The “Event” JW Bethel is Planning For

The 8th King and 8th King UN NGO Allied Bethel KNOWS Something Big is About to Happen Soon

So do a lot of other people and researchers, theorists, groups, etc. It will not be “Armageddon” as Bethel misleads JWs to confuse them and aid the cessation of that formerly anti-UN ministry. It is already ceased as far as any accuracy now.

What is about to start will take a decade or so to resolve in a tribulation cycle starting and ending as per Matt24:29. That is because UN world government as 8th human kingdom is planning to rule the world, not destroy it, so even the “great tribulation” Bethel preaches is also not “the end of the world” according to their own Bible and rules of engagement of Armageddon.

Like WW1 and WW2 and cold war that birthed UN related renditions after those conflicts were resolved, a world tribulation of type engineered and designed, is for the chaos effect from which new order is established. This coming “new order” is a full UN centric but greatly expanded international, multi-national world government totality. Not just an international UN forum “image” of such a world government in progress, but the Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:13-16 real thing, global uni-polar ultimate power world government. (Dan11:42-45 final cycle).

And that is not going to occur tomorrow, it takes years to realize and a final globalization cycle aided by a tribulatory aided consolidation of world power upon a final national decline that must also recover (Isa41:1) into a “freedom from care” (Dan8:25) and a world “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) a number of years after inception of the final cycle. A completion phase is also a requirement of that international secular system itself.

Thus Bethel is NOT so brain dead as to not see this. As per internal UN NGO reality, they are merely aiding the process by also derailing and removing the JW organizational system to aid this final cycle in that sector of potential opposition in exposure of Daniel 11:30-45 as the 3rd (of 4) and 4th (of 4) UN placements in prophecy and world history and projections. And by that Bethel engineered deception they sell JWs a premature “the end” cycle and a handy self fulfilling prophecy of Bethel’s financial and organizational destructions, over a couple years to aid the beginning of this final globalization phase.

Bethel full well knows (as do world elites) that final globalization cycle has a beginning as Dan11:42-43 financial pawning phase of globalization of national economies and finances, but they will sell that to JWs as terminal Daniel 11:44-45 attack phase misapplied and premature in the phasing, which it will not thus actually be, and cannot be in the process of actual world globalization into world governmental power. And that by prophecy AND the globalization projection itself.

Bethel states a tribulation is coming. That much is true. But it is Bethel that “can end any day now brothers!”, not the overall world system. And that tribulation cycle must end as in the three previous world war/tribulation formulas presenting a form of, at that time not yet complete, world government in 1919, 1945 and 1990, and as stated plain as day at Matt24:29 the tribulation cycle ends. It ends into full world government 8th King actuality.

Bethel knows what the real target is in the start of the final cycle as far as their operations, to attempt to shut down JWs permanently organizationally for starters. These delusions in JW theology aid that process.

And that is why they sell JWs a potential for great anxious confusion that can aid a Bethel implosion, internally aided by Bethel’s top administration, and covered up with misapplied prophecy so JWs have no idea what is [i]really[/i] going on. As far as an event or events coming up, the web has been full of that vibe in increasing fashion since even 911. The national financial condition of multi-100s-of-trillions in national debt and unfunded liabilities sets up the Daniel 11:42-43 finance/wealth cycle plainly obvious in that meaning of financial and monetary globalization first, upon total control of the “gold and the silver” basis of world wealth, and all national holdings as the “all the desirable things of Egypt”, as “Egypt” is finale “King South” collective worldwide national declination, a “southbound” downward spiral of world power in national form, in symbol, upon which international power ascends to apex “King North”.

International global government power is what King North is as 8th King ultimately. (Dan11:27-45) Another detail Bethel also subverts successfully. (Dan11:30-31; Dan8:11-14). It’s getting a little too logical Bethel is a UN allied troop of expert actors leading JWs into an engineered multi-year purposeful catastrophe on a worldwide scale as merely part of the inception activities of the final world globalization cycle that has to go on after that inception, for another 10 years, plus/minus.

Many in the world already know the UN plans to be the center of a real uni-polar world government. (Even Ron Paul (and Vladimir Putin, and many others) plainly describes it as such) And that is exactly what the “8th King” will achieve for a while.

Bethel is aiding the initial deceptions to cover up that final cycle as long as possible while they aid Bethel’s organizational deconstruction process for a couple years in this first 8th King “trampling” as the temple judgment desolation; (Hos6:1-3; Dan8:13-14). The “temple” is anointed Christians, Bethel merely represents it’s “established place” as per Dan8:11-12. The attack will target anointed Christians in now the Bethel Zech3:1-3 “befouled” priesthood reproach, supplied by the Bethel abominations.


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20 thoughts on “The “Event” JW Bethel is Planning For

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  19. I would like to say my opinion. its just an opinion. if the witnesses are masons and it seems likely they are. the fact they moved inland to higher ground suggest to me they know a flood of water is coming. (st. John of the divine pillars of faith show a wall of water destroying NY and coast line of the USA. that will bring in the NWO according the pillars. economy will crash, very little food many dead
    and not much shelter. as a 501c-3 the will purposely lead its members into FEMA camps. example Hawaii. once you go in you wont come out. the guillotines are already staged in every camps rex 84 I believe give the ok for executions. the WT could have chosen another tax exemption but they chose 501-c3 so as to be and agent of the state. religion will not be done away until they complete their role in leading people to accept their mark. that’s why there is such a big push on loyalty to the org. right or wrong I hVE READ YEARS AGO THE usa WILL BE THE FIRST COUNTRY TO GO DOWN THEN THE REST WILL FOLLOW I believe they know all along. the Pope says Freemasonry is the best tool they have. and we see plenty of that on their literature.
    you see the all seeing eye from above the KH in Heliski. you are starting to see the speakers holding their hands in the pyramid style triangle of power. this why ALL religions will be destroyed

    • It is the leadership who are compromised deeply. The average JW is just a victim, as in their new acronym, J=10W=23, or 33 dot org. How deep the roots go up into the JW overall population on down the religious-corporate ladder to the KH’s themselves is unknown of course.

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