Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

 Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Daniel 8:13-14

The final temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses is a timed prophecy with two phases as “evening” darkness beginning the judgment in temple desolation and a “morning” recovery period with “evening” darkness first:

(Daniel 8:14) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.” (“right condition” = Mal3:1-5 and Zech3:4-5 purification of temple and priesthood);

If each “evening” and “morning” add towards the 2300 count, this is 1150 days (3.194 years);

If each “evening” and “morning” are counted as one “day”, this is 2300 days (6.38 years); If it is a phasing it is 1150 days of each phase;

This is a divinely provided timed signal prophecy of JW organizational desolations in order that stubborn and misled Jehovah’s witnesses can understand it is the temple judgment (made aware in Revelation 8 first four trumpets) which begins the final cycle of prophecy replicating Revelation 8-11 after the temple judgment unique signal timed period;

The overall world judgment to proceed from this signal temple judgment begins with Jehovah’s witnesses (not Babylon the Great as per Bethel apostate purposeful error):

(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God.

It is not premature Daniel 11:44 either, as deceptively promoted by apostate Bethel to cover up the temple desolation “trampling” as if it is the “end of the world” prelude of Daniel 11:44-45;

This temple desolation is for the “transgression causing desolation” (UN NGO) as the dubious Bethel dedicated United Nations Non Governmental Organization (UN NGO) Bethel alliances and Bethel co-promotions (Awake! 9/8/1991 inception) of the 3rd United Nations placement at Daniel 11:31b after the ” cold war” concluded as the prophetically and historically unique “cold” world war 3 as also a prophetic identifier (Dan11:29) in 1990:

(Daniel 8:13) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the (Dan11:31 Bethel profaned) constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation (UN NGO fulfills Matt24:15), to make both [the] holy place and [the] (JW) army things to trample on?”  (by 8th King Bethel aided intrigues);

That 8th King first “trampling” will come from the very same source as the Bethel dedication, the 8th King, as the Governing Body also covers up King North actuality as the 8th King fulfilling prophecy from Daniel 11:30-45, as a prophetically required “successful” continuous 8th King prophecy (Dan11:36 requirement) from 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b in 1990 (supported by Bethel UN NGO 1991), to the 4th and final UN placement at Daniel 11:45 Armageddon prelude to God’s complete denunciation (Dan11:36);

Thus Bethel is the foretold apostasy leaders as Daniel 11:32 parallels final “man of lawlessness” revealed in the Governing Body at 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 by his UN adulteries and other organized lawlessness affecting all JWs; (Zech3:1-3; 2Pet2:1-3; 2Cor11:13-15); The temple inspection now completing finds Bethel “befouled garments” profaning the anointed priesthood at Zechariah 3:1-3;

Affirmation of the temple judgment “evening” and “morning” phases of final JW temple judgment and purification of the Bethel apostates now leading the ministry into profanation and transgression as foretold (Dan8:11-14; Dan11:30-35) is given by the angel Gabriel affirming the temple prophecy periods of darkness and enlightenment are the truth (Rev8:1-6):

(Daniel 8:26) “And the thing seen concerning the evening and the morning, which has been said, it is true.

Thus the “evening” period of the JW temple judgment is in desolations and spiritual darkness due for 8th King UN NGO covenants, and the “morning” period is the foretold recovery to JW enlightenment:

(Isaiah 17:14) (Daniel 8:14 “evening” and “morning” temple judgment phase parallel:) 14 At evening time, why, look! there is sudden terror. Before morning—it is no more. This is the share of those pillaging us, and the lot belonging to those plundering us. (Eventually God covertly strikes the 8th King operations (Rev9) eventually prophetically progressing to the 8th King extermination at Armageddon);

Revelation 8 in final fulfillment indicated by the JW temple judgment and desolation is the “fire of the altar” purification overview (Isa6:6-8; Rev8:1-6) paralleling the temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 (1Pet4:17), as Revelation 9 “abyss” is where Jehovah’s witnesses are going for some years of this signal temple desolation, until the timed period of the desolation “evening” phase of temple judgment is met;

Revelation 9 foretells this recovery after the timed desolation (Dan8:14) is met in Hosea’s three year signal to affirm Daniel 8:14 to JWs in Hosea’s (the whole book) final fulfillment Bethel indictment:

(Hosea 6:1-3) “Come, you people, and do let us return to Jehovah, for he himself has torn in pieces but he will heal us. He kept striking, but he will bind us up. 2 He will make us alive after two days. On the third day he will make us get up, and we shall live before him. 3 And we will know, we will pursue to know Jehovah. Like dawn, his going forth is firmly established. And he will come in like a pouring rain to us; like a spring rain that saturates [the] earth.”

In Hosea 6:2 the three “days” are symbolic of three years of Jehovah’s required desolation of the JW temple for serious transgression paralleling the Daniel 8:14 divine decree of timing as also 1150 days, 3.19 years of “evening” in JW temple desolation for UN related transgressions;

Which Daniel 8:14 affirming period of approximately three years is also found in the Assyrian deliverance prelude “sign for you” of Isaiah 37:30-32, as a divine signal prior to God’s angel wiping out 185,000 Assyrians (Isa37:36) in limited covert manner, which the Revelation 9 JW temple recovery Destroyer (Rev9:11) will also do to the 8th King covertly to end the temple desolation “evening” period, as JWs come out of the Revelation 9 “abyss” to “light”, to effect the temple purification and foretold JW ministerial recovery after the temple desolation of approximately three years ends, leading to JW recovery, upon a divine signal timing and meaning:

(Isaiah 37:30-32) “‘And this will be the sign for you: There will be an eating this year of the growth from spilled kernels, and in the second year grain that shoots up of itself; but in the third year sow seed, you people, and reap, and plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. (cleansed “constant feature” restored with final warning meaning of a prophetic replication of Rev8-11 in progress) 31 And those who escape of the house of Judah (Hos1:7), those who are left remaining (approved JWs through the temple judgment), will certainly take root downward and produce fruitage upward. 32 For out of Jerusalem a remnant will go forth and those who escape out of Mount Zion. The very zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this.

8th King Attempts to Overextend the Divine Desolation Decree on Jehovah’s Witnesses Globally

The 8th King “Assyrians” and the Bethel 8th King placed impostors (Dan11:30-31, 41; Luke21:20; Matt24:15) know God will give JWs into the judgment for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan8:13) as that is why the “man of lawlessness” Governing Body even “placed” the “disgusting thing” at Bethel as UN NGO virtually in secret in 1991 in the first place, to draw JWs into judgment as foretold – and the 8th King “Assyrians” know the judgment:

(Isaiah 36:10) And now is it without authorization from Jehovah that I have come up against this land to bring it to ruin? Jehovah himself said to me, ‘Go up against this land, and you must bring it to ruin.’”

But God will not allow the 8th King to go beyond the divine decree (Isa37:30; Dan8:14), as in the Isaiah 36-38 account the Assyrians also tried to go beyond God’s Israel judgment (740 BCE) to attempt to also take Jerusalem in divinely illegal attempted over-extension of the judgment only to meet the Destroyer Angel of God in the night; The same thing will happen to the 8th King anti-temple, anti-JW overextended global operations beyond decree, also prophetically and covertly carried out by this King Angel Apollyon/Abaddon to mark the end of the signal period;

The lawless Bethel factions and Governing Body are fully removed in this period’s climax as well, the 8th King is merely delayed by God to carry out the temple recovery;

The 8th King first “trampling” (Dan8:13) of Bethel symbolized “Israel” rulership, will not extend to JW Christians being wiped out completely in the worldwide field as the angelically protected “Jerusalem” symbolized deliverance of Revelation 9’s Destroyer Christ is shown also in Hosea 1:7:

(Hosea 1:4-7) (Bethel desolation certain:) And Jehovah went on to say to him: “Call his name Jezreel, for yet a little while and I must hold an accounting for the acts of bloodshed of Jezreel (Bethel) against the house of Jehu (anointed body), and I must cause the royal rule of the house of Israel (Bethel) to cease. 5 And it must occur in that day that I must break the bow of Israel in the low plain of Jezreel.” (Bethel’s desolation) 6 And she proceeded to become pregnant another time and to give birth to a daughter. And He went on to say to him: “Call her name Lo-ruhamah, for I shall no more show mercy again to the house of Israel (Bethel judged), because I shall positively take them away. (Guaranteed Jerusalem deliverance:) 7 But to the house of Judah I shall show mercy, and I will save them by Jehovah their God; but I shall not save them by a bow or by a sword or by war, by horses or by horsemen.”

Which “save them by Jehovah their God” was by, and will be by in the near future, by covert angelic means:

(Isaiah 37:33) “‘Therefore this is what Jehovah has said concerning the king of Assyria (8th King symbol as temple judgment desolator): “He will not come into this city, nor will he shoot an arrow there, nor confront it with a shield, nor cast up a siege rampart against it.”’ (See Isa31:8-9; Mic5:5-6);

And that will end the 8th King divinely permitted “trampling” temple attack of Daniel 8:13-14 for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as Jeremiah’s book of Lamentations, in final fulfillment, describes the JW temple “evening” of that divinely required desolation for serious UN related fornications by JW leadership at Bethel in the Governing Body and WTS centers of lawlessness;

8th King Set Back

This Destroyer aided global 8th King covert assault will set the 8th King as “sun” (Rev16:8-9) back “ten steps” as a sign of JW temple recovery in that unknown period of restoration provided, to allow the JW temple recovery to proceed from temple judgment, desolation and purification (Rev8-9; Zech3:4-5)) to the final cleansed JW commission of Revelation 10-11 some years later;

Thus the final 8th King attack of Revelation 11:1-7 replicating in final fulfillment while accompanying his drive to and completion of the 4th UN world government final placement (Dan11:44-45; Dan8:25; Dan12:11 (replicating)) at a timed period (Rev11:2-3) divinely delayed from Revelation 8-9 temple judgment first 8th King “trampling” desolation over the final world warning (Rev10 “little scroll”) to the final 8th King attack of Revelation 11 after the final 1260 days expires. (Rev11:7);

This 8th King symbolized delay shown below, will allow that temple recovery to proceed, and require 8th King resumed attack some years later:

(Isaiah 38:8) 8 Here I am making the shadow of the steps that had gone down on the steps [of the stairs] of Ahaz by the sun retrace backward ten steps.”’” And the sun gradually went back ten steps on the steps [of the stairs] that it had gone down.

Good King Hezekiah’s recovery pictures the JW anointed temple recovery; God will conclude the 8th King effected temple desolation of Daniel 8:13-14 to allow a temple recovery to clean up the JW ministry from Governing Body pollutions (Rev8:10-11) as that add-on “body” is naturally “set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ”; (2Thess2:1-8); This JW temple judgment therefore is activating Revelation 8-11 in final fulfillment as a guiding prophetic replication for God’s people to know what is really going on since even the temple judgment and it’s prerequisite Bethel and Governing Body “man of lawlessness” and their UN 8th King related apostasy; (2Thess2:3-4; Dan11:30b-31);

Jehovah’s witnesses must be cleansed of lawless leaders, deceptive Daniel 8 and 11 teachings and various JW “weeds” (Zech3:1-5; Mal3:1-5; 2Thess2:8) well prior to Armageddon, as the Israel pattern is now repeating plainly in Jehovah’s witnesses denial amidst Bethel’s repeating pattern of organized lawlessness and apostasy, as per prophecy as a divine signal enabling the final temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses; (2Thess2:3; Dan11:32; Dan8:11-13);

When Bethel is desolated in a plain starting signal from God, MARK your calendar; JWs will go to the Revelation 9 “abyss” for three years unto recovery and complete purification on all temple trespassers; (Isa66:6);


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Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses

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