Watchtower September 15, 2012 – Hidden Cover Image

Watchtower September 15, 2012 Cover – Hidden Image (Shoot)

You can’t make this stuff up folks; Jehovah’s witnesses have a “man of lawlessness” operating right under the noses of the whole flock;

Did this “stand out” to anyone else?? I’m not looking very closely folks, this is the stuff that just sort of “pops out” at you…

The xGB MOL does indeed fulfill prophecy in more than one way;

(Ezekiel 8:17-18) And he went on to say to me: “Have you seen this, O son of man? Is it such a light thing to the house of Judah to do the detestable things that they have done here, that they have to fill the land with violence and that they should offend me again, and here they are thrusting out the shoot to my nose? 18 And I myself also shall act in rage. (Dan8:11-14)


So I am not telling Jehovah’s witnesses to “jump ship”, I am telling JWs to expect a judgment, and the removal of the lawless xGB and Co., and that may in fact be very destructive to the worldwide org, because this MOL xGB will not leave on their own; (God will cleanse the JW temple, and resume the final ministry is all that is happening (Rev11))

What the xGB want to do in this world event coming up (2014+/-), is orchestrate inner JW organizational directives along with their globalist main controllers; And they want to do this, like 1991, and 2001, WITH the lead world move of a globalist world super-event, however the next “911” false-flag operations may develop; (Or whatever, expect a BIGGIE!)


Jehovah’s witnesses might as well know, that like 1991’s UN/NGO covert deep relationship with no outside approval or discussion, the xGB and corporate globalist fraud JW finance technocrats are shifting the main “nest eggs” of the JW org into the globalist “basket” by financial positioning covertly;

So, JWs should expect this financial reorganization (now taking place) in the billions of JW org dollars (and hard assets) to mean a financial intrigue against the JW org soon, in multiple countries;

This is because this re-shuffling (in secret for the major WTBTS international re-capitalization decisions) in “secured” assets (and funds), for the required “leveraged” and “collateralized” hedged derivatives “reorganizing”, unknown to most JWs around the world, at globalist tiers of investment and sovereign authority, and that will mean disaster in due time;

The real JW brothers are being conned by globalist guided experts (like the xGB infiltrators);

Those JW org “eggs” are, as we speak, being handed to the globalist side of the “fence” (all legally, “to expand the work brothers!”, “It’s God’s will JWs should go bankrupt!”)), in prepared “baskets” of Ezekiel 7:22 thievery to try to bankrupt and discontinue as much as possible, the worldwide ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses WITH a huge world super-event soon, for the next 10 year trek to “New Worldwide Globalist  Government” and inevitable Armageddon war;

(Ezekiel 7:22) “‘And I shall have to turn away my face from them, and they will actually profane my concealed place, and into it robbers will really come and profane it.

The properties of the JW org worldwide are all tied into this intrigue as securitized collateral that can be pawned and tied up in years and years of potential legalities and “negotiations” at supra-national legal levels of decision making;

But we don’t have years and years to finish the ministry, ok? (God will enter the scene as per Daniel 8:11-14 in light of Hos1:4-7; Zech3:4-7)

THAT is what JWs should be expecting soon when this xGB and globalist event series initiates soon, initiating as well, Daniel 8:11-14; for the whole, now seen, repeating Biblical cycle over a number of years – GT is NOT next, a judgment is, the xGB want to hoax a GT and all kinds of world JW confusion – they, the xGB “vipers” are the ones who have “hatched in the evil plot” by a powerful 2horn-wildbeast globalist “government” to exterminate the JW org as per WT predictive programming; (WT 6/15/2012 predictive programming)

Be ready and awake, it is coming…

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