4 Stands of the “Disgusting Thing” – Full Article

The Disgusting Thing That Causes Desolation Stands 4 Times

In the earth-square 4, four number of times the Bible shows the globalist unification final kingdom 8 “image” stands in four cycles since 1914; (Rev13:11-15)

Each phase was a progressive growth to eventual worldwide, full bodied “scarlet wildbeast”, the complete apex 8th King globalist world rulership as a multi-national unification government in addition to the “image” of the “wildbeast” itself; (Rev13:1, Rev13:11-15; Rev17:11-17)

The “Disgusting Thing” is the “Image of the Wildbeast” as a globalist world symbol, idol, philosophy and global forum of human worldwide governmental unification under a uni-polar world sovereignty in dominant control of the world as the final objective;

This Placement of the Disgusting Thing Can Manifest As

1. The “image” itself in a notable way publicly as identified in prophecy;

2. A proclamation of the engineers (False-Prophet; 2HornWildbeast) of the “image”  in a notable way publicly as identified in prophecy; (Rev13:11-15)

3. A worldwide action of the “scarlet wildbeast” multi-national super-structure, which is also the globalist 8th King, orchestrating by supra-national power, multi-national actions worldwide in notable ways publicly, as identified in prophecy; (Rev17:11-18; Joel3:9-12; Dan11:42-45; Dan8:23-25)

There is a progressive intensity of global power consolidation and sovereign control which forms over time so that the “image” is not the only component of the “scarlet wildbeast”. It also has a full worldwide “body” based on the structure (7 headed, etc) of the first wildbeast (Rev13:1) and beyond in private supra-national sovereign systems; The “scarlet wildbeast” is the zenith control of a multi-national collective of many nations worldwide, under a globalist unification of super-sovereign power in time; (Rev17:11-17; Rev16:13-16)

Divine Intervention of Human Defiant Unification in Bible History

The two known direct divine interventions of the Bible inspired record were in a direct response to the cumulative effects of human unification in a totality against a divine decree otherwise; (Gen6; Gen10-11)

The Flood of Noah’s Day

The first rebel unification began in Eden as the first humans, man and woman, transgressed against an explicit divine decree; That was instigated by an angelic entity in an anointed capacity as a covering cherub angel in the Garden of Eden; (Gen2-3; Eze28:14)

In time of approximately 1600 years the whole human race, other than the 8 people in Noah’s family, were in unification with the demonic angels who had begun to manifest in the material realm cohabitating with earthly women leading a worldwide rebellion of all mankind in unification against God; (Gen6; Jude6)

That worldwide flood was a destructive intervention by God of a worldwide deluge purposed to destroy that world of unified unrighteousness that had been empowered to extra degrees of wickedness and power by direct demonic interaction with human beings and to deliver Noah and his family out of that condemned world; (Gen6-9:19; 1Pet3:19-20; 2Pet2:4-5)

After the flood of Noah’s days, man again formed a worldwide unification contrary to divine decree to disperse across the earth, to “fill the earth”; That unification was centered in the city of Babel in ancient Mesopotamia as a monumental city to exalt mankind; (Gen11:4)

The City and Tower of Babel

The construction of the Tower of Babel, a religious temple to unified Satan worship under one language and rebelliously unifying people, was the objective recorded in the Bible of the organization of that time; (Gen10-11; Gen9:1,7)

A direct non-destructive divine intervention took place from God to disperse the people across the earth, by a supernaturally produced multiplying of human language into multiple languages which caused an abrupt disruption in human unification, communication and organization; (Gen11:5-9)

Humans were caused to disperse taking with them the established foundational cultural, religious and political framework which mutated with the linguistic confusion into many cultures, religions and peoples over time;

The significant feature is that human worldwide unification contrary to expressed divine decree or for contrary purposes meets with divine disapproval manifested by divine intervention to destroy or disrupt the rebellious purpose; (Ps2)

Divine Intervention of Human Defiant Unification in Bible Prophecy

The League of Nations

This is why the League of Nations is far more significant in human history than people are generally comprehending; This lack of awareness of the danger of transgressing known divine decree and other development factors is why people are undertaking this error; (Again); (Rev13:11-15)

Due to a lack of knowledge or belief of the Biblical delivered divine decree of the expiration of permitted human sovereign defiant override of planet Earth, that has now forbid such a sovereign affront to God’s Kingdom power in heavenly establishment, man is again unifying in worldwide totality against God;

This is the deceptive reason, in part, why multiple nations would take such a purposefully destructive course and diametric stand against God’s Messianic Kingdom administered through the anointed King Jesus Christ with a Global Governmental purpose of sole super-sovereignty over planet Earth as the final objective; (Rev17:11-17; Rev16:13-16; Dan11:45; Dan8:23-25)

8th King Scarlet Wildbeast

This unification has stages of development leading to the foretold climax at which time the issue will be settled permanently by superior power; (Dan2:31-44; Rev17:12-18; Dan11:42-43)

This has all developed in approximately 100 years time since 1914 marked the expiration of gentile rulership, as foretold to be signaled by significant Biblical prophecy actively fulfilled or fulfilling; This would identify global evidence of the impending maturation and eventual final confrontation between Satan’s proxy-human world Kingdom unification and God’s Kingdom powers at Armageddon; (Rev16:13-16)
Timeline and Placements of Human Unified Global Governmental Development to Apex

Placement 1 – 1919 CE

Name: League of Nations

Event: Placement After WW1;

Prophecy: Revelation 13:11-15; Initial Fulfillment: Dan12:11

State: Commencement

Note: This forum “image” went into inactivity in WW2; (Rev17:8-11)

Placement 2 – 1945 CE

Name: United Nations Organization

Event: Placement After WW2;

Prophecy: Revelation 17:8-11

State: Second Version

Note: This forum “image” came out of inactivity after WW2; (Rev17:8-11)

Placement 3 – 1990 CE

Name: United Nations Organization with False-Prophet “New World Order” Objective

Event: Placement After Cold War

Prophecy: Daniel 11:30-32

State: False-Prophetic Reinforcement Phase

Note: This forum “image” was refreshed in intent after the Cold War; (Dan11:30-31)

Placement 4 – Near Future

Name: United Nations 4.0 Final Stand – (May assume a new name at this time;)

Event: After Global War on Terror and WW3

Prophecy: Daniel 11:44-45; Daniel 8:23-25; Final Fulfillment: Dan12:11

State: Approaching World Domination Completion

Note: This forum “image” will emerge in the final “freedom from care” with a final world “peace and security” false-prophecy; (Dan8:25; 1Thess5:1-3; Daniel 11:44-45)

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