JW Infiltration: Future Final Fulfillment Cover Up

 Infiltration of Jehovah’s Witnesses Fulfills Prophecy: Prophetic Future “Final Fulfillment Mode” Cover Up

Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Been Given Final Truth

First off Jehovah’s Witnesses have been given the truth of all time from God Almighty through Jesus Christ. All 1914 mode prophecy proves Jehovah’s witnesses prove the bible for God, sanctify His Name, and uphold God’s Sovereign Supremacy by proclaiming His Messianic Kingdom power through Christ Jesus. That Kingdom and Temple arrangement, in immortal glorification to complete before Armageddon’s final “war with God” will utterly humiliate, rout, ruin and destroy the 8th King/King of the North zenith globalist world order wannabees and the national collective system they are increasingly controlling to everyone’s doom on planet earth except those saved by God in that period of time of Satan’s climax as Gog of Magog; (Rev16:13-16 via Joel3:9-12 empowered by Rev17:12-18 parallel to Dan11:42-45; Rev14:14-19; Rev7:9-17)

Truth is the Globalist Target; Daniel 8:12

So it is no wonder the globalists and the demons will attempt to send the best subversion agents they have into Jehovah’s Organization (Org), and they have, and they will be neutralized and removed as per prophecy. The JW Org status of Zechariah 3:1 for the last 20 years, will be resolved in Zechariah 3:2-10 future and final fulfillment soon, and may very well be traumatic to all Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide – something BIG, in Jehovah’s organization, is going to happen well before “great tribulation” (GT).

It definitely will be memorable for the imposter “Governing Body” (GB) and Org globalist undercovers being exposed now, and it will all commence the great final fulfillment mode of the final Biblical prophetic sequence of prophecies to the world’s complete conquest by Jesus Christ. (Zech3 will lead to Dan 12:7; 7:25 and Rev10-11 in final fulfillment cycle)

Zechariah 3 fulfillment, in a little while, is the commencing trigger event.

By that event Jehovah will recover the final ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses and refine it per Malachi 3:1-4 final fulfillment as well. The 2 Thessalonians “man of lawlessness” cabal, operating in the imposter GB will be exposed and terminated from authority in God’s Organization forever.


In the Meantime – They Want to Stall Jehovah’s Witnesses While Looking Busy

Jehovah’s witnesses are currently undergoing a 20 year known inner compromise of our organization by infiltrator agents of the globalist world order with other serious spiritual improprieties all masquerading as approved by Jehovah God and Jesus Christ with sinister goals of subtle subversion, massive sin, spiritual backward vision, and positioning the Org for a coup de grace under an appearance of righteousness.

But now the imposter GB and Org infiltrator “man of lawlessness” being pre-exposed as per 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9. Full exposure will occur when Zechariah 3:2-4 activates soon.

This will all trigger a final cycle of  parallel final fulfillment mode prophecy that will progress through 3 more known phases to the end of the world of all rival power on planet earth (Rev19:19-21), and in the space zones surrounding it (Rev20:1-3).

Zechariah 3 fulfilled will be like a fuse to the God bomb of all time, the Messianic Kingdom conquest; (2Thess1:6-10)

Parallel Prophecy Triplet

This prophetic triad is the “befouled garments” transition to “robes of state” of divine upgraded approval for completing the “good news” of the 144000 “royal priesthood” (1Pet2:9) from Jehovah and Christ in Zechariah 3:1-4 prior to the actuality of the Temple 144000 under Christ completion which is followed by complete world conquest; (Rev11:15-18; Dan2:44).

Therefore just the guaranteed Kingdom Temple completion “good news” of this affirmation from God is important and will affect the content of the “little scrolls” understood as “opened”.

This Zechariah 3 manifestation will parallel the Malachi 3:1-4 current final “temple” inspection, judgement and refinement of the contemporary, modern definition of the “Temple of The God” in Jehovah’s witnesses professed anointed worship system on earth, the “temple”, and “those worshiping in it”; (Rev11:1-4).

The Revelation 11:1 “reed like a rod” measurement “device” will have disciplinary and shepherding pronouncements applicable to all Jehovah’s witnesses in final fulfillment mode .

The global activation of Zechariah 3 will commence the final chapter of human Adamic civilization as outlined in prophetic eradication of this rebel system led by the 8th King, the presence in this imposter GB stealth control.

In this judicial inspection of Zech3:1’s current state of the Jehovah’s witnesses, and Mal3:1, 5; the modern manifestation and definition of the infiltrator “man of lawlessness” (2Thess2:3-9) in the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization will also be revealed.

This exposure of the source cause of the “befouled garments” of Zech3:2-4 in the imposter GB and peripheral organizational undercover positioning is also a prerequisite trigger of subsequent prophetic fulfillment of grander scope, in fact universal and worldwide impact guaranteed in the near future.

Fraud GB to be Exposed Soon

This will become a full revelation of wrongdoing by an operative controlling imposter faction for 20 years now, operating within Jehovah’s Witnesses “Governing Body” and organizational corporate, administrative and congregational bodies. 

This dubious and subversive well disguised operation and personnel placement, which have been involved in stealth and blatant sins publicly unrepentant and unadmitted for 20 years, will be fully exposed as per prophecy in parallel multi-fulfillment mode in the near future. These ” garment befouled” “GB” operators have been sullying Jehovah and Christ’s name and global reputation, and bringing into ill repute the anointed “faithful and discreet slave class” remnant today on earth, and all Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide, and will be removed as per Zechariah 3:4.

The infiltration is so deep and effective, divine intervention by angels of God will be involved as per Zech3:4.

Jehovah Witness Wake-Up Call

This will trigger a final fulfillment mode of prophecy to follow this commencing development that will usher in a poignant display of final fulfillment reality, and get Jehovah’s witnesses attention worldwide.

This is to recover Jehovah’s witnesses from the imposter GB currently operating an organizational system of Satanically engineered spiritual coma, explained partially below. This will be a symphonic organizational event worldwide, that may converge with the third level of the infiltration goal [2] of embezzling and exterminating as many Jehovah’s witnesses as possible in the next 10 year globalist world domination cycle.

These globalist and GB synchronized cycles were demonstrated in marked world fashion in 1991 and 2001 (911), so a third step is guaranteed soon.

Cycles of Imposter GB Sanctioned and Engineered Sin and Real Guilt

1. The first cycle (9/1991, timed Euro NWO) introduced massive gross sin in secret (UN-DPI promo “ads”) to affect Jehovah’s witnesses holy spirit and high level “new light” blessing, which has been successful in bedarkening the Jehovah’s witnesses by this “GB” for 20 straight years of zero “new light”, no questions asked. Good.

2. The second cycle of UN scandal “breaking news” globally (10/2001 timed with 9/11), was for global reproach of Jehovah and Christ. This also sparked a subtle reactionary idolatry development in bolstering apostate attacked bodies of “GB”, “Slave” and “Org” fueled by this engineered debacle worldwide.

This led to global bloodguilt on all Jehovah’s witnesses by massive multi-million person stumbling worldwide, in addition to closing off the global web territory from an organized ministry. Instead the web is cordoned off for infiltrator GB sanctioned “apostate” “one-sided story” development and regular “filth feeds” ad infinitum for global distribution from the fraud GB supporting imposter aids from within the Org.

Now add bloodguilt and engineered idolatry to the “befouled garments” imposter GB smudge fest.

All in all, Jehovah’s witnesses are now in a 20 year Satanic full stand accusation and resistance from within “Joshua’s” “right hand” imposter “GB” itself fulfilling Zechariah 3:1 for 20 years. The spiritual “fire” of Zechariah 3:2 is therefore very real, as all Jehovah’s witnesses are dragged into this enormous sin festival globally year over year, led by the imposter GB ringleaders, a Satanically aided cabal of camouflage subterfuge and obviously, HUGE sin development shown paralleling Zechariah 3:1 with 2 Thessalonians 2:9 with direct Satanic operations cited in BOTH of those scriptures.

3. Third Future Cycle: But there is much more to this infiltration than just that described thus far. [1]

Prophetic Retardation Purpose

Make JWs Think it is All About Through

The spiritual prophetic aspects is to freeze Jehovah’s witnesses in an organization wide illusion that everything is done, that the work is at apex, that it is all about through.

This causes Jehovah’s witnesses to:

1. Sleep: Become complacent;

2. Loose Focus: Become unfocused on the bible and prophecy in the meantime;

3. Catatonia: Stop searching and reading Bible prophecy for final fulfillment;

4. Diversion: Conceal modern prophetic manifestations and detailed identity of the 2horn-wildbeast (2HWB) and 8th King actual worldwide globalist systems of intended world domination.

5. Backward Vision: Keep Jehovah’s witnesses focused on the minor 1914 fulfillments failing to ascertain the modern “temple” inspection phase.

5. Dumb-Down: Reduce and water-down spiritual feedings progressively to only new sheep levels of 1990;

Evil Objective: The purpose is to make Jehovah’s witnesses fail to comprehend that there is a guaranteed final replication of all applicable prophecy that fulfilled in 1914-1926.

1. The purpose is to make Jehovah’s witnesses miss the final ministry of Revelation 10- 11 in final fulfillment understanding and action.

2. The purpose is that Jehovah’s witnesses miss the final identification of the globalist “King of the North” in final fulfillment, thus never deliver the “reports” to an unknown symbolic bible character (KN is globalist world order container of the 8th King and 2HWB).

3. The purpose is to make Jehovah’s witnesses miss the final ministry of Revelation 11 in final fulfillment of the second “two witnesses”.

4. The purpose is to “clothe” Jehovah’s witnesses spiritual identity and state in very real “befouled garments” as per Zechariah 3:1-3.

Watchtower examples of diversion: [3]

Keep Focus on 1990 and 1914

So this imposter GB keeps everyone focused on 1914, while recycling 1990 20 times and more if possible to aid this illusion.


Although 1914 is but a minor fulfillment preview of the final fulfillment major finale (in the near future), the current imposter GB since the Henschel infiltration of 1991-1992 wants everyone in the delusion that 1914 is the end of it all, look no further.

This illusion aids not only the above objectives of Jehovah’s witnesses missing the final commission and approval of God, but of also minimizing the bible’s own guaranteed identification of this “son of destruction” GB “rat nest” and organizational infiltration in final fulfillment mode.


The illusion that this “GB” of globalist operatives and possible misled persons is a valid spiritually approved “body” is aided by constant 20 years of recycling of the past “spiritual food” works of the pre 1991 righteous remnant and governing bodies that preceded this current GB “mole nest” of clever demonic filth.

There is simply put, zero “new light” for 20 years, but plenty of replicated, edited and reworded “spiritual food”, giving the illusion the GB is legitimate, but it is not. This is aided by teams of “other sheep” who innocently carry the full work and research load of this fraud dead weight GB.
Keep Focus on Prophetic Generalism and National Ambiguity

So after 20 years of progressive retardation stuck in 1990 20 times, the greatest single decades of globalist 8th King activity in Europe since 1991, and in the world since 9/11/2001 is totally ignored by these globalist aids controlling the GB from within since that same time period of globalist world manifestations, all too conveniently developed at that exact time period in 1991, and 2001.

Quite possibly the next move will also converge with globalist events as the previous 2 did as well. This third development will activate a divine intervention “temple cleaning” at some point in this progression soon.

By this strategy…

Goal: Hide From Jehovah’s Witnesses the Following

1. Don’t Tell JWs: Biblical Final Fulfillment Mode Guaranteed Future Major Replication of All Kingdom Sovereign and Temple Prophecy in the Near Future

By this stall and recycle strategy Jehovah’s witnesses would never realize there MUST be a final fulfillment cycle in the near future, a cycle so massive, 1914-1926 will be but a dress rehearsal.

Thus Jehovah’s witnesses would never be upgraded to a paradigm shift to the final fulfillment mode of prophecy, which will be perfectly replicative of the minor fulfillment. This will be in complete harmony, like a perfect map, with 1914-1918, 1919-1922, 1922-1926 and all the meanings and events of those 1260, 1290, and 1335 day patterns BUT with worldwide and universal total impact and permanence.

Obviously then knowing all this is very important not just for Jehovah’s witnesses, but for everyone in the world who will become convinced of the certainty of the prophetic outcome when they see it come true, in these initial cycles, right in front of their very eyes.

Therefore the final fulfillment mode of biblical guaranteed and certain prophecy MUST be made known to as many people as possible, so when they see it all unfolding over their very lives, they can begin to comprehend the seriousness of where this is all leading, and just maybe repent so as to be saved.

God himself through christ is providing a program to the final act of the paly, for ANYONE who is paying even the slightest attention to what is developing here NOW in front of their very face. God is giving mankind a virtual map to the end of the world, in a number of easy to identify global points, great events, and periods of time that will unfold after those events, a map, to the end of the world, and where to exit and be saved.

So certain is it, it already has a full completed minor fulfillment on the global record as a pattern that WILL and MUST repeat in the near future along the very same route, offset into the coming days. The first modern nodal point of global activation will be this Zechariah 3:2-4 parallel trigger of prophecy that everyone on earth, will see fulfill in a symphony of events.

This synergy will include known events by globalists infiltrators in the JW org, the external globalist world events that it will relate to like in 1991 and 2001, and an act of God as per Zech 3:2, and Zech 3:4 paralleling Malachi 3:1-5, and 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9 unmistakable – so keep your eyes open, take note, jot it down, it will happen soon.

Obviously this will be very important to Jehovah’s witnesses when they understand all this, and see it happen, it is a wake up call for the next phase of heightened biblical understanding.

2. Don’t Tell JWs: Globalism (North) versus Nationalism (South) is the Basis of the Apex Final Form of World Rulership of Revelation 17:3; 12-17 and Daniel 11:40-45 8th King Globalist System

The next thing is to keep Jehovah’s witnesses national minded cows forevermore with no comprehension of the concept of globalism as a basis of world government, to be herded like everyone else to layers in the food chain of globalist engineered destruction and internment cycles no questions asked, go where ever the imposter GB sends you even if it is a concentration death camp: NOW!

No Globalism

This GB cabal does not want the concept of world government based on globalism guided by globalist principles to be understood as a simple to explain bible and world reality fulfilling, because that affects the depth of understanding of Revelation and Daniel’s wildbeasts and polar kings “north” (globalism) and “south” (nationalism) to the fullness of biblical development in the final manifestation of these globalist rival systems.

This ignorance is aided by never understanding the difference and the reality of existence between national scale government(s), and global scale government. Nationalist governments (plural) and globalist government (singular) are very real world entities that need a synergy of globalist dominance, based on national ignorance and subservience to attempt 100% world domination by the singular 8th King globalists – while no nation puts 2 and 2 together.

National scale government never can rule the world, because they can barely rule their own territory, they are all to weak and limited in intelligence and power systems at global scale. They can dominate only so much, such as the Anglo-American national system, but that scale of power will never rule the whole world. The 8th King globalist system, WILL attempt 100% world rulership soon based on the use of many nations ignorantly providing themselves to this globalist end.

National scale governments are focused inward upon their states, globalist scale government is focused outward internationally upon all nations, and that is what gives globalist systems and focus such power – more resources, better intelligence and worldwide scale of operations.

Globalist Paradigm Explains Revelation and Daniel Rival Sovereignties More Fully

That concept would completely explain the differences between the [[national collective]] wildbeast1 of Revelation 13:1 and the [[globalist unification]] “scarlet wildbeast” of Revelation 17. Understanding that conceptual dynamic of scale and power then explains the meaning of Revelation 17:12-18 (and Daniel 11:42-43) as a national power and authority, wealth and resource shift into a globalist ruled world system voluntarily aided by national governments, to their own demise.

That concept would completely explain that the “two horned wildbeast” (2HWB) (Rev13:1) is not just the Anglo-American world [[national]] power, but in fact the [[global]] “personal wildbeast” of the elite globalists based in the Anglo-American national identity, BUT at globalist scales of world government locus of power, world financial locus of power and world collective military locus of power at globalist level worldwide but NOT subject to national sovereignty of any kind – it is a private super-sovereignty.

They appear “national” but they are globalist for real, full worldwide scope of resources and super-sovereign systems in space, communications, technology, intelligence and other super-systems that give thm great global leverage and advantages. They do NOT want people understanding this reality.

Keep Satan’s Head Anointed Engineers Hidden in Plain Sight

That would also explain how those advanced 2HWB (Rev13:11) globalist engineers, as Satan’s anointed, also orchestrate the world “club”, the global “forum”, the international “image of the wildbeast” “United Nations” worldwide hub system “image”; “idol”; “disgusting thing” (Rev13:11-15) as a unification of all the national sub-elites of the entire world (Rev16:13-16) into a sole controlling (Rev13:11) globalist orchestration.

These are the 2HWB guys who operate in as much secrecy globally as possible, and do not want Jehovah’s witnesses exposing this “shadowy global network” in conclusive world or parallel biblical identification that connects them to the “King of the North” of Daniel 11:40-45.


The “King of the North” leads to Daniel 12 live and real-time, and that leads to the realization that Daniel 12 has a final fulfillment, final future cycle as well. That awareness of impending manifestation therefore aligns the 1260 days of Daniel 12:7 (Dan7:25 as well) to the 1260 days also logically and prophetically having to repeat in final fulfillment mode in Revelation 11:1-4 in the future, and the full cycle of Revelation 11 “two witnesses” final fulfillment from the “little scroll” of Revelation 10 that leads to Revelation 11 in final fulfillment.


The “little scroll” will be a Sovereign Ultimatum of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ concerning assured completion of the Kingdom and Temple 144000 under Jesus Christ, King of kings in full power, universal and world conquest. That is the subject matter, proclaimed globally soon, of assured completion of Kingdom and Temple in the face of the enemy system, before the War of Armageddon that is in the “reports” of Daniel 11:44.

The imposter GB wants to stall this news as long as they can.

The globalist handled GB does NOT want to ID “King of the North”, or “eat” the “little scroll”, or identify that the “two witnesses” MUST prophesy again to the world (Rev10:11), therefore the “reports” (Dan11:44) will never reach an unknown recipient “King of the North”, and Jehovah’s witnesses will fail in that commission.

Wildbeast “Image” and Scarlet Wildbeast “Body” are Totally Different Actualities

By the time of Revelation 17, that “scarlet wildbeast” “body”, is real globalist 8th King controlled power system of nations controlled by globalist advanced super-systems worldwide which is much more than an “image” by this time in global development.

That 2HWB promoted worldwide elite multi-national “unification” in UN allegiance and aided by advanced Anglo-American globalist political, finance and military systems and techniques of control of their own nations, is orchestrated by the Anglo-American elites to control those nations; (Rev17:12-18; Dan11:43), through puppet “elites” of other nations who are controlled by these Anglo-American head engineers and master conmen.

That thereby explains that the 8th King (scarlet wildbeast; Rev17:11) and 2HWB (Rev13:11) are all contained within the globalist pinnacle “north” “polar” world power system forming over earth symbolized in Daniel 11 as the apex “King of the North” globalist world system climax, in total control of the “Egypt”, “King of the South” who is by Daniel 11:42-43, a “she”, a subservient [[national]] world system. This prophetic transformation is parallel to the [[national]] voluntary power transfer into [[globalist]] power system  in Revelation 17:12-17.

In 10 years at the “UN Library” NONE of these simple globalist based concepts discussed here came forth, because the imposter GB is a globalist handled puppet show that gotta go, that want all JWs focused forever on 1990 and 1914 – they are an act.

They will further the fulfillment of prophecy when they are revealed and eradicated from Jehovah’s organization in whatever way that manifests in the near future; (Zech3:1-10; 2Thess2:3-9)

Here are good Watchtower June 15, 2012 examples of diverting attention away from modern globalist reality revealed in prophecy easily seen and researched since 9/11/2001 [3]



Imposter GB Org Virus

Globalist Undercovers in GB

Full Imposter GB Objectives

Temple Prophecy and This “Man of Lawlessness” Fulfillment

Temple Inspect: Final Fulfillment Mode
1914 Prophetic Minor Fulfillment Pattern Will Replicate into the Near Future Final Major Fulfillment Actuality



Phase 3 Imposter GB Objectives



Examples of Prophetic Subversion

Watchtower June 15, 2012 Examples of Imposter GB Diversion Tactics



Prophetic Reality King of the North Globalists, 144000 Temple Completion, Final Two Witnesses


5 thoughts on “JW Infiltration: Future Final Fulfillment Cover Up

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  2. OK….so how can Jehovah’s Witnesses be the True religion when it was started by a Free Mason C.T. Russell who used occult practices such as pyridmidology to figure out 1914.

    • “OK….so how can Jehovah’s Witnesses be the True religion when it was started by a Free Mason C.T. Russell who used occult practices such as pyridmidology to figure out 1914.”


      1. The JW ministry connected human world government progression to prophecy. Thus Russell and Rutherford promoted a continuum of two United Nations related placements in 1919 and 1945 that were tied to prophecy. Any modern Christian commentator and others who ascribe the 666 to rival human world government, anti-Christ, and the “scarlet wild beast” (8th King) themes are doing so by JW theological standards promoted since at least 1926.

      It may seem obvious now, but in the 1920s when the International Bible Students began exposing 8th King activity is when the “666” theme was first founded and progressed from that period of the awareness of the League of Nations presentation as a world government forum in formation. JWs did that. Now why would “free masons” or whatever elite clique people want to ascribe this to, why would they expose themselves as terminal prophecy as the wild beast?

      It makes no sense Charles Russell was “mason” and “illuminati controlled” if he founded their worst nightmare in ministerial global exposure of what they really are. The churches didn’t do that and neither did anyone else, today’s peoples aware of the 666 meaning have JWs to credit for that first awareness. It is “a human number”, thus even the Satanists ascribing 666 to Satan is error. JWs are who began making this clarification into logical reality of the development of world government. (Russell taught the 666 was the Papacy, that opened later in the Rutherford era and after.)

      It was Jehovah’s witnesses that began the tradition of connecting modern internationalist world government to prophecy and its big symbols like 666, the wildbeast, and the 8th King. Of course in 1990 at the 3rd United Nations presentation after the Cold War, JWs were diverted and subverted to no longer connect UN manifestations after world wars, including the Cold War, to prophecy. That is when JWs dropped the ball of UN tracking prophecy.

      Now the point is the elite system would not place Charles Russell into a ministry that eventually exposed human world government as prophecy under Rutherford’s tenure. It would have been better for Charles Russell to have stayed in the clothing business and just let Christendom continue in its occult roots as it is now. Instead Jehovah’s witnesses have created a global awareness in some that human world government proceeds to completion and then Christ’s arrival.

      JWs started that logic, but as we see they dropped the UN off prophecy radar in 1990, so they do not continue the logic the Russell-to-Rutherford era foundationalized in early JW theological development. Meaning the “Illuminati” or the “two horned wildbeast”, etc, or whoever one wants to ascribe this globalist elite internationalist camp world government engineering nucleus to would never set out to expose their own development as terminal prophecy en route to Armageddon when they finally do complete that world government.

      It makes no sense the elites would back a Christian reform ministry that ended up exposing them and their world government project as prophecy. Now modern JW development since 1976 Governing Body Bethel coup and dictatorship now resulting in the cover up of the 3rd-to-4th UN placement sequence since 1990 to future world government is FAR MORE SUSPECT.

      Now in modern time JWs do the mission of concealing world government development and its connection to modern prophecy and principles present in the first cycle of WW1, repeating in WW2, and present in the Cold War cycle as well. JWs expose nothing of these cyclic principles in the 3rd cycle UN presentation of 1990 and the Cold War. JW are no longer telling the whole truth, so they are no longer a “true religion” they are representatives of the Bethel apostasy that is ALSO repeating the apostate principle including its premature “the end” delusion that they use to further mislead JWs.

      Instead of explaining to people the first two UN placements led to the 3rd UN placement in three global wars including the Cold War global scope of deployment, 1-2-3, JWs now truncate the 3rd UN placement as a continuum. Now the UN 1-2-3-4 continuum, about to activate in the FOURTH now obvious required cycle due to the three before it, is also not even understood by JWs, because they do not understand the 3rd UN placement was prophecy and is a significant progress step to world government that requires four cycles.

      Now the final cycle of a number of required final years can be sold to JWs at the start of the cycle as “the end of the world” and they can take down Bethel, cancel the JW ministry and JWs overall will not comprehend it is a CYCLE and final phase to world government full presentation—instead JWs will be stuck in this riddle and they will be in a hoax as the fourth cycle is beginning.

      2. 1914 is determined by Daniel 4 interpretation of the “seven times” of the assumed “appointed times of the nations” by dating respecting Biblical chronology not that of the world government developers who run all the western academia and media. That 20 year shift goes all the way back to King David’s time in their own assumption. The fact is all chronology is assumption, but might as well stick to Bible chronology.

      But 1914 is proven by prophecy and world events independent of Daniel 4. Daniel 4 is a stand alone prophecy not connected to the events of 1914-1918 that were marked by Daniel 12:7 and Daniel 12:11 meanings of those periods. Thus several unique prophecies came together with significant war and world government foundation events all converging for overall great meaning reaffirmed a third time at the 1990 Cold War resolution 3rd UN presentation.

      Thus the trajectory to a 4th UN presentation of the future, no matter what they may call it and brand it as at that time, will include the actual complete world government complex and its presentation [in addition] to the United Nations “image” nucleus already present, the “image” of world government, its “picture”, it “blueprint, its “charter””, its “center”.

      The UN is just part of world government, the whole world government is greater than the sum of its parts and is beyond the UN in super-corporate global controlling scope, the actual administrations and institutions of world government, even now controlling national governments in banking and military corporatism, is the “Global Super Corporation”, a hub of al, the most powerful multi-national corporations. That world government total complex worldwide is what is to be presented at the end of the fourth cycle. Because it occurred three times already to this objective, the fourth cycle is logical, and intuitive and it fits the prophecy JWs now subvert with erred interpretation.

      World war at global scale in WW1 was the first true attempt at the globalization of war and finance as the Federal Reserve system was also born at the same time, very conveniently for the profiteering rackets of world war. WW1 set the theme of global war for the whole following century and all of those “world wars” including the global “Cold War” all resolve into a UN world government presentation in formative progress.

      So 1914 is marked by the formulaic world-war-to-world-government presentation formula. World war always comes with a United nations related world government “solution” presentation purpose as the world war cycle ends. Thus 1914 is significant for the globalization of war and its supporting systems and the world government presentation reliably produced after all those world war cycles, including the global scope “Cold War” of unique length and deployment character.

      Bethel’s job is to produce criminal activity in the ministry, illegal UN alliances and other major global reproach to go global on the Web as external parties “interpret” for people in general how to stumble over the Bethel hypocrisy that is real hypocrisy and for example real pedophile supporting crimes. Who knows how their money laundering racket actually works, but they are a racket under a religious and non-profit sheep skin veneer. The jig is up on Bethel, and it is designed to be up to bring the Bethel ministerial resource base into deposition.

      So Bethel aids the discrediting of the original JW ministry, and 1914 and so on, as the whole purpose is that people not understand all the UN cycles since WW1 and the League of nations are foretold, and in a quadruple cycle progression to actual world government whose completion and conglomerated worldwide sovereign world rulership statement will trigger Christ’s arrival. The purpose of Bethel is to aid “the way of the truth being spoken of abusively” to conceal the whole UN cycle development and its significance since 1914 to 1945 to 1990 and to the actual world government presentation of the future.

      Discrediting 1914 is the root of the target to divert attention away from. But as we see 1914 was marked by far more than just prophecy, 1914-1919 produced a

      1. world war,

      2. An official Anglo-American full alliance.

      3. a world government foundational presentation

      4. A Kingdom of God ministry in time exposing it all as prophecy and significant world events.

      All that happening between 1914-1919 in just five years is a totally unique era starting, and in hindsight it set the theme to world government and the use of world war to accelerate world power consolidation. The nice thing is this fourth cycle takes some years to complete so many people unaware of reality now can become aware world government completion is what finally triggers Christ’s arrival, but contrary to popular belief he comes to save many first, then he unleashes the whole Kingdom of God on the 8th King super-system global world government. Thus very nicely a final warning and final invitation to many can form in this actually to be drawn out final cycle, and it will result in a world government presentation.

      Since this takes years to unwind, I am willing to put up this prophecy framework established in the basic WW1-to-World-Government cycle as taught by Jehovah’s witnesses as merely REPEATING in the fourth cycle. This forecast is based on no “special knowledge” just the awareness of cyclic replication certainty. All I am saying is the first cycle perfectly replicates in prophecy and world events in the fourth cycle, BOTH prophecy and world events will run the same pattern and course to this time, full world government.

      All I update is post 1990 Bethel subversion, for the real UN developmental continuum that actually emerged again, a third time, in 1990. I just update various purposeful Bethel prophecy concealing errors to post 1990 globalization, and “King North” OF COURSE having to be “top of the world” WORLD GOVERNMENT, the same as the “8th King”.

      To many people Bethel is ridiculous to try to cover up what is becoming glaringly obvious from the world’s own research and understanding far more developed than the Bethel tape loop of 1970. They have overrun a Jehovah’s Christian witness ministry that [used to be] tracking significant UN development as prophecy as it happened. In 1990 not only did they drop the UN off the prophecy radar at Bethel they actually employed the worldwide JW ministry as UN NGO “public information” promoters while the cover up is still active and most JWs haven’t a clue what early Jehovah’s witnesses were even about in SIMULTANEOUSLY TRACKING UN 8th King and God’s Kingdom prophecy live and real-time.

      Today’s JWs are a picture of the past in a Bethel house of smoke and mirrors blatantly dropping UN exposition as prophecy as UN NGO and on the down the pyramid of “UN consultancy” Bethel remains involved with while continuing the main cover up of the 3rd UN placement and its continuum.

      Imo the rival world government developers in the core Anglo-American “global empire” system would not produce a Jehovah’s witnesses ministry from incept that has become the only source of UN exposure as prophecy, it works against their own secrecy goals, it is nightmare to them to have prophecy truth explained as a historic seven national power progression to converge into 8th King world government. Thus overrunning JWs later from within is the goal and it is obvious Bethel is just a ploy and decoy now to enable a massive JW hoax for the time Bethel goes down in what will be a final temple judgment sequence to make an eventual recovery.

      To JWs those intrigues will be sold to them by Bethel as “the end of the world”, NOT the temple judgment for terminal apostasy and infiltration that it actually is. Had the world government planners had control of JWs from Russell’s time, they certainly would not have exposed their first two UN placements as prophecy. JWs would have joined the League of Nations endorsement campaign after 1919 with the pawned churches, and none of this would matter by now.

      Instead JWs had to be subverted in 1990 to finally endorse the rival “8th Kingdom” as human world government, that is when the opposing camp assumed JW full control and now there is not any actual anointed Christian input at Bethel, they are all, in the top leadership, actors and infiltration frauds because carrying out this subversion and potential hoax engineering requires planning and consistent deployment regularly in JW literature to achieve a semblance of a ministry while using truthful components to construct a misapplied and misarranged final JW “theology” that simply promotes a premature “the end” delusion to conceal intrigues to come on the JW organization as a divine judgment of Daniel 8:13-14, as 1Peter 4:17 principle that actually activates Revelation 8 as the Revelation 8-11 eventual continuum to world government and Christ’s arrival.

      Since Russell began this globalist world government nightmare of exposure, he could not have been from that camp of rival global rulership because if he was none of this exposition of the UN as prophecy leading to Armageddon would have come forth at all. It would be better if Russell just continued selling clothes, then the whole Christian world would now be 100% diverted as in Christendom.

      Instead JWs have a foundational truth of prophecy and historic world events exposing the first two UN placements that after their required temple judgment downfall can be reconnected to the 3rd and 4th Un placement continuum already and actually there that Bethel is now actively CONCEALING. And that is why their downfall will also serve the divine objective of neutralizing the Bethel apostates including the Governing Body as a valid concept Biblical concept, which it is not, and the main subversion control cell—and that is why they are to be removed when the temple judgment has run its full Daniel 8:14 (Hos6:1-3) course.

      The ministry will be recovered, how we do not know, because God and Christ are who will expose the 3rd and 4th UN presentations as to what they are, and will give that rival system full fair warning and even opportunity to repent BEFORE they arrive. And that exposure campaign of Christian recovery from the temple judgment has to be WHILE the “tribulation of those days” fourth cycle is active globally in earnest, as like WW1, a major global distraction again preceding a Kingdom of God proclamation.

      And it will lead to the events it will be empowered to expose properly because the apostasy and temple judgment of Bethel system and Jehovah’s witnesses is not “stand alone”. That milestone in itself must lead to more milestones (Dan11:42-45) like the global tribulation possibly global war (Dan12:1), to parallel ministerial recovery (Rev9-10), to its final cessation in Revelation 11:1-7 (parallel Dan12:7), and to of course WORLD GOVERNMENT full placed (Dan12:11, Dan11:45, Dan8:25) “8th King” the target of the whole exposition because Christ arrives after that cycle resolves (Matt24:29), and it resolves into world government that must complete BEFORE Christ arrives.

      The “abyss” world government “ascends” from (Rev11:7; Rev17:8-11) is the coming “tribulation of those days” global “problem” for which world government is “the solution” to be presented in complete form. (Rev17:8-18 full cycle); Thus many principles of global stressing (Rev13:3) and global recovery (Rev17:8, Isa41:1) and world government presentation repeat in the fourth cycle as they were also present in the former three world war cycles including the Cold War cycle. It is basically a cyclic “super cycle” of four sub-cycles to finally complete world government, and the first cycle of 1914-1919 encapsulates the basic formula.

      Had it not been for Russell and Rutherford laying the foundation and the first pattern that repeats, none of this would be explainable for the 3rd (1990) and 4th (future) cycles. So they were not set-up by the rival world government system, who would not create a headache for themselves that required the real overriding subversion in 1990 to finally shut up JWs on UN prophecy. Had they run JWs from 1914, JWs would have been silent from that time.

      This is why “pyramidology” was eventually dumped. Russell emerged from a Christendom quagmire already full of occult symbology and religious frameworks, “the cross” itself is an occult symbol well known, one of the core object of Christendom veneration is a known symbol of world government, the 1-2-3-4 quadrant. The governmental, monetary and corporate world was then full of occult symbology as it is today; meaning Russell’s context was naturally immersed in occult symbology in a time it was not as well recognized for what it really is. Even today people do not see the meaning of symbols even on the US Dollar or all over Washington DC, but it all has deep meaning to its creators.

      So it is logical a few symbols and ideas persisted in Russell’s time, to be discarded by Rutherford and Fred Franz, to now be re-assimilated in the modern overrun JW ministry also now full of world government symbology from that rival system. The UN NGO is the main “symbol” of the Bethel subversion operation, and it will have ramifications and those intrigues is what the JW premature “the end” delusion is created to cover up as long as possible.

      But for the reasons given Russell did more to set-up a global exposure of world government for what it must really become as prophecy and actual global implications, and imo no way is the rival elite camp going to shoot themselves in the foot like that on purpose. Even if they did overrun the first two UN continuum to the third, the foundational exposé in the first cycle and what it activated in actual UN 1-2-3-4 to world government can now in time be reconnected to that 1990 and future developmental meaning of the progression to world government as all being already in the prophecy as all Biblical human national sovereignty converges in global unified reality into that 8th King world government meaning.

      Thus the nightmare for the globalists will continue as it leads to the arrival of their Nemesis, Jesus Christ who is the divinely appointed actual coming world ruling King, the ultimate 8th King nightmare of Revelation 6:12-18, Matthew 24:29-31 parallel of Revelation 19:11-21. Now all the effort the opposing camp has but in subverting Bethel into apostasy (Dan11:32a) will instead set-up a far clearer final exposition when it is time for God and Christ to push that through well in advance of their actual arrival, and in advance of the world government completion that it of course must make warning and exposition of. The Bethel UN alignment and apostasy is actually just part of the initial signal development of the same prophecy. The temple judgment signifies the final cycle has begun when it activates in its spiritual dimension with the global fourth cycle to usher in full world government.

      The purpose of the premature “the end” delusion and various confusion, uncertainty and “doomsday scenarios” is to further conceal the final cycle meaning as long as possible. Thus when it is totally too late, they can present world government that always was forming in the wings since 1914, and it was being exposed fully until JWs dropped the ball and ran into the end zone prematurely as if the game had already ended. Instead it is fourth down and 55, because JWs stopped at the 1945 UN progression, and still must explain it and the 4th UN cycle meaning before the game “ends”.

      Thus world government secrecy and hidden in plain sight methodology aided its formation because many will live in denial, and by that time world government can just “ascend” and place itself as the long awaited global solution, and they will achieve a world “peace and security” by their own definition, the fourth cycle ends peacefully as far as resolving that “tribulation of those days” for the benefit of the acceptance of their own world government presentation.

      Thus saving it all for the end of the fourth cycle yet to run, was wise, and the less people know the better for world government progress to the final objective of actual global rulership presented (Dan12:11), stated worldwide (1Thess5:1-3) and functional (Rev17:11-18, Rev16:13-16, Dan11:45) when that time arrives, and it will arrive.

      It is logical by world history to uni-polar culmination and by prophecy, thus all indicators are for world government, and logic and geo-strategic development is more time is required and a final acceleration cycle is logical that must complete first for those aware of globalization trends in finance and military, it will take some doing to finally bear this world government in complete form; it is not appearing tomorrow, but it will appear. And now we can know what it means, they are going to spark up God and Christ in the process at the right time of completion when they would logically “appear” to offer sovereign retort as to who will really rule planet earth.

      But this examination of the original JW prophetic framework and sovereign structure of the opposing system will take the whole final cycle to affirm or disprove. I feel confident the JW apostasy will lead to temple judgment timed as Daniel 8:13-14 as a first verification. And that milestone will be in a global “tribulation of those days” forming that is the Biblical description of this fourth cycle and its requirement of completion even BEFORE Christ arrives as per Matthew 24:29-31. In time imo world government will become more and more obvious and vocal as this cycle proceeds into Daniel 11:42-43 global wealth, finance and wealth intrigues and that is why that prophecy is so explicit. Financial and wealth control as master creditors and monetary system designers is what enables true world power consolidation into that core as hard wealth control of whole nations by debt and economic dependency.

      I believe the global financial “crash” may actually be drawn out and must be controlled to maintain core global government function to presentation, but most of the “world government” is already there, it just needs to fully globalize in Russia and China and it will in some manner, they will join world government (Rev17:11-18, Rev16:13-16) and the financial and military intrigues to guide it will be as controlled as the Federal Reserve system and WW1 was in their time, to today, an engineered wealth system to drive the military system which equates to control of the global governmental nation-state system entirety, in time.

      Since WW1 and this first cycle, that is what defines the real 8th King “King North” system merely needing to mature over more world wars since WW1, but that has been the goal from the first cycle, the final cycle finalizes it all. JW current prophecy overrun since 1990 for a full hoax, will fail, the world will NOT end as soon as they imply, and instead Bethel ends and its end is to be smoke and mirrored with that “self fulfilling prophecy” total delusion now installed deep into JWs.

      It is deep because instead of bringing people up to post 1990 globalization reality as China, Russia and India scrapped socialism and joined the Anglo-American globalization capitalization pool with trillions in wealth and billions in people to finalize the financial world government system together first, Bethel teaches retardation and ignorance with lawless policies for now two solid decades. The GB 1976 coup was the source of this diversion, plain and simple and that is the purposeful center of JW retardation to conceal world government and globalization development fully since 1990 with a UN NGO debacle as the core “transgression” of Daniel 8:13 definition for judgment by “trampling” desolation of the Bethel global system.

      What comes on Bethel soon enough will be decent proof what is going on, but it will take the following downfall years to come to understand the current JW theology is in error (because it will FAIL), and it will take time for JWs to see and accept they were duped, and the GB was the core apostate and infiltrator subverters that went from bad to worse to today’s total squad of frauds and actors, while just lulling JWs to disaster and using the “organization” to carry it out and rip JWs off blind in the process. The JW ministry is done by being befouled (Zech3:3), the Daniel 11:30-32, 41, and Daniel 8:11-12 apostasy did become blatant after 1990 with that 3rd UN placement. It just needs to be made official, and Daniel 8:13 is what outlines the actual cessation of the JW ministry for the timed Daniel 8:14 temple judgment accounting, purification “right condition” and recovery.

      That is quite a bumpy down the backside of the mountain trip for JWs, but that is the only thing that can wake them up. But I am saying it is a REPEATING prophecy, so its meaning is already laid out in the first JW ministerial and WW1 cycle, we just update all the entities involved for modern times. It just repeats, so most of this examination is not “interpretation” but merely stating it repeats with the world cycle that is also repeating. It is a cycle. It is a number of years of a final global stressing and recovery phasing to bring in full world government. Be patient, jot it down, it will take years to unwind, and that is how JWs and others can be recovered to a clearer reality over those years. Things more powerful than human will become involved to ensure the temple recovery and they are all over the recovery prophecies of Daniel 8:13-14, Zech3:4-7, Mal3:1-5 and Revelation 8-11 because they are to be involved with the recovery opening up (Rev9:1-2; Eze10, Isa6:6-8);

      The recovery will occur because God and Christ give full fair warning and invitation to fully choose life, by choosing Christ as King, and the other stuff involved with his rightful position as universal ruler until God takes full sovereign supremacy as per 1Cor15:24-28, Rev21-22, and so on. JWs have muddled up and burdened the reality ANYONE can choose Christ AT ANY TIME in this whole period and live. ANYONE. The final ministry will make that clear and the JW fantasy of self-right and “supreme GB body” will be tossed to make it clear.

      All I ask is to keep it in open mindedness, because the JW current tale is not a valid explanation of these last two UN cycles, anyone can be saved for the whole period and even into Christ’s arrival in Daniel 12:11, he will complete his own ministry, plain and simple, and he will be saving many before he unleashes on the 8th King system, fully warned beforehand and also fully able to change sides for quite some time. LIFE preservation and salvation is God and Christ’s goal: ANYONE CAN BE SAVED by just changing sides to Christ’s Kingdom right. JWs have made it an religious elitist mess, plain and simple, it is now “the lie” and the “operation of error” of 2Thessalonians 2:11-12 and accepting the GB as divine was the first “error” that operation worked through, not updating King North in 1990 as the UN system 8th King continued what was an error, into now a lie Bethel knows is a lie to cover for their 8th King masters.

      It was all based on “error”, that compounded and was not intended, imo, to become the blatant falsehood it is today, and that is what the opposing camp capitalized on in Daniel 11:30b-32 to turn the whole JW ministry into a modern signal apostasy. (Dan11:32, Dan8:12)


      • What a powerful statement! It all comes full circle…so for those who came up in the org from the 1990s onward..we were in the phase, where the finalization of the Plan for the NWO was occuring…and now..the final phase has seemingly already begun…

        Interesting because JWs are banned in Russia since last week, after only 25 years of freedom since 1991…is that a coincidence?? I don’t think so…

        Jehovah is moving NOW to get his purpose done..

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