Last Days 120 Years Concept Applied

Last Days 120 Years Concept Applied – Luke 17:26; Matt 24:37; Genesis 6:3

Daniel 8:11-14 – MOL/ Temple Cleanse Signal to Two Witnesses

This is a draft timeline with an assumption of a mid 2014 Daniel 8:11-14 Temple Judgment begin point; Upon the assumption of an xGB “temple decoy” event with a globalist world event that all will realize in whatever form it may manifest at this speculated 1914-2014 “centennial” potential GT hoax opportunity to play on misled JWs;

The xGB/Globalist goal is to destroy or severely cripple the JW worldwide organization;

And another assumption of a 120 year “last days”;

And another assumption of the end of the 1290 days (Dan12:11; Dan7:25-26), or the 1335 days (Dan12:12) being the end of the 120 year period from October, 1914;

I am not trying to “guess” the end date, this is a prophetic exercise, and this is a first-pass draft that may have calculation errors;

120 Years as Lunar Years Calculation

120 Years x 360 Day/Year = 118.356 Years
118 Years, 4.27 Months; (118 Yrs. 128.16 Days) + 1914.0 = 2032.356
1914 + 0.853 (Oct 6, 1914) + 118.356 Yrs = 2033.209 (2.512 Mo.; 75.36 Days)

Possibility 2 (1290 Day Period End) March 15, 2033

Smaller Version

Last Days 120 Years Concept Applied – Luke 17:26; Matt 24:37; Genesis 6:3
Daniel 8:11-14 – Temple Cleanse Signal to Two Witnesses

This is a hypothetical period of time in question that it takes Jehovah’s witnesses to come to a unified realization that all the Daniel prophetic period will repeat in a final major fulfillment cycle in the near future. (Commencing with Daniel 8:11-14 1150 day temple judgment and xGB clean-out;

Daniel’s 1260 day cycle parallels, as in the minor fulfillment cycle of 1914-1918 parallel to the 1260 day Revelation 11 “Two Witnesses” also in a final major fulfillment cycle. A final fulfillment mode of the 3.5 times prophecy, for 7 times completion;

The pre-requisite to this understanding is resolving the current Satanic resistance upon the “right hand” of “Joshua” in Zechariah 3:1, the apostate Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is resulting in the accusation by Satan of the “befouled garments”, such as the UN/NGO adultery. These are due to actions which the GB (1991) of the Henschel era UNNGO reproach and stumbling affair brought into active public awareness globally.

Therefore Jehovah’s witnesses as a unified body will not be given the final 2W2 (two witnesses) clean commission from God until after Zechariah 3:2-4 fulfills (parallel “priesthood” cleansing with the Daniel 8:11-14 “temple” cleansing) and the GB is purged for a “clean turban” (Zech3:4-7) of actual anointed guidance to ” eat” the “little scroll” by divine inspiration for the final world ministerial Sovereign Ultimatum of God’s Kingdom to all the world;


Latest Version Full Article

Last Days to Armageddon – 120 Year Theory
A Theoretical Timeline to Temple and Kingdom Completion to Armageddon

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