End Time Prophecy Coming Milestones To Christ Arrival

End Time Prophecy Coming Milestones To Christ Arrival – Now and of the Future

A JW Crash Course for the Future Coming Up

This article explains the prophetic forecast of the major milestones that will sequentially unfold to prove the validity of the prophecy by world and spiritual events that will in time become undeniable as this unfolds over several last years to the world government climax.

The temple judgment accounting and exposure of the Bethel apostasy and its sources begins in a global tribulation cycle also beginning in some form to eventually mark the global context into which the temple judgment unfolds. The temple judgment will prove this entire prophetic cycle described below has begun and will take several last years marked in prophecy to unfold to Christ’s arrival.

The temple judgment and global transition into a final tribulation cycle is the coming first milestone Jehovah’s witnesses (JW) will in time have to fully deal with.

The JW preaching work is to be temporarily ceased to mark the “constant feature” “trampling” of the prophecy at Daniel 8:13-14. (1Pet4:17; Rev8:3-5);

Daniel 8:14 provides the timing and phasing to verify later that this prophecy is what will be active in the JW temple judgment for the purpose of accounting the temple “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 decree, and recovering the Christian ministry from the current Bethel apostasy to result in the “right condition” of the temple purification as Daniel 8:14 timed period completes. (Dan8:14, Zech3:1-5);

The nature of Bethel’s ministerial operations ceasing in some manner, and their eventual exposure as a purposeful apostasy and infiltration (Dan8:11-13, Dan11:30-32a, Dan11:41), will further verify the apostasy and the judgment prophecy. (2Thess2:1-4);

That temple judgment and its global tribulation context continue to activate more prophecy with further marked milestones to come over the following years leading to world government. (Dan11:42-45);

The recovered Christian ministry (Rev8-9) must make a final Kingdom proclamation (Rev10-11) of the final Messianic Kingdom completion concurrent with this continuation to 8th King world government. (Rev10:11); That final warning is a global ministerial milestone.

After several years that recovered Christian ministry, after successful final deployment as a final Kingdom proclamation, must again be ceased in its spiritually clean form in the final period of this final warning (Rev11:1-6) as world government is completing (Rev11;7) to mark the final milestone period that will usher in Christ’s co-completing final arrival event. (Rev11:8-19);

Contrary to Bethel error the final cycle (Dan11:42-45) takes years to complete and its key milestone periods are in prophecy. (Dan8:14, Dan12:7, 12:11); That ENTIRE period is open for salvation.

Contrary to JW ambiguity and error, Christ’s arrival is for first sheep salvation purposes including the completion of the 144000. (Rev14:1; Zech4:6-9)

Contrary to the Bethel salvation opposing “operation of error”, the timed final ministry must proceed in the global tribulation and eventually leading concurrently to the world “peace and security” resolution of the tribulation (Matt24:29; 1Thess5:1-3) for the preaching and salvation offer of God is active in that tribulation. Thus the “preaching work comes to an end” is a Bethel subversion to aid cessation of the now apostate JW ministry. (Rev8:10-12; Dan8:11; 11:31a);

The salvation offer is active for both the Daniel 12:7 and Daniel 12:11 full timed periods. The ministry of Christ is still active even after that final warning 1260 days (Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3) as Christ arrives (Matt24:29-31) to complete his own ministry (Matt10:23) in the final world government period of Daniel 12:11. (Gen7:4; Dan9:27; Ps110)

The Foretold Bethel Apostasy and Signal

Thus modern Bethel is attempting to abort the final period of open salvation to all people, by promoting the “preaching work must end” error and aiding that development. As a lawless prelude Bethel leaders apostatize the organized ministry (Dan11:32) to repulse and repel as many people as can be stumbled in this final period of their transgression (Dan8:23a) and subversion operation. (2Pet2:1-3; Dan11:41; Dan11:30-35). This is why the JW ministry stumbles probably four times as many people away from “the truth” than are becoming baptized Jehovah’s witnesses. This is why Jehovah’s witnesses have the worst retention rate of any religion on earth. In reality the stumbling ministry is what is “at apex”. Now people call into question the entire JW ministry when it is actually the post 1976 “1/3” that has been corrupted under the Governing Body coup development. (Rev8:10-12)

It is the valid portion of the Jehovah’s witnesses Christian ministry that must be recovered and reconnected to the actual prophetic developments after 1990 that Bethel now truncates from public awareness as part of this apostate cover-up development. (Dan8:12); Bethel is fulfilling the final apostate manifestation “in the temple” in the process and in time they have been recognized by prophecy and evidence as to who they actually are and who they are affiliated with in the 8th King King North apostasy. (2Thess2:1-4; Dan11:32; Dan8:12);

It is Bethel that is “set in opposition” working against the final cycle of prophecy describing in detail the trajectory to human world government and its final cycle of prophecy now gearing for activation with the JW temple judgment. In that prophecy there is also the details of Bethel’s required modern apostasy to be revealed as this unfolds upon Bethel’s visible claimant association with the anointed Christian temple. Bethel provides a high profile “organization” to take the brunt of the 8th King “trampling” intrigues (Dan8:13, 11:41) to make all this undeniable as the first milestone of the prophecy to be globally seen soon. Bethel aids this anti-Christian operation against the anointed Christian temple. (2Thess2:1-4; Zech3:1-3);

It is guaranteed in time the unique temple judgment (Dan8:13-14) and final 8th King cycle of Daniel 11:42-45 will become known to Jehovah’s witnesses as Revelation 8-11 begins it replication. The first four trumpets of that post temple judgment alarm are what explain reality to Jehovah’s witnesses of the temple judgment meaning. The temple judgment desolation and recovery must both run their full course to mark the Daniel 8:13-14 prophecy. Recovering truth (Rev8-9) is God’s objective in the temple purification (Zech3:4-7), and deploying it into a then active global tribulation as the final warning of Revelation 10-11 second fulfillment.

In time the following will become known to Jehovah’s witnesses and God will aid its recognition because Jehovah’s witnesses are now sharing the Bethel apostasy and its foretold spiritual darkness. The temple judgment is a required milestone to recover the ministerial truth that will include the exposure of Bethel’s apostasy and the 8th King prophetic details they are concealing as a final cycle of prophecy is to be explained while it is activating over several final years marked in those prophecies describing these final milestones to Christ’s arrival.

This article explains details of each prophetic period and its milestone for future reference by Jehovah’s witnesses coming out of this temple judgment coming on apostate Bethel and aided by internal “man of lawlessness” “workers of lawlessness” in Bethel’s top ministerial leadership and rogue illegal councils.

Milestone 1 Prelude Now: Apostasy Signal to Temple Judgment, Accounting and Recovery

1. Jehovah’s witnesses Christian anointed priesthood inspection (completing or complete; Zech3:1-5; 2Thess2:1-4);

Unbeknownst to most Jehovah’s witnesses the entire temple judgment pattern that isolated the anointed Christian temple from overall Christendom in the 1914-1919 period of inspection and judgment repeats upon that anointed Christian “house”.

Thus a similar pattern that enabled the Kingdom “birth” proclamation will also repeat to announce the Messianic Kingdom “completion” proclamation. Enough time has elapsed in the Jehovah’s witnesses to have allowed a second apostasy to form in that defined temple arrangement, as a new batch of “weeds” now run the Bethel ministry by leadership by a scripturally illegal and rogue “Governing Body” dictatorial covenant “in the temple”. (Zech3:1-3; Dan11:30-31, 8:12);

Thus the divine inspection take place at Zechariah 3:1-3 without the awareness of most Jehovah’s witnesses or their rogue apostate priesthood.

2. Bethel Apostasy and Lawlessness Signal of Judgment; (2Thess2:1-12; Zech3:1-3);

To those paying close attention to Bethel’s gradual apostate development (Dan8:12), this apostasy and lawlessness signal (2Thess2:1-4; Dan11:32a) is already repeating a major final pattern of prophecy just beginning.

But paying attention to the key apostasy prophecies is what allows one to understand what is really happening at Bethel, as the classic Biblical apostasy ALWAYS applies to the ministerial leadership going into apostasy, not individuals. The apostasy forms a class “in the temple”. (2Thess2:1-4, Dan11:32, Dan8:12-13)

Thus the importance of spiritual vigilance and tracking prophecy is affirmed for those understanding Bethel is actually the apostate leadership the Bible prophecy foretells in its major final institutional form. Individual “apostasy” is not the major apostasy the Bible foretells, it is of the core “priesthood” (Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-4) and the top leadership that the Bible is identifying as apostate by criteria Bethel alone now meets.

Apostasy identified “in the temple” is important to comprehend, because such a development will in time require a divine judgment. Apostasy is a signal development “in the temple” for those paying attention, not a distraction to direct to the pews or streets as Bethel does to aid their own concealment.

3. Premature End Expectation

Also present as a great symptom of the apostasy and “lawless one” is Bethel’s premature end expectation and hoax in the 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 prophecy and principle.


The overall purpose of all prophecy, including the temple judgment prophecy, is that it must fulfill and Bethel is meeting that condition in its apostate prerequisite.

The purpose of identifying this apostate signal is to let us know the temple judgment is what it will require when the apostasy reaches the limit of its divine allowance. (Daniel 8:13-14)


The apostate and lawlessness requirement creates a notable UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 as the core feature brought into Bethel in the Daniel 11:30-31 culmination of 1990. A prophetic cover-up and subversion is also present at Bethel from 1990 Daniel 8 and 11 diversions. (Dan8:12-13, 11:30-32a, 41); 8th King (King North) collusion is the driving guidance system in the prophecy at Daniel 11:30-35, 41 and Daniel 8:11-13, 23a.

Stumbling by lawless Bethel policy is the secondary feature of the apostasy. (2Pet2:1-3; Dan11:32-35, 41) This is reflected in the overall downward spiral of Jehovah’s witnesses’ growth rate that statistically originates with the Governing Body 1976 coup fed by Bethel’s own lawless record and unscriptural policies like the UN NGO, pedophile protection and shunning. The “wormwood” and other profanation of the “constant feature” is also a feature of the apostasy. (Rev8:10-12; Dan11:31a; Dan8:11,13) Cover up of final prophecy and other subversions is also present at Bethel in purposeful form aiding world government and final cycle secrecy. (Dan8:12); This is why the USSR failure as King North required success (Dan11:36) is ignored by Bethel as if the USSR never fell and the UN never presented a third time in 1990.

The “Governing Body” in 1976 and 2012, literally “lifting themselves over everyone”, is of special note as fulfilling 2Thessalonians 2:1-4, 10-11. By divine permission the “set in opposition” “operation of error” is based on the Governing Body incept “the lie” that breeds more and more falsehood in Jehovah’s witnesses gradually to terminal condition. Thus the “revealing of the man of lawlessness” is a feature of the prelude to the temple judgment now represented by Bethel in its final form and various organizational and UN NGO idolatries are present.

The Daniel 11:32a apostasy relates to the modern Bethel apostasy of 2Thessalonians 2:3-4 and its “man of lawlessness” leaders as clearly now terminal in the Bethel foretold condition. The 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 pre-requisite of the temple judgment is met. Daniel 11:30-32a and Daniel 8:11-13 identifies “those leaving the holy covenant” in the place the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry identified as being. From there the Bethel infiltration of Daniel 11:41 and the Daniel 11:31a “arms that stand up” intensified the “King North” (8th King) led apostasy of Daniel 11:32.

Thus Bethel meeting every feature of the apostasy prophecy detailed pattern is beyond coincidence, it is prophetic. The apostasy is internal to the Bethel “clergy” system and its hierarchy that formed “gradually” for Jehovah’s witnesses to be “given over” (Dan8:12) subtly but severely to another agenda of cover-up and lawlessness concealed from Jehovah’s witnesses by fear of the Governing Body self-assumed “divine authority”. That gradual development, though having “lifting themselves over everyone” signs in 1976, was why the apostasy was not immediately evident until all anointed influence was purged from Bethel.

Scriptural Cross Reference:

Thus the temple inspection of Zechariah 3:1-3 precedes the purifying accounting judgment of Zechariah 3:4-5, Daniel 8:13-14, Revelation 8:3-5, Malachi 3:1-5, 2Thessalonians 2:8, Isaiah 28, 1Peter4:17, Ezekiel 9:6, Jeremiah 25:29.

Isaiah, Hosea, Micah, Joel and Amos all give temple judgment details of the apostasy in full detail in their applicable chapters. Nahum, Zephaniah and Habakkuk give globalist details of Bethel’s “Nineveh” affiliation. Zechariah is essentially a temple judgment revelation applying to this period to begin with the JW temple judgment. (1Pet4:17) Malachi has a final fulfillment related to the temple judgment.

Bethel Apostate Purpose

Bethel’s apostasy is 8th King “King North” guided to delay the recognition of the final two UN foretold cycles to world government as long as possible. Bethel is also “set in opposition” by “shutting up the Kingdom” to as many people as possible by not only lawless hypocrisy and stumbling, but by subversion of the understanding of this final cycle. Bethel is now set up to call off the “constant feature” by their own “the preaching work has ended” potential final sanction to aid the 8th King’s own “trampling” cessation of that JW ministry in Daniel 8:13.

Bethel also secures a long list of major transgressions causing bloodguilt among the JW community as per Revelation 8 final fulfillment meaning. The pinnacle of transgression is the UN 8th King UN NGO “transgression casing desolation” alliance of Bethel with the wildbeast system in public and official fashion since 1991. (Matt24:15; Dan11:30-31, Dan8:13-14); The “Governing Body” original “the lie” (2Thess2:10-12) is the central council of the “operation of error” overall at Bethel and is itself an illegal “temple priesthood” unto its own self-invented rogue authority.

That “error” and “lie” was permitted by God (Zech3:1-3) to allow a “lawless” and “apostate” signal and basis of the temple judgment fundamental apostasy development meeting the prophetic prerequisite criteria of 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 prior to the temple judgment (Dan8:13-14; 1Pet4:17). The “Governing Body” idol and lawless cell is now well rooted in the Jehovah’s witnesses organized religion and so the overall “operation of error” is full mature to aid recognition of what is really going on in Jehovah’s witnesses by this lawless Bethel core “bad association”. (Rev 8:10-12; Dan8:23a);

This is why God does not fully expose the Bethel apostasy until it nears its required global judgment period. After that temple judgment runs its Daniel 8:13-14 course the Bethel apostasy is fully exposed in the implications and meanings of the Revelation 8:6-12 first four trumpet alarms and explanation of the temple judgment parallel of Revelation 8:3-5.

For Jehovah’s witnesses to be awoken from the Bethel coma, a massive event is necessary upon Bethel as a known visible global associate of the anointed Christian ministry where they have defected and infiltrated for opposing purposes.

Milestone 1 – Temple Judgment and Tribulation Context

1. Tribulation Context Begins; (Matt24:15; Dan11:41 (now), Dan11:42-43 (soon); Dan12:1b);

A. The global tribulation period must begin in some manner concurrent with the Bethel downfall events as a milestone marker of the prophecies this period will activate fully for some years.

B. The parallel prophecy of this contextual development is Daniel 11:42-45 8th King developments in the world scene that will in time be concurrent with the six plague overview of world developmental meaning. (Rev15-16)

C. This global context will provide the “rocking of the nations” (Hag2:7) final fulfillment context to become recognizable as the temple judgment must become a concurrent development in this continuum.

2. Jehovah’s Witnesses Temple Judgment (1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:1-6; Matt25:1-13);

A. Temple is “Trampled” (Dan8:13), Purified and Recovered: Daniel 8:14 Timing and “Right Condition” Reached;

B. The Daniel 8:11-14 temple judgment decree identifies a recognizable “transgression causing desolation” as the reason for judgment. Obviously the 8th King “side covenant” of Bethel with the United Nations as UN NGO is the 1990 event context of the 3rd UN placement that relates Daniel 11:30-31 events to this temple transgression.

C. The Daniel 8:13-14 decree and timing will be affirmed for future proof of the temple judgment. The Jehovah’s witnesses ministerial elements to be “trampled” by 8th King intrigues are identified in the prophecy to include the JW “army”, “constant feature” and “holy place” and the Daniel 8:11 “established place” “of the sanctuary”.

D. All prophetic and illustrative patterns repeat now upon Jehovah’s witnesses. (Matt13:36-42; Matt24:45-51)

E. Thus this first milestone has a set of worldly and spiritual events that will become undeniable in due time and must connect in time to more prophecy guaranteed to proceed as this unfolds to 8th King world government and the recovered final warning of the accurate prophetic description of all these events deploying into that final period.

Scriptural Purpose of the Temple Judgment

The purpose of the temple judgment is to account for the main UN NGO sins and the terminally lawless Bethel condition in a high profile set of events to befall Bethel as falsely applied prophecy is tendered to JWs to cover up what is really going on in the Daniel 8:13 “trampling” decree.

The 8th King will be the UN NGO related “spiritual fornication” party that will be the power behind the Daniel 8:13 “trampling” as all of Bethel is handed to what they have been serving overtly for twenty years, ten of which was as covert UN NGO.

That “trampling” “desolation” of the Bethel organizational symbol of the anointed Christian ministry provides the “fire” basis of the temple purification “right condition” of Daniel 8:13-14.

The ultimate final objective of the temple judgment is to recover the Christian ministry and clarify the final truth from the purposeful Bethel “operation of error”. Further the ministry is deployed again (Rev10:11) for a final Kingdom proclamation of Messianic Kingdom completion concurrent with 8th King world government completion.

Thus the Daniel 8:14 timing of 2300 units as 200 or 1150 days connects in some unknown fashion to the prophetic period of Daniel 12:7 1260 days timed period of the final Kingdom sovereign warning. Daniel 12:7 cross references Revelation 11:2-3 126 day ministerial period in the cross related 1260 days of Revelation 13:5 wildbeast authority and Revelation 12:6,14 principle of heightened Satanic authority.

The temple judgment events parallel the beginning of Revelation 8 final fulfillment as the temple judgment and divine alarm first four “trumpets” of the temple judgment explanation that leads over Revelation 9 to the Revelation 10-11 “little scroll” commission finality repeated as the second “two witnesses”. In this way the basis of the prophetic replication is affirmed.

Milestone 2 – Ministerial Recovery, Final Commission, Final Warning, Final Ministerial Cessation of Second Witness

1. Ministerial Recovery

A. The recovery from the temple “desolation” “abyss” of Revelation 9 final fulfillment is an unknown period between the 2300 or 1150 days of Daniel 8:13-14 and the start of the final 1260 day Kingdom proclamation.

B. The purpose of the temple judgment and eventual purification is to clarify the final prophetic cycle meaning to deploy as in WW1, into a global tribulation period leading to the final world government presentation.

C. Bethel has several subversions at work that are not explaining the final cycle of prophecy properly. In the apostate development context the 3rd United Nations presentation of 1990 is ignored by Bethel as if it is not a prophecy fulfilled. Instead the became a UN NGO “new world order” plugging co-promoter of that 3rd UN placement, and the apostasy has its hallmark affiliation with the “wildbeast”.

Bethel Delusion

1. In the process Bethel has engineered a prophetic ambiguity and false application complex that allows them to justify lawlessness, engineer false perception of Jehovah’s witnesses, and set-up a Bethel coup subterfuge based on misapplication and fraudulent explanation of prophecy.

2. One of these future directives Bethel promotes is the unscriptural idea “the preaching work must come to and end”. That is an unscriptural Bethel myth. The preaching work will come to a temporary end to mark the profaned “constant feature” (Dan11:31a) full removal (Dan8:11,13) of the temple judgment. In reality God requires the preaching work to continue in the final tribulation, again at Revelation 10:11. Thus Bethel is “shutting up the Kingdom” to the common man in ways such as this, attempting to narrow and limit the salvation message by lawlessness and rationalized legalism, but they have a final set-up in the making to actually cancel the preaching work by their own mandate.

3. Thus not only the “trampling” of Daniel 8:13, but the Bethel predictive programming is setting up the cessation of the JW ministry by even Bethel’s own directive to possibly become “official” as the intrigues of Daniel 8:13-14 are sold to Jehovah’s witnesses as “the end of the world brothers!”, thus deceptively appealing to JW logic of why the preaching must end.

4. According to the actual final prophecy and its periods God is keeping salvation open in the tribulation. In this way the final “rocking of the nations” in that global tribulation period has a purpose of waking people up to repentance and reality as per Haggai 2:7 and its final fulfillment Revelation 16 six plagues prelude to Christ’s arrival.

5. Thus once explained properly the global tribulation, that must end (Matt24:29) into 8th King world government, is a milestone that itself is to become a marked period enroute to world government. Thus the real meaning of the tribulation is subverted by Bethel, because it is actually an open salvation gauge to Armageddon, but leads first to the 1290 day period of Daniel 12:11 in which period Christ arrives first to secure the final sheep group.

6. Thus even the 1290 day period that is marked by world government and the cessation of the second “two witnesses” at Daniel 12:11 is open for people to make the sheep side of the judgment. Babylon the Great must be the entity judged after the “two witnesses” are removed, so in that judgment some final sheep can be spared. The “two witnesses” final appeal will also have previously effected some final repentance in Revelation 11:7-10, and was informing people of the reality that Bethel now is “set in opposition” to with various deceptions.

Bethel Hoax: Premature End Expectation

Bethel’s Main Delusion: The End is Near, Jehovah’s Day is Here! – is a Signal of The Final Apostasy

Ministerial Recovery and Final Warning Deployment

1. Final Ministerial Commission (Rev10:10-11; Zech3:4-7; Matt24:48-51; Isa6:6-8);

A. The purification of the anointed Christian temple by God and Christ enables the accurate final sovereign ultimatum as the “little scroll” final “message” to become commissioned in official form to begin the final 1260 day Messianic Kingdom completion warning and invitation.

2. Final Warning Deploys; (Rev9, Rev 11:1-6);

A. The “completion” message must go forth. (Rev10:6-8); All prophecy for this period will complete in a completed proclamation of the “little scroll” in a second of the “two witnesses”. This final prophecy clarified from the temple judgment shows completion of the 8th King world government will trigger Christ’s arrival and completion of the 144000 Messianic Kingdom and Christ “King of kings” coronation of that universal sovereign entity. The “temple” is also completed in the process. (Zech4:6-8, Rev11:12-19; Rev16:12-20);

3. Tribulation Context Ends (Matt24:29; Isa41:1) into:

The “tribulation of those days” ends into 8th King world government as a fourth manifestation cycle foretold and culminating as the full “scarlet wildbeast” finality.

A. Final Warning Ceased; (Rev11:7-10; Dan11:44);

B. The 8th King is the convergent King North and King of Fierce Countenance global conglomeration of global sovereignty “scarlet wildbeast” totality. All national sovereign progression culminates into this final world government entity.

C. As world government is completing in Daniel 12:11 the final “constant feature” of the “two witnesses” final “little scroll” is ceased approximately concurrently due to the impending doom “good news” final announcement for the 8th King global world government system from the recovered Christian ministry.

D. Thus the 8th King world government completion process and its defiant reaction to the final Messianic Kingdom completing Kingdom proclamation of God and Christ by the final Christian anointed “two witnesses” remnant to aid the 144000 completion is a great final signal of Christ’s impending arrival and final procedures by then explained accurately as per the prophecy and its repeating cyclic principles.

E. This is the parallel “attack” phase of Revelation 11:7, Daniel 11:44-45 and Daniel 11:45 convergent with Daniel 12:11. The “disturbing” “reports” include the “little scroll” sovereign ultimatum of God’s Kingdom.

Final Phase Climax Details

1. In time after a successful final deployment of the final warning for 1260 days the “wildbeast” “ascends out of the abyss” (Rev11:7) into world government and will remove the final “two witnesses” ministry from earth. (Rev17:8-11 principle in Rev11:7) But this resistance of the 8th King system only aids the long awaited 144000 completion and helps seal the eventual 8th King doomsday by complete fair warning of God Almighty as foretold in, and repeating as prophecy.

Appointed Seven Times of the Nations Sovereign Lease Has Expired – Appointed Seven Times of Divine Warning Yet to Complete

2. But Christ arrives first to complete that 144000 Messianic Kingdom body, and to secure the last of the earth sheep in a global “sheep and goat” final judgment sweep prior to all out “war of the great day of God the Almighty” on the 8th King. (Rev19:19-21; Dan7:25-26);

3. Thus the final warning aids the final sheep determination, but Christ personally assess every human on earth at that time to complete his ransom purchase reception of any he deems can be saved. Thus Christ must complete his won ministry first, by supernatural means (Matt10:23) prior to the final Armageddon divine war phase. Revelation 7-10 shows some will come forth as repentant from the world system affected by the final “two witnesses” final warning and invitation.

4. Revelation 14 shows events to take place after 144000 completion include a final sweep over Babylon the Great under final judgment, and some of God’s people will be pulled from that judgment context.

The 144000 complete before the complete destruction of Babylon the Great in that global institution’s final judgment.

5. The Messianic Kingdom earthly sovereign completion must oversee that judgment (Matt25:31-46; Dan7:25-26; Rev14:14-20) of Babylon the Great and to save any who can be pulled from that judgment live and real-time by a fully arrived Christ in Messianic Kingdom earthly and universal sovereign capacity.

6. Revelation 16:12-20 and Revelation 17:11-18 show Babylon the Great is present deep into the final cycle conclusion, deposed at the end of it. The Revelation 11:1-10 “broadway of the great city”, where the “two witnesses” are killed and lay exposed in a spiritual sense, shows Babylon the Great “great city” finality is present after the “two witnesses” are finally deposed. (Rev11:7-13);

7. Thus the “two witnesses” removal marks that part of Daniel 12:11, and that means the “3.5 day” “death state” of the “two witnesses” is after the Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-7) 1260 days has ended (Rev11:7), and must be in that portion of Daniel 12:11 1290 days. This tells us the 8th King world government completion and final ministerial cessation of the final Kingdom proclamation must also elapse the symbolic “3.5 days” prior to Christ’s arrival to complete the 144000 as Revelation 11:11-12 parallels Matthew 24:29-31 complimentary meaning.

8. We know Christ arrives first for final sheep securement in the finale events of that period like the judgment on the Babylon the Great religious institutional “harlot”. The first sheep to finalize must be the remnant of the 144000. That Messianic Kingdom completion priority is so the fully empowered “King of kings” Jesus Christ can finish his own ministry (Matt10:23) in “Kingdom power” and oversee these final operations truly and fully “subduing in the midst of his enemies” well before the full 8th King system extermination of 2Thessalonians 1:6-10.

9. The “tribulation” God “repays” in that final period is upon the hiding and fleeing 8th King elites (Am9:1-3; Rev6:12-17) and their “gathered” global “armies” (Rev19:19-21), and so is a final time period of the completion of Christ’s earthly and universal conquest under his completed Messianic Kingdom and the full 144000 “royal body” “of the Christ”. (Eze38; Rev19:19-21, 20:1-3);

8 Kings: Why the 7th King Anglo-American National System Must “Fall”

The End of National Sovereignty, Not The End of the World

Milestone 3 – Mission Accomplished – World Government Completion Leads to Jesus Christ’s Full and Final Arrival

Human “8th King” world government will complete and state its sovereign intent (1Thess5:1-3) prior to Christ’s arrival. This sir the final milestone that the recovered ministry will be warning of. Of course Christ’s arrival for his own “Kingdom” completion of the 144000 will be the greatest milestone leading to final sheep securement and Armageddon resolving divine war of God and Christ’s earthly (Rev19:11-21) and universal conquest. (Rev20:1-3; Isa24:21-22)

This is the very prophetic and world developmental cycle, the final one, number four, that Bethel has been derailing since its 3rd of 4 final UN prophecy cover-up and UN NGO co-promotionals of 1990.

Thus the concurrently building theme Jehovah’s witnesses Christian ministry originally defined of the “Kingdom of God” and 7th-to-8th King development that marked the world government issue of earthly sovereignty in the 1914-1919 period is brought to a grand finale. The rival “8th Kingdom” must complete beyond the original scope and power of the 7th King and the UN “image of the wildbeast” into 8th King totality including those sovereign developments but culminated into stated and active world government.

Thus the rival sovereign 8th King completion is required to culminate before Jesus Christ’s arrival and is a usable global developmental process and gauging over the final foretold cycle’s final years marked by various known milestones, as described above, en route to Jesus Christ’s final arrival that can be explained before they arrive due to the repeating nature of the final cycle based on the first cycle of 1914-1919.

1. World Government – National Sovereign Conglomeration Completes into 8th King World Government; (Rev16:12-16; Rev 17:11-18);

A. World Government Final “Disgusting Thing” Placement; (Daniel 12:11, Dan11:44-45, Dan8:25, Rev11:7)

The final convergence of all national-to-globalist world power prophecy of Daniel 2,7,8,11,12 and Revelation 13, 17 all equates to “8th King” “scarlet wildbeast” totality in meaning of World Government and its international conglomerated “image” as the final rival sovereign development.

B. 8th King World Government World “Peace and Security” and World Recovery. (Dan8:25; 11:44-45; 12:11; 1Thess5:1-3 globally stated world peace sovereignty; Dan8:25 “freedom from care” parallel; Isa41:1 world recovery);

C. The “two witnesses” final ministerial “constant feature” removal, in a by then accurate and purified “little scroll” form, is the concurrent development with “placing the disgusting thing” in final 8th King world government form in Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment.

2. Christ Arrival… (Dan12:1, Matt24:29-31; Matt25:31-46; Rev11:11-13; Rev19:11-16; Rev1:7; Rev6:12-17);

A. Christ Completes Messianic Kingdom 144000; (Rev11:11-12; Rev7:1-8; Rev14:1; Zech4:6-9; Zech6:9-15);

B. Christ Messianic Kingdom King-Priest Coronation; (Zech4:6-9; 6:9-15; Dan7:26);

C. Babylon the Great Deposed; (Rev16:17-19; Rev17:15-18; Rev14:8);

D. Sheep Gathering/Goat Determination Finalized; (Mat24:31-46; Rev14:14-20);

3. Armageddon; Messianic Kingdom Conquest; (Rev11:15; Rev19:19-21);

4. Christ’s Messianic Kingdom 1000 Years Rule

Major Prophetic Milestones to Armageddon

Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival

Revelation 14 – 144000 and Messianic Kingdom Completion

Repeating Cycles: The Whole Prophecy Repeats Starting With The Temple Judgment Portion

5 thoughts on “End Time Prophecy Coming Milestones To Christ Arrival

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