Temple Elements That Must Repeat

Temple 144000 – Final Fulfillment Cycle Soon; Some Elements That Must Repeat

The Implication is a Prophetic Temple Completion Replication Cycle Activates Soon

1. This prophetic temple replication cycle of the near future in the guarantee of “seven times” (See here; Seven Times Must Complete)  implies all former prophetic elements of the 1914-1918 initial temple foundation cycle fulfillment must also repeat in a final fulfillment mode of temple completion in the near future;

These Features Also Repeat to Finality

Divine Final Inspection and Judgment

1. The FINAL temple inspection, judgment and cleansing repeats soon to temple completion finality;

2. That starts with this unique temple judgment signal of desolation on Bethel and Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization; (1Pet4:17; Dan8:11-14; Zech3:1-6)

3. 1Peter 4:17 is the priority of judgment activation FIRST upon Jehovah’s witnesses;

Temple Inspection and Befouled State

1. This developing temple priesthood finality of the 144000 completing is preceded by the final repeat fulfillment of the temple court inspection and judgment of Zechariah 3:1-3;

2. This surprise covert temple inspection of Jehovah’s Witnesses anointed finds a current “befouled garments” state upon the Christian anointed “temple priesthood” due to transgression; (Zech3:1-3 Parallels Mal3:1-2);

3. This temple is in inspection now;

Temple Cleansing Requirement

1. The required cleansing of the “temple priesthood” is indicated at 1Peter4:17 starting judgment cycle as per Zechariah 3:4-6 purification;

2. The “temple transgression” of this initiating temple inspection/judgment cycle is identified at Daniel 8:11-12;

3. Those crimes are in relation to developments “in the Temple of the God” (2Thess2:3-4) identified at Daniel 11:30-31 as purposeful adulterous profanations of  Jehovah’s witnesses in 1990 approximate time;

4. These transgression were performed by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

Man of Lawlessness Repeats

1. The “man of lawlessness” temple polluting infiltration (Dan8:12; 11:30; 11:41) repeats as well in this replication cycle now activating;

2. This “lawless one” is now being revealed prior to this temple judgment carried out; (2Thess2:3-4) and is the main target of removal from God’s temple in this replicating final pattern to perform temple purification;

3. That has already occurred by the Governing Body “lifting himself up over everyone” as the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses now claiming the pre-approved sole “Faithful and Discreet Slave” title to the exclusion of all anointed;

Governing Body as United Nations Ambassadors to the World

1. The Governing Body also placed the “disgusting thing that causes desolation” in 1991’s Awake! September 8th United Nations issue as world promoters of the United Nations, supporting organizations, and books;

2. The Governing Body acted as a United nations Non-Governmental Organization as Department of Public Information ambassadorship and agents for world proclamation of the United Nations 3rd world placement starting in 1991;

3. The Governing Body continued this covert relationship for 10 years in their other official global journals of their partisan support of the United Nations third “placement” in history in 1990, and at Bethel in 1991; (This fulfills Daniel 11:30-31 explicitly)

4. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses then joined the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society as the main “governmental body” legislative unit of the “Israel of God” as an organization of the United Nations;

Governing Body Diversion and Coverup

1. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses then covered up that fulfillment of Daniel 11:30-31 in 1990-1991, concealing that they are part of in the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:11-14 by interpretive subterfuge;

2. Although the dissolution of the USSR after the “cold” World War 3 invalidated their fulfillment as King of the North in Daniel 11:32-43, the Governing Body continued to teach this ignored error to cover up their union with the United Nations;

3. Temple Inspection has Reveled the Duplicitous and Deceptive Activities of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Governing Body Indicted

1. And there you have the main actions and sins identifying the “man of lawlessness” in final fulfillment temple judgment cycle that will require Daniel 8:11-14 to fulfill 1Peter4:17 as a Divine temple judgment;

2. This is the final clean-out upon the “established place of the sanctuary” as the Bethel worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses takes a timed desolation as per Daniel 8:14 to account for these developments and to fulfill guaranteed prophecy upon a demonstrated former pattern in 1914-1918;

Final Prophetic Replication of the 1260 Days to Completion

The Final 7 Trumpets and Kingdom/Temple Completion Follow

1. Thus the final temple judgment cycle will fulfill parallel to Revelation 8:2-5 “altar fire” cleanse;

2. That will activate four trumpets to Jehovah’s witnesses as we are plunged into the Revelation 9:1-4 abyss of Divine judgment by globalist attack worldwide; (Hos1:4-7)

3. The recovery of Jehovah’s witnesses in temple purification after the Daniel 8:11-14 1150 day minimum timed cycle is the fifth and sixth trumpets of the final temple drive (Rev9:1-21) and world ministry leading to the final divine commission of the “two witnesses”; (Rev10-11)

4. That is the final 1260 day replication as the final world warning and Sovereign proclamation period of God’s Kingdom to guaranteed completion prior to Armageddon;

5. The globalist 8th King “King of the North” system will be in a parallel development as in 1914-1918 in this continuum to Armageddon;


Final Thoughts

The Red Pill

As Jehovah’s witnesses the BIBLE must be the basis of TRUTH; If we lose that ability to reason from the Bible, then problems will arise, BIG problems are coming;


The Bible Logic

On careful examination it is obvious the USSR cannot “be successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish” and cannot fulfill Daniel 11:36, or the rest for that matter; (Your Will be Done addressed this while the USSR was active, the Daniel Prophecy book bypasses this sentence entirely in Daniel 11:36; chap. 16 pp. 275-276)

They bypass this very important line of prophecy because the USSR cannot fulfill it, but they want JWs believing it is all valid, it is a diversion of what Daniel 11:30-43 is REALLY about, globalist King North activities since 1990)

And that just happens to be the 3rd placement of the UN “disgusting thing” after the cold WW3 as well;

(Who can ignore these things? ONLY purposeful operatives playing dumb with a further agenda, that is who ignores the 3rd placement of the UN in 1990; (Awake! 9/8/1991))

That is because the King North is the globalist 8th King system that the GB is covering for, and is also the main development of the “small horn” in the Daniel 8:11-14 temple transgression as infiltrators as an “army (of JWs) is gradually given over” to globalist control as per Daniel 11:30; (Dan8:12 is also Daniel 11:41, and that is progressive to final coup soon;

Same Sovereign Container = 8th King “North” Apex Globalists

They are all the same progression, Daniel 11:30-45 is also Daniel 8:11-25 relevancy of the globalist final 4th placement in world history at Daniel 8:25 and 11:45;

There is NOT going to be “four fronts” of JW attack as per Dan8:25; 11:45; Rev19:19-21 and Eze38;

Those are ALL the same globalist 8th King attack with Gog as King of the North Sovereign Juggernaut of all time that Christ wipes out in one sovereign defiant container;

Temple Judgment in Final Completion Progression

What is coming is NOT the end, but the beginning of the next globalist 10 years world development cycle through WW4 to depose BTG and national sovereignty worldwide;

And THAT is why they want to retire the JW world organization, so no one sees all four stands of the UN globalist system, in 1919 WW1, 1945 WW2, 1990 WW3 and the final stand a number of years from now;

That is why the keep JWs hanging at Daniel 11:43, which has NOT fulfilled in the USSR, they want to coup the JW system in the next HUGE globalist world cycle of terror and war developments to create the WW4 stage for the final UN 4.0 placement as image AND as world sovereign global government;

But God has already outlined what will actually take place after the GB are purged as well, in this final desolation, with their infiltration operation;

What is coming on the JW org is a temple judgment, NOT the end of it all, but the beginning of the final replication cycle leading to the Revelation 11 second witnessing of the “two witnesses”;

Hence, TWO “witnesses”

It must equal “seven times” as 2520 days in Revelation 11 completion; The 1260 days must replicate as 3.5 times again, completing “seven times” as per divine decree;



Divine Update After Desolation
This respects our 1914-1918 foundation of temple, and merely continues at 1990’s imposter GB diversion point, and updates JWs to reality through this desolation drive that God cuts off after Dan8:14 runs it’s course as Zech3:4-7 purifications at Hosea 1:7 angelic covert strike on these globalists attacking JWs from within and without;



Keep an open mind there and spread the REAL news!!! This will hit soon, and it’s going to hit HARD;



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Fred W. Franz, Fred Franz, Brother Fred Franz, wtbts


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