Dan11 – NWO Replaces USSR

Fred Franz Files

Why The NWO Replaces the USSR in Daniel 11

Wrong Place at the Right Time

1. Frederick W. Franz went incapacitated and died at a critical point in modern political history as being tracked prophetically in Daniel 11’s King of the North progression of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR); It was also a critical point in prophetic analysis based on that historical outcome;

2. The dissolution of the USSR made it inconsistent with certain features of Daniel’s prophecy that must be present with the actual final King of the North as a planter of “palatial tents” and other successes leading to that finality; (Daniel 11:45)

3. Fred Franz and the USSR went incapacitated and died about the same time, 1991-1992; Therefore Fred Franz could not comment on these final USSR “King North” developments which no doubt would have affected the current interpretation at that time; The dissolution of the USSR and ending of the “Cold World War” added critical clues as to Russia’s limited role as a national King North, with a national coalition in the USSR and it’s prophetic limits;

4. The ending of the “Cold War” was also a critical event and cross roads for world government as a national or globalist based entity in human history for world rulership, as the utter failure and inability of the development of a mammoth national power system as a means to dominate the world became illustrated again in the USSR’s fall as this article will show the significance of related to the Daniel 11 prophecy;

5. That Fred Franz could not comment on these significant developments in world history at full mental capacity, in fact at all as far as we know, is a critical feature of these crucial developments being ignored today still, twenty years later, by Jehovah’s Witnesses “Governing Body” lead administration as they pertain to important prophecy since 1990;

Geico Body Cave Dwellers

It is like the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses lives in a 1990 cave on purpose, as if they never have read Daniel 11 again since 1990 and the fall of the Soviet Union; It is like they are purposely prophetically “brain dead”; We may ask why? And in fact the Daniel 11 prophecy answers the question;

CSI: Earth – King North Daniel Forensics

1. The dissolution of the USSR and the implied loss of the “Cold War” provided key clues in that “failure” noted in Daniel 11 generically and specifically, that logically and historically updates the meaning of all the national “King North’s” in Daniel’s prophecy as one set of failures (Dan11:27)

2. It also answers why, in part, the USSR and or the others do not progress successfully, but in principle, much past Daniel 11:27 in any real finality of fulfillment, in this noted portion of the prophecy;

3. The USSR is one that “will not succeed” seen in hindsight since 1991, and why he (and others) have failed is noted in part:

(Daniel 11:27) “And as regards these two kings, their heart will be inclined to doing what is bad, and at one table a lie is what they will keep speaking. But nothing will succeed, because [the] end is yet for the time appointed.

Birds of a Feather

1. But there are general commonalities here that do apply; All these kings have a common inclination towards “badness”, a common “table” and a common “lie” and a common failure as “nothing succeeds”; Nationalism fails as a means to rule the world noted here, seen in hindsight as compared to the prophetic progress (and success noted) of globalist world government; (“the king”; Dan11:36)

2. That verifiable dynamic is also shown now more clearly in the prophecy to be a final globalist King of the North by various unique clues that cannot apply to indebted and limited national powers, but requires their orchestration in a multi-national array of power controlled by one locus of “power and authority” beyond their national scope of power and intelligence; (Rev17:11-17)

3. That implied comparative failure, in fact sums up every national power struggle between national rulerships attempting to broadcast sovereign power beyond their own national borders successfully to eventual world domination; It won’t happen because it is yet for the end time for one, and these single nations and coalitions are too limited in resources and insight as history proves time and time again;

4. But the prophecy provides the logical comparative framework of prophetic sustainable “success”, a requirement that will emerge with one able to meet it, according to prophecy and globalist international power (8th King) that will utilize many nations to reach a globalist world rulership objective successfully to the end; Daniel 11:30, 11:36, 11:39, 11:43;

The signal attribute to determine ultimate King North is success or failure in the end time progression with a final sustainability by that final king;

1. No national based “King North” has ever sustained this success, and neither did the USSR, thus the USSR cannot be applied to these sustained final successes of the Daniel 11 prophecy – but he may apply in principle momentarily by his intent and temporary effectiveness;

2. The final globalist King North will on the other hand, be sustained in successes as shown in prophecy in a number of places;  (Including Daniel 8:23-25 which is a globalist world power, NOT the national Anglo-American system, for reasons covered in this analysis;)

Some Final Success Stories National King North Does Not Sustain

Globalist KN Success 1

(Daniel 11:30) ” And he will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively”;

Ultimately Nazi Germany and the USSR had no effect on the holy covenant, and even their limited effectiveness is debatable; They made JWs grow in fact, and fulfilled prophecy furthering that growth;

Globalist KN Success 2

(Daniel 11:36a) ” the king will actually do according to his own will”;

The definitive clue that the USSR is summed up in prophecy in the collective national failure of Daniel 11:27 “nothing will succeed”, albeit with great world power inertia, is that the final globalist King North is successful to the very end;

And that success proceeds after the fall of the USSR who did not even enter the “time of the end” of the “last days”, and this is the greatest clue as to the longevity of the final King of the North precluding all national powers who by now lack resourceful consolidative power required, eliminating all potential power players here, but ascendant globalist power:

Globalist KN Success 3

(Daniel 11:36b) ” And he will certainly prove successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish”;

No national King North ever was the apex fulfillment of this scripture, but globalist King North will be:

Globalist KN Success 4

(Daniel 11:39) ” And he will act effectively against the most fortified strongholds”;

Bankrupted USSR and Russia certainly were not enthroned on the rulership of all earthly wealth even capturing the “King South” domain of “Egypt” treasures:

Globalist KN Success 5

(Daniel 11:43) And he will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt.

USSR Not the Final King of the North Well Before Even Daniel 11:36

1. The USSR was now defined as part of that collective national and national-coalition failures, part of the “nothing will succeed” from WW1 to Cold War;

2. That failure of Communism/Socialist theory applied to national governmental and social systems disqualifies the USSR and Russia from the finality of the prophecy due to that manifest complete ideological failure;

3. Though the USSR national “King North” can apply in principle, it is not sustained successfully as the prophecy requires for final fulfillment as the globalist King North (8th King system) is accomplishing NOW and will complete as per prophecy; The USSR was just a national “King North” tool of the ultimate globalist King North for ultimate globalist objectives;

4. The national “King of the North” USSR (and the rest of the national powers) do not “act effectively” in any sustainable way; They are NOT the final fulfillment of these scriptures, even if they applied temporarily in principle; (Daniel 11:30, 11:36, 11:39, 11:43;)

5. This failure of the succession of national “King North’s” from WW1 (Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm) to WW2 (Nazi Germany) through Cold War (USSR) was “because” the “end is yet for the time appointed” and strategic/resource limitations;

6. This means that none of those national Kings North as manifested through that approximately 60 year period from 1914 actually entered the “time of the end” of the “last days” as this is a complete end period that does have an active “King of the North” and he is a globalist power development;

7. The Daniel “time of the end” is not all of the “last days”, but the end of them; All these national kings participated in only “last days”  in the “Lord’s Day” since 1914 of Rev 1:10, yet before the “time of the end”; The USSR is included in these verse 27 failures in the Daniel 11 prophecy and never did enter the “time of the end” of the “last days” which is another signal feature removing the USSR from final fulfillment possibility of Daniel 11:28-36;

8. Other prophetic clues compared to the history of this USSR final failure provide several other Daniel 11 provided identifiers of the final apex “King North” that prove the USSR is not delineated in Daniel 11 in any finality other than just a generic national “King North” that fails;

9. The Russian King North does not play a prominent role in the prophecy as his own “over-rated” presence seemed to dictate in the 1958 to current JW “understanding” where he is the star to verse 43; But the hindsight fact is, the USSR does not make it past verse 27 but in principle, and that one that does not sustain success;

10. The USSR does not apply in any finality to Daniel 11:30, 11:36, 11:39, and 11:43; In fact then, the USSR cannot apply to anything relating to final apex, currently operative globalist King North. Like Nazi Germany, the USSR just adds to the “world war” puppet show diversions and intrigues as a national King North puppet tool and distractive “bogeyman” to what is really going on in the world power globalist game;

Globalist King North Master of Puppets

1. Daniel 11:27-45 will be in final fulfillment primarily applied to the globalist King North control of both the national “King North” and “King South” puppet show “players” for world distraction as the apex “king” of all human history, the finale;

2. Even “King South” becomes a subservient feminine symbol by Daniel 11:43:

(Daniel 11:42) And he will keep thrusting out his hand against the lands; and as regards the land of Egypt (King South domain), she will not prove to be an escapee. 

3. Another national, religious or ideological “King North” can still be utilized by the globalist powers, but it will be only illusory “bogey man” sucker’s bait given power; No national power could ever out compete the globalist Global NATO 50% plus global war potential;


Daniel 11:27 is a Key Scripture to Understand a Key Paradigm Shift to Globalism in this Prophecy

1. This prophetic segway is defining a crucial new paradigmatic view of consolidative globalism versus divided nationalism that Fred Franz was not able to elucidate, and for reasons to be discussed here, this crucial paradigmatic understanding still eludes JWs.

2. To understand this final section of Daniel 11, one has to view this with both nationalistic King North puppets and histories in mind and the globalist King North puppet master and his history in mind;

3. In time the King North “Puppet Master” must take over the whole show at the appointed time of the end;

(Daniel 11:27) “And as regards these two kings, their heart will be inclined to doing what is bad, and at one table a lie is what they will keep speaking. But nothing will succeed, because the end is yet for the time appointed.

Similar Attitudes

1. Both “national versus national”, and globalist influencing and controlling national “king” “badness” can be shown in history and prophecy in this statement;

“And as regards these two kings, their heart will be inclined to doing what is bad, and at one table a lie is what they will keep speaking.”

2. There is a common “badness” in all parties this can be applied to as nationalistic or globalist entities;

3. There is a common earthly “table” that applies to the aspirations of all powers that have gone to war in any form to expand territory to the limitations of their power; Globalism is attempting to use all nations to achieve it’s own “table” of final world control;

4. They all speak the same “lie” and have the same related “one thought”; (Rev17:11-17) and that is a sovereign world rulership preservation and expansion whether of nationalist or globalist mindset acquired and maintained by any means possible;

Globalist Becoming

1. Globalism is a powerful theory of power logic and operations that can be applied to everything that defines national “power and authority”, like finance, government and military, but applied to globalist international focused power reality, rather than internal national resource management; (Rev17:12-18)

2. This is applied by complex progressive domination by superior insight, resources and computer/satellite aided intelligence power with an effective formulaic application of consolidation principles consistently over time; (Dan8:23-25)

3. Yet from WW1 to Cold War, through three national “kings” of the “north”, even the globalist “King of the North” in progressive power consolidation does not fully realize his objective until the appointed time of the end;

4. Nothing succeeds in the interim until the finality of their kingdom power apexes in the near future; Yet the globalist power is never an utter complete failure, it is always growing in power for the next phase (Dan8:23-25)

5. But nothing will succeed in the meantime nationally, because the end is yet for the time appointed, based on sustained successes of globalist power consistently, and the natural decline of national power due to these dynamics bent to globalist consolidation of resources;

Master of Illusion

1. Therefore the actual historic truth is that no national power, “King North” or otherwise, becomes financially actually rich from war. All the national powers end up with war debt and usually reparations debt as well that is shifted to the masses and takes years to “pay off”;

2. That is how globalists use national powers against themselves by limited understanding of the real world rulership objective and the source of the big financing center that funds both sides of the war, to profit from both sides industries, while administering incredible debt in the aftermath;

KaChing North

1. These “resources” or “goods” must end up, and have ended up in the globalist progressive power camp in a progressively expanding and consolidative fashion over time:

(Daniel 11: 28) “And he will go back to his land with a great amount of goods, and his heart will be against the holy covenant. And he will act effectively and certainly go back to his land.

2. The one who pocketed 250 billion dollars in established industrial capital and actual profits in WW1, and 5 trillion in WW2 and 40 trillion in the Cold War was the globalist King North forming above the shells of divided nationalism during this entire period to the end of the Cold War;

This next scripture could apply to WW1 in principle, but in a fuller sense it is the climax of a whole developmental period starting with WW1 and ending at the Cold War end, as will be shown:

 (Daniel 11: 29) “At the time appointed he will go back, and he will actually come against the south; but it will not prove to be at the last the same as at the first.

A Significant Evolution in Globalist Ascension upon National Decline

1. But in fact WW1, in hindsight, was an engineered and planned commencement of a progression to Cold War, not a random event as is commonly taught and imagined;

The Cold War conclusion was the signal decline of national power in principle and the signal ascendancy of the “New World Order” globalism upon that dynamic vacuum of power.

2. The globalist self-made and self-appointed “victors” placed their “disgusting thing” (DT) in spirit and principle as well in 1991 in NWO style, affirming a triumph of the United Nations concept and principles; This implied victory was by the USSR catastrophic failure marked in implied triumph by the DT-NWO public world proclamation “placement” after this “cold world war” conflict was resolved in the Cold War ending;

(That is a common world war “problem” to eventual finale globalist world governmental “solution” presentation to the world formula;)

3. That was “different than the first time” of any previous war cycle; It certainly did not ” prove to be at the last the same as at the first” in this drawn out progression to a sub-climactic “fade out” ending of the Cold War.

Also hugely significant was an actual symbolic rise of globalism “image” as a victor for the first time, not just a global UN government forum as in 1945; Russia conveniently surrendered to the UN by joining it; The NWO showed up in Berlin with jackhammers and champagne to “tear down the wall!”, the Berlin Wall came crashing down as the curtain of the great puppet show ending;

4. Much more was being said and done there than meets the eye or ear, and that is partly due to no significant actual JW commentary on this significant development; It was to the Governing Body as if nothing at all happened prophetically, while they promoted the same “new world order” mantra in the Watchtower and Awake! for 10 years on the public record promoting the “new world order” with George Bush Sr., honorary GB;

Some Key Differences from “First” Time to “Last “Time

1. The very nature of the Cold War itself was different than the beginning of the world war process of intense hot warfare as in WW1 and WW2;

2. The Cold War had periods of scattered “hot wars”, but the overt declaration or identification of “world war” was not present but implied;

3. The Cold War was extended for many years longer than both world wars combined, with far less intensity of application over that period;

4. The “Cold War” birthed a new kind of “disgusting thing” (DT) manifestation as the “new world order” (NWO) a new globalist ethereal mantra of grandiosity; Not clearly understood it is true, but significant then and now for anyone researching the objective and other details surrounding this false prophecy as proclaimed by it’s “prophets” as a “dream” and “objective”;

5. Globalism itself entered a new era of global operations and apex power formation also not clearly seen by the world, but in operation none the less;

Globalism is Also What is Totally Different

1. The climax awareness is the pre-birth of proclaimed  “New World Order” with globalization as the worldwide “life blood” presented through unique globalist orchestration of world war and it’s resolution;

That is the greatest feature of globalist actual ascendant power being recognized (by some) behind all world wars and how it did ” not prove to be at the last the same as at the first”, even in understanding this reality behind world war;

2. For those paying attention to the prophecy of Daniel from God that was a key difference in realization of the true world “locus of power” being an actual globalist engineered system, not some “conspiracy”, but an actual world governmental power in formation; For those also paying attention to the development of geo-political current affairs after this event, globalism is the basis of the United Nations development efforts, but that must have an effect on the actual way national powers are ruled above their own nations;

Meaning the 17 acre “image” of the “wildbeast” United Nations is not the only part of an actual worldwide power system that is forming upon 200 national powers in a multi-national unified array for world rulership;

3. Globalization is the heart and body of a new world order, not nationalism, which is just a piece in the globalist puzzle;

That is a key understanding also shown in this critical point in Daniel’s prophecy, where the USSR no longer applies, but NWO globalist King North does apply fully, from Daniel 11:36 forward, and in climax final fulfillment of the principle features of Daniel 11:27-32 as applied to globalist King North, not the USSR that failed before the “time of the end”;

In effect JWs need to swap the USSR out, and put the NWO in to that final Daniel 11 progression;

4. The “last” of that world war cycle for this phase before the “time of the end” (to 1991), “hot” or “cold”, was indeed completely different than the beginnings and pretext objectives of any world war cycle previous to this event or in national limited wars before World War 1, or in the two world wars that followed;

5. The “cold war” was the more significant unique war application and globalist actual objective of fast-tracked nuclear, weapons, missile, satellite and computer advanced technological development, among other globalist applied emergent systems maturing and expanding in this period after WW2;

6. Even the presentation of the “disgusting thing” (DT) was unique as a false-prophetic proclamation of the “False-Prophet’s” main mantra of the “new world order” prophecy; “the dream of a new world order”; George Bush Sr. (9/11/1990)

7. Globalism as a world theory of rulership also became better known after this 1991 period of “new world order” campaigning initiated by George Bush Sr., before the U.S. Congress on September 11th, 1990;

The Scripted Obligatory “Dejection”

(Daniel 11: 30a) And there will certainly come against him the ships of Kittim, and he will have to become dejected.

That “dejection” was and is a standard part of the world war show (all of them in principle), as well as the resistance of nationalistic powers who were not willing or able to be dominated fully by globalist sovereign control yet; (Revelation 17:12-17 shows the eventual transfer of sovereignty to globalist powers)

For national significance, in hindsight, the national King North “puppet” always goes down, as the Anglo-American national world power King South “puppet” always arises victorious along with the globalist  “image” it is connected to in the presentation of the League of Nations (1919) and the United Nations (1945) and the “New World Order”; (1991) (Obviously, the UN-NWO fell off the JW radar very conveniently in 1991)

In hindsight, this is all part of the standard WW script; “Dejection”, or defeat of the national “King of the North” (nKN) is a required element of the globalist victory formula to present the principally triumphant or newly applicable globalist world government “solution” as the “only hope for mankind” and “Kingdom of God on earth” in the most appealing and complimentary victorious light possible;

This globalist “world peace” “solution” all just happens to come around, 3 times now, after a great engineered world war “problem” desolation and conflict is conveniently concluded for this very effect; Create the horrible “problem” for which the beautiful “solution” is ready to be presented next to “save the day”, or take credit for the victory;

This process is obviously, in hindsight now, all formulaic, the predictable intended climax for “image of the wildbeast” positive presentation which is engineered and presented by elements in the globalist King North (gKN) formative power system, namely the Two-Horn-Wildbeast as globalist elite engineers of this whole “war and peace” process and blasphemous “peace product” presentation on the massive yet globalist contrived world stage show;

Multiple Applications by Principle to Pinnacle Fulfillment

1. This updated interpretation still honors the previous JW interpretation as applied to WW1’s “dejection” of the nKN, and WW2 had a similar “dejection”; The same principle always applies in an obligatory formula such as Daniel is exposing from God; What changes is the “ships”, if one rendered them literally; But the “ships” and “Kittim” are symbolic; Yet that still honors the condition of WW1’s nKN “dejection”; Yet applies to the successive global wars (hot and cold) as well;

2. The “ships of Kittim” is a symbology of many “vessels” of nationalism that are thrown against the national “King of the North” to produce this engineered “dejection” over time, for the above noted effect of birthing world government as a highly desirable means of “world peace and security” AFTER the convenient war cycle and the concluding “dejection”;

3. So that honors the previous JW interpretation and still leads to a climax fulfillment anti-type that must take it all further, all the way to and through the “time of the end”; (Daniel 11:36)

4. WW2 and Cold War also had “holy covenant” “denunciators”, “profanation” attempts (Nazi and Soviet infiltrators in the JW org) and obstructive attacks on Jehovah’s “fortress” (organization) and “constant feature” (ministry) in all theaters of nKN influence in WW2 and Cold War;

5. This shows this is a formulaic principle of these operations regardless of context, but these WW2 and Cold War events were not the final fulfillment; Yet these can still be applied to this prophetic description, but not to the full – BUT that did come as will be shown more here;

6. None of the former operations (1914-1945) had an ongoing success of true “effectiveness” which is needed in the prophetic feature to a recognized apex of fulfillment; (Dan8:23-25 has the same principle of a similar development)

7. In 1991 there was a sustained “effectiveness” of DT “placement” that manifested in a dual significance, in two different “places” of the same DT manifestation, a huge prophetic signal that can be demonstrated. This globalist profanation “success” will continue all the way to Daniel 8:11-14 removal of this effect; That is how successful this is, and why it is the final fulfillment of this scripture as will be described here;

Great Dual Significance

The greatest significance of this period is the parallel dubious performance of the WTBTS along with this world manifestation of the “disgusting thing”, in NWO form, at the end of this Daniel 11:30-32 description and prophecy;

All the “kings” are against the “holy covenant”, so WW2 and Cold War nKN are not the apex final fulfillment; But one does become the climactic apex in time and it was manifesting before this time of public and private revelation as well in 1991; The apex enemy of the “holy covenant” is globalist King North (8th King + 2HWB globalists) it’s most formidable rival for the rulership of the earth by God’s Messianic Kingdom; (Rev 11:7; 13:7)

Though of no account as a threat to God’s Kingdom power in reality, globalist King North is the main engineer of the “disgusting thing” as a defiant “world peace idol” and an actual multi-national globalist unification against God’s Messianic Kingdom sovereign power;

That globalist King is the one with the most significant denunciations against God himself by collective and authoritative effect; That globalist King is the one with the most significant comprehensive collective power forming to climax; That globalist King is the one with the most significant effective affects upon Jehovah’s witnesses even now in covert fashion manifesting to undeniable;

(Daniel 11:30b) “And he will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant.

Clues of Greater Significance

1. This period transpires from after WW1 and after the rejection of Christendom in 1919 as part of the “holy covenant” even in former JW interpretation; These intrigues noted in verse 30b begin to develop after the first attack on the “holy covenant” and the “holy ones” after the 1914-1918 period of attack;

2. Therefore these leaving the “holy covenant”, that the gKN “gives consideration to” are IN the “holy covenant” after 1919 as described here, which cannot be Christendom any longer by this time; What they actually are is former Jehovah’s witnesses who turned infiltrator traitor to work internally in the JW worldwide organization from unknown periods after WW1, through WW2, to manifest more clearly and brazenly later; (Zech3; 2Thess2:3-12)

3. The other clue that this has greater globalist significance than Nazi Germany and Christendom as is currently interpreted by JWs, is that this King North is the driving force of the “disgusting thing” (DT) itself in this verses 30-32 sequence;

4. This King North initiates the progression that results in the DT placement again; Neither Nazi Germany, the USSR or any King North national power is the main engineer of the DT; They all fight the King South DT national champion Anglo-Americans; This King North is ultimately a King North who is involved with the origination, developmental engineering and various placements of the DT such as this one;

5. This King North is globalist world power actually at work since even WW1, to accomplish this “world government” feat, presented after each successive world conflict from WW1, to WW2, to the Cold War in one form or another;

Double Whammy

The greatest final application of what follows below is all applied to globalist King North resources and planning to an action of global significance in the world system, and in the JW organization progressively to a key signal climax;

(Daniel 11: 31a) And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from him;

Those “arms” have stood up in the JW organization in spiritual warfare from way back, but manifested in time; They are why none of this information is being examined as regards the USSR inability to fulfill this prophecy after the downfall of that symbolic national King of the North and other implications covered in this report;

These “arms” are in spiritual war, proceeding from globalist King North:

(Ephesians 6:12-13) we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places. 13 On this account take up the complete suit of armor from God

With dubious negative effects in time progressively to the climax signal result:

(Daniel 11:31b) and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant feature.

This is the “befouled” (Zech3:3) internal effect these “transgressors” (Dan8:11-14) have progressively had on the JW organization since this operation began to manifest more and more features of sins originating from within the JW system itself; “In the temple of the God”; (2Thess2:3-12 in 2Cor11:13-15 stealth “transformation”)

The temple now has a “man of lawlessness” forming to a full revealing from this infiltration, as this evidence points to as well; Currently this group is in a masterful infiltrative “transformation” as “ministers of righteousness” recycling JW minutia and playing the part of a “GB”; (2Cor11:13-15)

The organizational “fortress” by now is compromised with these operators and corruptions as well, and that effects the overall JW “sacrifice” being polluted in more compounding ways manifesting after the UN/NGO relationship; We are talking over 100 anomalies easily compounding since 1991;

That WTBTS UN/NGO Department of Public Information (DPI) relationship was the pinnacle “adukterous” transgression, because it mirrored globalist DT proclamation in the JW temple system of the DT “new world order” campaigning that was ALSO manifesting in the world system in the 1991 “stand” of the “False-Prophet” parallel ing it in the WTBTS writings, as if planned; (It was planned, that is what a UN-DPI agent does, provide public information about the UN to it’s demographic globally unique audience)

Temple DT Idol Placed

1. Thusly this has a significant and officially sanctioned placement in the WTBTS and the JW temple system publicly now from it’s own “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” adjunct UN “ad agency” services in covert to overt fashion:

(Daniel 11:31c) “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.

2. The rogue xGB members behind this did place the “disgusting thing” in the JW temple at this time of 1991 by official sanction which became world news and active scandalous reproach ongoing in 2001 (10/6/2001) approximately timed with the 911 WTC events, as this UN/NGO/DPI relationship spontaneously was “exposed”;

U.N. Henschel Baby

This was all carried out as Fred Franz went incapacitated and died; From that point forward, no comment whatsoever has materialized in print from the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses upon very obvious features of the prophecy that can no longer be finally applied to the USSR and Russia in the capacity of any truly significant King of the North manifestation;

Sleight of Hand

1. But there is a greatly significant globalist King of the North manifestation in progress NOW and yet to form to worldwide apex in this prophecy that can only apply to globalist King North after the USSR national “King North” went down;

2. Thereby globalist King North himself, and other clues are also missed in the misapplication of this prophecy to the USSR in final fulfillment and the resistance and apparent lack of Biblical attention to adjusting this huge oversight by continued JW “sideshow distractions” from the xGB;

3. And that being for 20 years, a development that would not have occurred had Fred Franz been able to comment on these prophetic developments in light of the USSR’s final collapse as retired national King North puppet, rather than Milton henschel, the globalist stooge, running the place into coma, continued by Gerrit Loesch’s and globalist Co. in purposeful continuation of JW coma for future coup on the JWs;

4. And as we see developmental inconsistencies here, the Governing Body still fails to update the obvious problems that the fall of the USSR created as applied to Daniel 11:36 forward. This also affects the final fulfillment applicability of Daniel 11:27-35 which neither Nazi Germany or the USSR as national King North manifestations could fulfill in a sustained manner of success.

Globalist Operations Continue

The globalist King North has fulfilled this section of prophecy, and must continue all the way to the finality of the judgment to come in time; (Dan11:36b; Dan8:11-14), all the way into even the JW temple system, as the infiltration is obviously now affecting all Jehovah’s witnesses prophetic awareness by outdated errors that could be fixed by careful examination of historical developments since 1990;

That is how successful this globalist King North effects on the truth have become, a temple cleansing is what must result from this dangerous seizure of the JW “established place” by these transgressors within the JW top hierarchies from the Governing Body across the JW system; (Dan8:11-14)

No one could just accidentally overlook these developments for 20 years, with timed anomalies that parallel huge globalist world events in 1991 and 2001;

And Daniel by divine inspiration informs us after this event, the infiltration would expand and continue to grow, even as some JWs went prophetically comatose in 1990 levels of erred understanding in regard to Daniel 8 and 11, the truth would come out in time (with a judgment; 1Pet4:17; Dan8:14);


But as noted this scriptural application takes place all the way to the “time appointed” “time of the end” which is the finality of the whole sequence and links all this to Daniel 8:11-25 “transgressors” as well:

(Daniel 11: 32) “And those who are acting wickedly against the covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively.

As was shown in principle in the case of Nazi Germany and the USSR, the effects of this stumbling can apply to any “harassment” period  in the fulfillment of this prophecy in minor or major final form and in principle; (Dan7:25) Some of the final effects described partially in this prophecy will be seen in the “trampling” of the “established place thrown down” in disciplinarian actions from God as per Daniel 8:11-14 when Jehovah requires the foretold accounting of this “transgression causing desolation”;

This Segway is a Continuum

So this has multiple valid application and a final cycle:

(Daniel 11:33) And as regards those having insight among the people, they will impart understanding to the many. And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for some days.

And more questionable infiltrator “growth” will continue:

(Daniel 11: 34) But when they are made to stumble they will be helped with a little help; and many will certainly join themselves to them by means of smoothness.

But a refining results and this is a continuum through to the “time of the end”;

(Daniel 11: 35) And some of those having insight will be made to stumble, in order to do a refining work because of them and to do a cleansing and to do a whitening, until the time of the end; because it is yet for the time appointed.

That is where this sequence takes a clean break to globalist fulfillment;

Globalism “The King” of Daniel 11:36; See; Daniel 11-12 in Globalist Mode



Without Fred Franz JWs Fail to Make This New Truth Known from 1991 Incept to Today

Since Fred Franz died in this period as well, this has not been noted by any updated JW prophetic exposition since 1958-1991 saw the USSR in progress to a then unknown outcome until final failure;


Instead, the WTBTS became an adjunct promotional for the “new world order” proclamation of the “False-Prophet” and the UN disgusting thing, which is a term that appeared over 70 times in the Watchtower and Awake! of the 1991 to 2001 period of worldwide promotional services for the “new world order”;


Globalism as a world theory of rulership also became known after this 1991 period in “new world order campaigning”; In fact, the WTBTS also went public with this proclamation; Not exposing the prophetic meaning, but by being public information agents in the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations, as Department of Public Information adjunct promotional advertising agents by subtle means for 10 years from 1991 to 2001, referring to the “new world order” 79 times in those ten years in the Watchtower and Awake! magazines;

That “NWO” began to be formalized in 1914 in union (two-horn-wildbeast) and operations (finance and world war) and global governmental “image” presentation as the League of Nations after WW1 and the United Nations after WW2 and the False-Prophet mantra “New World Order” after the Cold War;

Now it is in the WTBTS “temple”; (Daniel 8:11-14 MUST resolve this soon)



Daniel 11-12 Globalist Final Fulfillment

UN/NWO Swaps in as USSR Drops Out

Daniel 8 Unique Future Fulfillment and World Signal Event

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