JW Full Infiltration Reverse Engineered

Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide Organization: Requirements for Infiltration and It’s Reverse Engineered Objectives

I am not writing this analysis to encourage Jehovah’s witnesses to leave the organization and Jehovah and Christ’s final ministry to temple completion;


WT 11/2013 statement:

WT quote: “”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. “”


The evil nature of Bethel’s actual planning was not as fully realized as it is now:



And MORE AND MORE dubious directives, like those in that WT quote, will continue to come forth from Betel as this nears

I am not saying we Jehovah’s witnesses do not have the truth from God through the bible; In fact the very presence of divine truth is why these diametric developments I am describing are taking place, fulfilling prophecy real-time and are being explained by a Jehovah’s witness;

Many have been stumbled out of the official ministry by not perceiving the stumbling effects, blatant hypocrisy, “wormwood” injected erred policies and smug self-exaltation of the Governing Body is due to a “lawless” “mystery” (2Thess2:7) destined for exposure;

And this is foretold to have to develop right from within the “temple of the God” prior the great temple completion final fulfillment mode cycle to Armageddon; (Zech3:1-3)

Had these who were stumbled (Dan11:32-35; 11:41) known this was developing in Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization subtly and Biblically identified “mysteriously” as per guaranteed prophecy they could have remained, for the answer was not a systemic corruption, but a factional one with a terminal danger that will be removed soon for the real final temple cycle; (Rev8:2-5; Zech3:4-7; Rev8:10-11;)

These facts the non-anointed anti-christ Governing Body will not ever divulge, as they are destined for divine destruction soon, well before Armageddon; (Isa66:6; Dan8:11-14; Zech3:4-7; Hos1:4-7); And God gives them all fair warning and advanced notice; (Exe3:17-21; Gen7:4; Matt24:14)

I am telling Jehovah’s witnesses to expect a massive final temple judgment and  Biblical replication of major final prophetic fulfillment activating at any time after the exposure of the “man of lawlessness” publicly “in the temple of the God”;

This Governing Body and company are the main element that MUST be purged in the coming Temple Judgment and Cleansing of Daniel 8:11-14, paralleling Zechariah 3 Priesthood cleansing, and Revelation 8:2-5 final fulfillment mode ‘Jehovah’s witnesses’ “earth” cleansing;

This cleansing will prepare Jehovah’s witnesses spiritually and in actual new enlightenment for the final world ministry of Jehovah God and Christ, for Kingdom and Temple completion that will follow this initial judgement of the near future in the exact repeat prophetic sequence of 1914-1922, that is activating now with the Governing Body lifting themselves up over everyone publicly proclaimed officially by this “body” of spiritual perversion and pretense;

And that is just the beginning of what this “body” is actually up to;

This Infiltration Needed Years of Preparation

1. The Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization infiltration’s most challenging and necessary requirement would be placing operatives to build years of full-time service in their personal record from many years ago; (Dan11:30-35)

A. The key weakness is already present in Jehovah’s Witnesses’ over emphasis on spiritual qualifications based on works and uniform visuals rather than actual spirituality and Biblical discernment to detect frauds; (Rev2:2; John7:24)

B. Internal agents would have to be placed years in advance of key operations manifesting even in the 1976 power-grasp to the present time wildbeast related activities of 1991-2012;

2. The visually dominant attention to appearances and superficial presentation of being a “Jehovah’s witness” would not be as difficult to achieve for fraud operatives but would require consistent good acting and trained methodology;

3. All expected displayed behavior, wardrobe, expressions of belief and various verbal syntax “pure language” was easily available information provided in the Jehovah’s Witnesses open nature and publications of the Christian requirements outlined voluminously for the Jehovah’s Witnesses ministry;

A. Anyone determined can present this “model” without actually being Christian; (Jude4; 2Pet2:1-3)

4. Infiltrators could conceivably apply all these visual and verbal components for an internal operation in advance of full manifestations and could avoid detection for years, and place keymen to accommodate further placement over the years,

5. This could be reinforced in time by developing policy of infallibility above any suspicion subject to disciplinary action if one should accuse the “Governing Body”, for example, of sin and apostasy, thus further aiding the “lawless” operation’s continuation;

A. This is aided by the idolatry of a human “body” in this whole developmental history;

6. An infiltration would have to be administered progressively 30 or 40 years or more prior to the “lawless” manifestations beginning to present themselves in hindsight through the Governing Body in the mid 1970’s;

7. The actions of the Governing Body of 1976 to 1981 are the key first manifestation of the “man of lawlessness” existing in that body;

A. “Inquisition” is a key feature of the typical “man of lawlessness” in human history as he has developed in principle before; Expect more of the same traits and actions undercover of a righteous veneer; (Matt7:15-20);

Therefore a historic and present infiltration of Jehovah’s Witnesses for internal compromise, subversion and misleading is entirely possible and is prophetic as well in the temple completion cycle, as it was in the temple foundation times of the 1914 period;

The Grand Illusion

Installing a “Steering Wheel” in The Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide Organization

1. To fully infiltrate Jehovah’s witnesses to the next levels of influence, an internal source of organizational control would have to be developed, working through an individual, or through an authoritative group;

2. The previous oversight of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization by spiritually strong and loyal organizers and or visionaries in Charles Russell, Joseph Rutherford, Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz made a covert takeover based on a sole individual impossible in this spiritually strong early period;

3. Hence the idea of a “Governing Body” to effect control was the only recourse at this time of a successful guiding infiltration of the whole Jehovah’s Witnesses organization;

4. Potential operatives could be placed throughout the organization in anticipation of developing this intrigue of leveraging this group – then seizing power through it – then exercising planned lawlessness over the years; (2Pet2:1-3)

5. This would allow a multi-member “body” to place “lawless” members within it, with remote control progressively over time, while avoiding detection, and provide a more diverse controlling strategy to effect development of a majority of imposter members progressively, and present policies of subversion through this increasingly powerful covert control even before that majority was achieved;

Project Credibility by Association

1. Now that a visionary prophetic theme was already well founded by 1950 in Jehovah’s Witnesses by the likes of the continuum of the individual visionary works and guidance of Charles Russell, Joseph Rutherford and Fred Franz working in harmony, a suitable body of work of real credibility was available for implied association;

2. The convenient anonymity of the spiritual works of prophetic insight from Fred Franz and others’ time forward, allowed an entry point under that “organizational” identity by simple generic association with others, as a generic group, within this spiritual developmental implied context associated with the “organization”, the “faithful and discreet slave” and the “governing body” all as virtually the same authority;

A. This had to be developed, this was NOT always the case in Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization led by strong spiritual individuals from incept;

That is the key illusion; 

Those are also the key “organizational” idolatries, “org”; “slave”; and “governing body” that also developed by this situation as it grew subtly over time;

3. The “Governing Body” did not produce the central foundation of Jehovah’s Witnesses prophetic framework. Chosen and guided individuals developed that work, aided by God through Christ; (2Pet1:19-21);

That is a KEY to this impostership “Governing Body’s” success, it is all illusional;

4. These massive Biblical developmental insights that only God could have provided through Christ, to this degree in this short a time period provided all the assumable “credibility” a future formative “man of lawlessness” “body” of “transformed super-fine apostles” could ask for;

5. All the imposters had to do was slide in subtly and take credit by association over the years with the real anointed visionaries, and maintain control once it went into their hands of the “governing body” illusion that they are the impetus of spiritual landmark development – the truth is, they are not; (2Cor11:13-15; 2Thess2:3-12; Zech3:1,3; Jude4)

6. In time, that “association” would become second nature; as if all these members of the collective “Governing Body” were all little Taze Russells and Fred Franzs running around; But. But they are NOT, and their lack of insight and in sightless dated publications proves it for 20 solid years, and 20 years of also deep UN and idolatrous sins founded instead;

They are subtly developed to monstrous proportions, ring kissed idol celebrity pretenders and WTBTS cash cow bean counters and worse; (Eze7:22)

7. The Governing Body would have to skillfully maintain the presentation of itself as the visionary and prophetic developers of the works of Charles Russell, Joseph Rutherford, and Fred Franz who were the actual God employed central visionary developers of the core prophetic theming of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, not this rogue pretender group;

8. The Governing Body would have to accomplish this regularly while protecting itself from investigation, Biblical based inspection, censure and exposé and conclusive detection of the actual objectives of this well engineered lawless infiltration used to progressively cripple the Jehovah’s Witnesses ministry, place it into compounding gross sins and attempt to destroy it in time;

The Black Hole of the Modern Governing Body

1. The Governing Bodies, since Fred Franz died, have not developed any new insight (in fact, just the opposite) in 20 years of darkness, and have presented a meager few “new” prophetic commentary books – while programming Jehovah’s witnesses to follow the Pied Piper Governing Body like lemmings; (Zech11)

2. But these latest “offerings” are all from the editing and reshuffling wordsmithing of the former works of Fred Franz developed research, manuscripts and writings which are presented as the work of this current masquerade cabal, or are thinly topical simplified commentaries with regular errors in insight;

3. This is accomplished “by the Governing Body” while being aided by a staff of non-anointed writing and research “aids”, presenting the illusion that all this dated “fresh food” “spirituality” is “produced” by them;

A. It’s all recycled plagiarism;

4. But this intended effect of “awe” and “water walking” is all illusory deceptions by mere association injected under the former anonymity of truly anointed visionaries aided by Christ in their times past, whose work all this actually is, in Governing Body Frankensteined “works” of constant recycling and reworded minutia to appear “productive”, “busy” and “believable”;

A. It is all actually stalling stagnation of a spiritually dead “governing carcass”, and many are smelling what they are actually up to, while “Israel” remains blind as per prophecy;

5. The truth is no “new light” of any prophetic significance has been offered by this masquerade group in 20 years; A projection upon themselves of the work of others, is the central illusion of this group;

A. All globalist watershed developments of the last 20 years have not even been mentioned by the “Governing Cadaver”;

6. This Governing Body has to continue the authoritative mythology and associative illusion that they are Russell, Rutherford and Franz caliber actual anointed Christians, while doing nothing more than recycling the previous body of work, looking the part, and continuing the blasphemous plagiarist claims before a duped Jehovah’s Witnesses flock who are in fact led into a massive idolatry and sins aided by this illusion;

Summary of a Successful Lawless Infiltration

1. Much other evidence, of a more serious nature, supports the actual lawlessness at work in the “Governing Body”, since that group usurped the authority of Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz, in corporate power play intrigues culminating in this 1976 version “body” of lopsided spiritual megalomaniacs progressively gaining control on no actual work of their own;

A. That is why they need “helpers” to even produce this overly simplified and watered down half-rations vegetarian and dessert diet of today’s Jehovah’s Witnesses;

B. Jehovah’s witnesses have been lulled into a door to door coma of Biblical “depth” only enough to reason with new-born sheep – but not deep enough to recognize the great temple prophetic replication even though it is activating in front of the Jehovah’s witnesses face;

C. Today it is hard to reason with deep prophecy with Jehovah’s witnesses, they have been prophetically denuded, progressively dumbed-down and Biblically hoodwinked by lawless men;

2. This overlapping body of members, with questionable actual righteousness and no extra real authority, continue the illusion that the Governing Body always has led the Jehovah’s Witnesses;

A. A lie, and they know it is untrue;

3. But in reality the works of three individuals are who were used by God to develop the central theme and prophetic foundational truth of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Charles Russell, further developed by Joseph Rutherford, and highly refined and harmonized by over 50 years of the oversight of Fred Franz;

A. The “Governing Body” are illegitimate apostate frauds;

4. This Governing Body is a charade taking credit for work they are not responsible for, but are merely mimics and recyclers continuing this blasphemy live and real-time leading to judgment soon, and their removal by God; (Daniel 8:11-14; Zech3:4; 2Thess2:3-12)

5. And this “Governing Body” JW Pied Pipership is preparing for the “coup de grace” events on the worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses as this culminates soon;

Expect a lead-in to a 2014 decoy temple series courtesy the “man of lawlessness”;

Governing Body of Treason

Setting the stage for the Judgement of Jehovah and Christ of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bethel and the Governing Body; (Daniel 8:11-14; Zech3; Rev8:2-5)

The Main “Man of Lawlessness” Objective in the United Nations “Disgusting Thing” Transgressions, Global Reproaches and Mass Stumblings

1. This covert preparatory control of that “governing” “body” effected by 1976 is what led within 15 years to the full manifestation of the secondary objectives of this infiltration’s adulterous relations with the United Nations idol.

2. This actual objective of serious transgression fulfilling prophecy was to successfully “marry” the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) worldwide organization; (Hos2:5), “befoul” the anointed identity (Zech3:3) and profane the sacrificial offering “constant feature” in verbal and written form (Dan11:31a) by the “disgusting thing” full UN historic associations to the WTBTS and it’s “Government Body”;

3. This was begun in 1991 officially public (albeit covert at that time) in Awake! magazine September 8, 1991 United Nations “New World Order” proclamation issue, which publicly fulfilled Daniel 11:31 in the Governing Body (GB) participation in the “they” below in the 3rd “placement” of the UN “disgusting thing”;

(Daniel 11:31b) and they (Globalists and GB) will actually profane the sanctuary (anointed identity; Zech3:1-3), the fortress (JW Organization; Daniel 8:11-14), and remove the constant [feature] (by polluted sacrifices; so far).

“And they (Globalists and GB) will certainly put in place the (3rd stand United Nations NWO after Cold WW3) disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (in the world and at Bethel providing the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:11-14)

Prophetic Cover Up of Live Prophecy

1. In 1990, rather than expose the 3rd world placement of the United Nations as the “disgusting thing” fulfillment of Daniel 11:31, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society engaged in a Bethel based worldwide promotional series of United Nations “New World Order” proclamations with the Two-Horned-Wildbeast and 8th King.

(All searchable on the Watchtower Library CD for term “new world order” found 79 times in Watchtower and Awake! between 1991 and 2001;)

Allegiance with Wildbeast Objectives of the Disgusting Thing Modern Revelation

1. This activity for 10 covert years commencing in 1991 joined George Bush Sr. in proclaiming this UN “disgusting thing” entity’s “placement”  in world presentation after the Cold War in 1990-1991;

A. Not Nazi Germany as is fraudulently claimed still; (Which affects Daniel 8:11-14 as well)

2. This was a highly prophetically significant 3rd manifestation of the “disgusting thing” since post WW1’s League of Nations in 1919, post WW2’s United Nations in 1945, as this post Cold WW3’s United Nations in “New World Order” mode objective in 1990;

3.. This gives us the clue to the 4th placement of the “disgusting thing” of Daniel 8:23-25 and Daniel 11:44-45 in the future, which this Governing Body cabal is attempting to conceal;

Continued Official Cover Up

1. Subsequently the infiltrated and controlled Governing Body continued to work globalist 8th King objectives by issuing an edited version of Fred Franz’s work in the Daniel prophecy commentary book “Your Will Be Done” as “Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy” in 1999; (Though nothing of the actual fulfillments was noted)

2. This was in order to continue to mislead and apply now blatantly erred interpretations of the USSR and Nazi Germany to the “King of the North” which could not fulfill the incept application of Daniel 11:30-31 or 11:36 to those failed national and national bloc entities;

3. In fact it is the globalist Two-Horned-Wildbeast and Scarlet Wildbeast powers that make up the King of the North from Daniel 11:27 “until the denunciation will have come to a finish” (Dan11:36) by Daniel 11:45;

A. The Governing Body bypasses all of this;

4. To further the cover-up of what is really going on in the “established place of the sanctuary” the Governing Body then continued to apply the erred application of Nazi Germany’s failure to the transgression record of Daniel 8:11-14;

5. They did this while editing out portions of Daniel 8:11-25 to further isolate contradictory evidence out of Jehovah’s witnesses notice;

The Bible is what exposes the Governing Body as lawless globalist partisan 8th King agency because it is time soon, for this initial judgment to begin “with the house of God”; (1Pet4:17 is Daniel 8:11-14);

Governing Body Fulfills Prophecy

Both those Daniel 8 and 11 prophecies actually apply to the globalist King North (King of Fierce Countenance) world power system in development; (Dan8:11-25 parallels Daniel 11:30-45), in league with the Governing Body “man of lawlessness” placing the “disgusting thing” in the world scene from their respective “governmental” authorities in 1990 and 1991 which is the “transgression causing desolation” and the general “transgression” and “profanation” of Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-31;

The Governing Body do this globalist operation while covering up the actual live meanings of Daniel’s actual fulfillment in 1990-1991 in regard to the infiltration leading to the “disgusting thing” of Daniel 11:30-31, and the temple judgment that transgression will require soon in Daniel 8:11-14;

Conclusive Sinful Synergy: Four Striking Coincidental Developments

A. This mega-development of monumental Biblical significance was all timed with the rather convenient removal of Fred Franz’s “restraint” against this kind of blatant Governing Body treason in relation to the “holy covenant” and the Kingdom of God and Christ; (2Thess2:7)

B. That creates 4 red-flag signal anomalies explained only one way now in:

1. Prophetic fulfillment covered up in time with key globalist King North live and real-time developments;

2. Along with the Governing Body official “bed” relations and “escort” work for the United Nations “wildbeast” interests;

3. All perfectly timed with the incapacitation and death of Fred Franz, and the rise of globalist imposter Milton Henschel and company;

4. All self-exposed “world news” in perfect timing with the next globalist development in 2001 in the Global War on Terror after the 911 World Trade Center attack;

C. All this occurred in general timing as these blatant distractions from real-time prophecy and spiritual adulteries were carried out by the lead infiltrator Milton Henschel’s group’s coup of authority to this traitorous manifestation of this Governing Body based globalist UN serving cabal;

Furthering Debacle of Scandal

1. The “UN library access” excuses were then proclaimed as this news went global to continue the hoodwink over Jehovah’s Witnesses in general, while creating an air of utter hypocrisy and scandal to anyone researching this escapade with impartiality;

2. The Governing Body continued proclaiming the UN “New World Order”, promoted United Nations organizations, UN published books, and UN joint globalist activities worldwide for 10 covert years of overt advertising journalism;

Complete Sexual Compromise; Spiritual and Literal

1. The pedophile scandal news broke at the same period of time “coincidentally“;

Too Much! All Coincidental?

1. There is simply too much coincidental and synergistic developments that occurred within this small time frame to full manifestation of undeniable “lawlessness”, with two perfectly timed Governing Body administered 8th King globalist supporting developments, to simply be a “random” “coincidental” development;

2. There is also too much preparatory development that must have been in place to facilitate this spiritual coup;

3. The ramifications of this core development manifesting in 1991 continue to spread and compound into new realms of heavy and perpetually expanding sins of idolatry, disloyalty, deceit, reproach and massive stumbling bloodguilt;

Jehovah’s Witnesses have an internal infiltration, decades old, that has infiltrated the entire worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses for further damaging activities; This is just the tip of the “man of lawlessness” iceberg;

Man of Lawlessness Revelation  and Final Temple Judgment Prophecy Converge as Biblical Signal Activates Live and Real-Time!

The whole Governing Body lawless operation fulfilled prophecy and continues to do so as the brazen yet subtle “man of lawlessness” Governing Body is fully exposed by their own actions in light of live Bible prophecy fulfilling;

This also creates a key signal synergy of the “revealing of the man of lawlessness”, “in the temple of the God” as the Governing Body also “lifts themselves up over everybody” publicly proclaiming themselves the affirmed, one and only, “Faithful and Discreet Slave” officially from their website on November 9, 2012;

Governing Body Backs Temple Decoy Development

This will lead to the next development of the actual temple judgment, as the Governing Body continues now to create a premature “GT hoax” and decoy “temple prophetic” series to bolster the grand illusion, and to position Jehovah’s Witnesses for the final “coup de grace” globalist event that will again, for the third time, coincide with a major 8th King globalist world event series soon;
The Final Dangerous Developments and Betrayal

The Son of Destruction

From the character from which that name is derived in Judas Iscariot as a murderous traitor and betrayer from within the intimate group of God’s Son, we have the final manifestation that the modern Governing Body man of lawlessness is destined to become as the composite lawless one of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 in the near future, as this initial revelation of this “body” is revealing by evidence, and self revelation of the Lawless Governing Body themselves;

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-12) Let no one seduce you in any manner (especially the Governing Body), because it (The initial final Temple Judgment and what it leads to) will not come unless the (Jehovah’s witnesses based) apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness (Governing Body cabal) gets revealed (as he is officially now self-revealing), (also) the son of destruction. (As these masterful deceivers and traitors betray the Jehovah’s Witnesses to globalist initial intrigues paralleling 1Peter 4:17 and Daniel 8:11-14)  4 He (the Governing Body) is set in opposition (to the revelation of final truth and the good news “casting truth to the earth”; (Dan8:12)) and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god. (As officially shown on 11/9/2012 in the Annual Meeting “Food at the Proper Time” lift up as sole “faithful and Discreet Slave” blasphemers;)

God will complete this revealing to the full, as the Governing Body become part of the final fulfillment mode; ” great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven” during and after their expulsion and neutralization never to set foot in the “temple of the God” ever again; (Isa66:6)

(Revelation 8:10-11) And the third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven (those leaving the “holy covenant” of Daniel 11:30-31 as the Governing Body progressive apostasy), and it fell upon a third of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters. (Profaned the “constant feature” and anointed temple; (Dan11:30-31)) 11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood (Governing Body lawlessness and injustice). And a third of the waters turned into wormwood, and many of the men died from the waters, because these had been made bitter. (From Governing Body leavened spiritual pollutions)

The Dangerous Very Real Relationship

The greatest danger and reality is that the globalist King of the North as a composite of the main Two-Horned-Wildbeast engineers (Rev13:11-15) and the 8th King “Scarlet Wildbeast” are actually directing the Governing Body with the Devil;

Both prophecies of final temple inspection indicate Satan’s involvement in Zechariah 3:1 and 2Thess2:9; The Governing Body and globalist planners have been and are working together;

The Governing Body Knows the Next World Event and Timing

This means that the Governing Body knows what the next planned globalist world events are and their timing, and that this period must proceed to another world war development, through it, and to the final 4th placement of the “disgusting thing” as a “world peace and security” idol and an actual globalist world government;

The Governing Body knows this is not the final events the Jehovah’s Witnesses are being led to believe;

This is why the Governing Body has attempted to truncate and cover up the 3rd placement of the United Nations in New World Order mode in 1990 as a significant prophetic event, by bypassing this event entirely, while they instead placed the United Nations in New World Order “Disgusting Thing” manifestation at Bethel and in WTBTS publications for 10 solid years of 666 services;

Governing Evil Shepherd Pied Pipers

This means the Governing Body can mold Jehovah’s Witnesses prophetic expectations with deception as shown in part, to position Jehovah’s witnesses and the worldwide organizational components for globalist advantage in the next world developments;

And this is exactly what the derailing of Jehovah’s Witnesses prophetic reality and understanding has been accomplishing since the 1990 takeover;

This is also why the Governing Body has been grooming unquestioned trust and organizational obedience to themselves from the sheep, they want to lead them worldwide to planned incarcerations and exterminations as “Son of Destruction”; (Zech11)

2014 Approximation: Governing Body and Globalist Aided Symphonic Hoax Events

The Governing Body is aiding the globalist camp to create a massive “Great Tribulation” like hoax event on all Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide, and will lead into that development with a decoy temple development aimed at prematurely developing the context of a “Great Tribulatory” event, that will in fact be a divine judgment of the actual Temple Judgment and subsequent cleansing period of Daniel 8:11-14;

We may rightly expect the globalists aiding the Governing Body deceptions and illusion with also a proclaimed “peace and security” to further fool the Jehovah’s witnesses that this is indeed the end of the world;

Not What Jehovah’s Witnesses are Being Misled into Believing

But in fact the globalist know this is the beginning of the approximate 10 year cycle to lead the world to World War 4, the absorption of Babylon the Great’s global assets in that period and that religious sovereign destruction, and the preparation of all out 8th King world placement to fulfill Daniel 8:25 and Daniel 11:44-45 after World War 4 is resolved;

This is all prophetically revealed and deployed by the 8th King globalists for the very same “world peace” presentation stage as the three previous world wars also provided; to present a complete world government in whatever form and branding it may appear at that time in the future as the 4th “United Nations” and actual “Scarlet Wildbeast” full bodied “8th King” world power system worldwide;

Daniel 8:11-14 Temple Judgement is What is Coming (1Peter 4:17)

Jehovah’s Witnesses, as per prophecy, are caught by surprise by this actuality, as opposed to their expectations, and this will delay the Jehovah’s Witnesses understanding of this final period as per the “evening” portion of the Daniel 8:14 judgment period of a minimum 1150 days;

Wobble the Witnesses for 10 Years

The globalist objective is to destroy or permanently cripple the final world ministry of Jehovah’s Witnesses as the prophetic cycle of Revelation 10-11 repeats in final fulfillment mode finality;

Jehovah’s Witnesses Cleansed of Governing Body Liars

This Biblical prophetic truth is not being taught by this compromised and corrupt Governing Body, and will not be taught to Jehovah’s Witnesses until that “man of lawlessness” is purged in this extremely traumatic actual temple judgment and cleansing cycle as the final temple completion cycle of all Biblical prophecy commences;

Zechariah 3, Daniel 8:11-14 and Revelation 8:2-5 will all parallel in this cleansing action to manifest while the Governing Body is internally aiding the destruction and betrayal of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, undercover as “ministers of righteousness” until they are angelically removed as per prophecy; (Zech3:4-7; Hos1:4-7);


Final Note:

The Infiltration Incept

1. This prophecy below therefore goes back to a successful (act effectively) infiltrative planning (give consideration) and internal deployment (arms that stand) that developed any time after 1922 in Jehovah’s Witnesses (or International Bible Students), since Christendom can no longer be considered part of the “holy covenant” from that time in this prophecy, this initial development, the positioning for infiltration, had to take place after WW1 – exactly when is not known:

(Daniel 11:30-31) “And he (globalist King North) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively (success is the criteria, Nazi Germany failed); and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (Had to be within Jehovah’s Witnesses, the only ones with members actually in “holy covenant”)) 31 And there will be (infiltrative spiritual warfare) arms that will stand up (operate), proceeding from him; (globalist King North);

2. Parallels Daniel 11:41 “invasion”;

(Daniel 11:41) He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many that will be made to stumble.

3. The Governing Body Revelation Fulfilling Live and Real-Time:

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-12) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god. 5 Do you not remember that, while I was yet with you, I used to tell you these things? 6 And so now you know the thing that acts as a restraint, with a view to his being revealed in his own due time. 7 True, the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work; but only till he who is right now acting as a restraint gets to be out of the way. 8 Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence. 9 But the lawless one’s presence is according to the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents 10 and with every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth that they might be saved. 11 So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.

(Zechariah 3:1-4) And he proceeded to show me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan standing at his right hand in order to resist him. 

(Daniel 8:11-14 Parallel desolation portion:) 2 Then [the angel of] Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who is choosing Jerusalem! Is this one not a log snatched out of the fire?” 

(Actual Jehovah’s Witnesses Status before God and Christ:) 3 Now as for Joshua, he happened to be clothed in befouled garments and standing before the angel. 

(Daniel 8:11-14 Parallel cleansing portion:) 4 Then he answered and said to those standing before him: “Remove the befouled garments from upon him.” And he went on to say to him: “See, I have caused your error to pass away from upon you, and there is a clothing of you with robes of state.”

4. The Temple Judgment of the Near Future:

(Daniel 8:11) all the way to the Prince of the army (globalist KN) put on great airs, and from (Jehovah) the constant [feature] was taken away (by profanation), and the established place (Bethel/JW organization worldwide, soon) of his sanctuary was thrown down. (By this next globalist operation on the JW organization worldwide) 

(Daniel 8:12) And an army itself was gradually given over (JW infiltration and compromise), together with the constant [feature] (profanation and error), because of transgression (with the UN 3rd placement in 1990); and (XGB portion KN NWO operations) kept throwing truth to the earth (by covering up the true meaning of this prophecy and others), and it acted and had success. (As can be seen in today’s “lawless one” Governing Body and the “coup de grace” to come upon the JW worldwide organization and Bethel by divine judgment allowing this globalist “desolation”)

And this temple judgment and time period will be a JW signal event of temple and JW anointed, JW purifications:

(Daniel 8:13-14)How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the (UN 3rd Placement) transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] (JW) army things to trample on?”

(Daniel 8: 14) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; (1150 days; Minimum) and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition. (Purified as per Zechariah 3:1-10 temple priesthood parallel judgment (v1-3) and cleansing; (v4-9))

13 thoughts on “JW Full Infiltration Reverse Engineered

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  3. This is absolutely stunning reading.. this is the first time I have ever heard words like this written let alone spoken. I am fully aware that the GB have been feeding us a counterfeit and watered down vegan diet for 20 years now.. Thank you for this mind blowing analysis of events and having the courage to state the truth behind the truth. I sit quietly on the outer perimeter of the ‘Org’. I was on the verge of losing faith entirely until I found this site. I thank you..

    • Well I will say there is no way to just make this up because it converges our whole ministry upon the main 1914-1918 foundation provided by Daniel 7:25-26 Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 11:2-3 (12:6,14; 13:5) in MINOR form at temple foundation and Kingdom birth PRELIMINARY FOREGLEAM fulfillments in perfect harmony with the obvious logic God and Christ WILL FINISH what they have begun – Messianic Kingdom birth to maturity parallel with human world government developments to be sprung from covert to overt on all mankind amidst a final “time of distress” created to provide the developmental backdrop the 8th King uses to present themselves as the only hope for world “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) at “freedom from care” (Dan8:5) time it appears;

      BOTH God’s Kingdom and the 8th King will make competitive announcements in simultaneous form and that crescendo will mark the way to Armageddon after 8th King reaction (Daniel 8:23-25, 11:44-45 SPARKS GOD AND CHRIST’S own Armageddon reaction – but God is giving plenty of quadruple plagues (Rev16) to completion to wake up as many of mankind (Haggai 2:7) as possible including quadruple trumpet alarm (Rev8) to JWs to also progress to final Revelation 11:15-19 MAJOR FINAL FULFILLMENT MODE completion;

      Except this time in a far more detailed fashion from Bible prophecy proclaimed while it is occurring, but JWs obviously have A LOT of required adjustment….

      Modern “man of lawlessness” brazen in distracting neo-papal “governing body”, oops I mean “Governing Body” emphasis IN THE TEMPLE right from Bethel worldwide is an OMINOUS SIGNAL OF IMPENDING TEMPLE JUDGMENT as modern final temple inspection (Mal3:1) leads to temple timed judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 and on to those first four trumpets and plagues.

      God will be giving an Isaiah 28 “unusual” signal more fully soon permitting this temple “established place” “throw down” to the divine degree;

      “Man of lawlessness” and JW official “apostasy” is itself an indication the final cycle is actually already active; Keep praying and reading the Bible which details all this far more than MOL GB who is just an idolatrous distraction on unwarranted trust as MOL is hidden in plain sight IN THE TEMPLE OF THE GOD;

      That will also identify the true temple arrangement amidst this Isaiah 28 very “strange deed”;

      Revelation 1:1

  4. I know you don’t suggest leaving the ‘Org’ but I’m afraid I do not see how one can with any honesty remain any longer in it. Their self-titled and not very faithful and neither very discreet slave have been teaching 120 years of hit-and-miss prophecy and outright false lies declaring it to be the under the direct guidance of God. I have recently completed my research and study of all the societies teachings using only their own books and literature and the entire house of cards has come tumbling down in a heap. They could never have been chosen by Jesus in 1918 based on what they were doing or teaching as the literature of those times contains complete and outright foolishness. They destroy families.. have countless blood guilt on their hands. The endless doctrinal flip-flops and complete fantasy they they have been serving up as truth simply boggles the mind. Jesus would never have chosen such a group as lost and confused as they are as his faithful and decreet slave. Not in a million years. Even today what they do and teach does not bring people to Jesus or God.. but the exact opposite. All they do is try to enslave people into a guilt ridden fear and doom fest… salvation by works and the veritable worship of a small group of old, white, middle class conservative men in suits somewhere in New York. Even in all their literature they dare to depict all the heavenly host.. the angles.. the anointed ones.. the kings and priests in heaven.. Jesus.. and even God himself.. as all white.

    The Bible is ‘the truth’
    Jesus is ‘the truth’
    Jehovah is ‘the truth’

    The organisation is ‘not the truth.’

    • Of course you have to follow your conscience, the org is going into a heavy judgment of BIBLICAL proportions that will activate BOTH Revelation 8 and 16;

      What I am going to try to convince you to consider is noting the prophetic progression explained here, AND ultimately it’s significance to God’s Kingdom arrival to full conquest which MUST be an answered prayer of Jesus Christ himself, no way can this request not be honored by God:(Matthew 6:9-10) “You must pray, then, this way: “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth. 

      Regardless of all human confusions, doubts and discrediting developments, that request will come true; And since human lives are involved in millions of people God will give an extended, complete, valid warning of guaranteed Kingdom sovereign completion over planet earth – that is what Genesis 3″14-15 is all leading to to be accomplished as the Messianic Kingdom restores earth, man and creation to the divine perfection certain enemies seek to corrupt;

      Their days are numbered on up to the mortal Satan and every demon ultimately behind the conditions now enslaving mankind;

      Kingdom sovereign priority is first, it cannot be stopped from assuming full control of this universe including planet Earth;

      That Kingdom arrival is the “end” of rival systems, even if it takes a few years to carry out fully, salvation is the priority of that Kingdom prior to final removal of all enemy systems and members, even angelic ones to divine incarceration; (Rev19:19-21; 20:1-3)

      All that will take place;

      1914 era fulfillments are patterns and foregleams and minor foundational precedent not finalization of periods in Revelation 8-11, Daniel 8:13-14 and Zechariah 3:1-7 which will come based on the initial minor patterns (That is ultimately why they exist – and why rival elements seek to discredit the foundational truths – right from “in the temple of the God” – inadvertently though, the true “temple of the God” is identified if even anointed former members defect; (Daniel 11:30-32 apostasy is 2Thess2:1-3 apostasy); They still ultimately aid God’s will, albeit unintentionally; 

      It is true we have a lot of errors from that 1914 period, before it and after, but the temple and kingdom foundational truth was founded and made known to mankind; The organization is plainly an idolatrous competing system against God now, plain as day, hidden in plain sight, too big to see, impossible to miss, very gradually developed into a modern day Baal falsehood to enough degree to be serious; (Rev8:10-12)

      But we have an issue of the planetary legal ownership and Divine sovereign right of rulership of Earth; God will NOT permit trespassing frauds, even if well intentioned and misled, to rule rather that his appointed King, in his Son Jesus Christ; Plain and simple it is coming down to actual universal ownership and God sanctioned right to rule the earth and universe; The planetary Earth system rulership is sought by men not legally owners of the planet, nor sanctioned rulers but for a permitted period that has expired, and is fully expiring in this final period by divine eviction; Men cannot resist God when it is time to depose their temporary feeble powers;

      It is in Planet Earth’s best interest to get rid of the error ridden current management system which for 4000 documented years as only been slowly killing earth and each other in the process; Humans are not a responsible custodian of even our own lives, and now the time has approached to remove the self-righteous and greed motivated management systems;

      The foundational prophetic pattern has all the principles which are going to climax in the coming years;

      And that is important because it repeats that pattern but with much more clarity, in spite of the FACT evil elements have targeted and entered this organization progressively to hamper development with many errors and needless minutia that detracts from the central timed elements of Daniel 12:7, 12:11, 12:12 that will have a very clear final fulfillment in order, along with Revelation 8-11 as the longest prophetic critical segway in the Bible paralleling Revelation 16 to the very end – BUT – it is NOT instantaneous, in fact God and Christ, even before and into Armageddon are going to take their sweet time, because NOTHING can touch the sheep, once separated in the post Matthew 24:29-31 period; (At Revelation 6:12-17, Revelation 11:7-14 timing;

      So there will never be a rushed true salvation work, albeit tribulatory times and massive events will take place, God and Christ will assume absolute ut progressive full control, even while their enemies are at apex operational capacity – and they mark the progressions in prophecy reliably on our first, primary foundational understandings;

      What you are describing is 101% true, this Governing Body development is the “befouled garments” (Zech3) ACTUAL AND REAL state of the anointed priesthood and all JW Christian identity as reproach on “Joshua” who pictures Christ;

      [Ultimately the purpose of the GB seizure of power, policy and doctrinal development is to raise doubt of the ENTIRE CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONAL (1914-1918 Daniel 7:25, 12:7) reality to end up fully stumbling on the BIBLE and God as true amidst all men as liars, as God a liar too, to stumble on His Word as if it was the hypocrisy of modern JWs – BUT it is GOD’S WORD that we will see come true in explicit detail as written, over a good 10 years of culmination to critical development after the JW temple desolation GUARANTEED to result from GB led apostasy and lawless rogue behavior, trends and recorded activities;]

      DO NOT DOUBT GOD, CHRIST AND THE HOLY WORD, THAT, THAT is what the “man of lawlessness” WANTS people to do, to doubt the whole ting, and stumble COMPLETELY to destruction;

      ALL of God’ organizations went factionally corrupt since Satan and the demons compromised the heavenly perfect organization of God; (Gen6; Rev12:3-4; Jude6; 1Peter3:19-20; 2Peter2:4-5; 1John 3:8; John8:44; Ezekiel 28:12-15);
      Ultimately we JWs are involved in CATACLYSMIC SCALE blasphemies against God himself, no joke, no simple way out, the guilt of the court scene at Zechariah 3:1-3 is real, the Zechariah 3:2 “fire” is REAL, the divine cleansing will also be real (Zech3:4-6) and that ultimatum at Zech3:7 will ALSO be real EVEN IF only 100 JWs are left to proclaim it;

      It is NOT size of the human group that matters with God, it is the size of the TRUTH that matters, and even if a single stone on the ground has to proclaim the final judgment warning, IT WILL; FOR YEARS prior to this culmination;

      So, the JW organization has NO GUARANTEE for further use, as we see it is instead a “man of lawlessness” signal development of 2Thess2:1-3 prerequisite REVEALING which signals divine judgment to follow shortly after of the JW “temple” “house” FIRST; (1Peter4:17);

      I kid you not MANY JWs now so-called “spiritually strong” will not want to accept this (They would disfellowship me in 2 seconds, hence they are resisting final revelation truth;), hence it is a thorough cleansing coming on ALL JWs FULLY inspected NOW and judged to repent or get out (or worse), and even if only 1000 JWs are left in a cleaned, repentant, approved state, it is what it is, the BIBLE truth will go forth, NOT organizational, “slave” and GB “body” IDOLATRY lies;

      God cannot be stopped, the Kingdom IS COMING for full completion, no one can stop it; So, God and Christ will complete the final warning EVEN IF “the stones have to cry out”, they are NOT dependent on human beings, period;

      [But recall JWs for the most part are misled fully fulfilling 2Cor11:13-15 type GB “transformation” allowed to sauce our egos to self-righteous terminal degrees ALLOWING that lawless fraud hypocrite cabal Governing Body to run the place and re-engineering the entire financial and logistic JW worldwide organization to rob it blind (Eze7:22) and shut it down, at least to delay and cripple it in utter hypocrisy and global scale legal complication indefinitely – that is an objective, defame and destroy, rob, incarcerate and kill, systematically planned- “son of destruction” mode Governing Body Pied Piper lead system commanding JW org Zone Oversight on down the line to use JWs against JWs as our own worst enemy;

      Most are simply fooled and duped to 2Thessalinians 2:3-9 proportions of Zechariah 3:1-3]

      You are ABSOLUTELY correct, comparing God, Christ and the Word of God truth to religious “truth” is a fallacy; The BIBLE WILL complete, fulfill and establish eternal truth warning and invitational prophecy, we have to pass inspection, as GOD sees it, not JWs, to be part of the final ministry;

      This cleanout will be earth shaking to JWs (Rev8:1-5)

      What the JW ministry and whole 20 year lawless cultured REALITY of the organization is now, MUST be completely removed and overhauled – if God came today, JWs would be FIRST on His hitlist, no joke, we are the utter climax blasphemy, idolatrous self righteousness (JWs ourselves are an idol now) and signal “man of lawlessness” in cahoots with UN developmental cover-up as thoroughly as Christendom of 1918; JWs are now “Babylon the Great” “Christendom” latest wildbeast serving annex system;

      THAT is the truth;

      Note it is also a deja vu repeat already of Christendom League of Nation alliances of 1919; JWs? 1991-2001 and still aiding cover up and false prophecy concerning Daniel 11:30-32 1991 fulfillment 3rd placement “disgusting thing”, also directly at Bethel;

      BUT that development is a signal to those staying awake (Matt25:1-13 initial “there arose a cry” soon) that God permits this GB “Judas” element, just like he did permit the original Judas Iscariot into Christ’s intimate group;

      Another repeat principle made real, live and real-time;

      Man of lawlessness, “son of destruction” as patterned on that Judas principle is revealed just as Judas Iscariot self-revelations (as thief; John12:6) and betrayer (Luke 22:21; John 18:1-5) also signaled a transition and an end of an epic period of Jewish spiritual history transitioning to the apostolic Christian period; 

      It is already repeating….

      This GB and JW org apostasy is repeating this pattern prior to a huge transition that will take years of more fulfillment to complete; (If we doubt now, after aother 3 or 4 stages of this, marked in prophecy, timed in prophecy, convicted by prophecy, we will start to catch on that this is real, hence why God unfolds this to us igniorant humans over years, and repeat after repeat after repeat of important elements, over and over and over again, amidst undeniable globalist “world government” developments that MUST parallel the completing proclamation and completing developments of God’s Kingdom, hence WHY the cat is NOW out of the bag, they cannot hide this forever, nor can they destroy it EVER again (except at Revelation 11:7, but by then, it is all just about said and about to be done;)

      As we know back then the apostles were infiltrated further, etc, and the Christendom human kingdom serving apostasy was born;

      And that is repeating in principle connected to progressive globalist alliances in JWs;

      And that repeats the original “man of lawlessness”-like principle in Pharisaic Judaism aiding the blindness and near annihilation in time (Romans, 70 CE) of the Jewish people as Christ appeared in their midst (John1:11-13), as foretold for centuries of prophets, and? They missed, worse, they resisted it…

      And some JWs will repeat this, the GB covertly resists Christ’s final “arrival”; JWs are taught to resist the real truth now as “apostate” while the “evil slave” GB proclaims the final “lifting themselves over everyone” as so-called “faithful and discreet slave”, the irony and blasphemy are now terminal and ridiculous, but we JWs?

      Repeat: Blind as a bat! Blindness repeats often;

      In fact EVERYTHING about Israel and Christendom is now repeating, in broad daylight, with accompanying total denial amidst total lawlessness in Jehovah’s Witnesses living in a perpetual 1950-1990 “State” of denial;

      (Recall, this is ALL DETAILED very explicitly in prophecy once we know Daniel 11:30-32 parallels Daniel 8:11-14 in modern times, especially active since 1990, UN NGO, Pedophile Paradise, Shunning Kill-Joys, etc, etc, etc, etc – ALL the worst policy developed since GB power coup of 1970-1976 incept MOL cells)

      And as shown, in actual explicit detail, the prophecies of Daniel 12 linking to Revelation 11-13 are also repeating linking to Messianic prophecies of Daniel 7:25-26 and the Daniel 7 and 8 record;

      There is so much repeating, about to go into desolation and seizure overdrive, so as to be “unbelievable” when we write it all down, yet all tat replication is to aid belief, it is plain as day, the whole JW org is the foretold lawlessness that acts as a crucial prerequisite signal of final temple judgment and super-cleanse to prepare a sackclothed repentant hammered and scourged JW second “two witnesses” into divine, CLEAN, HUMBLED, final deployment;

      This symphonic array of repetitions is also COMPLETED, WHILE it is coming true!!!!!

      THAT truth has NOTHING to do with “religions” – THAT is BIBLE based Divine “Word of God” truth that WILL fulfill, complete and come true every day now that MOL GB works are starting to be revealed, NOT to add to the stumbling which covert MOL GB works feed and grease, BUT:
      NOW THE GOVERNING BODY IS CONNECTED TO “MAN OF LAWLESSNESS” EXPLICITLY, WITH 30 YEARS OF BRAZEN LAWLESSNESS, 40 YEARS OF TRENDS THAT HAVE REDUCED JW GROWTH RATES FROM 15% HIGHS TO LESS THAN 1% NEW LOWS, proportional in decline to the increasing of GB lawlessness! (Over 40 years time of “gradually given over” JW “army” ministry; Dan8:12)

      This connection is what actual MOL does NOT want to be made clear, but it is inevitable because it SIGNALS a judgment period to come that goes on for marked years; (Dan8:14, 26)


      See what is actually going on, and how dangerous the JW mindset is to ourselves now?
      See, for YEARS the GB has operated a PURPOSEFUL lawless operation – not oversight and accidental – purposely, purposeful, to be known worldwide as arrogant hypocrites ON PURPOSE (2Pet2:1-3) – to stumble MILLIONS of people (to “befoul” Christian garments; Zech3:3), this is NOT accidental – this is prophetic and evidentiary – but NEVER – NEVER – NEVER BEFORE has the “man of lawlessness” been completely connected to the Governing Body cabal AND the final sequence of prophecy their removal signals and MUST ignite soon – THEY are the main reason for temple filth that must, MUST be accounted for, MUST be cleaned out (Zech3:4-6), MUST be apologized for in EVERY JW ON EARTH!! I APOLOGIZE FOR US TO START WITH TO THE WORLD FOR THE FILTHY GB WE ALLOWED TO STAY IN POWER AGAINST FRED FRANZ’S and NATHAN KNORR’S WISHES, and helped them with resources and promotions to stay proliferating UN information CONTRARY to the Kingdom interests in cover up; FOR AT THE VERY LEAST, 22 YEARS NOW!!!!

      And this ignites with at least 1150 days (Dan8:14), and 1260 days (Rev11:2-3; Dan1″7; 7:25) of development time approximately sequential (not parallel), leading to Armageddon in a sort of Biblical “slow motion” as EVERY STEP OF THE WAY IS DESCRIBED IN THIS FINAL BIBLE PROPHECY SEQUENCE;

      AND IT REPEATS THE DANIEL 12 TIMED PERIODS OF 1914-1918, 1919-1922;

      That is wy the GB wants even JWs deproammed and doubting the original pattern, the original pattern repeating ALREADY is exposing the MOL GB FIRST! Tehn JWs are first on the globalist hitlist; And 1Peter 4:17 becomes Daniel 8:13-14 as Revelation 8:1-13 – and so on, and so forth unto Revealtion 9, 10, and 11.

      Is all this and more already striking repeats of history, prophecy and principle all just random and invented? And MORE, much MORE repeat at cataclysmic degrees is coming!! MORE REPEAT!!!

      Jehovah’s true witnesses NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL recognize a corporate “board of directors” gone “Governing Body” power drunken cabal, greedy and self-righteous to astounding degrees shocking even the world, of course, it is planned to be ridiculous to stumble MILLIONS; 
      There was no GB as neo-papal JW popes until 1976; Plain and simple, God allows this to fulfill prophecy, to get worse, yet to be signal events – the GB was MOL cell from the getgo, from incept, this thing is demon conception; 

      If we doubt, that is why this is a replicating, multi-hammering, comprehensive fulfillment; It will take years, and we will see JW Org go down hard; In fact there is no guarantee for the organization without 100% repentance, God can separate His own witnesses from that Bethel septic tank and start the final ministry anywhere He wants to, God is NOT limited by humans;

      Yet I believe the org will be purged to sackcloth and ashes, and since it is temporary, it will be used once denuded of sinners for a short but powerful “little scroll” understanding and acceptance based final warning and worldwide invitational, recommissioned CLEAN ministry, the last one of Revelation 11;

      Then the REAL THING, the complete Kingdom will replace ALL of it;

      In spite of imperfection, failed organizationally and personal error the MOST IMPORTANT aspect has been proclaimed:


      So not just cleaned up Jehovah’s Witnesses, but all mankind WILL be invited into this final developmental cycle, we need to be patient for wat is next and NOT LOSE FAITH in God’s PROMISE in the Bible, NOT in imperfect humans, IN the BIBLE by Holy communications to human prophets centuries ago, GUARANTEED to come true to the last “particle of a letter”;

      As far as staying “in Jerusalem” now that the “disgusting thing” is up at Bethel in FULL UN 666 form, with FULL dirty glam GB servicing demon priesthood duping and controlling the whole place systemically infected unto desolations (Dan8:14; Matt24:15) we have to individually use our own conscience; 

      And wisely so, we have killers and tragically self-righteous misled “org aids” at all levels of the JW organization just waiting for what is to come from the globalist world developments to manifest soon as the sub-operational context for whacking the JW organization and sheep, WHILE JWs think salvation is coming in Armageddon terminal end cycle “Great Tribulation” – it is far from that time, it is the BEGINNING of the final prophetic cycle, NOT “the end”, it is instead” Temple Judgment and full accounting desolation as per Daniel 8:14;

      BUT we need to be ready to help duped but well meaning JW brothers and sisters, in fact all mankind, as this transpires and becomes clearer, hence “evening” darkness starts the Daniel 8:13-14 cycle to “morning” recovery over years of initializing marked prophecy to add to the proof for some JWs and others doubting now;

      If the intent was utter JW destruction, God would just let it go like it is under septic spiritual “holy man” GB guidance, the organization is it’s own worst enemy ensuring, ENSURING divine retributions and it’s own destruction, God could just let JWs drift off to more la-la land back patting delusions if utter rejection and destruction of JWs is the case – but like Israel of old, in repeat fashion, God is hanging us JWs out to dry, AFTER full Malachi 3:1-5 “laundering” as a signal, as God purposes to give the world, and JWs, a FULL, multi-year, multi-period complete final warning prior to Kingdom arrival to final 144000 completion;

      This JW curse will also be turned into a blessing BECAUSE God’s Name is NOW irrevocably tied to JWs, and like Israel, He may slam JWs, and He will to clean His name to let all mankind know what is to follow and even JWs are NOT excused from impartial judgment:

      (Ezekiel 36:22-23) “Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Not for your sakes am I doing [it], O house of Israel, but for my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have come in.”’ 23 ‘And I shall certainly sanctify my great name, which was being profaned among the nations, which you profaned in the midst of them; and the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘when I am sanctified among you before their eyes.

      It’s not over for JWs, it is just beginning; By not having an approved leadership, one that covers over the truth, the truth of the Kingdom 144000 completion is also sidelined in order for the GB to idolize themselves and the temporary profaned organization, along with every tradition, policy and gnat straining minutia, as well as the whole “Jehovah’s Witnesses” name becoming idols; The whole book of Hosea applies to modern Bethel and Jehovah’s Witnesses, but this expose’ is to explain where it is leading, not to give the coup-de-grace on people’s faith – in fact this builds faith, that a GB accounting is coming up, and it CLEARLY will verge into prophetic angelic territory of operations to finalize; (Zech3:4-7; Rev8:1-13; Rev16);

      Instead of focusing people on the inevitable Revelation 11:7-14 144000 completion, also shown in others scriptures, BEFORE Armageddon in the enemy system’s face (Zechariah 4), the GB is focusing JWs on an organization and human bodies that can and will be compromised to complete failure, to allow that to attempt the greatest mass stumbling event yet to develop from this GB wolf pack and spiritual vampires;

      Meaning the Kingdom, God, Christ, all 144000 are what is coming to complete and replace ALL of this imperfect human mess; Simply put, Adamic man can never remain without corrupting personally and organizationally, and with demon aid it is intensified to the worst, yet masterfully deceptive proportions; Undeserved Kindness needs to be the rule, not the option in liue of acts, works, visuals and traditions in which the JW theater is currently run;

      The final JW ministry of those who make the judgment as approved and repentant, guaranteed to appear in some form, this eventuality of 100% Messianic Kingdom arrival, completion and control, for the good of all planetary life, is what is coming, and giving clear explicit warning and invitation to join salvation BEFORE it shakes all heaven and earth and takes all rivals in demons POW of Armageddon (Rev20:1-3) and utterly vanquishes the globalist “8th King” “scarlet wildbeast” and all unrepentant “Kings of the earth” forever; (Revelation 19:19-21; Revelation 16:13-16;)

      BUT be ready for the re-commission as ACTUAL prophetic recovery, in some manner, will also be effected by God and Christ who are the ones who TRULY must complete this final warning work unto full “Kingdom of Heaven” power; Print this stuff out, stash it somewhere, and review it as all this unfolds; Without out former clean ministry and the prophetic initial fulfillment, NONE of this could be possible to be understood – we CANNOT undermine the foundational 1914-1918 events, nor can they stop the replication from completing, and being known to the world; (Rev11:7) – That final 1260 day ministry completes;

      Anyone is welcome to join it, as JWs stand right now, it is going down in massive confusions, misled “evening” darkness and divine retributions for 20 years of UN affiliated UN NGO co-promotional work, known and unknown, purposeful and deceived, in any event it is what it is, JWs have aligned ourselves for wildbeast objectives unfortunately, yet it is all keyed in prophecy to the nth needed detail;

      Just pray, continue to go to meetings if you want, to keep an eye and ear on more MOL “light” definitely slated for hoax set-up presentation, but know the JW org days are numbered and all this will unfold, and you will be needed to tell repentant and increasingly enlightened JWs about it; (Revelation 8:5), because we JWs will go into Revelation 9:1-4 “abyss”, but we will be recovered;

      Be very patient, remember God and Christ are REAL AND TRUE, and the Bible will be also “sanctified” as God’s, not man’s, but GOD’S infallible Word; It WILL COME TRUE to the smallest detail;

      (Matthew 5:17-18) “Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill; 18 for truly I say to YOU that sooner would heaven and earth pass away than for one smallest letter or one particle of a letter to pass away from the Law by any means and not all things take place. 

      But as claimed here, God will give far more signals of the veracity of prophecy of His Word unto Armageddon, years worth;

      Stay tuned to the Bible and God through Christ, NEVER let men diminish your faith in God and Christ; It will ALL come true;

  5. I have to say that much of this is just way over my head. But I humbly thank you for taking the time and effort to write it. You suggest maybe continuing to go to the Kingdom Hall if one chooses. But as I stated in my previous comment I can no longer do that. I no longer trust what takes place in there.. I no longer believe anything of that watered down spiritual emptiness that is delivered from the platform. I don’t trust or even have respect for any aspect of the organisation from top to bottom. I can not even bring myself to associate with those that attend any longer. They are not teaching or even speaking about the real truth. As regards them as a body having been chosen by Christ in 1914-18 based upon what Russell or Rutherford were disseminating as truth back then well that’s just plain impossible as I have read ALL the literature and made a serious study of what they were teaching back then from their own literature and it’s complete madness and pure folly.

    This organisation has taught me that Jesus is not my mediator.. that I can have no real or or meaningful relationship with him.. that I am no son of God.. their actions (as you have so eloquently described above), false teachings and lies have stumbled me so much that I am having major trouble maintaining any faith at all. EVERYTHING I have ever believed and held sacred and sure has been shaken and almost ripped from my heart and mind. The way they have misrepresented God has caused me to become somehow distanced and alienated from him.. I don’t even feel sure about using the name Jehovah anymore… I don’t know who Jesus is and I am left unable to pray.

    They have shipwrecked my entire spiritual life…

  6. Stumbled don’t let the org take your relationship away from GOD it is a reason why you are on this website. Everything that this brother is saying in this post it the truth. i am not a jw but I feel all the pain that is in your chest. The Bible say in John everyone the believe on the name of JESUS will be call a CHILD OF GOD. JESUS is the way bot the wtbs give JESUS a try and the guilt and fear will leave you.

  7. Your welcome.

    I feel for you I know the way the doubts and violation affect faith, PRAY – DO NOT GIVE IN, Christ is your spiritual life and access to God Almighty, and the Bethel “man of lawlessness” has been active in JWs for really 37 full years “gradually giving over” (Dan8:12) the JW “army” to create the despondent feeling you are now experiencing;

    So instead keep PRAYER active through Christ’s name because this will take YEARS to rectify, and thank God, because in the JW worldwide organizational desolation MANY MANY people new, and formerly stumbled WILL be aided by full blast holy spirit to gather the last of the great crowd over a patient number of prophetically marked years as well; and the end will be arriving on divine schedule;

    We are talking 7 to 10 years to Matthew 24:29-31 events of 144000 completion (Dan8:14 + Dan12:7 time periods wit an unknown transition period), well after the JW temple is desolated (Dan8:13-14) and purified in that desolation;

    God is unfolding this slowly, TO SAVE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, though the 8th King will be in overdrive leading to his own “world government” completion to initially resolve the world tribulation he engineers for this very purpose;

    So do not worry if it is “over your head”, you have a number of years to put together what actually boils down to Revelation8-11 fulfilling (as a repeating prophecy) and actually few scriptures to understand backing that main continuum to the end (Rev11:11-18) that will PROVE what is going on because the 1914-1918 first period of KINGDOM WARNING, will REPEAT and complete upon the same pattern; (And Rev 11 is guaranteed God and Christ backed FINAL warning for 3.5 years);

    For the fraudulent GB to have assumed factional control by 1976 means they were infiltrating since the 1950’s or earlier, to target the truth to stumble people by “gradually” introducing lawless actuality, hidden under a “smooth word” veneer (Dan11:32) we plainly see in modern JW congregations, and they did that by Satanic and 8th King inspiration BECAUSE THAT 1914 KINGDOM WARNING IS THE TRUTH!

    And with OMINOUS idolatry and mind-control NOW preparing for the coup like this WT 11/2013 statement:

    WT quote: “”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

    (3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. “”


    We can see lawless Bethel is NOW preparing to herd JWs into 8th King traps; (Zech11)

    Thus staying away from organizational herding danger is my recommendation now (Matt24:25; Luke 21:20), because the 1914 to 2014 parallel is probably to good to pass up to aid this JW deception, meaning they may try to make it look like 1914 is repeating on an exact schedule equaling a 2014 HOAX, amidst a real 8th King attack of Daniel 8:13 made to look like a premature Dan11:44 to start the final coup-de-grace attempt – it WILL come as per prophecy, exactly when we do not know, as my speculation (in that 2014 timing possibility for Bethel desolations), not by prophetic clues I know of, it is just adding up to ominous signs of a BIG event coming;

    Keep praying, you need CHRIST and GOD alone, God will provide a means after the JW temple cleansing to get back to reality of Bible truth GUARANTEED, and the FULL KINGDOM will be coming to replace ALL human efforts, FOREVER – it is CLOSE, and God will give FULL WARNING and COMPLETE OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of Christ’s FREE “ticket to paradise” FOR REAL; Minus the Bethel current liars;

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