The “GB” Grand Illusion

Notes on the Fraud Governing Body Deception of Spiritual Authority

The Main GB Trick Was Attaching a Secular Corporate “Governing Body” to the Bible in Acts 15:1-33, When in Fact No Such Thing Actually Exists;

Veneer 1

That allowed a progressive covert “committee” infiltration in the hands of this “body” to develop to fullness; Keeping in mind this is NOT a Biblical actual spiritual authority of God through Christ;

(The 12 Apostles were the governance as directed by Christ, NOT some “board of directors” as some contrived mythological “supreme council” of God; That’s a bunch of corporate spiritual megalomaniacs; The “body” of anointed Christians also overrides the mythical Governing Body in spiritual reality;)

This is a “body” that began to override individual anointed Christians like Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz to introduce the top four (and more) web stumbling policies of today, like UNNGO, “Pedophile Protection Plan”, stone cold shunning and “GB Draculas” vampiric blood dissecting desecrations; (Ignoring Acts 15:1-33 commands ironically)

Veneer 2

Now the books written after Rutherford’s day were anonymous commentaries; This aided another layer of covert veneering that the “Governing Body” slips under to take the credit of Fred Franz and other anointed workers, when all they are are busybody bean counters and profaners, undercover;

That is how the main “Governing Body” dual facade of assumed credibilities became the vessel of covert “man of lawlessness” development; This “body” is the main JW “rat nest” from 1976 in usurped and fictional authority;

They were hidden in presumptions, protected by the “Inquisition” mandates of the 1980’s in that Bethel purge fear fest when they “burned” Ray Franz, Ed Dunlap and others at the figurative “stake”, and are now globalist intelligence Academy Award total acting job posers – all fake, smoke and mirrors, all make believe, all a grand illusion;

GB Lawless AtmosFear

That set a “fear and judgment” mentality in the JW flock, rather than open love and mercy; This was progressive
(James 2:12-13) Keep on speaking in such a way and keep on doing in such a way as those do who are going to be judged by the law of a free people. 13 For the one that does not practice mercy will have [his] judgment without mercy. Mercy exults triumphantly over judgment.

That “freedom” became a coercion, that “mercy” suspicion, that “love” self-righteousness to infuse this GB DNA of subtle but actual “lawlessness” into the “elder body”;

Full JW Coup 1991

By the time Fred Franz “restraint” (2Thess2:7) was ending as he aged and died, the GB “men of lawlessness” broke out like gangbusters almost immediately;

While Fred Franz lay dying the Milton Henschel “temple rat brigade” stormed the Bethel Citadel with the covert United Nations organizational “mating” with the “Israel of God” “Virgin Daughter”;

The “coup” was now in full control;

I mean Fred Franz wasn’t even dead yet, and this GB UN operative masquerading anti-christ operation of deception, based in the corrupted Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, was fulfilling Daniel 11:31b purposely, providing the “temple transgression” of Daniel 8:11-14, by joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses “nation” to the United Nations family of organizations sanctioned by the “Governmental Body” of us Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1991;

Thus the UN “disgusting thing” was officially placed in the Awake! magazine September 8, 1991 issue, with the sarcastic question “What’s New at the United Nations?”

Why the “nation” of JW “Israel”, that’s what is new at the United Nations! Courtesy the GB imposter cabal!


Hence a Coming Temple Judgment and Cleansing is Required

This will require a divine purge in a massive globalist event to finalize Daniel 8:14 parallel to Zech3 “priesthood” cleansing;

That will have to take place as the final cycle of Temple and Kingdom prophecy will be activated by this temple judgment of the “established place of the sanctuary” in Bethel’s desolation with the worldwide organization of the Jehovah’s witnesses to the divine degree mandated; (Isa 12; Jer30:11; Mal3:1-5; Rev8:2-5)

The GB is covering this all up, though it is now easy to prove by the Bible’s prophetic insight:

Witness Recovery Program

Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses will be recovered and cleansed from this profanation of Zech3:1-3 as per Zech3:4-7, and that final ministry will proceed over the 6 trumpets to the final “two witnesses” prophetic replication to Kingdom and Temple 144000 completion of Revelation 11:15-19;

Man of Lawlessness Publicly Revealed

THAT is what this will trigger soon, now that the “man of lawlessness” is fully revealed publicly “in the temple of the God”; (2Thess2:3-12) THAT prerequisite in 2Thessalonians 2:3-4 is now completed by the Governing Body themselves, fraudulently trying to attach a worldly corporate “board of directors” to a Biblical spiritual “Faithful and Discreet Slave” anointed entity to add the final blasphemy of this body in this phase before coup-de-grace on the JW organization worldwide by UN servicing GB operatives in 100% “sit down” in the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

Lawless Governing Body Exposed

The “Governing Body” experiment has failed; It NEVER should have been a fictional “supreme council” overriding apostolic authority as it’s main goal of blasphemy for performing undercover lawless deeds for years in the JW org, based right from Bethel HQ;

The main blasphemy here is that the XGB are connecting a Biblical entity of Christ’s anointed “body” to a non-existent meaningless “Governing Body” of mundane worldly insignificance; It’s an old clever lie in other words;

I am not telling JWs to leave the organization, I am telling them things are NOT as they appear – JWs are being diverted, the Bethel Titanic is way off course now, and JWs need to know a massive temple judgment of God’s anger is in store with the next globalist 8th King GB final coup-de-grace surprises and worldwide event(s) cycle to fulfill Daniel8:11-14 SOON;


Governing Body Man of Lawlessness? – Three Degrees of Separation in 1990

Prophetic Diversion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1990

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