The Trek to Armageddon in JW Known Prophecy

The Trek to Armageddon in JW Known Prophecy

Well thank God Christians will already have the Armageddon main pattern already explained in preview form, if we respect early Christian anointed truth from God through Christ of the early IBSA and JW movements. By appreciating a few formerly established Kingdom decrees and patterns of that 1914 to say 1950 ministry we already have a known prophetic pattern that merely awaits UN final disgusting thing complete world government placement.

We know Daniel 11:27-45 is actually 8th King as King North globalizing governmental activity, that Bethel and JWs now cover up since the 3rd UN manifestation of Bible and world history in 1990, as Bethel became UN NGO instead. (and that is no innocent coincidence) Obviously Bethel’s goal of covering up Daniel 11:27-45 as 8t King developments is in the UN’s best interest because it includes the divine exposé by prophecy of the 3rd UN placement of 1990 at Daniel 11:31b, which Bethel took part in as UN NGO as “THEY will certainly place the disgusting thing” as “those leaving the holy covenant” WITH the 8th King (hence UN NGO) which in 1945 or 1990 was a “holy covenant” only amongst Jehovah’s witnesses Christians. That 3rd UN placement (Dan11:31b) leads to the fourth and final UN placement of Daniel 11:45. That is also why it is a UN 8th King goal to conceal this final world government continuum plainly in prophecy covered up (Dan8:12b) by Bethel.

Thus the national sovereign debt crisis in 100s of trillions worldwide nationally will actually aid fulfillment of Daniel 11:42-43 as an 8th King globalized financial rulership of power formerly in national governmental regulatory oversight. Thus we are all plainly seeing in world web news, the multi-100s of trillions in national debts that must implode into a fully 8th King centered globalized monetary, finance, investment, market and economic system FIRST.

(Daniel 11:42-43) And he (8th King globalists) will keep thrusting out his hand against the (national) lands; and as regards the land of Egypt (King South symbolic national domain), she (subservient to 8th King) will not prove to be an escapee. (8th King pawned soon) 43 And he (8th King) will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. (national wealth goes into globalist 8th King control).

And that itself is not “Armageddon”. But in time leads to Daniel 11:44-45 and Daniel 11:45 is an Armageddon parallel of final fulfillment 7th plague and 7th trumpet developments a number of years after the coming internationalist 8th King pawning of “Egypt” King South national finance and ownership.

(Daniel 11:45) And he will plant his palatial tents (UN final placement of “disgusting thing”; Dan8:25; 12:11) between [the] grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he will have to come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him. (Armageddon divine war finality);

And no wonder Bethel sells JWs the Daniel 11:44 mystery “King North” “attack” illusion prematurely next, as actually the worldwide national financial default must occur first catalyzing Daniel 11:42-43. This way enemy Bethel can make JWs think “the end is here” as per a misapplied Daniel 11:44-45, to cover up the JW organizational desolation to take place in Daniel 11:42-43 intrigues as per prophecy actually to develop as 8th King intrigues next, and that is all covered up with Bethel false prophetic interpretation out of sync with world reality and prophecy.

Which leads us INSTEAD, to the JW temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 8th King divinely required “trampling” for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as what is actually materializing in these near future events that will occur as the national powers also begin a financial and economic meltdown to be recovered into 8th King globalized financial power first concurrent with the actual Daniel 11:42-43 fulfillment, NOT Daniel 11:44-45 yet.

Thus the unique pattern is Daniel 8:13-14 temple “right condition” is the “house” judgment of 1Peter4:17 priority, whose “fire of the altar” purification of Revelation 8:1-6 (Isa6:6-7) is the parallel connecting all these prophecies and principles. (Zech3:2 “fire”);

JWs then go into the Revelation 9 temple judgment desolation “abyss” of world inactivity in temple desolation, to be recovered by Christ as Revelation 9 ministerial invasion of purified truth carries the recommissioned Revelation 10 final “little scroll” good news of the certainty of 144000 completion and Messianic Kingdom completion as well. That leads to Revelation 11 as a final 1260 days of final world warning that the Daniel 8:14 timed period must lead to still preceding Armageddon for final warning. Thus Revelation 8-11 is a replicating continuum leading to Armageddon; (Rev11:15-19);

Thus in JW anointed truth, Revelation 11:2 “holy city” is “trampled” in 1914-1918 at Kingdom birth for 1260 days, and is “trampled” again (Rev11:1-7) for Kingdom completion precursor for 1260 days of the future. And that equals the specialized “seven times” of anointed “Jerusalem trampled on by the nations” for “seven times” divine decree as 2520 days combining these two periods as Revelation 8-11 is the God given repeating pattern also used to usher in Kingdom completion final world proclamation after JW have been purified and recovered as per Revelation 8-9.

Daniel 11:42-45 to begin initial fulfillments of the precursor context of the JW temple judgment desolation also leads to Daniel 12 “during that time” as climax 8th King King North events leading to 4th UN world government placement (Dan11:45; 12:11). That means Daniel 12 MUST have a literal and final fulfillment underlying Revelation 8-11 as in the minor Kingdom birth pattern.

Zech3:1-3 is the JW current “befouled” temple at temple inspection NOW completing. Zech3:4-5 is the Revelation 8-9 purification. Zech3:6-7 is the Revelation 10 recommission into purified truth as divine ultimatum (parallel Matt24:45-47). Zech3:8-9 is the Revelation 11 “two witnesses” final ministerial divine “portent” of final divine warning prior to Kingdom completion.

Thus there can be no actual Armageddon for at least the Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timed period of JW desolations of 1150 to 2300 days, plus the 1260 days of the purified final JW Kingdom completion ministry of Revelation 11:2-3 (Dan12:7) that that JW temple judgment leads to in time as Revelation 8-11 replicates seven trumpets with Revelation 16’s Armageddon leading seven plagues approximately concurrent into the future and towards actual Armageddon.

Thus it is 7 to 10 years from the [[beginning]] of the JW temple desolation “trampling” of Daniel 8:13 (1Pet4:17), to Christ’s first post 1260 days and post “3.5 days” of “two witnesses” death state, divine manifestation (Matt24:29-31) to complete all 144000 (Rev6:9-11; 1Thess4:17), and even then Babylon the Great is still present (Rev16:12; Rev17:12-18; Rev9:13-15), and Armageddon is still only in Revelation 16:13-16 culminating “gathered” formation preceding 7th plague and 7t trumpet Christ conquest finalities.

As long as we respect early anointed JW Kingdom and temple truth of 1914-1950, and what it is based on in Daniel 12, we can already have the full pattern of a divine replication of that pattern again (Rev10:11), so true Christians and others coming in after the Bethel judgment, can have a very clear map to Armageddon’s approximate finality, with great 8th King final globalization developments finalizing the “gathering” of Revelation 16:13-16 (Rev17:12-18), which BEGINS with an 8th King finance system foundation at Daniel 11:42-43, which in time, over some years leads to Daniel 11:44-45. (Daniel 11:44 actual 8th King attack is Rev11:7. The Daniel 11:44 “reports” are in the Rev10 “little scroll”).

God provides this prophetic and world developmental mapping, because He is not creating a new religion, he is judging JWs and cleaning out the “befouled garments” that currently cover up these easy to understand former truths and necessary continuation and replication, by Bethel subversions as God’s target of removal; (2Thess2:8; Mal3:1-5).

After the soon to be undeniable JW event of 1Peter4:17 as Dan8:13-14 timed prophecy for further affirmation, and Rev8:1-6 temple judgment parallel, the first four trumpets by divine aid employing angels to recoverable JWs and others achieving proper standing in specific first, will make all this known as the basis of the “little scroll” PROOF by world events fully foretold of the certainty of Kingdom completion, 8th King globalization completion and Armageddon a number of years prior to the divine war.

And that easy to affirm replication is the basis of the final world warning that divinely cleansed at tat time JWs MUST do again:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy AGAIN with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

Armageddon is yet some years away from even JW temple judgment initiation. JW temple judgment, on the other hand, is right around the corner along with national financial collapse that will lead into it all, possibly intensified by world war and terror developments or other disasters to accelerate the initial national plunge in an engineered manner.

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