4 Stands of the “Disgusting Thing”

Why the GB UN/NGO-DPI for the NWO was/is so significant;

Timeline and Placements of World Governmental Globalist Unification “Scarlet Wildbeast”; (Rev17:11-17)

DT Placement 1 – 1919 CE

Name: League of Nations
Event: Placement After WW1;
Prophecy: Revelation 13:11-15; Initial Fulfillment: Dan12:11
State: Commencement

Note: This forum “image” went into inactivity in WW2; (Rev17:8-11)

DT Placement 2 – 1945 CE

Name: United Nations Organization
Event: Placement After WW2;
Prophecy: Revelation 17:8-11
State: Second Version Globalist World Government

Note: This forum “image” came out of inactivity after WW2; (Rev17:8-11)

DT Placement 3 – 1990 CE

Name: United Nations Organization with False-Prophet “New World Order” Objective
Event: Placement After Cold War (WW3)
Prophecy: Daniel 11:30-32
State: False-Prophetic Reinforcement Phase

Note on Dual DT 3.0 Placement:

1.This forum “image” was refreshed in intent after the Cold War on 9/11/1990 before US Congress; 9/23/1990 before UN Security Council; (Dan11:30-31)

2. And in 9/8/1991 in xGB Awake! in the WTBTS and the DT 3.0 in the JW “temple of the God” placed by those false-priests; (Zech3:1-3)

JW GB Transgression Manifested

This is where the xGB manifested they are not Christian, but UN/NG-Organism by promoting the NWO in the WT and Awake! – INSTEAD OF TRUE PROPHECY – for 10 years rather than comment on this obvious Daniel update;

Here is where the Daniel 11:31 DT 3.0 was “placed” in the JW Temple in 1991; Here is where the “transgression that causes desolation” was committed as per Daniel 8:11-14 perpetually for 10 years covert, and ongoing today overt in approval of this by the xGB;

Rather than tell the world that prophecy of Dan8:11-25 and Dan11:27-45 run parallel now and in the near future as globalist King North (also King of Fierce Countenance; Dan 8:23-25), xGB plays dumb;

The MOL xGB covers this up, and tells JWs GT is next, but in fact JW temple judgment is what is really next; 1Pet4:17 is Dan8:11-14;

And that leads to the 4th and final DT 4.0 manifestation also as per divine prophecy:
DT Final Placement 4 – Near Future

Name: United Nations 4.0 Final Stand -(May assume a new name at this time;)

Event: After Global War on Terror and WW4
Prophecy: Daniel 11:44-45; Daniel 8:23-25; Final Fulfillment: Dan12:11 (Christ Court 1290; Dan7:26)
State: Approaching World Domination Completion (Brief Apex; Dan2:31-44)

Note: This GLOBALIST WORLD GOVERNMENT (8TH King) forum “image” will emerge (Dan8:23) and be placed finally (Dan8:25; Dan11:45) in the final “freedom from care” with a final world “peace and security” false-prophecy; (Dan8:25; 1Thess5:1-3; Daniel 11:44-45)

This is all after WW4 is resolved (as usual for the globalist world government formula of world war “problem” then “hey! world peace y’all!” “solution”) and prior to GT “extinction mode” of Matt24:21-22, after the brief break of the “tribulation of those days” of Matt 24:29-31;

Bible Time Map of the End

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