“Seven Times” Updates Coming—”Appointed Times of the Nations” Reconsidered, Again

“Seven Times” Updates Coming—”Appointed Times of the Nations” Reconsidered, Again, but in a New More Complete Manner

Update Here:

Appointed Times of the Nations Reconsidered, Again—Seven “Seven times” Applications; Initial, Offset and Extended to World Government and Christ Arrival



There is an update coming on the Jerusalem Destruction “seven times” historic context, that retains 607 BCE, but clarifies the events that marked that first “seven times” as 70 years. This keeps the harmony of the original Jehovah’s witnesses “seven times” truth, but removes some dating/event glitches, for a fuller proof.

I now agree Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607 BCE, and have an initial article on how 607 BCE actually applies to Babylon, and Jerusalem’s Kingline progressive to complete disruptions from that timing. This was the first article, a more complete summary is coming*, God willing:

Jerusalem Exile=Destruction? 607 BCE versus 586 BCE Dating—All’s Good! All’s Well, Couldn’t Be Better!

*The “Seven Times” Comprehensive Connection to All Sovereign Prophecy (Draft Portions)

The purpose of the “seven times” of 2520 years, and its 70 year inception, is not about “the end”, but about connecting to the Revelation 11 1914-1918 “first witness” 1260 days, and the future “second witness” 1260 days, for a “seven times” finality, as 2520 days.

So, back to Babylon based 607 BCE, in the process the Jerusalem destruction of 586 BCE spans 70 years, “seven times”, to the Temple Completion of 516 BCE, thus Zechariah (3,4; 6:9-15) ties to Revelation 11’s final “seven times” as [1260 days] X [2 Witnesses] is to equate to a future 2520 days, or “seven times” final warning and permission of “trampling”. That, of course, is to warn in the future, 1260 days prior to 8th King world government, and hence the universal trigger of the arrival of God and Christ. (Rev1:7-8)

But in the process of this research, the “seven times” is far more comprehensive than first thought in the Bethel version, which basis end date/event assumption is the main glitch, from which error other problems arise. So I did a “score card” of this “seven times” update’s benefits, versus the Bethel version which has key timing errors:

On The Ray Franz 1976-1980 Bethel Expulsion Events Real Reason and The Eventual Full Exoneration of Ray

In future articles, God willing, I will also reveal now why Ray Franz and Carl Olof Jonsson’s research was covered up, and why Ray Franz was extricated from Bethel entirely, to attempt to conceal what the full complete research actually reveals—which BOTH Ray and Carl were starting to investigate.

In the meantime, the Bethel “Jerusalem Destruction” controversy, has eclipsed the simple fact the “Gentile Times”, are as stated, to be based on globally well known GENTILE entities in first Babylon and Medo-Persia, and their 607 BCE and 537 BCE. That defines the main first “seven times” benchmark in that initial 70 years which Jerusalem’s intrigues are “trimmed to fit” within that master time template. It is after all, the “appointed times of the NATIONS“, and thus, upon the nations—the RIVAL “gentiles”—the timing is defined first.

Bethel does not recognize the first 70 years as significant, but indeed it ties in Babylon fully into Daniel 4 in comprehensive initial pattern meaning (and 70 years “seven times” timing), and from there the rest of the “seven times” 2520 year and 2520 days prophecies are fully harmonized. All that now needs to go down is apostate “gentile” run Bethel, to allow this truth to come forth in time. (They are also at their 70 year limit of “GB” progressive (since 1944), to full 40 years (1976 based) of totally ILLEGAL APOSTATE influence. [1])

It is also nice God will terminate and then fully expose the Governing Body Racket as the MAIN criminal cabal now “in the temple”, and exonerate Ray Franz of all wrong doing, as Ray Franz was on to this update, since the late 1970s, and that is one of the main reasons they axed him. (They also wanted to make sure Ray and Fred did not form a “pass the torch” team relationship, to go past Fred’s 1992 assassination, and thus update the Daniel 11 USSR error on time. Instead all errors, PLUS a UN NGO, are all maintained now helping kill the JW credibility, and bring it into rampant apostasy.) The TRUTH always comes out, and God will nail, neutralize and condemn forever the GB before the eyes of all (Dan8:13-14) and throw them in the garbage dump of world history and the eternal infamy where they belong and where they crawled and slithered in from in the first place.

But it is not literally overnight, (but “evening” close (Dan8:14)), and it isn’t going to be pretty. BUT, it is coming! (Dan11:41) Bethel’s shenanigans are about to be judged and exposed (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5), and the context will be enormous and Daniel 11:41 finalizing.

Thus below is links and examples of the graphics which developed from this coming update.

Figure 1 Versions – Seven “Seven Times” Applications with Global Sovereign Convergence

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Figure 2 – Detail 1 – Sovereign Convergence

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Figure 3 – Detail 2 – Seven “Seven Times”

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Figure 4 – Detail 3 – Seven Times Initial – Babylon/Jerusalem First 70 Years

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Draft Outline

Appointed Times of the Nations Reconsidered, Again—Seven “Seven times” Applications; Initial, Offset and Extended

Considering Babylon’s 607 BCE Significance Benchmark

Daniel 4 Comprehensive “Seven Times” Summary  


Rectify Bethel’s Current Interpretive Limitations Concurrently
Bethel’s Main Problem: Event/Date Assumption
The Twenty Year “Shift”
Glossing Over Jehoiakim and Zedekiah’s Royal Intrigues Required in the Initial 70 Year “Seven Times” Concurrency, for a Psychologically Dramatic Distraction
Gentile Nations Main Radar of Prophecy as “Seven Times” Connects to Revelation
Complete Prophetic Summarization
Clears Ray Franz of All Apostate Bethel Charges
29. Helps Expose “Gentile” Bethel’s Modern Apostasy

Daniel 4’s Seven “Seven Times” Applications Enroute to Christ Arrival
Global Sovereign Conflict Symbolism in Daniel 4
Full Connection to Christ and the Final Period

Babylon and Jerusalem’s 70 Years “Seven Times” Base
Seven “Seven Times” Applications

The Seven “Seven Times” Applications from Main to Extended

Main “Seven Times” 607 BCE-537BCE
Main Dating Benchmarks
Daniel 2 and 4
Two Gentile Kingdom Identifying Entities

Main 70 Year Applications
Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar Dynasty Symbol
2. Davidic Kings Interference to Cyrus Liberation
3. Exile/Sabbath Accounting

70 Years Scriptural Requirements on Jerusalem
Partial to Complete Principle Within Main 70 Years
Davidic King Interference

Partial to Complete Principle Within Overall 90 Years in 2 70 Years Offset 20 Years
Flexible Seventy Sabbaths Accounting

The Seven “Seven Times” Main Benchmark Application
Figure 1 All

Main “Gentile Times” Dating Markers of the “Appointed Times of the Nations”
1. Babylon
2. Medo-Persia
Main Gentile “Defined” 70 Years Initial “Seven Times” Defines Context of Spiritual Significance 
From here all the “seven times” applications from initial to offset to extended to Revelation 11 are numbered 1-7.
1. Babylon’s Main 70 Years “Seven Times”
2. Jerusalem Kings 70 Years Concurrent
3. Exile 70 Year Concurrent
A. Sabbaths Covered Anywhere in 70 Years Plus Temple Completion Period

The Seven “Seven Times” Offset and Extended Applications

(1) Offset “Seven Times” Jerusalem/Temple Destruction Permission Period and its Zerubbabel/Joshua Connection Significance (586 BCE – 516 BCE)
Figure 4 Initial Seven Times
70 Years to Temple Completion Begins With Jerusalem Destruction

4. Jerusalem Destruction Period Marker
A. Temple Destruction Period Marker
Allows Full Summarization of Hebrew Prophecy Era
Allows Seven Times Connection to Christian Era Prophecy
Seven Times Extension to Global Significance (607 BCE-1914 CE)
Figure 3 Seven “Seven Times”
Maintains Seven Times Connection to 1914

5. Gentile Rulership Permission Principle
6. Davidic King “Trampling” Continuum
The Final “Seven Times” in Revelation 8-11 1914-1918-Future
Connects to Modern Era

7. Revelation 11 “Seven Times” as 2520 Days
Allows Seven Times Connection to Revelation 8-11 Two Witnesses Final  “Seven Times” 1914-1918
Allows Seven Times Connection to Revelation 8-11 Two Witnesses Final  “Seven Times” Future

Allows Complete Daniel 4 Explanation and Extended Sovereign Rivalry Parallels
Principle of Permitted Sovereign Limit Present on Babylon’s 70 Years
Overall Gentile and Jerusalem Permissions Concurrent For Entire Post 607 BCE Progression
Babylon and Jerusalem Symbology Firmly Parallel
World Government and the Messianic Kingdom Are the Final Parallel

Allows Christ Arrival Milestone Progression in Gentile System to be Known and Gauged Before Arrival
Thus the Final Warning “3.5 Times” of the Future

The “Seven Times” Comprehensive Connection to All Sovereign Prophecy
Figure 2 Sovereign Convergence
Every Sovereign Bible Prophecy Gentile and Jerusalem Sovereign Progression Converges with Daniel 4
Daniel 2
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Daniel 11
Daniel 12
Revelation 13
Revelation 17
National Sovereign Transfer as BTG Deposition of Spiritual Sovereignty Global Context

Sovereign Parallel Extends to Armageddon for Final Comprehensive Summary
Christ Arrival Connection
Matthew 24:29-31 (Rev6:12-17)
Revelation 11:7-12
Revelation 16:13-20
Ties to Post Christ Arrival Final Sequence
Daniel 12:11
Revelation 14
Revelation 19
Concurrent Grand Finale

Demonstrates the Real Messianic Kingdom and Temple Completion Certainty
Demonstrates the World Government Completion and Deposition Certainty
Demonstrates Temple Judgment to Christ Arrival Pattern

“Seven Times” Prophecy and Context
Main 607 BCE to 537 BCE 70 Years Proof
With 586 BCE to 516 BCE 70 Years Extra Proof Support

Final Features of “Seven Times” Logic
Jeremiah’s 40 Years Full Opportunity Warning (626 BCE – 586 BCE)

Further Global Ramifications to Begin Upon Apostate Bethel
A Side Note on the Governing Body of Apostasy also Foretold in Daniel’s Prophecy
Attack on 1914 Aided by Bethel; Yet—It is Really a Non Issue
The 1
914 Problems—The Comprehensive Front and Back End Attack on 1914
Back End Distraction
“This Generation” Debacle Front End Distraction
Apostate GB Scandal Distraction “Cherry on Top”
Temple Judgment Starts the Final Cycle
Purification Enables Preparation for Final Warning “3.5 Times”