Daniel 11:36 Basic Proof King North is 8th King UN

The Daniel 11:36 USSR Invalidity Test the Governing Body Purposely Ignores for Subterfuge of Globalist UN 8th King Development

1. The basic test that reveals the Governing Body are teaching deception regarding globalist 8th King developments since 1990 is this scripture – a single line in it:

(Daniel 11:36) “And the king will actually do according to his own will, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak marvelous things. And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

The Bypass Coverup

1. You see that line in their allegedly applied to the USSR by the GB?

A. “” And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish;””

2. That cannot apply to the USSR because they failed and were dissolved long before the “denunciation will have come to a finish” which is Rev16:17, Rev11:15-18 and Armageddon;

3. In other words the “denunciation” is the world conquest upon a “King of the North” who will be active from at least Daniel 11:36;

4. In fact the Governing Body took special efforts to bypass a commentary on this line of Daniel 11:36 in the Daniel Prophecy book chap. 16 pp. 275-276 (1999);

5. There the commentary completely ignores “and he (KN) will certainly prove successful until the denunciation will have come to a completion” as far as commenting on it’s meaning in regard to a failed USSR that CANNOT fulfill this prophecy;

8th King Ignored by GB

1. Someone does, 8th King globalists will be present and successful at Armageddon;

GB Treason in Broad Daylight

1. And it just so happens the Governing Body entered a promotional relationship as a United Nations organization at the same time that this prophecy fulfilled fulfilling Daniel 11:30-31 with the “King North” 8th King globalists of the UN;

2. That was a 3rd United Nations related globalist world governmental “image” “disgusting thing” that the Governing Body is purposely ignoring;

3. We know it is purposeful because it does not take a prophet to easily see that::

“” And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish;””

CANNOT apply to the Soviet Union; Nor can they be involved with Anglo elite world government placement in the United Nations as that is what the Cold War was all about, staying out of the yoke of American and English globalist slaveries;

The Actual Fulfillment and Meaning; UN 3rd World Placement 1990

1. THIS is what actually happened in 1990 that the Governing Body must be purposely ignoring as a globalist serving operation:

(Daniel 11:30b-31) “And [8th King UN globalists] will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to [Governing Body] leaving the holy covenant.

31 And there will be [infiltrative internal] arms that will stand up, proceeding from [8th King UN globalists]; and [8th King UN globalists and the Governing Body] will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature].

31b “And [8th King UN globalists and the Governing Body] will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. [Which is the United Nations third world placement in 1990 and the Bethel placement in 1991 in the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide “constant feature” for public world promotions of the United Nations “New World Order”]

Governing Body of the Man of Lawlessness

The Governing Body:

1. Fulfills the infiltration and treasons of the “man of lawlessness” in league with the United Nations objectives at 3rd world placement “disgusting thing” in 1990-1991, for 10 years as covert world promoters;

2. Covers up the actual prophetic meaning of Daniel 11:30-31 (Daniel 8:11-14 transgression) with an invalid Nazi and USSR subterfuge that cannot apply;

3. Persists in this lying illusion while setting up the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization for a coup-de-grace with the next set of globalist world developments leading to the 4th United Nation globalist world government placement as per Daniel 8:25; 11:45;



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