The End of National Sovereignty, Not The End of the World

The End of National Sovereignty, Not The End of the World

For the first time in history world developments in globalization, apostasy and prophecy are converging in meaning in a way so voluminous with world developmental examples as to be unique in human history. They are all inter-related to the final globalization cycle of the 8th King final world transformation.

These are the key true Biblical concepts of the final cycle as opposed to the Bethel fictions now in place in the JW mind.

7th King Falls – National Sovereignty Ends into Globalist Super-Sovereignty

The 7th King is superceded by the 8th King world government conglomeration of all former national sovereign power. (Dan11:42-43); It is logical, it will be historic and it is also prophetic. This is why there is an 8th final “King”, it deposes the 7th King national sovereign system globally over the final cycle.

The national sovereign developmental progression of Bible prophecy (Dan2,7,8,11; Rev13, 17) and world history ends into 8th King super sovereign domination, not destruction at Armageddon divine war phase yet. (Rev16:12-16; Rev17:11-18)

It is the globalizing “gathering” (Rev16:13-16) final progression of globalized world power, the 8th King culmination, that the national progression leads to and forms the basis of the completion by subservience to it in the final cycle coming up. (Rev17:11-18) It is conglomerated 8th King world government that is ended in the Armageddon divine war phase. (Rev19:11-21; Matt24:29-31);

All Four United Nations Presentations are Foretold in Bible Prophecy

This final nation-state sovereign subservience requires a final transformation cycle to complete. All four of these cycles, and the last cycle that concludes the progression to 8th King globalized power are all foretold in the Bible.

Final Tribulation Ends into World Government Not The End of the World

Thus that transformation cycle employing 8th King “disgusting thing” caused “desolation” is actually a fourth time manifesting world war cycle intended to consolidate final world power (Dan11:42-45), topple the national sovereignties by financial meltdown for 8th King wealth dependency (Dan11:42-43), and resolve that tribulation (Matt24:29) into the 8th King world government solution, world peace and recovery phase commencement. (Rev16:13-16; Rev17:11-18);

By understanding national power is superceded by globalist world power we can then understand the final transformation cycle aids this culmination and it is required by prophecy and the 8th King world government development. In this world government, process especially since the 1990 era post Cold War globalization acceleration (3rd UN placement; Dan11:29-31), the world system has developed the research affirming some of the transformation targets in finance, government and military that drives the core globalization enabling world government.

Of course the prophecy already contains this information. But we note Bethel is silent on all these issues, as if on purpose. They also developed a UN NGO wildbeast co-promotional service in the meantime. (Dan11:30-32; Dan8:11-13; Matt24:15).

We know now from this co-development of apostasy covering up this 8th King globalization significance for world government culmination, that the Bethel apostasy is related to the concealment of the final 8th King progression since 1990.

Daniel 8 and 11 Final Apostasy and 3rd UN Placement (1990) Connections and Parallel

Judgment Starts with Jehovah’s Witnesses Not Babylon the Great

This brings us to the source of the diversion that will not explain these post 1990 globalization developments, or the requirement of the final globalizing transformation cycle actually in the prophecy. The Bethel apostasy.

Now we know the apostasy, like all pre judgment manifestations of it in history, must develop in the central ministerial leadership. And because of this override of prophetic validity, the Bethel apostasy is to be dealt with by God first in the final cycle commencement. It is an apostate subversion development that ensures the “judgment starts with the house of God”. (1Pet4:17; Rev8:3-5)

Thus the Bethel delusion that the judgment starts with Babylon the Great is also exposed as a falsehood developed to divert attention from the true cause of the Bethel “desolation”; the signal final temple judgment. (Dan8:13-14);

The removal of the Bethel system, devised by the 8th King and Bethel internal positions, allowed and required by God as well (Dan8:13-14) will start the final cycle with a great spiritual signal in the context of Daniel 11:42-43 activating.

Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11


Comprehensive Completion Requirement of Prophecy, History, World Government and the Messianic Kingdom

Daniel 11:42-43 Explicit in Coming 8th King Globalized Wealth Control

JW UN NGO Prophecy, Information and Details


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