FYI – The Verification Event(s) and Timing Coming Soon

Verification of Temple Judgment Soon – To Go On For Some Years

1. There will be an overall catalyzing event(s) of many possible causes or combinations from unknown for now source(s); as military, terror, technological; (real or false-flag) and or a critical natural disaster event(s).

A. (That will be Daniel 11:42-43 activating in overall Daniel 11:42-45 4th UN world government progression to Armageddon over an approximate decade);

B. That/those event(s) will eventually become a global situation developing into signal tribulation to go on for some years. (Rev16; Hag2:7; Dan11:42-45 must merge into Daniel 12 “during that time”);

2. That will form a global and developmental context of immediate or eventual JW Bethel financial and organizational attack (as Dan8:13 indictment “trampling” by 8th King planning) on the JW worldwide organization corporate and ministerial resource base which will affect the entire JW ministry temporarily ceasing it’s operations; (Dan8:11-12) (That will activate Daniel 8:13-14 as 1Peter4:17 (Rev8:1-6; Zech3:2; Isa6:6-8 purification desolation/meaning of final temple judgment)

3. That will form a world tribulatory development at eventual global scale that will continue as a worldwide tribulation/war development to eventually resolve (Matt24:29) into UN world government as in the three former uses of hot or cold world war resolved in 1919, 1945, and 1990 into UN “world peace” presentations. (Dan11:42-45);

The Coming Proof Sequence

1. The Daniel 8:14 dual phase timing verifications (of “evening” desolation and “morning” recovery sequences; Dan8:26) will unfold in divine judgment upon the last formerly approved Christian ministry (JWs) exposing the first 2 UN prophetic manifestations (1919; Rev13:11-15; 1945 Rev17:8-11; 1920-1970+/-), and covering up the third UN manifestation since 1990 (Dan11:31b), as Bethel UN NGO.

A. That Bethel and JW based prophetic UN sequence cover-up is why God is removing the subversion as part of the temple desolating purification process.

Timed Temple Judgment Phases:

(Daniel 8:13-14) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the (polluted) constant [feature] (removal) and of the transgression causing desolation (UN NGO), to make both [the] holy place and [the](JW and anointed) army things to trample on?” (8th King planned “trampling” desolation of JW org) 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.” (temple purification; Zech3:4-5)

2. This timing and eventually known meaning as Revelation 8 (final fulfillment) first four trumpets will be verification of where the Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” required “trampling” is targeted (on JWs) by 8th King intrigues (to attempt to silence all UN prophetic meaning), internally aided by Bethel, permitted by God as a signal event of more prophecy to fulfill during and after this time period expires.

A. The overall Revelation 16 final fulfillment first four plagues will provide the global context meaning of these overall developments into which context Bethel will go down hard for UN NGO and cover-up; (Dan8:12b; Dan8:13; Isa66:6);

B. The JW organizational temple judgment desolation and it’s verifiable timed period will be proof for doubting JWs (and others) as to the true meaning of these events unfolding.

3. The connection to valid former UN exposition as prophecy in the former JW ministry (1914-1970) and cover up of the third UN placement (1990) as UN NGO, and it’s connection to the 4th UN cycle in activation at that time proceeding to UN world government as 8th King final fulfillment, will be the direct reasons for this ministerial attack permitted by God, as the 8th King attempts to silence the overall UN world government progressive eventuality (Dan11:30-45) as leading to impending and inevitable Armageddon divine war in a super-cycle of four UN placements since 1919 ending into the 4th placement coming up (Dan11:45 4th UN manifestation). (Dan11:42-45 + Rev17:11-18 = Rev16:12-18);

Ministerial Recovery Proof

1. The JW ministry will be purified and clarified of all current Bethel UN diversions, and redeployed as a final world warning of also Kingdom completion concurrent with UN world government completion for the years after the Daniel 8:14 “evening” desolation to actual Armageddon.

2. The JW ministerial cessation will be the parallel Revelation 9 “abyss” state of final fulfillment as Dan8:14 “evening” darkness of temple desolation. The recovery of Daniel 8:14 “morning”, will be the Revelation 9:1-4 “abyss” being opened releasing JWs from the desolation phase of the 8th King by covert supernatural means to ensure a ministerial clarification of the UN 1-2-3-4 phase then completing, and the assured recovery of the Christian ministry for final world warning deployment.

A. There will be enough final years to fulfill this prophecy and warning live and real-time into 8th King UN 4th placement as full world government concurrent. (Dan12:7, 11; Rev11:1-7; Rev 11:7 as Dan 11:44 final attack ending into Matt24:29-31 as Rev11:8-14)

3. These things are replicating known Christian temple judgment principles, this time amidst the final UN drive to actual world government and it’s tribulatory “birthing” stage.

Timed Verification and Signal Events

1. These initial signal events are timed (Dan8:14) because even JWs will be doubting the meaning for the initial years of the desolation in utter confusion in a ceased Christian ministry, temporarily ended as per Daniel 8:13, to meet 8th King objectives of UN prophetic concealment and to allow UN NGO judgment accounting from God by a desolation concurrently in action. (Dan8:13-14);

A. (The overall divine judgment is for the Bethel “transgression causing desolation” as UN NGO which accompanied Bethel’s deceptive diversion of UN 3rd placement meaning as the Daniel 11:30-45 King North continuum (Dan11:36) as actually 8th King developments also concealed by Bethel impostors and defectors; (Dan11:30-32; Dan8:11-13 parallel prelude Bethel apostate developments leading up to the 1990 UN NGO related full defection of the formerly valid Christian ministry exposing the first 2 UN placements properly in 1919 and 1945.)

Anointed Clean Out First in Cycle (1Peter 4:17; Matthew 25:1-13);

1. The anointed judgment and removal of five “foolish virgins” in all Christian anointed worldwide is required years prior to Armageddon to deploy five approved “wise virgins” in holy covenant to carry out the final Kingdom completion ministry of Revelation 9-11. It is a great signal period appealing to all Christians and people, not just JWs who will be the focus for world attention to make the final UN and Messianic Kingdom issue fully known – which issue is currently covered up by Bethel’s foretold lawless apostasy (Zech3:1-3; Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:3-4).

A. Fraud anointed are also cleared from the final ministry as in the “I never knew you” Matthew25:11 statement.

2. God already knows people will doubt and all the virgins have fallen asleep spiritually (Matt25:5, 1-13; parallels Rev9:4 meaning), so this signal is timed (Dan8:14) in a greater overall world development that must continue, to first appeal to the five “wise virgins” of what will follow as it is already present in minor preview form in the initial JW ministry from 1914 that did successfully expose 2 UN placements and Messianic Kingdom developmental truth concurrently.

3. The JW ministry was valid until recent UN NGO Bethel defectors overran the formerly valid Christian ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses by internal Bethel compromise (2Thess2:3-4; Zech3:1-3; Dan11:30-32a) led by the Governing Body foreign human installed (1976) claimant but impostor temple entity not of divine origin (2Thess2:11-12) as only the “body of the Christ” is the divinely approved “holy covenant” body being clarified and recovered at that time of needed and well foretold purification.

A. The “body of the Christ” is not dependent on Bethel for identification as anyone believing the Bible as God’s Word in Christ can be used by God for final anointed selection.

B. But Christian anointed of 1914-1960+/- did employ the ministerial resources identified with Bethel as a means to an end, and did use that center of operations to carry out the initial global Kingdom ministry in approved form –  as proven by exposure of the first 2 UN placements and meaning as no other claimant Christian group made such concurrent Kingdom proclamations of truth and urgency of times as did what became JWs from IBSA roots. Yet God, as before, can call anointed from any location of his spiritual temple courts. The Bethel judgment will serve as an eventually well known signal of more fulfillments to come.

C. This is a renewed Christian final call to regroup in a valid final ministry. (Hence the Rev8 “trumpet” alarm meaning)

4. The Governing Body will be permanently deposed and exposed in the end period of the Bethel desolations. By anointed context and relations JWs will also be judged first and exposed as UN allied co-promotional and misinformation agency since at least 1990 mostly by deceptions of the Governing Body subversion control center. (Rev8; 1Pet4:17);

The Coming Decade

Since these things take place over a number of years of initial world tribulatory development at global scale with massive financial meltdowns and intrigues as precursor developments (Dan11:42-43), great events over sufficient time will prove the veracity of these prophecies as they manifest to even a stubborn anointed Christian body currently asleep, unaware, in denial or in defection or truly seeking the truth.

The anointed body is the ultimate target of the judgment and 8th King intrigues providing the context of desolation in a much broader worldwide set of developments leading to 4th UN placement by use of world tribulation to resolve and make final UN world government presentation an approximate decade after temple desolation starts.

Eventually world events and divine provided guaranteed timing (Dan8:14 + Dan12) and greater meanings will become undeniable to approved and repentant anointed to spearhead what is to follow (Rev9-11) guided by Christ for God;


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