Watchtower May 1, 2012 – 666 Graphic

The Globalist 666 “AOK” Hand Sign in The Watchtower of May 1, 2012

This one was just to blatant to let slip by.

1. This is about as blatant a symbolism (hand gesture and subject context) of globalist 666 infiltration directives of the imposter Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses as one can really find*. They are getting arrogant and offensive with this slap in the face to all the anointed and Jehovah’s witnesses “other sheep” everywhere. Jehovah is going to kick their powdered GB donuts soon; (Zech3:2-4; Dan8:13-14; Dan11:41; Isa66:6)

2. This is also “hidden” in a fitting hypocritical context about “religion and politics” “mixing” – they are being absurdly sarcastic purposely. To anyone who knows about the imposter GB UN/NGO exercises for their globalist handlers, of course this article rings ridiculous given the purposeful adulterous conduct of this imposter GB since 1991 and the UN-DPI “nwo promotional” series they ran for the globalists. This was also a all too conveniently timed “news release” from the imposter GB released with the very next globalist “nwo” move of the 911 event (10-6-2001).

So this context is meant to be insulting from within this imposter GB viper nest about to be neutralized and purged for good as per Zechariah 3:4, however that may fulfill soon. All these GB roaches will be in full light then, kicking off Revelation 8’s “final fulfillment mode” exposé about this “man of lawlessness” and it’s globalist world governmental objectives and point of infiltrative origin. (The opposite effect they are intending, go figure)

3. Well these imposter GB led globalist-puppet creeps also “model” this version of “Jesus Christ” to resemble a young Satanic Bible author, one Anton Szandor LaVey founder of the Church of Satan. This is almost comical in brazen sacrilege of this imposter GB and “art” stooges at their command. These guys are plainly exposing themselves, just like Judas at Bethany; (John 12:1-8) They will fulfill more prophecy soon as well.

4. This finely lit “4” in the hand illustration means 4 – 666, as in “for 666”.

5. They put the statement as a question about Jesus in the past tense, as if he is dead. “How Did Jesus View Politics?” Answer: Well, he is still going to exterminate all these globalists and illuminati vermin isn’t he? YES, he is, that is how he feels about globalist “politics” AND globalist “religion”. Jesus will destroy all these wannabees shortly, future tense guarantee, starting with the imposters in the GB; (Eze9; Zech3:4; Mal3:5)

It takes some final years, so not that “shortly”, but short enough.

Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival


* “Faith in Action” Part 2 – Even the cover picture, finger pointing 666 shape of the GB member pointing to a nuclear blast going off behind the former Brooklyn Watchtower Headquarters globalist reference in J. Barr’s body shape (6) and distorted 3 fingers (6-6-6) holding the book on the “Faith in Action” Part 2 DVD is not as blatant as this WT reference; but is also 666 symbology and predictive programming for the next globalist event series that the current imposter GB will also try to compliment with their own move, by herding JWs to GB commanded internment and extermination wherever these events soon transpire worldwide.

We do not know when Jehovah and Christ, by angels as per Zechariah 3:4, will enter the JW “temple”, as we are already in inspection, and fry these GB fraud termites out of the org forever, as per the Zechariah 3:2 JW “Log Snatch” by Christ. Who knows, that “fire” may be quite literal.


More Signals from Bethel’s 8th King Reps

These are classic 666 hand signals used in the new Bethel desecration of their Bible and it’s release communications. The “scarlet” curtain backdrop 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” connection is not accidental as are other signals seen in the video sending subtle communications out that Bethel is fully 8th King compromised as per prophecy.

New New World Bible Translation 666 Graphic Method


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The Ultimate Final Fulfillment Loop to Revelation 8-11; 14-16 in Finale, from Zechariah3; Malachi 3:1-4; 2Thessalonians “Man of Lawlessness” Kick-Off By God Almighty as Per Guaranteed Prophecy.

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6 thoughts on “Watchtower May 1, 2012 – 666 Graphic

  1. Like honestly, who holds a book like that?

    Also where did that photo of Anton LeVay come from? Or is that just stock reference?

    • That May 1, 2012 Watchtower made me do a double take because of the “AOK” “666” hand sign manner they had their version of “Jesus” holding the denarius with Caesars image on it. Then the “Should Politics and Religion Mix” cover title made it obvious they were displaying the Bethel “mix” with that graphic, in the hand signal and in that “Christ” model of a young Anton Le Vey. (I found it on a Google image search, I thought it looked familiar);

      Of course what is in the “wormwood” mix of the written material is far worse than any of these secret graphics. And as well it is not something I concentrated on exposing, there is more hidden meanings, such as in the “tarot card” reading they use in a couple publications displaying a few tarot cards. In fact it is a reading of the downfall of the “watchtower” in that tower card backed by the “hermit” completion card, and the Devil card behind them all.

      There was another card that adds to the meaning of a completing betrayal, backed by Satan, that will attempt to bring the “tower” down, and they probably will to some for now unknown degree. But this graphic stuff is nothing compared to the theological method of creating this final delusion to sell to JWs.

      What makes it so effective is it is almost all truth. There will be a “great tribulation”, there will be a Babylon the Great judgment, there will be an all out Gog of Magog attack, there will be a final “peace and security” statement under world government. But they will not occur in the order Bethel is using to create an impression to aid the cover of the Bethel downfall.

      Covering up Bethel’s coming 8th King inspired intrigues is the purpose of hyping the “great tribulation” and “end of the world” delusion. It will make JWs think the Bethel events of Daniel 8:13 temple judgment, unknown to JWs, are “the end”, that the “tribulation of those days” which is coming, is the terminal “sudden destruction” phase. But it is not, the Bible plainly shows the “tribulation of those days” ENDS (Matt24:29) BEFORE Christ arrives, hence it is a specific phase.

      We can know what that “phase” is by knowing in all three former world wars, including the “Cold” world war, ALL resolved, they all ended into a UN presentation. That is the purpose of this coming “tribulation of those days” phase, it runs its course as the “problem” and the desperation for many, that the 8th King world government will be the “solution” to be presented, as usual, after “that tribulation” (Mark13:24) resolves.

      Thus we are at a final cycle, to produce a global “problem”, to in the end of that process, become the stage for which the 8th King world government “solution” is again, a fourth time, presented after. And all that occurs before Christ even arrives. (Matt24:29-31). So Bethel wants to aid JW bewilderment for when this final cycle BEGINS, it will not end immediately, and it will not be in the order of events Bethel sells to JWs to aid the confusions at the START of the cycle.

      It will not be “the end” but for the Bethel apostasy, for it is the temple judgment that STARTS the final cycle and that comes on anointed Christians of which Bethel is a globally known and visible claimant system to bring it on, and that also aids explaining the prophecy after the fact.

      In reality the internal operators at Bethel KNOW the UN NGO is going to bring a desolation. (Dan8:13, Isa36:10); Thus when they slip in their little occult and new world order symbology into the JW “constant feature” they know that too is going to aid the reception of judgment. The Bethel King North insiders know a period of given “trampling” is coming on Bethel, the “Royal rule” “Israel” symbol in Hosea 1:4-7. But as per Hosea 1:4-7, it is NOT all JWs globally, that are given to the 8th King, Bethel yes, all JWs no, but God will have to make that distinction.

      Thus a point of Zechariah 3:2:

      (Zechariah 3:2) Then [the angel of] Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who is choosing Jerusalem! Is this one not a log snatched out of the fire?”

      Is that Jehovah’s witnesses are that “log”, and if it was not later snatched from the developments now enveloping it, and the mastery of deception at Bethel, JWs would be DONE, the “log” would stay in that coming “fire”. In other words when 2Thes2:8 fulfills:

      (2 Thessalonians 2:8) Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence.

      Christ will fully expose and remove the Bethel apostasy in time of the final phase of the temple judgment. God will deliver what He will from the current JW weed patch, some final “wheat” determinations will be made, and a period of repentnace will form to get in the Daniel 8:14 “right condition” to receive the final ministerial mission:

      (Revelation 10:10-11) And I took the little scroll out of the hand of the angel and ate it up, and in my mouth it was sweet as honey; but when I had eaten it up, my belly was made bitter. 11 And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

      But as we see Satan was involved in what led to Zechariah 3:2-3:

      (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10) But the lawless one’s presence is according to the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents 10 and with every unrighteous deception…

      (Zechariah 3:1) And he proceeded to show me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan standing at his right hand in order to resist him.
      Thus the “fire” of Zechariah 3:2 is the same “fire” of Rev8:3-5 as the final fulfillment temple judgment parallel to start Rev8-11 over several final years:

      (Revelation 8:3-5) And another angel arrived and stood at the altar, having a golden incense vessel; and a large quantity of incense was given him to offer it with the prayers of all the holy ones upon the golden altar that was before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense ascended from the hand of the angel with the prayers of the holy ones before God. 5 But right away the angel took the incense vessel, and he filled it with some of the fire of the altar and hurled it to the earth. And thunders occurred and voices and lightnings and an earthquake.

      Then everything else will repeat, but instead of “Christendom” judged as in 1914-1919 will be the Christian anointed judgment in final form, of which Bethel will be the globally visible entity to bring it on in that “a system of things” as Matthew 13:36-42 replicates. Thus many initial temple judgment prophecies and parables will also repeat.

      In any event the “operation of error” now OBVIOUS at Bethel will be removed. Now this explanation is based on the fact it will all repeat. Now after 1990, enabled from the 1976 Governing Body coup and dictatorship, we see it is OBVIOUS the USSR is not present in Daniel 11:31-45. It is all 8th King, as is Daniel 8:11-25 all root “small horn” 8th King backers, and their “King of Fierce Countenance” 8th King parallel system that “cold” deposed the USSR.

      Thus post 1990 globalization is the OBVIOUS things Bethel is now ignoring so plugging in 8th King in Daniel 8 and 11 is also common sense now. Thus this all respects the JW ministry truths from 1914-1976, it is just updating from that GB tyranny, and their main 8th King aiding concealments as UN NGO they pulled off from 1990 forward. So no wonder Fred Franz “died” at that time as well, and was silenced in the meantime so none of the USSR fall significance, as the UN NWO arose, was ever made known properly.


      Now for world news aware JWs and probably mostly younger JWs checking the internet, we see global researchers and alternative news sources are OVERFLOWING with 8th King and globalist “two horned wildbeast” details in such volume whole micro-histories of the elites are also being made fully known, so JWs have all the pieces (if they go and find them with Google, etc) – hence why Bethel backwardizes and dumbs-down JWs to stay off the Web.

      Thus all the “secrets” God is also exposing in this various research works, no way can the “new world order” just be one big fiction. And true many researchers have various errors, but the common themes keep popping out again and again. So there is no excuse to just ignore this voluminous information, as they do at Bethel, they are so behind they are ridiculous to say they are “keeping watch on the world” and “Awake!”, it is all an act.

      If we just get exposed to some of this research, we see Bethel is surreal in their ignorance, it has to be on purpose, and it is. They are the ones keeping JWs in a past era of relevance while ignoring the most exposing information to EVER come forth WORLDWIDE – there is simply no time in all human history this much “two horned wildbeast” and 8th King exposing detail has come forth. It cannot all be fiction and mere “conspiracy theory”, that is all just a diversion.

      Due to this JWs are now the most silent group on earth, backward and dated while they carry out a global ministry with dated information and now literally diverted and shuffled prophecies that even aid the globalist agenda by making the JW ministerial audience also think “the end can come any day”, when it cannot. A final cycle of prophecy is what is coming. Bethel’s “salad days” and their own slumber and self-importance is what aided the current conditions. It was the same story in Israel, the principle is Adamic flesh always drifts, so Bethel is just a symptom of sin, so God has to bring in the Messianic Kingdom real solution as fast as possible, but even that is several final years of specific prophecy.

      But we realize Bethel corrupting is part of the whole prophetic process, it helps validate the final cycle and it is a repeating principle allowing it to also be a repeating prophecy, as well as a UN fourth cycle repeat as well. It is now predictable by more than just prophecy.

    • The angelic mind that entered the woman in Eden and her thinking is from a realm not human. The whole story of the greatest “conspiracy theory” ever is that of Satan, and what followed in the conspiracy of Satan and the demons whose basic account is in Genesis 6. So “infiltration” is a psychological theme in Genesis 3, because Satan brought in a way of thinking that was alien to humans in Adam and Eve. If we notice they are referred to their names, Adam and Eve, after the sin.

      The point is from Genesis 3 to Genesis 6 things have been progressing unnaturally according to “the will of that one” being Satan. (2Tim2:26); The entire creation has been compromised. (Heb2:14, Rom8:18-22, Eze47:9, Rev21:5) Hence Matthew 19:28 in time.

      If we note by Genesis 6 this “infiltration” was also literal and sexual as the demon angels “went taking wives for themselves, all whom they chose”. Thus genetic alteration was an objective so the demon angels could produce their own “seed of Satan” alterations as permitted from the sin (Gen3:15), but to a degree, God was not allowing a complete take over of all mankind, Noah and seven others were delivered out.

      But by Genesis 10-11 things picked up very quickly with Nimrod’s “world government” system, one language, one religion, one government was the plan. (This is why Zeph2:8-9 “resets” mankind back to one language AFTER the 8th King is terminated. Genesis 11 is the first “world government” attempt altered by the confusion of the languages in Genesis 11, from the 70 nation base of Genesis 10);

      God broke up that “infiltration” that soon took into mankind again around 4000 years ago. “Nimrod” is a big deal to the globalist elites, the top dogs of the “two horned wildbeast”, Dec25 is “Nimrod’s Birthday” to them, as an example. In any event to the Bible record from God, delivered by the Word of God, and the angels of God, this is no conspiracy “theory”. This is reality and this world is heading for another climax as the demons again achieve a zenith infiltration and control system. It just took a new method due to the Genesis 11 language confusion, it just took time for the demons to establish another world government for themselves. And that time is coming sometime in the next 7 to say 12 years or so as Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3) will run their sequential course.

      The Bethel downfall will START, not end, the final cycle. Bethel is a subversion to aid a premature end scenario, the one described in 2 Thess2:1-2, now among Jehovah’s witnesses premature “day of Jehovah” delusion.

      Now we are not naive or born yesterday, the demons are the chief guides of the “seed of Satan” in this world, and their goal is the same, and they are not going to come out and tell everyone about it. They are hidden in the system, they are masters of disguise, they are real, and they are there. Thus their children (John8:44) are also not going to come out and tell people directly who they are.

      This seed “causes deception to succeed in their hand” (Dan8:25). But like a gang, they do flash their “signs” here and there. They have all kinds of symbology and occult logos all over the governmental, corporate and religious world. This is to let insiders know they have marked their territory and what their affiliation really is. It is also to let those of us informed “outsiders”, on to their methods, understand where they are there too. This is why Bethel slips in their own “signs” of the pinnacle Satanic opposition.

      Thus all this work of theirs, which many researchers and “theorists” are now exposing but are unable to connect up fully to unify with the modern prophecy, (the things Bethel ignores on purpose), is not static, they have a grand finale purpose. But they are there, but so is God’s “seed of the woman” active, and like the “seed of Satan” they are very few, it is mankind caught between these two seeds, as each “seed” tries to influence human beings to their mission.

      Thus the “conspiracy theorists” do not connect up prophecy WHILE Jehovah’s witnesses do not connect up the globalist “conspiratorial” details to relevant modern prophecy, and thus nothing is connected up and explained to the full.

      Thus what the conspiracy theorists AND the globalists call the “new world order” and world government is guaranteed to succeed to completion, because Christ wants the 8th King fully seated on his throne when he arrives. So as the United Nations, or whatever the core forum is to be called, completes with a surrounding massive world government reality, as one, then Christ can arrive. The plain truth is Christ is who stops the “new world order” AFTER they are complete and functional for a brief period of time. God and Christ are the ONLY solution to the Satanic power that will be expressed through that 8th King system.

      Now you can watch Alex Jones, David Icke, Getald Celente, Mike Maloney, Karen Hudes, Paul Craig Roberts, etc, etc, etc and notice they all have many valid things to say, but they really offer no true solution, they do not show world government is inevitable, it is guaranteed in prophecy and that ti will trigger Christ, because the Kingdom is the only solution and it will confront the world government in totality. Its “get-away plan”, “information war” the truth will set you free, etc, etc, but in fact just knowing about the “new world order” is not enough, in fact nothing purely human is enough. In spite of all the information, none of it offers the real solution who will be triggered by the “new world order” completion of world government.

      The fact is NOTHING on earth can stop the 8th King, in fact God wants them to complete their world government, it is required to be complete, stated (1Thess5:1-3) and functioning BEFORE Christ arrives. It is in fact common sense that completion is necessary. It is also logical it is ALL in the final prophecy, every UN placement, 1-2-3-4, is ALL in prophecy. Bethel is covering up the 3rd and 4th UN manifestation as the final one is world government. The 3rd UN placement was the “new world order” initiative of 1990, the one Bethel joined as UN NGO. They want to make Jehovah’s witnesses bypass the significance of that 1990 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b, Dan8:23 with “smooth word” plausible denials. (Dan11:32a);.

      Christ is not going to sneak in on the “new world order” before they are ready. (Eze38:7, Joel3:9-12). Nor is he going to sneak in on them at all, he is going to give a full fair warning (Rev10-11), dragged out to the final “little scroll” letter (Rev10:5-11, Dan12:7,11), through a second witnesses (Rev11:2-3, Dan12:7, Dan7:25) of the “TWO witnesses”. Because as they resist the news further (Rev11:7), they only aid the 144000 completion (Rev11:11-12), the day the earth will rock (Rev16:17-19, Rev11:15-19), but that is not even the end yet. That merely allows Christ the opportunity to finish the second Kingdom objective, the MESSIANIC Kingdom agency completion (Rev14:1) and final coronation of Christ (Zech6:9-15), right in the, by that time, 8th King completed world government face. (Ps110);

      Thus all the patterns are repeating but for Messianic Kingdom and 14000 completion and earth “sheep sweep” total completions BEFORE Christ wipes out the 8th King.


      Thus BillyBobBumpus everything…:

      1. World history
      2. Conspiracy theory
      3. Globalization process
      3. Prophecy

      …is [[ALL CONVERGING]] to one hoe down of all showdowns as prophecy unifies ALL the loose ends into one final cycle process meaning: world government, then Jesus Christ. Satan and 8th King vs. God and Christ, a universal war and earth is the battle ground. (Rev19:19-21, 20:1-3); That WILL come on this planet in time, with a full and clear warning.

      Make a mental note the Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing leads to the 1260 days timing (Dan12:7, 7:25, Rev11:2-3, Rev13:5) known by God and that expires into the “two witnesses” “3.5 day” “death” state (Rev11:7-10) in the start of the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11. It is in Daniel 12:11 (Dan7:26), that Christ arrives to complete salvation before 8th King annihilations.

      In the first Jehovah’s witnesses ministry, and in the same prophecy, the outline of the final cycle is ALREADY there, in the first cycle pattern that simply repeats to finality. It ALL REPEATS, and it is ALL ALREADY THERE IN THE PROPHECY. It is Bethel who is diverting the awareness of the replication.

      Now that conspiracy theorists and various international researchers have all put the “new world order” agenda together, and their globalization-to-world-government theme that is in almost all those theories and research, WHILE Jehovah’s witnesses put NOTHING together of globalism research and do not connect the many globalizing details to now what is instead 1945-1960 outdated JW prophecy – now nothing is being tied together properly and fully, in either camp, world researcher or JWs.

      The world research won’t connect globalization research to prophecy, JWs won’t connect prophecy to globalization research. The bamboozlement is complete.

      But in fact it is already in the prophecy.

      Thus Jehovah’s witnesses act as if nothing has changed since 1945 in the world, JWs live in a Bethel cave of engineered ignorance while the whole world is out exposing globalization, Global NATO, global conspiracy in broad daylight and global banking – to the point Bethel’s ignorance must now be on purpose, NO ONE is just this stupid at Bethel, except for now the average JW. Bethel is full of 8th King allied experts whose veneer of stupidity and hypocrisy is an act to make JW the real thing, backward and UN NGO supporting dated spiritual zombies just drifting to a crash.

      But in reality the “signs seen” in the world’s “lights” (See Luke 21:25) do indeed have common denominators of various globalization details and world government developmental truths that eventually need to be connected to valid post 1990 8th King prophecy. The Bethel obstacles will be removed in a huge set of events, aided by the 8th King planners inside of Bethel, to take a couple years or more to play out. (Dan8:13-14, Hos6:1-3). And now we know why.

      All “conspiracy theory” will “unify” with the far simpler prophetic outline and symbols.

      1. Aliens and demon conspiracy theory and all that so called “crazy” magical and paranormal activity?

      It is all summed up in Genesis 3, and 6, with Ephesians 6:12, Jude6, 1Pet3:19-20, 2Pet2:4,5, Rev 12 added detail on Satan and the demons. All that “alien”, “demon” and “magical” junk is ALL Satan and the demons.

      2. Now all these “secret societies” “illuminati”, “skull and bones” etc, etc, etc, etc and public elite organizations like the IMF, BIS, CFR, RIIA, Trilateral, Bilderberg, etc, etc, etc?

      They are ALL “two horned wildbeast” globalist elite supra-national, super-corporate network supporting international organizations.

      And their flagship?

      Is all 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” WORLD GOVERNMENT FINALITY.

      Thus all the “globalist elite” and global banker, global warlord, global technocrat, global financier, global think-tank academia, global shadow diplomacy engineers, etc, etc, etc, all of it in that quagmire of convoluted research, ALL EQUATES into the Revelation 13:11-18 “Two Horned Wildbeast” globalist elite camp.

      Simple. The Bible keeps it simple.

      And ALL of the global consolidated national sovereigns to become conglomerated in globalized subservience (Dan11:42043, Rev17:11-18) to that super-order of globalist elites to form world government is ALL the 8th King system globalized. The “scarlet wildbeast” is the GLOBALIZED wildbeast system based on the national wildbeast model it absorbs!

      3. National powers, Rome, USA, EU, Britain, former USSR etc?

      The WHOLE national history equates to that Revelation 13:1 “seven headed wildbeast” that is sucked into, absorbed and dominated by the GLOBALIZED “Scarlet Wildbeast” 8th King (Rev17:11-18), final king, last king, “north” top of the world King North. (Dan11:42-45)

      Thus in short order the Bible prophecy Jehovah’s witnesses have stopped explaining with modern relevance, provides the framework into which ALL CONSPIRACY THEORY AND HUMAN HISTORY registers into! It’s that simple: 8th King world government will come, and that is what Bethel is concealing for their globalist 8th King handlers. That simple, Bethel is but another Two Horned Wildbeast-8th King overall system infiltration, the FINAL APOSTASY. (Dan8:12, 11:41).

      Now you know when hell comes on the Bethel organization, why it must come first. (1Pet4:17). BUT God will recover some Jehovah’s witnesses, and in fact many others, to make the final TRUTH of prophecy known, because it is prophecy that ties it all together and explains what conspiracy theorists wont:


      And that is why Christ will come on those 8th King vampires when they are completed for their final “one hour” of Revelation 17:8-18 in final WORLD GOVERNMENT form, from the “Abyss” (Rev11:7) of the “tribulation of those days” ending (Matt24:29) into Daniel 11:44-45, 12:11, Daniel 8:25, 1Thess5:1-3.

      Don’t be misled, its all real, Christians (as IBSA/Jehovah’s witnesses) did have a valid message in 1914-1919 regarding this exact world government and their hallmark world-war-to-world-government formulaic cycle. And they will use it a fourth time, the final time, in the future and this will take some years to resolve, and all those years are in prophecy of Daniel 8:14, Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3) and Daniel 12:11, underlying the repeat of Revelation 8-11, and Revelation 15-16 in final form to world government and Christ’s arrival.

      This exact truth of the world war “tribulation” cycle of 1914-1919 is how the final cycle will REPEAT the exact same pattern as Daniel 11:42-45, to Daniel 12:11, AGAIN. And so will the final witnessing, AGAIN, come forth. (Rev10:11). God is reaffirming the “first witness” of the “two witnesses” with a “second witness”, the FINAL ONE, but its going to be a knock down dragged out affair all the way to the end. (Rev11:1-10);

      But that is when Christ arrives Rev11:11-12, Matt24:30-31. Then 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” fur will eventually fly, but FIRST Christ does the final global “sheep sweep” HIMSELF with the full Kingdom of God and the full Messianic Kingdom, and that is why the final warning will explain in that whole Daniel 12:7, and Daniel 12:11 period, ANYONE WILLING CAN AND WILL BE SAVED. Even after Christ arrives.

      These graphics save for the future, prophecy, not I, but prophecy, guarantees this will unfold over final YEARS:

      8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

      Final Salvation Periods of Daniel 12:7, 12:11 – Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival

  2. Wow, this site, with its conspiracies and hidden meanings found everywhere, is just as goofy as the Watchtower Society. I prefer the Church of the Subgenius for entertainment value.

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