Lloyd Barry Assassinated?

More GB Info – and a New Strategy to Get Around this Frontal GB Exposé as Needed 

Lloyd Barry Assassinated?

Now I see, in the excitation of seeing all this “lawless one” requirement in the final temple inspection and clean out phase, a frontal assault on the GB 816 may be the wrong approach. I call them the 816 because the latest GB with “Sanderson”, makes 8 guys, with 16 chins between them; (First time ever, these guys eat very very well).

Lloyd Barry, (GB 1975–1999), was probably the last genuine anointed with any authority in the writing and teaching areas of committee development.

As you may know he “dropped dead” while giving a talk in Hawaii in 1999 (July 2).


In my opinion Lloyd Barry was the last “loose end” real anointed with authority to oversee writing, and the possible subsequent realization of the UNNGO “disgusting thing standing where it ought not”, in the JW temple, whose ramifications as big sin to break as scandal after his death – and deal with appropriately by repenting from, and admitting the sin, rather than condoning it a spreading it; (Zech3:1-3).

I feel Lloyd Barry was assassinated and had another 10-15 years in him or more; From that point of his removal, another “one acting as a restraint”, “writing” and “teaching” development was sealed up for the GB infiltration. Impotent sideline anointed with no influence were tolerated, as far as Governing Body teaching (or appointment), and were going to also vanish in time, naturally, or who really knows how; if you know what I mean;

John Barr ended up as Barry’s “replacement” overseeing writing according to some sources (like Barb Anderson), no doubt controlled or an agent himself, hence the Barry removal made way for this “stagnation agent” in doctrinal non-development, the guy pointing at the explosion on the Faith In Action, Part 2, DVD cover is John Barr I think, or is that Schroeder???.

I have no idea about Jaracz, but both him and Barr exited in apparent death in 2010; Now it is all locked up for the infiltrators; A whole post 1991 UN crew;

But since Henschel was a strong influence in the GB and corporate things since 1991-1992 (When Franz went physically incapacitated and died 12-22-1992), Gerrit Losch (“Garrote Leash”) was plopped in (1994) as apparent future ring-leader to assume the spy Henschel’s role (since 1939 official) upon his exit (2003) (in my opinion);

Now look at this flimsy GB imposter list experience:

Active GB Infiltration:

Samuel Herd (1999); years GB; 12
Geoffrey Jackson (2005); years GB; 7
M. Stephen Lett (1999); years GB; 12
Gerrit Lösch (1994); years GB; 18
Anthony Morris (2005); years GB; 7
Guy H. Pierce (1999); years GB; 12
David H. Splane (1999); years GB; 12
New: Mark Sanderson (2012); years GB; 0

1. Even their names have dual meaning in most cases;

2. All are in AFTER the main infiltration UN/NGO event of 1991;

Very Strange, no 80s GB Transitioners

3. Notice NO ONE transitions from 1980s GB inception, 1977 (Sydlik) to 1994 (Losch) is a 17 year “gap”; Why?

They made sure no pre UN “old timers” were transitioning in, in my opinion, hence this younger GB with no experience in comparison with past GBs. This “GB” are now all in place, in my opinion, all globalist operatives now – even the experience level is questionable to have all newbies “in office”:

Look at the overall experience years in the GB compared to the past:

Deceased GB

Frederick William Franz (1944–1992); years GB; 48
George D. Gangas (1971–1994); years GB; 23
John C. Booth (1974–1996); years GB; 22
William Lloyd Barry (1975–1999); years GB; 24
Karl F. Klein (1974–2001); years GB; 27
Lyman Alexander Swingle (1945–2001) 56
Milton George Henschel (The lead agent in my opinion) (1947–2003); years GB; 56
Albert D. Schroeder (1974–2006); years GB; 32
Daniel Sydlik (1974–2006); years GB; 32
Carey W. Barber (1977–2007); years GB; 29
John E. Barr (1977–2010); years GB; 32
Theodore Jaracz (1974–2010); years GB; 36

(GB members who overlapped into UN/NGO)

You can see from the dates the formation of this active ring proceeds after Gerrit Losch (1994) with no one earlier than 1994; That’s why Lloyd Barry had to be put out of the way, he was a seasoned WTBTS anointed (in my opinion) writer and had authority in that committee; His death is suspicious in this context;

Now Jehovah, Christ, Franz and Barry are taking vengeance from the spirit realm! SOON!

So it is best to concentrate on the reality that the Zech3 cleansing and all this “lawless one” development is fulfillment of prophecy permitted by God for greater positive effects when activated and completed leading to the final “two witnesses” global final warning and Sovereign Ultimatum campaign of Jehovah and Christ the Ultimate Two Witnesses;

Prophetic Modes That Repeat Prophecies to Progressive Finale

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