GB Cover Up – UN 3rd World Placement 1990 – Dan11:31

GB Cover Up: United Nations Third World Placement 1990 (Dan11:31)

The GB Sinner Objectives for UN Partisanship; Prophetic Cover Up to Aid Globalist Secrecy…

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is covering up the third United Nations placement in prophecy and world history as the “disgusting thing” fulfilling Daniel 11:31 in 1990 as Cold World War 3 ended; (See Awake! 9/8/1991 Issue)

The Governing Body says nothing about this event because they are UN operatives as “man of lawlessness” as “they will certainly place the disgusting thing” partisans of Daniel 11:30-31; (2Thess2:3-4)

Instead, at this very moment in history in 1990- 1991, the GB became United Nations official organized NWO promoters to over 100 million people in their world audience demographic; The 3rd UN placement was all hush hush as prophecy, but all trumpets and scarlet red carpet at Bethel;

1. This coverup severs the Bible continuum of 4 biblical United Nations 8th King related “disgusting thing” placements at number 2 UN placement of 1945 from the continuation and importance of this 3rd UN placement in 1990 (Dan11:30-31) en route to Armageddon’s 4th “disgusting thing” placement of Daniel 8:25; 11:44-45 in the future;

2. This obscures the Biblically laid out 1-2-3-4 globalist world government continuum to Armageddon finale as these four stands of the “disgusting thing” in Bible prophecy and modern world history lead to world war 4 and the final 4th placement of the UN 4.0 of Daniel 8:25;

Kill the JW Org Worldwide; Wipe Bethel Off the Map…

1. This sets up Jehovah’s Witnesses for a hoax GT kill shot “coup de grace” globalist backed hitjob appearing as the end sequence of Daniel 11:44-45;

A. In reality this is actually the beginning of the temple judgment phase with years to temple completion over 3 known prophetic periods of Daniel 8:14; Rev8-9 (6 trumpets) and Revelation 10-11 1260 days to 7th Trumpet finale;

B. This transpires as the globalist 8th King goes to and through “World War 4” for 4th world placement of global government at apex after WW4 is conveniently resolved for this world government presentation as in 1919 (Rev13:11-15); 1945 (Rev17:8-11) and 1990 (Daniel 11:31); (Fourth placement: Daniel 8:25; 11:45; Rev19:19-21)

That is why this quadruple phased UN continuum is important to understand in the Bible!

GB Smoke Screen to Hide Bible Reality

1. This obscures the Governing Body as the “man of lawlessness” infiltrator anti-christian sinners fulfilling the modern Daniel JW temple transgression series in 1990 as UN “lover” “sinergy” as that United Nations’ 3rd placement was mirrored at Bethel (Awake! 9/8/1991 as UNNGO adjunct promoters for 10 years) by this fraud Governing Body “lawless one” legacy of today’s UN posers;

2. While the Governing Body got on all fours for the UN they are in service to, these lawless purposeful frauds fulfill live and real-time Daniel 8:11-13 (Daniel 11:30-31) which leads to the timed temple judgment in the near future of Daniel 8:14/Zech3/Rev8:2-5 (Daniel 11:41) as God hands the JW organization to the globalist UN powers for desolations due to this “transgression causing desolation”;(Dan8:13)

This will be a world signal event of the beginning of the end of the world;

USSR and Nazi Lies and Delusions

1. The Governing Body covers this up by sticking to the USSR Daniel 11 erred interpretation of the past made impossible as the USSR collapsed around 1990 invalidating Daniel 11:36; 11:42-43 from Soviet fulfillment hence all USSR is invalid in Daniel 11;

King North is NOT the Soviet failures (Dan11:27b), King North is apex 8th King globalism and elite globalist world government;

2. Daniel 8 cannot apply to world war 2 as well for a number of reasons; There is no reason why God would time (Dan8:14) an insignificant Watchtower org chart modification (in 1938) as if that was the “transgression causing desolation” when the JW org was not desolated like it is going to be in this next hit;

God times Daniel 8:14 2300 units because it leads to the 6 trumpets in final fulfillment cycle of Revelation 8-11 (And eventually the end of the world of the 8th King)

Too Many Anomalies

The Governing Body of globalist infiltrators in the JW org use these flimsy smokescreens to work their mass sinner magic at Bethel now for at least 20 solid undercover years fulfilling Zech3:1-3 “befouled garments” in tangent with 2Thessalonians 2:3-12 “man of lawlessness” final temple judgment phase revelation of these frauds as per the final temple prophecy sequence;

This was all as Fred Franz was shut up, and the Milton Henschel GB Circus went into power as globalist UN lovers; This is TOO MANY convenient UN friendly GB coincidences to be random and accidental coincidence;

The GB are fraud globalist intel ops, plain and simple;

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