned-Wildbeast; (Rev13:11)

The imposter GB call no attention whatsoever to globalist reality, and do not elucidate the truth that the 2Horn-Wildbeast (2HWB) is Anglo-American globalist elites who are based in their Anglo-American partnership of national base power in Britain and America, and use “shell game” nationalism as a veneer for their global domination operations and goals.

The imposter GB continue promoting among Jehovah’s witnesses the outdated idea that the 2HWB is merely the Anglo-American dual world power, the  national based 7th king, in a “special role”, nothing more folks.

Do NOT reveal the actual 2HWB globalist elitist super system of Devil anointed “seed” elites with top world rulership insights given by demons for this very purpose (Rev16:13-16; Gen3:14-15) of replicating the seven headed Dragon’s intellectually engineered sovereign structure (Rev12:1-3) into both the national wildbeast collective of Revelation 13:1 and the main elite world rulership project, the globalist “scarlet wildbeast” worldwide unification “8th King”. That “scarlet wildbeast” is an actual, full bodied world power FINAL defiant world government zenith system earthwide composed of hundreds of nations that God’s Kingdom vanquishes.

MO 3. Continue to Focus on the “Image” of the “Wildbeast” and Divert Attention from the Actual Full Bodied “Scarlet Wildbeast” as an Actual Global Power System Composed of the Resources of Hundreds of Nations

The globalists operate like Satan, upon secrecy, deception, diversion and misrepresentation under the veneer of the exact opposite claims of intent; (2Cor11:14-15) So as we know the United Nations is a highly visible world entity, but in itself it is not an actual global rulership physical power system, it is a world globalist forum, an “image” of globalist rulership philosophies and a “hub” of interested member parties from many national powers worldwide.

The imposter GB wants everyone forever focused on this generic “image” insight up to 1990 enlightenment given by Jehovah through Christ, through the anointed remnant on earth for public knowledge on the real future of such an enterprise rivaling God’s Kingdom for possession of planet earth and life on earth.

But this is not the actual globalist “scarlet wildbeast” who does evolve and develop into a very real world predatory system, far far beyond ANY national power or power bloc in destructive and controlling potential. This progressively forming globalist “scarlet wildbeast” is rivaled by no other national power in human history in percentage of war potential, worldwide intelligence and financial control.

This globalist “scarlet wildbeast” full “body” is a very very real worldwide network of hundreds of nations being deceived and pawned, under increasing resource and social control under the globalist elites of the 2HWB who engineered the worldwide hub globalist “image” to penetrate the national systems of all nations on earth – by aid of the foreign elites of those nations attracted to these ideas; (Rev16:13-16).


The imposter GB wants everyone thinking there will be no other human world power system ascending on the world scene, when in fact the globalist 8th King, also the same as the globalist “King of the North” WILL BE the final ascendant global rulership attempt with total worldwide rulership as the goal; (Dan11:42-45)

No national world power will arise at this level of percentage of total global war, finance and resource control like this globalist “scarlet wildbeast” that will own the national powers, all very soon as per Revelation 17:12-18 parallel with Daniel 11:42-43 at globalist levels of “power and authority” seizure, by national powers literally handing the globalist scarlet wildbeast their very national “kingdoms” worldwide, compromised first by globalist financial intrigue; (Dan11:43)

Examples of Imposter GB Diversion and Stagnation: The Watchtower – June 15, 2012




The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 6

“”John also saw a strange beast rise from that sea and receive great authority from the Devil. An angel later indicates to John that the seven heads of a scarlet beast, which is an image of the beast of Revelation 13:1, represent seven kings, or governments.”” [6]


[6] Comment. (Example of MO 3)

“…scarlet beast, which is an image of the beast…”

The Scarlet Wildbeast is Real World Power Systems Based on Whole Nations Worldwide

But in actuality the “scarlet beast” is a full bodied evolving, actual wildbeast “body”, a globalist unification “wildbeast” whose totality of the whole “scarlet wildbeast” is the 8th King, a single locus of power in that 8th King. That globalist 8th King that controls the full body of that “scarlet wildbeast”, is that whole wildbeast system worldwide.

This was engineered into this later Revelation 17 progressive maturity from earlier developments of the 2horn-Wildbeast (2HWB) (Rev13:11) Anglo-American globalist elites through the United Nations “world forum” and elite “hub system” “image” “of the wildbeast” that they empower as per Revelation 13:11-15, before this global maturity of “scarlet wildbeast” full “body”.

The United Nations world forum “image” and the actual multi-national collective “power system” controlled by globalist 8th King demon anointed elites should not be confused as being the same thing – there is a HUGE difference as time progresses since 1919 and the commencing “image” “League of Nations”.

This subsequent full bodied globalist “scarlet wildbeast” does not appear in time until it’s maturing development on the world scene Revelation 17. This globalist “scarlet wildbeast” of Revelation 17 is fully based on the exact national collective structure (seven heads, etc) of the national collective wildbeast of Revelation 13:1 which is a much older “wildbeast” system development now dominated by the Anglo-American national partnership 7th head of that national wildbeast, and national 7th King.

There is a huge difference between national power and globalist power.

The 8th King globalist real power system worldwide (the “scarlet wildbeast”, not just it’s global UN forum “image”) progressively comes to dominate the world through the control of the national collective wildbeast by a full and voluntary national “power and authority” transference progression shown in Revelation 17:11-18. So complete is this transference of national power and physical assets from ALL the nations “given” to the globalist power system, parallel to Daniel 11:42-43 “pawning” of the “King of the South” “Egypt”, the national powers of earth are said in Revelation 17:17 to actually “give their [national] kingdom to the [globalist 8th King scarlet] wildbeast”.

So complete is this power shift to the globalist 8th King that the “scarlet wildbeast” “King of the North” “rules over the hidden treasures of the silver and gold” world bullion and physical wealth systems (by worthless fiat currency and massive national debt), and “all the desirable things of Egypt”, the totality of national world powers of earth, now pawned by the 8th King, the King of the North as per Revelation 17:12-17 paralleling and fulfilling Daniel 11:42-43 in relation to globalist world domination of government and finance power.

As stated this awareness of a final world domination attempt, through a very real globalist world power system dominating all the nations, is what the imposter GB is attempting to retard in Jehovah’s witnesses by keeping them in 1990 understanding, over and over and over again. It’s still true information, but not reflecting current reality, and at times actually misleading, to be covered here.



The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 5

Though Britain gained dominance, colonies in North America broke away. Even so, the United States was allowed to grow mighty, protected by British naval power. By the time the Lord’s day began in 1914, Britain had built the largest empire in history and the United States had become the greatest industrial power on earth. During World War I, the United States forged a special partnership with Britain. [5] The seventh head of the beast had now emerged as the Anglo-American World Power. How did this head treat the seed of the woman?


[5] Comment –  (Example of MO 2)

“During World War I, the United States forged a special partnership with Britain.”

The actual older and originating lead “father” system is the British globalist elites from inception. These globalist elites (Rev13:11) are the ones who “forged” a special “roundtable” relationship with their own creation in the “United States of America” nation base. This project they had been openly funding through their central banking globalist finance network since 1791 officially revealed in the clone “central bank” “fractional reserve banking model” of the “Bank of England” “DNA” in the “Bank of the United States” aided by Presidential globalist puppet politician Alexander Hamilton; (Ten dollar bill).

By 1914 (12-23-1913) that globalist central finance administration central banking arm was the Federal Reserve; a private globalist scale finance conduit by which the entire World War 1 finance system was managed in the American “gravy train” of World War 1 along with the Morgan banking and investment network in America and England. England is the master mind system from which the entire orchestration of World War 1 ran. America is the natural resource and industrial “independent” colony.

This globally engineered “great war” event ran as the “global problem” (world war) for which the “globalist solution” (global government) would be presented directly after that engineered “world war problem” was completed to the tune of 300 billion dollars globalist banker profit. Then the “cherry on top” “League of Nations” finale to the whole bloody ordeal would be presented, tada!: the first global presentation of the globalist “world peace” forum “image of the wildbeast” in 1919, an elite globalist promotional branded hub system of world government and world peace.

All very predictable now and conveniently scripted then. Tribulation leads to a presentation of the “disgusting thing” as the “world peace solution”, to the tribulation, the desolation the “disgusting thing” globalist itself causes. Very handy.

That is why any attention to the actual locus of power in all this, the Anglo English elite globalists (at that time of WW1) is better to be hidden in any diversion possible, such as attention to the United States/UK national puppet show shell seventh head. Though a national alliance was developed prior to World War 1 between Britain and the United States of America as the Anglo-American national dual world power, the globalist union of both nations was not official until the United States joined the United Nations, they did not join the League of Nations officially, but as seen all the shadow American elite globalists (such as the Morgan bankers) had to be involved behind the scenes.

It is significant that even American national elites and politicians had initial misgivings of officially joining into this world governmental union after World War 1 and so remained detached from that “image” rendition prior to the United Nations.


The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 6

Shortly after the start of the Lord’s day, the seventh head launched an attack on God’s people—the remaining ones of Christ’s brothers on earth. (Matt. 25:40) Jesus indicated that during his presence, a remnant of the seed would be active on earth. (Matt. 24:45-47; Gal. 3:26-29) The Anglo-American World Power waged war with those holy ones.  [6a]  (Rev. 13:3, 7) During World War I, it oppressed God’s people, banned some of their publications, and threw representatives of the faithful slave class into prison. The seventh head of the wild beast as much as killed the preaching work for a period of time. Jehovah foresaw this dramatic event and revealed it to John. God also told John that the secondary part of the seed would be revived to increased spiritual activity. (Rev. 11:3, 7-11) The history of Jehovah’s modern day servants confirms that those events took place. [6b]


[6a] Comment:  (Example of MO 2, 3)

“…the seventh head launched an attack on God’s people… The Anglo-American World Power waged war with those holy ones.” 

More GB National Focused Diversion Away from Globalist Reality

This is not accurate to the level of detail required. This calls attention to national powers in the 7th head, instead of the globalist actual powers orchestrating this attack. This is diversion once again, by the imposter GB.

Again it is NOT the national power puppets (7th head) of the Anglo-American elite globalist “puppet masters” that attack of their own initiative. The source attack is guided by this far more powerful globalist locus of power in the 8th King system globalists (scarlet wildbeast), who control and orchestrate the whole multi-national “world war”, massive profit, “gravy train” engine led by the 2Horn-wildbeast (2HWB) industrial, military and financial power systems of the globalist elites based in Anglo-American national fronts.

They like secrecy. The imposter GB keeps them secret too.

All Too Convenient, Hence Now Predictable

The fact that their “world government solution” pops up immediately after World War 1 “global war problem” shows who “causes desolation” is actually these globalist powers “disgusting thing” with this very goal of presenting the “world governmental” “solution”. All too coincidental, these globalist guys are predictable now.

That “world governmental” “solution” which is an “image” and an “idol” of world rulership is guided by globalist elite powers (2HWB) far above the national puppet shows in actual power – That globalist aimed 2HWB administrates the globalist 8th King, the real final world power – that is the real attacker of Jehovah’s people, everything else is the means by which to carry out the attack, such as the 7th head national powers of the national wildbeast collective of Revelation 13:1.

Repeat as Necessary on Duped Nationalists and Masses

That exact formula repeated in World War 2, and shows who world war and global tribulation always serves in the end, globalist profiteering at multi-trillion dollar levels, indebting national powers in the process in the multi-trillions, and then, lo and behold, propping up the “disgusting thing” solution to all man’s problems to be adored and served as “the only hope for mankind” ensuring another round of this insanity, money worship, and war driven human sacrifice.

More GB Distraction

That is why here, the imposter globalist controlled GB wants everyone and his mother focused on the “7th head”, which is just a national puppet show who take orders from far more powerful handlers in globalist realms of the 2horn-Wildbeast (2HWB) (Rev13:11) globalist Anglo-American elite puppet masters. They are so secretive, that 2HWB does NOT draw worship to itself, please note.

When they say “seventh head launched an attack” and “seventh head of the wild beast as much as killed the preaching work “, it is actually the 2HWB that is doing this through the national powers (seventh head). This is a diversion of detail that is not accurate entirely. Why? To allow the globalists to operate worldwide with no knowledge of their existence, though the bible IDs them explicitly as their own 2HWB personal Anglo-American globalist elite wildbeast – not a “special role”, but a special world power system all together – elite globalists private (independent sovereignty) personal worldwide scope power system.

[6b] Comment:  (Example of MO 1)

“God also told John that the secondary part of the seed would be revived to increased spiritual activity. (Rev. 11:3, 7-11) The history of Jehovah’s modern day servants confirms that those events took place.”

No Word From Imposter GB on Final Fulfillment of Revelation 10-11 in the Near Future

Indeed “The history of Jehovah’s modern day servants confirms that those events took place” and in fact Revelation 11 must have a second and final “two witnesses” fulfillment.

This would be a good place to mention the final fulfillment no?

Of course that is what this imposter GB does NOT want Jehovah’s witnesses to realize. Don’t expect any “new light” until after this GB is purged in the final fulfillment of Zechariah 3:2-4.

The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 10

In the 21st century, Britain and the United States have continued their special partnership, often acting together in world affairs. The prophecies about the immense image and the wild beast confirm that the Anglo-American World Power will not be replaced by some future world power. [10] This last world power may be weaker than that represented by the legs of iron, but it will not disintegrate on its own.


[10] Comment:  (Example of MO 3)

Imposter GB Deception: “There will be no other world power after the Anglo-American national 7th King.”

“The prophecies about the immense image and the wild beast confirm that the Anglo-American World Power will not be replaced by some future world power.”

This is completely misleading.

True there will not be a greater national world power than the 7th King national power partnership of the Anglo-American dual world power, BUT there will be a full manifestation of the DOMINANT globalist world order 8th King guaranteed by prophecy after the 7th head power is expired into the 8th King; (Rev17:12-17).

That globalist 8th King can be seen being the entire, complete, whole “dreadful image” of  Daniel – the whole “metal man” full body, in it’s entirety as it must be standing at a place when that “stone” hits it, and that “place” is Armageddon; (Rev16:13-16; Dan2:31-44; Rev19:19-21; Dan11:44-45)

That is also the whole “scarlet wildbeast” that is the whole 8th King – MUCH more than just the “image” “globalist forum”, the East River UN “clubhouse” complex of brick and mortar.

So to, the 8th King Daniel prophecy parallel is that the “King of the North” will be setting up “palatial tents” of world rulership and global domination attempt – that is the 8th Kingship, a globalist kingship yet to fully manifest on the world scene. The fact that it is called in sequence King number 8, as in after King number 7, also biblically proves the 7th world power national partnership, and national dual world power system, will be pawned and owned by the 8th King globalists as per Revelation 17:12-17 paralleling Daniel 11:42-43 – even if they co-exist, the national power based 7th King will be pawned and owned, controlled and led fully to Revelation 16:13-16 in tangent with revelation 19:19-21.

Again, the imposter GB is now even misleading people on this matter, as if everything is wrapped up, all done, at apex, the United State and Britain national powers and politicians, multi-trillions in debt and unfunded liabilities, are the pinnacle of all earthly power! That’s all folks! But that is a lie.

The national zenith powers will decline into debt and receivership and will be pawned financially, governmentally and militarily by the 8th King globalist order that this GB attempts to divert people’s attention away from.

Reality: The “7th Head”, “7th King” Anglo-American national power system will be utterly “replaced” by the globalist “scarlet wildbeast” 8th King, the US/UK national powers will kiss it’s 666 feet.



The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 12

Though the Anglo-American World Power is a mixture of iron and clay, the visions that Jesus gave to John show that this power would continue to play a key role during the last days. How so? John saw a vision of a twohornedwild beast that spoke like a dragon. What does this strange beast represent? It has two horns, so it is a dual power. John is again seeing the Anglo-American World Power but in a special role.—Read Revelation 13:11-15. [12]


[12] Comment –  (Example of MO 2)

Imposter GB deception: The 2Horn-Wildbeast (2HWB) is just a “special role” of the national Anglo-American 7th “head” of the national “wildbeast” collective of Revelation 13:1, nothing more. 

Imposter GB Says: “The 2HWB is not an actual “elite globalist” “private sovereign” “worldwide wildbeast”, not very real separated power system and head administration of forming world domination attempt in the near future.”

But in Reality: The 2HWB is the real master globalist lead entity, not a “special role” of a national sovereignty, but the head super-sovereignty of world globalist power directed by the Dragon personally through the demons for the Revelation 16:13-16 collective climax.

“…Anglo- American World Power but in a special role…” LOL. I’ll say.

But the 2HWB is far far far far more than a “special role” of a national partnership power system of America and England.

The 2HWB is a completely different ruling identity (globalism) and magnitude (worldwide) of global power and the actual origin of that power in direct Satanic (dragon) anointed select guidance and alignment.

These 2HWB guys installed the imposter GB, they are their “cream of the crop” infiltrator life agent deceivers for this very purpose: hide the final details of the truth of themselves and their intentions and prophetic destiny.

This 2HWB is far different than the national wildbeast of Revelation 13:1, or ANY of it’s national “heads” and “authorities” – it is TOTALLY SEPARATE, it is the Anglo-American globalist elite system of global operations that utilizes it’s national base system, for globalist world domination positioning for a “gathering” climax of Armageddon; (Rev16:13-16)

Again, what this fraud GB globalist infiltration does not want any one to realize still, is that the  (2HWB) are globalist elite powers of far greater strategic, financial and influential power than ANY national powers on earth, national politicians, national elites or national groups, yet they are based in these national Anglo-American identities as a handy subterfuge and  base of global operations. It’s just a veneer.

This wildbeast is far more than a “special role” of Anglo-America, they even have their own custom, private, personal, separate wildbeast! This two-horn-wildbeast has it’s own “horns”, “head”, “body” mobility and power. This two-horn-wildbeast is NOT encumbered by six other “heads”, and an enormous lumbering old worldwide national “wildbeast” body – no, this wildbeast is a sovereignty unto itself, free roaming and secret –  it ONLY directs worship to the first national collective wildbeast of Revelation 13:1, and to the “image of the wildbeast”, the globalist United Nations forum of Revelation 13:11-15, which this two-horned-wildbeast engineered and designed for Satan by Satanic power, it does NOT draw worship to itself – it wants to be a big secret. Think about it.

The infiltrator GB also wants it to be a big secret as well.

This is an elite, Satanically anointed, globalist power system that operates through the Anglo-American national puppet shows that it creates, funds, directs and produces all by huge globalist financial control such as the Federal Reserve “trillions of dollars” and “money from thin air” national debt system it deploys.

Of course the less people know about this blatant fraud, the better for the blatant fraud.


The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 13

This wild beast promotes the making of an image of the wild beast. John wrote that the image of the beast would appear, disappear, and then rise again. That is exactly what happened to an organization promoted by Britain and the United States, one that was intended to unite and represent the world’s kingdoms. This organization appeared after World War I and was known as the League of Nations. It disappeared with the onset of World War II. During that war, God’s people declared that according to the prophecy in Revelation, the image of the wild beast would ascend again. And rise it did—as the United Nations.— Rev. 17:8. [13]


[13] Comment –  (Example of MO 1)

Second Two Witnesses Proof

Just a side note here, that proves there will be a second “two witnesses” final global ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses in the near future, completing 2 cycles of 1260 days, a 2520 day “appointed times” of the “trampling of the holy city” of Revelation 11:1-4.

“…the wild beast would ascend again. And rise it did—as the United Nations.”

(Revelation 17:8) The wild beast that you saw was, but is not (League of Nations front), and yet is about to ascend out of the abyss (United nations front) and it is to go off into destruction. And when they see how the [globalist image] wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present, those who dwell on the earth will wonder admiringly, but their names have not been written upon the scroll of life from the founding of the world.

That is true, and that globalist formative power personnel and grouping is who have been fighting Jehovah’s witnesses all along since 1914-1918 (first “two witnesses”), and who must fight against Jehovah’s anointed in the future as well (last “two witnesses”), for this “wildbeast” of Revelation 11:7, is the “scarlet wildbeast” that did not arise out the “abyss” until 1945 as the United Nations, thus this, must still occur AFTER that rise in the near future:

(Revelation 11:7) And when [the two witnesses] have finished their witnessing [in the near future], the [scarlet] wild beast that ascends out of the abyss [fronted by the UN; 1945] will make war with  [the two witnesses]  and conquer them and kill them. [and that is about the time the 144000 will complete for vengeance]

Imposter GB and Final Two Witnesses Cover Up

This is also final fulfillment cycle information in future fulfillment knowledge, that the imposter GB want Jehovah’s witnesses to miss entirely – so they will NEVER reveal this, they must be cleaned out before this truth is known by all Jehovah’s witnesses.


The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 14

John described the image of the beast as an eighth king. [14a] In what sense? It is not depicted as an eighth head on the original wild beast. It is only an image of that beast. Any power it has comes from its member nations, especially from its key backer, the Anglo- American World Power. (Rev. 17:10, 11) But it does receive authority to act as a king to carry out a specific task, one that triggers a chain of events that will change history. [14b]


[14a] Comment –  (Example of MO 3)

“John described the image of the beast as an eighth king.”

Imposter GB Goal: Divert Attention Away from Globalist Real World Governmental Super-Structure

The “Image” is Not a Wildbeast “Body” But an “Image” of It

The subtle diversion here is that of identity of this “scarlet wildbeast” as a full bodied world system in dynamic completion progressively. The “image” of the “wildbeast” is only the identifying globalist world domination philosophy with a “logo”, “world forum”, “public branding” called the “United Nations” an idea of unification with elite globalist “magnetism” provided by the Anglo-American elites of the 2HWB. That complex in itself, is a basically harmless dilapidating urban complex of buildings, signs, sculptures, office space, storage, auditoriums and meeting rooms, as sort of globalist representative “social club” on 17 acres on the East River in New York City.


That is just a visual shell, like a globalist bank tower, or the Pentagon building, the real “power and authority” lies all around the world as actual super-sovereign systems, like defense systems, satellite communications, global intelligence networks, super advanced technological development, nuclear development and deployment, telecommunications, massive global finance computing networks, etc.

Full Bodied Very Real World Domination Scarlet Wildbeast System Global

The real power in that “image” facade system is who engineered it as the most powerful, rich and influential Anglo-Americans on planet earth (Rev13:11) in the 2HWB elite globalist system based in Anglo-American national roots. These globalist elites though have their own independent sovereignty in themselves and their super-system (2HWB and it’s product the “scarlet wildbeast”). They do not answer to nation-state political authorities or nations, they own them; (Dan11:42-43), they employ those national political puppets for the big national “sleight of hand” puppet shows shows for nationalism promotions world wide, such as the Presidential elections of the United States.

The real power is what that “image” hubs out to in real world power systems of global management and control of billions of people through enslaved national powers, which is the national power systems of the member nations, guided by their own elites, who employ the same pyramidal globalist elitist control system as the 2HWB to also produce and direct their own “national theater” puppet shows of former pauper national politicians to ultimately own, control and engineer the whole national system – many many of them.

The “scarlet wildbeast” literal “body” is the actual real power systems of hundreds of member nations and others within their growing sphere of control aligned for globalist advantage. This “wildbeast” is far more than an “image” it is the real thing worldwide, and it is controlled by private globalist super advanced, super-sovereign, worldwide intelligence, financial and military control systems, among many others, utilizing total world resources of hundreds of nations and territories with computer and satellite aided real-time information and advanced algorithmic modeling.

Wildbeast “Image” Vs. Wildbeast Full Body

Thus by this time the apostle John from Christ’s vision from God, though referring to an “image of the wildbeast” in it’s disappearance from the world scene in World War 2, is now developing the future truth, now present on earth, of an advancement in time after the “image of the wildbeast” is created, in the development of the works of this “image” such as Revelation 16:13-16 into a full bodied very very real and actual “scarlet wildbeast” a real 8th King actual global domination predatory wildbeast system.

[14a] Comment –  (Example of MO 3)

“Any power it has comes from its member nations, especially from its key backer, the Anglo-American World Power” 

“But it does receive authority to act as a king to carry out a specific task, one that triggers a chain of events that will change history.”

Diametric to reality are these statement.

The member nations (and others) are progressively going into full ownership and under complete control of globalist financiers and technocratic 8th King counsels. They, the national puppets, are the ones who “receive authority with the wildbeast” globalist puppet masters, NOT the other way around; (Daniel 11:42-43; Rev17:12-17)

These statements make it sound as if national powers are the source of the 8th Kings power in a direct allowance. But in fact the 8th King does derive power from the national base, but by full progressive control of it as per the parallel progression of power transfer from national to globalist power at Revelation 17:12-18 along with it’s effects of pawned national ownership by globalist progressive control shown at Daniel 11:42-43.

Again, this masks the true locus of power consolidation that the globalist 8th King is deriving from this power shift from national powers, to the point whole nations are controlled by the 8th King, sound as if the nations are the ones in control of the progression, but they are the ones controlled by this evolution in power to globalist centrality in the 8th King – the last ascendant “8th” King dynamically over this final period for a very good reason.

And an outright deception: “to act as a king to carry out a specific task”.

In fact it is a final zenith 8th King of the whole defiant world system, Gog’s “congregated congregation” the ultimate world apex “King of the North”, not just a “specific task”, but total attempted worldwide domination and rulership! LOL This thing has been active since at least 1914-1919 in global manifested activity, revealed by prophecy and world events.

Daniel 7 and 8 show this dubious “little horn” early English Anglo inception supplants 3 horns in 10 horns in Daniel 7, leaving 7 horns and itself in remaining. That shows this “8th horn” as well, (10 horns) – (3 horns)  =  7 horns + 1 “little horn” = 8 horns, has had globalist roots developing ever since the British system was conceived even before the United States of America became an official partner.

The point is this is not a “kingship” for a “specific task”, but an old existing globalist aimed kingship culmination as part of a longer progressive continuum to global domination trajectory to Armageddon that this 8th King, 2HWB engineered globalist group leads since the days of the sole “little horn”. It always had “authority” in that regard, always wanted more, and plans on all “authority and power” being obtained in the near future; (Rev17:12-18).

Now the imposter GB is getting outright utterly ridiculous. They have to go soon, this is now actually distorting reality – God will NOT permit a complete perversion of the angelically protected overall truth developed in Jehovah witnesses since 1914 inception in special divine capacity.

Expect divine intervention soon.

So, we see the imposter GB continues to hide and divert attention away from the 8th King, “King of the North” as a real world power system of pinnacle defiance as a real world government and global infrastructure by the control of many national base systems in a dynamically intensifying progression – as shown in prophecy; (Rev17:12-18; Dan11:42-43).

All in all, this imposter GB recycles 1990 understanding over and over again, attempting to divert Jehovah’s witnesses from realizing the true reality of this globalist world system yet to attempt total world rulership through a typical tribulatory “problem” to present another globalist “solution”



The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 15

According to John, upon a scarlet colored wild beast—the image of the wild beast—rides a symbolic harlot, dominating it. [15a] She bears the name Babylon the Great. (Rev. 17:1-6) This harlot fittingly stands for all false religion, foremost of which are the churches of Christendom. Religious organizations have given their blessing to the image of the beast and have tried to exert influence over it. An increasingly vocal and militant group of Western intellectuals is calling for the end of religion’s influence on society. [15b]


[15a] Comment:  (Example of MO 2, 3)

“According to John, upon a scarlet colored wild beast—the image of the wild beast—rides a symbolic harlot, dominating it.”

A Drunken Whore Dominates the Greatest Globalist Power System of All Human History?

Actually the power that dominates the “scarlet wildbeast” actual worldwide “body” and “image”, is the 2HWB who engineered it through it’s “image” unification of global national elites over time to this climax full bodied “scarlet wildbeast” globalist system. (Rev13:11-15; Rev17:12-17)

Again, the imposter GB is distracting people away from the actuality of the globalists in the 2HWB as a real, actual operating elite power, by saying a drunken whore (Babylon the Great) controls this ultimate form of all globalist world power in all human history. LOL.

This is just an engineered diversion to hide the actual globalist elite controllers of that globalist unification “scarlet wildbeast” actual “body” (not an “image” but the real thing, a real worldwide super-structure of duped and controlled, owned and pawned national power systems).

This “scarlet wildbeast” is itself the final ascendant apex defiant “King North” of human history, the 8th King. Lobotomized religious groups and clerics, a drunken wobbling “whore” symbol in the Bible for good reason, do NOT dominate this globalist monster of all world dominating ascendant power, please, lol, absolutely ridiculous.

The Babylon the Great (BTG) global empire of false-religion, and in fact the imposter GB as well, are freeloaders on that wildbeast global actual system worldwide. (At least the imposter GB have a globalist job.) That is what is meant by her placement atop this “scarlet wildbeast”, she is a heavy freeloading burden, a spiritually diseased enormous parasite, NOT a controlling power at all, just a meddling pimped “harlot”, who has ultimate pimp handlers, she doesn’t even control herself.

She is riding the the actual physical super-structure worldwide of the “full bodied” globalist “scarlet wildbeast”, NOT the “world forum” “image” of the United Nations on 17 acres in New York.

True this harlot of false-religion, like the imposter GB, will sleep with and promote the United Nations – they own her through her national kings she “escorts”. But this “harlot” system is just a free riding, protected asset reserve, dead weight, idle wealth, attempting to secure her own possessions by a relationship with the kingly national powers that are the national “ten kings” who actually have the force and protection power – not the harlot.

These “ten kings” are given “authority” from the globalists through the globalist “scarlet wildbeast” to carry out this BTG asset liquidation and sovereign extermination to save their own national sovereignty and financial debt scenario – that national sovereignty is also just an illusion – they are owned outright; (Dan11:42-43).

The globalists do not do the dirty work – never have, never will. They employ the national powers as legal surgeons, national butchers and asset conveyor belts to deliver up BTG wealth and “body parts” to themselves, the national powers will get a cut to improve their “globalist creditor” submitted “national credit rating” which will fuel their own final demise in the long run of GT; (Matt24:29-31)

The scarlet wildbeast globalist powers want her competing sovereign claims destroyed forever as well, for their sole global sovereignty. At that point, Gog of Magog, can take the true “Cowboy of Control” seat atop his globalist “scarlet wildbeast” for the final assault on planet earth, and the real “great tribulation” climax extermination of billions of people, erasure of nations, and an attempted total extermination of all life and all planet earth at that period after BTG is vanquished; (Matt24:29-31; Matt24:21-22)

Worldwide National Revival Fueled by BTG Body Parts

BTG’s asset haul, globally in the quadrillions in physical hard assets and properties, will actually revive the bankrupted national powers. This “capital infusion” “boost” will give them a renewed and last capital leverage to rework their globalist multi-trillion dollar debts, so they can be refueled and re-financed to butcher up BTG global assets for the globalist delivery and “down payment” and national “credit score” improvement. Then they can be self-fueled then to also exterminate the BTG system (and streamline and herd others) and remove the BTG sovereignty fully for the globalists.

This allows the national powers, totally duped and puppeted to also position themselves in the “peace and security” illusion of the globalist’s “false prophet’s prophecy” – they will be the ones who commence the saying whenever handy. This will align well with the final placement of the globalist 8th King, “King of the North” “disgusting thing” as new world ruler who can then begin exterminating the global populous masses in the “sun, moon and stars” “black-out” of the national, state and local rival sovereigns of planet earth as shown in Matthew 24:29-31 [AS] BTG is removed.

Of course the imposter GB will not touch on these logical progressions registered in biblical well known timelines of minor prophetic fulfillment.

[15b] Comment:

“An increasingly vocal and militant group of Western intellectuals is calling for the end of religion’s influence on society.”

Yes, that “militant group of Western intellectuals” development is led by the 2HWB globalists to begin the positioning of BTG for an exposure of weaknesses, frauds and corruptions, and a butchering of her quadrillions in physical assets to secure a new financial future for the multi-trillion dollar indebted national “ten kings”, to utter destruction in those biblical three steps: strip, pillage and destroy; (Rev17:16).

That sentence is what is called a globalist predictive feed, it is not about “false religion” if you notice, it is a statement of things to come for all religious organizations: “end of religion’s influence”. The 2HWB will attempt to hit Jehovah’s witnesses and Org FIRST on the list, before the BTG assault. That is what this Org infiltration’s climax “coup de grace” event is leading to, to debalance the JW org worldwide with a big event shortly, by the positioning created by this imposter GB and Org infiltration for 20 years.

This line is a globalist feed line of the removal of the religious sovereignty from earth, to make way for “Gog Direct”.

Babylon The Great Judgment

Babylon the Great will be judged under Christ’s authority in Kingdom completion as final “sheep” may be shaken out from that prelude and judgment itself. (Rev14:1-8; Rev11:13; Hag2:7) That the deposition of Babylon the Great is at the end of the final cycle is apparent in final fulfillment Revelation 6th and 7th plague prelude and description at Revelation 16:12-19. That final cycle stage shows Babylon the Great is present deep into the final cycle. Now that we know a final prophetic cycle of Revelation 8-11 and 15-16 must take place we know where Babylon the Great global religious empire is placed in the final cycle.

Revelation 17:11-18 also shows Babylon’s final judgment takes place at the end of the national sovereign power transference cycle to the 8th King world government.

Babylon the Great is Present Deep into the Final Cycle

Logically Babylon the Great is greatly useful for the whole final cycle and it’s climax into world government.

1. The “harlot” in religious confusions and divisions is useful for the final 8th King cycle, and that division aids world government development by like Bethel, concealing the final meanings, and instead fomenting division and conflict.

2. Babylon the Great is a massive global wealth and asset store that will become useful as the final cycle is ending into 8th King world government, because it gives a final stage boost for the national recovery to come under the extremely wealthy 8th King system. (Dan8:25 “freedom from care”; Isa41:1) Babylon the Great ensures a store of global wealth in enormous quantity can aid the national capital need at the source in hard wealth stored in the nations in the Babylon the Great system being deposed for this final use.

3. Lastly but of greatest value, the deposition of Babylon the Great, the global known religious war mongering system of confusion and hypocrisy, will give great credibility to the 8th King world “peace and security” believability as that psychological war supporting global institution is condemned and deposed by the 8th King and their national “kings of the earth”.


The Watchtower 06152012 – Paragraph 19

We are living in the days of the seventh head. No more heads will appear on this beast before it is annihilated. The Anglo-American World Power will be the dominant world power when false religion is eradicated. [19a] The prophecies of Daniel and John have been fulfilled to the smallest detail. [19b] We can be confident that the destruction of false religion and the battle of Armageddon will soon come. [19c] God has revealed these details in advance. Will we pay attention to the prophetic warnings? (2 Pet. 1:19) Now is the time to take sides with Jehovah and to support his Kingdom.—Rev. 14:6, 7.


[19a] Comment:  (Example of MO 3)

“We are living in the days of the seventh head. No more heads will appear on this beast before it is annihilated.”

True. But also not true in principle of the final ascendant globalist rulership 8th King entire “scarlet wildbeast” body system over and controlling all national powers to enough percentage to manifest over planet earth as a one world governmental system leading to full global great tribulation (extinction mode) and worldwide Har-Magedon; (Rev16:13-16; Matt24:21-22; Matt24:29-31; Dan12:1)

The whole globalist ” scarlet wildbeast” is the whole globalist 8th King – the whole “scarlet wildbeast” is the last 8th “head” system – in that way the whole “scarlet wildbeast” is like an 8th head though pictured as one enormous worldwide power system, not just a harmless “image”.

The whole image of Daniel 2, from head to toe, can be seen this way as well. The whole image of Daniel 2 is the whole 8th King. The whole image of Daniel 2 is the whole ” King of the North”, and the ” King of the South” power base, now “Queen” of the South (“she”, Dan11:42), base national systems in full pawned ownership control of ascendant globalism; (Dan11:42-43)

The whole globalist unification “scarlet wildbeast” globalist world power will have full control of all the national “heads” and national  collective “wildbeast” of Revelation 13:1, including the subservient multi-national manifestation of the Anglo-American nation-state power system symbolized by the 7th Head and 7th King in majority of control of the rest, while also itself being controlled by the globalist 8th King; (Rev17:11-17; Dan11:42-43)

This is what the imposter GB is attempting to divert attention away from, and to hide the progression of on the world scene.

“The Anglo-American World Power will be the dominant world power when false religion is eradicated.”

Not exactly true. This requires the now obtuse lack of distinction between limited national world power and seemingly unlimited globalist world power which the imposter GB promotes by hiding it’s actuality in world evolution into globalist “one world government” under the 8th King.

There will be no new national dominant world power or bloc of power, that is true, the globalist “scarlet wildbeast” in control of over 50% of all forms of world power, far beyond any nation or national bloc of nations. The globalist 8th King controls and owns the 7the head national Anglo-American system dynamically, progressing to total control very soon; (Rev17:12-18; Dan11:42-43)

The Bible Truth: When that percentage of global control reaches critical mass through pawned national powers into globalist central advantage and irreversible consolidation, YES, there will be a new world power manifesting worldwide!

That will be the final Har-Magedon scale zenith globalist world order form of world power, the full ascendancy of the 8th King as also the “King of the North” globalist sovereign symbol of Daniel 11:44-45 “palatial tents” in parallel manifestation as foretold and guaranteed by God in the Bible.

The imposter GB wants to hide and stall this reality, while appearing like “God’s chosen”; (2Thess2:4)

The biblical truth is, there will be a progressively dominating globalist form of world power that is even engineering the transference and removal of the national “power and authority” into globalist possession, thereby controlling the national “ten kings” in multi-trillions in debt, to also remove Babylon the Great’s form of world sovereign rivalry as shown in Revelation 17:12-18 and transfer that religious wealth system to the globalists by the hand of national processors.

The WTBTS is first on the list, the presence of the imposter GB globalist cabal proves this, and it is in line with the judgment starting with the house of God as a precursor to Babylon the Great which may transpire years after this initial debalancing of Jehovah’s witnesses. But that will fulfill Zechariah 3:2-4, and trigger the first real manifestation of the final fulfillment mode of bible prophecy as reality to Jehovah’s witnesses. [2]

[19b] Comment –  (Example of MO 1)

“The prophecies of Daniel and John have been fulfilled to the smallest detail.”

Utterly false and a huge red flag the GB has been infiltrated.

The minor prophetic cycles of Daniel and Revelation have fulfilled applicable to the scope of those prophecies in 1914 to today, and even times before this period, such as the formation of the national collective wildbeast of Revelation 13:1 that began evolving on the world scene thousands of years ago.

What this statement is doing is completely attempting to cover over the final fulfillment of all the applicable Kingdom and Temple world conquest and 144000 temple completion prophecies that must have a final fulfillment triggered by the removal of this evil imposter GB as Zechariah 3:2-4 has their “befouled garments” removed from Jehovah’s house by angelic intervention directed by Christ.

This kind of now misleading imposter GB directed commentary, given today’s developments of known globalist world power and the final fulfillment modes of Daniel and Revelation, serves to attempt to keep Jehovah’s witnesses thinking all prophecy is said and done. But in fact the greatest cycle of prophetic fulfillment of all time is about to activate in global fulfillment progression all the way to Armageddon and into Christ’s day one of the 1000 year reign. 

This 144000 “temple completion” greatest and final, major and future prophetic cycle of modern permanent final fulfillment will basically replicate the entire 1914-1918 (1260 days; Dan12:7; Rev11:1-4), 1919-1922 (1290 day; Dan12:11; 7:26), and 1922-1926 (1335 day; Dan12:12) periodic cycles in the near future. This progression will lead Zechariah 3:1-9 fulfilled soon on the imposter GB, to great tribulation final “two witnesses” (1260), through the Babylon the Great termination, to Christ Court (1290) of Daniel 7:26 parallel to Matthew 25:31-46 sheep and goat finalization separation.

This “sheep” and “goat” finalization will parallel the winepress “sheep” of Rev14:14-16 and the “goats” of Rev14:17-19 through the “sun, moon, stars” “national, state and local” globalist engineered “blackout mode” extermination of the deepest GT period after BTG of Matt24:29-31. That worst period of the great tribulation will parallel to that salvation/ destruction judgment culmination, of a completed Kingdom 144000 under Christ (Rev14:1) of Rev14:14-19 to the “war of the great day of God the Almighty” at Armageddon AFTER the Kingdom Temple “Fighting Eagles” are fully gathered as per Revelation 10:7; 11:11-12; 16:17.

So no! “The prophecies of Daniel and John have” NOT “been fulfilled to the smallest detail.” Not even close!

And that is a great sign, this GB is full of imposters.

[19c] Comment –  (Example of MO 1)

“We can be confident that the destruction of false religion and the battle of Armageddon will soon come.”

This is just another way of the imposter GB making JWs feel it is all over, when in fact, it is all just beginning, the grand finale of final fulfillment prophecy based on the minor patterns, for real, is up ahead!



Invasion of The Governing Body Snatchers – an Overview of the Whole Infiltration 30 Year Plan



Great Temple Completion Phase of the Future World Conquest of Christ



Prophetic Reality: King of the North Globalists, 144000 Temple Completion, Final Two Witnesses


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