Required Global Sovereignty and JW Diversion of Awareness of it

Timing and Other Error and Required Globalized Sovereignty

Many religions are right about Armageddon in concept – divine intervention. JWs as well. But the nature of it and significance of the “place” eludes many. With JWs it is the timing that eludes them. JWs think “it can end any day now brothers!!!”.

But according to Bible logic, prophecy, and the basic globalization process of the rival world government of humans on planet earth (8th King) a final cycle (Dan12; Rev8-11; Rev16 parallel) and another decade prior to full human international government actually completing is required.

And without that “8th King” actually being a KING beyond a UN “image” meaning (Rev13:11-15), function and scope, there can be no Armageddon. It needs to be a real world government fully empowered internationally, a real 8th King full bodied “scarlet wildbeast”. (Rev17:8-18)

So JWs have premature expectations and a stalled theology that will toss them into the beginning of that final cycle as bewildered as the next guy, because it must go on a number of years (Dan8:14; + Dan12:7(Rev11:2-3)) and a few Bible events and world events beyond the JW “deadline” also must manifest as per Bible prophecy and internationalist projections marking the final progression.


So if you are privy to basic logical appreciation, over the next decade human “8th King” world government will indeed become vocal prior to completion beyond current elite murmurings and low key press. Once the world has passed the “point of no return” for national sovereign power (financially next; (Dan11:42-43)), soon to start the final slide of national sovereign declination into internationalist ascendancy, you can gauge UN centric world governmental totality of international completion by their own announcements.

And that is your monitor to know when an “Armageddon event” of divine intervention could actually be all systems go. As the UN world government completes, that would also trigger Armageddon prelude finalities. (Dan8:25; Dan11:45 Dan12:11; Rev11:7; Rev19:19-21)

So JWs live mentally in 1970 perpetual world snapshot as to globalization awareness as the primary basis of the “gathering” power of Rev16:13-16 as foundational world government power internationally. They got the basic gist of a sort of repeating Genesis 11 “globalism” and divine intervention nature of an Armageddon event on a renewed form of globalized world kingdom (Zeph3:8-9), but they are premature in it’s manifestation forecast, and it’s basic prophetic requirement to have a completed and announced (1Thess5:1-3) rival world government as full 8th King for Christ’s Kingdom to be fighting.

If God and Christ came down “any day now”, they would find no human Kingdom ready for battle; (Joel3:9-12).

Thus by plain logic, the 8th King actual world government must complete before any Armageddon divine war could even theoretically manifest. And that will require a final globalization cycle for full national sovereign deposition of financial and governmental “power and authority” completely (Rev17:12-18), and that will take a good decade to achieve.

The final cycle can start any day (Dan11:42-45), but it can not end as expected by JWs prematurely, before that final cycle completes.

Rival Sovereign Completion Required

Firstly the UN is not a complete world sovereignty, so God and Christ cannot show up to war with a non-existent entity.

But as Daniel 11:42-45 actually starts to unfold to that actual world government sovereignty, then we see Daniel 11:45 parallels the 4th UN event of placement of Dan12:11.

And Daniel 12:1 statement it occurs “during that time” of Daniel 12, Daniel 11:42-44 must merge into Daniel 12:7 which parallels the 1260 days of Rev11:2-3 as a concurrent parallel. Thus the attack of Daniel 11:44 parallels the attack of Revelation 11:7, after the 1260 days is complete.

And in that completion thus Daniel 7:25 parallel 1260 days ends into Daniel 7:26 meaning of Christ’s Kingdom authority.

Thus as Daniel 11:42-45 must be live and real-time events of the future, and require the full timing of Dan8:14, Dan12:7 and Dan12:11, “Armageddon” is many years into the cycle, and even into the Daniel 12:11 1290 days as Daniel 1144-45 must merge, live and real-time into Daniel 12 at some point in future human events and history happening.

Meaning Daniel 7:26 “Christ Court” must be Matt25:31-46 Christ sheep goat separations occurring as Matt24:29-31 “tribulation of those days” basically ends with the 1260 days final warning precursor as Rev6:12-18 parallel of Rev1:7, and then it must extend 1290 days as sheep securement leads to the Armageddon war phase finalizing as “finally his rulership was taken away”:

(Daniel 7:26) And the Court itself proceeded to sit, and his own rulership they finally took away, in order to annihilate [him] and to destroy [him] totally.

The “finally” wording indicates Christ is in active “gathering” as full King in the 8th King face for quite some time as 1Thess5:1-3 final world “peace and security” sovereign 8th King proclamation must become 2Thess1:6-10 (Rev19:19-21) in a final Kingdom conquest at the end of the Daniel 12:11 Kingdom Court phase.

Thus it cannot “end any day now”. Bethel can “end any day now”, but the overall world system must go into financial globalization as per Dan11:42-43 and into actual sovereign globalization of Dan11:44-45 culminating Rev16:12-16 as Rev17:12-18, and in tat phase as shown in those sequences, Babylon the Great is deposed, with national “power and authority” transference into globalized 8th King world power at the end of the cycle to create the Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care” of world “peace and security” in actually the greatest potential world recovery in all human history as BTG aids capital boost and world peace effects as deposed war mongerer well known as a chief aid of war, thus peace and security will actually be believable as the 8th King world government places 4th UN as Daniel 12:11, 11:45 and 8:25 parallel as the tribulation ending as per Matt24:29, like WW1, WW2 and cold war “tribulation” resolution into a UN peace statement, aids the UN final presentation but as a full 8th King world sovereignty.

And as that condition is met, the rival Messianic Kingdom sovereign can then react as foretold, upon an actually existent climax world rulership contender of all nations in 8th King globalized unification against the Kingdom of God.

World Peace and Security is a Sovereign Statement of 8th King Completion

(1 Thessalonians 5:1-3) Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, you need nothing to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know quite well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. 3 Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.

“while they are saying” indicates a time period.

Since we are talking UN 4th placement of world government timing at Daniel 8:25, 11:45, and 12:11 identical parallels of international governmental completion, hence a real 8th “King” system, taking a numer of years from now, that statement is part of a worldwide sovereign proclamation series of that world government in full form, beyond the scale and power of the UN schematic forum.

World “peace and security” is the time of NO “reports of wars”. It is also the time of Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care” as this next world tribulation cycle must end (Matt24:29) into actual world recovery and the peace and security effect and hope under a globalized world government as 8th King finality.

And it is no surprise really. WW1, WW2, and cold WW3 (Dan11:29), all ended a world war and tribulation of some sort to birth and present a form of the United Nations in the process in 1919, 1945 and 1990. Chaos to world government order is a formula seen there now three times in world history.

To expect a final world tribulation and war cycle leading to a fourth UN presentation in finally final form, is intuitive, it does not even need prophecy to understand world war is the psychological persuasion that makes world peace and UN world government all te more appealing in the process as the “peace bringer”.

Thus before any real “end of the world” can come in the final conflict with Christ’s Kingdom authority, a fully gloalized world government representing all the national collective under it (Rev16:13-16; Rev17:11-18) must make a final sovereign statement series worldwide, and “peace and security” is that final hopeful statement “during a freedom from care” that will be the greatest world recovery period of all human history after this next world tribulatory cycle expires over say 7-10 years from national collapse activations of Daniel 11:42-43 that lead to Daniel 11:44-45 where King North is 8th King world powers, not non-existent USSR fictions.

Globalized world government based on the UN foundation is no longer “conspiracy”, it is elite internationalist policy. It starts with financial globalization processes of Dan11:42-43 that aid sovereign national transfer of “power and authority” of Revelation 17:11-17, which culminates Revelation 16:13-16 “gathering” of national powers into international unification of the 8th King. The primary force of that national “gathering” is actual globalization processes of finance, government and military globally into 8th King power, and everything else that triad controls in national powers naturally declining into international government ascension naturally dominating the world.

It actually will be “peace and security” for a while under that matured system after a number of years of final world government completion in the future.

Contrary to JW brainwash, it cannot “end any day now brothers!”. National financial systems and Bethel are what can end any day now in some manner aiding globalization in the overall fuller process to actual world government beyond the UN “conference room” within that completing worldwide administration.

Thus as well a true “peace and security” statement of any real world government completed meaning also cannot come as prematurely as JWs are expecting. A hoax can develop though, or Bethel can purposely misinterpret a world allusion to such a perceived statement prematurely, which will only aid the Bethel corporate downfall in a period of Daniel 11:42-43, that JWs will think is Daniel 11:44-45 activating prematurely and out of sunc with actual prophecy and world governmental globalization as a drawn out process not at that required actual level of world government maturity for a number of years.

By these premature expectations by Bethel misapplied prophecy, JWs will be further bewildered in the actual period of Daniel 11:42-43, because it will not be the “end of the world”, it will be the beginning of the worldwide globalization process in earnest, that must take several years to complete as per even internationalist projections.

Bethel Serves UN Development Secrecy Agenda related to Prophecy (Primarily Provided by the Daniel 11:30-45 USSR Fictions)

Renewed focus of the JW primary original tracking of UN development has stalled. It is apparent JWs are mum on UN 3rd manifestation of 1990 as Bethel instead became a UN NGO co-promoter of that governmental statement of global order – the “new world order” term that spikes in JW publications between 1991-2001.

So between the lines, Bethel has become a UN annex that also diverts any Biblical awareness that a 3rd UN placement leads to a final 4th UN placement to complete te super-cycle from 1919, 1945, 1990 and the future. To JWs in general, all time stopped at UN 2nd placement of 1945 – nothing else matters. And if JWs and others lost track of that trajectory to where it leads as the primary focus of the tracking of the rival 8th Kingdom of mankind (UN full world government) since the 1920’s to 1990 lost, slowly deprogrammed to inconsequential by the Bethel hypnotists, then no other pressing JW truth of the past matters either any longer in JW reality. It is all now an afterimage illusion.

JWs do not realize that they are no longer the same JWs as 1940s version, they are no longer Kingdom witnesses, but UN affiliates and co-promoters to their segment of the world audience for UN purposes, not God’s Kingdom any longer.

So even JWs are now lulled into a coma and can’t even keep track of their own former ministerial priority of the main subject matter here: World Rulership. That trajectory formerly tracked by JW, forming a far larger momentum of that 1930-1960 peak of spiritual concern in tracking, what were then, modern UN events and Messianic Kingdom events, that both manifested concurrently at approximately the same time of 1919 League of Nations rival proclamation first, as JWs started to congeal a Kingdom of God proclamation meaning as the impetus of their 1914 ministry continuation, is now lost completely.

At one time a United Nations development was big news to JWs. Not any more! It’s all “the organization”, and GB, blah, blah, blah.

Even if it was all make believe, JWs did directly affront the then formative “new world order” UN related system with a diametric statement of world rulership destiny from 1920s to 1960s. Today’s JWs instead are UN NGO and hush hush the whole UN continued evolution, that like post WW1, WW2 and cold war, also will, as per formula, require a tumultuous final world cycle of globalization finalities to eventually present an actual world government, say a decade from now. (Hence why the Matt24:29 “tribulation” also ends in “peace and security” at that time. To JWs this makes no sense, because Bethel is UN stagnant).

JWs are setting up their own end game prematurely. Strangely, JWs have created a self fulfilling prophecy that instead ends their own ministry “any day now”, rather than the obvious realization a final globalization cycle is needed to complete the “8th King” world government far beyond in scale and function, but including, the UN. So as David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and others in the developmental thinktanks of 8th King world government now proclaim a final cycle, JWs instead preach a premature end, which can only be realized on Bethel now as a self fulfilling prophecy, not the world system as a whole.

Or else God and Christ would show up to find no contender ready for battle for earth’s sovereign supremacy, according to JWs own rules of engagement. So weirdly, JWs have taken an exit way way off “the road to life” and abandoned their former destination and meaning, as well as modern awareness of globalization, and are themselves lacking any true hub of unity in that diversion now complete.

It’s a strange let down by lead Bethel snoozing hypocrites. Hopefully people can stay in tune with the Bible that already does outline all four renditions of UN evolution to final form (Dan11:31-45), and that must continue in development to were it must lead.

JWs, as a whole in general, have of course not progressed in UN understanding since 2nd placement UN 1945. To JWs, the 1990 UN “new world order” statements as another way of saying world governmental order, are totally insignificant, and harmless. One can even join the UN proclamations henceforth as UN NGO, and jump ship from the Messianic Kingdom former proclamation and cause, and everything is just fine.

It is just a matter of time and JWs will also be scattered, the unity is already gone, Bethel is a grenade ready to blow. It cannot simply remain a static affair either for Bethel or the UN final cycle inevitable activation soon. True it goes on a decade, but JWs will be scattered at the start of that cycle to finalize their true condition since 1990 easily seen in hindsight from before then.

And that will be a signal many have been seeking. What occurs after is a required purification and clarification of reality. The UN will be in it’s developmental drive to complete actual world government, and JWs will need to wake up, and face the facts.


Well even stranger is from a world of many 20 million, God only saved 8 people at the flood. It is what it is, not all people will aid the smooth transition to and after Christ’s 1000 year reign, so come people have to be deactivated, and possibly recovered later under better conditions and circumstances.

Not all people will make the final cut as well.

JWs had a valid ministry from 1914 to 1950 to expose the first two UN placements (of 4 total to Armageddon) of 1919 and 1945 as fulfilling prophecy in the 4 UN placement trek to Armageddon.

Christ’s Kingdom, not human world government on UN basis is what is appointed by God to rule the earth. So in time when the UN completes world government progressively making world announcements to that effect, that is the progression to actual Armageddon. Of course those hoping in a human world government solution will be sorely disappointed, but it is what it is, 100 years of warning preceded the big purge of God.

All the faithful Biblical characters proclaimed Jehovah as God Almighty and are thus witnesses to that fact.

(Revelation 1:5) Jesus Christ, “the Faithful Witness.

JWs today proclaim UN NGO world government between the lines of their ministry and cover up the 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:30-45 since 1990 as proof the JW ministry corrupted after the all exposing 2nd UN placement of 1945.

Sometime in that interim between 1945 and 1990, JWs were subverted by what proves in hindsight to be the 1976 Governing Body cell of lawlessness and subversion as the central control of modern JWs now covering up UN prophecy from the time Bethel became UN NGO co-worshipers of the UN wildbeast image. (Matt24:15).

So serious judgment must befall the JW organization for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as Daniel 8:13, as Dan8:11-13 events parallel 1990 UN and UN NGO culminations of Daniel 11:30-32a concurrently. Daniel 11:32a foretells the Bethel apostasy linked to modern fulfillment of 2Thess2:3-4 as the obviously self-exalted and supremely positioned Governing Body core JW blasphemy.

When you see the national powers begin to collapse as national finance and monetary systems globally soon to progress to terminal, that is preparation for UN 8th King Daniel 11:42-43 globalization of an international finance and monetary solution that must ascend upon the national power decline.

What will “ascend” after that financial pawning of all the nations from 100s of trillions in unfunded debt and liabilities is UN world government who will also pawn the national sovereignties in that drawn out process; (Rev17:12-18).

Thus neither JWs or mankind can reverse where this is all leading to as Daniel 11:44-45 is the final Armageddon progression, and it will be plainly marked by UN global proclamations of world government intent, progress and completion as world “peace and security” proclamations as a world recovery will result from the tribulation that ends as per Matt24:29-31 marking the Daniel 11:42-44 8th King world events.

Since this all unfolds over several years, with all kinds of supporting 8th King events, evidence and world government statements, all can plainly monitor the actual progression to Armageddon which MUST be preceded by a UN world government completion and final sovereign worldwide proclamation.

That will take some years to fulfill as Revelation 8 is JW temple judgment, Rev9 is JW temple desolation and recovery, Rev10 is the final Kingdom completion “message” (little scroll) and Rev11 is the final deployment of the final warning of God for 1260 days preceding actual Armageddon and Kingdom of God completion concurrent with UN world government completion.

It cannot thus get any clearer what the JW organizational desolation commencement soon, is leading to later.

World War Aids World Governmental Completion

There is no doubt the main internationalist globalization accelerant and wealth consolidation engine is world war, and all forms of organized war. Whether military or markets.

So the Daniel 11:42-43 process of mass national financial globalization will be no doubt aided by some sort of world tribulatory accelerant to hasten the national bankruptcy initial implosions, all engineered since even before WW1 to facilitate the final wealth consolidation and finance globalization that will aid the national transference of national sovereignty into full internationalized globalization of uni-polar world power as the 8th King by way of Revelation 17:11-18 processes, aided by financial lubricants of Daniel 11:42-43 to finalize Revelation 16:13-16 globalization applications as the main force of national “gathering”.

Even the globalists and other experts worldwide describe a similar process that must begin with national bankruptcy cycles to secure a globalized financial and monetary system foundational guidance system first. (which is Dan11:42-43).

So in effect the real rocking begins with the next national bankruptcy and final world war cycles, or whatever it is that will be the catalyst and accelerant of the process;

And since it is really Haggai 2:7 “rock the nations” culminating as the first four modern plagues of Revelation 16 leading to Revelation 16:13-16 in the process of Daniel 11:42-45 plus Revelation 17:12-18 consolidations into uni-polar 8th King governmental power, that rocking starts in the next world cycle of national finance and monetary collapse into 8th King globalization processes accelerated, and “rocking the nations” that did begin with world war in general and World War 1 in specific as a benchmark of the internationalization process, as the main impetus of this overall internationalizing process of a final world government requiring a number of cycles, four of them, to complete.

It is a drawn out cycle over some years that will result in a massive world recovery for many people in many nations as the “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:25 that parallels Daniel 11:44-45 final events as a world proclamation series must accompany full world globalization as a world rulership as per 1Thess5:1-3 world “peace and security”.

So what is coming is just like the three previous world wars including the cold war (Dan11:29), that provide a world chaos by which internationalized order is birthed in this process of globalization now in it’s fourth round, thus what is beginning will be severe, but it is not “the end of the world”, it is the BEGINNING of the final process of internationalization consolidating all national “power and authority” into a final world order of things.

That recovery will be aided by the religious empire quadrillion in today’s dollar value hard assts after the final world war cycle is near or in completion to aid the national recovery and a great world hope in the benefits of a sole world international uni-polar world power, while world religious sovereignty (Rev17:18; Rev16:12) is deposed completely. Thus the actual “the end” is not for a number of years, as this process merely repeats the first three world war processes to a culmination inherent in the final evolution of the cycle a number of years after all these things take place.

It is actually a natural evolution to form international government as naturally as the nationalization that had to precede it into various national “unions” that facilitate this type of world governmental system. It cannot be reversed in it’s trajectory, and confusion and uncertainty aids the process, when in fact it will develop a form of actual world peace in the end of the rocking phase, under a uni-polar world power system capable of enforcing that peace on any national or group resistance.

That allows the new power system, with an extra ten years of tech development and tested deployment (in the final world war), to follow up the next decade in theory, with these kinds of global purges that are really one-sided as no one human, group or nation on earth can stand against a globalized, space centered weapons system basically automated and artificially intelligenced to carry out most of these final peace mandates down to every square inch of planet earth “automatically” as programmed, and anywhere in the physical system, underground, under the sea or in air or space.

Get ready for a bumpy national ride that must smooth out in time.

Viewing the Entire JW Ministry as Error is not Valid

I understand that initial reaction, as if these frauds of today were present in 1914, which they were not. It is not the size of the group preaching a truth, it is the magnitude of what that supposed truth means. When speaking of a confrontation between the Kingdom of God appointed world rulership and a human world government globalized into full operation making statements of world rulership to the contrary, the magnitude of the resolution is conceptually enormous.

And that confrontation is what Revelation 10-11 is about. But in 1914 there was no world governmental forum that had arisen as a rival to God’s Kingdom until 1919. At that time of the International Bible Students, it was eventually ascertained that contrary to church alliances with the League of Nations, the League of Nations was the first international forum of globalization that actually uniquely made public proclamation of a world rulership concept. Elite members of that forum’s development then and today explicitly describe the world government that will form around that schematic outline in the United Nations.

The point is, JWs from 1914 to 1950 did explicitly track and explain the first two UN related developments of 1919 as the League of Nations and the 1945 United Nations were forms of this globalizing world governmental basis of internationalization as foretold.

The important aspect is the national sovereign progression of Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11 is not static, it connects to Revelation 13 and 17 finalities not of national power as any world rulership, but a collective of multi-national power as a true globalized world government. In such a system, the UN forum is but a “conference room” in that world government worldwide infrastructure with full access to all national “power and authority”. (Rev17:12-18; Rev16:13-16).

Well JWs today have a mindset the UN schematic is the final form of what must actually be a globalized full world government. And JWs instead joined the UN at the moment of the UN 3rd placement after the cold war in that 1990 period. Thus JWs are not informing mankind that Daniel 11:30-45 is impossible to be USSR failure. By Daniel 11:36 the actual 8th King 3rd and 4th placements of Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 11:45 must be a continuum of success leading to a fully globalized world government.

So in effect JWs ave truncated all development of the UN at 1945, and instead cover up 1990 UN developments as prophecy, and were that must lead, and instead Bethel co-promoted that UN system as UN NGO for 10 years, rather than explain like all 4 UN placements, the 3rd post cold war (Dan11:29) UN placement is foretold. Currently JWs are saying the 3rd UN placement after cold WW3 is inconsequential and not prophetic. Thus JWs are truncating a prophetic continuum that is significant and foretold and leads to UN based full world government over the progression of Daniel 11:42-45 as UN 8th King, not the USSR or any other national power or bloc of power, but as a globalization of all national power collectively (Rev17:12-18) into a final world governmental system. (Rev16:13-16).

And that Daniel 11:42-45 progression will take some years to globalize world finance from national multi-trillion dollar sovereign debts. Instead JWs are saying “it can end any day now”, when in fact Daniel 11:42-43, the actual next progression in 8th King world wealth globalization, will take a number of years to complete. The UN system of today is not a world government yet, so too, the end cannot come until Daniel 11:45 “palatial tents” of worldwide 8th King rulership, and all that will take time.

But currently the JW system is covering up this prophecy and well known globalization development logic to affect national finances first (Dan11:42-43) that facilitates the globalization “gathering” of Revelation 16:13-16 to full form taking some years as Rev17:12-18 is the actual national sovereign transfer that 8th King financial control of Dan11:42-43 aids. Thus a sovereign progression of guaranteed prophetic fulfillment to come, that needs to be understood fully as full globalized world government in Daniel 2, 8, 11 and Revelation 17, is currently a derailed dead end teaching of the UN of 1945 as the pinnacle of world power in JW “theology”, which it is not.

It is important because the eventually world seen trek to 4th UN placement world government (over a number of years), and it’s increased vocalization of such world sovereign uni-polar intent, is a progression marked by events to full 8th King world government that must complete before Armageddon confrontation with God’s Kingdom, and thus that progression to full world government in globalized form over the next decade. With this knowledge, is an 8th King developmental gauge to monitor the actual progression to Armageddon over a number of years. (contrary to JW brainwash, it is NOT an overnight transition).

Currently JWs are setting themselves up and others to perceive the massive world events that will activate Daniel 11:42-43 next (in national debt implosion), as JW Daniel 11:44-45 final “attack” sequence of an unknown to JWs “King North”, a prophetic application out of sync with prophetic and globalization reality, because the process takes a number of years, requires world war and full national subservience in that process, and JWs will go down organizationally in that period thinking it is “the end of the world” that will not arrive as expected as Daniel 11:44-45, because instead it is the BEGINNING of the final 8th King globalization process activating Daniel 11:42-43.

What aids that realization is knowing the USSR has never been “King North” and that Dan11:30-45 is all 8th King UN activity, which as well JWs are not aware of, and are teaching a subversion that is allowing them to be set-up and bewildered in the national collapse cycle of Daniel 11:42-43.

And that cannot be all accidental to have such a handy JW “theology” that can also cover up the financial desolation of Bethel, with a hoax King North attack as cover (applying Dan11:44), and also using the “it’s the attack on Babylon the Great brothers!” as another subterfuge, for what will be an attack on Bethel and WT finances, because the “house of God” judgment begins the final cycle of prophecy, not Babylon the Great. (1Pet4:17);

And classic JWs from 1914 to 1950 were the ones making the world aware of this process of sovereign conflict culminating to world government, that is now fully truncated in 1990 for UN NGO related error and the total derailing of the JW ministry. No one else has or is making this sovereign progression to Armageddon known, and even JWs are no longer doing so, thus that Bethel obstacle is the only impediment to this truth. Known globalization projection reinforce the world government reality, that this next world collapse will be severe, but it will result in a world recovery in globalized finance, government and military under sole 8th King authority, to be presented when the cycle ends in world “peace and security”.

What is coming up is not the end of the world, but the starting of that cycle. JWs are teaching it is “the end of the world” due to theology advanced to far in Daniel 11’s 8th King progression, because they are misled to believe King North was the failed USSR. Thus it will go on for some years, and in those years God will make a final clarification as to the actual point in the actual point in the progression the world is actually in, because even Daniel 11:42-43 will take some years to fully globalize a world finance and monetary system, and it will be plainly known to all present.

Obviously the current GB in tenure since 1976 is the root of this predicament which very gradually diverted JWs in UN objectives of prophetic cover up and alliances, and must know exactly what they are doing in this process, to squelch the actual information of that world government’s multi-year progression to actual completion and actual Armageddon as foretold clearly in Daniel 11:30-45. That actual progression summons the actual arrival of the Kingdom of God to confront one globalized entity opposed to Christ’s rulership in that final 8th King world government completion.

It does not matter to God if all that proclaims it is 100 stones on the ground in the end. The important thing is not the source of the proclamation, but what they must be saying, because the Kingdom of God will indeed come (Matt6:10), and there will be a final world judgment of sheep and goat in separation, and with valid information on prophecy and certainty, with massive world events in progress at that time for a number of years, more people can place faith in God’s Kingdom, rather than human world government that will present itself in the greatest and most apparently hopeful period of recovery and optimism in all world history as world war and religions are deposed in the process to aid the effect of 8th King world “peace and security” and a worldwide “freedom from care”; (1Tess5:!-3; Dan8:25). None of that from worldly quarters can come until 8th King world government goes into actual power of world peace temporarily.

God and Christ will guarantee it will be explained from prophecy completely before the climax. From there people have to make their own decision as to which government they are loyal to, and in that is part of the basis of sheep and goat determination prior to the absolute end. Daniel 12 as the destination “during that time” of Daniel 11:42-45 leading to Daniel 12 live and real-time, has timed periods that indicate Christ takes over the whole planet in timed and worldwide theaters of operation over some years, not in a day, and in that period (Dan12:11) he will secure sheep first.

In any event this is going on for years from the point of Bethel desolations. And there is huge amounts of prophetic detail being bypassed by non-anointed and fraud Bethel, and every piece of it will be made known before and during the final 1260 days of Daniel 12:7 and Rev11:2-3 final warning period. But it takes a few years from Bethel desolations to get to that period, and in all those years people can use that information for salvation and actual hope, because Christ will not only be “at the doors”, he will kick tem down in the enemy face (Rev6:12-17) and will be in world operations while they are still existing. Once sheep go under Christ’s protection at that 1260 day ending, nothing can touch them, and it is guaranteed they will be in Christ’s earthly camp for the Daniel 12:11 period of time, while the 8th King is going into partial deconstructions as Christ finalizes the sheep and goat separation over a period of time in that Daniel 12:11 period.

Nothing is coming forth in any real quantity worldwide until well after Bethel’s desolation of timed Daniel 8:13-14. Thus that sign will aid recovery of many currently duped JWs and others, and will extend into the final 1260 days as JWs come out of Revelation 9 abyss and proceed to Rev10 and 11 in purified form, free of the Bethel apostasy and modern “man of lawlessness” in it’s final version, as the whole thing is already repeating in that presence as the 2Thess2:3-4 prerequisite. Of course JWs have fallen asleep on that watch as well; (Matt25:5);

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Derailed into a Factional Apostasy or Completely Wrong?

Well it is a two-edged sword, rather than a clean condemnation; Here is what I mean.

1914 ‘JWs to become’ were in the midst of a very unique “illuminati” event, that is the “League of nations” first internationalist world government forum in world history since Genesis 11, in 1919; But it was to be a few years afterwards that ‘JWs to be’ rendered Revelation 13:11-15 as an “illuminati” project signaling a unique period in human history and human governmental evolution, for internationalist, or what some call globalist, government, as world government is far far different than typical national governments regardless of ideological basis;

Just presenting the League of Nations was truly an astounding world event for the Illuminati.

So basically it is JWs who have linked the Revelation 13:11 “two horned wildbeast” as an independent internationalist elite Satanic anointed “illuminati” who use Revelation 13:1 invited “masons” to build the “image of the wildbeast” (Rev13:11-15) which is this UN related “League of Nations” main “illuminati” world government to have four cycles of world presentation, each after a world war; (and each foretold);

WW1 produced the League of Nations (Rev13:11-15; 1919), WW2 produced a revamped version as the United Nations (Rev17:8-11; 1945) and cold world war 3 (Dan11:29) produced the Illuminati version of a “New World Order” mode of initiative of that United Nations world government (Dan11:31b; 1990); That third UN Illuminati placement is also foretold at Daniel 11:31b, as are all UN placements foretold in the Bible; The 4th UN placement is full Illuminati “King North” world government at Daniel 11:45; (Like their pal anointer Satan as also King of the “remotest parts of the north”, meaning outer space, will also manifest with 4th placement; (Eze38-39).

So JWs also exposed the UN 2nd placement as Biblical prophecy, that time prior to it’s arrival, rather than in hindsight;

But in 1990, rather than expose the 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:30-32, JWs became Illuminati UN NGO, and instead co-promoted the 3rd UN placement with world placement quotes in their journals starting with Awake! 9/8/1991;

So JWs have exposed Illuminati as two-horned wildbeast elite internationalist world government architects since say 1920, yet in 1990 they join the two-horned wildbeast with anointed members in the Governing Body, not of God, but of the Devil, as is obvious with their 10 years of UN co-promotions right under JW noses as “illuminati” covenanted UN NGO;

And there in lies the two edged sword;

Some time after the full world Biblical expose’ of the United Nations of 1945 as “seed of Satan” activity of a second UN placement as foretold, and before the 3rd UN placement of 1990 also foretold (Dan11:31b), JWs started instead to cover up the United Nations prophecies, as 3rd placement (Dan11:30-31) must lead to the 4th UN placement logically at Daniel 11:45;

Since JWs were the ONLY ones on planet earth connecting the “illuminati” world government to prophecy, they certainly could not originally have been aligned with the “illuminati” in exposing this critical feature in 2 UN related placements fulfilling Bible prophecy in 1919 and 1945, no “illuminati” exposes his own operations, especially ones the world at that time had no idea was also in prophecy;

(All Christian claimant exposers of Revelation wildbeasts and Illuminati activities are based on 1920 and 1940 work of JWs, NO ONE ELSE exposed the truth of that sovereign defiant progression leading to Armageddon, JWs pioneered that truth for God by Christ, no other way could the Illuminati be exposed properly, and JWs did it first, in connection to Bible prophecy, not the “illuminati” in general)

Thus according to this rationale and “theory”, JWs have to have been compromised prior to the 3rd UN placement to cover up it’s significance, and instead join the Illuminati world campaign of promotions in 1991-2001 as allied Illuminati UN NGO;

And who came about in 1976, just 15 years prior to the JWs joining the Illuminati “UN family of organizations”, in 1991?

Ye Olde Governing Body, that’s who.

The Governing Body in Bethel takeover of 1976, taking all individual leader power from Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz for a “rule by committee” that had to have Illuminati placements (in hindsight evidence), then in factional control, NOW in full control, is the entry point into JWs some time after UN 2nd placement exposure of the 1940s;

I think you can put it all together now; JWs have not been “illuminati” from day one, it is an expert subversion (and foretold) and takeover by “illuminati” scale intelligence to subvert the whole Christian ministry through Bethel as an “illuminati” UN annex and control center heading for fourth placement UN (Matt24:15 UN NGO), while JWs are still at 2nd placement understanding.

That is why diverting the 3rd and 4th UN prophetic placements is also an Illuminati goal, because of JWs worldwide reach with information to many millions of people, not just JWs;

But of course such a trespass must have ramifications and a purge from Christ who is far stronger than Satan or the dying “illuminators” who are mere Adamic men with expiration dates that cannot be reversed. Meaning you WILL see some astounding events develop in JWs, who by and large have no idea what we are talking about, in the next 5 years. I mean a covert divine Christ being “visitation” to remove the Illuminati elements in JWs – GUARANTEED, because JWs have to expose the 3rd and 4th UN placements because of course, that leads to an Armageddon JWs are now derailed from comprehending due to this subversion; (and so is the JW audience misled as well);

UN world government is very serious Illuminati world domination affairs that WILL end in the conquest of God and Christ in power of the Messianic Kingdom opponent. And that is why the Illuminati use JWs to now actually cover-up and subvert that actuality now scheduled in the next approximate decade; (Dan11:42-45 connects to Dan12 live and real-time). STARTING (1Pet4:17) with the JW “visitation” of Christ and a few angels to boot the Bethel subversion prior to the absolute end.


Thus JWs exposed the Illuminati main control center (Rev13:11), their basis of workers (Rev13:1) and their final world governmental internationalist world government; (Rev17:12-17); Thus JWs cannot be fully Illuminati, nor was their origins with that group, but opposed to it in Messianic Kingdom anointed of God – similar to Illuminati anointed of Satan, BUT of course members of the Christ of God as also anointed, but diametric “Knights”; And that is who JWs will given back to, Christ’s lead anointed Knight’s in the anointed “body of the Christ” to head for 144000 completion of the rival world government against the Illuminati in the Messianic Kingdom, to annihilate the Illuminati world government, whose days are numbered. (Rev19:19-21)

No other religious group has had this key Christ “roundtable” within their system of faith after the 1914 period of affirmation in head on Illuminati exposure by prophecy – and that is why it will also be returned, because it is prophecy; (Zech4:6-9), and it sets up the perfect final expose’ to eventually develop from this purification and initial visitation of Christ in covert form, but in Earth’s physical and universal space (Zech9:8), to remain as such until Armageddon to oversee the final mission. (Rev10-11)

The Effect of Global Recovery after Tribulation of Matthew 24:29

The death-stroke of the one “wildbeast from the sea” upon it’s dominant head (Rev13:3-4), and the “abyss” rise of Rev17:8-11 are related by the “admiration” principle effect on people of earth. First off the effect it has on people when healed, and re-arising, is also similar:

(Revelation 13:3-4) And I saw one of its heads as though slaughtered to death, but its death-stroke got healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with [[admiration]]. 4 And they worshiped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshiped the wild beast with the words: “Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?”

(Revelation 17:8) And when they see how the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present, those who dwell on the earth will wonder [[admiringly]]…

The principle relating this effect in both Revelation 13 and 17 examples is that people admire the wildbeast (formative to complete world government) because they are positively and hopefully affected by the recovery after a world war, and are positively persuaded by also “world peace” claims and temporary developments that the wildbeast ends up being highlighted with as the means of peace, and is validated and justified in existence to assure such peace as a human forming world government.

World war peace resolution and overall recovery to birth world government formative presentation [[[u]is a formula[/u]]] that relates to this dynamic of presenting the positive world government “solution” to the previous world war and tribulation “problem”, with a notable recovery and period, to aid the world government reception with admiration of the claims and function of forming human world government. (and the formula will have four cycles, three times it has already been used to present a UN related manifestation)

The whole cycle highlights human forming 8th King world government as to be admired and worshiped.

The two wildbeasts in Rev 13 and Rev 17 are related, like seven heads, but different in developmental stage, and had different forms of recovery at different times in history in those Rev13 and 17 prophecies. One was a literal financial recovery after World War 1 aiding League of Nations initial world presentation and positive reception overall, one was a re-establishment of the United Nations related “world peace” forum after World War 2 as a functioning international forum once again along with a recovery guided by Anglo-American elites, thus predominantly for nations aligned in that camp, but most nations were positively affected to some degree.

1. Whereas World War 1 gave birth to the original League of Nations “image of the wildbeast” (Rev13:11-15), the overall recovery from that world war and it’s peace resolution added to the credibility of establishing a world governmental schematic in that first version of the United Nations as the League of Nations of 1919. People admired the claims and promises of the League of Nations as the world came out of a limited but still severe tribulation whose negative effects intensified the positivity and hopes of the peace claims and effects of what was born as the first formative world government presentation (since Gen11) in also economic recovery especially for the Anglo-American “head”. (As we know Germany’s lack of recovery, reparation debt burdens, and treaty restrictions led to WW2).

2. When the League of Nations went impotent in World War 2, and WW2 was fought, a similar post world war presentation was again made upon the same formula of world war “problem” resolved to highlight the conceptual world government “solution” and the United Nations arose, and the effect was again one of worldwide admiration aided by economic recovery. (Rev17:8);

3. Though World War 3 is termed “cold war”, it was still a world war scale development, merely denoted as cold in nature because it was unique. It’s deployment was longer in duration and mainly played out by ideological intrigues and expansion of both opposing systems throughout the world. The “tribulation” was also different, it was one of potential nuclear war, a psychological stressor. So again, after such a unique world war development (Dan11:29) marks this period we also had a 3rd United Nations presentation as the “emerging new world order”, and again it took credit for the avoidance of nuclear world war 3, but in fact a downplayed world war had been in action. For the third time in 1990, a world war resolved into a forming 8th King world government presentation. (Dan11:30-31).

Similarly to the Daniel 11:29 feature of this use of unique world war type at the end of the cycle we are again in a world war that developed after 911 as the “global war on terror” (GWOT). “Global war” is just another way of saying “world war on terror”, so it too is unique in nature of deployment as per Dan11:29. And it has not been resolved and can escalate in time, or have a temporary closure effect. That 1000 or so new military bases (and numerous national security complexes) expanded worldwide with that GWOT development and trillions in debts and expenses for the national powers can be researched by those interested. (US-SOCOM “secret wars”, for example) So this whole Global NATO military expansion is positioning for something BIG, and it is merely disguised effectively in deployment and redirection of resources to support that actually 8th King military system expansion as Global NATO directed. (actual continuation of Daniel 11:40 8th King world invasion).

4. But the overall effect of GWOT and related debt developments is already beginning the initial set-up and final formulaic cycle, that already played out in now three world wars previously that result in a worldwide healing for another rendition of the United Nations world government forum. Thus 100s of trillions in national debts and unfunded liabilities is already setting up the next cycle of world tribulation and unique war. (Dan11:42-43) And as per Matt24:29 that tribulation will resolve again, and we can expect a fourth UN presentation to take credit for that world “peace and security” resolution over a number of years leading to that sovereign 8th King proclamation (1Thess5:1-3), as this must be a drawn out final cycle. (Dan11:42-45).

It is intuitive now, they already used this formula three times in 1919, 1945 and 1990. Expecting a grand finale use again of this world government formula to present full world government as full bodied “scarlet wildbeast” as complete 8th King world sovereignty is predictable just from the internationalist use of this type of ‘world-war-resolution-to-world-government-presentation’ progression. It is also foretold as Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:12-16 culminations along with Dan11:42-45.

And again, it will be admired for the “freedom from care” recovery (Dan8:25) and “world peace” (1Thess5:1-3) it will achieve as the strategy of the Dragon and 8th King is to mislead as many people as possible into this final wildbeast system, and they will prepare an admiration enticing grand super deception to make sure this recovery and world government 8th King presentation is the grand finale about a decade into that final phase from it’s activation.

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