Basic Temple Pattern Prophetic Replication

Temple Patterns and Principles

1. There are typical patterns in Israel’s ancient Kingdom and Temple history that repeated in Christ’s master pattern;

2. Both of these Temple/Kingdom master pattern types provide the divine patterns and principles for the final overall Temple cycle from the 1914-1922 “Temple foundation” to the near future “Temple completion”;

3. This completes to aid the full warning as well of this Kingdom and Temple completion for it must lead finally to the Armageddon sovereign prophetic climax of the completed and conquering Kingdom of God by the appointed Messianic Kingdom of Christ; (Psalm2;110; Daniel 2:31-45; Rev16:13-16; Rev19:11-21)

4. THAT is why God is providing a finale Temple/Kingdom pattern manifestation upon all these Biblical histories and patterns we should now fully respect and understand;

Divine Two Temple Pattern

1. The main pattern in dual/split form is an original Temple and completion (1034 BCE -1026 BCE), was followed after Temple judgment destruction by a second rebuilt Temple (536 BCE to 515 BCE); The pattern is two Temple constructions over a period of time and judgment;

A. Both Temples were destroyed by divine judgements split over time in 607 BCE by the Babylonian world power and in 70 CE by the Roman world power;

2. Christ was the spiritual replacement in the pattern of the Temple becoming spiritual that this was all leading to at that time; (John2:13-22)

A. Christ was the “Temple” pattern destroyed and raised again; (John2:18-22);

3. The 1914 “Temple foundation” significance with inspection, judgment (Christendom’s removal; 1919-1922) and cleansing (designation of a potential faithful slave) is repeating the concept of this dual Temple phase in prophetic the final prophetic cycle (replication) clearly shown in Israel’s ancient time and Christ’s time;

A. The future Temple completion will be the great finale of this dual phased cycle;

Temple Inspection and Judgment

1. Christ made two Temple visitations in his time with a visitation and cleansing (John2:13-17) in 30 CE and in 33CE;

A. In 33CE the Temple visitation fulfilling Malach3:1-5 was a finale of the fleshly Jewish period of significance;

B. That Temple visitation was with an inspection, cleansing and final judgment in three separate visits over three days, leading to the midpoint of the final week of Christ’s life to the Passover in 33 CE in Jerusalem; (Matt21:12; Mark 11:15; Luke19:45-46) (See The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Chapters 101-133)

2. That pattern repeated in 1914-1922 with a preliminary spiritual Temple visitation and cleansing judgment that relates to Christ’s first Temple visit of 30 CE;

3.That pattern will replicate in the near future with a final spiritual Temple visitation, inspection, judgment and cleansing finale phase that relates to Christ’s final Temple visit of 33 CE;

A. That will extend over a known prophetic cycle of Revelation 8-11 over six trumpets leading to the seventh which is the grand finale Temple and Kingdom completion of all time ushering in the 1000 year Messianic Kingdom Reign of Jesus Christ;

4. That is what ALL this has been leading to, hence the use of divine simple teaching patterns from the Bible from God through Christ the Word of God;

(Details such as these are also what the current apostasy is covering up and distracting Jehovah’s witnesses away from with less important minutia and recycling;)

Temples and Construction

1. Israel’s first Temple was built in the 1034 BCE (foundation) -1026 BCE (inauguration)  period of Solomon’s Reign in an approximate 7 year Temple construction period, the components were created and fitted offsite, (1 Kings 5:1-10:29) and assembled on the Jerusalem Temple site later;

(See Insight on the Scriptures Volume 2 p. 1076 Temple; All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial; p. 65 par. 8 Bible Book Number 11—1 Kings)

2. Israel’s second physical Temple was begun after the release from Babylon in 537 BCE, with foundation completed by 536 BCE; A 16 year cessation of construction occurred due to enemy opposition to the Temple construction (another pattern that will repeat);

A. Jehovah raised up two prophets in Haggai and Zechariah to motivate the people by divine pronouncements that the Temple would be completed by God’s spiritual backing; (Zech4:6-9; Ezra3-6) The Temple was completed in the face of the enemies in 515 BCE;

(See Insight on the Scriptures Volume 2 p. 1078 Temple; The Temple Built by Zerubbabel.; Paradise Restored To Mankind—By Theocracy!; Chapter 10 p. 175; Satan’s Failure in Resisting the High Priest; Chapter 11 p. 192 Not by a Military Force, Nor by Power, But —)

(On Herod’s Temple – See Insight on the Scriptures Volume 2; p. 1079 Temple
The Temple Rebuilt by Herod. “This temple is not described in any detail in the Scriptures. The primary source is Josephus;”

“Because of hatred and distrust of Herod, the Jews would not permit him to rebuild the temple, as he proposed, until he had everything prepared for the new building. For the same reason they did not consider this temple as a third one, but only as a rebuilt one, speaking only of the first and second temples (Solomon’s and Zerubbabel’s).”

Therefore this has nothing to do with the divine pattern, and if anything it typifies part of the profanations that the Jews were bringing to a full by the time of Christ, furthermore with a fully illegal non-Levitical priesthood and progressively corrupted teachers and sects as well;

The Pattern is Already Repeating

Like that time, today’s Governing Body is also profaning and attempting to minimize and denude these prophetic realities also leading to Christ in full manifestation;

Therefore the pattern is already beginning to replicate and it WILL continue to temple judgment through this failed inspection now manifesting the “man of lawlessness” as the prerequisite is publicly met for the temple judgment to begin anytime; (2Thess2:3-4)

Most Jehovah’s witnesses, like Israel in ancient times, and Israel in Christ’s time, is unaware of this reality or in denial, or in opposition to it’s revelation;

Suddenly Christ will make the final visitation which will catch most Jehovah’s witnesses asleep and or in gross sins relating to the “disgusting thing” of Daniel 11:30-31 as the main “man of lawlessness” temple transgressions and profanations leading to the temple judgment of Daniel 8:11-14;

(Malachi 3:1) “Look! I am sending my messenger, and he must clear up a way before me. And suddenly there will come to His temple the [true] Lord…




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Fred W. Franz, Fred Franz, Brother Fred Franz, wtbts

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