Bethel UN-NWO Baal Idol 1991

Bethel UN/NWO Baal

The Key 1990 Daniel 11:31 Prophetic Cover Up and UN Developments That Expose the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a KN Globalist Infiltration Sinner Group

Daniel 11:31-36 and 1990 is Key

Here is the Fred Franz clue; While Fred was working on the Daniel prophecy commentary, the “Your Will Be Done” book, the Cold War was pretty well underway and recognized; Fred could not know the USSR would soon fail, until after they failed;

So, this prophecy could not be verified, and could apply to the USSR as long as they were in operation:

(Daniel 11:36) 36 “And the king will actually do according to his own will, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak marvelous things. And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

So, in the 1989-1991 period as the USSR collapsed and the Russians surrendered to the UN by joining it, that is threw in their chips with the Brit and US globalist elites, they FAILED; But Fred Franz was not able to comment on this, this changes the whole Daniel 11:30-45 story!

NO WAY can the USSR be considered “the king”, and ” And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish;”

Instead the USSR were just another failure in Daniel 11:27, “and NOTHING will succeed”;


Had Fred Franz been able to comment on this before he died, he obviously would have noted that the failure of the USSR, disqualified them from Daniel 11:36 fulfillment emphatically!

And that disqualifies USSR or Russia from Daniel 11:36-43, NONE of that is about the USSR, but it’ is about “someone”; It is about a power who WILL be successful all the way to Armageddon;

NWO Globalists as KN;


This is ‘in the face’ obvious;

Then why doesn’t the XGB say something?

Why continue a USSR illusion that actually never began in Daniel 11:36???

Here is why, and how we know XGB is B A D:

1. The XGB do not want to point out, that when the USSR went down, not only did they fall out of Daniel 11 fulfillment, the UN/NWO ALSO stood up as the Globalist “The King” INSTEAD!

That was the THIRD, 3rd, UN world governmental related stand in human history, after Cold WW3;

THAT is HIGHLY significant!!!!!

Obviously the globalists AND XGB do not want people understanding the significance of this event and meaning; The less JWs and the world know, the better!

2. Now the XGB “gloss” over this, because they MUST work for globalist “The King” (Dan11:36); They are an internal fake-JW agency of the globalist NWO, who ALSO does not want people seeing the 3 stands in order:

A. (1) after WW1 = League of Nations; 1919

B. (2) after WW2 =  United Nations; 1945

C. (3) after WW3 =  UN-NWO; 1990

This is because the pattern becomes predictable; Globalists are now predictable; Because the 4th Stand will obviously require a WW4 developed, fought, and resolved, to present Daniel 8:25 (1Thess5:1-3) FINAL stand Globalist “World Peace Everyone!” “Freedom From Care Y’All!!”;

D. after (4) WW4 = NWO Image AND Scarlet Wildbeast ACTUAL worldwide government 8th King;

Knowing this relieves the ability of the XGB to herd JWs to slaughter like a bunch of dumb cows;

And the XGB don’t want that!

That UN/NWO third stand, proclaimed by George Bush Sr, 9-11-1990 onward, and echoed and proclaimed likewise in the XGB UN/NGO 666ers Awake! 9/8/1991 is the Bethel “placement” of the Disgusting Thing and is crucial to see the emergent pattern, as simple as 1…-2…-3…-4; to End of the N world O!

Rather than explain this historic event fulfills Daniel 11:30-31 as KN NWO globalists AND the traitor xGB WTBTS, they do the opposite, the cover it up, and promote the UN in NWO mode from 1991;

They ignored watershed Daniel 11 activation!


3. INSTEAD the XGB promoted the UN-NWO (for 10 covert years), rather than explain biblically what had really occurred at Daniel 11:30-31; And it’s effects on the rest of Daniel 11, as that KN is UN/NWO globalists;

Why as well?

4. They can use Daniel 11:43 erred impression of Russia (USSR) to activate Daniel 11:44-45 as a globalist hoax prematurely, as a support segway for furthering the effectiveness of the overall “hoax GT” planned attack on the JW org;

Since the xGB and globalists are actually one operation at work here, they can possibly do all this to fool JWs misled mindset along with a hoax “peace and security”, as applied to a decoy national “King North” that must develop for WW4 anyways, but it does not actually apply to Daniel 11:44-45, who will be globalist 8th King UN/NWO powers at Daniel 8:25 parallel with Daniel 11:44-45 AFTER WW4, YEARS from now;

God’s Daniel 8:11-14 Judgment not GT

They want JWs thinking this next event is that event of the relatively distant future, but it is not; What is actually coming is God’s JW judgment as per 1Peter 4:17 FIRST; The fact is that this 1991 known UN/NWO xGB Bethel Baal sin is the “transgression causing desolation” of the temple judgment prophecy of Daniel 8:11-14;

But the XGB and globalists can just pick up Daniel 11:43 where it left off as alleged USSR, and continue the Daniel 11:44-45 “goes forth in a great rage” to apply to whatever decoy and hoax “KN” and world event they want, WITH the globalist engineered event to develop soon – backed by the xGB leading the JW collective mind to this conclusion; They are working together on this, just like 1991, and 2001, to smack the JW org into oblivion;

They want to smash the JW org, dizzy it in blinded confusion (for years, if possible), to waffle it in cave quicksand for this next 10 years, WHILE the globalists complete their “Next Phase” 10 year super-plan, coming in with this next world super-event series, and that goes to WW4, to BTG asset pillaged and dissolved, to 4th Stand UN/NWO (whatever they may call it at this time), and all the way to ACTUAL Daniel 11:42-45 completed as globalist world powers all the way since Daniel 11:30-31;

JWs will be scratching there head again, “what in the?”, “who bankrupted the JW org?” Where is that GT thingy? Why have 2 million JWs drove to the concentration camps with their own vehicles?

HEY! What’s going on here GB????? GB help us!!!

They want to do to JWs, what they did at 911 BUT WORSE, as with the UNNGO newsbreak on 10/2001, that bewildered JWs for the whole decade, we are still waffling and denying it all –

Average JW: uhhhh, uhhhhh, what just happen??? What happen???? uhhhh, where are we now? UN/NGO OK with God right?

XGB: Yes Dear JWs, we needed a “library card” honey, everything is AOK, 666, in deep as shinola in the temple now! Go back to door to door land, go back to sleep dear; Think “Peas-n-Securitee, THEN GT”,  “Peas-n-Securitee, THEN GT”, “Peas-n-Securitee, THEN GT”,  You had a nightmares all; You OK dodo bird JWs, you OK…. Worsheep and Obey, worsheep and obey… the GB…

So, they want to ding the JWs a last time before the XGB has to go, and they want to stump JWs as long as possible on what this ALL REALLY means after this slam actually manifests;

They want to try to stupefy JWs 10 more years, and by then, the UNNWO will be able to throw the JWs into WW4, with no lights or compass, well after this initial hoax, decoy and bushwhack;

This next event on the JW org, will NOT be the end cycle “GT” finale JWs will believe it is, it will be a judgment (Dan8:11-14), and the whole progression after that judgment, will span across WW4 (Rev11), for years and two prophetic known periods (1150 days and 1260 days, minimum), to Armageddon AFTER WW4, and AFTER the NWO KN Globalist 8th King stands the 4th and final time of Daniel 8:25;

Daniel 8:25 is Daniel 11:44-45 – same placement (image and world system), same world power (globalist KN/KFC), same defeat in both those scriptures; (Rev19:19-21; Dan2:31-44)

If God did not act as per Zech3:2, JWs would be toast, the globalist XGB and the NWO intel powers would have snuffed and disoriented JWs and destroyed the final ministry;

But, no can do;

JWs have a deal with God, He will pound some JW tale (soon), and then HE and CHRIST will finish what the Bible says must be done by prophecy, a second and final Two Witnesses in the future, and that will be the final warning announcement prior to the 144000 Kingdom and Temple ACTUAL completion, under THE REAL KING Christ  to smash globalist power (Rev19:11-21) permanently (when they are finally ready; Eze38:7; Joel 3:9-12) and feed them to the dogs and birds as the inferior vanquished powers of Armageddon war (Eze39:17-19) as it is written, so it must be done;

(Daniel 11:36) because the thing decided upon must be done. 

And that is why Daniel 11:36 applies to globalist KN powers, they will provide the collective and unified worldwide defiant context for God and Christ to glorify themselves upon as one whole “king”, rather than this and that national power;

The final defiant rival symbology of Revelation and Daniel as one big globalist, worldwide collective multi-national unification attempting to claim planet earth as it’s own with the Devil, is the NWO final ground-zero Armageddon “bullseye” of God and Christ at this climax event;

That type of apex collective is what Revelation 16:13-16 indicates;

The XGB should easily be able to see this, even street and academic researchers can see this globalist evolution not far-fetched – plain and simple NO ONE is as stupid, retarded and dumb as the XGB, UNLESS it is on purpose – NO ONE is this idiotic and blind now-a-days; It is IMPOSSIBLE to be this dumb accidentally;

It MUST be on purpose;

And that is how we know the XGB are purposeful in their planned blindness and purposeful retardation of divine progress in prophecy, to FOOL JWs and to “throw truth to the ground” in cover-up for globalist objectives;

This XGB is rotten to the core; evil men, intel ops, hoodwinkers, laughing at JWs all the while;

And the Fred Franz, USSR hinge-point of 1990-1992 is when they shut down the actual Bible truth of prophecy as related to globalist King North, and instead serve the wildbeast goals and objectives;

NOW it is plain as day, the XGB are full 666 operatives, all globalist intel operational aids; This must be throughout the JW org by now;

Had Fred Franz been even 80, in 1989, NONE of this would have been “conveniently missed” and subsequently covered up, as the globalist intel op Milton Henschel “agency” did, and this XGB still does;

Who can deny the simplicity of the Daniel 11:36 test?

(Daniel 11:36) And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

Who is so asleep as to think the XGB hasn’t seen that SIMPLE King North criteria?

Either KN is successful to Armageddon, or it is not; NOW the XGB edit out all ‘Daniel Prophecy’  book commentary to smoothly bypass and butter Daniel 8:11-25 and Daniel 11:27-45 in fraudulent and erred interpretation;

THEY ARE EXTERNAL GLOBALIST INTELLIGENCE AGENCY FRAUDS working INTERNALLY in the JW org, for a very very bad reason coming up;

But, they fulfill prophecy (Dan11:30), and provide the 666 sin for judgment (Dan8:11-14), and we can ID the truth of God, by where the main attackers of it are NOW operating in full revelation, LIVE and real-time;

This cannot be made up, with this much Biblical backing, upside, downside, across, cross referenced, it ties the whole Bible together this final MOL temple rot for divine extermination PRIOR to even the 1260 day GT initial cycles;

Of course the actual globalist world event coming up, will answer it all to anyone paying a little attention to all this development; And they plan, like 911, to make it big enough to wobble the whole world another 10 years, and lead it to wherever Globalist KN wants – like WW4 and BTG quadrillion so the nations can provide the fuel, of their own post WW4, “freedom from care” “world peace and security” funeral pyre of rev6:12-17; Matt24:29-31 as Daniel 8:25b;

That 3rd UN/NWO stand (1990), PROVES, the globalists use a WW womb, since 1914 WW1, for UN or NWO world government purposeful presentation – it is ALL engineered; That 3rd Stand reveals the highly probable need for a 4th World War to finalize the NWO Globalist KingNorth (Scarlet Wildbeast) 8th King worldwide super-power to zenith;

That is why the XGB covers up that 3rd stand’s significance, and all the watershed globalist fulfillment to follow the 1990 UN/NWO stand;

Instead, on 9/8/1991 the XGB stood the “Disgusting Thing” in the Awake! (as knew-bent UNNGO beggar), followed by The Watchtower NWO pollutions, and full Bethel Wildbeast idol worship festivals that went into public awareness 10 years later – the XGB are 666 High-Priest frauds – that is why they keep JWs living in 1990 errors regarding Daniel and globalist world governmental reality;

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