Daniel 8 – JW Temple Judgment and Cleansing Soon

 Daniel 8 Unique Future Fulfillment and World Signal Event

Daniel 8:13-14 Details the Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Connecting Bethel Lawlessness to Final Prophecy


This article will explain exactly why Daniel 8:11-14 will fulfill in the near future, and why it has never fulfilled so far as Jehovah’s witnesses imagine; This will also explain why the JW temple cleansing action will signal the coming total world judgment as per 1Peter 4:17’s initial judgment of the temple;

That Kingdom continuum to God’s Kingdom planetary conquest of Earth at Har-Magedon, connected to by Daniel 8:14 – 2300 “evenings and mornings” of temple judgment, is set in relatively sequential prophetic timed periods; unlike the unique one-time 2300 units of Daniel 8:14, the final prophetic triple periods (Dan12) to follow have already fulfilled one time from 1914-1926 in 3 time sections in minor fulfillment;

That makes four prophetically identified time periods, the first two of which lead to temple purification and completion of the 144000 some time after the 1260 days of Revelation 11:2-3; Dan7:25; 12:7;

The causes and outcome of the near future JW ” temple” judgement and cleansing, and where it must lead will be explained around this prophecy of Daniel 8:11-25, as will why Jehovah’s witnesses are not being given this light through our current administration who must and will be purged (to whatever degree necessary; Zech3:5) as a result of this judgment paralleling Zechariah 3:1-10;

This prophecy is the “starting gun” to awaken Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide and to begin a sequence of interlinked prophecy that cannot be reversed and that will end in the complete change in rulership of this universe and this planet Earth;

It is ALL in this Daniel 8 prophecy! Please read Daniel 8:8-27 a few times, or refer to it at the end of this page;

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I. Small Horn Nationalism to Brief Globalist World Domination

This describes the prophetic progression from Anglo national development from the “Small Horn” British root, to globalist world kingdom zenith and end covered in Daniel 8;
A. Two Prophetic Small Horn Progressions Described

1. Two Visions of the Small Horn

If we wonder why in the world would God inspire two visions to Daniel separated by a few years, of the same “Small Horn” progression from it’s origins?; it is a good question. Why twice? (Dan7:1; Dan8:1)

2. Some Reasons:

a. Certain general and specific information duplicates concerning the “Small Horn” and it’s origin and progression over time, and certain information is unique in Daniel 7 versus Daniel 8;

b. Daniel 8 has more small horn information, as Daniel 7 contained more Messianic Kingdom information; This is to be investigated more carefully from these extra clues, because Daniel 8 provides more details regarding the “Small Horn” progression in the “time of the end” related to God’s “temple” and people;

c. The “temple” and “priesthood” “sacrificial” details are more specific in Daniel 8 with regard to the final prophetic signal, a very important signal marked by actions upon the “established place” and the “army” in the near future that can be proven to apply to the “time of the end” of the “last days” themselves; (Not the pre-midpoint as is currently taught in error;)

d. A unique “end time” period is identified and isolated in Daniel 8, ONLY found in Daniel 8 and 11 as this term “time of end”;;

e. The causative reason for near future judgment and cleansing “temple” actions regarding Jehovah’s witnesses is also revealed in significant details;

What follows is a draft listing of many of the details contained in Daniel 8:11-25;

B. King of Fierce Countenance

1. Comprehensive Context

Daniel 8:11-14 also details the context of events in it’s unique prophetic “end time” that expand in details of “trampling” on the JW “temple” in comparing Daniel 7 and 8 in relation to the “temple”, “holy ones”, implied “priesthood”, and the “established place” of the “sanctuary”;

2. Evolution of Globalist Power

This cleansing “trampling” permitted by God is set in the “end time” context of finale globalist developments that transpire progressively through this initial “trampling” prophetic signal to the emergence and apex of the globalist “King of Fierce Countenance” final 8th King;

3. National Power Cannot Dominate the World

Contrary to Jehovah’s witnesses current error in exposition of this prophecy, the Anglo-American national world power system is not a “King of Fierce Countenance” that ends up ruling the world at Armageddon for real; That is the 8th King;

4. Globalist Power Can Dominate the World

The “King of Fierce Countenance” is not an indebted declining national power but a globalist zenith system set in the “final part of their kingdom” not in the 1944 midpoint of “their kingdom” as per current JW error;

5. Two World Power Types Pictured

Daniel 8 identifies that the “King of Fierce Countenance” comes after the “Small Horn” has gotten “greater”, as will also be proven here, so we have TWO world power evolutions distinguished by the vision of Daniel 8:11-25, and it’s “end time” progression to a finale climax trajectory to Armageddon; (Small Horn>> grows into dual power>> King of Fierce Countenance globalism)

6. Complete Final Sequence of Adamic Human Government

Daniel 8 isolates this “Small Horn” power progression all the way to globalist 8th King (“King of Fierce Countenance”) zenith as it progresses through this JW “established place” desolation and divine ” temple” cleansing progression of Daniel 8:11-14 all the way to the “freedom from care” “peace and security” final “sneak” assault upon the world system and apex defiance to the Kingdom of God of Daniel 8:23-25; (1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25; Dan11:44-45)

7. Premature JW Interpretation has Major Inconsistencies

This also shows why the 1944 explanation of this prophecy is premature, and anti-climactic as related to the “final part of the denunciation”, the “transgressors” completion in the JW org “lawless” activities and zenith globalist world power (8th King); In 1944 the “disgusting thing” UN itself was not even standing as an “Image” (1945) much less as a globalist world power system in “the final part of their kingdom”;

8. Enlightenment Guaranteed

Jehovah’s witnesses will have this explained by God through Christ in the mornings after the evenings of this cleansing prophecy manifestation soon;

C. Globalist Final Evolution

1. National Power Limited

The “Small Horn” of singular “Britain” is a clue that the Anglo-American national dual-power coalition formed officially by 1914, through  military-industrial-finance pact, synthesis, and bloodline relations, is not the end of the progression of Daniel 8:11-25;

2. Globalist Power Logical

Globalist embryonic developed to matured power is the “final part of their kingdom” and is fully described at apex in Daniel 8:23-25 that parallels the events of Daniel 7:25-26 and other key climax Bible prophecies of Armageddonic proportions;

3. Daniel 8:11-25 Has Not Fulfilled Yet

Daniel 8:11-25 must therefore have a future fulfillment, not the misplaced current interpretation of Jehovah’s witnesses that cannot apply to that 1938 time period;

4. Two Manifestations of Globalist Power Stand

In effect, the first “standing” of the “King of Fierce Countenance”, after the JW “established place” judgement has begun and after, will lead to a globalist initial manifestation while this period is transpiring; (Dan8:23) and to a final manifestation after the “freedom from care”; (Dan8:25) in TWO “stands” of the “King of Fierce Countenance”;

D. Two-Horn Wildbeast Mastermind (Dan8:23 “Master of Intrigue” Main Engineer)

1. Connect to 8th King

By this connection of the “Small Horn” British Anglo system origin to the modern forming “King of Fierce Countenance” as an apex globalist power under Anglo-American elite globalist control, we logically and prophetically arrive at the “Scarlet Wildbeast” “8th Kingship”;

2. 8th King in New Light

This is the Anglo-American globalists greatest feat of political engineering, seen in Daniel 8 in new light regarding key commencement events of the final prophetic world cycle and it’s attack on the JW “established place” to initiate this event and the final connected prophecies it will trigger in time all the way to the total end; (1Pet4:17; Dan7:25; Rev11:2-3; Dan12:11; 12:12)

a. The Anglo-American globalist centric “Two-Horned-Wildbeast” (Rev13:11) as an elite globalist power system is the powerful “seventh” head of the “Scarlet Wildbeast” globalist unification, the main source “master of intrigues” and “insight” that engineers and controls that comprehensive globalist 8th King; (Dan8:23-25; Rev13:11-15)

b. Note: The “Two-Horned-Wildbeast” (Rev13:11) “head” origin began with the 7th head of the [national collective] Wildbeast of Rev13:1 and ends in the globalist unification “Scarlet Wildbeast’s” “7th head” [globalists];

c. That is a “mastermind” of comprehensive, “full-bodied”, “Scarlet Wildbeast” whole power worldwide as a sole 8th King finale – the WHOLE thing, the whole “Scarlet Wildbeast” globalist unification upon climaxing multi-national control of 200 nations approximately; (Rev13:1-15; Rev17:3, 11-17)

d. That is of course far more than a UN “Image” of the “Wildbeast” but an actual worldwide super-structure of world domination based on globalist objectives beyond the many national powers they will pawn over time; Dan11:42-42 parallels Rev17:11-17 intensifies Rev16:13-16)

e. That to must climax for real, so there is an 8th world power to come, just not a “national” power, but a globalist one;

E. Unique End Time Location for Interpretation

1. Transgression Darkness

As will be shown, the current “transgression that causes desolation” in the JW “sanctuary” on earth NOW and the subsequent organizational “established place” positioning of this “transgression’s” effects is why this exact prophetic truth cannot apply to the 1932 or 1938-1944 premature guessworks;

a. Those 1930’s minor JW organizational adjustments that are attributed to this prophecy as finally modified in the 1999 “Daniel’s Prophecy” book to 1938-1944 “2300 days” cannot constitute a “transgression” that brings God’s “denunciation”; (“2300 days” in the 1926-1932 time period was the interpretation in the “Your Will be Done” Daniel commentary book of 1958; Also invalid in the context of this climax prophecy;)

b. “Their kingdom”; (Dan8:23) was not in it’s final stage, nor was the transgression presently manifested in 1932-1938 or 1938-1944;

c. The entire prophetic sequence of Daniel 8:11-14 is described by the angel Gabriel in Daniel 8:15-19 also in the “end time” of the “last days” unique to Bible terminology as the “time of the end” for this reason; Daniel 8:23-25 places the further finale “final part” and “completion” features;

F. Daniel 8 Must Fulfill in the Future

1. Temple Cleansing Biblical Cross References

Therefore Daniel 8:11-25 must have a future fulfillment as described here in some detail with important cross-referencing to Zechariah 3:1-10 “befouled” cleansing and “fire” event of Zechariah 3:2;

2. Revelation Reference to Temple Cleansing

Revelation 8:2-5 will also be connected to this “temple” “fire” “cleansing”; (Dan8:11-14) as preparation for Revelation 8-11 full blown final fulfillment to Armageddon itself in notable prophetic time sequences of 1150 days (unique), 1260 days (duplicated), 1290 days (duplicated) and 1335 days (duplicated) in the same order as the minor 1914-1926 fulfillment commencing with the 1260 days at that time; with unknown transitional periods of time between these four prophetic periods;

G. 2300 Evenings and Mornings Possible Meanings

1. Important Time Period

The prophetic time period of this JW interpretive attempt as 2300 days also needs to be examined further since this is a key activation period that will be known by all mankind paying attention and all Jehovah’s witnesses for a reason; It leads to the 144000 completion, the conquest of God’s Kingdom and Christ, the “end of the world” as the rival sovereigns knew it; (Rev16:13-16; Rev19:19-21; Rev20:1-3)

a. Hence why the term “days” is not noted in the prophecy of Daniel 8:14, as the counted “nodes” specified as “days” but rather “evenings” and “mornings” may just be for a couple of good reasons examined here;

2. Important Prophetic Signal

We have to place ourselves into the prophetic mindset as per Jehovah’s witness Bible truth revealed by God through Christ; This time period is CRUCIAL, because it leads to the 1260 days (3.5 times) of Revelation 11:2-3 and Daniel 7:25; 12:7 that must fulfill completed as “seven times” period totality;

a. That Revelation 11 period “two witnesses” final commission is a clean state of Jehovah’s witnesses which results from this 2300 evening/morning “trampling” and “cleansing”;

b. This is the Zechariah 3:2-9 “robes of state” cleansing rather than Zechariah 3:1, 3 “befouled garments” of the current JW “temple” “priesthood” “befouled” standing in that prophetic judicial scene prior to “temple” completion;

c. Therefore this 2300 evening/morning count will lead to that cleansed state, and proceed in an unknown transitional  period to the 1260 days, which leads to the 144000 completion and the commencing 1290 days; “Christ Court” of Daniel 7:26 from the replicated 3.5 times, to 7 times completion of Daniel 7:25, which is Revelation 11:2-3, which connects to the 3.5 times requiring also 7 times completion of Rev12:6, 14 and Revelation 13:5;

3. 1150 Days

a. 1150 days is a possibility; 2300 counts of 1150 “evenings” and 1150 “mornings” add to the “2300” count, but as 1150 days at 2 units per day of (1) “evening” and (2) “morning”; (1150 days / 360 days (Lunar year) = 3.194 years of “trampling” to “temple” “cleansed” state; 38.33, 30 day months; 3 years, 2 months, 10 days;

4. 2300 Days

a. 2300 evenings and 2300 mornings is also a possibility equaling 6.38 years as 2300 days; 76.66 30 day months; 6 years, 4 months, 20 days

5. Evening and Morning

a. The meaning of 2300 “evenings and mornings” in that specific order noted prophetically, would be 1150 “evenings” as half the total time most Jehovah’s witnesses will be in the “dark” regarding what is happening for 3.194 years;

b. That concept of darkness and enlightenment from what will definitely catch most JWs “like a thief in the night” and need divinely backed “enlightenment” (Rev8:5) can apply to any time period this 2300 units may actually manifest as;

c. The “darkness” of this “trampling” disciplinary action of God permitting globalist “throwing down of the established place” JW worldwide organization would be a possible meaning;

d. This obstruction is also what these “transgressors” in the “temple” as “men of lawlessness” being revealed; (2Thess2:3-9) would have as an objective of shutting down the worldwide preaching work which must carry this updated news forward to mankind, as the current state of Jehovah’s witnesses’ understanding is stuck in 1990 levels;

e. This would be followed by 1150 “mornings” of enlightenment resulting from this cleansing and God’s renewed spiritual flow of real “new light”; (Rev8:5) and give great impetus to the final ministerial commission;

f. That would be a total 3.194 year “trampling” to “cleansed” “temple” state, followed by a 3.194 year “enlightenment” state leading to the 1260 days divinely cleansed and approved commissioning of the final “two witnesses” worldwide final sovereign ultimatum, invitation and warning to all mankind;

6. Harmonizes with Other Prophecy and Timing

a. This would put the “two witnesses” in “sackcloth” while in approved “robes of state” after this period in either scenario of the 2300 meaning;

b. This would initiate the judgment on God’s “house” as the precursor event to all the subsequent prophetic fulfillments to follow to Armageddon finale and Christ’s 1000 year Kingdom; (1Pet4:17)

c. Jehovah’s witnesses are attacked in a “gradually given” progression well before the Babylon the Great attack according to the timing of this prophecy in the overall context of the final prophecies;

d. No doubt the powers orchestrating this attack on the JW “established place” worldwide are also the same ultimate powers interested in vanquishing BTG’s world sovereignty and seizing her wealth as well; This is in the near future before the attack on Babylon the Great, though related in the progression it is leading to:

i. (Daniel 8:11-12) And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant feature was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. 12 And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant feature, because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

II. Time Periods are Identified

A. General End Time Period

1. The End Time

The vision given Daniel in chapter 8 from verse 11 forward is described in time as “the vision is for the time of [the] end;” (Dan8:17);

a. Now this divinely identified “appointed time” “end” Gabriel is describing twice; (Dan8:17-19), is the “end” of the “last days” with more prophetic precision to the actual “conclusion”, the described appointed end period of the “system of things”; It is an “appointed time of [the] end”; (Dan8:17,19)

b. That cannot be 1914, the beginning of the “Lord’s Day” (Rev1:10) or 1938-1944 which is 24 and 30 years into the “last days”, since now the “last days” have been in progress approximately 100 years, placing 1938-1944 before even the “mid point” of the “last days” far less than the “time of the end”;

c. That “appointed time” relates to the 2520 days of Revelation 11:2-3 completed in the final, second fulfillment of the near future; All “3.5 times” in prophecy of 1260 days, 42 months, “time, times and half a time” must complete in final fulfillment as “7 times”; (Dan7:25; 12:7; Rev11:2-3; 13:5; 12:7,14)

d. It cannot signify the “last days” that began in 1914 as the “Lord’s Day” (Rev1:10), because this is also in the “final part” of both the “denunciation” (from God; Dan8:19) and “their kingdom”; (Dan8:23);

e. Note The unique term “the time of end” occurs 6 times in the Bible in Daniel 8 (2) and 11 (4) in the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, therefore it is uniquely detailing more than the “last days”; The “time of end” is the “last days of the last days” – the final progression to “the end”; (Matt24:6, 14);

B. Transgression Completion Time Period

1. Required Synergy

In the related “transgression” also “completing” in the “final part of their kingdom”; (Dan8:23) in both relations to the “disgusting thing” of globalist world rulership idolization, and the “transgression causing desolation”; (Dan8:13) in the “established place of the sanctuary” itself  this was not present in both systems in 1944, which was a middle development, certainly not the “final part of their kingdom”;

2. Transgression is Disgusting Thing Centered

The “transgression” is related to both the “transgressors” in their globalist world rulership idol “Image” representing the becoming of a real world rulership “stand” of Daniel 8:25b (8th King) in the near future and to the “transgression causing desolation” in the JW “sanctuary” that embraced that idol as the UN/NGO in 1991 well after 1944;

a. This is the true gross sin that will cause the “established place” to be “thrown down”; (Zech3:2)

3. Top Level “Priesthood” Transgression

This “transgression” was by the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “Governing Body’s” (GB) sanctioned United Nations Non Governmental Organizations Department of Public Information (UN/NGO/DPI) official promotions supporting the newly presented “false-prophet” (Rev13:11) in a “new world order” sloganeering campaign;

C. Transgression Information

1. United Nations Promotions

This “UN” “relationship” included the promoting of the UN presence, UN support organizations, globalist activities and policy publicity, and even plugging new books and slogans from the United Nations to the JW unique worldwide demographic coverage and audience for 10 years of covert UN related “advertising”;

a. This is what the United Nations “Department of Public Information” does; Worldwide globalist promotions through “non-governmental organizations” to advertise and support UN activities, organizations, publications and projects worldwide to unique audiences to support the Wildbeast’s “mental presence” globally;

D. Four Final Periods Identified

1. Zenith Period of Human and Prophetic History

This is therefore a matured period, a final part, an apex climax for four different prophetically identified components in this prophecy which identify this prophecy for the near future “time of the end” now, not in 1938-1944; 1938 was the pre-beginning of the Wildbeast UN “abyss” rise, and the 1940’s was in the middle on this “kingdom” development, NOT the “final part of their kingdom”;

a. (1) The “last days” “end” in the “conclusion of the system of things” final phase is identified; (Dan8:17, 19)

b. (2) The final part of globalist world government development and “stand” is identified; (Dan8:23-25)

c. (3) The finality of the “denunciation” of God on the “temple” system to be cleansed, and the rival kingdom is identified; (Dan8:19)

d. (4) The completion of the transgression is identified; (Dan8:23)

E. The Maturity of the Rulership is Identified

1. Required Synergy

(Daniel 8:23) And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion;

a. This is identified AS the transgression is climaxing, being more specific in the end timing of the “final part” of globalist kingdom manifestation finale;

b. This can apply to the transgressors within the JW organization and or the world system “disgusting thing” development to this initial manifestation of Daniel 8:23 ” there will stand up a king fierce in countenance;”

F. A New Progression of Globalist Rulership (8th King) is Identified

1. Initial Stand is Unique

(Daniel 8:23 And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion, there will stand up a king fierce in countenance;

2. Final Stand is Unique

(Daniel 8:25) And against the Prince of princes he will stand up, but it will be without hand that he will be broken.

a. In Daniel “stand up” means an ascension into a sovereign power for real; (Daniel 12:1; 7:17; 8:22,23,25; 11:3,7;

G. One Time Fulfillment at Climax End Period

1. Unique One Time Fulfillment

This prophecy is a unique one time fulfillment that will signal great changes in the Jehovah’s witness “established place” and “sanctuary” as “temple” “cleansing” preparation and completion in a 1150 day time period;

2. Prepares Cleansed Jehovah’s Witnesses for Another Trampling

a. This parallel Zechariah 3:1-10 “temple” and “priesthood” cleansing is for the final world ministry (“two witnesses” 2.0) prior to another “trampling” 1260 day time period that is not a disciplinary action from God (Rev11:1-3);

b. That second “trampling” of Revelation 11:2-3, 7 is the final completion of the “holy city” “two witnesses” prophecy and the actual prelude to the total and real end of the world of rival sovereignty against God’s Messianic Kingdom; (Rev11:1-19)

H. Two Trampling Types Identified

1. 1150 Connects to 1260

The Daniel 8:11-14 “trampling” and the Revelation 11:2-7 “trampling” are different in time, purpose and outcome; The 1150 days of Daniel 8:14 will lead to the 1260 days of Revelation 11 in an unknown transitional time period between the two periods for the final replication of all “3.5 time” related prophecies in actuality (Dan 7:25; 12:7; 11) or principle; (Rev12:6, 14; Rev13:3-7)

I. Commences Dual Split Fulfillment

1. Seven Times Requirement

a. This replication of split-prophecy is for a purpose and must complete “seven times” fullness of the divine decree; (Dan4:16, 25) which progresses with these prophecies in days, in the Lord’s Day since 1914; (Rev1:10)

2. Seven Times Completes in Final Fulfillment

a. Each manifestation of the 1260 day prophecy is 3.5 times, that doubles in the future, to 7 complete divine times;

b. The 1150 days of this final progression to the 1260 days is a unique commencement period in final fulfillment for the finale final cycle 1260 days required temple cleansing;

III. The Transgression

A. The Nature of the Transgression is Identified

1. JW Transgression Causes Desolation

(Daniel 8:13) “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?”

2. Desolation Connection to Disgusting Thing

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.

a. Yes, the reader’s discernment here is that this covert “disgusting thing” (DT) stand, now manifested in the JW “holy place” as the UN/NGO relationship with 10 years of covert developmental promotions still condoned is the DT ” standing in a holy place” in the significance of this sin as it parallels greater prophetic reality;

b. That “transgression” will progress upon the JW “established place” from this selfsame DT globalist infiltration for this very foretold purpose; “because of transgression” by Jehovah’s witnesses top administration Governing Body (GB); (Daniel 11:41) allowing this development to occur and complete;

c. This relates the Jehovah’s witnesses top administration Governing Body sanctioned “transgression causing desolation” with the “disgusting thing that causes desolation”; the coming desolation used by God for disciplinary action and temple cleansing aided by angels will be the proof, and signal the rest of the prophetic cycles of the 1260 days and the 1290 days MUST following in approximate transitional time this 1150 day desolation period;

d. The “transgression” is therefore by the JW “priesthood” itself, not by the “Wildbeast” directly, though the globalist infiltrators are involved in this sinful development, that has now spread upon all Jehovah’s witnesses anointed and will be dealt with as per prophecy with multiple purposes; (Zech3:1-3)

B. The Effects of the Transgression is Identified

1. Sacrificial Profanation

(Daniel 8:11) from him the constant [feature] was taken away,

a. This has occurred since the “one who actes as a restraint”, Fred Franz, was incapacitated and died an earthly death “put out of the way” with an ultimate divine strategic view of “revealing the lawless one” that manifested fully observable some years after Fred Franz died, as the GB was taken over by more and more “men of lawlessness”;

b. The ultimate act of “lawlessness” was a covert relationship with the United Nations (UN) as publicity agents for the “Department of Public Information” (DPI) which is why full library access is given for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) acting in this capacity; The objective plainly researchable of the UN/DPI is worldwide promotions to targeted demographic audiences that an NGO can provide unique psychological access for the UN, it’s sub-organizations, support organizations, slogans and publications; This can all be shown by simple research on the Watchtower Library CD in the 1991 to 2001 period; 79 references to “new world order” pop out in this decade of covert promotions paralleling George Bush Sr.’s post USSR, “end of the cold war” “New World Order” campaigns begun on September 11, 1991 in an “Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress”.

c. The second profanation of the “constant feature” was the GB sanctioning of non-priestly classes of Christians and who knows what else, to prepare “spiritual food”, that is produce “sacrifices of the lips” in written form to God through Christ, for the anointed, “other sheep” and the worldwide masses contrary to the priestly decree of Matt24:45 and common sense regarding the anointed priesthood of God on earth;

d. The UN/NGO/DPI set of “sexual sins” in which the Virgin Daughter of Zion was compromised and prostituted by a handful of men in the GB for “Wildbeast” use has led to a compounding of many sins, including a perpetual reproach upon Jehovah, Christ, the anointed, and all Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide as well as the stumbling of millions of potential sheep;

e. The continued cover up and tacit approval by the xGB means the UN relationship is still active and condoned in the “sanctuary” by these globalist led administrators “in the Temple of the God” it is just again in covert activity upon new strategies;

f. That strategy is covering up prophetic fulfillment details as the globalist Two-Horned-Wildbeast and 8th King systems have been manifesting the greatest amount of prophetic activation in human history since 1991 and 2001 into even a “world war”, a “Global War on Terror”, with no comment from the GB how this affects the fulfillment of globalist King of the North identifiability and the progression of Daniel 11:40, the “entry” into the JW system of Daniel 11:41, and the pawning of all national “King of the South” “Egypt” powers in Daniel 11:42-43;

g. Now the whole administrative “priesthood” of the GB spreads these sins and spiritual effects like leaven throughout the “established place” and the “sanctuary” “temple” as per 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12;

2. New Light is Unplugged for Twenty Years

(Daniel 8:12) it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

a. The current xGB makes sure nothing progresses past 1990 levels of understanding,

b. The current xGB does not comment upon the greatest globalist prophetic activations in human history in 1991 “New World Order” “False-Prophet” campaigning, 1999 Global NATO and 2001 World War on Terror;

c. The xGB condones and tacitly approves the 10 years of UN/NGO GB sanctioned promotions and continues to stifle any exposition of prophecy concerning globalist world governmental developments;

3. Organizational Desolation

a. (Daniel 8:11) “the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down.” 

b. Therefore it is little wonder that this prophecy will apply to the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organizational “established place” in the near future, as this globalist infiltration positions the whole org, and all Jehovah’s witnesses for a worldwide “coup de grace” event, or series of events to again align with the globalist strategic world move as in 1991 (UN/NGO) and 2001 (911 timed release of that UN/NGO “news break”

c. (Daniel 8:13) “..make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on;”

d. This will occur as a signal event that the cleansing will be in process in some form gradual, with a series of abruptions worldwide for 1150 days of the 2300 “evenings and mornings” of this cleansing desolation “fire” of Zechariah 3:2;

4. Temple Cleansing

a. (Daniel 8:14) “[the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

b. This “purification” is the ultimate purpose by God, because the Jehovah’s witnesses final global ministry heralding the Kingdom and Temple full completion of the near future guaranteed in a new affirmation (Rev11:1) must be divinely commissioned (Rev10) and carried out (Rev8-9) by a clean “priesthood” (5th trumpet) and accompanying ministerial “army” (6th trumpet);

c. The approved Jehovah’s witnesses MUST have full awareness of what this all means to total 100% completed bible truth for this end period of Adamic history and the “little scroll” total meaning “opened” fully regarding guaranteed Kingdom and Temple 100%, 144000 completion under Christ (Zech4:6-8) to total world and universal absolute conquest of ALL rival systems; (Re19:19-21; Rev20:1-3); ALL 144000 prior to Armageddon War; (Zech14:5b)

d. Since this is really the final segway to the actual “end of the world” the Kingdom and Temple completion of Revelation 11 is BIG “good news” that the world must here to make it’s final decisions regarding it’s allegiances;

e. This 1150 day “trampling” and obvious “earth shaking” events (Rev8:5) to hit the JW “established place” is quite a worldwide signal for Jehovah’s witnesses to “get up” (Rev11:1) from spiritual slumber (Zech4:1) and get ready for this final ministry of 1260 days and “seven trumpets” overlap in official divine capacity of the final, second “two witnesses” that must follow this 1150 day prelude “wake up call” discipline from God;

IV. Final Globalist Rulership Implications (8th King)

A. The Globalist “Transgressor” Connection to the JW “Transgressors” is Identified

1. Transgressors Without and Within

(Daniel 8:23) And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion..

a. That “completion” is in the JW organization >first< as the manifestation of this transgression matures as shown here from sin, to revelation to perpetrators to effects full blown; (Zech3:1-2),

b. The first objective is polluting the “constant feature” in a number of ways as discussed here; and that is by no means the full extent of it; This affects the blessing upon the Jehovah’s witnesses top administration while miraculously maintaining new sheep intake in spite of this 10:2; 11:4, 7, 15-16 “Valueless Shepherd” top JW admin (GB) curse Zech11:17; (No “new light” in 20 years since Fred Franz death)

c. The “transgressors'” “lawless one” is identified and revealed as per prophecy (2Thess2:3-9; Zech3:1-3),

d. In time this set of sins by the top globalist handled xGB creates a divinely permitted and foretold “established place” organizational “desolation”, the “established place of the sanctuary” is thrown down;

e. This development has to root back to it’s globalist origin planning worked out fully upon the JW “established place” and subsequently in the world system globalist camps that inspired this infiltration as a global desolation >after< this one upon the JW org;

f. The “disgusting thing that causes” desolation leads the world to Armageddon; (Rev16:13-16) by financial and military intrigues (Dan11:42-43; Joel3:9-12 compare Dan8:23-25 “ambiguous sayings” “master of intrigue” “insight for deceptions”)

B. This Covert Infiltration Principle is Present in Daniel 11:30-32

1.Transgression Planned Long Ago

The globalist’s “Two-Horned-Wildbeast” prepared an infiltration agenda to target Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization. An infiltration was planned after WW1, deployed and placed by WW2 (M. G. Henschel 1939 WTBTS President Nathan Knorr’s “secretary”).

2. Two Disgusting Thing Manifestations

The Daniel 11:30-32 prophecy has a literal manifestation (UN placement) and a covert operational significance that manifested later; It also applies to a national “King of the North” (KN) “puppet” manifestation in German Nazi’s and an actual globalist “King of the North” operative throughout this national world war theater in progressive manifestation;

3. Globalist King of the North Clue

We will consider the globalist KN manifestation as a planned infiltration places the “disgusting thing” in the JW “temple”:

a. (Daniel 11:30) “And he will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he (Globalist KN) will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. 

C. Infiltration of Apostates and Globalist Operatives

1. Unique Internal Apostasy Indicated

These are not Christendom “apostates” already disqualified for “holy covenant” inclusion since 1919; This must be another “consideration”; This is a “consideration” of developing JW apostates in key leadership positions and placing infiltraitors in the JW worldwide organization after WW1;

a. Note: This is not a foreign concept to Jehovah’s witnesses:

[Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy! Chap. 16 Pg. 274 Par. 9
The Contending Kings Near Their End

“”The infiltrators caused some faithful ones to fall into the hands of the authorities.””]

b. But it appears a far grander “infiltration” was present not just nationally, but globally in the JW organization from the same time period;

D. Apostasy Manifests

1. Milton Henschel Very Suspicious

Milton Henschel’s placement (1939) and subsequent activities in regard to the UN/NGO (1991) as WTBTS President and lead GBer during and after Fred Franz’s incapacitation and death is dubious in light of subsequent developments;

2. Literal Meaning

In literal significance this was a military action (WW2) that led to the placement of the UN out of the “abyss” of inaction in 1945;

3. Hidden Meaning

In covert significance these “arms” are in “spiritual warfare” as the transgressors began operations with the JW worldwide organization not fully manifesting until 1991, and revealed in 2001;

E. Spiritual Warfare

1. Profanation Invasion

(Daniel 11:31) And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from him; and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant feature. “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.

a. The sanctuary profanation described prophetically above is the UN/NGO adulterous “sex scandal” that the GB placed God’s “daughter”, Christ’s anointed remnant “bride” into;

b. The literal significance is the placement of the “disgusting thing” UN in 1945;

c. The covert significance related to x GB factional progressive undercover apostasy is the placement of the UN/NGO “DT” in the JW “established place of the sanctuary” with x GB blessing and continued cover-up and official approval;

F. Sacrificial Pollution

1. Constant Feature Removed Since 1991 in Covert Significance

Since 1991 the “constant feature” of clean “sacrifice” has been profaned by the approved actions of the GB and the allowance of the anointed class:

a. Again, this is not a foreign concept to Jehovah’s witnesses:

[Man’s Salvation Out of World Distress at Hand! Chap. 12 Pg. 207 Par. 5
Christendom and Judaism Now Facing Desolation

“”the enemy came by night when men slept and oversowed the same field with weed seed, or bearded darnel seed, so later on, when baptized professing Christians did not keep awake and on the watch against the invasion of error and pretenders””]

G. Progressive Leaven of Infiltration Spread

1. The Infiltration Goes Systemic

And more “infiltrators” are brought in over time:

a. (Daniel 11:32) “And those who are acting wickedly against the covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words.

b. Daniel 11:31 “disgusting thing” is sandwiched on both sides (verse 30, 32) by infiltrator apostates and supports;

H. The Effect This has in Prior Covert Manifestations is Foretold

1. Stumbling and Questionable Shenanigans Permitted by God

Daniel 11 verses 32b to 35 show a prevailing of some anointed and “other sheep” in spite of these sins, and the continual stumbling effect this has manifested over the years since WW2, with divine permission, for a refining work in the Jehovah’s Witnesses; This makes the “1975” debacle and subsequent “stumbling” also noteworthy as potential action of the infiltration;

I. By the “Time of the End” this Infiltration is Manifest

1. Profanation Invasion Identified Again in Prophecy

(Daniel 11:40-41) “And in the time of [the] end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships; and he will certainly enter into the lands and flood over and pass through. 41 He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many * that will be made to stumble.. . .

a. Inserted word  *[lands] removed for fuller effect of meaning; The “entry” into the “land of Decoration” is this JW infiltration manifested fully after 1991, but active prior to that time:

2. Modern Day One Who Acts as a Restraint

a. (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8) True, the mystery of this lawlessness (transgression) is already at work; but only till he (Fred Franz and honest anointed) who is right now acting as a restraint gets to be out of the way. 8 Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed (sinner xGB and company), whom the Lord Jesus will do away with… (As per Zech3:1-4 and Dan8:11-14 temple clean-out of the JW remaining organization “temple” after 2300 “evenings and mornings”;)

V. The JW Organization Judgement Prerequisite; (1 Peter 4:17)

A. Prophetic Priority Starts with Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Judgment Must Start with Jehovah’s Witnesses

(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God.

(Ezekiel 9:6) from my sanctuary you should start.

a. It’s common knowledge in modern and former prophetic periods that the judgment of God always STARTS with His own temple and house;

b. The current dilemma of JW teachings is expecting only a Gog attack after all these periods of 2300 and 1260 transpire, which leaves JWs expecting GT, when in fact this is a house judgment that is coming and this is not opportune thinking;

c. The current thinking of JWs in the dark about all this opens them to be led and misled by the imposters in time of global, national or local emergencies that are orchestrated by the third globalist world move which can manifest at anytime catching many JWs asleep and in the dark;

d. From this exact condition well developed for 20 years of zero “new light” we can see the JW transgressors in the top levels of the organization want as dumbed down a JW crew as possible;

e. The “lawless one” is clearly becoming noticeable in the JW org by evidence, darkness and dubious trends;

B. The Things Affected and How Are Identified

1. The Sacrificial Purity is Affected

(Daniel 8:11) the constant [feature] was taken away, …

2. Truth is Stifled

(Daniel 8:12) it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

3. Transgression is Real

(Daniel 8:12) And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature], because of transgression;

4. Organizational Desolation is Guaranteed

(Daniel 8:11) the constant [feature] was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down.

(Daniel 8:13) both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on

a. The Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization, the acceptable ministerial “constant feature”, the “holy place” and all Jehovah’s witnesses “army” will feel the impact of this commencement judgment;

b. But it is for disciplinarian and cleansing effects to bring about an approved final worldwide warning work through Jehovah’s witnesses as God’s people to the end;

c. This is a wake-up call; (Rev11:1; Zech4:1; Matt25:1-12)

C. The Desolation and Purification Time Period is Identified

1. Desolation and Purification Has a Limit

(Daniel 8:14) “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.

a. This is a 1150 day, or 2300 “evenings and mornings” judgment period in the near future;

D. Future JW Temple Cleansing Fits into the Prophetic Timeline as a Great Commencement Signal Guaranteeing Prophetic Things to Come

1. Prophetic Map to the End of the World (of rival sovereigns)


VII. Final World Ministry

A. Worldwide Exposition of this Covert Operation and it’s Globalist Governmental Organizational Origin

1. Blessing in Disguise

a. An amazing aspect of this Biblical prophetic fulfillment cycle is that it will touch off far grander ramifications in time and become a central basis of the Jehovah’s witnesses global ministry to be cleansed and commissioned out of this seeming disaster.

b. Jehovah’s witnesses will come to understand the globalist and infiltrator implications in Revelation 8:7-13’s 4 trumpet heralds, and that leads to an enlightened reinvigoration of the Revelation 9 5th and 6th trumpets of JW anointed and “other sheep”

c. That understanding will lead to full knowledge of the “open little scroll” (Rev10) and the final second commissioning of the second round of the “two witnesses” (Rev11) completing the divine “seven times” of that “holy city” “trampling” (Rev11:7; Rev13:7) which must occur to complete the Kingdom and Temple 144000 under Jesus Christ by Jehovah Almighty God prior to all-out Armageddon war;

d. This commences a known prophetic starting point unique to this 1150 days of Daniel 8:14, as that leads to the 1260 days of the final “two witnesses”;

e. Jehovah’s witnesses will have emphatically proven to them that a final fulfillment cycle is purposed for Revelation 8-11 that parallels Revelation 15-16 concurrent “sevens” in trumpets and bowls in final fulfillment, tying all the applicable temple/kingdom Daniel, Zechariah, and other prophecies into this repeating sequence of 1260, 1290 and 1335 days; (1260: Dan7:25-26; 12:7; Rev11:2-3; Rev12:6, 14; Rev13:5; 1290: Dan12:11; 1335: Dan12:12)


f. The 1150 described here will commence these other three cycles soon;

2. Globalist Exposé

a. What the globalist “Governing Body” apostasy since 1991 to total takeover is trying to cover up, stall and stagnate by staying stuck in 1990 thinking, will not only be exposed as to it’s origination of operations (globalist powers), it will be connected to the first four trumpets of Revelation 8’s global prophetic heralds, as Revelation 8:2-5’s foretold cleansing of the JW “earth” (Eze38:12b; Isa1:2; Isa 6:3) progresses to “evening to morning” understanding; (Rev8:5; Dan8:14)

3. First Four Trumpets in Final Fulfillment

a. Globalist identity must be made known to Jehovah’s witnesses and to the world, as to where it will take mankind at Armageddon as this “burning issue” of “kingdom” (mountain) progresses over time to zenith;

b. The “first trumpet” describes effects the “disgusting thing” JW “transgression” has on the symbolic “1/3” “desolation” on the JW “established place” “earth” organization detailed in Daniel 8:11-14;

c. This “desolation” “because of transgression” (Dan8:12) affected the Jehovah’s witnesses ministerial “temple” worship negatively as heralded by the “first trumpet” after divine discipline and “temple cleansing”;

d. This repeats at a grander global scale of world “desolation” in the parallel “first bowl” of Revelation 16:2 on all inhabitants of earth, in a “desolation” to manifest from the same “disgusting thing” origins of divine disfavor and operations of the globalists;

e. The Revelation 8:8 “second trumpet” heralds “something like a great mountain burning with fire was hurled into the sea” is globalism as a basis of world rulership; Nationalism is just a tool, as pointed out in the 1914 progression to the end of national power as any real basis of world rulership;

f. Again, the Revelation 16:2 “second bowl” parallels this revelation, but at global scale of affects on all mankind worshiping the “Wildbeast” in any form nationalistic or globalist;

g. Revelation 8:10-11 “third trumpet” heralds the poisonous “wormwood” apostate effects this sinner xGB infiltration betrayal had on the JW “water” by stagnation and purposeful errors;

h. This is paralleled by the larger worldwide context of globalist and nationalist poison in the worldwide waters of mankind; (Rev16:4-7)

i. The “fourth trumpet” heralds the “1/3” darkness the JW temple system and worshipers have been subjected to, for 20 years of this fraud xGB influence on JW teachings regarding prophetic fulfillment and globalist world government development and application covered over and hidden as the xGB continued in the 1990 cave for decades purposely retarding JWs in 1990 prophetic exposition perpetually;

j. The Revelation 16:8 “fourth bowl” has continuing negative nationalist strategies to control the masses intensified by globalist influences;

B. Globalist World Government Paradigm

1. The globalist paradigm of world power development is very important for Jehovah’s witnesses to understand, because it affects all prophetic exposition regarding the climax world governmental developments which are beyond “national” and “Image” concepts, proportions and actuality;

2. The “Scarlet Wildbeast” as a globalist multi-national unification is an actual worldwide super-structure composed of actual nations and their “power and authority” in it’s control, not merely a 17 acre globalist UN “social club” on the East river of New York which only represents all this in “Image” idolization;

3. What is coming is the real thing, not only in globalist world power domination attempt, but in God’s Kingdom as well;

Daniel 8:8-27

Background Development of Small Horn

(Daniel 8:8-10) And the male of the goats (Greece), for its part, put on great airs to an extreme; but as soon as it became mighty, the great horn was broken (Alexander), and there proceeded to come up conspicuously four instead of it, toward the four winds of the heavens. (His Four Generals’ Domains) 9 And out of one of them there came forth another horn, a small one, (Britain) and it kept getting very much greater toward the south and toward the sunrising and toward the Decoration. 10 And it kept getting greater all the way to the army of the heavens, so that it caused some of the army and some of the stars to fall to the earth, and it went trampling them down.

Temple Cleansing Set-Up

(Daniel 8:11-14) And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant [feature] was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. 12 And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature], because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success. 13 And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.

End Time Period Identified for Daniel by Angel Gabriel

(Daniel 8:15-19) Then it came about that, while I myself, Daniel, was seeing the vision and seeking an understanding, why, look! there was standing in front of me someone in appearance like an able-bodied man. 16 And I began to hear the voice of an earthling man in the midst of the Ulai, and he proceeded to call out and say: “Gabriel, make that one there understand the thing seen.” 17 So he came beside where I was standing, but when he came I got terrified so that I fell upon my face. And he proceeded to say to me: “Understand, O son of man, that the vision is for the time of [the] end.” 18 And while he was speaking with me, I had become fast asleep on my face on the earth. So he touched me and made me stand up where I had been standing. 19 And he went on to say: “Here I am causing you to know what will occur in the final part of the denunciation, because it is for the appointed time of [the] end.

Interpretive Recap

(Daniel 8:20-22) “The ram that you saw possessing the two horns [stands for] the kings of Media and Persia. 21 And the hairy he-goat [stands for] the king of Greece; and as for the great horn that was between its eyes, it [stands for] the first king. 22 And that one having been broken, so that there were four that finally stood up instead of it, there are four kingdoms from [his] nation that will stand up, but not with his power.

The Armageddon Progression of the Final Globalist 8th King (Globalist King of the North)

(Daniel 8:23-24) “And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion, there will stand up (1) a king fierce in countenance and understanding ambiguous sayings. 24 And his power must become mighty, but not by his own power. And in a wonderful way he will cause ruin, and he will certainly prove successful and do effectively. And he will actually bring mighty ones to ruin, also the people made up of [the] holy ones.

(Daniel 8:25) And according to his insight he will also certainly cause deception to succeed in his hand. And in his heart he will put on great airs, and during a freedom from care he will bring many to ruin. And against the Prince of princes he will stand up (2), but it will be without hand that he will be broken.

Many people and world powers are insightful and deceptive; This is a climax statement of a pinnacle “master  mind” “kingship”; It also makes certain no single national power is isolated in the finality of Armageddon though they are identified in one way or another; (Two-Horned-Wildbeast, Small Horn, ten kings)

In fact a globalist unification symbology contains them all in all the sovereign symbols at Armageddon climax given in the Bible;

1. The “King of the North” as globalist apex worldwide power ends up containing the 8th King globalists and the Two-Horned-Wildbeast globalist mastermind engineering system in one defiant symbol; (Daniel 11:27-45)

2. The “Scarlet Wildbeast” 8th King itself has a 7th head that contains the Two-Horned-Wildbeast “mastermind” of globalist control of the approximately 200 national powers in it’s multi-national collective base system of the national Wildbeast of Revelation 13:1; (Rev17:3, 11-17)

3. The “King of Fierce Countenance” is another progressive symbol of this globalist unification of all the national powers to stand against God’s Kingdom at Armageddon; (Daniel 8:23-25; Rev16:13-16; Dan2:31-44)

4. All these symbols provide a conclusive globalist unification rivaling God’s Kingdom for planet earth, and even Gog can be shown in universal defiance as the greatest “King of the Remotest Parts of the North” also having “no helper” in the end; (Dan11:44-45; Eze38-39; Isa14:12-14)

(Daniel 8:26) “And the thing seen concerning the evening and the morning, which has been said, it is true. And you, for your part, keep secret the vision, because it is yet for many days.”

As with the “evening and morning” of the creative days of Genesis, this period will also be enlightening to those involved in it’s progress and those who become familiar with it as it progresses.

(Daniel 8:27) And as for me, Daniel, I felt exhausted and was made sick for [some] days. Then I got up and did the work of the king; but I kept showing myself numbed on account of the thing seen, and there was nobody understanding [it].

When one considers Daniel’s whole experience here now under Belshazzar’s reign, we must recall he just lived through one Jerusalem city and temple desolation kicking off the Gentile “appointed times of the nations” (Dan4:16; Luke 21:24), and was no doubt at times exhausted and traumatized by the years and the whole set of events he lived through;

And now to hear about another temple desolation? What!!! All this stunning information delivered by angels to Daniel’s face? When the effects of the first desolation were not even completed yet? Exhausting! “I felt exhausted and was made sick for days…” – no wonder.



As has been shown, the current “transgression that causes desolation” in the JW top leadership sanctions with the United Nations “Department of Publicity” as a Non-Governmental Organization, and the subsequent organizational positioning of this “transgression” and the infiltrator “transgressors” for “desolating” effects is why this exact prophetic truth is NOT being revealed to Jehovah’s witnesses until AFTER the cleansing trampling it “causes” by permission of God is fulfilled in 1150 days to a sanctuary cleansing completion;

The globalist controlled “rats” and their “droppings” MUST be removed from the “temple” (Zech3:4-9), but obviously the temple IS in inspection (Mal3:1-5) and has caught most JWs “nodding off” (Matt25:1-12) in regard to sovereign kingdom and temple completion this leads to;

That will kick off a series of known prophetic time periods and further events centered on Jehovah’s witnesses to the end of the world guaranteed for the rival sovereignties they are under divine commission approved and cleaned shortly to warn all worldwide concerning this Kingdom of God assured climax with mush prophetic truth unique and replicative upon former minor patterns already preached for over 100 years;

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