Sovereign Progression in Seven Bible Chapters

Prophetic Replication: Seven Bible Chapters

There is essentially seven chapters of the Bible that lay the prophetic replication framework based on the Daniel 12 timed progressions, in two fulfillments in the 1914-1926 period, and in the near future paralleling Revelation 8-11, and 15-16 also replicating; that is seven chapters;

  • Daniel 12 (replicates);
  • Revelation 8-11 (replicates);
  • Revelation 15-16 (replicates);

The temple judgment begins the final prophetic fulfillment cycle unto the replication;

  • Daniel 8:13-14 is a unique, one time only temple judgment and purification prophecy in priority of fulfillment as per 1Peter 4:17;
  • Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment is paralleled by Revelation 8 “altar fire” JW “earth” judgments and purifications;
  • Zechariah 3:1-5 is the temple inspection, judgment and purification sequence paralleling the temple judgment;
  • Malachi 3:1-5 is the Christ temple entry of purification;

That series of temple judgment prophecy begins Revelation 8 replication fulfilling, as Revelation 8-11 is a continuous replicating fulfillment over temple judgment (Rev8), purification, recovery (Rev9), and final recommission (Rev10) of the cleansed “two witnesses”; (Rev11);

Revelation 15-16 is a preliminary world judgment series of seven plagues paralleling Revelation 8-11’s seven trumpets leading to final world judgment also replicating with Revelation 8-11;

Sovereign Progression: Six Bible Chapters

The full sovereign Kingdom and temple progression merely adds additional unique detailing in six additional chapters of Daniel and Revelation;  Daniel lays the sovereign foundation that Revelation builds upon for both God’s Kingdom completion and the defiant progression of world powers to 8th King completion concurrently;

Daniel 2, 7, 8, and 11 lay the sovereign progression of human world power in 4 symbolic world power themes, benchmarking times and national names in Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece that previous (Egypt, Assyria) and subsequent (Rome, Anglo-America, 8th King globalist unification) world power developments spring from and can be “registered” into;

Revelation 13 and 17 continue from the Roman world power period (Rev17:10), the base named world powers of Daniel thus are present as a historic benchmark, also present in the seven headed wildbeast progressions of those Revelation chapters to 8th King globalist unifications of all national powers into an apex world sovereign world government and representing image 8th King world power;

Both Daniel and Revelation outline the entire world power progression from the national powers of (1) Egypt, (2) Assyria, (3) Babylon, (4) Medo-Persia, (5) Greece, (6) Rome, (7) Anglo-America, as national powers unifying into a collective unification (United Nations) of ALL the world powers as nations in the 8th King globalist unification final world power; (8); (This is the 8th King entity the Messianic Kingdom will war with as a collective whole symbol representing ALL world power);

Then one can cross reference other prophetic details from other prophets and Bible portions into this timeline and framework – but the basic 13 Daniel and Revelation chapters of those prophecies are the basis of it all in structured prophetic progressions that for the most part are prophecies that are now world histories;

So there is not much to actually read to review the framework of the dual progression of God’s Kingdom and 8th King world power that parallel to Armageddon, because most of the Bible is supporting information to give extra detail to the main prophetic framework; The actual base Kingdom and temple framework is but a few pages of the Bible;

Symphonic Convergence of All World Power into Sole 8th King

The key principle being bypassed by the Governing Body of Deceptions is that it all converges into a massive world power sovereignty containing ALL the world powers and all the nations in the overall world system as the 8th King; Which is an world government and “image” representation totality not present in the “image” fronting forum as the United Nations alone, this final “disgusting thing” placement is the WHOLE 8th King world governmental globalist unification of all nations against the Kingdom of God;

The 8th King is the “scarlet wildbeast” and it’s globalist “seventh head” “two horned wildbeast” elite master guidance system; It ends up being based upon the Revelation 13:1 “wildbeast from the sea”, absorbing all it’s “power and authority” as per the Revelation 17:11-18 progression to uni-polar globalist world sovereignty; (Supported by financial and wealth domination in the power consolidation of Daniel 11:4-43); That is how the “scarlet wildbeast” is more than just the United Nations, and ends up controlling all the national powers collectively, in an 8th King globalist unification system;

“King North” globalist world power pawns and absorbs “King South” “Egypt” national powers at Daniel 11:42-43; Thus King North is identical to the 8th King, also at Armageddon at Daniel 11:45;

The “small horn” actual “8th Horn” implied in Daniel 7:20, 24 (ten horns, three fall, small horn is 8th to appear, related to 8th King), progressing to Daniel 8 in two accounts with extra detail, is the globalist Anglo root system, that matures into the “King of Fierce Countenance”, as a sovereign container identical to the 8th King, also at Armageddon at Daniel 8:25;

The Daniel 2 “immense image” is also a symbolic WHOLE “image” in final 8th King power representation;

Key Governing Body Deceptions

Thus the Governing Body is working 8th King objectives by not completing the logical prophetic convergence of all national world power into a final sovereign world government collective container BEYOND United Nations “image” extent, it IS the “scarlet wildbeast” full world government that the UN “image” merely pictures and represents; and that is the final 8th King world government that requires a final cycle of prophecy and time to complete;

Hence, the Governing Body wants to extend a JW illusion that “everything is all done”, “the end is next”, so the 8th King can embark full blast on this final prophetic progression (activating Revelation 16 first four plagues), for the final world drive to 8th King completion, complete with world “tribulation of those days” (which ends; Matt24:29-31), and a final world war “problem” to birth the 8th King world government total “solution” some years AFTER temple judgment, outlined fully in prophecy, all that as JWs are plunged into Revelation 9 “abyss” of Revelation 8 (Dan8:13-14) temple judgment desolation, with no idea what is really going on, once “Armageddon” fails to manifest;

The Governing Body is aiding an 8th King first temple attack intrigue (Dan8:13), by making the guaranteed divine temple judgment desolation (Dan8:13-14), for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan 11:31; 8:13), LOOK LIKE the final 8th King attack of Daniel 11:44-45 (Dan8:25) leading to Armageddon;

But the temple judgment is NOT leading to Armageddon immediately, it activates Revelation 8 (temple judgment), unto Revelation 9 (temple recovery), Revelation 10 (ministerial cleansed recommission) and Revelation 11 (final world ministry for 1260 days) over some years – obviously NOT “the end” but the BEGINNING of the final prophetic cycle to eventually herald Kingdom and temple completion warnings of Revelation 10-11;

Thus the Governing Body decoy hoax, is designed to derail JWs into this final period of 8th King engineered tribulations, with no clue as to what is really going on, by making temple judgment desolation appear as terminal “great tribulation” leading to Armageddon, making an 8th King attack, actually of Daniel 8:13 “trampling” look like Daniel 11:44 final 8th King attack of Revelation 11:7, actually some years AFTER the temple judgment;


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