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  1. To fully understand 2nd Thessalonians chapter two about this “man of lawlessness” you need to examine all the details about this one. v 1-4 shows our lord Jesus will NOT come until AFTER the rebellion comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed. He takes his seat INSIDE the temple proclaiming himself to be God. This indicates the two will take place together, The rebellion and the revealing.
    1st. If Jws believe they are the true church today, then this Lawless one is sitting INSIDE their church proclaiming to be God. Is he? Yes! he is and everyone worships him as God.
    2nd. what is the rebellion that takes place before our lord returns and will this lawless one be revealed? Again, Yes!. The rebellion took place in 1931 when Joseph Rutherford changed the husbandly owner from Jesus to Jehovah committing adultery just like her two sisters Judah and Samaria.
    That church today, JWs believe their God is Jehovah, and because they will not listen to the truth and get saved, God will make them continue believing the lie. (that he is God) v 8-11.
    We know God has tried to help these people by sending ones to show them the truth, just like he sent prophets to his people Israel, and in their “aid to understanding” book page 884/5, he has tried to help honest hearted ones to open their eyes and see the truth about their god, the man of lawlessness. The name “Jehovah” was INVENTED as a Latin substitute for lord in the 12/3th century by a catholic Spanish monk called Ramondus. So their NWT is apostate when they say Jehovah visited Abraham in Genesis 19. Also Exodus 6v3 says “by my name Jehovah i was not known to Abraham. again JWs are falsifying God’s word.
    After 38 years of being hoodwinked and brainwashed myself i am finally free to serve my God in spirit and truth, as Jesus said, the TRUTH will make you free.
    These are some of my journals.

    • The man of lawlessness is the church leaders that Bethel merely joined as UN NGO. In time the whole of Christendom falls under world government. JW org goes down next to start that final cycle.

      World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

      MOL is already exposed as one whole that goes down under world government. Bethel’s MOL is ejected from the temple of anointed Christians by covert angelic removal, to end the Bethel desoaltion of Daniel 8:13-14 “evening” phase.

      I agree there is no GB in Acts 15. I just take it a little further than saying because Bethel is UN bad, then the churches are OK. Not the case, they all went bad as one whole.

      2-Headed Man of Lawlessness?

      • I am sorry bUT we shall have to agree, that we disagree. you have obviously not read and understood 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 correctly.
        1st. It is addressed to the “CHURCH OF THE CHRIST” SO WHAT pAUL WRITES IS TO THE CHURCH. Not to the world of christianity but to the church of Jesus that make up his body.
        2nd PAUL WARNS THE TRUE CHURCH THAT SOME MIGHT SAY THE LORD HAS COME! (JWs) PAUL TELLS THE LOYAL ONES NOT TO LISTEN TO THEM because our lord will NOT come until two things take place. THE REBELLION and the revealing of the man of lawlessness. This destroys 1914/8 teaching as false.
        3rd The rebellion came in the true church in 1931 when Rutherford got the true anointed ones to commit fornication by changing their husbandly owner from Jesus to Jehovah.
        4th. When God sent “prophets” to help his people inside by drawing their attention to the name of Jehovah as being “invented by a Spanish monk” the people did not listen so he had promised to make them continue believing the lie, that Jehovah is God,v8,9.
        6th. The only religion today on the earth that have this man of lawlessness inside their temple of their city is JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. No other religion today worship “Jehovah” as God.
        7th. If one believes JW’s are the true city of symbolic Jerusalem today then this angelic one is inside their city amongst their anointed ones which make up the body of our lord and was placed there by Satan,v9.
        9th. That is why the call goes out in Revelation 18v4 “GET OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” all the anointed ones that make up the body of Christ will be taught in their hearts and they will all flee outside the city of JW’s before her end.
        10th. As for Jesus coming in 1918 to start the resurrection of his church, 1st Thessalonians says “then we who are alive who are left will be caught up TOGETHER with them”, those who have died. v15-18. The resurrection with be ONE resurrection of the WHOLE BRIDE TOGETHER.
        The instructions of the apostles are only directed to God’s people, those that make up the true church of the christ and it is not about the world in general, just like the laws were only given to God’s people and no one else.
        Finally, I draw your attention to John’d words in 1st John chapter 2v26-28 where he tells us “but the anointing which you received from him abides in you and you have no need that anyone should teach you as his anointing teaches you about everything and is true”. Also, Jeremiah 31v31, Hebrews 8v2-11, 10v16. The true anointed ones will be taught by God in their hearts and they will not need any man or group of men such as a governing body to teach them.
        You have all the hall marks of the teachings of the governing body when you speak of the “8th king” and the “united nations” as being the beast of revelation. All of which are wrong.
        you quote a lot from Daniel 11 referring this to the world of mankind, but let me ask you, who do you think the “princes” are who stopped Gabriel from reaching Daniel?
        So we shall agree to disagree. Stick with your false teachings from the ORG because I have broken free and left the city just as Revelation 18 tells us so I shall NOT be part of her sins or the plagues which shall come upon her in a single day.
        All one has to do is go to their search engine and type in “Jehovah and Raymondus” to learn the truth about the name Jehovah. There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.

      • Well I let people speak their mind here, I never have deleted any comment contrary to my own views, as some blogs do. It all boils down to this simplt truth:

        World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

        The “governing body” is an invalid “body”, “Set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ”. But they have only been ruling and subverting JWs since 1976. Everything prior to 1976, is still valid, as far as 8th King UN developmental truth.

        Can’t throw out the baby with the dirty GB bathwater:

        Keep The Baby, Throw Out Bethel Bathwater

        In the meantime, UN cover up is what modern Bethel is up to:

        1990: 3RD UN Presentation—The Key to Modern Bethel Reality https://jwupdate.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/1990-3rd-un-presentation-the-key-to-modern-bethel-reality/

        But the base truth is still in the JW ministry, merely being diverted from connecting to UN 3 1990, from the two first UN presentations as prophecy in 1919 and 1945.

        1914’s Main Validation? WW1, World Government and World History

        1969—The JW Peak of Spiritual Enlightenment: Revelation Complete


    • The problem with your overview, is it does not cross harmonize all prophecy. It is a little convoluted and fragmentary and thereby stalled in a number of cul-de-sacs, imo. You need to create a testable overview, and summary, instead of making it just as ambiguous as the Christendom versions. And this is because it is from the same overall source of assumptions, forgetting people can check the whole summary in light of but a little sovereign propehcy, which your forecast as some basic problems of harmony with.

      Sovereign Progression in Seven Bible Chapters

      And that is why JW basics from 1914-1969 is so important. In the basic first cycle, is the snapshot of the final cycle, in complete harmony with the whole.

      Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival

      This is the most complete overview in the world, and it is the final forecast to be tested over the next 10 to 14 years, plus minus. Time will prove the validity.

      And it STARTS with the temple judgment first verification of Daniel 8:13-14. Next:

      Daniel 8:13-14 Details the Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

      Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

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