Ray Franz to UN NGO in 11 Years

Rethinking the Ray Franz Operation

When assessing a situation, such as the Ray Franz developments if we go with the first impression, and the linear reaction that is fine, it is the first association, the first reaction; That is the first thing we think; It is natural, that is what we think, we hear both sides of the story, end of story;

But the nature of the situation here is spiritual, it is life and death serious; it is good to also think about this situation a little more deeply, with a little more possible insight than the first reaction, the first conclusion, the first presumption, and try a couple more possibilities;

Is it all really spontaneous, or is it orchestrated to look that way?

For example the situation that arose with Ray Franz and the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is one that deserves more than a first glance, and more than “two sides” of the story; It requires a little imagination knowing full well the “man of lawlessness” must have a final manifestation with the temple completion cycle; (Matt24:24; 2Thess2:3-4)

Point A to Point B

The first reaction is that a great exposé revealing the true inner workings of the Governing Body is being revealed; This exposure in candid light and honesty, is allowing people to draw a conclusion that the Governing Body is a reactionary fearful farce, like an “Inquisition”, operating according to procedures to protect doctrines that are based on conjecture by processes very different from what is presented to Jehovah’s Witnesses;

After Nathan Knorr’s organizational insight, and Fred Franz’s God given spiritual insight reached an organizational high point with the aid of many Jehovah’s Witnesses around 1970, the Governing Body appears to have decided that was a handy time to seize control and take credit for this work by slipping under the veneer of anonymity for factional committee control to override to Christian individuals who guided the ship to this success with God’s aid through Christ;

Point B

This draws doubt upon many other Jehovah’s Witnesses teachings if not all, because the controversy called into question the validity of the 1914 dating significance in relation to bible prophecy and world chronology;

End of Story

And that is obviously the first and final conclusion many can draw from Ray Franz’s writings about the 1980’s Bethel purge that occurred within four years of the Governing Body being promoted to executive authority above the president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society or any other individual in the corporation; The end…

Or is it?

So let’s deconstruct this scenario in light of other possibilities of actual potential strategies and list some strange anomalies in this development;

A concern is: why would a body of experienced “spiritual executives”, with strategic savvy, create an antagonistic situation that would possibly motivate a prolific writer (Ray Franz) to detail the nature of the affair in public documentation available worldwide after his removal from the Governing Body?

Why not simply prove the 1914 rationale, and reach a consensus?

Why did this turn into a global scandal and stealth stumbling block in perpetual print since 1983?

Why would experienced corporate leadership open a can of worms that obviously even a novice would consider the negative ramifications of?

Double Take

Well, let’s take a non-linear approach;

What if this new “Governing Body” authority had a faction that planned this very thing?

What if this “lifting themselves” (2Thess2:3-4) was the “man of lawlessness” Jr. in his first real manifestation in hindsight in 1975-1976?

Since the Governing Body was now operating in an augmented 18 member “committee” capacity since 1975, with 8 new members appointed at that time [1], prior to the intrigues and seizure of corporate authority by January 1, 1976, we might wonder what sort of balance needed to be struck in the Governing Body prior to the coup which led to the purge authority just one year prior to “lift off” in 1976?

Is this not a strange expansion in Governing Body membership, at a critical timing, at what proved to be the incept point of major global stumbling tactics that began with Ray Franz, proceeded to the UN NGO, and developed the top four web stumbling policies of all time in addition?

What sort of actual agenda could possibly be now operating in that ” committee”, the central authority now subject to covert factional influence?

An Alternative Objective and Red Flags

Red Flag 1 – Obviously the strategic lack of foresight is obvious as stated previously, anyone could put 2 and 2 together and realize the danger of exposure, and bad press, that would come from disfellowshipping Ray Franz under the circumstances that developed;

They could rest assured at some point, Ray Franz would do what Ray Franz does, write, and explain his side of the story; This was no doubt the first true external torpedo of accusation to hit the Bethel corporation at this magnitude;

Ray was a former Governing Body member, related to the President of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Frederick Franz (1977), with years of missionary and Bethel service, with a published book for worldwide release (Crisis of Conscience; 1983) and then another one (In Search of Christian Freedom; 1991) that would be read with interest due to Ray’s intimate association with Jehovah’s Witnesses and membership in the Governing Body;

Red Flag 2 – This inquisitional purge move also sent a message of fear and judgment to anyone questioning Governing Body doctrine; Meaning it minimized internal dialogue between Jehovah’s Witnesses concerning Bible teachings and prophecy; If they did not spare a Governing Body member, no one was then above suspicion;

Coupled with the shunning strategy, this minimized the amount and significance of information from reasoning that Jehovah’s Witnesses would be exposed to internally and externally from sources who may be inclined to point out the Bible’s principles in comparison to organizational policies and teachings;

In hindsight was all this really developed to also aid the concealment of the young “man of lawlessness” now operating right from Bethel, “in the temple of the God”?

It was a strategy that could also be deployed under the claimed and actual benefit of protecting the flock from false teachers, with an appeal to righteous standards, vigilance for true worship, and the Bible as the ultimate standard of procedures;

But it was also a strategy that false teachers could use, under a veneer of hyper-piety, with an actually self-protective fear and reprisal atmosphere, to conceal themselves as operatives internal in the Bethel system, right in the Governing Body;

It was a two-edged sword;

And anyone questioning the “Status Quo” would get one of those edges;

But it revealed a fearful reactionary stance, to lop off heads when conflicts arose, rather than reason with them to establish the truth and policy by patient and in-depth reasoning, as all truth can be proven a number of ways, and errors eventually are identified if God is operative on the system by spirit through Christ – and He is;

In the hindsight assessment, the 1980 strategy has served ends that are not in line with basic logic, create an anti-information and reasoning atmosphere, and lock up doctrinal development upon dynamic prophecy to remain stuck in the 1950-1990 level of understanding;

The evidence therefore boils down to some alternative possibilities;

And No One Seems to Say, Hey! Might this be the foretold “man of lawlessness” y’all??? (2Thess2:3-4)

Like the UN NGO, why all these very convenient anomalies and widespread negative side effects in massive stumbling salvos that most JWs are oblivious to the magnitude of developing as if engineered to be damaging for years?

And no one mentions the “man of lawlessness”? Who MUST be operating from the site of truth, “in the temple of the God”??

Why? we may ask…

Red Flag 3

While all this has been developing, the Governing Body has been keeping the connection between their lawless mastery of illusions and the “man of lawlessness” FULFILLING in front of pour faces separated;

Instead, poor potential Jehovah’s witnesses or weakened JW sheep stumble, and are not seeing this is the “man of lawlessness”, no reason to stumble, this PROVES where the “:temple of God” is, is where the “man of lawlessness” MUST manifest for final temple inspection and judgment;

In fact this lawless GB will fulfill further prophecy as Bethel is desolated (Dan8:13-14) and the whole Revelation 8-11 final cycle activates in temple judgment and needed purification of Jehovah’s witnesses; (Zech3; Mal3:1-5)

Possibility 1

The Governing Body was factionally compromised in the periods leading up to January 1, 1976; The evidence is the unusual and scandalous developments that transpired in the years soon after this January 1, 1976 change in Governing Body heightened level of authority;

This new Governing Body authority and composition of committee like potential for covert factional control through multiple operatives with a hidden agenda for progressive subversions now became possible;

The coup itself was an indication of compromise by fleshly minded busy bodies, or operatives of external origination; (Dan11:30-31; Dan8:11-12; Dan11:41)

Ray Franz could have been predictively expected to reveal everything that led to his expulsion for worldwide audiences; By that the Governing Body faction with a hidden agenda would create negative press to stumble people’s faith;

In this scenario Ray Franz was just a duped pawn;

Possibility 2

Ray Franz could have been part of the factional operations, to create a very credible internal situation, by the planning of the whole faction, to orchestrate the expulsion of Ray Franz from the Governing Body and Jehovah’s Witnesses fully armed with the complete and very convenient details of what was to be exposed in published writing for worldwide stumbling and scandal purposes externally for years to come;

This would be an inside job that created the unique conditions, provided all the scandalous actions and evidence, scripted the whole operation, to appear as if it just spontaneously developed, and Ray Franz is the wronged whistleblower revealing the Governing Body as fearful, self protecting, unjust power mongers;

Which of course is the impression the lawless faction controlling the GB wants people to assume; And that “faction” would in time, be 100% “man of lawlessness” controlled;

At no time would Ray Franz make the now obvious Biblical connection, that this faction would progressively gain control as the foretold “Man of Lawlessness” in the “temple of the God”; (2Thess2:3-12; 2Cor11:13-15)

In Possibility 1’s scenario a lack of awareness could be possible in that an unsuspecting Ray Franz was truly wronged, and did not make the connection to the “man of lawlessness” of 2Thessalonians 2:3-12 prophecy of the “lawless one”, and Ray simply told his story as the compromised Governing Body could foresee would be likely or guided later, given Ray’s writing talents and reasoning abilities, plus the nature of the seriousness of the scandal;

Or as in possibility 2, Ray Franz was carrying out a willful and purposeful objective in his role in the deception, to expose everything for global covert “man of lawlessness” stumbling purposes that was already internally prearranged to be made available by the orchestration of the situation to be exposed through external publication;

What Ray Franz would be in that kind of internal to external operation, was the credible “victim” of Governing Body malfeasance, with plenty of evidence to describe and support his side of the story, for a perpetual external exposé that could stumble many people perpetually worldwide;

BUT, Ray, whatever you do DO NOT make the connection to the “man of lawlessness” prophecy; Thus the Governing Body infiltrators walk the fine line; they stumble millions with lawlessness seen by everyone but most JWs, WHILE no one makes the connection of that lawless activity to the prophecy of the “man of lawlessness” being revealed “in the temple of the God”;

It is a fine line that can only be balanced for so long, and the Governing Body did everything possible to isolate JWs from exposure to the clues, by minimizing the amount of negative information JWs would be exposed to while maximizing the negative information for world stumbling at the same time, to hide this connection and reality as long as possible;

But the prophecy is, the “man fo lawlessness” AND the apostate compromise he develops is exposed in time as prerequisite for final temple judgment; (2Thess2:3-4);

Other Uses of This Formula?

Which brings to mind the candid and credible “whistleblower” Barbara Anderson:

Barbara Anderson also went from internal trusted responsibilities in Bethel service to world champion of exposés, with all kinds of extremely credible and handy actual dirt, sins and crimes on the Governing Body;

Barbara also had “handy” access to well guarded information; Information that proved to be scandalous and criminal pedophile policies and databases, that also, very conveniently, became the center of a worldwide scandal, as Barb was booted from Bethel JWs, with all that prepared “sexual sins” information in tow, to soon be made externally available through external media worldwide;

From hidden filth, to Stone Phillips interview!! Convenient that!

Synchronous Coincidence

Which just happened to be occurring while the UN NGO news was also breaking, all linked to policy development, and alliances, made within 15 years of the “Governing Body” assuming the sole authority at Bethel in 1976;

Convenient that!

And all of it continues to be protected from internal exposure to Jehovah’s Witnesses, by the fear and reprisal atmosphere established thoroughly in 1980’s Papal GB Inquisitions – and on down the “neo-Jesuit” “body of elders” ladder;

And the Governing Body also joins the United Nations as the “governmental body” of a so-called Non-Governmental Organization of the UN family as they make the JW spiritual nations a UN member in effect;

And, concurrent with all that, the Governing Body covers up the prophetic 3rd placement of the UN after the cold war (Dan11:29); in 1990 that fulfilled with the Governing Body and Bethel as UN NGO fulfilling Daniel 11:30b-31;

And instead of explaining this globalist 8th King development as the newly revealed actual “King of the North” UN system from Daniel 11:30 forwards, due to the 1990 USSR dissolution failing Daniel 11:36 “successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish” (which is Daniel 11:45; Armageddon), the GB joined the UN;

All coincidence? All of this covered briefly here is just random developments?

Then the GB placed the “DT” at Bethel (Awake! 9/8/1991) as UN NGO United Nations co-promoters of the Department of Public Information (global propaganda carried out by unsuspecting JWs in the field; door to door, etc), and still continues to teach WW2 and USSR errors of impossibility for Daniel 11:30-45, while covering up globalist 8th King UN real-time prophecy actually fulfilling critical parts of Daniel 8 and 11 for 20 years;

And still the GB remains? SILENT;

All coincidence?


IMPOSSIBLE to be all random coincidence;

Governing Body in Lift Up is Man of Lawlessness in Development

The “man of lawlessness” has been in development in the non-biblical “governing body” since before 1975, but made official in that January 1, 1976 “lifting themselves over everyone” (2Thess2:3-4) to today’s UN operations that control the whole GB, probably the whole Zone Oversight, parts of the District, Circuit Oversight, and the elder body down into the congregations to some degree; (Rev8:7-12)

And the elements in the Watchtower Society that use the GB front, must also be included in this “man of lawlessness” masquerading as Fred Franz level, anointed genuine Christians, when they are just an act, a prerequisite to be revealed with the JW “1/3” apostasy they are leading; (2Thess2:3-4 prior to Rev8:2-5, which is temple judgment and purification in the near future events as these infiltrators are removed; (Zech3; Isa66:6)


The Watchtower January 15, 1975  p. 60



[DOWNLOAD SHORT REPORTS (Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO Fulfills Prophecy)]








[DOWNLOAD FULL REPORTS (Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO Fulfills Prophecy)]




Click to access Jehovahs_Witnesses_UN_NGO_Significance_to_Temple_Purification_Soon.pdf







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