JW Org—Just a CIA Run Intel Coup Now

JW Org—Just a CIA Run Intel Coup Now

Although “conspiracy theory” and global research can be helpful, we have major final cycle prophecy to tell us what is INSIDE of Bethel and the JW organization: 8th King=KING NORTH world government boys.

Why beat around the bush right?

The Governing Body are the 1976 implanted cell that comes from external intel, as shown in prophecy, for the purpose of canceling the JW ministry, and looting the billions in the “Worldwide Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses”. The point is, plain as day in prophecy, the final apostasy is led by KING NORTH world government planning globalists (Rev13:11-15):

(Daniel 11:32) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant (at Bethel), he (8th King/King North) will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. (The Bethel “smooth words” 8th King cover-up in the JW publications is part of the smoothly justified apostasy);

KING NORTH is now obvious to become 8th King world government (Dan11:27-45; Dan12:11 Dan8:23-25)

And KING NORTH is who leads the final apostasy in Jehovah’s witnesses by their leadership defection (Dan11:30b), that enables full infiltration (Dan11:31a), and that is why Bethel will not ID ” King North” as obviously synonymous with 8th King world government engineers (Rev17:8-18) who use US, Anglo and international intel to infiltrate all the nations.

Infiltrating JWs was easy pickings, but just one pea in the religious corporate pod in a global field under Anglo American globalist increasing control to bring world government upon all the world. JWs are not unique in this aspect of going apostate then being infiltrated, what is unique is that their prophetic UN 1-2-3-4 progression is now severed in 1990, for a Bethel UN NGO sponsorship instead (Dan11:30b-32a), while COVERING UP (Dan8:12) World Government and gloablization progress all the while.

Actually it is very simple to see now that Bethel’s apostasy is an “inside job”, hence Daniel 11:32a, an Daniel 8:12.

(Daniel 8:11-12) . . .And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant [feature] was taken away, and the established place (Bethel JW worldwide organization) of his sanctuary was thrown down. 12 And an (JW worldwide) army itself was gradually given over (to 8th King infiltrative control), together with the constant [feature] (imbibed with misinformation), because of transgression; (UN NGO and other sins permits allowance of the compromise by removed divine blessing and discernment while fulfillment of prophecy is effected for greater future purpose); and it kept throwing truth to the earth (cover up, disinformation), and it acted and had success. (Dan11:30 “act effectively” completely successful in 1990, unlike anything World War 2 produced in ultimate failure when compared to this 8th King engineered intelligence and subversion operation deployed through the Governing Body and installed Bethel agents);

Well brother JF Rutherford used to expose the New World Order for what it is, long before our times. Now many expose the NWO and its global domination plans for planet Earth, especially after world government is in full “one hour” of eventual control. (Rev17:12)

“”The “new world order” proposed by scheming men is the “abomination of desolation” which aims to stand in the holy place of God’s kingdom. Both the prophet Daniel and Christ Jesus foretold it as marking the approach of the FINAL END and therefore the time to make all haste and flee to The Theocratic Government under Christ Jesus. (Daniel 11: 31; 12:11; Matthew 24:15-21) “”

“”That attempted “new world order” which is pushed forward in opposition to and as a substitute for God’s new world under “The King of kings and Lord of lords” is the final expression of the antichrist. Do not look for the antichrist to be an individual man or beast. It is that “new order” organization. The antichrist is here, and its appearance marks the “last time” for this world.”” (The New World; 1942, pg. 126)

That is still the truth about the world government to come, and Bethel instead coddles the “new world order” by plugging it over 70 times from 1991-2001 in JW publications (Awake! 9/8/1991), and SAYING NOTHING ABOUT NWO WORLD GOVERNMENT modern progress since 3rd UN post Cold War “placement” of 1990. (Dan11:31; Dan8:23)

The GB and much of Bethel’s administration boards are all CIA like, MI6 type, globalist intel religious controlling operations, who are also in all of Christendom, just like they are in all the governments to engineer the removal of national sovereignty, then religious sovereignty under world government as per Revelation 17:8-18, once the UN comes out of this next world war, as WORLD GOVERNMENT.

So at one time JWs were exposing the steps of the UN, 1-2-3-4, to world government. And this is why Bethel went CIA and truncated the 1990 3rd UN prophecy, to become a covering up UN NGO instead, full apostate, UN allied, and now JWs AID THE NEW WORLD ORDER SECRECY. The NWO will soon spring their global crisis trap on the US and EU, to build up to that final world war (Rev13:3; Rev17:8) and into that global crisis Bethel will be crashed first. (1Pet4:17; Dan11:41; Dan8:13-14)

And JWs will be unable to explain it, because their ministry will also be crashed and cancelled for heavy UN allied sins. The pedophiles are just icing on the cake of sin, so that more and more people doubt the original NWO warning of the anointed Christians of 1914-1969. (2Pet2:1-3)

(2 Peter 2:1-3) However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among you. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their acts of loose conduct, and on account of these the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, with covetousness they will exploit you with counterfeit words. But as for them, the judgment from of old is not moving slowly, and the destruction of them is not slumbering.

Any question this is now happening inside Bethel and its global pedophile reproach campaign, as seen at global scale of reach in the Australian Royal Commission exposé?

The Bethel “Governing Body” cell of control, is the beginning of JW disaster, in that 1976 Bethel coup, now CIA and Masonic infested actors, meant to guide JWs into internment, and that is why they want JWs obeying the Pied Pipers of Bethel:

WT quote (WT 11/15/2013, pg. 20, par. 17, #3):

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.

I’m not beating around the bush, but I would like to instead wake-up various global snoozers, NWO World Governemnt is real and on its way. (Rev17:8-12; Dan11:45; Dan8:23; Rev11:7; Rev13:15-18) JW Org (alphebetic 33rd degree; J (10), W (23)), is all Mason and CIA run to trap JWs, end the ministry, and loot the place while crashing the org, after seeding it with heavy sins to assure a judgment. (Dan8:11-14; Zech3:1-5)

And they just sell it to JWs as “the end”. But it is just the fourth step to NWO World Government.

JW Org is all CIA run now. This is no accident. The truth now sounds crazy to many people, and that too is no accident.


Four 8th King UN Cycles to World Government – 1919-Future

UN 1. 1919 – Rev13:11-15 (Dan12:11 first fulfillment) as League of Nations after WW1;

A. International Bible Students Association (IBSA) explained as prophecy;

UN 2. 1945 – Rev17:8-11 as United Nations after WW2;

A. Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) explained as prophecy;

Unknown and unstated by UN NGO allied Bethel and Jehovah’s witnesses:

UN 3. 1990 – Daniel 11:31b as United Nations “New World Order” Initiative after WW3 (Cold War) (Dan11:29);

A. Covered up by Bethel as UN NGO, not explained as prophecy by any religious group;

[We are Here…]

UN 4. Future World Government – Daniel 11:45; Daniel 8:25; (Daniel 12:11 last fulfillment) as United Nations and World Government after 4th world tribulation/war cycle to come.

A. Not currently explained by Bethel in lieu of a premature “end of the world” deception. (2Thess2:1-2)

B. To be explained after the JW temple judgment desolation, purification and removal of lawless Bethel engineered subversion (2Thess2:1-4; Dan11:30-31; Dan8:11-13);


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