Seven Seals and Messianic Kingdom Birth and Completion

Seven Seals and Messianic Kingdom Birth and Completion – Revelation 4-8:1 “Scroll” Meaning

Revelation 4 – Heavenly Court of the Messianic Kingdom Completion Seven Sealed “Scroll” Prelude

(Note: This final fulfillment cycle (of the near future) explanation agrees with the original Jehovah’s witnesses’ initial prophetic interpretation from the 1914 era forward and is based on it with a final cycle awareness that Daniel 12 and parts of Revelation must repeat in final form as the 8th King completes world government as does God Christ complete the 144000 and the Messianic Kingdom earthly sovereign agency over a final prophetic phase of some years marked in Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3).);

Important: Keep in mind when reading this explanation an initial fulfillment validity is guiding the final fulfillment details covered here as two fulfillments and two phases, one at Messianic Kingdom “birth” phase of 1914-1918 and one in the future as the final Messianic Kingdom completion phase of the future 1260 day final Kingdom invitation and sovereign warning of Revelation 8-11 replicating continuum – both fulfillments are valid for their Kingdom and temple developmental phase);

Heavenly Kingdom Court Scene:

(Revelation 4:1-6) After these things I saw, and, look! an opened door in heaven (Christian anointed access), and the first voice that I heard was as of a trumpet (and leads to seven trumpets), speaking with me, saying: “Come on up here, and I shall show you the things that must take place.” (Rev1:1; Christian anointed entry of heaven (explained later) and involvement with final Kingdom revelation) 2 After these things I (John; earthly anointed type) immediately came to be in [the power of the] spirit: and, look! a throne was in its position in heaven, and there is one seated upon the throne. (Jehovah God Almighty central figure of ceremony) 3 And the one seated is, in appearance, like a jasper stone and a precious red-colored stone, and round about the throne [there is] a rainbow like an emerald in appearance. 4 And round about the throne [there are] twenty-four thrones (pictures initial and final anointed presence), and upon these thrones [I saw] seated twenty-four elders dressed in white outer garments (Rev6:9-11), and upon their heads golden crowns. 5 And out of the throne there are proceeding lightnings and voices and thunders; and [there are] seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, and these mean the seven spirits of God. (will result in full enlightenment in time) 6 And before the throne there is, as it were, a glassy sea like crystal. (temple relation to Kingdom development);

The Heavenly Ceremony of Kinged Christ’s Scroll Reception and Mission Preview

Overview: Revelation 4-7 is giving a Kingdom scroll summary as first a six seal overview leading to a seventh seal full explanation contained in Revelation 8-11 more detailed explanations as parallels to the six seals, under Christ’s King of God’s Kingdom authority (Rev12; Dan7:9-14) leading to the Messianic Kingdom birth phase (1914 period), and the required completion final phase (future) of prophecy and Adamic world history to culminate in a concurrent 8th King world government completion and presentation (Dan12:11; 11:45) and final sovereign world “peace and security” proclamation (1Thess5:1-3) of that completed “scarlet wildbeast” international “image” and world government global totality.

1. Revelation 4-5 provides an official heavenly “Court” scene in vision given to the apostle John that outlined Kingdom events of God’s Kingdom and the “birth” founding of the Messianic Kingdom power (and subsequent mission and understanding in the scroll with seven seals) yet to complete, and to become a completion (and unified whole sovereignty) with Christ as the central figure of the mission understanding and deployment.

A. The period is marked in initial understanding upon the main Revelation patterns defined in the Daniel 12 underlying timed periods that unfolded in first fulfillment preview form since 1914. (Daniel 12:7 (Revelation 11:2-3), 12:11, 12:12);

B. The Messianic Kingdom “birth” was completed by this time in the Revelation 4 proceedings as evidenced by the “twenty four older persons” present as the “infant” form “male child” of Christ’s Kingdom “body” secondary foundation. (Rev21:14);

C. Revelation 12:1-12 has already taken place also removing Satanic presence from the heavenly scene by this time. (Thus the enemy horses of seals 2-4 are about to be released as sign of Satan’s anger and “woe to the earth” concurrent with Kingdom announcements to result from this commission of Christ “Lamb of God”

2. This preview of a Kingdom completion message, framework and understanding “scroll” is from God (Rev1:1), given Christ as the “Lamb of God” as seven seals are opened once for each unique seal, and are understood as a whole “opened” “scroll” in initial and accurate meaning as God’s heavenly Kingdom power brings about final Messianic Kingdom birth and completion phases progressively but once in time.

A. This reception, and opening of the scroll doesn’t repeat, the initial meaning merely takes on final significance in a final fulfillment of what is outlined since 1914. (the second side of the scroll); This Kingdom completion understanding of that Messianic Kingdom “body” requirement of 144000 completion, to allow Christ’s final King coronation event by God upon a full Messianic Kingdom “body”, is the final important feature of the final message to come forth in time (the reverse side of that two-sided scroll).

Thus a final phase pattern is forming on the preview phase pattern of 1914 as the scroll is two-sided, in dual fulfillment meaning; it has an initial fulfillment meaning that guides the final fulfillment meaning as a unified whole “scroll” to the completion it leads to and describes;

3 It is for this eventual climax completion that divine authority and divine understanding in Christ’s kinged role in God’s Kingdom first since 1914 – preceded reception of the scroll – as the leading preview needed (and explained since 1914 upon prophetic patterns made known in the Jehovah’s witnesses (JW) world Christian ministry initially), outlining initial valid meanings of that scroll’s manifesting commencement features in it’s seals revelations towards Messianic Kingdom completion and full unification with God’s Kingdom, upon the initial pattern unfolding since 1914.

4. The presence of God, Christ, angels, angelic groups, spirit glorified anointed, and human anointed symbology in the apostle John’s “guest” presence means a unity of divine powers and entities in the mission will be employed in heaven and on earth to carry out the “scrolls” proclamation as a Kingdom message framework.

5. The final fulfillment details as the second side of that scroll as a finalizing replication, is yet to be made known to collective JWs and the world ministerial audience due to a spiritual departure at Bethel as “those leaving the holy covenant” made official as Daniel 11:30-31 events climaxed into a 3rd United Nations placement in 1990 as Bethel became a supporting organization as UN NGO of the 8th King system and subversion objectives officially thereafter, as foretold, as also a repeating signal and principle of organized apostasy and lawlessness subverting the final phase understanding. (Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-4; Dan11:30-35; Dan8:12-13);

6. This is why the scroll understanding is “opened” as a single event in 1914 inception onward, and it’s one-time event of “breaking” the seven seals occurred from 1914 as the unique meaning went on to be explained progressively as part of the ministerial mission “ride” of the Christ “white horse” guiding a world ministry of accurate truth from that point forward, as now a Bethel diversion campaign obscures the final meaning.

7. The “scroll’s” first side is 1914 Kingdom birth phase preview fulfillment, the “scroll’s” second side is the Kingdom completion final phase final fulfillment. (See[4] Daniel 12 Replication) (See [8] Prophetic Replication);

8. The apostle John did not just see a “door opened in heaven” and look into it, he was brought “personally” into the symbolic scene in heaven of future events at that time,  meaning Christian anointed have, and will again as humans, take part in this scroll’s final announcement and events as the final 144000 completing members upon approval by faith and faithfulness to the end; (Rev14:9-12); The “twenty four older persons” symbolically indicate spirit-form anointed will also aid the process, as will angels, all under Christ, for God’s Kingdom purpose.

9. “I saw, and, look!” is a directive from the Bible from God to all mankind as the intended final recipients of the “scroll” message to which this heavenly ceremony leads quickly. God’s Kingdom is coming as promised; (Matt6:10);

Revelation 5  – Two-Sided Scroll – Kingdom Birth and Completion as Dual Fulfillment Cycles

1. The central role of Christ the Lion and “the lamb” as King of God’s Kingdom is highlighted as the sole appointee of Jehovah God Almighty:

(Revelation 5:1-5) And I saw in the right hand
(prime directive mission from God) of the One seated upon the throne a scroll written within and on the reverse side, sealed tight with seven seals. 2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice: “Who is worthy to open the scroll and loose its seals?” 3 But neither in heaven nor upon earth nor underneath the earth was there a single one able to open the scroll or to look into it. 4 And I gave way to a great deal of weeping because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it. 5 But one of the elders says to me: “Stop weeping. Look! The Lion that is of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has conquered so as to open the scroll and its seven seals.” (Christ as central commissioned figure approved by God for the mission understanding and deployment);

Comprehensive Scroll of Secrets Needing to be Made Known

1. The scroll is received, unsealed and “opened” once in an accurate preview understanding and deployment (The seventh seal leads to the seven trumpets full explanation since 1914, the Revelation 4-8:1 setup symbolizes actual heavenly events that brought that enlightenment forth since 1914 marked prophetic period). Yet the two-sided nature of the scroll – “written within and on the reverse side” – means two manifestations of the guiding Kingdom birth initial phase (scroll side one) to the Messianic Kingdom completion final phase (scroll side two) and unification in a common “scroll” Kingdom prophetic pattern import (announced as well as such, since 1914 in initial preview meaning of Messianic Kingdom “birth”).

In effect the seven seals by seventh seal progressive enlightenment completing, contain all seven trumpets final heralds and more detailed explanations in seventh seal connectivity to Revelation 8-11 as included in the seventh seal. (For two cycles of fulfillment);

2. Two cycles of prophecy; the prophetic certainty requires a Messianic Kingdom 144000 completion phase (Zech4:6-9) after the Kingdom birth phase for a final Christ King-Priest crowning (Zech6:9-15) in the completion phase upon all 144000 in spirit glorified form – for an earth focused universal sovereign completion. Thus from Kingdom birth to eventual completion, the rest is to finalize to final conquest of an also completing 8th King rival totality (and it’s seals 2-4 distractions, like in 1914 and WW1), which is also to have a climax final cycle upon the 1914 Daniel 12 patterns in the future as a repetition to completion. (Rev19:19-21; Rev20:1-3);

(Note: Daniel 11:42-45 unique and final 8th King developments (of the future) must merge into Daniel 12 live and real-time, indicating as well, Daniel 12 has a final fulfillment cycle as well; Plainly Daniel 11:42-43 implies wealth and finance intrigues as 8th King “King North” pawning of the “king south” national declining powers collectively – we see obvious worldwide national debt development will aid Daniel 11:42-43 8th King developments to begin as the final cycle is also starting);

3. The first side of the scroll thus opens as a Messianic Kingdom “birth” preview of the second side meaning of Messianic Kingdom completion to also unfold over final prophetic periods into the final phase of also 8th King concurrent completion development as the common parallel with the original 1914 cycle producing the 1919 UN related League of Nations also “infant” 8th King system as international “peace” forum and formative world government. (Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12 as timed underlay to give temporal context to the Revelation replicating prophecies);

(Revelation 5:6-10) And I saw standing in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures and in the midst of the elders a lamb as though it had been slaughtered, having seven horns and seven eyes, which [eyes] mean the seven spirits of God that have been sent forth into the whole earth. 7 And he went and at once took [it] out of the right hand of the One seated on the throne. 8 And when he took the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, having each one a harp and golden bowls that were full of incense, and the [incense] means the prayers of the holy ones. 9 And they sing a new song (Rev14:3; 15:3), saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought persons for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, 10 and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.” (the Messianic Kingdom directive is explicitly stated as result of Christ’s first earthly mission to secure sacrificial purchase and legal authority in “new covenant” (Luke22:19-20) to found “kingdom covenant” (Luke22:28-30) as the means to this completion objective of an earthly sovereign Kingdom world government);

4. That everyone – in Christ, angelic, anointed organizational and personal anointed prophet (John) symbols is present before God, indicates the importance of this event in this vision, and it’s guaranteed final world impact of all these revealed “secrets” of a Kingdom full “scroll” meaning and message. That “scroll” is the key Revelation Kingdom outline to manifest to completion soon.

Basis of the Prophetic Replication Awareness – The Original 1914 Jehovah’s Witnesses’ World Ministry

1. Thus the original International Bible Students Association (IBSA) becoming Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses world ministry deployed successfully through two United Nations (UN) placements fulfilling marked prophecy in 1919 as the League of Nations as Revelation 13:11-5 (Dan12:11 first fulfillment), and in 1945 as the United Nations as Revelation 17:8-11 is the basis of understanding the final prophetic cycle – it is already there in the first fulfillment, it is just updated to completion details of both Messianic Kingdom and 8th King sovereign completions and final sovereign conflict. (Daniel 11:42-45 + Rev17:11-18 = Rev16:12-16 Armageddon)

A. Thus JWs tracking UN development and Kingdom development side-by-side is a valid initial understanding of the initial Revelation, Daniel 7, and Daniel 12 prophecies, times, meanings and patterns that form the framework of the final fulfillment replication. That parallel diametric sovereign development must continue, and requires a final cycle, not an instant “end of the world”, but Daniel 11:42-45 (and Dan12) finalization phase over some years yet to begin, not “end” as JWs are misconceiving.

2. Thus an awareness of a prophetic replication required in the future, upon the same pattern as the past in all sovereign and developmental aspects, re-affirms the foundational work of Jehovah’s witnesses initial Kingdom ministry, rather than undermine it, thus allowing the prophecy to “explain itself” upon the former reliable pattern merely updated to current Messianic Kingdom and 8th King developments since 1945 and into the future final phase climax.

Progressive Bethel Subversion After Second UN Placement of 1945

(Note: That Bethel, as claimant anointed Jehovah’s witnesses “headquarters” of the whole JW ministry, did not track the 3rd United Nations placement (Dan11:31b) of 1990 as a “new world order” (NWO) mode of manifestation objective as Daniel 11:30-45 continuum, as 8th King as King North (Dan11:36), but instead joined the NWO proclamation campaign as UN NGO and concealed the prophecy with furthered USSR error, is evidence and prophecy of apostasy fulfilling (again) indicating the valid ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses from 1914 to 1945 was overrun between the tracked 2nd UN exposition as prophecy (1945) and the concealment of the 3rd UN manifestation as insignificant in 1990.

This is accomplished by foretold Bethel based anointed defectors and subverters with 8th King ties clearly described in the very prophecy as Daniel 11:30b-32 that Bethel conceals the true meaning of.

Thus as “the transgressors act to a completion” (Dan8:23) at Bethel, also an 8th King (King North) began manifesting as also “King of Fierce Countenance” as identical globalist “8th King” assumes final world government meaning of all sovereign rival symbols in Daniel 2, 8, 11, and Revelation 17 – including the “King of the North” of Daniel 11:27-45. This completed understanding is also diverted by modern “man of lawlessness” Bethel leadership, progressively installed as the self-appointed non-Biblical “Governing Body” “lifting themselves over everyone” since the 1976 Bethel coup of said foreign “body” as also a developing “evil slave” center of apostate organized control, in addition to the “lawless one” central cell of development since that time, positioned prior to it as per Daniel 11:30b-31a and Daniel 8:11-12 meanings of subversion connected to 8th King developmental planning support. We already have “the body of the Christ”, a “governing” “body” is an unneeded, non-Biblical, non-divine, and lawless additional “body” naturally “set in opposition” (2Thess2:3,4) from incept dictatorial seizure as “lifting themselves over everyone” from that time in 1976 Bethel coup);

1. This is why a final cycle awareness made known to JWs by means of a temple judgment in the final fulfillment meaning of Revelation 8, is required for the Bethel transgressors completing apostasy to be completely removed (Zech3:4-5; 2Thess2:8, Mal3:1-5 Isa66:6; final fulfillment parallels) amidst a JW organizational global desolation to the Daniel 8:13-14 degree and timing necessary. (In Daniel 8:13 the “transgression causing desolation” is the UN NGO);

A. This is why Revelation 5 scroll and “seven seals” import has also a final meaning leading first to temple judgment signal, to the removal of the Bethel lawless obstacles, and a recovery of final truth that also describes the nature of the final signal apostasy, and it’s final temple judgment precursor requirement that the seventh seal leads to in Revelation 8 (first four trumpets) final fulfillment requirement meaning.

2. Thus a refocus on Messianic Kingdom completion priority and final temple and truth clarification (Zech3:1-5; Mal3:1-5) is also the Kingdom related import of the final seven seals meaning in the second side of the “scroll”, leading to awareness of a final replication of Revelation 8 as the point of seventh seal connectivity (Rev8:1), and Daniel 12 (Dan8:14 leads to Dan12:7 (Rev11:2-3)) replication as the timed underlying guiding framework, for replication of parts of Revelation.

A. As for example Revelation 8-11 (Rev15-16) must have a final cycle leading to temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses, and a temple purification and recovery, a final warning commission and “little scroll” message, and finally the Messianic Kingdom completion it is all portending (Zech3:6-9);

B. Daniel 8:14 timing and Daniel 12:7 timing combined, must transpire prior to Christ’s arrival into that final phase. This is also how we know it is not “the end” instantly, but it requires some final years, and a final Kingdom proclamation prior to Christ’s final arrival leading into Daniel 12:11 timing, also not the immediate “the end”.

First Full Revelation Commentary from 1963/1969 Source Research

1. The Jehovah’s Witnesses related “Revelation—Its Grand Climax at Hand!” (1988) book has great validity for the first fulfillment details and for the most part all the preview meanings, periods (Dan12 cross reference), principles, sovereign players and ministerial import of Kingdom birth to greatly aid understanding the final prophetic replication cycle requirement as do many other JW books prior to the real Bethel Governing Body completed stranglehold of the truth of today’s JW ministry.

A. The information in that book was present in the majority of it’s understanding in two other books in 1963 and 1969 as the “Babylon the Great Has Fallen” book, and “Then is Finished the Mystery of God” book. Thus by 1969 JWs reached the plateau of peak spiritual development for the first phase from which Bethel’s apostasy of today is the continual decline to the temple judgment import the seven seals first leads to (Rev8) as the temple cleansing (Dan8:13-14) prerequisite (1Pet4:17) requirement for validly explaining the Kingdom completion final phase commencement of the near future.

2. This analysis here agrees completely with all symbology present in the Revelation Grand Climax book initial understanding completed since 1969 in the source research as the basis of that 1988 publication. This rationale merely furthers the understanding to a prophetic replication requirement awareness of the future, based on the initial understanding, but showing it too is not complete as all things are set to complete in the near future of the replicating portions of Revelation’s prophecy outlining it all.

3. All current official Jehovah’s Witnesses commentary on the one time fulfilling Daniel 8:9-25 and Daniel 11:27-45 parallels is invalid as applying to WW2 era Bethel “temple” Christian ministerial development. Instead that pattern applies to intrigues and sources of it that first signaled in 1990 UN NGO alliances and Bethel cover up, fitting those details to the last detail of the prophetic patterns, apostasy, spiritual “lawless” intrigues and sovereign meaning.

4. Bethel now conceals, rather than tracks, the 3rd UN placement of 1990 as significant, or it’s Daniel 11:30-45 required continual success (Dan11:36) to the fourth and final UN placement of Daniel 11:45 – totally truncating and diverting JW awareness of significant 8th King activity as “King of the North” and the final cycle is describes as Daniel 11:42-45.

To Bethel the third UN placement means nothing, is not prophetic, and can be joined, when in fact God foretells all 4 UN placements in the Bible, the final 2 of that 4 at Daniel 11:30-45 (Dan12:11 4th UN placement);

5. Thus the USSR as King North Bethel purposeful fiction, rather than 8th King reality (since 1990 affirmed), is maintained at Bethel as part of the cover (Dan8:12), as that 3rd United Nations placement of Daniel 11:31b is not commented on by that organized apostate “ministerial” system now signaling the final form of 2Thessalonians 2:3-4 “man of lawlessness” operations of error.

6. Daniel 8:11-14 temple judgment sequence is thus also covered up by Bethel as the key transgressors in that prophecy (Dan8:23a). That final temple judgment meaning is not explained properly to modern JWs. The fact the “small horn” of Daniel 7 and 8 is the globalist “8th horn” root system, and it’s “King of Fierce Countenance” is that 8th King identical parallel is also not explained fully, but instead national power systems are the “dead end” fictional stall that Bethel employs to aid covering up globalization dynamics from JW understanding as the basis of final apex world government “gathering” components. (Rev16:13-16; Rev17:12-18);

7. King North as 8th King identical meaning is also diverted by Bethel clerics for a defunct national bloc “dead end” as the failed USSR that also cannot fulfill apex “north” global government power. Thus all Daniel sovereign developmental prophecy is converging into 8th King apex “north” meaning as the final form of earthly world power as final completed rival of Christ’s Messianic Kingdom as Daniel 2, 7, 8, 11, and 12 all end into this convergent and all encompassing globalist 8th King system at Armageddon. Bethel suspends JW and ministerial audience understanding of this required sovereign completion of temple judgment, 8th King sovereignty and Messianic Kingdom as requirements, and the final cycle it all climaxes over is also concealed.

8. Initial Daniel 7 and Daniel 12 preview fulfillment understanding of JWs is valid as related to Revelation’s initial fulfillment parallels, and Daniel 7 will replicate and finalize certain parts of that prophecy (Dan7:25-26), as Daniel 12 must completely replicate with the Revelation sequences of the final Kingdom completion cycle to commence in the near future.

9. Daniel 8 and 11, as noted, require updates out of the Bethel apostate reality to explain 8th King (and globalization) actual developmental milestones since 1990 that Bethel conceals and suspends commentary on to aid 8th King UN developmental secrecy as regards prophecy and world globalization developments in secular research and world government “new world order” histories. (See[5] Bethel Apostasy)

10. But in any event, Jehovah’s witnesses were definitely given the overall initial accuracy, prophetic framework understanding, and key Kingdom meanings of the initial fulfillment cycle since 1914, which of course already defines the final cycle of the future merely updated for some key developments that affirm it’s requirement and which awareness is then intuitive and already present in the initial preview fulfillment patterns of Daniel 12, Revelation 8-11 and Revelation 15-16 as primary parallel framework and timing leading to a final fulfillment over the final 8th King world government cycle.

11. Once the prophetic replication and final cycle certainty is understood, even the Bethel apostasy merely assumes it’s role as a repeating principle and prophetic signal actually already giving evidence of the final cycle as started, just not in globally felt ways that it will in time develop into. The modern Bethel apostasy and the lawlessness “body” “in the temple” claims and ministerial environment, are prerequisite revelations made just prior to the judgment cycle making it all known as part of the final ministry as per 2Thessalonians 2:1-4, 8 and the logic therein. (Rev10-11);

Kingdom Completion Priority and It’s Primary Christ Agent of Divine Completion

1. Revelation 4-5 has a symbolic preview (Rev4:1-8), of an actual 1914 incept heavenly official event, court and assembly that relates in principle to this Kingdom completion scene in principle:

(Hebrews 12:22-24) But you have approached a Mount Zion and a city of [the] living God, heavenly Jerusalem, and myriads of angels, 23 in general assembly, and the congregation of the firstborn who have been enrolled in the heavens (all 144000, completion), and God the Judge of all, and the spiritual lives of righteous ones who have been made perfect, 24 and Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and the blood of sprinkling, which speaks in a better way than Abel’s [blood].

2. Revelation 4 is also this 1914 heavenly scene parallel:

(Daniel 7:9-10) “I kept on beholding until there were thrones placed and the Ancient of Days sat down. His clothing was white just like snow, and the hair of his head was like clean wool. His throne was flames of fire; its wheels were a burning fire. 10 There was a stream of fire flowing and going out from before him. There were a thousand thousands that kept ministering to him, and ten thousand times ten thousand that kept standing right before him. The Court took its seat, and there were books that were opened.

3. And related to this completion meaning yet to finalize fully in the final fulfillment:

(Revelation 14:1-5) And I saw, and, look! the Lamb standing upon the Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand having his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads. 2 And I heard a sound out of heaven as the sound of many waters and as the sound of loud thunder; and the sound that I heard was as of singers who accompany themselves on the harp playing on their harps. 3 And they are singing as if a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders; and no one was able to master that song but the hundred and forty-four thousand, who have been bought from the earth. 4 These are the ones that did not defile themselves with women; in fact, they are virgins. These are the ones that keep following the Lamb no matter where he goes. These were bought from among mankind as firstfruits to God and to the Lamb, 5 and no falsehood was found in their mouths; they are without blemish.

4. Thus the import of God’s Kingdom completing unity in Messianic Kingdom guaranteed completion in progress now is present in details of the Revelation 4-5 heavenly “court” set-up and the presence and reception by Christ of the Revelation 5 scroll and seven seals as secrets opened (Col2:3) as the whole Kingdom progressive meaning of the scroll. (Rev1:1; 2Pet1:19-21) It is shown in Revelation 5:1-5 Christ as “Lion of the tribe of Judah” and “the Lamb” (Rev5:6) is chosen by God to receive, understand and guide the entire scroll directives from God as the unique being of all creation worthy to do so – related to the successful sacrificial mission of Jesus Christ completed in it’s earthly aspect. (John19:30);

5. This must have an initial meaning in 1914 as Christ was Kinged in God’s Kingdom “given rulership and dignity and kingdom”, of things to actually finalize in Messianic Kingdom complete King-Priest crowning upon full kingdom and priesthood “that the peoples, national groups and languages should all serve even him”, a condition not fully realized on all planet earth until the final fulfillment cycle (Ps2):

(Daniel 7:13-14) “I kept on beholding in the visions of the night, and, see there! with the clouds of the heavens someone like a son of man happened to be coming; and to the Ancient of Days he gained access, and they brought him up close even before that One. 14 And to him there were given rulership and dignity and kingdom, that the peoples, national groups and languages should all serve even him. His rulership is an indefinitely lasting rulership that will not pass away, and his kingdom one that will not be brought to ruin.

More Completion Meanings in Revelation Numbers

Progressive “Seven” Symbolized Completions

The “seven” number symbol is a temporal progressive timing and a spiritual whole, spiritual completion meaning that it is leading to as progressive understanding, opened in time, leads to the complete explanation of the complete actualities they portend and describe for Messianic Kingdom completion.

(Revelation 4:5-6) And out of the throne there are proceeding lightnings and voices and thunders; and [there are] seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, and these mean the seven spirits of God. (eventual full enlightenment) 6 And before the throne there is, as it were, a glassy sea like crystal.

(Revelation 5:1) And I saw in the right hand of the One seated upon the throne a scroll written within and on the reverse side, sealed tight with seven seals. (meaning when the “secret” was sealed in it’s seven parts, it was not possible to understand until unsealing);

(Revelation 5:6) And I saw standing in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures and in the midst of the elders a lamb as though it had been slaughtered, having seven horns and seven eyes, which [eyes] mean the seven spirits of God that have been sent forth into the whole earth. (triple 7 totality in Christ);

2. ALL those “sevens”, like the “seven seals”, will have their own progressive completions. These “sevens” occur in details from Revelation 4 forwards in relation to Messianic Kingdom guaranteed guidance, power, inspection and insights. We know by other clues a dual phase manifestation is indicated guided by and leading to these “seven” completions in two phases, one at Kingdom birth, and one at Kingdom completion.

Comprehensive Earth Effect “Fours”

Four Living Creatures

1. Four-square clues of the usage of number “4” indicates comprehensive earthly effects are to be manifested in both cycles of Revelation fulfillment progression to the overall climax picture of meaning  that replicates key meanings of the initial cycle into the final cycle.

2. Cherubic angels are pictured in that “four living creatures” symbol present in Revelation 4-7, 14-15, and 19, mentioned 11 times in Revelation as a parallel to Ezekiel 1:5, with earthly final missions of angels supporting the Kingdom ministry and judgments as the meaning:

 (Revelation 4:6-8) And in the midst of the throne and around the throne [there are] four living creatures that are full of eyes in front and behind. 7 And the first living creature is like a lion, and the second living creature is like a young bull, and the third living creature has a face like a man’s, and the fourth living creature is like a flying eagle. 8 And as for the four living creatures, each one of them respectively has six wings; round about and underneath they are full of eyes. And they have no rest day and night as they say: “Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is coming.”

(Revelation 15:7) And one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls that were full of the anger of God, who lives forever and ever. 

(Ezekiel 1:4-5a) And I began to see, and, look! there was a tempestuous wind coming from the north, a great cloud mass and quivering fire, and it had a brightness all around, and out of the midst of it there was something like the look of electrum, out of the midst of the fire. 5 And out of the midst of it there was the likeness of four living creatures…

First Four Seals, Trumpets and Plagues Picture Comprehensive “Earth” Worldwide Impact

1. We know in the first four seals an actual global deployment of diametric powers go forth against Christ’s first seal “white horse” in the three subsequent seals’ red, black, and pale horses, and the final three seals give further completion priority clues and final details of meaning of Christ’s final arrival – and concurrent opposition. Thus the first four seals have a unique worldwide meaning as “foursquare” inter-relatedness to global effects progressing from this concurrent development. Later is explained the first four trumpets to which the seventh seal leads, also has a unique “foursquare” earthly aspect, as does the first four plagues present in that quadruple “foursquare” grouping respectively.

(“24” in “twenty four older persons” covered later, below)


1. Threes indicate an intensified emphatic effect of the things described, such as Christ’s three “sevens” at Revelation 5:6, and the world war intensified global effects of the triple riding three horses of seals 2-4. That is actually 8th King development inspired “horses” as complete “war” in various forms on planet earth in a marked manner as Christ’s “white horse” “ride” deploys globally, as a marked parallel process of Kingdom mission to the end.

Implied Twos

The three co-riding enemy horses of Revelation 6:3-8 have two distinct climax phases in WW1 and the future relating to initial and final fulfillment phase prophetic context. The triplicate enemy horses thus have two cycles of intensified “riding”, although they are active continuously since 1914 in all world wars and various “war” cause and effects. Christ’s “white horse” has two phases of riding as well, in Kingdom “birth” proclamation cycle of Revelation 6:1-2 and in the Kingdom conquest cycle of Revelation 19:11-21;

Total Kingdom of God Consolidating Power Shown Progressive in Revelation 4-5

1. The progressive required final sovereign Kingdom of God unification proceeding from (1) God’s sole sovereign power undisputed in heaven by removal of Satan (Rev12:7-12 to Rev4:8-11), to (2) the Messianic Christ following “authority of [God’s] Christ” officially (Rev5:11-12), to (3) full unification of both complete sovereign powers also complete in this final combined power for full universal and earthly sovereign totality (Rev5:13-14) is also outlined in Revelation 4-5.

2. This is shown in this progression of power, three times this proclamation of progressive rightful power is spoken implying Kingdom agency as the means to this end:

(1.) About God Almighty (God’s Kingdom Sovereignty of Heaven):

(Revelation 4:8-11) And as for the four living creatures, each one of them respectively has six wings; round about and underneath they are full of eyes. And they have no rest day and night as they say: “Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is coming.” 9 And whenever the living creatures offer glory and honor and thanksgiving to the one seated upon the throne, the one that lives forever and ever, 10 the twenty-four elders fall down before the One seated upon the throne and worship the One that lives forever and ever, and they cast their crowns before the throne, saying: 11 “You are worthy, Jehovah, even our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they existed and were created.”

1. Accomplished as Satan was cast from the heavenly sovereign environment permanently setting the heavenly sovereign domain of God’s Kingdom as opposer free.

(2.) About Christ the Lamb (Messianic Kingdom Sovereignty to complete as Earth’s sovereign agency):

(Revelation 5:11-12) And I saw, and I heard a voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders, and the number of them was myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands, 12 saying with a loud voice: “The Lamb that was slaughtered is worthy to receive the power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing.”

2. Requires Messianic Kingdom sovereignty to be completed for the universal and earthly domain rulership

(3.) About both God Almighty and Christ (God’s Kingdom unity of the super-universal sovereign whole) :

(Revelation 5:13-14) And every creature that is in heaven and on earth and underneath the earth and on the sea, and all the things in them, I heard saying: “To the One sitting on the throne and to the Lamb be the blessing and the honor and the glory and the might forever and ever.” 14 And the four living creatures went saying: “Amen!” and the elders fell down and worshiped.

1. Accomplished as the finale of 1 Corinthians 15:24-28 as heavenly, universal and earthly unification under God’s will and purpose – all enemies deposed permanently.

Heavenly and Universal Will of God Done on Earth

1. In that final heavenly and universal proclamation, all creation is in complete form stating the final announcement as now in unified form all creation is to be affected positively by this final completion of power in Messianic Kingdom under God’s overall Kingdom power also appointed to Christ until mission completion as God’s Kingdom authority. (1Cor15:24-28);

(Romans 8:18-22) Consequently I reckon that the sufferings of the present season do not amount to anything in comparison with the glory that is going to be revealed in us. 19 For the eager expectation of the creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not by its own will but through him that subjected it, on the basis of hope 21 that the creation itself also will be set free from enslavement to corruption and have the glorious freedom of the children of God. 22 For we know that all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now.

(1 Corinthians 15:24-28) Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom (God’s heavenly Kingdom first given Christ as appointed King for Messianic Kingdom completions) to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power. 25 For he must rule as king until [God] has put all enemies under his feet. 26 As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing. 27 For [God] “subjected all things under his feet.” But when he says that ‘all things have been subjected,’ it is evident that it is with the exception of the one who subjected all things to him. 28 But when all things will have been subjected to him, then the Son himself will also subject himself to the One who subjected all things to him, that God may be all things to everyone.

Dual Kingdom Power and Dual King Christ In Progress

1. Thus Christ exercises bi-lateral power in form of heavenly and earthly authority completing, as God’s Kingdom pictures heavenly spiritual sovereignty, as Messianic Kingdom pictures universal and earthly physical sovereignty forming into a whole sovereignty of God Almighty fully restored in all creation heavenly and earthly as the “will of God” to be done in that totality of “Kingdom come” unity:

(Matthew 6:9-10) “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth. 

(Matthew 28:18-20) And Jesus approached and spoke to them, saying: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And, look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”

2. Although true in Jesus Christ’s authority given upon a successful first earthly mission in the “last Adamic” human flesh to spirit immortal promotion, Revelation 4-5 is outlining the actual official heavenly Kingdom prophetic events that came after Christ left Earth, as outlined in prophetic details defining the first International Bible Students Association Kingdom ministry to become known later as Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses as that Christian ministry made these things known marked by 1914 events and it’s ensuing Christian ministry “scroll” initial understanding given.

It is made official as per prophecy and world events for a Kingdom proclamation invitation and sovereign warning verifiable content in prophecy and world events unfolding as per prophecy.

3. That whole prophetic meaning and initial sequence in world and heavenly history was by the progressive full initial understanding of Revelation and Daniel 7, 12 meaning in a preview fulfillment. The main Revelation 5 “received” and  “opened” “scroll” (Rev1:1) had to also contain it’s ‘first side’ initial “little scroll” (Rev10-11) detailed counterpart understanding in time (that also will replicate), and it’s Kingdom related first “two witnesses” and “little scroll” import as initial Kingdom message to the whole world upon this accurate awareness of initializing Messianic Kingdom birth meaning, now even being made known in awareness as to it’s completion phase meaning as well.

The “two witnesses” must also occur a second time (thus “two” “witnesses”) in the final prophetic replication phase, as also a final Kingdom invitation and warning for Messianic Kingdom completion phase prelude global announcement.

4. We see this is God’s Kingdom power as the overall heavenly power of God encompassing all things as part of His will and creation “because of your will they existed and were created” as “new creation” related in the new Messianic Kingdom agency “born” (Rev12:1-6) for eventual complete universal and earthly sovereign rulership that individual 144000 members as “new creation” (Gal6:15-16) eventually form the kingdom collective “body” “new creation” of for Christ’s final Messianic Kingdom coronation.

(Exodus 34:10) In turn he said: “Here I am concluding a covenant: Before all your people I shall do wonderful things that have never been created in all the earth or among all the nations; and all the people in the midst of whom you are will indeed see the work of Jehovah, because it is a fear-inspiring thing that I am doing with you.

(Exodus 19:5-6) And now if you will strictly obey my voice and will indeed keep my covenant, then you will certainly become my special property out of all [other] peoples, because the whole earth belongs to me. 6 And you yourselves will become to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you are to say to the sons of Israel.”

(Galatians 6:15-16) For neither is circumcision anything nor is uncircumcision, but a new creation [is something]. 16 And all those who will walk orderly by this rule of conduct, upon them be peace and mercy, even upon the Israel of God.

5. The Lamb first receives power in God’s Kingdom (Rev12:1) as anointed and appointed “christ” of God (Rev12:7-12) to carry out the actualities of the meanings of what is contained in the scroll with the seven seals relating to Messianic Kingdom completion for restorative power. A “re-creation” of Earth’s “all creation” in Adamic error and corruptions is the mission of the Messianic Kingdom; (Matt19:28; Rom8:18-22; Gen1:26-28); as God’s “will done on earth” in His sanctification and the Almighty power of His “Purposer” Name, Jehovah Almighty God in fullest truthful meanings and outworking. (Isa55:11); forever…

(Matthew 19:28-29) Jesus said to them: “Truly I say to you, In the re-creation, when the Son of man sits down upon his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also yourselves sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And everyone that has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive many times more and will inherit everlasting life.

Revelation 6

Seven Seals as First Truth Framework

1. The “seven seals” is outlining the process symbolically of this Kingdom completion objective of God’s purpose, and gives indication a dual fulfillment is to come forth since 1914, including that ministry as the guiding pattern.

(Revelation 5:1) And I saw in the right hand of the One seated upon the throne a scroll written within and on the reverse side, sealed tight with seven seals.

2. The two-sided nature of the scroll indicates a dual fulfillment cycle whose final fulfillment is based on the initial preview explained since 1914 events of Daniel 12 and Revelation were better understood as the Kingdom of God and the Messianic Kingdom designate made global sovereign proclamations of things to come in an invisible meaning of Christ’s “crown” authority as armed with a “bow” as a long range weapon symbol of a prelude heavenly rule, upon a “White Horse” of God’s Kingdom power in spiritual ministerial “war” first to complete the ministerial deployed message of the Messianic Kingdom completion certainty, and it’s mission in a “birth” and “completion” phasing eventually fully understood and announced.

3. Another indication of a dual phasing:

(Revelation 4:6) And in the midst of the throne and around the throne [there are] four living creatures that are full of eyes in front and behind. (“front and behind” indicates a dual meaning of also four-square angelic deployment);

First Seal

1. Christ’s Kingdom power and mission deployment is symbolized in the first seal being opened and implies progressive Kingdom sovereign development:

(Revelation 6:1-2) And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say with a voice as of thunder: “Come!” 2 And I saw, and, look! a white horse; and the one seated upon it had a bow; and (1) a crown was given him, and (2) he went forth conquering and (3) to complete his conquest.

2. A “crown is given” Christ is God’s Kingdom initial coronation meaning as the “12 starred crown” of the “woman” of Revelation 12:1 (Gen3:15 “woman” not crowned at that time) as Christ’s King authority preceding the Messianic Kingdom birth – necessary from God to continue that Messianic Kingdom development. Thus a crown is given in God’s Kingdom meaning first, Christ “goes forth” in ministerial duties outlined in the “seven seals” meanings since 1914, and yet has to “complete his conquest” which will be in coming Kinged capacity of a complete Messianic Kingdom totality upon all 144000.

A. Thus a progressive sovereign process is implied in that wording of Christ eventually completing Messianic Kingdom as the divine instrument of final sovereign conquest of the earth (Rev19:19-21) and universe (Rev20:1-3) to come.

(1.) “a crown was given him” is official Kinged authority (Rev12:1) of God’s Kingdom from God, not full Messianic Kingdom and Kinging yet – part of the very related heavenly ceremony described here.

(2.) “he went forth conquering” is the initial Psalm 110 “subduing in the midst of his enemies” as Christ deploys the final Kingdom ministry as a conquest by faith others can partake of in spiritual victory; (1John5:5); It is deployed over an approximate century as we see now.

(3.) “to complete his conquest” is the final Messianic Kingdom completion and full universal/earthly focused sovereign agency completion and conquest actuality being described in the scroll and seven seals understandings leading into Revelation 8-11 seventh seal full details – and the final phase “completion” of that Messianic Kingdom “conquest” of Jesus Christ as Revelation 19:11-21 final “white horse” Armageddon “war of the great day of God the Almighty” charge for real.

(Note: We may note the Christ and White Horse of Revelation 19:11-21 (completing his conquest) has the final fulfillment meaning (as King of the Messianic Kingdom) that Revelation 6’s Christ “white horse” foregleams (as King of God’s Kingdom) in previews and final warning import of Kingdom completion in two phases. This is why the Kinged Christ of Revelation 6:1 has a “bow” symbol of a “long range” weapon of his invisible heavenly focused Kingdom of God power – for an extended warning deployment, an initial “ride”. But as per Revelation 19 final phase meaning, Christ has a “sword” symbol of “up close and personal” warfare as Christ truly arrives as Messianic Kingdom full earthly sovereign as the preview warning outlined in Revelation becomes reality. Thus a dual phase of manifestation is also present in that illustration.)

Messianic Kingdom Full Conquest

This is to be the real thing as Matthew 24:29-31 (Rev6:12-17) progresses to this “complete his conquest” in this final cycle climax:

(Revelation 19:11-16) And I saw the heaven opened, and, look! a white horse. And the one seated upon it is called Faithful and True, and he judges and carries on war in righteousness. 12 His eyes are a fiery flame, and upon his head are many diadems. He has a name written that no one knows but he himself, 13 and he is arrayed with an outer garment sprinkled with blood, and the name he is called is The Word of God. 14 Also, the armies that were in heaven were following him on white horses, and they were clothed in white, clean, fine linen. 15 And out of his mouth there protrudes a sharp long sword, that he may strike the nations with it, and he will shepherd them with a rod of iron. He treads too the winepress of the anger of the wrath of God the Almighty. 16 And upon his outer garment, even upon his thigh, he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Unique Signal Since 1914 – Both Sovereign Rivals Deploy Earthly “Horses” Concurrently

1. We see in the first four seals, four horses are riding including the three enemy horses ride (Rev6:3-8) concurrent with Christ’s white horse (Rev6:1-2) as he began the whole process as first seal emissary of God. The fours are of earthly comprehensive effects meaning, the three enemy horses are the triple form totality of emphatic effects of world war relationship to death, economic famine and “1/4” significant global misery that results from world war/marketeering and general war development as 8th King “disgusting thing” causing “desolation” features in all world wars and general human rulership nature of the “wildbeast” predatory systems, to also climax in this last phase of Adamic human development to Armageddon.

(Revelation 19:19-21) And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage the war with the one seated on the horse and with his army. 20 And the wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast and those who render worship to its image. While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur. 21 But the rest were killed off with the long sword of the one seated on the horse, which [sword] proceeded out of his mouth. And all the birds were filled from the fleshy parts of them.

2. Thus we see the three enemy horses in triple form of world effect maximized, that this development is describing a signal feature of “woe to the earth because the Devil has come down to you” (as required casting of Satan prior to the Revelation 4 heavenly setup), and these effects are aligned with 8th King nature of power, the “horses” of the rival 8th King sovereign development, ultimately of Satanic origin.

(Revelation 13:1-2) And I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, and upon its horns ten diadems, but upon its heads blasphemous names. 2 Now the wild beast that I saw was like a leopard, but its feet were as those of a bear, and its mouth was as a lion’s mouth. And the dragon gave to [the beast] its power and its throne and great authority.

3. We saw in the 1914-1919 World War 1 cycle “problem”, to eventually birth the League of Nations 8th King designate (1919) “solution”, that a tribulation period is defined prophetically and in world events of this period’s global “woe to the earth”. The manifestation of Satan’s anger and “woe to the earth” seen forming concurrently with the “authority of God’s Christ” (Rev12:10) Kingdom message deployment of Revelation 6:1-2 in 1914 is clearly related. As Christ previously took initial action as God’s King to remove rival sovereign usurpers from heaven (the domain of God’s overall Kingdom), leading to Revelation 6:1-8 “horse” deployments global, this event developed just prior to the official ride of the “white horse” to announce a coming change in earthly domain sovereignty:

(Revelation 12:7-12) And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled 8 but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven. 9 So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. 10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God! 11 And they conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their witnessing, and they did not love their souls even in the face of death. 12 On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”

4. From there the rival three horses of 8th King supporting development deploy against Christ’s white horse, as also a distraction from Messianic Kingdom birth awareness unfolding concurrently with WW1. The “three horses” are also a unique effect exacerbated by the new industrialized global war platform as Satanic anger and woe. Such a war finance system also emerged at the same period of time as an 8th King globalist profiteering device as well, and their handy world government 8th King inception also emerged as the League of Nations as that WW1 cycle ended – as a Kingdom of God warning was also being announced – all simply beyond “coincidence”, but foretold reality of more “riding” to come from the 8th King globalist powers establishing their own “world government” in the process for final phase climax.

Those unique global developments in world history all in symphonic form within four approximate years since 1914 is very telling of what is really going on here. It is not random or accidental, it is designed, and it is dynamically progressing to it’s objective every day.

(See[1] World Recovery after Tribulation of those Days); (See[3] UN World Government Quadruple Cycle); (See[2] Daniel 11:42-45 as Final 8th King Cycle);

Dual Sovereign Entities and Proclamations Mark 1914 Period

1. The key point is as Messianic Kingdom was born and gave global announcement progressively since 1914, so was a “League of Nations” also born in this period (WW1 to 1919), birthed from the “womb” of WW1 desolation resolved for express 8th King designate purpose of presenting their League of Nations “disgusting thing” as a global peace bringer. Thus the “disgusting thing causing desolation” has a related purpose and self-same source.

A. That “League of Nations” signal globalist unification international forum “image” was unique as a globalist world government nucleus in contrast to national defined world power formerly the pinnacle of tribal power consolidation in world developments. It also came with diametric sovereign announcements as a parallel of contending sovereign development is well marked in history with significant unique developmental signals.

It is simply beyond coincidence a globalist world government “birth” should also present a “kingdom initiative” concurrent with the Messianic Kingdom “birth” announcement of the exact same time period.

2. Few realize that 1914-1919 period is when the stage of the ultimate Armageddon showdown was set and so were it’s two main sovereign characters in 8th King and King Christ – and both are dynamically progressing to that confrontation. This sovereign conflict must and will be settled permanently – that is also part of the “scroll” and “little scroll” message – it will not be static, it will climax soon.

3. Revelation 6’s first four seals contain concurrent deployments of Christ and woeful enemy horses at the same time, in the same period. These entities representing earthly final developments paralleling, respectively supporting their own sovereign developments as either Messianic Kingdom as Christ’s “white horse”, or 8th King “horses” from the “disgusting thing that causes desolation” system.

A. That the 8th King uses organized world war and tribulation to enrich the globalist top power system, and  to coerce nations and people by creating the perceived need of a “world government” “solution” presented by the same power that also created the desolation “problem”, is now more fully understood, and who is benefiting in that globalist elite system, while national “south” decline and debt slavery is the globalist ascendancy of “north” power.

Thus the future climax Daniel 11:42-43 8th King world wealth power culmination soon to unfold, is directly connected to a century of world war and general war borne national debt scenarios (Joel3:9) and the globalist self-invented world finance and monetary system administering it – it too is not a big coincidence, it is designed, and it has a final objective:

(Daniel 11:42-43) And he (8th King globalists) will keep thrusting out his hand against the (national King South lands worldwide) lands; and as regards the land of Egypt (King South worldwide dominion of national powers), she (feminized in subservience to 8th King/King North) will not prove to be an escapee. 43 And he will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver (global bullion basis of world wealth) and over all the desirable things of Egypt. (national ownership pawned by 8th King globalists);

Four United Nations Cycles Requires Final Cycle

1. World War 1 produced a ‘world-war-to-world-government’ 8th King formula in it’s first use, to repeat in WW2 and WW3 (cold war) to also resolve those world wars into a United Nations presentation. So the initial 1914-1918, 1919 pattern of also 8th King developments outlines also a formulaic use of world war to birth world government for the first time in human history. (It too repeats it’s formulaic pattern: 1919, 1945, 1990, and the future);

2. Thus a prophetic replication that also outlines logically and intuitively the final 8th King cycle, and a final cycle as also employing the same formula and effects a final time to present final UN based world government is also predictable from simply 8th King developmental characteristics in three former world government cycles in WW1, WW2 and WW3 (cold war).

A. A seven seals final phase overview meaning as repeating to a complete climax also completes the whole seven seals foregleam in final form as Revelation 4’s heavenly inaugural set-up leads to Revelation 5 as the seven seals connect Revelation 5-8 (as complete Rev8-11 seven trumpets), and into a final more detailed Revelation 8-11 final sequence to unfold over a final cycle of human history of world government development.

In that final phase as a prophetic replication cycle is the second side meaning of the Revelation 5 two-sided scroll common Kingdom developmental theme. The first side already laid out the 1914-1918 first cycle meaning as regards both Messianic Kingdom and 8th King incept and development.

3. All that final cycle detail is outlined fully in a final prophetic fulfillment cycle describing the key entities, meanings and events to activate in the future in the unique, one-time, Daniel 11:42-45 final developments leading to Daniel 12 (as replication) whose timing underlies all of Revelation 8-11 (as replication) from incept unique Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment commencement timing as Revelation 8:1-6 parallel events; symbolizing that temple judgment, desolation and final purification – to which sequence the scroll with seven seals led also for final fulfillment details, and also outlines in basic form developments connecting into Revelation 11:1-7 (replication) parallel of Daniel 12:7 timing and events repeating.

(Note: The meaning of two phases of this progression from WW1 to the final phase coming up (Dan11:42-45) is contained in the initial concept, merely repeating Revelation’s core meaning and pattern into a final cycle manifesting the same principles of Messianic Kingdom and 8th King conflict of sovereignty, but to a completion and to the Armageddon grand finale which such a pattern repeating would map the way to upon Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12 timing unfolding sequentially.)

The final cycle coming up has a unique JW temple judgment signal as Daniel 8:13-14 to commence Revelation 8 in noticeable fashion.

Seals 2-4 – Dual Deployment of Dual Sovereign Development

1. Thus the authority of the next three seals (2-4) defining the aspects of World War 1 global tribulations, death and effects to continue a rival mission (Dan12:1 initial “time of distress”), whose 8th King brokered “peace” resolution develops as the world war resolved resulted in a globalizing “League of Nations” “image” presentation and “world peace” mission statement (Rev13:11-15; Dan12:11 first fulfillment), is shown in the illustration/prophecy of these three enemy horses whose combined effects progressively define Satan’s “woe to earth” also starting in this period in prophecy and world history soon concurrent with Christ’s “white horse” “ride” as shown in context and sequence since 1914:

(Revelation 6:3-8) And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say: “Come!” 4 And another came forth, a fiery-colored horse; and to the one seated upon it there was granted to take peace away from the earth so that they should slaughter one another; and a great sword was given him. 5 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say: “Come!” And I saw, and, look! a black horse; and the one seated upon it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice as if in the midst of the four living creatures say: “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the olive oil and the wine.” 7 And when he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say: “Come!” 8 And I saw, and, look! a pale horse; and the one seated upon it had the name Death. And Hades was closely following him. And authority was given them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a long sword and with food shortage and with deadly plague and by the wild beasts of the earth.

(Note: These three deadly “horses” are the nature of the “desolation” caused by “disgusting thing” actual guiding development as that “seven headed” “wildbeast” also mirrors Satanic “dragon” “seven headed” purpose and intelligence as Satan’s primary “woe to earth” agency progressively heading to final completion and conflict.)

2. Thus those first four seals in the foursquare significance of earthly totality symbolize the effects of two rival sovereign developments in earthly diametric missions (Messianic Kingdom and 8th King), at the same time in initial global deployment (1914-1918), and continuing their “rides”.

A. And this is marked by the significance of a Kingdom announcement going forth into a first world war period of 1914-1918, which world war conflict produced a global tribulation of world war as the “desolation” feature of the “disgusting thing” actually “causing” it for psychological “world peace” hope effects as it is resolved into a League of Nations diametric sovereign presentation and world announcement to accompany it as “world government” meaning.

As shown in prophetic principles becoming history describing world events, that is far beyond coincidence as that League of Nations is an incept globalization form of unique world government. (Genesis 10-11 Nimrod concept revisited);

3. Thus projecting an 8th King completion cycle into the future, employing world war and tribulation a fourth time since 1914, is intuitive for that 8th King sovereign entity to complete using it’s own formula already used three times previously in 1919, 1945, and 1990 so far. That a Messianic Kingdom final warning will also deploy into the final cycle, a fourth UN tribulation birthing cycle, is already contained in the final fulfillment of the prophecy (as well as the world-war-to-world-government 8th King formula used from incept WW1 period guiding master pattern) that will repeat such meanings and messages to a completion as the seventh seal leads to Revelation 8-11 final detailed sequence of that Messianic Kingdom completion drive.

4. Thus as we see the first four seals outline a dual deployment of dual sovereigns with a Revelation 4-7 overall Kingdom completion import, we see the fifth and sixth seals reinforce the concept of a required divine Messianic Kingdom completion objective (Rev6:9-11), and the major event that precedes it as the final “gathering” of Christ in that completion arrival (Rev6:12-17) in literal ways formerly merely previewed in the first fulfillment.

Daniel 12 Parallels

1. This dual sovereign progression completion concurrently developing in this first four horses rides in the same time in history since 1914 is also present in Daniel 12 in related clues:

(Daniel 12:1) “And during that time Michael will stand up, the great prince who is standing in behalf of the sons of your people. And there will certainly occur a time of distress such as has not been made to occur since there came to be a nation until that time. (as preview form, WW1, and final form in replication) And during that time your people will escape, every one who is found written down in the book. (Mal3:16);

2. Which above period initial cycle resulted in the first “two witnesses” proclamation of that initial Kingdom reality from 1914, to be “dashed to pieces” as the first “two witnesses” kill of Revelation 11:7’s first fulfillment. Which Revelation 11:2-3 1260 days parallels this identical period:

(Daniel 12:7) And I began to hear the man clothed with the linen, who was up above the waters of the stream, as he proceeded to raise his right [hand] and his left [hand] to the heavens and to swear by the One who is alive for time indefinite: “It will be for an appointed time, appointed times and a half. (This 1260 days period occurs twice in Kingdom birth and completion phases) And as soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish.”

3. And this completed “constant feature” removal in that Revelation 11:7 “two witnesses” “kill” event, has a concurrent rival sovereign “disgusting thing” placement of 1919 as the League of Nations parallel in the principle of dual sovereign development while the Messianic Kingdom “birth” announcement was being made (and resisted to climax) in 1914-1918 marked prophecy:

(Daniel 12:11) “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed (Rev11:7) and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation (first 8th King UN manifestation as the League of Nations), there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.

4. All that initial preview fulfillment marking the 1914-1918 (Dan12:7) and 1919-1922 (Dan12:11) era developments of the “white horse” ride commencement and the three enemy horses of world war and 8th King global tribulatory intrigues of the first four seals, must have a replication cycle upon the same pattern, as the 8th King in final form will again arrive at Daniel 12:11 “during that time” of the final cycle as 8th King Daniel 11:42-45 merging developments “during that time”.

(Note: As the first fulfillment of this Revelation cycle resulted in Revelation 13:11-15 League of Nations as Daniel 12:11 first fulfillment in 1919, so a replication of Revelation’s sovereign prophecy with repeating meaning and events will align a final UN world government and “image” placement as Daniel 8:25 and Daniel 11:45 fulfill as Daniel 12:11 replication period destination of the future final phase to the same key period of Daniel 12 as the first phase meaning, but in final form as the 4th United Nations placement of Bible prophecy and world history in the future must again wind up at Daniel 12:11, the final time.)

(Daniel 11:44-45) “But there will be reports (final “two witnesses” “little scroll” detailed evidence) that will disturb him (8th King as King North), out of the sunrising and out of the north, and he will certainly go forth in a great rage (Dan8:25; Rev11:7) in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. (including the “two witnesses” at Rev11:7) 45 And he will plant his palatial tents between [the] grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; (Daniel 12:11 parallel 4th UN placement) and he will have to come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him. (Armageddon divine war phase; Rev19:19-21);

5. Thus as the Daniel 12:7 1260 days of 1914-1918 merged into that first WW1 era tribulation “time of distress” as preview also of final fulfillment, so must a final world tribulation (Matt24:29; Dan12:1 as Daniel 11:42-45 intrigues) be used by 8th King interests as foretold to result in a final Kingdom completion ministry of a second “two witnesses” to also be resisted by the 8th King completion power as Revelation 11:1-7 (Dan11:44) parallel Daniel 12:7 (Dan7:25) as that second 1260 days of final warning concludes into a final 8th King “placement”.

6. Thus the continuing first four seals’ four “horse” deployments will again climax in final form upon the same principle as the 1914-1918 marked “ride” of prophecy to mark WW1 inception of the continued use of world war engineered and resolved to present UN world governmental renditions in 1919, 1945 and 1990 – and a final “foursquare” fourth UN placement of Daniel 12:11; 11:45; 8:25 of the future final cycle of prophecy and 8th King world events.

Daniel 12:11 Repeats in Respective First and Last UN “Disgusting Thing” Placements

1. This will occur twice as both the first cycle and the last cycle arrive here:

(Daniel 12:11) “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed (as first, then final two witnesses killed: Rev11:7) and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation (as League of nations and the fourth and final UN world government; Dan11:45), there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.

A. In the first cycle of 1914-1918, Revelation 13:5, 11-15 events lead to the League of Nations in Daniel 12:11 “placing of the disgusting thing” after WW1 “desolation”.

B. In the last cycle Daniel 11:42-45 of the future will lead to a final UN based world governmental 8th King and full “scarlet wildbeast” (Dan11:45 result of Rev17:12-17) and also arrive at Daniel 12:11 in Daniel 12’s replication.

(See[4] Daniel 12 Replication)

Messianic Kingdom Completion Priority of Fifth and Sixth Seals

Christ’s Arrival to Complete 144000 and Great Crowd Gathering

Fifth Seal

1. Keeping in mind an overview is presented in all the seals, the first four seals deploy a dual sovereign “ride” of Kingdom and 8th King world developments present during World War 1 as a defined whole worldwide meaning, the break to the fifth seal results in a completion decree as this killed “number was filled”, must complete that portion of the Kingdom body “membership”.

2. Thus not only is justice a theme of this fifth seal, a 144000 completing requirement is also indicated as prerequisite as some of this was relating to the killing of the first “two witnesses” which ministerial 1260 days was occurring in the first four seals deploying “horses”:

(Revelation 6:9-11) And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those slaughtered because of the word of God and because of the witness work that they used to have. 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying: “Until when, Sovereign Lord holy and true, are you refraining from judging and avenging our blood upon those who dwell on the earth?” 11 And a white robe was given to each of them; and they were told to rest a little while longer, until the number was filled also of their fellow slaves (any Christian) and their brothers (anointed) who were about to be killed as they also had been.

A. Thus a number to be killed, not necessarily the destiny of all anointed Christians as enemy kills, means this implies a period of attack as manifested in the first “two witnesses” period of initial fulfillment and the final phase period replication to aid completion of the 144000. Since Revelation 7 gives completion details of the 144000 and the earth sheep of the “great crowd”, both groups have permitted kills also implying it is limited at some point.

B. Since earth sheep have a hope of actually never dying, and the final anointed are “gathered” “surviving” as per 1Thessalonians 4:17 at the timing of Matthew 24:29-31 parallel Revelation 6:12-17 in final fulfillment, not all anointed die an Adamic death but are “gathered” “in the twinkling of an eye, …we shall be changed”. (1Cor15:50-52 final fulfillment meaning) Thus Enoch’s prophecy of Jude 14-15 “gathering” parallel takes on a secondary meaning as to why Enoch (a transference type) spoke these words of Revelation 6:12-17 parallel event:

(Jude 14-15) Yes, the seventh one [in line] from Adam, Enoch, prophesied also regarding them, when he said: “Look! Jehovah came with his holy myriads, 15 to execute judgment against all, and to convict all the ungodly concerning all their ungodly deeds that they did in an ungodly way, and concerning all the shocking things that ungodly sinners spoke against him.”

C. Thus more completion indications are present in Revelation 6:9-11 for both “sheep” groups when we see it is in an important sequence leading to Kingdom completion final phases. Final anointed and earth sheep are “gathered” alive as God, not the 8th King or Satan, determines exact 144000 completion timing and secures earth sheep into the “no kill” zone of completing Messianic Kingdom power. (Zech12:6-9; Zech2:5)

(Zechariah 2:5) And I myself shall become to her,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “a wall of fire all around, and a glory is what I shall become in the midst of her.”’”

Sixth Seal

1. The sixth seal reveals the actual prophetically cross-related dynamic of the completion final “gathering” sequence as the answer to the fifth seal justice request and prerequisite 144000 completion requirement revealed. The sixth seal mirrors symbolic effects of that 144000 completion drive of Matthew 24:29-31 parallel events of Christ’s final “gathering” arrival (hence why the Revelation “seven seals” and two-sided scroll have a meaning of final fulfillment upon a replication of this cycle in climax final meaning over another extended world tribulation that must end (Matt24:29) into 8th King world government and that period):

(Revelation 6:12-17) And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and a great earthquake occurred; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the entire moon became as blood, 13 and the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as when a fig tree shaken by a high wind casts its unripe figs. 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and [every] island were removed from their places. 15 And the kings of the earth and the top-ranking ones and the military commanders and the rich and the strong ones and every slave and [every] free person hid themselves in the caves and in the rock-masses of the mountains. 16 And they keep saying to the mountains and to the rock-masses: “Fall over us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, 17 because the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

2. And that event preview is this event parallel of Matthew 24:29-31 that all had a minor preview manifestation in 1914-1918 and that WW1 “tribulation” and it’s relation to “two witnesses” spiritually meant “tribulation of those days” after which Kingdom and League of Nations import is set to dim national sovereign power in their own ways as hints of things to come. But this must have a final actual manifestation for which the 1914-1918 is a foregleam preview pattern of initial fulfillment:

(Matthew 24:29-31) “Immediately after the tribulation of those days (tribulation resolves; aided by those three enemy horses ride now “completing” into 8th King UN 4th placement (Dan11:7; Dan12:11 final) world government “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) and “freedom from care” (Dan8:25); 8th King uni-polar “world peace” “war” continues (Dan8:25; Dan11:44; Rev11:7)) the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 And then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet sound, and they will gather his chosen ones together from the four winds (Rev7:1 “four winds” allusion), from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity. (Both, heavenly (1Thess4:17) and earthly (Rev14:14-16) final “sheep” are gathered; See Mark13:24-27);

A. Both Revelation 6:12-17 and Matthew 24:29-31 (Mark13:24-27) indicate Christ manifests to complete the Messianic Kingdom in an operative world system (Matt24:37-42; Rev11:10; Rev18:9-18) in the face of everyone including the 8th King and supporters. (Rev19:19-21);

3. Thus the fifth and sixth seals are Kingdom completion directives and guarantees and the 6th seal link to the pivotal Christ manifestation event of Revelation 6:12-17 (Matt24:29-31; Rev1:7; Jude 14-14; Mark13:24-27). And as we see the sixth seal that sets up the final “gathering” event period by direct reference, also goes further in detail and certainty of completion into the Revelation 7:1-8 full description of the 144000 “twelve tribes” sealed completion leading to actual completion as part of the sixth seal sequence and directly related to the fifth and sixth seal Kingdom completion themes. Thus 144000 completion and “great crowd” completion is the sixth seal import in great detail with cross referenced features, such as tribulatory context, the lamb’s blood sacrificial power, earth sheep group completion, and final Kingdom conquest overview.

Sixth Seal Includes Revelation 7 Comprehensive Completion Information

(Note: Since Revelation 8:1 is a seventh seal unsealing marker, the sixth seal is all Revelation 6:12-17 and Revelation 7:1-17 information “unsealed” as a whole in the sixth seal, and it has Messianic Kingdom 144000 completion emphasis and what it leads to next – the “great crowd” gathering completion as well – all before the complete “the end” – thus a great warning is being previewed for final cycle form activation. The Revelation 6:12-17, Matthew 24:29-31 event is some time after the Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3) final 1260 day warning and it’s “3.5” day final “two witnesses” death state as also Revelation 11:11-12 parallel of this identical “gathering”.);

1. Revelation 7 is definitely part of the sixth seal as seventh seal in Revelation 8 commencement thus the seven seals span Revelation 7, and as we see it’s completion detailing is the most specific in the Bible concerning the 144000 Messianic Kingdom “body”. The “great crowd” details support Matthew 25:31-46 and Revelation 14:14-20 final judgment details of who those final “sheep” are, and what their divine sacrificial significance is as “harvest of the earth”.

2. The Revelation 7 “four winds of the earth” overall “great tribulation” context links those Revelation 7:1-8 and 7:9-17 meanings and sequences to the “tribulation of those days” spiritual component concluding (and approximately ending the 1260 days; Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3; Dan7:25) into the Matthew 24:29-31 sequence as the fully manifested final arrival of Jesus Christ as that Revelation 6:12-17 (Rev11:11-12) key parallel of the final Christ “gathering” mode to complete the 144000, and the earth sheep group as completing Messianic Kingdom first priority upon that arrival. The “tribulation of those days” ends into 8th King complete power as well, it is not “the end of the world” yet, but the Daniel 12:11 timed period commencement. Thus the “great tribulation” overall context of 8th King triple-enemy-horse ride climax of the seals 2-4, is what is ended later as greater global context of Armageddon.

(Note: In any event, sheep alive at that event of Matthew 24:29-31 will go under “no kill” divine guaranteed full protection (Dan12:6-9) for the rest of the actual “end of the world” of rival sovereigns to come as 1Thessalonians 5:1-3 and 2Thessalonians 1:6-10 final sequences as Daniel 7:26 “finally took [8th King] rulership away” – that too is marked in sixth seal significance by extension of what that Christ arrival actually means.)

3. The “tribulation of those days” is part of the “great tribulation”, but is a spiritually defined component that ends into 8th King completed sovereign (Dan11:45; 12:11; 1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25) system Christ can eventually actually depose as a complete and present 8th King full sovereign rival, and part of the reason why Christ arrives at such a completion (Matt24:29-30), to also complete the Messianic Kingdom conquering totality (Matt24:31) – yet “the end” is not immediate according to Daniel 12 meanings and timed periods replicating, it ends the 1260 days component, and the “3.5 days” final “two witnesses” death state marked transition into 144000 completion. (See [4] Daniel 12 Replication, below, for a fuller explanation.);

Revelation 7 – Detailed Completion Affirmation (Still Sixth Seal)

1. Revelation 7 therefore contains now detailed Messianic Kingdom body 144000 completion information (and earthly “great crowd” completion details) to support the fifth and sixth seal revelations Christian member completion theme. Revelation 7 also has the “great tribulation” context (relating to those three enemy horses climax effects for 8th King presentation benefit), already foregleamed in the initial WW1 global tribulation effects, but for the final phase repeating principle of these seven seals completing in a replication of the Revelation main prophecy (in the parts applicable to the repeat).

2. This 144000 completion is reaffirmed after seal 5 and into seal 6 leading to more Revelation 7 completion details included in the sixth seal:

(Revelation 7:1-8) After this I saw four angels standing upon the four corners of the earth, holding tight the four winds of the earth (final tribulation meaning), that no wind might blow upon the earth or upon the sea or upon any tree. 2 And I saw another angel ascending from the sunrising, having a seal of [the] living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, 3 saying: “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.” 4 And I heard the number of those who were sealed, a hundred and forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel: 5 Out of the tribe of Judah twelve thousand sealed; out of the tribe of Reuben twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Gad twelve thousand; 6 out of the tribe of Asher twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Naphtali twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Manasseh twelve thousand; 7 out of the tribe of Simeon twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Levi twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Issachar twelve thousand; 8 out of the tribe of Zebulun twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Joseph twelve thousand; out of the tribe of Benjamin twelve thousand sealed.

3. Thus completion of the 144000 remaining members, as that remnant final sealing is a completion prerequisite to lead to a final tribulation cycle as only God and Christ know the actual status of that final sealing required prior to full Messianic Kingdom completion, and the releasing of the “four winds of the earth”. What we know is that that is either complete or very close to completion for final cycle activations at this current time (1/2014). (Zech3:1-3 temple priesthood inspection implied completion as well);

Earth Sheep “Great Crowd” Completion Result

1. Since the 144000 are the “first fruits”, as per logic and Mosaic law patterns, a final “sacrificial” gift offering is also to be effected as delivered by Christ and the 144000 to God: the earthly sheep as a completed group saved are the final gift “taken in men”, and why the Messianic Kingdom must complete and make the sheep securement the first objective.

2. Thus another completion, that of earthly “sheep” as “great crowd” of “harvest of the earth” is indicated with Revelation 14:14-16 (Matthew 25:31-46 “sheep”) parallels of final “gathering” period of Revelation 6:12-17 and Matthew 24:29-31 events detailed further here in Revelation 7:9-17 and connected to the Lamb’s initial sacrificial mission as blood atonement cleansing, providing this salvation from Earth’s final rival sovereign development phase, great tribulation and judgment:

(Revelation 7:9-12) After these things I saw, and, look! a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb (now present “locally” on earth as per Rev6:12-17 and Matt24:29-31 events as Matt25:31-46 “sits down on his glorious throne), dressed in white robes; and there were palm branches in their hands. 10 And they keep on crying with a loud voice, saying: “Salvation [we owe] to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb.” 11 And all the angels were standing around the throne and the elders (144000 completed form present) and the four living creatures, and they fell upon their faces before the throne and worshiped God, 12 saying: “Amen! The blessing and the glory and the wisdom and the thanksgiving and the honor and the power and the strength [be] to our God forever and ever. Amen.” (Messianic Kingdom completion import statement);

(Revelation 7:13-17) And in response one of the elders said to me: “These who are dressed in the white robes, who are they and where did they come from?” 14 So right away I said to him: “My lord, you are the one that knows.” And he said to me: “These are the ones that come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes (“their robes” as existing lives, purified identity, Christ sacrificially cleansed; not new “white robes given” (Rev6:11) already clean/white as symbol of anointed resurrection life identity) and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15 That is why they are before the throne of God; (at this time, a “throne” of the Kingdom “come to earth”; Matt6:;10) and they are rendering him sacred service day and night in his temple; (also present as “come down from heaven” to earth’s “courtyard” domain at this time; Rev11:19) and the One seated on the throne will spread his tent over them. (Rev21:1-5 “tent” over earth; Isa54 final fulfillment parallel.) 16 They will hunger no more nor thirst anymore, neither will the sun beat down upon them nor any scorching heat, 17 because the Lamb, who is in the midst of the throne, will shepherd them, and will guide them to fountains of waters of life. (Rev22:1-3; thus a continuing “guiding” process of perfecting humans to sinlessness, as heavenly anointed “sheep” are already guided fully to life immediately) And God will wipe out every tear from their eyes.” (Rev21:1-5);

3. Thus that sixth seal outlines an entirety of final “gathering” of 144000 Kingdom “body” members to lead to a full earth sheep “gathering” as final separating and securing process well before final world judgment as it’s precursor in action of a full 144000 “Court” under Messianic Kinged Jesus Christ. The sixth seal reiterates completion details and context and provides points in the prophetic framework as marked events into which other supporting prophecies align.

4. The same 144000 completion sequence is present in Revelation 14 affirmation of this process as 144000 complete prior to world judgment and final securing of the earth sheep as “harvest of the earth” first also shown in this sequence:

(Revelation 14:1,14-20) (144000 completion first:) And I saw, and, look! the Lamb standing upon the Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand having his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads. (Messianic Kingdom fully complete, Christ “standing” as King-Priest fully King of kings) (Matt25:31-46 parallel – Then world judgment (Dan7:26 full 144000 “Court” with Christ) – sheep:) 14 And I saw, and, look! a white cloud, and upon the cloud someone seated like a son of man, with a golden crown on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. 15 And another angel emerged from the (completed) temple [sanctuary], crying with a loud voice to the one seated on the cloud: “Put your sickle in and reap, because the hour has come to reap, for the harvest of the earth is thoroughly ripe.” 16 And the one seated on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped. (Goats:) 17 And still another angel emerged from the (no longer Hebrews or Rev15 “tent”, but complete temple 144000 upon and under Christ foundation and crowning “stone”) temple [sanctuary] that is in heaven, he, too, having a sharp sickle. 18 And still another angel emerged from the altar and he had authority over the fire. And he called out with a loud voice to the one that had the sharp sickle, saying: “Put your sharp sickle in and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, because its grapes have become ripe.” 19 And the angel thrust his sickle into the earth and gathered the vine of the earth, and he hurled it into the great winepress of the anger of God. 20 And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and blood came out of the winepress as high up as the bridles of the horses, for a distance of a thousand six hundred furlongs. (Armageddon war phase completed as Rev19:19-21);

Seven Seals Framework

Seals 1-4 – Christ Inception “Ride” and Dual Sovereign Deployment

1. Thus the first four seals outline a Messianic Kingdom “white horse” sovereign world drive to world kingdom of Christ completing (Rev11:15), and the red, black and pale horses concurrent “rides” that produce world tribulatory war and death effects in support of 8th King development of globalized world government concurrently as the global context.

A. That foursquare of four seals indicates a complete earthly effect also present in the first four trumpets and the first four plagues regarding their respective “earth” meaning focus, as comprehensive effects of their respective “earth” meanings in Revelation 8-11 (Christian “earth”) and Revelation 15-16 (Global “earth”), first four seals all “earth” effect in that “four” Revelation symbology.

Seal 5 – Comprehensive Christian Member Completion and Final Judgment Directive

2. The fifth seal portends a divine guarantee of anointed 144000 completion and justice explicitly stated by God, and hints of earth seep group completion as well, affirmed in Revelation 7.

Seals 6 – Pivotal Christ Kingdom Final Gathering Event – Pre Messianic Kingdom Completion Event

3. The sixth seal foregleams the final arrival of Christ to make that 144000 completion first, as previewed in warning form in the original IBSA and Jehovah’s Witnesses ministry of 1914-1918 marked by prophecy, and onward to a progressive awareness of replication, that actually finalizes the final gathering completion of Messianic Kingdom and the final earth sheep well before final Armageddon world judgment sentence is carried out.

A. The sixth seal outlines all spiritual completions of 144000 and the sheep of earth, hence total Messianic Kingdom power completion prior to Armageddon final war phase.

4. Thus the global effects and meanings of those first six seals form a massive world signal framework meaning collectively, to features present and intensifying since 1914 and WW1 that must continue to progress to a finalization and a replication of that whole cycle in a last world tribulation whose spiritual component ends (Matt24:29) into 8th King world government first (Dan8:25 “freedom from care” period of 1Thess5:1-3 8th King world “peace and security” final sovereign proclamation period), not the end of the world immediately, as also included in the sixth seal focus of events preceding the end.

(Note: The seventh seal as grand summary of it all, contains all of Revelation 8-11, and all it’s 1260 days Revelation 11:2-3 cross links to Daniel 7:25-26 and Daniel 12:7-12:11 continuity and Revelation 12:6, 14 and Revelation 13:5 related developments in principle for final events – in effect all of Daniel 12 is a seventh seal linked sequence underlying all Revelation 8-11 and Revelation 15-16 seven trumpet and seven plague parallels and timing; Since Revelation 8:1-6 (replicating) parallels Daniel 8:13-14 (unique fulfillment), final temple judgment is what the seventh seal connects to first in that final sequence as the signal event of the final phase beginning in earnest, not ending for quite some time – a fully mapped and timed world warning is what is developing on prophecy and guaranteed final 8th King intrigues of the unique Daniel 11:42-45 8th King final phase)

Seventh Seal Meaning and Features

So what does the seventh seal mean in final fulfillment? (Kingdom Completion)

Since it is the final seal, the last “secret”, it too is has a final meaning to be revealed in the detailed full explanation it leads to in the seven trumpets as far fuller explanations of seventh seal import – Kingdom completion as a final process and phase. What the seventh trumpet ultimately portends and is – is Messianic Kingdom and Temple completion development (Rev8-11). The seventh seal opens the complete Kingdom completion details previewed in the 1914 era fulfillment import as it activates Revelation 8-11 understanding for final specific details, of the same general process covered briefly and outlined in the first six seals, described in far greater detail in the seventh seal’s seven trumpets connection. The seventh seal is the seven trumpets, the seven trumpets are temple judgment (Rev8), ministerial purification and recovery (Rev9), final Kingdom warning commission (Rev10) and “two witnesses” deployment (Rev11), and Messianic Kingdom completion and final conquest, 7th Trumpet finale!! (Rev11:15-19);

1. Thus the seventh seal completes the understanding of the “sacred secret” as not just the Kingdom of God purpose to form a Messianic Kingdom for Earth’s final sovereign agency with Earth as it’s Kingdom “domain”, but also the required completion of that Messianic Kingdom (and it’s final prophetic phase and replication) in this outlined process as seven seals leads to seven trumpets and the whole awareness of a Messianic Kingdom completion prior to that actual event fully explained first, and eventually manifested completely:

(Revelation 10:5-7) And the angel that I saw standing on the sea and on the earth raised his right hand to heaven, 6 and by the One who lives forever and ever, who created the heaven and the things in it and the earth and the things in it and the sea and the things in it, he swore: “There will be no delay any longer; (final phase activation) 7 but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel (final Kingdom proclamation concluding), when he is about (not yet 7th trumpet blowing) to blow his trumpet, the sacred secret of God according to the good news which he declared to his own slaves the prophets is indeed brought to a finish.” (The full explanation “brings to a finish” the understanding of the “sacred secret” fully, prior to it’s actual Kingdom final manifestation – the “two witnesses” recovered and cleansed Christian ministry is what finishes that “sacred secret” in “little scroll” final Messianic Kingdom guaranteed completion announcement);

2. Thus all sixth seal portents and even Christ initial Revelation 6:12-17 parallel Matthew 24:29-31 actual arrival yet precedes this final event sequence:

(Revelation 11:15) And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.” (Since Christ is the one and only “last Adam” world heir (Gen1:26-28 blessing restoration) and “Son of David” Messianic Kingdom heir and sole covenantal beneficiary party (in God’s covenantal promise) as final Messianic King, this is not the “kingdom” Christ “hands back” to God, but the one brought about by God’s Kingdom overall to effect this final rulership under God’s ultimate Supreme Sovereignty being fully restored in this process (1Cor15:24-28) and purpose of God’s will, also to “be done on earth” by unified Kingdom of God power; Christ “hands back” the overall Kingdom of God kingdom power he was given initially to oversee this entire progression to the destruction of the “last enemy” as death; (Heb2:14; 1Cor15:24-28), at which time that Supreme Heavenly Kingdom over all creation is returned to God as Supreme Sovereign of all);

3. The “seventh seal” finishes the “sacred secret” as fully understood, previewed and preached finally in the prophecy for final completion. It also has two forms of verification in initial and final fulfillment, actually “two” global “witnessings”. (Rev11); The seventh seal now sets up the full explanation of this initial and final progression in full in the following Revelation 8-11 sequence it connects into (Rev8:1), set to activate in final fulfillment as the exact 1-7 trumpet order, in more intimate details of how Messianic Kingdom agency is to complete over the final cycle. (Respecting all principles of the 1914 era preview fulfillment, but finalizing the fullest meaning of completion – a divine full “seven”);

4. That Messianic Kingdom must complete fully in full conquest as well after a commencing signal spiritual judgment (Rev8 as 1Pet4:17; Dan8:14; Later explained as first four trumpet meanings of temple judgment to JWs “earth” as trumpet alarm target) and it’s required “fire of the altar” temple purification (“fire” symbol: Rev8:2-5; Zech3:2, 4-5; Dan8:14 “right condition”) to found a final clarification (Mal3:1-5) and recovery of that Christian ministry (Rev9; trumpets 5 and 6 original anointed/earth sheep deployment ministerial principle repeats; and it’s guaranteed recovery period) and the final Kingdom proclamation commission (Rev10 “little scroll”; Zech3:6-7) and a final world Kingdom warning deployment (Rev11:1-7 “two witnesses” also repeating; Rev10:11) over six trumpets to the seventh trumpet event it is proclaiming and warning of prior to Messianic Kingdom completion and final salvation and destruction events.

5. Thus the seventh seal contains Revelation 8-11 seven trumpets which contain further information on events outlined in Revelation 5’s scroll and it’s seven seals (Rev4-8:1) as things that must activate in final form as world context of temple judgment and final Christian ministry that must deploy, again (Rev10:11), into a world tribulation – just like in the 1914-1918 preview cycle, but in final form. It is based in the final fulfillment upon all the initial fulfillments meanings and principles completing all entities involved in the preview fulfillment in their 8th King and Messianic Kingdom final concurrent forms.

Seventh Seal First Signal – JW Temple Judgment Starts Final Cycle (Revelation 8:1-6)

1. The seventh seal begins the process of seven trumpets preparing and then manifesting and being initially understood for final form awareness as the final cycle JW temple judgment. That temple judgment signal and event begins the final Revelation 8-11 phase activating towards Kingdom completion. The seven trumpets are  also a parallel connection to the Revelation 15-16 seven plagues that greatly details the world “earth” context of events that the temple judgment phase is developing with and into,  that finalize what Revelation 4-7 has outlined in general details and progression – but live and real-time in final form.

2. The cleansing of the now befouled (Zech3:1-3) JW ministry and temple (Dan8:13-14) is required before collective JW awareness is made complete. Hence why a seventh seal leading first to the temple cleansing judgment of Revelation 8 is so important to clear out current JW Bethel obstacles now impeding final replication awareness and not present as a final world warning that must develop after Revelation 8 temple “earth” cleansing event.

A. Hence why the seventh seal starts with a final required temple judgment at the last point of a valid ministry in Jehovah’s witnesses as the now diverted “temple” vessel requiring adjustment to allow the final understanding to go forth, as subverted now successfully by the Bethel foretold final apostasy and lawlessness center. They are what requires removal as the “1/3” factional profanation in the JW ministry (Rev8:12 parallel) and it’s 100% “operation of error” “Governing Body” root “lie” (2Thess2:3-4, 9-12; Rev8:10-11 parallel);

3. This is the temple judgment as the first awareness of the seventh seal final continuum of Revelation 8-11 final sequence activating to be marked as starting Daniel 8:14 by JW organizational desolation (Dan8:13 “trampling” precursor and indictment for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation”):

(Revelation 8:1-7) And when he opened the seventh seal, a silence occurred in heaven for about a half hour. (the full “scroll” import is being taken in) 2 And I saw the seven angels that stand before God, and seven trumpets were given them. 3 And another angel arrived and stood at the altar, having a golden incense vessel; and a large quantity of incense was given him to offer it with the prayers of all the holy ones upon the golden altar that was before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense ascended from the hand of the angel with the prayers of the holy ones before God. 5 But right away the angel took the incense vessel, and he filled it with some of the fire of the altar (cleansing symbol; Isa6:6-8; Zech3:2; Mal3:1-5) and hurled it to the earth. And thunders occurred and voices and lightnings (full explanation and enlightenment to come later) and an (the temple judgment) earthquake. 6 And the seven angels with the seven trumpets (of temple judgment and completion alarm proclamations) prepared to blow them. (after temple judgment begins, the alarms can go forth as the first four trumpet’s explain the judgment requirement and meaning:) 7 And the first one blew his trumpet…

4. Thus Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing:

(Daniel 8:13-14) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings
(desolation phase) [and] mornings (recovery phase); (Dan8:26 verified) and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.” (temple purification “right condition”);

(Daniel 8:26) “And the thing seen concerning the evening (timed temple desolation phase meaning) and the morning (timed temple recovery phase meaning), which has been said, it is true. (angelically stated again as divine verification – guaranteed in the JW temple judgment) And you, for your part, keep secret the vision, because it is yet for many days.” (Those days are expired, that specific, unique, one time JW temple judgment coming “secret”, is a seventh seal first signal revelation);

This is why Revelation 8 JW temple judgment and desolation “evening” is the “abyss” state “darkness” of Revelation 9:1-2, and that “abyss” opens into light of temple judgment “morning”:

(Revelation 9:1-2) And the fifth angel blew his trumpet. And I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to the earth, and the (temple recovery) key of the pit of the abyss (of the temple judgment desolation requirement of Daniel 8:13 “trampling” decree) was given him. (Christ as Mal3:1-2; 2Thess2:8 arrival at the temple to effect cleansing completion of Zech3:4-5) 2 And he opened the pit of the abyss (Dan8:14 “evening” ends; Hos6:1-3, Dan8:14 “morning” of light and recovery begins), and smoke ascended out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace (Zech3:2; Rev8:2-5), and the sun was darkened (fifth plague parallel; Rev16:10; meaning it leads to a full 5th seal final explanation of Kingdom and 8th King contextual certainty), also the air (demon Eph6:12 “authorities” go to Eze38:7 permitted “guard” mode as agitated “the powers of the heavens will be shaken” (Luke21:26; Isa24:21-22), by the smoke (of the temple judgment desolation; Zech3:2) of the pit. (Dan8:14 “evening”); (the world sees the judgment, and in time is told what it means (first four trumpet comprehensive meanings) as the final phase has begun with JW temple judgment, in earnest – Rev6:12-17 is in Revelation 11:11-12 time period, this is just the temple cleansing import to eventually lead into and merge with Revelation 10-11 as that becomes part of the fifth and sixth trumpet ministry unto 7th trumpet warning and arrival);

5. Thus Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing is Revelation 8’s temple judgment parallel leading in time to Daniel 12’s parallel at Daniel 12:7 to Revelation 11:1-7 timed final warning of the cleansed “two witnesses”, as Revelation 8 temple judgment and purification meaning proceeds to Revelation 9-11 final Kingdom ministry recovery and deployment. (Zech3:1-5; Mal 3:1-5; 2Thess2:8 final fulfillment);

The seventh seal final phase understanding starts with JW temple judgment as required purification to allow enlightenment to proceed through the seven trumpets final deployment as that Daniel 11:42-45 final cycle context of Revelation 16 parallel plagues starts, as the JW ministry must be clarified first – hence temple judgment of Revelation 8 (Dan8:13-14) is where the seventh seal starts in preparation of seven trumpets understanding and proclamations: “And I saw the seven angels that stand before God, and seven trumpets were given them…[temple judgment; (Rev8:2-5)] And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them…”  (prepared to make judgment alarm announcements known and understood first by JW anointed and JWs coming out of that judgment “evening” phase of desolations);

(See[7] Timed Temple Judgment);

Important Seventh Seal Inclusive Cross Linked Prophecy to Revelation 8-11

Review: Timed Temple Judgment Daniel 8:14, Seventh Seal Revelation 8:1-6 Parallel

1. Daniel 8:14 timed temple judgment timing, as final fulfillment Revelation 8:1-6 parallel of Daniel 8:14 “evening” (leading to first four trumpets), as overall Revelation 8 parallel of that temple desolation “trampling” (Dan8:13), must then cover the Revelation 9 “morning” of temple recovery and purification (trumpets five and six) to Revelation 10 final “little scroll” commission of a cleansed Christian ministry for the eventual final fulfillment Revelation 11:2-3 1260 day timing of the final “two witnesses” deployment of the final Kingdom completion warning prior to the seventh trumpet of Revelation 11:15.

2. Seventh trumpet prelude parallels of Revelation 16:17; Matthew 24:29-31; Revelation 6:12-17 are approximate 7th trumpet prelude event of Christ’s arrival and final “gathering” mode (Rev11:11-12) – Christ completes 144000 “gathering” prior to seventh trumpet Messianic Kingdom completion – so that is not the end yet, that is Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3, 7) 1260 days ending into Revelation 11:11 “3.5 days” (unknown time period) “two witnesses” death state unto Daniel 12:11 1290 days starting.

A. This temple judgment timed period is what starts the final cycle as Revelation 8 parallel (1Pet4:17):

(Daniel 8:13-14) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right (temple cleansed) condition.” (as Revelation 8 concludes as the final cycle in in progress as it’s commencing temple judgment signal);

(Note: That Daniel 8:14 commencing temple judgment signal timed period expiring over Revelation 8-9, must activate into the final 1260 days warning of Revelation 10-11 in some back to back, or unknown transition, as Revelation 9 recovered final Christian ministry merges into Revelation 10-11.);

Next: Daniel 12 “Time Signature” as 1260 Days Final Cycle Link to Other Supporting Prophecy

1. The seven trumpets connect through Revelation 8-11 as a continuous prophecy and eventually provides the “3.5 times” signature of 1260 days at Revelation 11:2-3 that cross link to Daniel 12:7 and Daniel 7:25 allowing fuller meaning to directly relate to the final sequence.

Note that Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing of Revelation 8 final fulfillment events must precede this Daniel 12:7 final 1260 days period to form a valid final Christian ministry.

2. Thus the seven seals outline leads to seven trumpets that also must approximately parallel seven plagues events as milestone meanings to reliably map the final trajectory to Armageddon in Kingdom and 8th King details of world events that must repeat the foundational principle, upon the same timed pattern provided by God in Daniel’s applicable parts of prophecy in Daniel 8 and 12, to finality with world events and milestones occurring live and real-time enroute as further evidence it is “the end” phase. (Matt24:6, 14);

Main Kingdom Development Related 1260 Days “3.5 Times” Cross Links

(Revelation 11:2-3) But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary], cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city (Luke 21:24 final phase as 1260 days) underfoot for forty-two months. 3 And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.

(Daniel 7:25-26) And he will speak even words against the Most High, and he will harass continually the holy ones themselves of the Supreme One. And he will intend to change times and law, and they will be given into his hand for a time, and times and half a time. 26 And the Court itself proceeded to sit, and his own rulership they finally took away, in order to annihilate [him] and to destroy [him] totally.

(Daniel 12:7) And I began to hear the man clothed with the linen, who was up above the waters of the stream, as he proceeded to raise his right [hand] and his left [hand] to the heavens and to swear by the One who is alive for time indefinite: “It will be for an appointed time, appointed times and a half. And as soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish.”

Note that this final 1260 days “trampling” will complete the far more intimate spiritual meaning of 2520 days (1260 days two times) as the final “seven times” meaning and requirement of Revelation 11:2 “holy city” “trampling”.

(Luke 21:23-24) For there will be great necessity upon the land and wrath on this people; 24 and they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations, until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled. (as 2520 years, and Revelation 11:2, 2520 days; “seven times” totality);

(Note: Jehovah’s witnesses already understand that Daniel 4 outlined “seven times” principle as 2520 years of the trampling of Jerusalem in the removal of the Davidic/Judah line of kings since 607 BCE to 1914 CE by gentile power permitted by God as a literal manifestation in history bridging Mosaic covenant and new covenant, Jewish and Christian, period transitions as well.

What JWs do not understand is that in 1914 the “holy city” (Rev11:2)  also took on a completely anointed Christian aspect of the “son of David” Christ lineage also permitted a “seven times” “trampling” of anointed Christian final members starting in 1914-1918 as 1260 days of “trampling” of the anointed partial remnant as that “holy city”. And that must proceed to the final cycle of 1260 days “trampling” as Revelation 11:1-7 repeats in final form into 2520 days as the required “seven times” of “holy city” “trampling” in Revelation’s continuing theme of that sovereign permission of gentile, 8th King culminative defiance of the Messianic Kingdom. The Messianic Kingdom 144000 “holy city” agency completes as a result of that final “trampling” (Rev11:7 as Rev6:9-11) and unto the final Christ gathering it will trigger as 1Thessalonians 4:17 “air” event of Revelation 16:17-19 7th plague parallel “air” event, and the 7th trumpet event of Messianic Kingdom completion it leads to.

Thus the fifth and sixth seal are re-affirmed in Revelation 11 and 16 final events of  their respective 7th trumpet and 7th plague events, to which the seventh seal connected for greater detail of this final “trampling” unto Messianic Kingdom completion.);

Rival 8th King Sovereign Concurrent Final Development Period Link to 1260 Days

1. The “3.5 times” time signatures of Revelation 11:2-3 link to periods marked in Revelation 12:6,14 and Revelation 13:5 that outline Satanic (Rev12) and wildbeast (Rev13) principles (and periods to come) that accompany the sovereign Kingdom process in co-activations of those timed periods relating to Satanic (Eze38:7) and 8th King (Dan11:44 as Rev11:7) final resistance.

A. The Revelation 6-7 outline of first six seals also contains these parallels of Kingdom developmental progress and proclamation amidst Satanic and rival world power resistance with diametric claims and missions as concurrent.

2. Revelation 11:2-3 “3.5 times” time signature cross links to also Daniel 7:25-26 event progression and Daniel 12:7 events and meaning, for a final activation of Daniel 12 as final 8th King developments of Daniel 11:42-45 of the future, merge into Daniel 12 “during that time” of final 8th King events in final form.

Satanic Principle of Resistance as 1260 Days Permitted

(Revelation 12:6) And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and sixty days.

(Revelation 12:14) But the two wings (two deliverances by Christ, 1914-1918 related, and future) of the great eagle were given the woman, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place; there is where she is fed for a time and times and half a time away from the face of the serpent.

1. The Gog of Magog manifestation of Satan “from the remotest parts of the north” in Ezekiel 38-39 is the modem parallel of the 1914 “dragon” cast from heaven to earth’s vicinity in Revelation 12. Satan’s next casting is into abyss in this final phase climax; (Rev20:1-3; Isa24:21-22);

8th King/Wildbeast Principle of Resistance as 1260 Days Permitted

(Revelation 13:5) And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given it (wildbeast), and authority to act forty-two months was given it.

Note: Thus all these 1260 days periods unfold as a concurrent complex of final developments regarding their respective sovereign entities.

(See[4] Daniel 12 Replication);

Revelation 8 – Final Temple Judgment Leads to Kingdom Completion

1. Thus the seventh seal, in preview fulfillment or final fulfillment, outlines spiritual symbolisms of real world and spiritual signal preliminary judgment and developmental events that have a common principle at work both times, and the seventh seal leads into a fuller explanation of what this all means as outlined in seven trumpets to come contained in that final seal as the whole Revelation 8-11 continuum which also connects to Daniel and deeper into Revelation with those key time signatures – thus why the seventh seal leads here:

(Revelation 8:1-2) And when he opened the seventh seal, a silence occurred in heaven for about a half hour. 2 And I saw the seven angels that stand before God, and seven trumpets were given them.

2. Thus Revelation 8-11 as a seven trumpet gauged continuum that the seventh seal connected to (and contains), greatly details the events and comprehensive completion process that is outlined in a general framework by the first six seals meanings as a whole process, and the official heavenly Kingdom context it develops from in Revelation 4-5, as also a progression leading to completions of Messianic Kingdom and earthly “sheep” salvation gathering as the objective made explicit in Revelation 7.

(Note: Revelation 6-8 seven seals are not a sequence of order as if seven seals activate seven trumpets as next ordered events, but as parallel of the same six seals events outlined for deeper explanations in Revelation 8-11’s actual ordered final sequence. The seven seals are an outline of now understood events to finalize fully in the seven trumpets containing extended information (and certain timing links) of all seven seals information in Revelation 8-13, and 15-16 in more detail. The seven trumpets overall meaning of the completion they detail are already present in the seven seals general outline. Thus the seven seals overview leads to the seventh seal containing a deeper explanation in the import of the seven trumpets which further detail the Revelation 5 two-sided “scroll” and it’s “seven seals” meaning as an opening “sacred secret” totality being made known, now known in two cycles.);

Final Fulfillment Cycle Reliably Timed and Cross Linking Daniel and Revelation Final Fulfillment Details

By Revelation 8:1-6 final temple judgment meaning as linked to developments and indictment at Daniel 8:13-14, Revelation 8’s Daniel timing in Daniel 8:14 must lead to the later Daniel 12:7 timing linked to Revelation 11:2-3. Thus the entire final sequence of timed temple judgment signal of Daniel 8:14 aligning to Revelation 8:2-5 activation leading to Daniel 12:7 timing as Revelation 11:2-3 final timed 1260 day final Messianic Kingdom notification is fully founded for understanding a final cycle that must start with JW temple judgment and desolation (1Pet4:17; Dan8:14; Rev8:2-5), and lead to the final developments leading to Messianic Kingdom completion.

1. Thus what was an initial Christian understanding of sovereign Kingdom theme and Messianic Kingdom birth made known in the subsequently deployed world ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses since 1914, detailing the main framework and purpose by many more supporting Biblical details, is to be deployed a final time (Rev10:11) with Revelation replication awareness as a final cycle of the same dual sovereign progression present in the preview fulfillment, but in final form – with more details – such as the fact it must and will all repeat.

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

2. Thus Revelation 8-11 replicates seven trumpet actualities towards the Messianic Kingdom birth cycle first (1914-1918 cycle), in time progressing to the Messianic Kingdom completion to have a world ministry deployed into it’s final developments and arrival on the same pattern – repeating – in the future. That is a very handy “program” to have and understand in the coming days of final 8th King world intrigues leading to UN world government and “image” as a completed whole “scarlet wildbeast”. (Dan11:42-45 + Rev17:11-18 = Rev16:12-16);

Temple Judgment Pattern – Modern Man of Lawlessness

1. Thus the initial Christendom overall “house of God” judgment (1Pet4:17) that was the original Revelation 8 meaning of 1914-1918; 1919, is now revisited in final form upon the far more focused Jehovah’s witnesses ministerial “house of God” system that has derailed as a result, not of Christendom clerics’ errors, but due to the foreign body development as the “Governing Body” (GB) “clerics” that have introduced a different form of subversion (Dan8:12) into Bethel’s ministerial cleric system, as also a repeating apostasy (Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:3) and modern “man of lawlessness” principle with all the attendant adulteries and reproach repeating “in the temple” in final form even now – including successful cover-up; Dan8:12b).

(Note: Though cleverly “hidden in plain sight”, this Bethel lawless signal indicates the final phase has already begun, just not in earnest yet, but in signal apostasy for those paying attention to Bethel’s “lawless one” conduct and falsified Daniel 8:9-25 and 11:27-45 interpretations aiding their concealment.)

2. In like manner to the Christendom judgment that resulted in their 1919 League of Nations endorsement as “God’s Kingdom on earth” and continuing to support of the United Nations “disgusting thing” version of globalized world government “image” (and prophetic diversion) in and after 1945, the diverted Bethel system became UN NGO at the third United Nations manifestation (Dan11:30-31) after the “cold war” in 1990. (Dan11:29); (Also while key prophecy was fulfilling with UN import of continued 8th King development as Daniel 11:30b-31.);

A. Like Christendom’s clergy diverting prophecy to conceal 8th King UN meaning (Rev13:11-15; Dan12:11 first fulfillment), after they aligned with that world power (Rev17:3 inclusive) and sovereign rival of God’s Kingdom at League of Nations incept event (1919) and after (1945; Rev17:8-11), Bethel and the Governing Body also divert 3rd UN (Dan11:31b; 1990) and 4th UN (Dan11:45; Future) “disgusting thing” placement meanings (Dan8:12) of Daniel 11:30-45’s required continuum (Dan11:36) to conceal King North as apex 8th King development since 1990 as a UN NGO undercover extension into the Bethel apostasy and lawless system. (Matt24:15; Dan11:41; Dan11:32a; Luke21:20);

(Note: The impossible USSR “King of the North” interpretive error revealed at USSR failure (Dan11:36), retained at Bethel, provides the UN developmental concealing diversion for Daniel 11:31-45);

Apostasy and Man of Lawlessness Prerequisite Met at Bethel

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) 3 Let no one (including Bethel) seduce you in any manner, because it (the final judgment and gathering cycle) will not come unless the *apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. (all modern Bethel features of this signal development) 4 He is set in opposition (an add-on “GB” “body”) and lifts himself up over everyone (sole dictatorial council since 1976, and sole “faithful and discreet slave” since 2012)  who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God (UN NGO Bethel “lord’s of the faith”), publicly showing himself to be a god. (Such as the GB concept itself, and it sole “faithful and discreet slave” self-appointment – now world known, public revelations of supreme self-appointed grandiosity);

(Daniel 11:32) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant (can now be anyone in the apostate JW development), he (8th King as King North) will lead into *apostasy by means of smooth words. (typical Bethel “superfine apostle” veneer and “transformation”. (1Cor11:13-15));

1. Thus even that original pattern of UN alliance (Matt24:15), the apostasy, and the “man of lawlessness” is now present in final form at Bethel “in the temple” arrangement preceding a final judgment cycle as a signal, already shown in the nature of the prophecy having a dual fulfillment meaning as but another signal repeating principle and development. What was a first globalist world government incept event in 1919 as League of Nations through a world war and tribulation cycle, must replicate in principle as a world war/tribulation cycle leading into 4th placement UN world government in the same, but far extended global manner as the first fulfillment cycle of 1914-1918. (Daniel 8:25; 11:45: 12:11 Revelation 11:7 4th UN placement parallels);

We now even have a “Jehovah’s witnesses” form of the “man of lawlessness” UN allies at Bethel;

2. Bethel also creates a prophetic subversion employing a premature “end of the world” expectation in JWs that will lead to a period of temple judgment confusion as the “tribulation of those days” starts, to end in 8th King world government, not “the end” JWs are expecting immediately. JWs are thinking it is “the end” terminal phase (Dan11:44 positioning error) conclusion coming up, when in fact it is the beginning of the final phase, not it’s end yet. (See[2] Daniel 11:42-45 as Final 8th King Cycle); (See[5] Bethel Apostasy); (See[6] Bethel’s Premature “End of the World” Diversion);

And we have also the “lawless one” apostate Bethel signal development in place as well for the final cycle, just like Christendom’s cleric system principle of 1914-1922 signal events of the first cycle.

Global Tribulatory Development Context

1. Thus the tribulatory aspect as resulting from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th seal enemy “horses” riding for such negative world effects supporting UN world government eventual  birthing and developmental presentations (after a world war each time; 1919, 1945, 1990), is also further detailed in Revelation 15-16 seven plagues as a global developmental context of God revealing judgments on world systems undergoing 8th King “new world ordering” in earnest. (Hag2:7 final fulfillment); (for example Revelation 6th plague final international “gathering” is aided by 8th King globalization);

(Revelation 16:12-16) And the sixth one poured out his bowl upon the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, that the way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun. 13 And I saw three unclean inspired expressions [that looked] like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty. (globalization is the main form of national “gathering” administrations set to form actual globalist 8th King world government) 15 “Look! I am coming as a thief. Happy is the one that stays awake and keeps his outer garments, that he may not walk naked and people look upon his shamefulness.” 16 And they gathered (completed) them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.

2. The broader seven plagues “earth” global context parallels of concurrent development with the JW focused seven trumpets “earth” judgment now coming in final fulfillment (1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:1-6), are to be evident as the world context of developments accompanying the now completing rides of the first four seals’ “horses” meaning of Christ’s authority and Kingdom completion mission “in the midst of” oppositional missions of rival 8th King development parallels, into which global intrigue JW temple judgment unfolds; (Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:2-5 judgment and purification meaning; Zech3:2);

3. The parallels of that global “earth” world context of the six plagues (Rev16) and of the temple “earth” specificity of temple judgment (Rev8-9) as the first six trumpet alarms and developments, as a preview signal of things to come, tie all Revelation 8-11 seven trumpets as parallel deployment in the Revelation 15-16 accompanying seven plagues broader world context in the first four of those respective trumpets and plagues meanings (but continuing into all 7) – also a foursquare meaning of earthly totality in the first four trumpets and plagues as well as the first four seals. (And that respects the initial fulfillment understanding and principles merely updated for final developments.);

4. This means the Revelation temple judgment of a full JW “earth” system (in final fulfillment meaning) has a whole world judgment foregleam manifesting first as a warning signal, with alarm signals as four trumpets describing the core temple judgment meanings first. It means the first four plagues are the global context of developments and related warning judgments that the first four trumpets comprehensively deploy into (as JW judgment and exposition), and parallel approximately concurrent as Messianic Kingdom and 8th King powers prepare for dual completions indicated in the import of the trumpets and plagues as also to be fully explained live and real-time by a recovered JW Christian ministry.

Warning Milestones over Daniel  8:14; Daniel 12:7 Years into Daniel 12:11 Final Period of Dual Sovereign Development

Thus the progression of prophetic events foretelling world events as milestones of great meaning in each of those seven trumpets and plagues in their respective system focus, provides a clear and progressively backed final warning as a continuum of prophecy marked world events in 8th King and Kingdom final progression that must lead to where the 7th plague and 7th trumpet wind up, the Christ revelation to complete Messianic Kingdom, sheep and goat final assessment, Babylon the Great judgment and deposition and final world judgment of Armageddon in 8th King deposition.

(See[1] World Recovery after Tribulation of those Days); (See[2] Daniel 11:42-45 as Final 8th King Cycle); (See[3] UN World Government Quadruple Cycle); 

Respective Sovereign Culminations

1. Revelation 8-11 progresses over seven trumpets to a Messianic Kingdom manifestation (Rev10:7) as Revelation 11:15-19, while Revelation 16 climaxes in final globalization “gathering” of the 8th King system at Revelation 16:12-16 (6th plague; Babylon the Great still present; Rev17:12-18 parallel) over seven plagues, as both respective progressions of trumpets (Rev8-11) and plagues (Rev16) result in their respective diametric sovereign entity completed and ushered in by those trumpets (Messianic Kingdom) and plagues (scarlet wildbeast 8th King; Rev16:13-16 parallels Rev17:11-17 meaning); Hence their spiritual (Rev8-11) and world context (Rev16) aspects.

2. Thus Revelation 8 first four trumpets of judgment explained to JWs as 1Peter4:17 “house judgment” priority of the Daniel 8:13-14 timed temple judgment desolation/purification parallel to Revelation 8:2-5 “fire of the altar” cleansing, must become a great preliminary world signal (as JW org desolation; Dan8:13) as later those first four trumpets of judgment alarm and meaning are explained by God with Christ guided angelic aid for a recovered and purified Christian ministry (as trumpets 5-6, again, explain temple recovery in progress) that must make those final announcements, again (Rev10:11), amidst a world tribulation foregleamed in WW1 preparing to present final 8th King world government, again, but as the finale of this process begun in 1914-1919 in relation to 8th King power.

(Note: This is why the 1919 “disgusting thing” first UN placement of the League of Nations manifestation of Revelation 13:11-15 as parallel Daniel 12:11, must manifest again, in the future, as the 4th UN “disgusting thing” placement as Daniel 11:45 again to Daniel 12:11 parallel (repeating in final form), as Daniel 12 replicates, in final form, as the final fulfillment climax of Revelation 11:7 “two witnesses” “constant feature” removal arrives at the final destination of the 8th King “disgusting thing” to Daniel 12:11 (replicating) on the same pattern as the first manifestation; Both the first and the last UN placements wind up at Daniel 12:11;)

The 7th Trumpet Messianic Kingdom completion is parallel to the 7th plague Christ “air” event of 1Thessalonians 4:17 meaning as Revelation 16:17-19 results in Revelation 11:15-19 Kingdom completion and eventual full conquest of Babylon the Great and the 8th King. (Rev16:17-21); Thus Daniel 12 Messianic Kingdom aspects also develop in Daniel 12:7, 12:11 and 12:12 in climax form, also on the same patterns as 1914-1918, 1919-1922 and 1922-1926, in the future final 8th King world government drive.

Comprehensive Completions

1. Therefore all the previews of things in the 1914 ministry and meaning requiring completion in a comprehensive whole of spiritual and world developments leading to sovereign resolution of world power amidst a completing explanation of it’s process as a repeating principle unfolding to a grand completion deploying in final form of prophecy, again, must also complete.


(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the (comprehensive world) judgment to start with (begins with, upon) the house of God. (as the former 1914-1918; 1919, cycle “judgment” defined Jehovah’s witnesses out of Christendom, as now JWs are a derailed Christian ministry as the last point of a valid 8th King UN and Kingdom tracking ministry (1945; 2nd UN placement); Temple judgment is an overall “the judgment” commencement to eventually lead to full world judgment totality as the commencing portion and world signal as JW Bethel desolation judgment); (See[7] Timed Temple Judgment);

1. The preliminary world judgment meanings explained in the 1914 ministry and it’s spiritual judgment ramifications of that time now must go into the final phase “world judgment” starting with full temple judgment, and eventually Babylon the Great judgment and complete world judgment last, in that order, as the preceding spiritual judgments add to the evidence of the final cycle active as a whole eventual world judgment.

2. This is why the Kingdom “Court” (Dan7:26) 144000 and final Christ King-Priest coronation by God precedes the Babylon the Great final judgment of Revelation 16:12-16 sixth plague parallel of Revelation 17:11-18 as a full divine Messianic “Court” is what oversees the final judgments of Babylon the Great, the whole world population, and the 8th King as the sovereign earthly “court” of the completed Messianic Kingdom “sit down”. (Matt25:31; 19:28);

3. The initial temple judgment purification “trampling” (Dan8:13) starts the “tribulation of those days” (Matt24:29-31) meaning of spiritual “Jerusalem” (and temple) judgment to produce a cleansed ministry that proceeds over Revelation 9-11:7, as the “two witnesses” deploying that recovered ministry some years later are again “trampled” in Revelation 11:1-7 (second 8th King “trampling”) to define the approximate end of that “tribulation of those days” as it is also being resolved in final 8th King world government (and world peace statement; 1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25 “during a freedom from care”, “during” which time the also final 8th King uni-polar sovereign attack occurs), and approximately spanning the final 1260 days in some converging manner. (as in 1914-1918 and WW1); as Daniel 12:11 also describes.

4. This is why Daniel 12:11 in final fulfillment has a removed “constant feature” as a result of that final “two witnesses” 8th King kill of Revelation 11:7-10, as the 4th UN placement 8th King is also placing final “disgusting thing” (world government) as that “tribulation of those days” (Matt24:29) is ending. Thus the “two witnesses” are removed prior to Babylon the Great’s (BTG) final judgment, which “two witnesses killed” event aids 144000 completion; (Rev11:7-12);

(Revelation 11:7-13) And when they have finished their witnessing (after 1260 days completes), the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them. 8 And their corpses will be on the broad way of the great city (BTG still present as collective final “great city” meaning; Rev16:19) which is in a spiritual sense called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was also impaled. (The Christendom apostate Jerusalem symbol has since officially merged into greater BTG container of false religion, thus “great city” is applicable to BTG global. In relation to “also impaled” as a general Davidic king symbol, the last one (King Zedekiah; 2Kings25:7; Eze12:13) died in Babylon, as related to Christ being that king’s final replacement also killed “outside Jerusalem” ) 9 And those of the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will look at their corpses for three and a half days (a transitional period after the 1260 days completes to full 144000 completion pictured later here in final fulfillment completion meaning as segway into Daniel 12:11 1290 days approximate), and they do not let their corpses be laid in a tomb. 10 And those dwelling on the earth rejoice over them and enjoy themselves (including BTG still existent), and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets (Zech4) tormented those dwelling on the earth. (Thus the world system is still operating; Rev18:9-18) 11 (144000 completion meaning:) And after the three and a half days (unknown symbolic period; segway to Daniel 12:11 timing) spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon those beholding them. 12 And they heard a loud voice out of heaven say to them: “Come on up here.” And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them. 13 And in that hour a great (temple completion) earthquake occurred, and a tenth of the city fell; and seven thousand persons were killed by the earthquake, and the rest became frightened and gave glory to the God of heaven. (These “kills” are like the “two witnesses” “kill”, approved of God for salvation, this final witness and final events results in some final sheep producing repentance as Matthew 24:29-31 and Revelation 6:12-17 is that 144000 completion context of world manifestations of Christ prior to Armageddon final divine war phase);

5. Thus that Revelation 11:11-12 meaning of 144000 completion leads to the 7th trumpet signal of Messianic Kingdom final completion:

(Revelation 11:14-15) The second woe is past. Look! The third woe is coming quickly. 15 And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.”

Sovereign Announcement

1. The Kingdom of God and Messianic Kingdom proclamations that were paralleled by 8th King diametric sovereign announcements also in foundational form must go over a final cycle of replication to the final form of those sovereign powers and their final global diametric sovereign announcements.

2. For Messianic Kingdom it is the final 1260 days Kingdom warning announcement (little scroll) of the “two witnesses” leading to Messianic Kingdom completion. For the 8th King completion it is the final world “peace and security” statement of that completed world government:

(1 Thessalonians 5:1-3) Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, you need nothing to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know quite well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. 3 Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.

3. Which is the parallel world effect of this “freedom from care” at 8th King last “stand” into full world government:

(Daniel 8:25) And according to his insight he will also certainly cause deception to succeed in his hand. And in his heart he will put on great airs, and during a freedom from care he will bring many to ruin. (like the “two witnesses”, and eventually BTG; Rev17:15-18) And against the Prince of princes he will stand up (Dan11:45; 12:11 parallel; abyss rise of Rev11:7 in final fulfillment of 8th King coming out of world war/tribulation the last time as final world peace proclaimer of 8th King completed world government), but it will be without hand that he will be broken. (Armageddon divine war phase);

Final Deployment

1. The first “two witnesses” Kingdom ministerial preview phase of 1260 days as Revelation 11:2-3 and Daniel 7:25; 12:7 timed parallels in 1914-1918 must replicate as a second and final “two witnesses” world deployment, hence “two” “witnessings” as well as Messianic Kingdom final warning, as Messianic Kingdom and 8th King approach completion over the final cycle as Daniel 11:42-45 8th King final world-drive merges into a final fulfillment of Daniel 12 amidst another world tribulation cycle as in 1914-1918, but in final form.

2. Thus the Revelation 6:1-8 quadruple horse “ride” will have climax effect as well of that “ride” continuing into the final phase.

Seven Times

1. The incomplete “3.5 times” decree and time signature definition of duration in literally 1260 days that occurred in the 1914-1918 Kingdom birth cycle, must complete as “seven times” in the same principle of divine allowance (Luke21:24) in this final period of 1260 days of the future completing the 2520 days of final “holy city” “trampling” of Revelation 11:2, now occurring twice – once at Kingdom birth phase (1260 days), and once at Kingdom completion prelude phase (1260 days) completing the divine “seven times”; as 2520 days, 1260 days + 1260 days.


1. The anointed “body of the Christ” meaning of a 144000 completion defines the Messianic Kingdom body, also represented as Temple, Holy City, Bride and Court completions of that identical 144000 full number. What started in live resurrection to populate this “body” in heaven in even 1914 as foundational members of the “24 elders” symbology (Rev21:14), now known to JWs in the post 1918 judgment meanings as all deceased anointed in first resurrection commencing after that 1919 period, must complete to final 144000 totality over this final cycle. (That an anointed secondary foundation (Rev21:14) actually was present in 1914 is explained later fully);

(Zechariah 14:3-5) “And Jehovah will certainly go forth and war against those nations as in the day of his warring, in the day of fight. 4 And his feet will actually stand in that day upon the mountain of the olive trees, which is in front of Jerusalem, on the east; and the mountain of the olive trees must be split at its middle, from the sunrising and to the west. There will be a very great valley; and half of the mountain will actually be moved to the north, and half of it to the south. 5 And you people will certainly flee to the valley of my mountains; because the valley of [the] mountains will reach all the way to Azel. And you will have to flee, just as you fled because of the [earth]quake in the days of Uzziah the king of Judah. And Jehovah my God will certainly come, all the holy ones being with him.

(Revelation 17:14) These will battle with the Lamb, but, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them. Also, those called and chosen and faithful with him [will do so].”

8th King

1. The 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” must complete full world government (Dan8:25; 11:45; 12:11; Rev11:7) and make a final world peace sovereign statement period; (1Thess5:1-3; Matt24:6 inverted); (See[2] Daniel 11:42-45 as Final 8th King Cycle); (See[3] UN World Government Quadruple Cycle);


1. A final tribulation cycle must complete and ends it’s “tribulation of those days” component (Matt24:29), into 8th King world government as Christ arrives (Matt24:29-31) to also complete the final stage of his Messianic Kingdom gathering. (See[1] World Recovery after Tribulation of those Days); (See[4] Daniel 12 Replication);

Armageddon Gathering

1. Full 8th King globalization effects Revelation 16:12-16 final “gathering” of all nations in completion of 8th King world power based on a globalist unification of full international earthly power; (Rev19:19-21); must also complete over this final cycle.

Armageddon Final Conflict of Complete Rival Sovereigns

Firstly, Christ cannot arrive to depose a complete 8th King globalist world sovereignty until it is complete and actually fully exists – which is not now the case, nor will it be for a number of years. And the incomplete Messianic Kingdom must also be complete as the instrument of that conquest – also now in incomplete form. Thus the Christendom and Bethel premature end diversions are revealed to serve final cycle confusions, not understanding.

Dual Fulfillment

1. The element of divine wisdom in a repetition of fulfillment from initial form to final form over a century approximate of full initial explanation, is that a repeating pattern and principle previously understood and described is at work a final time with the same key players, whose initial warning fulfillment is now manifesting in actual final world events of that Revelation 6-7 (Rev8-11; Rev15-16) continuum in actual final form, already previewed in the 1914 WW1 era fulfillment. (See [8] Prophetic Replication);

A. Thus no one has to re-invent Revelation and Daniel understanding, the first fulfillment explains the final fulfillment. One just has be merely aware of the required replication and make a few historic updates to 8th King (Dan11:30-41) and temple judgment developments (Dan8:11-14) now covered up by Bethel’s leadership that have occurred in striking manner since especially 1990, and will continue to occur to climax.


1. Thus world events and UN milestones will be evidence that the prophecy already outlined, being explained as prophecy, again becomes world history, and is actually activated and continuing irreversibly to the 8th King completion and Armageddon climax as the final developmental objectives of the whole cycle to found Messianic Kingdom total universal sovereignty including it’s Earth domain cleared of the rival 8th King system completed and it’s supporters permanently (Rev19:19-21) – with full detailed warning over some final gauged years (Dan8:14; Dan12:7) leading to that final conquest of God and Christ as final Kingdom sovereignty of planet earth, and te universe (Rev20:1-3);.

Gauged Map to Armageddon

1. By such awareness that a United Nation completion of “new world order” world government is a trigger of Armageddon divine war phase we have a map of prophecy to Armageddon based on world milestones all will see with time to understand and make a “right side” sheep alignment for final events if they choose to do so.

A. United Nations “New World Order” “world government” intent, progress and completion world news to eventually become more clearly stated by the 8th King designate, will be a handy way to monitor Armageddon’s arrival. When 8th King completes, so will Messianic Kingdom, and the two shall meet in final battle. (Dan2:31-45; Zeph3:8-9; Joel3:9-17; Eze38-39; 2Thess1:6-10; Rev19:19-21; Rev16:13-21);

Ministerial “Little Scroll” Sovereign Content

Sequential Order

1. Contrary to 1914 and seventh trumpet lead-in foregleam events (1914-1918; Rev10-11; Dan12:7) and somewhat shuffled trumpet meaning thereafter (1919 5th trumpet; 1922 6th trumpet; 1922-1925 trumpets 1-4), the final sequence goes in trumpet 1-7 order as do the seven plagues proceed in order, and the exposition of the guaranteed Messianic Kingdom completion forming in that order is the “little scroll” sovereign warning content. It is “little” in duration of deployment as 1260 days, but has the Revelation 5 “scroll” full meaning in it’s contents as final Messianic Kingdom sovereign proclamations.

Comprehensive Totality

1. The first four seals, trumpets and plagues all have an earthly foursquare totality of meaning and effects.

2. Whereas seals 1-6 outline a completing process and it’s details of concurrent world power development from both Messianic Kingdom and 8th King founding and completion drives in the replication and dual phase meaning connecting to the seven trumpet sequence (seventh seal), the first four trumpets describe the temple judgment meanings in detail, as do the first four plagues describe world development judgment meanings as preliminary judgment components in the worldwide “earth” system undergoing final global 8th King intrigues (tribulation), thus setting up final effects of the last 3 trumpets and plagues as concurrent.

(Note: This is why the last three trumpets are also the three “woes” further defining the first four trumpets special meaning, because they portend a climaxing meaning affirmed in first four trumpet significance, and it’s final period of time more apparent in action as both 8th King completion authority, intrigues and effects, and Messianic Kingdom pre-completion final warning details all warning of the seventh seal and seventh trumpet finale, are in progress concurrently, parallel, all the way to actual Armageddon divine war for Earth’s world rulership.);

Christian Anointed Access to Heaven  and Kingdom Completion Clues

First Resurrection Starts – Kingdom/Temple Foundation and Construction Phase

(Revelation 4:1-3) After these things I saw, and, look! an opened door in heaven (heavenly access to anointed pictured), and the first voice that I heard was as of a trumpet, speaking with me, saying: “Come on up here (Apostle John pictures collective anointed furthering completion finalized at Revelation 11:7-12 events alluded to in “come on up here” statement), and I shall show you the things that must take place.” (Rev1:1 understanding opened to anointed through Christ for all people and sheep) 2 After these things I immediately came to be in [the power of the] spirit: and, look! a throne was in its position in heaven, and there is one seated upon the throne. 3 And the one seated is, in appearance, like a jasper stone and a precious red-colored stone, and round about the throne [there is] a rainbow like an emerald in appearance. (God’s Kingdom focus first, which led to Messianic Kingdom birth (24 elders mean “birth” already occurred in Rev4 scene), symbolizing anointed “gathering” to heaven by first resurrection on-going to completion over first and final cycles of Revelation replicating prophecy parts);

(Revelation 4:4-6) And round about the throne [there are] twenty-four thrones, and upon these thrones [I saw] seated twenty-four elders dressed in white outer garments, and upon their heads golden crowns. (Symbolic picture of anointed foundation 144000, and it’s final “24 divisions” of priesthood meaning as eventually all 144000) 5 And out of the throne there are proceeding lightnings and voices and thunders; and [there are] seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, and these mean the seven spirits of God. (Thus progressive completions of spiritual import are to come forth fully over the whole development of both cycles of prophecy) 6 And before the throne there is, as it were, a glassy sea like crystal.

Official Christ Final Mission Appointment

(Revelation 5:1-5) And I saw in the right hand of the One seated upon the throne a scroll written within and on the reverse side (indicates a whole meaning, deployed in dual form), sealed tight with seven seals. (indicates a progressive and complete awareness of sealed sacred secrets) 2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice: “Who is worthy to open the scroll and loose its seals?” (super-universal question) 3 But neither in heaven nor upon earth nor underneath the earth was there a single one able to open the scroll or to look into it. 4 And I gave way to a great deal of weeping because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it. (Pictures early anointed yearning to understand prophecy that was about to unfold in this first cycle of Kingdom proclamation and afterwards) 5 But one of the elders says to me: “Stop weeping. Look! The Lion that is of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has conquered so as to open the scroll and its seven seals.” (Christ appointed as the agency of God’s purpose to reveal the full scroll meaning in seven sacred secrets completing the whole “sacred secret” and Kingdom meaning to completion);

(Revelation 5:6-10) And I saw standing in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures (Cherubic angelic earthly import and missions; Eze1) and in the midst of the elders a lamb as though it had been slaughtered, having seven horns and seven eyes, which [eyes] mean the seven spirits of God that have been sent forth into the whole earth. (In the lamb is full power, vision and understanding now of the final Revelation meaning tying the whole Bible together) 7 And he went and at once took [it] out of the right hand of the One seated on the throne. (The “scroll” of divine mandates is from God Almighty) 8 And when he took the scroll (Christ officially is given and accepts final ministerial mission), the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, having each one a harp and golden bowls that were full of incense, and the [incense] means the prayers of the holy ones. (24 Elders all having some priestly utensils pictures heavenly priest body in addition to “golden crown” kingly body as King-Priest to be Christ’s king-priests in eventual full Kingdom and priesthood body) 9 And they sing a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought persons for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, 10 and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.” (Proclamation of Christ’s Messianic Kingdom eventuality, sacrificial purchase and qualifications);

1. Thus the significance in heavenly Kingdom of God crowning of Christ as the first seal opened in that scroll overall meaning, is a Kingdom “white horse” ride that started with the “last days” period (Rev1:10) since 1914, of a progressively clearer Messianic Kingdom birth and completion meaning deploying amidst world “woe to earth” starting in the unique and first world war is also a sign of things to come from the distracting 8th King – it repeats to final form in related manner.

2. Thus the wildbeast employing desolations and tribulations is present in industrialized global warfare to found massive start-up capital infusion on a self-invented monetary and finance system also expanding at supra-national scales engulfing the national systems in each world war cycle, and always ending the world war  for a UN peace resolution and forming world government presentation. (Four UN cycles: 1919, 1945, 1990, future); (See[3] UN World Government Quadruple Cycle);

3. That world war “problem” ending peace resolution formula is for highlighting globalist world government “solution” in the progressive 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” development, which is also shown concurrent with Christ’s “ride” as the next three seals release the three enemy “horses” of war, plague and death that is the “disgusting thing’s” trademark method of organized war and it’s nationally debilitating effects as the resolving world tribulation stage to present world government forum, recovery and notions as needed, positive and believable – and well timed – every time.

4. The completion directive of the 5th seal (Rev6:9-11) and it’s 6th seal (Rev6:12-17) foregleam details of that completion, including the prelude events of Christ’s actual arrival (Matt24:29-31 parallel), with a final “gathering” objective, leads to a 7th seal that outlines that whole seven seal general process in greater detail in Revelation 8-11’s seven trumpets, and connects explicitly or in principle to Revelation 12-13, and the seven plague parallels of Revelation 15-16; (And as shown earlier, Daniel is also connected in, thereby all sovereign prophecy can be aligned in final fulfillment into this reliable framework of Revelation and Daniel)

Concurrent Sovereign Completions

1. Thus the sixth seal results in the post 1260 days completion event parallel of Revelation 11:7-13 (Matt24:29-31; Rev6:12-17) that precedes Armageddon by possibly the whole Daniel 12:11 1290 days period of Christ literally having completed Messianic Kingdom (Dan7:26 parallel) in the also just completed 8th King’s face, and ruling as world sovereign about to destroy the 8th King, with full fair warning, amidst final sheep and goat separation finalization, in the midst of the completed 8th King as final Psalm 110 parallel “subduing in the midst of [his] enemies” in literal manner worldwide.

2. As we see the whole seven seals, seven trumpets and seven plagues all lead to an awareness of the completion of many elements enroute to Kingdom conquest completion of Armageddon – completed. As an emphatic set of triple 7’s, it is to be hammered home completely as seven symbolizes total spiritually mandated completion; (Even the “seven headed” “dragon”, though opposed to God, is a seven based spiritual completion permitted by God to complete also the “seven headed” “wildbeast” versions of Revelation 13:1 (national) and Revelation 17:8-18 (globalist) whose eventual rival 8th King sovereign completion allows a diametric Messianic Kingdom sovereign reaction; (2Thess1:6-10; Zeph3:8-9; Dan2:31-45; Joel 3:9-17)

3. Therefore the sixth seal event is not yet the complete end of the world of rival sovereignty, but a final massive sign and manifestation of Christ to complete 144000 in that “gathering” first, to oversee the “sheep and goat” pre-sentence “court” judgment as the 144000 also complete that judicial “court” aspect of Daniel 7:26, after the Daniel 7:25 “3.5 times”, 1260 day parallel completes as Revelation 11:7-12. Thus Christ finishes his own Kingdom ministry (Matt10:23) in super-natural perfect power, and the entire sequence since 1914, replicating into the final Kingdom and 8th King world developments, is prelude evidence of what is actually developing, intensifying while it is all developing; (Revelation 11:1-7);

4. Thus all seven seals have been explained in initial form since 1914 progressively to also provide insight into the final form it must repeat into as all things climax and complete. This is why 1914-1918 began with 7th trumpet preview meaning picturing the entire Revelation 4-5 set-up of the actual heavenly ceremony leading to Christ’s “white horse” initial deployment to guide the earthly ministry to completion, and it has an initial phase at Kingdom birth (1914-1918) and a final phase at Kingdom completion (future) of the same Daniel 12 periods also repeating to finality.

Trumpet Awareness

1. In first fulfillment the meanings of all the trumpets are made known in detail after the fact of fulfillment and hence trumpets 1-4 meaning in trumpets 5 and 6 deploying as anointed and earth sheep ministry give evidence of seventh trumpet events of Revelation 4-5 in 1914, and other scriptures of that official prophecy-marked and timed event and subsequent period in progressive hindsight finalized for the most part by 1922-1926, but ongoing.

2. In final fulfillment all the final meaning is to be explained before the seventh trumpet event of final Messianic Kingdom completion, as trumpets 1-4 will describe the JW temple judgment, desolation and purification, as again trumpets 5 and 6 deploy as respective anointed in final “two witnesses” fullest ministerial deployment meaning, and the earth sheep to be included in that final world “invading” ministry prior to “Kingdom come” as the final 1260 day warning period to result in Revelation 6:12-17 events of Revelation 11:7-13 parallels of Matthew 24:29-31 final “gathering” event. In final fulfillment all seven trumpets deploy in order.

(Note: Revelation 14 is a unique overview of also the 144000 completion process, final proclamations and judgment sequence foregleamed in the 1914 pattern, but to become an actuality in final fulfillment. Revelation 17 gives details of 8th Kingdom final developments to complete super-sovereign deposition of national sovereignty and religious sovereignty in the same final sequence (Rev17:12-18) as context of the Babylon the Great details of Revelation 17-18. Revelation 19 contains the final arrival of Christ upon the same “white horse” pattern of Revelation 6, but must include Christ’s final King-Priest coronation events, upon a complete 144000 Messianic Kingdom, temple, holy city and bridal body prerequisite, thus it pictures final arrival amidst a final “scarlet wildbeast” fully globalized and unified worldwide affront to the Messianic Kingdom earthly sovereignty in Revelation 19:19-21 that results in final Armageddon divine war phase connected to Revelation 16:12-16 final events leading to that conflict and final sovereign resolution.)

Anointed Kingdom/Temple Foundational Live Birth Required in 1914 Leading to Temple Construction Phase of 1919 Onward to Completion

A Kingdom “birth” “foundation” must also be the concurrent Temple “foundation” as Jesus Christ is the “foundation” of both those divine entities as parallels, that an official heavenly event would mark (Rev4-5), as God lays that foundation, for all divine agencies, by setting Jesus Christ as God’s Kingdom “kinged”, in such an official basis of all Messianic Kingdom and temple work to come, as it’s “cornerstone”, of course as prophetically marked as operative in official manner for final missions of announcement and eventual total completion; 1914 events. (That initial “great” “sign seen in heaven” as Revelation 12:1 “kingdom birth” eventual awareness, as the Matthew 24:29-31 post initial 1260 days preview fulfillment understanding opening up fully as to Kingdom and temple foundational meanings).

1. As Jesus Christ is the “foundation” “stone”:

(Psalm 118:22) The stone that the builders rejected Has become the head of the corner.

(1 Peter 2:6) For it is contained in Scripture: “Look! I am laying in Zion a stone, chosen, a foundation cornerstone, precious; and no one exercising faith in it will by any means come to disappointment.”

2. And a continuing of temple construction to completion is implied:

(Ephesians 2:19-22) Certainly, therefore, you are no longer strangers and alien residents, but you are fellow citizens of the holy ones and are members of the household of God, 20 and you have been built up upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, while Christ Jesus himself is the foundation cornerstone. 21 In union with him the whole building, being harmoniously joined together, is growing into a holy temple for Jehovah. 22 In union with him you, too, are being built up together into a place for God to inhabit by spirit.

3. We also have a secondary foundational clue further upon Christ:

(Revelation 21:14) The wall of the city also had twelve foundation stones, and on them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

4. Thus the crowned woman is crowned as such prior to the Messianic Kingdom birth.

(Revelation 12:1-2) And a great sign was seen in heaven, a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon was beneath her feet, and on her head was a crown of twelve stars, 2 and she was pregnant. And she cries out in her pains and in her agony to give birth.

5. And since the King designate of that yet incomplete Messianic agency is immortal and already present in heaven for official foundational work to be laid by God in prophecy indicating 1914’s end of the “appointed times of the nations” as seven full times of Daniel 4 (Luke21:24), this “living” “child” had to be an actual living entity, newly born into heaven, whose also very real birth leading to an earthly sovereign agency is what Satan attempted to undermine attempting to abort the Messianic Kingdom birth process (Gen3:15):

(Revelation 12:3-4) And another sign was seen in heaven, and, look! a great fiery-colored dragon, with seven heads and ten horns and upon its heads seven diadems; 4 and its tail drags a third of the stars of heaven, and it hurled them down to the earth. And the dragon kept standing before the woman who was about to give birth, that, when she did give birth, it might devour her child.

6. Thus it appears the “24 elders” symbology is representative of a secondary “twelve foundation stones” that were also made present shortly after Christ was officially empowered by God as King of God’s Kingdom to actually be the first members of that “male child’s” Messianic Kingdom “body” present at that time, “birthed” as such, yet like Christ, active in God’s Kingdom and Messianic Kingdom capacities just being founded – a bi-lateral power system forming under Christ’s dual roles.

(Revelation 3:12) “‘The one that conquers—I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he will by no means go out [from it] anymore, and I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem which descends out of heaven from my God, and that new name of mine.

7. After Satan’s removal and the first action of the “authority” of God’s Kinged Christ:

(Revelation 12:7-12) And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled 8 but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven. 9 So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. 10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God! 11 And they conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their witnessing, and they did not love their souls even in the face of death. 12 On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”

8. The rest of the post temple cleansing of anointed on earth would mark the 1919 meaning of the Daniel 12:11 and Daniel 7:26 parallel of beginning the populating of that temple in construction, and the Messianic “court” parallel of 144000 “body”. This “The Court” and this scene is a parallel of Revelation 4-5 “court” of 1914 official heavenly Kingdom events – it is the initial meaning of this “court”:

(Daniel 7:9-10) “I kept on beholding until there were thrones placed and the Ancient of Days sat down. His clothing was white just like snow, and the hair of his head was like clean wool. His throne was flames of fire; its wheels were a burning fire. 10 There was a stream of fire flowing and going out from before him. There were a thousand thousands that kept ministering to him, and ten thousand times ten thousand that kept standing right before him. The Court took its seat, and there were books that were opened.

9. And that 1914 event leads to a preview of this (1914-1918) “court” cited above, and a final Messianic “Court” 144000 completion (future) prior to complete world judgment in a final phase replication of this sequence as a final 1260 days; “3.5 times” completes 2520 days requirement of “seven times” completion. This Christ “Court” must be including all 144000 in final judgment preparatory completion as that Messianic judicial “court” (Matt25:31):

(Daniel 7:25-26) And he will speak even words against the Most High, and he will harass continually the holy ones themselves of the Supreme One. And he will intend to change times and law (full globalization “new order”), and they will be given into his hand for a time, and times and half a time. 26 And the Court itself proceeded to sit (all 144000 with Christ; Matt25:31), and his own rulership (8th King) they finally took away, in order to annihilate [him] and to destroy [him] totally.

10. That “Court” is the Messianic Kingdom related earthly directed judicial system completing prior to final judgment. Just as “twenty four older persons” has an initial foundational meaning and a completion meaning of all 144000, so does the “court” have an initial preview and completion meaning present in Revelation as well in initial and final fulfillment. That 144000 completion to come, is in the final post 1260 day final warning period of that climax main event leading to Revelation 6:12-17 preview meaning of the final gathering period of Matthew 24:29-31 actuality to come.

11. Only 144000 completion can be the fullest meaning of this Messianic Kingdom authority as enabling the final Christ coronation as King of the Messianic Kingdom upon a full 144000 body:

(Daniel 7:17-18) “‘As for these huge beasts, because they are four, there are four kings that will stand up from the earth. 18 But the holy ones of the Supreme One will receive the kingdom, and they will take possession of the kingdom for time indefinite, even for time indefinite upon times indefinite.’

(Daniel 7:21-22) “I kept on beholding when that very horn made war upon the holy ones, and it was prevailing against them, 22 until the Ancient of Days came and judgment itself was given in favor of the holy ones of the Supreme One, and the definite time arrived that the holy ones took possession of the kingdom itself.

12. That “judgment” has an initial Revelation 4-5 event meaning (such as scroll delivery to Christ reception of it from God, leading to 144000 heaven access in time), and it’s final completed judgment meaning as all 144000 “holy ones took possession of the kingdom itself” as the grand finale of completion leading to Christ’s actual, final, Messianic King-Priest coronation. (Zech6:9-15);

13. Thus the temple completion parallel also requires 144000 temple “stones” in completion to allow Christ to also be the “head stone”, the crowning completion of the Kingdom Temple spiritual whole, also the last “stone” in the temple – set by God, not himself, as was the foundation – Christ is temple builder of all 144000 in between:

(Zechariah 4:6-9) Accordingly he answered and said to me: “This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. 7 Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. There will be shoutings to it: “How charming! How charming!”’” 8 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 9 “The very hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house, and his own hands will finish [it].

14. This does not refute foundational Christian awareness of the 1919-1922 significance of continued Kingdom and Temple “construction”, but merely places the living “male child” entity in first birthed form as the same living “24 elders” symbolism representing some live foundational anointed actually present as that “birth’s” “male child” “infant”, implying Christ was immediately “built” upon as the Revelation 21:14 “twelve foundation stones” of that New Jerusalem “city” “wall” shortly after 1914, before the 1919 broader anointed first resurrection continuation.

A. This just aligns Kingdom “birth” and Temple “foundation” as an identical event with Biblical evidence and logic, and clarifies that period of time’s fuller meaning, for final 144000 completion priority events coming up, which completion divine decree is not currently understood by most anointed Christians, and is not part of the JW world ministry for reasons “set in opposition” at Bethel. (2Thess2:1-4);

15. The presence in Revelation 4 of the symbolically shown “twenty four older persons”, and “their” symbolic but real actions, statements and involvement, is also divine evidence a real anointed presence had to be involved in Revelation 4-5 developments as shown as 1914 events after the Kingdom “birth” they are also the symbol of as “male child” initial Messianic Kingdom members (on earth, and in real-life as 12 apostles, at least, at that 1914 “birth” timing), and into spirit-form anointed assisted initial Messianic Kingdom ministry deployment of Revelation 6:1-2;

(Note: This aligns Revelation 12:6, 14 “1260 days” signatures to the 1914-1918 events – not 1919-1922 events as implied in the Revelation Grand Climax book  – whose overall Revelation initial fulfillment commentary was correct since it’s original form as part of the Babylon the Great Has Fallen commentary of 1963, and the Then is Finished the Mystery of God commentary of 1969. As stated formerly, the original 1914 understanding of Daniel 7, 12 and Revelation first fulfillment is accurate and is required to understand the replication of Revelation and Daniel 12 in final form on the same patterns, but towards completion of all things being described. That complete 1260 day harmony of cross referencing is logical for all the scriptures it links. )

The Brother Clue

1. Thus when stating “our brothers” here just after that Kingdom birth, it is that foundational anointed voice present to witness Satan’s ouster as anointed brothers are directly involved with the earthly issue being highlighted in human anointed integrity accused (by extension all humans; Job1-2):

(Revelation 12:10)  And I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God!

Angels could not have spoken as “brothers” of the “accused” anointed humans relating to anointed Christian human witnesses of God:

(Revelation 12:11) And they conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their witnessing, and they did not love their souls even in the face of death. (Rev14:12);

2. That Revelation 12:10 “our brothers” statement has to be from foundational spirit form anointed present at Satan’s removal from heaven, and the first meaning of “twenty four older persons” with “golden crowns” in a foundational Messianic Kingdom authority with Christ, that completes as the 144000 in the process as final “twenty four older persons” totality of Kingdom, temple, holy city, bride and court 144000 completion under King Christ as full completion. (In harmony with a dual phase and dual fulfillment reality being described);

3. The “male child” infant had to be defined by living, actual, real, spirit form, “new creation” as Christ is no “infant” and cannot define that “baby” “body”. The twelve apostles as the first representative members of “the body of the Christ” are what defines that “male child” in infancy of the Revelation 21:14 meaning in 1914 shortly after Christ assumed “crown of twelve stars” Kingdom of God power as subservient “woman” symbol to be the means God produces the “male child” by his “woman” the appointed and royal “mother” in Revelation 12. This fully respects the foundational understanding, merely adding needed detail of who that “male child” as infant represents in actual first living members of the Messianic Kingdom in a completion development over short time of an approximate century and a world ministry announcing that fact.

A. It also follows logic that the earthly Kingdom covenant first members also become the first form of the very real thing in heaven.

(Luke 22:28-30) “However, you are the ones that have stuck with me in my trials; 29 and I make a covenant with you, just as my Father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom, 30 that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

4. Thus Messianic Kingdom and the Temple and the Holy City all have 1914 foundational work as 1919 led into the “construction” phase of gathering deceased anointed in live spirit form, and “gathering” the rest of the 144000 “body” by use of the world ministry with a Kingdom and Temple completion objective detailed as part of the final warning and Christian anointed world call.

Dual Kingdom Christ

1. Since the 24 priestly divisions and the “twenty four older persons” having priestly number and utensils (Rev5:8) implies a priestly symbol, the “golden crowns” also imply a kingly role, a king-priest symbolic meaning and a relationship to a bi-lateral human pattern (Zech6:9-15), as the “male child” is such a design, as are humans a bilateral symmetrical creation and organism. Thus doubling the known “12” tribal organizational number as a bi-lateral pattern found also in the 24 priestly divisions of full-time temple service is another logical meaning. Christ as master pattern employs a “12 starred” “crown” of heavenly aspects, and a 12 tribal order of 144000 earthly sovereign aspects, who must apply by Christ heavenly powers to earthly realms upon full completion of this bi-lateral “body”.

2. Christ’s “bi-lateral” power in heaven and earth thus encompasses heavenly Kingdom authority to effect Messianic Kingdom birth and maturation to completion. Hence why the “woman” of Revelation 12 parallel to Genesis 3:15 uncrowned “woman” is crowned prior to Messianic Kingdom birth.

(Matthew 19:28) Jesus said to them: “Truly I say to you, In the re-creation, when the Son of man sits down upon his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also yourselves sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

(Luke 22:28-30) “However, you are the ones that have stuck with me in my trials; 29 and I make a covenant with you, just as my Father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom, 30 that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

(Revelation 3:21) To the one that conquers I will grant to sit down with me on my throne, even as I conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne.

(Matthew 20:20-21) Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached him with her sons, doing obeisance and asking for something from him. 21 He said to her: “What do you want?” She said to him: “Give the word that these my two sons may sit down, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your kingdom.”

(Matthew 25:31-33) “When the Son of man arrives in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit down on his glorious throne. 32 And all the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 And he will put the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left.

3. The “twenty four older persons” is a foundational symbology of spirit form anointed aiding Christ as High-Priest to complete the rest of the 144000 and allow full Christ King-Priest capacity in a Messianic Kingdom sovereignty aimed at Earth’s rulership:

(Revelation 4:4-6) And round about the throne [there are] twenty-four thrones, and upon these thrones [I saw] seated twenty-four elders dressed in white outer garments, and upon their heads golden crowns. 5 And out of the throne there are proceeding lightnings and voices and thunders; and [there are] seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, and these mean the seven spirits of God. 6 And before the throne there is, as it were, a glassy sea like crystal.

(Revelation 5:9-10) And they sing a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought persons for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, 10 and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.” (Thus both kingly and priestly symbols are present in the “twenty four older persons”);

(Isaiah 24:21-23) And it must occur in that day that Jehovah will turn his attention upon the army of the height in the height, and upon the kings of the ground upon the ground. 22 And they will certainly be gathered with a gathering as of prisoners into the pit, and be shut up in the dungeon; and after an abundance of days they will be given attention. 23 And the full moon has become abashed, and the glowing [sun] has become ashamed, for Jehovah of armies has become king in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem and in front of his elderly men with glory.

A. So where agreement statements of “the lamb’s” related judgment decrees of God’s approval and commission for receiving the scroll and opening it’s seals and making that known on earth are made in heaven in Revelation 4-5’s account of actual events, that basic actual entity symbolized by the “twenty four older persons” must have been present at that time, actually in stated concurrence in vision to the apostle John of future events certain to have true meaning; (Rev1:1; 4:1).

B. That the twelve apostles are directly referenced in a secondary foundational capacity upon the foundation “stone” Christ as Revelation 21:14, and that this is a preliminary preview initial fulfillment to explain what must be final prophetic replication, the “24” aspect also must repeat the involvement of those twelve foundational apostles in Messianic Kingdom completion directives for both the “birth” and “completion” phases.

C. Thus a twelve tribal order is applied twice in it’s heavenly power under Christ to aid Kingdom completion for both phases. We see Christ as heavenly King also employs a “crown of twelve stars” (Rev12:1) in heavenly Kingdom subservient “woman” capacity that preceded the Messianic Kingdom birth as a number of also divine organization also present in the “12” tribal orders of the 144000. (Rev7:5-8);

D. Since the angelic, not anointed, “twelve stars” of Revelation 12:1 precede that foundational work of anointed 144000 “12” tribal founding in that sequence of Messianic Kingdom “birth”, it must apply to “12” angelic orders and heads of angels in heavenly Kingdom capacity at Christ’s command as Michael, of which Michael in archangelic and by then Mighty God (Isa9:6) capacity would be appointed divine authority of, from God as also the heavenly creative instrument by which God bore all angels through Michael (Col1:13-20) as that pre-christ heavenly first Son of God the only Archangel and type, the top personage in heavenly capacity of that “crowned” “pregnant” “woman” of God’s heavenly family of angels first appointed in that capacity. Michael is the “crown” totality of that “authority of God’s Christ” at Revelation 12:7-10 upon that “woman”.

E. The same “woman” of Genesis 3:15, also the bearer of Christ himself as righteous “seed” and first “brother” of all anointed; (Heb2:14); yet “Eternal Father” (Isa9:6) of all earth sheep to be gathered into him (Eph1:1-23) as the new “last Adam”, second man” (1Cor15:45-47) appointed earthly perfect human defined salvational “patriarch” in God’s purpose in that whole sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (Heb8-10);

(Note: Michael is Christ’s title in a sovereign role of heavenly sovereign issue being settled (in God’s Kingdom), not an earthly sovereign issue there, when Satan and the demons were cast from heaven; Some anointed Christians witnessed that event, but did not take part in it, as “Michael and his angels” battle the “dragon”, because angels, not anointed, were involved in the heavenly sovereign issue.

Christ and anointed 144000 resolve earthly/universal sovereign issues (by Messianic Kingdom), holy angels are in like manner as the above principle, not involved with human sovereign issues. The demon angels who have involved themselves in human and earthly sovereign issues, are who Christ must abyss and the anointed assist, to clear the earthly sovereign domain, as in heaven, of Satanic presence. Holy angels never have refuted God’s Sovereignty, and thus need no sovereign resolution, they assist Christ and God.

Humans after the 1000 year reign, then must continue the sovereign resolution in God’s favor to maintain perfection and everlasting existence. Humans will be the last persons to resolve the sovereignty question Satan has raised on earth, and this is why Messianic Kingdom is provided as background to uphold God’s Sovereignty as the one to choose in the end for the earthly sovereign issue yet to be resolved after the 1000 years ends and Satan is released, with the demons, for raising his issue again. Hence why Messianic Kingdom development is necessary to guide that final sovereign resolution with parties in Christ, 144000 and Christians who are involved with the earthly sovereign issue.)

4. Thus the twenty four priestly divisions of “seven day” service per division, and it’s year long service in temple duties, is a comprehensive symbol in all aspects of anointed aid under Christ in complete spirit-form foundational, and as all 144000 under Christ in temple services to the completion of the earthly restoration totality.

(Revelation 20:11-15) And I saw a great white throne and the one seated on it. From before him the earth and the heaven fled away, and no place was found for them. 12 And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened. But another scroll was opened; it is the scroll of life. And the dead were judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds. 13 And the sea gave up those dead in it, and death (as a comprehensive state beyond “the common grave of mankind” meaning; Eze47:9) and Hades gave up those dead in them, and they were judged individually according to their deeds. 14 And death and Hades were hurled into the lake of fire. This means the second death, the lake of fire. 15 Furthermore, whoever was not found written in the book of life was hurled into the lake of fire.

5. That Messianic Kingdom universal and earthly agency under heaven’s ultimate authority in unity is the completion objective of this final phase to resolve final sovereign issue on earth. That total Kingdom completion is what the seven seals are portending, explaining and leading to, and in the dual process (to manifest twice, guaranteed) all other completions in progress will also finalize, including the 8th King world government sovereignty to actually be a completed rival system for Christ’s arrival to have an actual defiant apex 8th King enemy to depose.

Sovereign Prerequisite of Christ’s Arrival

1. As of now neither the Messianic Kingdom, or the 8th King world government “scarlet wildbeast” is complete and thus are not ready for final Armageddon final phase battle. (Joel 3:9-12); The 8th King also requires a final phase of completing development; (Dan11:42-45; Rev16); These and other completions are what this final phase will bring about over the unique temple judgment fulfillment and timing of Daniel 8:14 signal event (starting Rev8, to Rev8-11), leading to the replication of Daniel 12:7, 12:11 timed periods, repeating – to completion.

A. Hence the Armageddon completion prelude 8th King military globalization completion taunt of God Almighty will also complete a related Revelation feature of that required 8th King totally “placed” complete (Dan11:45; 12:11) and stated (1Thess5:1-3) world government “scarlet wildbeast” during this final cycle of the near future:

(Joel 3:9-12) “Proclaim this, you people, among the nations, ‘Sanctify war! Arouse the powerful men! Let them draw near! Let them come up, all the men of war! 10 Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning shears into lances. As for the weak one, let him say: “I am a powerful man.” 11 Lend your aid and come, all you nations round about, and collect yourselves together.’” To that place, O Jehovah, bring your powerful ones down. (The Kingdom/Christ and the holy angels) 12 “Let the nations be aroused and come up to the low plain of Jehoshaphat; for there I shall sit in order to judge all the nations round about. (Armageddon and Revelation 16:12-16 “gathering” details of globalization basis);

Kingdom Objective: Ultimate Completion of God’s Will and Purpose

1. Ultimately the Messianic Kingdom is an earthly sovereignty required to then carry out the rest of the Revelation 20:4-15, Revelation 21-22 objectives of a restoration of earthly completion.

(Revelation 21:1-6) And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea is no more. 2 I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” 5 And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.” Also, he says: “Write, because these words are faithful and true.” 6 And he said to me: “They have come to pass! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. (the completion) To anyone thirsting I will give from the fountain of the water of life free.

2. The Messianic Kingdom is the means to that “end”. Thus Messianic Kingdom completion is leading to ultimate completion:

(Psalm 2:1-9) Why have the nations been in tumult And the national groups themselves kept muttering an empty thing?  2 The kings of earth take their stand And high officials themselves have massed together as one Against Jehovah and against his anointed one,  3 [Saying:] “Let us tear their bands apart And cast their cords away from us!”  4 The very One sitting in the heavens will laugh; Jehovah himself will hold them in derision.  5 At that time he will speak to them in his anger And in his hot displeasure he will disturb them,  6 [Saying:] “I, even I, have installed my king Upon Zion, my holy mountain.”  7 Let me refer to the decree of Jehovah; He has said to me: “You are my son; I, today, I have become your father.  8 Ask of me, that I may give nations as your inheritance And the ends of the earth as your own possession.  9 You will break them with an iron scepter, As though a potter’s vessel you will dash them to pieces.”

(Revelation 21:9-14) And there came one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls which were full of the seven last plagues, and he spoke with me and said: “Come here, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.” 10 So he carried me away in [the power of the] spirit to a great and lofty mountain, and he showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God 11 and having the glory of God. Its radiance was like a most precious stone, as a jasper stone shining crystal-clear. 12 It had a great and lofty wall and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names were inscribed which are those of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel. 13 On the east were three gates, and on the north three gates, and on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. 14 The wall of the city also had twelve foundation stones, and on them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

(Psalm 110:1-7) The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord is: “Sit at my right hand Until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”  2 The rod of your strength Jehovah will send out of Zion, [saying:] “Go subduing in the midst of your enemies.”  3 Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force. In the splendors of holiness, from the womb of the dawn, You have your company of young men just like dewdrops.  4 Jehovah has sworn (and he will feel no regret): “You are a priest to time indefinite According to the manner of Melchizedek!”  5 Jehovah himself at your right hand Will certainly break kings to pieces on the day of his anger.  6 He will execute judgment among the nations; He will cause a fullness of dead bodies. He will certainly break to pieces the head one over a populous land.  7 From the torrent valley in the way he will drink. That is why he will raise high [his] head.

(Isaiah 65:17-19) “For here I am creating new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart. 18 But exult, you people, and be joyful forever in what I am creating. For here I am creating Jerusalem a cause for joyfulness and her people a cause for exultation. 19 And I will be joyful in Jerusalem and exult in my people; and no more will there be heard in her the sound of weeping or the sound of a plaintive cry.”

3. Thus this blessing lost and it’s hierarchical effects due to sin and the sovereign issue of rejecting God’s rulership:

(Genesis 1:26-28) And God went on to say: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and let them have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the domestic animals and all the earth and every moving animal that is moving upon the earth.” 27 And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them. 28 Further, God blessed them and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.”

4. Due to these divine curses:

(Genesis 3:14-19) And Jehovah God proceeded to say to the serpent: “Because you have done this thing, you are the cursed one out of all the domestic animals and out of all the wild beasts of the field. Upon your belly you will go and dust is what you will eat all the days of your life. 15 And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel.” 16 To the woman he said: “I shall greatly increase the pain of your pregnancy; in birth pangs you will bring forth children, and your craving will be for your husband, and he will dominate you.” 17 And to Adam he said: “Because you listened to your wife’s voice and took to eating from the tree concerning which I gave you this command, ‘You must not eat from it,’ cursed is the ground on your account. In pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life. 18 And thorns and thistles it will grow for you, and you must eat the vegetation of the field. 19 In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return.”

5. Have a covenantal basis of the means of restoration by that Genesis 3:15 righteous seed, in a “ground” of symbolic meaning of all the “nations of the earth” to be blessed in this completion promised:

(Genesis 12:3) And I will bless those who bless you, and him that calls down evil upon you I shall curse, and all the families of the ground will certainly bless themselves by means of you.”

(Genesis 22:17-18) I shall surely bless you and I shall surely multiply your seed like the stars of the heavens and like the grains of sand that are on the seashore; and your seed will take possession of the gate of his enemies. 18 And by means of your seed all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves due to the fact that you have listened to my voice.’”

6. As the Messianic Kingdom completion leads to these completions as it’s objective:

(Revelation 21:1-6) And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea is no more. 2 I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” 5 And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.” Also, he says: “Write, because these words are faithful and true.” 6 And he said to me: “They have come to pass! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. (the completion) To anyone thirsting I will give from the fountain of the water of life free.

(Revelation 22:1-5) And he showed me a river of water of life, clear as crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 down the middle of its broad way. And on this side of the river and on that side [there were] trees of life producing twelve crops of fruit, yielding their fruits each month. And the leaves of the trees [were] for the curing of the nations. 3 And no more will there be any curse. But the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in [the city], and his slaves will render him sacred service; 4 and they will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. 5 Also, night will be no more, and they have no need of lamplight nor [do they have] sunlight, because Jehovah God will shed light upon them, and they will rule as kings forever and ever.

7. And hence why and how the seven seals lead to the understanding of why and how a full completion of full Kingdom of God and Messianic Kingdom sovereign power is so important, and why 8th King obstacles must be removed fully.

(1 Corinthians 15:24-28) Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom (God’s Kingdom, the initial Kingdom of Christ’s Kingship) to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power. 25 For he must rule as king until [God] has put all enemies under his feet. 26 As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing. 27 For [God] “subjected all things under his feet.” But when he says that ‘all things have been subjected,’ it is evident that it is with the exception of the one who subjected all things to him. 28 But when all things will have been subjected to him, then the Son himself will also subject himself to the One who subjected all things to him, that God may be all things to everyone.

That is how Revelation loops back to Genesis 1, by way of “last Adam” “re-creation” (Matt19:28) of all lost in Adam (Heb2:14), and the glorification of the Earth and it’s life system totality as the “paradisiac” Messianic Kingdom courtyard of eternal life blessing restored (Ps133) in Jesus Christ for all mankind (Eze47) as “God’s will done on Earth, as in Heaven” – divinely guaranteed; (Matt6:10);


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The Modern Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation

Governing Body Aided UN Aiding Subversion and Diversion Campaign (1976-2014 Approximated);

[6] Bethel’s Premature “End of the World” Diversion

JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy Aids Cover Up of Final Cycle – UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

Outline – UN has Four Cycles in World History and Bible Prophecy

[7] Timed Temple Judgment

Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Daniel 8:13-14

The Total World Judgment “The Judgment” Begins With Jehovah’s Witnesses

FYI – The Verification Events Coming Soon as Timed Period

[8] Prophetic Replication

Kingdom Come: The Final Revelation is the Final Replication of Prophecy

The Divine Advantage of the Prophetic Replication for Jehovah’s Witnesses


Simple Outline of Major Prophetic Milestones to Armageddon Divine War Finality

I. Modern Apostasy and Lawlessness Signal of Final Judgment Cycle; (2Thess2:1-4; Zech1:3; 1Pet4:17);

A. Jehovah’s Witnesses Organized Apostasy and World Government Cover Up

1. The significance of this ministerial apostate signal at Bethel is in the JW loss of United Nations related world government developmental and prophetic tracking after the 2 UN placements as prophecy in 1919 (Post-WW1; Rev13:11-15) and 1945 (PostWW2; Rev17:8-11) where tracked properly

A. The 1990 3rd UN placement (Dan11:31b) as “new world order” initiative and 4th UN final placement (of the future Dan11:45) significance was subverted in the Daniel 11:30-45 8th King “King North” prophetic fulfillment of the final two UN placements since 1990 by Bethel organized subversion with a UN NGO signal alliance. (Dan11:31);

2. Since the original two UN placements exposition by Jehovah’s witnesses (1920s to 1970s; after 1945) also contained a Messianic Kingdom “birth” sovereign announcement concurrent with 8th King UN placement tracking, the world observable UN completion trajectory to a final Armageddon conflict based partly on UN world government completion is also fully lost since 1990 as to a concurrent Messianic Kingdom completion phase significance.

3. Bethel based apostasy supporting such cover-up as led by the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” (1976 coup) identifies that signal prerequisite of revelation (2Thess2:3) of such a final lawless signal indicating a final judgment and prophetic cycle (1Pet4:17) is due to activate again over prophetic markers (Rev8-11; Rev15-16) and periods (Dan8:14; Dan12) also covered up by the Bethel UN NGO apostate objective to aid also 8th King developmental secrecy as regards modern prophecy fulfillment and developments in details in the Daniel 11:30b-45 continuum activated in 1990;

II. Final Temple Judgment – JW Organization Representative Judgment in Global Tribulation Commencement Context – (Timed Dan8:13-14; Rev8:1-6 Dan11:42-43);

The 1990 approximate concurrence of UN 3rd placement after the Cold War (Dan11:29) and the Bethel UN NGO marked signal defection prophecy as Daniel 11:31-32, Dan8:11-13 and Matthew 24:15. This UN NGO alliance defines the Daniel 8:13 temple judgment indictment “transgression causing desolation” (as UN NGO) that leads to Daniel 8:14 timed temple judgment desolation requirement and recovery of the Christian ministry as first world signal and signal of the final prophetic and 8th King world developmental cycle starting.

The purpose of a final temple judgment is to clarify the final cycle by removal of Bethel’s organized subversive obstacles.

A. Phase 1: Temple Judgment; (Dan8:13); JW Organizational Desolation; (Dan8:14 “evening”; Rev8; Zech3:2);

1. This timed “evening” phase of the temple judgment (Dan8:26) is for signal and verification to JWs and others to recover from the temple judgment for UN NGO signal transgressions at Bethel some years later.

2. 1Peter4:17 principle activates as Daniel 8:13-14 parallels Revelation 8-11 commencing as Revelation 8:2-5 temple judgment parallel.

B. Phase 2: Temple Cleansing; Ministerial Recovery and Clarification (Dan8:14 “morning” and “right condition”; Rev9; Zech3:4-5; Mal3:1-5);

1. The purpose of a final temple judgment cycle is to clarify the final prophetic cycle understanding and explanation by eventual divine removal of Bethel’s organized subversive obstacles after the “evening” phase 1 completes, to allow a final Kingdom completion warning to deploy in the “morning” enlightenment phase as per prophecy continuing.

III. Final Kingdom Warning Eventual Deployment (Rev10-11; Zech3:6-7; Timed: Dan12:7; Dan7:25; Rev 11:2-3);

A. Final Kingdom Completion Warning Period of 1260 Days

1. A valid continuation of the Christian Kingdom completion and 8th King completion tracking ministry in a high profile manner of world attention deploys a full sovereign explanation (little scroll) as marked timed prophecy (two witnesses) some time after or in the temple recovery phase while a final world tribulation will be in development of Daniel 11:42-43 global 8th King wealth and finance globalization intrigues.

2. This final Kingdom warning ministry to develop some years after the temple desolation commencement is a timed 1260 day prophecy repeating the 1914-1918 preview fulfillment prophecies and patterns to complete form of final Kingdom completion and 8th King completion warning.

3. This temple-desolation-to-recovery to final ministerial Kingdom warning deployment must develop in a global tribulation context forming and intensifying eventually manifesting the whole Daniel 11:42-45 progression of final 8th King UN world government completing intrigues as parallels of Revelation 16 seven plagues.

B. 8th King World Government Phase Overall Context; (Dan11:42-45; Timed Climax: Rev13:5);

1. 8th King world intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43 wealth and finance globalization must activate the final cycle leading in time to Daniel 11:44-45 as a Daniel 11:42-45 final UN world government phase that merges into Daniel 12 final fulfillment timed prophetic periods.

IV. Final Ministerial Cessation; (Dan11:44; Rev11:7; Timed Cessation: Dan12:11)

The cleansed Christian ministry resulting from the temple judgment cleansing with a valid final Kingdom sovereign warning (Rev10 “little scroll”) deployed as a 1260 day timed final ministerial period (Rev11:2-3; Dan12:7) as “two witnesses” (Rev11) must be eventually ceased by 8th King completing world government intrigues; (Rev11:1-7 parallel Dan11:44);

V. Tribulatory Phase Ends into World Government; (Matt24:29; Dan8:25; Isa41:1;Timed Incept: Dan12:11);

The fourth time repeating world war/tribulation phase resolved to present 8th King world government in a finale world “peace and security” resolution culminates as in 1919, 1945 and 1990 but now in final form. The resolving of the “tribulation of those days” aids UN world government acceptance; (Matt24:29; Dan8:25 “freedom from care”);

B. Final Globalization becomes World Government; (Dan11:44-45; Dan8:25);

1. The Revelation 16:13-16 globalization dynamic of that final international “gathering” of all nations under a world government completes; (Dan11:42-45 cycle; Rev17:11-18 final national sovereign transference);

C. National Sovereign Deposition in Subservience; (Rev16:13-16; Rev17:11-18);

1. 8th King globalized UN “image” nucleus forming to full world governmental power deposes all former national autonomies into 8th King globalized final sovereign totality. (Rev17:12-17);

D. Religious Sovereign Deposition in Complete Removal; (Rev16:12; Rev17:15-18)

1. Babylon the Great religious empire as specialized global spiritual sovereignty (Rev17:18) and massive global asset storage system (Rev17:15-18; Rev18) is deposed at the end of the “tribulation of those days” and world government cycle (Rev16:12; Rev17:15-18) as a world peace supporting development for UN world government believability, final cycle national recovery massive capital infusion boost, and final divine judgment of that global institution. (Rev18:8; Rev17:15-18);

E. Final World Peace Statement; (1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25);

1. A final 8th King UN world peace proclamation of it’s completed world sovereign “8th King” totality is a public world statement period of complete world rulership in a uni-polar final consolidated form “scarlet wildbeast”.

2. 8th King completed world government and final rival sovereign claim is a apex sovereign prerequisite met enabling a Messianic Kingdom sovereign response (2Thess1:6-10) upon a completed 8th King system (Rev19:19-21), by a concurrently completing Messianic Kingdom agency. (Rev11:11-19; Rev16:17-21); to resolve the final world rulership issue.

E. 8th King Final Sovereign Completion; (Dan8:25; Dan11:45; Dan12:11);

1. The entirety of all “scarlet wildbeast” world governmental worldwide functioning world government infrastructure will define the international sovereign climax symbols of the Daniel 2 “image”, Daniel 8 “King of Fierce Countenance”, Daniel 11 “King of the North” and Revelation 17 “8th King” as the identical globalized final world government form.

2. This is the functioning and stated world government 8th King complete based on it’s United Nations formative nucleus as Revelation 13:11-15 “image” “of the wildbeast” international forum as a globalized unified sovereign whole and the final “two horned wildbeast” globalist elite world government architecture completed and proclaiming world sovereignty.

3. All progressive Bible prophecy sovereign culmination is equaling, converging into, and identical to, the globalized type 8th King world government power comprising all the subservient and member national powers in that final defiant sovereign whole against the Messianic Kingdom at the Armageddon global situation of final divine war. (Dan11:42-45 + Rev17:11-18 = Rev16:12-16 as Rev19:19-21);

VI. Christ Arrival; (Matt24:30; Rev6:12-17; Rev1:7; Rev19:11-18);

Christ arrives into this approximate overlapping and merging final 8th King and world sovereign development simultaneously to effect a “sheep” “gathering” and final separation priority prior to final world judgment finalized in divine war phase. (Matt24:29-31; Rev6:12-17);

A. Seventh Plague and Trumpet Complete (Rev11:15-19; Rev16:17-21; 1Thess4:17);

1. The developmental gauge of seven trumpets and seven plagues significance in final world tribulatory effects culminate in their respective 8th King and Messianic Kingdom completions as a continuum of signal to Armageddon divine war climax.

B. 144000 Completion; (Rev11:11-12; Matt24:31; Rev14:1);

1. The Messianic Kingdom totality completes in all 144000 (Rev14:1) as Christ is kinged as King-Priest (Zech6:9-15) upon that final Messianic Kingdom, Temple and Court (Dan7:25-26) “body” to complete the final process.

C. Final Sheep Securement (Matt25:31-46; Rev14:14-20);

1. The final “great crowd” of earth “sheep” are secured prior to all out Messianic Kingdom divine war under a newly completed Christ Kingdom completion deploying into the 8th King completion developments for a final phase (Dan12:11), not immediate “the end” divine war climax.

VII. Final Sovereign World Rulership Conflict; Armageddon Divine War Climax (Rev19:19-21; 1Thess1:6-10;)

A. 8th King Defeat and Deposition; (Dan2:31-45; Joel3:9-17);

B. Satanic Defeat and Abyssing; (Rev20:1-3; Isa24:21-22; Eze38-39);

VIII. Millennial Kingdom World Conquest Victory; (Timed Incept: Dan12:12; Rev7:9-17);

The official full Messianic Kingdom sovereign universal and world rulership begins.(Rev21-22);



1. The import of the final prophetic cycle is that United Nation world government completion triggers Armageddon divine war phase after Christ’s arrival for simultaneous Messianic Kingdom completion final phase.

2. The resulting JW temple judgment organizational ministry desolation is the first world signal of the final phase starting.

3. The same elements of the first prophetic preview of this development is present in the JW 1914-1918 era Messianic Kingdom birth announcement ministry that unfolded over WW1 into the first UN League of Nations manifestation in 1919 as the primary pattern.

4. The final cycle will have a similar Messianic Kingdom completion announcement unfolding into to the final 8th King UN fourth placement as world government upon the same pattern as 1914-1918.

5. The current JW ministry is now purposely diverted by Bethel leadership and is the reason why a JW temple judgment will remove those obstacles over a timed temple judgment desolation and recovery period as per Daniel 8:13-14. JWs are not informed of this final cycle by a Governing Body stalling and misinformation act to conceal an active diversion in progress.

6. That event to unfold over some years from a marked initial event or series of events will mark the commencement of the final cycle of prophecy and UN world government development over a final global tribulatory period to be resolved into final UN world government as Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12 final fulfillment and Daniel 8:14 parallels te activation of Revelation 8-11 parallel Revelation 16 seven trumpets and seven plagues with meanings to be explained in the final recovered and cleansed Christian ministry from current JW leadership foretold subversions.

7. The entire final cycle is approximately timed as Daniel 12 final fulfillment underlying the Revelation applicable replication sequences as primarily Revelation 8-11 JW focused events and Revelation 16 world focused event.

8. The basic prophetic concept is that the final world government developmental cycle is based on the 1914 prophetic pattern replicating with also a final Messianic Kingdom completion developmental drive.

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