End Prophetic Map

I. Temple Inspection to Temple Cleansing – Before Great Tribulation

Before (Now 10/01/2012) and to JW Temple Inspection Completion

A. Significance:
1. Temple is in Inspection; “Lawless One” Present in JW Temple; (2Thess2:3-12)
2. Jehovah Deals With UN/NGO Sins; (Isa 66:6; Mal3:5; Dan8:13-14)
3. Christ Deals with Compound Sins of JW Org resulting from UN/Misc Compromise; (Zech5; Matt24:48-51; Matt13:24-30; 36-43 “[a] system of things”)
4. JWs targeted by Globalist Backed Infiltration; (Dan11:30-32, 41; Dan8:23; 2Thess2:3-9; Zech3:1)

B. Events:
1. Daniel 8:11-14 Temple Cleansed; (Zechariah 3; Mal3:1-5 is Revelation 8:2-5 Cleansing);
2. “Man of Lawlessness” Revealed and Removed; (2Thess2:3-9)
3. Zechariah 3:2-10; Malachi 3:1-5; Rev8:2-5 Fulfill in Parallel
4. Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide Organization Slammed (1150 Days) But Recovered (Zech3:2); (Dan8:11-14)

C. Duration:
1. 1150 Days (Dan8:14; 2300 “evenings and mornings”)

D. Prophecies:
1. Daniel 8:11-14; Zech3:1-10


E. Unknowns:
1. Pre 1150 Day Commencement Time Period (Zech3:1);
2. Post 1150 Day Completion Time Period (Dan8:11-14);
3. Transitional Time Period to 1260 Days (Rev8-9 Prelude to Rev10-11 (1260 Days))

II. Divine Commission of Jehovah’s Witnesses (In Approved State)

A. Significance:
1. Worldwide Final Ministry Segway Leads to Revelation 10-11 “Little Scroll” and Final “Two Witnesses” Worldwide Final Warning
2. Revelation 8:6-13; 9:1-21 Continues in Cleansed JW Commission Worldwide;

B. Event:
1. Seven Trumpets and Bowls Parallel Manifestations Worldwide;

C. Unknown:
1. Duration Unknown
2. Convergence/Transition into Great Tribulation (BTG) Commencement Approximate

D. Prophecies:
1. Revelation 8-9 Upgrade; Zech3:4-10

III. Great Tribulation – 1260 Days Begins

A. Significance:
1. Begin 1260 Days “Two Witnesses” (Second 3.5 times = 7 Times); Rev11:2-3; Dan7:25; 12:7;
2. Little Scroll Sovereign Ultimatum of God and Christ;
3. BTG Asset Pillaged and Destroyed; (Rev17:12-18);
4. “Tribulation of those days” in 1260 Day Approximate Concurrency; (Matthew 24:29-31);
5. World War 3 May Overlay in this Period

B. Events:
1.  Second “Two Witnesses” Commission and Commencement
2. 1260 Days completes; (Rev11:7; Rev13:7);

C. Duration:
1. 1260 Days

D. Prophecies
1. Revelation 10-11 “Two Witnesses” (1260 Days; 42 Months)
2. Daniel 7:25 (Rev11:7; Rev13:5-7) (3.5 Times; 42 Months)
3. Daniel 12:7 (Rev12:6, 14) (3.5 Times; 1260 Days)

E. Unknowns
1. Beginning and End Dates
2. Post 1260 Day Completion Time Period (Rev11:7-12);
3. Transitional Time Period to 1290 days
4. GT and 1260 “Overlap” Unknown

Note: It is unknown how the “great tribulation” and the “1260 days” overlay, they are not dependent on commencement or endings, they are two separate events and periods that overlap in some unknown way as in 1914-1918 and WW1 minor pattern;

IV. 144000 Complete – Deep Great Tribulation (DGT) Intensifies – 1290 Days Begins

A. Significance:
1. Messianic Kingdom Completion (1Thess4:17 is Rev16:17 “air event”)
2. Temple 144000 Completion; (Rev11:15-19; Rev16:17; Rev10:7; Zech4:6-9)
3. Final “Disgusting Thing” Preparation Worldwide; (Dan11:45 near)
4. Gog in Direct Control; No More BTG; (Eze38)

B. Divine Events:
1. Christ Manifests Globally – Kingdom (144000) Completed; (Matt24:31; Luke17:37)
2. 1290 Days Begins at 144000 Completion; (Rev11:11-19; Dan7:26; 12:11)
3. 1290 Days Begins; (Dan7:25 (1260 days; Dan12:7) to Dan 7:26 (1290 days) of Dan12:11);
4. Christ Court in Session; Dan7:26; Matt24:29-31;
5. Final Sheep/Goat Separation; Matt25:31-46;

C. Satanic and Wildbeast Events:
1. World War Drains National Powers; Final Death-Stroke Completed; (Rev13:3-4)
2. National Powers are Pawned Non-Sovereignties; (Rev17:12-18; Dan11:42-43)
3. National Powers and Physical Nations are Globalist Mortgaged, Owned and Operated;
4. Scarlet Wildbeast 8th King Stands as Sole World Sovereign; Final Abyss Rise (Dan11:44-45; Dan8:23-25)
5. 666 Gog Global Overdrive Campaign; (Rev13:14-18)
6. 8th King/2HornWildbeast Proclaim World “Peace and Security”;
7. 8th King/2HornWildbeast are Rival Sovereign Globalist “King of the North”;
8. Former Babylon the Great’s Assets are Recapitalized for Brief National Recovery (Healing); (Rev13:3,12; Dan8:25; Dan11:44)
9. Illusory “Freedom from Care” is Reached; (Dan8:23-25)
10. Wildbeast and Gog Global GT Extinction Mode Commences; (Dan11:44-45; Dan8:23-25; Matt24:21-22; Rev19:19-21; Eze38-39)
11. World National Powers “Sun, Moon and Stars” “Black-Out” Worldwide; (Rev6:12-17; Matt24:29-31; Mark13:24-27)

D. Prophecies:
1. Daniel 7:26; Matt25:31-46
2. Daniel 12:11 (1290 Days)
3. Dan11:44-45; Dan8:23-25; Matt24:21-22;
4. See More Above

E. Unknown:
1. Duration Between “Tribulation of Those Days” (1260 Days Approximate Overlay) and GT Extinction Mode
2. Duration of All the Above Sub-Events;

V. Triumphal Entry of Christ Finale

A. Significance:
1. End of the World of Rival Sovereigns

B. Events:
1. Revelation 19:1-18 Fulfills Entirely;
2. Jehovah, Christ and Their Kingdom Conquer the Universe and Planet Earth;
3. Wildbeasts are All Opposers Vanquished
4. Great Crowd Delivered

D. Prophecies:
1. Revelation 19:1-18

VI. Har-Magedon Global Conquest

A. Significance:
1. Jehovah God Almighty Sanctifies His Name; (Eze38:14-23; Zeph1:14-18; 3:8)
2. Jesus Christ is Undisputed Universal Champion and King of kings; (Rev19:19-21; Dan2:31-44; Ps2; 110)
3. Deep Great Tribulation Ended; (Rev14:17-20; Matt24:21-22; 2Thess1:6-10)
4. God’s Wrath Completed; (Rev16:17; Rev14:16-20; Joel3:9-12)

B. Events:
1. Armageddon War Fought; (Rev19:19-21; Eze38-39; Mal4:1-3)
2. Satan Abyssed (Rev20:1-3; Isa24:21-23)

C. Prophecies:
1. Rev19:19-21; Eze38-39;
2. Eze38:14-23; Zeph1:14-18; 3:8
3. Rev14:17-20; Matt24:21-22; 2Thess1:6-10
4. Rev16:17; Rev14:16-20; Joel3:9-12
5. See More Above

D. Unknown:
1. Duration Time Period

VII. 1000 Year Reign Commences – Revelation 20:4-6

A. God’s Will Done on Earth
1. All Earthly Resurrections; (John5:28; Eze47:9; Rev11:15-18)
2. Mankind Perfected; (Rev21:1-5; Rev22:1-3)
3. Satan and the Demons Destroyed; ( 1Cor15:24-28; Revelation 20:7-27; Isa27:1; Gen3:14-15)

God’s Super-Universal Sovereignty Restored

Peace and Life Forever


5 thoughts on “End Prophetic Map

  1. let me get this straight JW ,s our beloved GOD and his his son will though his son will come to bring a kin kingdom though a kingship though death and destruction his will , will save only his kind this will bring a universal sovereignty and a peace will be restored to earth , however the devil is said to be release again why ?
    you people are sicken in that the fact you see death as the means , fact : death is the end nothing more
    you die your dead for ever ,this is fact : you relied on this so called truth you will be risen again in your time good speed ,
    fact is ; too measure of time in death is equal to those dead of all time can not be in reality , to wit : bargaining though the end can not meet the means , yet in this there you be-leave in a said word .. remember only 1000 years of peace shall be govern then what is now will be the change . this length of a year, is a measurement with no change said forth , . seem you been dupe in a belief system that prays for Justis though a measurement of lives , people you want dead vs occupational corruption which you see as the world , leaving the real game up too those who play in the game forever ? which is a concept of fear and manipulation though a promise which you base in bible as truth , one can not ague with a belief that which is written under full manipulation of men form past years can only be held in contempt , and lost of full control . Given the facts god speed / to survive the authority transfigure them self to be also on the other side representing the devil to with politicians survive for . is this present plan ?

  2. let me introduce myself a measure not of a spirit being , human flesh , subject to the system of things we together hold the keys to our own place , in standing we shall watch the judgement
    we are all in the land of sin the very earth is unholy for it gives and we take never given back to replace

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