Zech3 Leads to Rev8 Final Round

Zechariah 3:4 Triggers the Preparation for the 7 Trumpets

This is more important than it may appear.

The big question: Where does Zechariah 3 link to the final Revelation cycle?

As we already can figure out now, Zechariah 3:2-9 parallels Malachi 3:1-5, the temple visitation in inspection (Zech3:1-3) and clean-out (of lawlessness in JW temple) (Zech3:4) that will have continued clarifications* and refinements as per Malachi 3 final fulfillment. (*The “lightnings” and “voices” of Rev8:5)

These clarifications will affect the truth greatly – revealing a certain mode of final fulfillment based on the minor mode of initial fulfillment in 1914.

That is shown in the new “lightning” of Revelation 8:5, and the “voices” of explanation that follow that Revelation 8:1-4 fire cleansing in response to the “prayers of all the holy ones” in Revelation 8. That cleansing by altar fire, is similar to Isaiah 6, where Jehovah enters the temple in smoke and glory similar to Revelation 8:2-4, and Revelation 15.

Revelation 8:1-5 parallels Revelation 15:1-8, where the “tent”, a symbol of an incomplete temple, is also filled with smoke. It also sees the 7 angels with the bowls prepare to pour them out as well.

The angels of the 7 trumpets and 7 bowls parallel each other, as Revelation 8:6-16; Revelation 9-11 parallels Revelation 16’s seven bowls. They all end up at the same place, temple completion and kingdom completion to total conquest.

For your information the “great crowd” of Revelation 19 is the 144000 completed, before they are involved in delivering the “great crowd” of earth.

So Jehovah has shown, Zechariah 3:1-9 is the cleansing of Revelation 8:1-5, and the 7 trumpets and Revelation 16 “bowls of God’s anger” in final fulfillment will lead to and overlay the “little scroll” eaten, and the final second “two witnesses” of Revelation 10 and 11 respectively.

So, this information is good to have.

When this hits the JW “house” first, as per 1Peter 4:17 (Eze3), we will know what will soon follow. The “lightning” and “voices” MUST get into the mainstream JW system through the anointed made aware of ALL this, which transpires after the “lawless one” is revealed and neutralized.

That is why this is more important than it appears. It is the lead in to the final chapter of this period!


Zechariah 3 Leads to Final & Actual Seven Trumpets – Revelation 8-11 Will Parallel Revelation 15-16

About Zechariah 3

1. Zechariah 3:1 is a judicial court scene with “prosecutor” “resister” Satan and Joshua’s “attorney” angel before God;

2. Zechariah 3 was written AFTER the Jerusalem temple foundation (536 BCE), written in 520-518 BCE along with the book of Haggai;

3. Zechariah 3 is written mainly for temple COMPLETION, and parallels the “temple inspection”, as per Zech3:1-3 paralle of Malachi3:1-5;

4. Zechariah 3 is the “temple inspection” that leads to a cleansing assisted by angels (Zech3:4-7 parallels Rev8:2-5);

5. The “lawless one” cleaned out also parallels this prophecy with 2Thessalonians 2:3-9;

6. The “lawless one” is the main cause of the “befouled garments” of Zechariah 3:1;
Zechariah 3 Ties to Revelation 8:1-5

1. That cleansing is an answer to prayers; Rev8:3;

2. That cleansing must fulfill prophecy;

3. Both accounts involve God’s angels;

4. All prophecies of temple COMPLETION must fulfill in the near future;

5. Temple COMPLETION is also Messianic Kingdom completion, and that is beyond 1914’s scope of fulfillment – this ALL must have a final fulfillment cycle to ultimate completion and conquest climax;

Zechariah 3 Leads to Final Fulfillment 7 Trumpets of Revelation 8-11

1. That is how Zechariah 3 leads to the final 7 trumpet world sequence from heaven (Rev8:6-13);

2. The 7th Trumpet is the final and “third woe” total conquest of the kingdom of God;

3. The Messianic Kingdom completes slightly before that conquest as per Revelation 10:7, slightly before the 7th trumpet; (Rev11:15-18);

4. That is also when the temple 144000 completes;

5. As in Jerusalem’s typical temple completion of 515 BCE, the immortal temple of God in the 144000 will also complete in the face of the enemy systems;

Jehovah’s Witnesses Must Be Cleansed and Upgraded

1. The first six trumpets of Revelation 8:613; Rev9 contain an upgrade enlightenment, clarified explanations, expanded scope and exact message of world judgment and herald the final judgment of cleansing that came upon the JW “house” first – to cleanse it – and what that means for the world system (Rev8:1-5); (1Pet4:17 is Rev8:6-13);

2. This final judgment to soon come upon the WHOLE world as well, after this initial trigger event of Zechariah 3; Rev8:1-5, will be carried out by Jehovah’s witnesses anointed and “other sheep” approved to continue Revelation 9 all the way to the final “two witnesses” over an unknown but brief time period;

3. This divine clarification and cleansed ministry with removal of all frauds in the JW temple system, currently operating unchecked, continues the worldwide ministry of Jehovah’s Witnessess (from 1919 Rev8/9) with an upgraded and expanded but completely exact “little scroll” truth;

4. That means Revelation 9 must bridge to the final second “two witnesses” of Revelation 11; (1260 days x 2 = 2520 days; 7 “times”);

5. That leads from Revelation 9 to the 7th Trumpet end of the world of the rival sovereigns of the “Kingdom of the World”!; (Rev11:15-18; parallel Temple completed at Rev11:19);

Revelation 8-11 Parallels Revelation 15-16

1. This parallels Revelation 8-11 with Revelation 15-16 in final fulfillment of the near future.

2. Revelation 15 is the final precursor 144000 completion “great sign seen in heaven” as part of the “enlightenings” of Revelation 8:5 cleansing and subsequent “lightnings and voices” of truth.

3. These heralds guarantee from prophecy that the 144000 will complete in the duration of this series at it’s “7” climax as the 7 trumpets parallel the 7 bowls finality through to Armageddon final battle of Rev 19:19-21; Rev20:1-3.

4. Like Isaiah 6 and Isaiah’s cleansing for divine commission, the “sanctuary of the tent of the witness” is also filled with the smoke and glory of God; Rev8:1-5, Rev15; Isa6

5. This incomplete temple “tent” is not accessible as it, the “tent”, awaits finalization of the completed 144000, the finished and completed Temple of Jehovah; Christ headstone set; Zech4:6-8

Jehovah’s Witnesses Final Ministry Parallels it All Through GT

1. Jehovah’s Witnesses clarified final ministry in the near future will parallel on earth these final 7 trumpets, and final 7 bowls.

2. This means this will ALL come true, WHILE Jehovah’s witnesses are in climax mode of prophesying worldwide!

3. This leads to Revelation 16:17 and the great “air event” of that 7th bowl poured on the “air”; (Ephg2:2; 6:12; 1Thess4:17)

4. This must find a small number of surviving anointed, “who are surviving” that Christ must gather (1Thess4:17; Luke17:37), in God’s timing, not that of the wildbeast kills of Rev6:9-11 (Rev11:1-12), to complete the 144000 at this time.

The Seventh of Everything

1. This 7th bowl event slightly precedes the 7th trumpet, and aligns with Revelation 10:7, and leads to absolute total conquest of earth; (Dan7:25-26; Rev19:19-21) and the universe; (Rev20:1-3)

2. Since Jesus Christ is the glorified “headstone”, the 144000 are completed at Revelation 16:17 “it pass come to pass”, which will herald the final 7th Trumpet total universal and earth conquest of Revelation19.




Zech3:2-9 is Rev8:1-5 Final Fulfillment Via Isa6

Revelation 8-11, 14-16 Have Dual Fulfillments

Countdown: 2520 Years, Minutes, Seconds, Boom!

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