The Basic Truth of Prophetic Repeat Soon

Prophetic Patterns That Must and Will Repeat to Completion

A. Temple Foundation minor prophetic cycle of 1914-1922 must have a Temple Completion major prophetic cycle in the near future;

B. Kingdom Birth minor prophetic cycle of 1914-1918 must have a Kingdom Completion Conquest major prophetic cycle in the near future;

C. “Jerusalem” “Holy City” “trampling” of “3.5 times” in Rev11:2 minor prophetic cycle (1914-1918) must have a “Holy City” final trampling in the major prophetic cycle for full “7 times” divine decree in 2520 total days in the near future;

Basic Principles:

1. The Initial Fulfillment Mode of 1914-1919 must have a Final Fulfillment Mode in the near future;

2. All the Temple, Kingdom and Holy City prophecies will repeat upon the same minor pattern, in worldwide scope;

3. The Temple Judgment and Cleansing Begins it All Soon – Daniel 8:11-14’s 1150 day (2300 units) JW Temple Judgment will begin the final major fulfillment cycle;

4. The revealing of the modern-day “man of lawlessness” as the xGB must precede the final temple cycle; (Zech3:1-9; Isa66:6)

In other words, it all repeats soon;

But Here is “The Bypass” the xGB Are Up To Instead of Explaining This Repeat

The xGB MOL Myth: “There will not be another world power” June 15, 2012 Watchtower;

1. The lie the xGB promotes is that the 7th King national Anglo-American world power and the 17 acre UN “image” complex in New York is the climax world power system – it’s all done folks! GT next!;

2. What they are doing is attempting to bypass a whole cycle of prophecy that must repeat, say nothing about it, and herd JWs straight into the 8th King globalists bag worldwide;

There will be another world power according to the bible;

1. In this next 8th King world event move, they want JWs to be herdable and “GT primed” for the Pied Piper xGB;

2. That is why the xGB teaches obedience to themselves, to eventually use that trust to eliminate as many JWs as possible in this next “hoax GT”;

3. The MOL xGB are over simplifying things purposely to use against us JWs;

But Here is Bible Reality:

1. In fact there will be another world power, hence called King 8; What is next is the final rise of the 8th King as “image” AND worldwide “Scarlet Wildbeast” globalist unification over a 200 nation national collective “first wildbeast”; (Rev13:1); (Rev17:11-17; Dan11:42-43)

2. That is what is coming next through a 4th World War commencement cycle for the 4th Stand of the 8th King who is also globalist “King North” and globalist “King of Fierce Countenance”; (Dan11:36-45; Dan8:23-25; Rev17:11-17)

3. The 2horned-wildbeast is the globalist elite “7th Head” control system of the globalist Scarlet Wildbeast final world power of the Daniel 8:23-25 and Daniel 11:42-45 climax fulfillment;

4. The MOL xGB wants JWs thinking “GT! now GT! soon GT! any day now!” that GT is next, and there will not be another world power, and that is a bold-faced lie; (and they know it is a lie)

What is Actually Next

The NEXT is just the beginning of the final fulfillment major cycle repeating with the JW temple judgment FIRST;
1. The 1150 day temple judgment/cleanse (Dan8:14; 2300 units) leads to the Revelation 11:2-3 1260 days final divine commission of CLEAN JW ministry;

2. That leads to the Kingdom 144000 completion in the actual final globalist 8th King attack after WW4 (Rev11:7)

3. The actual end, is at the very least, 3.194 years (1150 days) + unknown transition + 3.5 years (1260 days, “tribulation of those days”) from the point of JW temple judgment commencing soon as Daniel 8:11-14;

The xGB and globalists want to whack us JWs but good before WW4 begins, to knock the JW org off balance so no one hears the second “two witnesses” final sovereign ultimatum (Rev10) from God and Christ as the final prophetic cycle completes;