Appointed Seven Times of Divine Warning Yet to Complete

Appointed Seven Times of the Nations Sovereign Lease Has Expired – Appointed Seven Times of Divine Warning Yet to Complete


1. Basically the permitted rulership of the Gentile nations has expired in a full “seven times” marked in prophecy and world history.

2. But God is extending that “appointed times of the nations” [warning period] into the last days and more prophecy yet to fulfill to be explained by Jehovah’s witnesses for God through Christ after the final inspection leads to the temple judgment start and completion of the final phase of this [extension* of divine warning].

3. Basically the import of the reformation of anointed Christians in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry were tasked in 1914 with the announcement that God’s Kingdom began a prophetic ruling phase as the Messianic Kingdom began its inception “birth” phase. God’s Kingdom rules the “remaining ones of her seed” (Rev12:17) as far as earth is concerned in the anointed Christian remnant that must be completed in all 144000 to enable the Messianic Kingdom completion. (Matt24:31, Rev14:1, Rev7:1-4);

4. The Messianic Kingdom, not God’s Kingdom, is what rules earth under God’s Kingdom supremacy so its completion is the final part of that [warning extension*].

Seven Times as 2520 Years Ended Approximately as the 1260 days Began in Late 1914

1. Now we see by Daniel 4 prophecy and Luke 21:24 insight from Christ the sovereign lease was 2520 years as the [[“seven times”]] of that prophecy.

2. It ended those [[“seven times”]] as 2520 years as the first phase of the “two witnesses” 1260 day, [[3.5 times]], [warning extension*] period began in 1914 within 2 months.

3. Keep in mind the importance of the [[“seven times”]] as “2520” units, it will also apply to the [divine extension*] fullness of the final warning that Jehovah’s witnesses carried out in 1914-1918 in 1260 days of that warning and Kingdom proclamation. 1260 is half of 2520.

4. Keep this in mind, Jehovah’s witnesses should understand and appreciate the meaning of the REQUIRED full “seven times” in this regard too, that has completed in 2520 years in 1914, but also needs to complete as [[“seven times”]] of 2520 DAYS.

5. Jehovah’s witnesses did this initial 1914-1918 mission while exposing the League of Nations (1919) as the illegal world government “image” of the 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” that also has to complete its full world government presentation. (Rev13:11-15, Rev17:8-18);

6. The concept of 2520 years [[“seven times”]] is to be repeated in the 2520 days as also a complete [[“seven times”]]. Of which [[“seven times”]], JWs carried out the first 1260 days phase in 1914-1918, as [[“3.5 times”]]; but that is but half the divine requirement, more is required, so that [warning period extension*] must repeat and complete that 1260 days in the future (Rev10:11). That is the absolute final warning equating to 2520 DAYS as also [[“seven times”]] and the full end of the divine allowance extension* as final warning and this leading to the Messianic Kingdom completion as the focus of the warning.

2520 Years Begins 2520 Days as 1260 Days Twice as Two Witnessings

1. Thus as the 2520 years of the primary appointed “seven times” of the nations, which lease has ended, is a complete 2520 years seven of seven sets of 360 year “years”. Thus the 1260 days began as that appointed times ended, but is only 3.5 “times” of the full 7 “times” required also as 2520 DAYS in the [final waning extension*] of God’s permission for the purpose of warning and saving some people globally over the final 1260 day, [[“seven times”]] completing, cycle of the future.

1260 Days is 3.5 Times, 3.5 Times is an Incomplete Hanging Number

1. Thus Jehovah’s witnesses thinking the 1260 days is all that is required to fulfill Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 11:2-3 completely, is only half of the [[7 times]] as [[3.5 times]], an incomplete and hanging figure. (Rev13:5, Dan7:25, Rev12:6,14)

2. [[“3.5” times]] is a completion of but 1260 days of 2520 days [[7 times]] requirement. [[“3.5” times]] is a hanging incomplete number. When it repeats in the future for the proclamation of Messianic Kingdom COMPLETION, not birth any longer, THEN the 1260 days will replicate in absolute final warning for the required 2520 DAYS.

3. THIS IS WHY THERE ARE [[TWO]] WITNESSES; LITERALLY TWO WITNESSINGS TO KINGDOM DEVELOPMENTS OF EACH PHASE OF THIS WARNING. That provides the 1260 days (3.5 times) x 2 = 2520 days, “seven times” TOTAL completion.

4. There is going to be another witnessing, of the “two witnesses”, it happens TWICE, and the final time is in the future:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.” (Matthew 24:14 as Revelation 10:5-11 completion)

God Extended the Warning not the Lease

1. God has extended the warning, but not the lease, when the 8th King completes world government over this final 1260 days of the future, the Messianic Kingdom will complete upon Christ’s arrival to secure all the global sheep FIRST. (Matt24:29-31, Rev11:7-12)

Warning Must Also Complete Seven Times

1. JWs do not understand this because Bethel has gone apostate under the GB dictatorship since 1976 in increasingly lawless and severe manner, even joining the UN DPI as UN NGO for UN 3rd placement promotions of 1990.

2. Thus the judgment and removal of that apostasy (Dan8:13-14, Zech3:4-7, Rev8:3-5) is what is required to clear the way for Jehovah’s witnesses to understand a final 1260 days is required from “this generation”, presumably not one of which JW today was involved in the 1914-1918 original valid and clean ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses at that time.

3. What leads JWs to this final ministerial recovery and final “little scroll” deployment again (Rev10:11), is Revelation 8-11 ALSO having a final fulfillment cycle as a repeating prophecy based on th1914-1918 meaning of deployment into a tribulation (Matt24:29), to announce a Kingdom proclamation (Rev10-11), as the 8th King goes into world government. (Dan11:42-45)


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