Four Time World War to World Government Formula

Four Time: World War to World Government Formula

Obscuring Three World War Continuum So Far Including The Cold War Hides The Actual Quadruple UN Super-Cycle Active Since 1914-1919

There has developed since 1990 in increasing fashion a broader assessment of the actual final foundational cycle for a new world order actually being implemented as seen in national governmental, financial and military manipulations that must lead to a resolution which empowers globalized system of administration fully. Many of these Luke 21:25 affirming “signs” are describing or implying the structural erosion of former nation-state systems as now facilitated for a greater global dynamic at a unique multi-national global scale). What is described below is a quadruple cycle process already in world operation since 1914 and World War 1 leading to the League of Nations globalizing entity that contains the main pattern of all four phases (3 of 4 completed) resulting in a UN world government presentation upon it’s advancement at those times in 1919, 1945, 1990 towards the future finale.

This actually simple “insight” is based on past United Nations “New World Order” (UNO-NWO) related developments as a repeating cyclic process that manifested in public view after a world war conflict was resolved, since 1919 and the “League of Nations” internationalist hub forum. That cycle repeated in principle of this world-war-to-world-government formula after World War 2 in 1945, and after the Cold War in 1990, and will cycle a fourth time in the future. “Insights” in that the pattern are actually hidden in plain sight, this is not “theory” but history now, and as such ironically the bigger pattern seems a mystery to most researchers touching on globalization issues whose nucleus is indeed the “United Nations” and it’s charter extended to globalized maximum projections to eventually full world government completion, also to not just be theory, but applied over the next two decades, and theoretically the rest of earth’s human history.

This “summarizes” what many see in other details but fail to elucidate to it’s final meaning and the actual nature of the progression in a fourth time manifesting world cycle to a UN world government completion, a world peace born from a tribulatory phase designed to be resolved (Matt24:29) into this final global sovereignty. This summarizes in simple concept form, what all the “conspiracy theory” and globalization research ends up guessing at as the overall meaning of what they are describing in various ways that will actually lead to the same global outcome. In general many see pieces of the puzzle, but none reliably project the final “big picture” of what will actually achieve a UN defined period of “world peace” after a major world tribulation period birthing this UN world government “solution” is resolved in ways unknown in detail, but already seen three times in UN world history in general.

UN 1-2-3-4 Super Cycle

The first distraction to try to refocus clearly around, is the fact the “cold war” was a world war of unique character, described as “cold” to identify the key feature of what is otherwise a third world war. Therefore it’s formulaic and cyclic relationship to WW1 and WW2 was a continuation of then three sub-cycles resulting in a United Nations progressive and expanding manifestation to conclude the cycle.

And this “distraction” by the “cold war” description and disconnection from that 1-2-3 progression nature and outcome, by that somewhat ambiguous “cold war” world historic descriptive terminology is important to see through, because that cold war description, as implying it is not a true “world war”, diverts awareness and attention away from a world war 1-2-3 phasing progression now present. This psychological disconnection of the public recognition of those three world wars inter-relationship to UN world government presentation now truncated and essentially removed from public psychological awareness also aids concealment of what is actually formulaically occurring here. In fact three times now, it has all been actually a fully UN presenting related continuum to world government developing presentations, three times, employing a form of world war, 1-2-3, now three times, in what eventually became a public UN related presentation AFTER those conflicts were resolved into a United Nations developmental statement and ongoing international forum in 1919, 1945 and 1990.

And that natural distraction from an actually present world-war-to-world-government continuity also truncates what will actually become in this fourth and final cycle a 1-2-3-4 manifestation overall United Nations developmental super-cycle employing world war in some form, again, to resolve into the NWO core UN proclamation (of the future decade), as in the three previous renditions of this sub-cycle since 1914 and WW1.

It is also important to realize that from the say 25% approximate financial world wealth control of the Anglo-American elite system forming unofficially since 1860 marked that percentage of control, prior to WW1, each UN rendition/WW cycle has added at least another 10% of consolidation of core globalist power – meaning the actual UN supporting world network has also expanded greatly and became more powerful with each WW cycle as time has progressed. It is not a benign world government development, but one intending 4 cycles to COMPLETE it’s intent of an actual world government in dynamic fashion employing the same formula.

And this is a very important continuum of now reliable repetition of development and use of world war to understand and see in an actually well connected and purposeful manner, because now we see the use of three worldwide scale conflicts (including the cold war), regardless of hot or cold actually distracting descriptive features of continuity recognition of the more important UN development presentation, did in fact result in a peace resolution highlighting UN related validity, credibility, progress and continued existence in a public global statement campaign following those global war conflicts’ resolutions every time the cycle ran.

As far as public UN related nucleus NWO developments, the post cold war UN presentation of 1990+ actually included the “new world order” “objective” as part of that UN manifestation. Thus UN and emerging NWO are closely related developments of an actual worldwide sovereign finality to come in a fourth cycle that is now connected and also logical.

“New World Order”, is a “new” “order” of global management, another way of saying new world government connected to the United Nations international forum as it’s mantra.

Thus with three uses of a world war “problem” in some form, hot or cold, those “tribulations” did in fact become conveniently resolved for a UN based world peace “solution”, three times, in this formulaic process within the first 80 years of it’s deployment since 1914 and WW1. Thus logically the use of this very effective global war-to-resolution formulaic dynamic and it’s required fourth cycle of UN birthing is now intuitive as are the features of it’s process from world war/tribulation global prepping effects, to it’s peace resolution, to it’s world government presentation.

And like the “cold war’s” ability to drop off the radar of world meaning obscuring this actual continuum, the fourth “world war” already began in phase II (since the Gulf War) in 2001 as the “Global War on Terror”, another way of saying “world war” “on terror”. Again, the unique deployment and branding of this also now “world war” in fourth rendition is obscuring now also the 4th cycle of  “global war” usage already in preliminary global positioning activation for over a decade now for the final cycle to activate in earnest to a final fourth UN manifestation in completed world government intended form.

In reality the Gulf War and Global War on Terror are for globalist positioning purposes not national sovereign preservation but the eventual capitulation of it in the final cycle. The Gulf War marked the first globalist war development to eventually result in Global NATO definition of 1999 as the convenient development of globalized military preceding the Global War on Terror. In effect a final world war has already begun in a unique deployment as was the old War.

“This is the first assault (Iraq Kuwait Invasion) on the new world that we seek, the first test of our mettle. (Gulf War)… in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order. – George Bush Sr. September 11, 1990


Global War on Terror is World War 4 Already Deploying

Now the “Global War on Terror” can use an already deployed and termed “world war”, as unique “global war” “on terror” (GWOT) as already a stated reality, to merely escalate further into what is already a fourth world war in progress – and also aided in “hidden in plain sight” concealment by it’s also unique character of description and deployment and contrast to traditionally known historic “hot” world war. A world war is already in progress and few recognize it as such, and that aids the lack of awareness, and severance of a continuum of UN development using world war to resolve in time, for “world peace”, as the “cold war” “branding” also aided this diversion of awareness of the easier seen dynamic behind it all starting with WW1.

And thus, as with the cold war psychologically disconnecting descriptive nature, but in any event actually a third world war resolved in 1990, the fourth world war/tribulation cycle is also psychologically concealed as not actually being a “world war” – which aids concealment of this UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle in the 3-4 process since 1945-1990 and after. But in fact GWOT is a world war, even declared as such, merely unique in deployment when compared to WW1 and WW2 – yet truly global, and globalist serving, in nature, and in this overall world-war-to-world-peace UN birthing formula as well.

The uncertainty of this final cycle and it’s engineered nature aids the deployment of it and this is why this quadruple super-cycle is obscured from public global awareness, yet it is actually easy to see what is going on when it is simply explained in it’s basic repeating pattern.

And thus a United Nations quadruple cycle overall in this approximate past century of development, closely and directly associated with world war resolution four times in this final UN projection cycle of the next decade employing this cyclic dynamic, is also an actually logical and easily seen 4 time, 4 phase set of sub-cycles, of a UN birthing “super-cycle” overall, when we see through the natural mental truncation it’s descriptive character has had as implying it is not really world war since the cold war, when it’s deployment character and branding descriptions is all that is unique about it, it is a fourth world war cycle coming up, regardless how they “brand” it, to again birth a United Nations fourth and final rendition development parallel with the fourth sub-cycle, that must achieve it’s own uni-polarity as world sovereign global government and it’s sovereign global world “peace and security” final proclamation period.

And this has interesting implications guaranteed in the final cycle.

1. Thus it is not “the end of the world” coming up, just the end of the national sovereign “order” as we knew it. It is all just beginning in fact, is slated for a final approximate 10 year cycle and following final “ordering” including the final resolution of a fourth world war that births this final world government.

2. A “world peace” under uni-polar global government MUST result true to it’s former three cyclic objectives unrealized but stated.

3. The lack of knowledge, overall fear, uncertainty or apathy preceding the cycle in clearly over 90% of the world population as a whole aids the intended preparatory uncertainty effect for later presenting a then to e hoped for world government as a global peace bringer, as many assumed the worst for this final phase.

A. Completely contrary to what most think is “the end of the world as we know it”, which aids the overall global anxiety transitioned to world hopefulness of a successful world government – for many they will have no other choice, a world recovery also results from the end of the final cycle.

Thus the design of fear and uncertainty, coupled with actual world war engineered to be eventually resolved into a final global sovereign peace proclamation period, aids the overall world government development and it’s believability.

Side note, another subject entirely, but also logical:

The “peace” that must form this fourth time intuitively, is based on the fact a uni-polar sole military control is what it will equal (hence not really peace, but one-sided war potential, so to speak), at which time period a military inventory of this “world peace” global assurance of power monopoly system can then be deployed in it’s final stage of function, aiding the reduction of world population in a controlled fashion, with a sole power and agenda guiding that obviously required activity at which time world weaponry to fortify national sovereign definitions, is of course no longer needed for a national sovereignty that also ceases to exist, but can be retained for other purposes until a manageable population size results, in theory.

The quadrupling nature of this super-cycle adds a final dimension of awareness to what many are trying to explain since 1914 and WW1 resolved into the League of Nations in 1919, that many are ultimately painting a canvas for in fourth and final phase details very clearly as well by induction of much advanced research. They (globalist elites) will eventually achieve a “world peace” after a final drawn out cycle as before, but of course that is also subject to the unique definitions of uni-polar power and “peace”.

No nation will be able to withstand that consolidative control of world military, and that is their “peace” once that system is fully globalized, and in the control it is heading naturally consolidatively into, following finance and other globalizing aspects of the declination of national sovereignty (and actual power) into globalist sovereign ascension upon which it was all really based, clearly seen in the last three world wars – a fourth cycle is logical and can be seen as to where it will lead in time.

It is also interesting the psychological fear complex of the unknown, also minimizes some researchers ventures into this area, but now we see a triple phase preceding it almost guarantees the overall pattern of the fourth phase. The elites plan to rule the world, not destroy it.

A Messianic Kingdom can only arrive when an actual earth based 8th King global sovereignty and public claims are completed and fully functioning which is not yet existent in the UN “image”.


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