fraudGB.92.unngo.virus Diagnosis

Home from the Kingdom Hall about an hour. A couple of the points in the public talk and the Watchtower study have given me reason to ponder. Of course these are things we’ve discussed and are issues that will be dealt with soon.

One pertains to the public talk, “Are You Really Making Jehovah Your Stronghold?”. I’m assuming the same talks are given worldwide in each respective congregation. As the elder was moving through the talk, he mentioned the oft-quoted and referenced Scripture relating to the cry of “Peace and Security” ringing in destruction and the decimation of Babylon the Great, et al. I realize that these are indeed parts of Scripture and prophecy. What I immediately thought as the presentation talk ensued, was that this is; as you said,…”1992″ (and prior) spiritual food. As you and I know and even countless other worldly people have surmised,…things are not right with the world on many different levels. It’s frustrating to sit back and be fed this soft food, fit for an infant; yet we know that Jehovah will have to intervene angelically or otherwise to get his organization on track.

I’m not giving up on Jehovah, Brother,…just observing and seeing how things evolve and are fitting in with the stream of time.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Set your inner mind for the development of the final “two witnesses” “paradigm shift” that must occur after all this “sheet-hits-the-fansition”. Develop great patience, this is going to get interesting. Just have some fun with it, that is my attitude now, Jehovah mellowed me out, I am a “bump on a log”, I have fallen “between the cracks”, thank God really! All I need is being inquisitioned as apostate Mike! They already think I’m a flake, lol! And, to tell you the truth, it is much better that way, I do not get involved in things that would end up leading to a “you know what you guys!”. LOL, I know why and understand why this is simply TOO mind blowing for the average elder. It IS disturbing, because it was designed to be disturbing, and it aint done yet, it’s going to explode soon. This isn’t all just sitting in idle, self-protection mode forever.

I believe the events that must hit this org, are going to pare it down to Jehovah’s witnesses with your attitude, “not giving up on Jehovah” just as the apostles who remained faithful to Jesus Christ, “stuck to him in his trials”, as he led all worship to Jehovah, yet faith to Jehovah as well as himself, as that is God’s will. ONLY those two persons are to receive faith. ONLY Jehovah receives the worship. But in the context of God’s house, obviously the Pharisees and others were drawing people’s faith to themselves, a development that culminated 37 approximate years later, in the extermination of 9 out of 10 people that followed the Pharisees to doom.

Demographically then, it changed a little over that period, but even after full house abandonment, those evil men continued to fight Christ and the truth, all the while presenting themselves as God’s “chosen ones”.

But, the disciples saw through them, because the holy spirit, will direct a worshiper of Jehovah to where focus needs to be, on Jehovah through Christ. Same today, no matter what happens with the human “bodies” that Jehovah provides then or today, we need to stick to the further objective of the final “two witnesses” ministry, and the segway that leads to it, that may go on for a while because GT commencing is about the time the 2W2 officially is marked for 42 months, 1260 days by Jehovah.

So set your mind, heart, prayers, and all patience to that expectation, Jehovah will NOT allow this GB/Org trajectory, to go on another 10 years. It can’t. If this rampant idolatry continues this way, that Zech3:1-4 “log in the fire” is where it would end up without being snatched out, 100% rejected.

Of course, Jehovah and Christ did not build this organization to be hijacked by globalists, dried virgins, frauds, or drifting anointed. NO WAY! LOL. That is why I pray very hard now to understand more regarding the coming events, because Zech3:4, indicates angelic assistance and direct action of Christ:

(Zechariah 3:3-4) Now as for Joshua, he happened to be clothed in befouled garments and standing before the angel. 4 Then he answered and said to those [angels] standing before him: “Remove the befouled garments from upon him.” And he went on to say to him: “See, I have caused your error to pass away from upon you, and there is a clothing of you with robes of state.”

We are not in the “robes of state” that will be a signal of official approval for “priesthood” “state” services to follow into two witnesses final. I also am assuming Jehovah will allow enough time to develop the final fulfillment “paradigm shift” to the inevitable future replication of the 1260-1290 and 1335 day patterns of the future. And all those foregleam models from 1914 forward, will of course already demonstrate fully, the principles of each period, to be revealed in depth for this finality purpose as these go into final and permanent fulfillment in these actuality cycle to total conquest.

See, it completely honors the former perfection of pattern. Except the climax of these cycles is permanent! See the great reality that truly awaits Jehovah’s witnesses that pass through this temporary purifying “burn off”:

(Zechariah 3:1-2) And he proceeded to show me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan standing at his right hand in order to resist him. 2 Then the angel of Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who is choosing Jerusalem! Is this one not a log snatched out of the fire?”

See, that “fire” is prepared, in fact all the developments since the 1992 HUGE infractions have assured this conflagration – they have set up the org for a crash. I’ll explain that more later. But this FDS Org “log” has not yet been placed into that “fire” a-brewing. By the time that happens, and as clearly shown, it requires Jehovah and the judicial Angel Christ in the prophecy, to save this “log” from this fire, the resulting state will be removal of “befouled” garments, then a period of naked exposure (implied), then “robes of state”.

The nakedness (all this being exposed fully) is implied in the transition from “befouled garments” to “robes of state”. The fact that the GB cannot receive light to see this all, is a great biblically revealed indication we are truly “befouled” and now that is covering even “Joshua”, ultimately a symbol of Christ’s reproach by the GB, Satan “right hand” predicament. By extension the FDS is “befouled”, by extension the whole Jehovah’s witnesses “one flock”, the whole global org, is “befouled” as Jehovah views it. Jehovah Himself, is in global reproach by all this. The whole org is now just dreaming if they think Jehovah is not angered and about to act. And of course, the GB will not admit Zech 3:1 is about them, and their “foul”.

And we see the reason is supernaturally aided:

(Zechariah 3:1) And he proceeded to show me Joshua the high priest (FDS) standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan standing at his right hand (GB) in order to resist him.

Obviously the “right hand” has Satanic compromise is what this means; relates to 2Thess2. that “right hand” of the FDS, or “Joshua” symbol, is the GB. Now we also see in the subset, modern “final fulfillment paradigm” mindset, that ALSO the “man of lawlessness” is due to “the operation of Satan” in scripture, these are relating for an exposure of such “lawless one gets revealed”, Joshua is implied “naked” between “wardrobe” change. Now true, Jehovah will NOT allow the FDS, and His Org to go to the degree of total condemnation like the 1914 “man of lawlessness”, as with Christendom, we will also have a “son of destruction” (betrayer) in our house, that MUST be revealed, IN JWs top level, before the finality of all the next cycles. So Zech3, and 2Thess2 relate, and are prerequisite for the rest of the developments and changes to follow.

What Satan wants to resist, is the information that comes with this final fulfillment “paradigm shift” development from Jehovah and Christ to finality of all these patterns in the near future, based on the past patterns, but of course with future focus of assured replication.

See, we cannot forever think the judgment only applies to Christendom. Christendom is Christendone. That whole thing was sealed rejected by 1919, and henceforth the news of that certainty went forth in that commencing fulfillment of Revelation 8-9, from 1919 and perpetual. We are sort of like a scratched record now, stuck in Christendom exposure mode, but in reality, Jehovah is ion JW exposure mode! Warm up time. “Log in fire”, lol.

But at some point that Revelation 8-9 will have also a duplication leading to GT/2W2. A repetition, guaranteed repetition finality, concerning the “house” now, Jehovah’s witnesses, NOT Christendone any longer, and of course Jehovah witnesses have to at some point for a period of time, be made aware that Jehovah and Christ are coming in, to inspect Jehovah’s witnesses, NOT anyone else.

See the importance of this news?

See how this will make Jehovah’s witnesses truly more conscientious of ourselves as a “body” and as individuals?

Right now witnesses think GT is like a door to paradise, but GT commencement and for 1260 days, is the greatest ministry of JW history, THROUGH GT. This will forever change the JW mental mode of reality, GT will be explained like a “board game”, from square one (1260) to seven (1290)!

True, the 2W2 may not have a formal corporate backing of tools at some point (for obvious reasons), BUT it will also have direct angelic assistance, all shown also in Revelation 9 (and other places), and Zechariah’s applicable revelations – angels in Zech3:7 “those standing by”. Read Revelation 9, and see how many words, subject words, like nouns, that double – over 25. That’s because Rev 9 will have as it’s segway to 2W2, it will have the pre-2W2 complete information be broadcast to the world, this is the second time, for a period of time leading up to the official beginning of 2W2 in God’s known timing, not our own.

So, this Rev9, which has been going on since 1919, is an exciting mobilization of the Daniel 8:14 “armies” of BOTH anointed and “other sheep”, as we all head into this final battle with the wildbeast. Now there are some “other sheep” who will be marked “GC”, and no one is going to touch them,  Definitely anointed will be given to the hand of the wildbeast up to a divinely determined “killed number”; (Rev6:9-11; Rev11:7; Zech14:1-2). BUT, there is also some “who are surviving” that are gathered to the “Great Eagle” of Rev12 (2thess1:6-10), and those “gather the chosen ones from heaven’s extremity (144) to earth’s extremity (GC)”, anointed transference (Jude14; Dan12:3 for real) and GC. And those can be proven in a number of ways.

Well ALL this, and more, is what Satan would want to shut down in the GB awareness, and he has. But as you see, NO ONE forks God over, He finishes it up anyhow!

1. Satan wants no awareness of King North.

2. No awareness of actually eating the “opened little scroll”.

3. No connection between that “little scroll”, from an angel with earth and sea “under foot”, with the “reports” of Daniel 11:44.

4. Satan wants no “paradigm shift” so that JWs are fully and honestly warned, Jehovah and Christ are coming into this “temple”, “house” and “those worshipping in it” and they are going to START in the dresser drawer of the chairman of the GB!!! (Rev11:1-4) LOL.

5. Satan wants no one to know about this final great replication of the finalities of Daniel 7:25-26, Daniel 12, Daniel 8:14, and other applicable subsets within those prophecies.

6. Satan wants no one to be aware that Revelation 8-11 WILL have a replication. Other whole patterns, or parts of Revelation 6, 14, 15-16 will also have a final cycle.

7. In fact, EVERY applicable sovereign kingdom prophecy, and temple inspection prophecy, every illustration and sub-set applicable to 1914-1926 MUST be applied to Jehovah’s witnesses “temple” and worship arrangement today, and in the future. (10 virgins, marriage garments, weeds, Judas “son of destruction”)

8. Satan does NOT want JWs or anyone to understand Zech3-4 MUST also have a final cycle, in fact much of “Zechariah the Hebrew Revelation of Temple Completion”, as I call it, will also have a final fulfillment mode.

Now this can all be proven NOW, because all these prophecies or most of them, have a 1914 minor model pattern. That is why NO ONE, anointed or not, can disprove Zechariah 3 applies to the Org NOW.


Because that was already the 520 BCE segway prophecy to that typical temple completion. In 1914, it was in minor principle also applicable to the remnant then, and leading up to that “temple foundation” period. We are NOW in temple completion mode again, totality of completion, the ultimate meaning of Zech 4/Rev11.

Of course this must replicate the third time. Why? Because we are at temple completion mode.

9. Satan does not want mankind to understand, that the 144000 Temple MUST fully complete BEFORE the final conquest of Armageddon, like 515BCE, that “temple 144000” and Christ; Zech4:6-8 Headstone, or finish “capstone”, “topstone” WILL complete in the face of the enemy system, just as the temple in Jerusalem also completed in the face of the enemy.

10. Satan does not want people to know the assured flaming fury of that period when this Kingdom Temple clicks the last Christ “head stone” into place; (Zech4:6-8). Christ is foundation “stone”, 1914, and “head” “stone”, and there must be of course 144000 in between.

11. Satan does not want mankind, or JWs to develop this assured and completely ascertainable, from the bible pattern final replication and unfolding, BECAUSE IT IS LIKE A ROAD MAP TO THE END OF THE WORLD! IT IS LIKE A PROGRAM TO GOD’S PLAY, THE FINAL ACT.

And that whole “map” and “program” is based on a set of patterns in ancient, Christ, and 1914 times, that are absolutely provable! Some happened 3 times! Some 2, some 1 ALREADY. It also ties the complete picture of the whole bible, the “truth temple”, to 100% completion, no loose ends regarding temple and kingdom, to last days understanding as per Jehovah’s spec, not a sinner GB that needs to be whacked but good in Zech3:2-4.

See then, how much they are currently holding back? (And that is not all that can be derived from al, this, a book or two can be derived from all this)

See why our 1990 trajectory would have been at 11 million witnesses by now, but from that 1992 period, the sheep intake was cut in half? Ever see a graph of that statistical evidence that something happened around 1995 that caused this? It is astounding. It is obvious something is wrong that began around that period of time.

And you know the apostate analysis is, “oh, they changed the generation teaching”, and that caused that drop. Yeah, right. NO. The UNNGO sin, has been affecting the overall Org since infect, incept, inject. I do not know how that was developed, but either way, the Henschel GB, is what opened that “can of disaster”.

All coincidence that it was when the Hawk, Fred Franz lay dying and finally died? All coincidence 10 years later the story is broke after 9/11? All coincidence it brought on a tidal wave of apostate attack, that justified the creation of GB, FDS and Org “idol repair” on steroids? Maybe 3 million people stumbled? Maybe more, HUGE blood guilt too boot. This GB is in quicksand, simply too much ramifications obvious from this “little” “library card” affair. That is ridiculous and insulting. The globalists know all this, they are laughing their asses completely off!

Now I know Jehovah will NOT reproach his own name, nor will He be involved in the stumbling of a million people. And certainly not for a “library card”, r i d i c u l o u s! They are laughing at us.

Then lo and behold, towards the end of the Watchtower study; on paragraph 13, pg. 26; the admonition is made to steer clear of apostates, “or anyone who is claiming to be a brother but is dishonoring God.” As I’m sure you’ve read,…”We are not benefited by trying to refute the arguments of apostates or those who are critical of Jehovah’s organization. In fact it is spiritually dangerous and improper to peruse their information, whether it appears in written form or it is found on the Internet”. Gee, I wonder if they’ve considered what Jehovah thinks, let alone the other members of the FDS? I understand the counsel given at Matthew 7:6, but at the same time should we always cower and run with our tail between our legs when opposition rears its ugly head? Seems the, “fear of man” issue has taken over. Russell, Rutherford and others sure weren’t opposed to speaking up, eh? I feel badly for all the brothers (and sisters) who’ve been criticized or worse for asking questions. Of course we need to be loyal to Jehovah to the end.

Just curious about your thoughts, I know the gears are always turning in your noggin’,…lol.

Yep, I saw that, thinking, hmmmmm, if they only knew here in the cong what was REALLY up now. That “admonition” is simply this virus GB.92.unngo, in “self-protection” “silent mode” now. It is hiding its own RNA in the Org DNA.

As we can see though, Jehovah is on to them, and exposing all this now. It’s all going to come flying out ten 20 foot cobras in a pillowcase.

Pray for patience like I do, I have a big mouth when the fire gets rolling, so to speak, all I need now is complications from the elders.

so I pray to Jehovah instead as much as I can, first off, just how interesting this all is, and how God’s word is what “IDs” ALL of it, LOL. No one sneaks anything past Jehovah, since before even Christendom, Jehovah knew this would be developing today. Prophecy is what must first be sanctified in God’s name as calling all this millenniums ago, as per Zechariah, and even Ezekiel and others have elements of what MUST develop in Jehovah’s “house”.

Unfortunately, though, the GB will not be applying this to it’s usefulness now, that will come after this transition of Zech3:2-4.

That is why it is so good to pay attention to Jehovah’s Word, plainly, He is NOT done, it is still unfolding, and honestly Mike, this climax is going to be worth the wait. This climax will out shine the whole process to getting to this point. I have a complete analysis now, of what is really going on since 1991-1992, right at the change of guard, and believe it, Fred Franz was a guard, a restraint, in this organization, it is NOT accidental Jehovah set him up like a hawk through Knorr’s time, and for 50 more years. O do NOT implicate Fred Franz whatsoever, He was true blue all for Jehovah. In fact some of his works of God given understanding for the minor phase are very very handy for this phase, such as the “Paradise Restored by Theocracy” book, chapter 10, on Zech 3.

PATIENCE is the word. This “virus” the org is running, is stealth, from demons, and now in “self protection” mode. Meaning DO NOT even bring it up to elders, they are not prepared for the magnitude of what this really means. Have some fun just knowing something is brewing, and Jehovah is letting you know like me, beforehand. I recommend not saying anything “down below”, because Jehovah is going in “from the top”. This needs to be handled obviously by Jehovah and Christ in their perfect strategy. So now, really wait on Jehovah and read Zech3-4 a few times, that all awaits final mode fulfillment, in that order, 3 to 4.

Just keep your mind and heart bracing for what is to follow, the greatest ministerial import of ALL Jehovah’s witnesses history, and WE need to stick to Jehovah, and also realize we don’t jump ship, because some rats are onboard. Those termites will be burned out in the Zech3:2 “log” “fire dip”.

Also, what is unique about the analysis developing here, is it is NOT intended as “destructive criticism”, but constructive criticism. This is from not an apostate, but an anointed that is revealing things, not with intent to stumble people, but, it is a delicate situation they have us, and Jehovah and Christ in. I also have no idea the extent of the GB and corporate compromise of course. In 1992 a few clues developed. 1, they moved fast, the (1) UNNGO, (2) “other sheep” GB aids, and (3) GB corporate board split, all in the same approximate “triple whammy”, all around the “changing of the guard” – in my opinion Milton Henschel always was a spy, Knorr’s “secretary” all very convenient, then this. Merely my opinion.

Now I feel we do have “globalist agents” who are “lifer” spies and subversives in the org, and the GB – we have a “vial install” with a 3 phase goal. BUT, I do not know how many anointed are being duped by a combination of circumstances, one, the sheer magnitude of the sin, and the million person stumbling, is in itself a frightful reality that many will just deny, out of sheer fright and guilt! The other is statistically Jehovah has cut the sheep intake, due to their actions, NOT His, so He is still hauling in sheep, but not near as many as pre 1992 numbers. So, they are in the illusion everything is peachy keen. But statistically, the stats themselves do not lie, something BIG happened around 1992, that affected the total trajectory present for 15 and 20 years before that critical point.

First off, on the 3 stages of this virus, the first was getting a real big sin in the works, that would affect the holy spirit from the getgo. Then soak that in for 10 years, and “release” the info to the globalist owned and run press. Phase two would be the reproach stage, and the attack stage, that would naturally mind you, allow for the perpetual and subtle GB/FDS/Org “idol” building stages. Now, it is all “slave this, that, and the other thing”. NO WAY does Jehovah like that. And see how sly? It is already God provided bodies that we already respect, that are being subtly “steroided”, all fueled by the internet apostate attack perpetually, an attack with real, hypocrisy ammo.

Now, the “virus” is in self protection mode, just bring these things up, and get ready for a reactionary “apostate inquisition” by elders who are simply unaware what is REALLY being run. The, the 2 billion person internet, is also abandoned, why? The GB knows, hey we have UN soft-pornos we directed, with the “Virgin Daughter of Zion” in them. Don’t no one go preaching, or peaking at what we did please! Thanks!

And not so much as one apology. You bet Jehovah is not happy whatsoever, BUT He knew it prophetically had to occur, He is after the frauds, not the army of the two witnesses that is ALSO stuck in this drama now. Plus, the whole thing will allow Jehovah to sift out GB, Slave and Org idol worshipers, by getting them to repent, or getting them out.

How? Because all this stage two idol building is for the purpose of “diffusing” faith and worship unto human “bodies”. They are spreading focus away from Jehovah, unto “bodies” that can be affected by a corporate compromise. The third stage of this virus is to have a huge stumbling event, to cap off the UNNGO story break, but it doesn’t have to relate to it, it may be financial, or who knows what.

But by the time that hits, people will have had their minds too focused by the GB WT press, unto these now clearly organizational idols. That is why they are subtly shifting focus to this idols for a decade and more, so the “ops” can whack the “mental image” of those idols, and stumble as many as possible. Of course this is my opinion based on seeing this as an engineered development fulfilling Zech3:1 Satanic resistance “at the right hand”.

BUT, Jehovah will allow it, because those idols NEED to be smashed anyways, and he will burn the “log” a little in this event, the way I read it now. The globalist ops are NOT done with JWs. They want to get the Org off balance in a big way I believe, not just as bad as it is now, but a big event I feel.

This is why I am also suspect of the “other sheep” aids. Not them individually, in fact they are strong and plainly fully duped. The use of these, is because the GB, in many of them, are NOT even JWs, frauf agents, good ones, they know ALL the formalisms and buzzwords. They themselves are getting “fed” information from strong “other sheep”, who are doing their darndest to “research” and develop great food. See what I mean? These sheep are going overboard to do their best, with completely honorable reasons! Then these frauds have all the work done for them, they just edit and present, and everything is still “spiritual” but of course not progressive, because they need to curtail certain “light”. Such as KingNorth, now a plainly obvious biblical figure in many ways, too many clues now that KN is a globalist power generic level at the least detail. KN, leads naturally to Daniel 12 final fulfillment, and these guys want no one going there.

Yet, they may very well have a little “new light” contingency plan, who knows. But at some point they know, when the Daniel 12 “can of worms” opens, that will lead to Dan 12:7 and 12:11, which 12:7 naturally links to Rev11 final 2W2, which links to “little scroll” Rev10, which pops back to Dan11:44 “reports”, and the whole prophetic paradigm naturally shifts to final fulfillment future mode! They do not want that “shift” to occur, that is what Satan is resisting.

And this is not all the anomalies and synergies popping up from this. I know it is Jehovah’s time soon as well, because I did not understand any of this before the memorial. See what I mean? Even Zech 3 opened up to my mental awareness of it’s gravity in the last 2 weeks, because I have been going over Zech and Haggai a lot in this process, because Rev 11 2W relates to Zech 4 explicitly.

This aint all make believe Mike! LOL. I tell you, read those older books on the CD, specifically the 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 fulfillments, because that is the mode we will be flowing into, NO ONE is going to stop Jehovah and Christ from these future developments, and Zechariah 3:1-9 will be a known event in some way, shape or form.

Which leads me to the few I have spoken to about these things, I know too, they have PURPOSELY been dumbing down the sheep. Now the food is all good, and great for the first 5, 10 years, and there is plenty of sheep provisions, so Jehovah is not allowing them to cut off new sheep development, but as far as prophetic patterns of the past, that we should be drilling in for “field mode” of the future, they are not doing that, they have been diffusing into other things in this department for 20 years now. No doubt the “new light” plug was yanked long ago as per Eze16:27, “diminished allowance” and the apostate “women hating you” endless attack curse.

This is why I feel Jehovah will take over with at least 5 full years of drilling it all in, to the “final mode” “paradigm shift” that will blow the average JW mind when it finally comes out, and come out it must. Just my opinion of course, on this timing.. But I can tell you, I do not know how Jehovah and Christ are going to pull this off! LOL, but it will be going into serious JWs who are left after this purge, ones woken up to reality, through that Zech3:2-4 “fire test” of the org “log”, and angels will have to be involved.

I see such a takeover, angels will have to be in play, I just do not know what they will be doing. It may be a total repentance for all I know. But honestly, I think we have problems requiring people being “disappeared”, by angels, one way, or another. We DO have serious inner problems. BUT, as you can see, Jehovah STILL completes the truth regardless of GB self-induced coma, LOL!!!! That really blows my mind, and makes me know Jehovah IS about to enter the Org with an axe, and the GB name tag is not an escape, BUT the target!


That is why relax, and study and pray, don’t say anything unless you really know the person well, and just keep in expectation of something patiently, at some point may be even a couple years wait for the Zech3:2-4 transitional, we do not know, but something, something is brewing in Camp Jehovah AND the globalist camp, and this org is the target of both as well. And always remember, in the end, we will all exterminate those bloodsuckers to their faces. People have sat around for years cursing and taunting God’s angels, and one of these days, they are going to show up, and they are going to go and stand right in front of some of these loudmouths, face to face, and they are going to speak for themselves. One fine day, people are going to get their traps shut forever, by the very entity they have provoked. They will be torn limb from limb, aint one Devil worshiper as well, who is walking out of this or expecting any mercy. Of course Jehovah is going to be saving as well, so He will judge all people, and some will be shown mercy, on repentance as that Matt25:31-46 “court” completes to the full.

The time will come to really settle the score wall to wall, and full warning of it all will have been fully 2W2 provided even before that finality of 1260 to temple completion in the commencing 1290 following that. In that 1290, we do not know how long into it until total extermination, and we know, Christ doesn’t have any pressure or need to rush when his angels are outnumbering all opponents, so they can sift out sheep, right through anything. That 1290 may very well go the full 1290 as Christ finishes the “circuit of Israel”.



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