Daniel 12 Repeats – Patterns That Repeat in the Future the Initial Prophetic Patterns of the Past

Daniel 12 Replication Parallels – Patterns That Repeat in the Future the Initial Prophetic Patterns of the Past

These patterns shown below unfold(ed) over some years approximately marked in prophecy. That main initial Daniel 12 prophecy fulfillment of 1914-1918 must repeat in final form in the future as a multi-year final cycle with great prophetic climax detail. The final 8th King and Messianic Kingdom completion cycle is not the simplistic Bethel “end of the world”. [1]

The initial Christian ministry pattern of 1914-1922 of Daniel 12:7 and Daniel 12:11 replicates in the future, and that replication upon the former principles and prophecy aids the understanding of the final 8th King world government completion drive of the future; (Dan11:42-45 merging into Daniel 12 “during that time”)

Repeating Patterns and Prophecy

A. Kingdom Ministry into Global Tribulation to World Government Manifestation Replication

1. Future: Tribulation Context – Final Kingdom Announcement Deploys – Complete 8th King World Government Presented as Daniel 12:11 Final Fulfillment; Parallel Daniel 11:45; 8:25

2. 1914-1919: World War 1 (Tribulation Principle) – Kingdom Birth Announcement – League of Nations 1919 as Daniel 12:11 Initial Fulfillment

B. Kingdom Warning Ministry Replication

1. Future: Tribulation (Unique Daniel 11:42-45) – Truth Clarification (Daniel 8:13-14 Temple Judgment) – Final Warning of Kingdom Completion

2. 1914 – 1919: World War 1 – Christendom/BTG Judgment/Preview – Initial Warning of Kingdom Birth

C. Signal Apostasy and Wildbeast Endorsement Replication

1. Future: Apostasy (Bethel; Dan11:30-32) – 8th King Endorsement as UN NGO (Dan8:13) – Temple Judgment (1Peter 4:17)

2. 1914-1919: Apostasy (Christendom) – League of Nations Endorsement – Temple Judgment

D. Final Tribulation Resolves into World Government and World Peace

1. Future: Tribulation (Dan 11:42-45) – Tribulation Resolved (Matt24:29) – World Government (Dan12:11; 11:45) – World Recovery (Dan8:25) – World “Peace and Security” (1Thess5:1-3) – The End

2. 1914 – 1919: World War 1 – World War 1 Resolved – League of Nations – World Recovery – Preview of End

E. Final Cycle Unique Signals Lead to Prophetic Replication of Daniel 12

1. Future: Unique Daniel 11:42-45 – Provides Temple Judgment Context of Daniel 8:13-14 – Merges into Daniel 12 – Results in Daniel 12:11 as Daniel 11:45; Daniel 8:25

2. 1914 – 1919: Daniel 12 Activates – Results in Daniel 12:11 as Revelation 13:11-15 – Results in Temple Judgment – Clarifies Final Ministry Deployed

It All Repeats to 8th King World Government and Christ’s Arrival for Sovereign Confrontation

Thus the first Christian ministry and 8th King cycle of 1914-1919 repeats in final form in the future. The unique final activation of 8th King/King North as Daniel 11:42-45 provides the global intrigue context of unique Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment that leads to the replication of Daniel 12. Daniel 11:42-45 must merge live and real-time into Daniel 12. Daniel 11:42-43 will activate as the context of Daniel 12:7 and Daniel 11:45 will be the identical parallel of 8th King world government at Daniel 12:11.

Thus the Bethel deceptive premature “end of the world” illusion covers up this final cycle requirement to aid their 8th King apostate and impostor objectives as foretold. [1]




Final World Cycle Prophetic Truths Versus Bethel Smokescreen Deceptions

PDFs Describing the Bethel Apostasy and 8th King Final Cycle

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

Once Upon a Time JWs Tracked UN Prophecy Properly
Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

Complete Report on UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

Temple Judgment and Final Cycle Graphics as PNG Files:




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