Operation GB92 “Angels of Light”

Operation GB “Angels of Light”; The GB_1992_UN_NGO_pornstar Viral Infiltration of Jehovah’s Witnesses Revealed as Per Prophecy

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WTBTS 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483
ATTN: David Semonian

This analysis is unique because it is not developed by an apostate, but by a Jehovah’s witness, in active ministry and good standing, who is also anointed by Jehovah (New Covenant), in agreement with Christ’s Kingdom Covenant with full awareness of every Messianic Kingdom legality. This exposé is from one with full God given expertise of every Jehovah’s Witnesses prophetic sovereign progression of the 144000 Temple and Messianic Kingdom completion guaranteed to fully manifest in flaming fury in the face of the zenith “King of the North” globalist power system as it’s “8th King” attempts to assume world control, through the “2HornedWildbeast” globalist Anglo-American elite head engineers and administrators worldwide; (Rev17:12-18; Rev13:11-15; Rev16:13-16; Dan11:40-45)

This is not meant to stumble, but strengthen ALL Jehovah’s witnesses anointed and “other sheep” “one flock”, and all interested in the indomitable rule of Jehovah God through Jesus Christ for all eternity, as the “King of the North” and “King of the South” power systems are relegated to dog food and pushing up daisies in one Almighty display of TRUE Super-Power! Even Gog of Magog is going down hard; (Eze38-39; Isa24:21-23)

Peace and plenty, blessings and eternal life shall reign forevermore! Long live the Kings, Jehovah and Jesus Christ! Get ready to meet 20 billion angels in full battle array at Global Har-Magedon, repent now! Rejoice! (Rev19:6-8)

Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is Not What it Appears to Be

1992 Infiltration Objectives

This will outline the infiltration of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s inner corporate management structure compromise and the objective of all three bold moves of this infiltration, from the (1) incept UN NGO scandal injection, to the (2) separation and infiltration of governing and corporate management, to the positioning entry access “blessing” and the need to have information feeds to the fraud GB by (3) unanointed “other sheep” aligned “GB aid” researchers to unknowingly aid this infiltration by carrying the “Governing Body’s” research and developmental work for 20 years.

This virus is in 3 stages, sin and infect (10 years stealth/ 1992), expose and idol build (globally 10 years since 10/2001), and a third massive stumbling event now being planned by the infiltrators of this compromised org and GB, the “coup de grace”. But Jehovah and Christ, as per prophecy, will toast out the termites in Zech3:2-4 final fulfillment very soon.

Stealth Masquerade Year After Year

The overall operational goal is to operate undetected while “feeding” the “sheep” a 1990 version of truth with no “new light” for now 20 years, to put Jehovah’s organization and anointed into a doctrinal and revelatory “fossilization” so as to not ascertain the guaranteed final fulfillment mode of the major prophetic cycle of Daniel 7:25-26; 12; Revelation10-11 which WILL replicate in final fulfillment from the great tribulation point in the future, in the same patterns of 1914-1918 initial “Two Witnesses” (1260 days), and the Christ Court finality foregleamed in 1919-1922 (1290 day) pattern primarily.

Hand to Plow, Keep Looking Backwards to 1914, End Up In The Canal!

The objective in this spiritual retardation is to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses perpetually focused on the past 1914 minor fulfillment cycle although the final fulfillment is about to replicate in a final major way in the near future. This retards Jehovah’s witnesses so as not to ascertain the final temple inspection (in the near future) is of ONLY Jehovah’s witnesses, and to never officially proclaim the GUARANTEED completion of the Messianic Kingdom and Temple 144000 under Christ (Rev11), prior to the Armageddon finality of Jehovah’s “war of the great day of God the Almighty” global (Rev19:19-21) and universal (Rev20:1-3) conquest.

Sin, stumble and stall, all while appearing as “anointed” Governing Body, a fraud idol, a masterful deception for two decades now. But, they merely align with prophecy that also must fulfill on their heads; (Zech3:1-10)

The current fraud infiltrated Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and FDS/JW Org is here:

(Zechariah 3:1) And he proceeded to show me Joshua (FDS) the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan standing at his right hand (GB) in order to resist him.

Jehovah’s Witnesses be HONEST!: We Must Face the Truth of Our Sins…

Worldwide Reproach

The UN NGO, regardless of the reasoning, brought great reproach to Jehovah’s Name, sullied in hypocrisy Christ’s reputation and that of the anointed body on earth today and then, and compromised the reputation of every Jehovah’s witness on earth. All this from a decision of a few selfish frauds in the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses in 1991-1992 UN NGO viral deployment.

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses, in 1991-1992, secretly prostituted the image of God’s Daughter, Christ’s Bride, with full intent of it’s exposure later for a great reproach and GB/Slave idol building phase to follow.


This massive bold sin also stumbled literally millions of people worldwide from even considering Jehovah’s witnesses as a vessel of divine truth. Other fell out of the truth, due to this blatant bold hypocrisy of Gehenna level sin.

Red Flag 1:

Obviously, for no possible reason, none whatsoever, will Jehovah Almighty God reproach His own name, and inspire the stumbling of millions of human beings, obstructing lives from coming to the genuine and accurate knowledge of everlasting salvation; (John17:3) NO WAY! NO HOW!

Hey GB!

NO ONE prostitutes the image of God’s “Virgin Daughter of Zion” to the “UNclean thing” and gets away with it for long. The current GB, to some degree, will be COMPLETELY exposed and neutralized by God shortly as per GUARANTEED prophecy, they are on a conveyor belt to angelically backed doom, as per the DIVINELY GUARANTEED prophecy of Zechariah 3:2-4.

(Zechariah 3:1-4)

Active Now:

And he proceeded to show me Joshua (FDS) the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan standing at his right hand (GB) in order to resist him (FDS ministry).

About to Fulfill:

2 Then the angel of Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who is choosing Jerusalem! Is this one not a log snatched out of the fire?” 3 Now as for Joshua, he happened to be clothed in befouled garments (GB sins) and standing before the angel. 4 Then he answered and said to those [angels] standing before him: “Remove the befouled garments from upon him.” And he went on to say to him: “See, I have caused your error to pass away from upon you, and there is a clothing of you with robes of state.”

It Is Impossible for Jehovah to Inspire Gross Sin

Jehovah DID NOT inspire these sinful infiltrative actions, plain and simple. Satan did; (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:9) This is divinely permitted to manifest globally the modern final fulfillment of Zechariah 3:1-10.

This is permitted by God, and known beforehand by Him for prophetic reasons and God’s own ultimate purpose to be revealed shortly.

Also this GB fraud faction “man of lawlessness” modern final fulfillment of the revealing of the GB.92 infiltration “son of destruction” betrayer “Judas” class is required as per prophecy of the final fulfillment mode. This class of traitors is revealed fully within the “12 apostles” (GB) and must ALSO be revealed globally prior to the final climax “Two Witnesses” 2.0 ministry (Rev10-11) also in final parallel fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9. This is permitted as per prophecy – and revealed as such before the final exposure event.

The current GB, WILL be defrocked and exposed BIG TIME! As per guaranteed prophecy! God is STARTING inspection in the GB bedroom and dresser.

This is all permitted for a globally known move by God to establish the final Revelation 10-11 “Two Witnesses” second and climax ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses, anointed and “other sheep” supports for the near future, and to shift the Jehovah’s Witnesses prophetic paradigm into final fulfillment mode out of the master model minor pattern of the 1914 prophetic cycle.

Initial GB.infiltration “Angels of Light” Objectives

Objective 1: Remove Top Level Blessing by Purposeful GB Led Gross Sin – Secretly at First

This gross sin perpetrated from the top administrative corrupted and compromised Governing Body and top corporate support management of Jehovah’s witnesses (in some degree of infiltration of both), through pre-planned, stealth, sinful, traitorous and reproachful official “sexual” relationship with the UN, was for an initial purpose of jeopardizing Jehovah’s complete blessing upon Jehovah’s witnesses administrative bodies, GB and Organization ASAP.

This traitorous “fornicative” union with the United Nations (UN) Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) Department of Public Information (DPI) IMMEDIATELY resulted in Jehovah’s highest level holy spirit being withdrawn from the organization, from the top, since 1991-1992. The GB had filthily agreed to aid a stealth propaganda engineered “spearhead” penetration of the globalist UN specialized demographic targeting promoters and propagandists in the target worldwide audience of Jehovah’s witnesses, with GB blessing, aid, and continued guidance, while interacting with UN promotions experts for “outlines” and techniques.

The GB was now globalist “Good old Boys” and donut eating termitic parasites in the Jehovah’s witness organization, (GB). the “log” of Zech3:2, has termites to fry out shortly in that “fire” event. An event no doubt aided by this infiltration as it’s coup de grace stumbling and betrayal event. The current GB is divine black toast soon, as per Zech3:2 live and real-time fulfillment guaranteed.

Objective 2: Bloodguilt on All Jehovah’s Witnesses

Bloodguilt on All Jehovah’s Witnesses 1

This means the first goal, was compromising the ACTUAL spirituality of all Jehovah’s witnesses by secretive actions, and hindering the growth projections of a sustained 5.5% Jehovah’s witness growth rate as was the case for 15 years prior to 1992, to the 1-3% growth rate present today. In any event, they affected the intake of 4 million people minimum into the truth. Bloodguilt sin would soon follow, and is perpetually expanded everyday from this “bad news” on the internet.

Convenient Timing for the MG Henschel Frauds

This all took place while “he who is acting as a restraint”, Brother Fred Franz lay dying and passed away, and the Milton Henschel Governing Body era of gross sin slipped in. That is not coincidental that these bold compromises took place at this time, also fulfilling prophecy of this “man of lawlessness” permitted to accomplish this Satanic feat, “with a view to the lawless one being revealed in his own time”, now, as Zechariah 3:2-4 goes into angelically aided action to neutralize this infiltration agency making way for the final “Two Witnesses” global ministry.

Bloodguilt on All Jehovah’s Witnesses 2

The further strategy was to close off any organized ministry into the two billion person web field as it zenithed in accessibility from 2000 forwards. The intent was to ignore and shut-off the greatest human field to ever open in all human history, which could be actively entered to save lives. Currently Jehovah’s witnesses are directed away from preaching on the internet, causing more substantial bloodguilt as the worldwide audience, efficiencies and reach of the web are stifled and ignored purposely, with of course “GB papal blessing”. GB dirty laundry fed apostates is the excuse, plenty of that out there.

Result? More bloodguilt on Jehovah’s whole organization.

GB: Whatever you do, don’t watch the GB produced, directed and promoted UN NGO porn flicks with God’s Daughter in them on the internet, and don’t you preach to those two billion people either! 1% JW growth is just dandy!

Bloodguilt on All Jehovah’s Witnesses 3

Finally, but also significant in bloodguilt, is the GB allowing their apostates children to have a full internet ministry with ONLY their side of any issue being presented. A total captive audience, courtesy the fraud GB. Along with this, the GB does not want to identify the apostate class whatsoever, and warn them as per Ezekiel 3. They want every Jehovah’s witness to high tail it from the web and the apostates like cowards, also failing in the commission to warn this class of assured destruction if it remains unrepentant. Of course this also brings Jehovah’s witnesses into even more blood guilt and stealthily promoted from the GB disobedience downwards to the divine commandment of preaching to all, EVERYWHERE.

Perpetual Idol Factory and Worship of GB, Slave and Org

This blood-soaked GB, presents itself as white as snow, and promotes the idol protection of itself and all it’s asinine, obviously sinful directives to ultimately drag all Jehovah’s witnesses through the collective bloodguilt of now millions of human beings. It does not raise any suspicion by simply regurgitating 1990 level feedings and light endlessly, supported by “other sheep” duped and directed to supply the GB with this recycled information. But these feedings do support the idolatry of the GB, the “Slave” and the Organization as perpetually as the apostate attacks are constantly repaired and steroided upon these new idols among Jehovah’s witnesses in the GB press, peppered in regularly and oh so subtly, for ten years.

Yes Virginia, some GB heads are gonna roll to Gehenna! SOON. All as per the prophetic script they set themselves up in.


GB Tries to Resist the Ultimate JW Divine Prophetic “Paradigm Shift” to Future Final Fulfillment Mode

Plain and simple all of Daniel 12 has a final fulfillment mode through a 1260 day Great Tribulation cycle (Dan12:7), and a 1290 day salvation (sheep) and “goat” extermination cycle; (Daniel 1290), all unfolding on the former God given divine patterns in the near future. The Revelation 10 and 11 “little scroll” and “two witnesses” finale must also be within the 1260 day final warning period through great tribulation leading to the final Christ Sovereign Court of Daniel 7:25-26 final, permanent fulfillment.

The “paradigm shift” is the realization the minor 1914 “temple foundation” cycles will repeat in the near future to a T, for Temple and Messianic Kingdom 144000 GUARANTEED completion before Armageddon’s finality of total global confrontation in war with God’s Kingdom Forces.

Hold the 1914 Course Curse!

What Satan and the current fraud GB is trying to accomplish is a retardation that will set up Jehovah’s witnesses for divine destruction. This relates to the FACT that the minor mini-fulfillment 1914-1922 Daniel, Zechariah and Revelation prophetic cycles have a major massive final fulfillment replication of those prophetic events and periods in the near future, but with Kingdom and Temple 144000 absolute full completion as the eternal and permanent manifestation over planet earth, NOT an invisible Kingdom as in 1914, but one that will be displayed in Earth’s “Heavens” like a billion suns for total and final universal and earthly conquest and extermination of all of God’s enemies.

Brothers We Will Never Know Who KingNorth Is!

Especially the extermination of that “King of the North” bunch of rival contenders, elite vampires, parasites and bloodsuckers. The current fraud “Termite GB” works for those globalist guys, and does not want that easy identification of the “King of the North” to be made, because that bridges to Daniel 12, and Daniel 12’s final fulfillment mode becomes obvious from that full identification onwards. The GB does not want Jehovah’s witnesses connecting the “King of the North” ultimate globalist sovereign symbolic shell with what is in it, the “8th King”; “scarlet wildbeast” and the “2HornedWildbeast” and it’s “image of the wildbeast” as globalist power components all within the King of the North Daniel 11:44-45 final defiant sovereign symbol ending at Michael Daniel 12:1.

There is Only One Witnesses, NOT Two! Please!

Ultimately the current GB infiltrator globalist lifer agents and or mind-drones, want Jehovah’s witnesses in 1914 mode for good. They do not want Jehovah’s witnesses to make the obvious connection, that ALL the 1914 prophetic cycles, must of course replicate in the near future, into the final second “Two Witnesses” global campaign of Jehovah’s Sovereign Ultimatum to the world through the great tribulation 1260 day initial period.

The current GB along with the demons who guide them, does not want Jehovah’s witnesses to understand the complete outlay of the great tribulation, and it’s initial precursor period, are all in Daniel 8:14; Daniel 7:25-26, Daniel 12, and Revelation 10-11 IN FINAL FULFILLMENT MODE. The 1260 day final “two witnesses” is followed by the Christ Court 1290 day end cycle. Jehovah’s witnesses will be preaching all the way through the 1260 day cycle.

Some Anointed Shall Retire in the Great Crowd After Armageddon, YAWN

The current GB never wants to reveal that the 144000 Kingdom and Temple “bodies” will complete in absolute totality in the face of this world, BEFORE it is destroyed in it’s resister elements to a man, and that there is no rush when Christ manifests initially in the Matthew 24:29-31 progression after the BTG destruction is completed.

GB Full of Blood Donuts, No Room for “Little Scroll” Meal

The current GB does NOT want to eat the “opened little scroll” of Revelation 10, because that is directly connected to the “reports” that the “King of the North” will receive as provoking samplings of “news”, “tidings” within that “little scroll” intended by Jehovah and Christ to draw KN out into the Armageddon global arena officially, with public proclamations of destruction to Jehovah’s witnesses; (Rev10 is “reports” Daniel 11:44-45)

GB 1990 Fossil Snapshot

The current GB wants witnesses to think “some prophecies are never really known”, and that “King of the North?, who really knows who he is, we will find out real-time, he can’t be known”, when in fact “King of the North” WILL be fully identified and the “reports” will go exactly to his earthly elites and powers, to his globally identified face, for both him and Gog MUST be provoked to come out for the final war, they BOTH must be drawn into the doom arena voluntarily by “glad tidings” of their extermination, to a man, to their face.

The current GB wants NO PART in any of these guaranteed prophetic events, but they want to appear as if they are preaching the “end of the world”, but they are just rehashing Fred Franz, and are stagnant with zero “new light” since? 1992 UN NGO reproach, subversion and perversion virus.

The GB does not want to take part in any Sovereign Ultimatum “little scroll” final global warning campaign, as per prophecy, they want everyone right where they are, in sin, bloodguilt, and backward 1990 visions of the defunct current infiltrated GB of Satan.

Globalists Boys (GB)

The GB controlling fraud faction are obviously Satanically controlled globalist world order implants who have a third stage “coup de grace” stumbling event planned as the climax of all this organizational idolatrous over focus. Now that they have half the JWs focused on human composed “bodies” of GB and “Slave” idols, now Org idols, they can create an event that compromises these human entities totally, and try to stumble as many Jehovah’s witnesses as possible.

Since this obvious trajectory was part of the pre-planned 1992 UN NGO stealth event as it progressed in time into a spiritually weakened organization into stage 2 idol building cycles, we can only imagine what other organizational and corporate compromises have since been effected by these viral demon agents. But, we know that such an event can perfectly align with the prophetic “fire” and angelic purge of the GB coming up in Zechariah 3:2-4 from Jehovah God and Christ.

Either way, the current doomed GB will fulfill their agenda and fulfill the prophecy of their exposure and expulsion from Jehovah’s organization forever to Gehenna in the eventuality, where these counterfeit fraud elements belong.

GB92 Mission Failure

Well, they failed to keep the truth fossilized didn’t they, they are extinct now. Can’t beat Jehovah God and Christ. You Pathetic FOOLS! LOL

The Prophetic Loop Satan and the GB Wants to Break

1. Start Loop at King North: Satan wants no awareness of King North, because that leads to Daniel 12 and the final fulfillment cycle becomes obvious. Currently King North is a crop-out piece to Daniel12.

King North also opens up another interesting paradigm shift, from nationalist world power analysis to globalist “north” power systems. That globalist perception will greatly effect the level of detail the whole wildbeast system can be analyzed with.

2. Daniel 12 to Revelation 11 Connection: From awareness that the now identified “King of the North” apex globalist world order leads to Michael’s final stand over earth, and the progression from Daniel 12:1 to the end, brings one to Daniel 12:7, and it’s counterpart Daniel 7:25-26 also now in final fulfillment awareness mode. The 1260 days there automatically link the bible believer to? Revelation 11 final fulfillment mode as well.

3. Sovereign Little Scroll: Revelation 11 is the ultimate sovereign kingdom, city and temple progression completion prophecy in one chapter, of all time in such comprehensive meaning. It in itself, in full understanding is a Sovereign Ultimatum, and that is the full import of those “little scrolls”.|

4. “Little Scroll” Link to “Reports” of Daniel 11:44: Ultimately the globalist world order, under the “King North” Daniel 11:40-45 defiant sovereign symbol, is the head recipient; (Num24:17) of promised divine extermination from God’s Kingdom to shortly follow this awareness given directly to the globalist elites, to their face.

5. God’s Provocation: Satan wants no connection made between that Revelation 11 fully understood, therefore “opened” and “eaten”, “little scroll” Divine Sovereign Threat to the King of the North, from a Kingly angel with “earth” and “sea” “under foot” (Rev10:8), with the damning “reports” of Daniel 11:44 that finally draw these “enraged” globalist toads (with Gog) out into the Armageddon Global Arena frying pan globally for annihilation.

6. No Witnesses: The “Two Witnesses” final global warning of Jehovah’s witnesses is what delivers all this “good news” unto all, and the contender rivals, the globalist world order targets of God Almighty. They cannot escape, they must come forth for battle at Armageddon and to be subsequently fed to the dogs and birds as per prophecy, as many as are not vaporized to fine dust fertilizers or anti-material anti-realities; (Rev19:19-21; 2Thess1:6-10). The POW Satan and the demons want to avoid all this awareness globally and the reality to follow this global final proclamation; (Rev10-11; Rev20:1-3)

7. That loops back to the King of the North being helpless and laid out annihilated. Loop complete.

8. Satan wants no “paradigm shift” so that JWs are fully and honestly warned, Jehovah and Christ are coming into this “temple”, “house” and “those worshipping in it” and they are going to START in the dresser drawer of the chairman of the GB!!! (Rev11:1-4) LOL.

9. Satan wants no one to know about this final great replication of the finalities of Daniel 7:25-26, Daniel 12, Daniel 8:14, and other applicable subsets within those prophecies.

10. Satan wants no one to be aware that Revelation 8-11 WILL have a finality of completion. Other whole patterns, or parts of Revelation 6, 14, 15-16 will also have a final cycle.

11. In fact, EVERY applicable sovereign kingdom prophecy, and temple inspection prophecy, every illustration and sub-set applicable to 1914-1926 MUST be applied to Jehovah’s witnesses “temple” and worship arrangement today, and in the future. (ten virgins, marriage garments, weeds, Judas “son of destruction” will ALL apply in Jehovah’s witnesses)

12. Zechariah 3 is a Commencement Prophetic Prerequisite: Satan does NOT want JWs or anyone to understand Zech3-4 MUST also have a final cycle, in fact much of “Zechariah; The ‘Hebrew Revelation’ of Temple Completion”, will also have a final fulfillment mode.

Now this can all be proven NOW, because all these prophecies, have a 1914 minor model pattern well established for review, hence why they even exist, for Temple 144000 completion certainty realized by Jehovah’s witnesses. That is why NO ONE, anointed or not, can disprove Zechariah 3 applies to the Org NOW.

13. Neither the GB or Satan wants any Jehovah’s witness aware that Zechariah 3:1 applies to the GB NOW, and has applied to it since 1992. The current fraud infiltrated GB of course we never admit they are the “befouled garments” targeted to “pass away” by Zechariah 3:2-3’s “fire” event and transition to official “robes of state”. The current GB will NOT be wearing those “robes of state” but will inherit their filthy robes for all human history to follow this exposé by God and the judgment to follow.

Zechariah 3 and 2Thessalonians 2:3-9 must fulfill prior to beginning the final “two witnesses” second and final world warning ministerial “little scroll” awareness to eventually commence in the official 1260 day GT cycle of Daniel 12:7; 7:25-26 and Revelation 11:1-4. The GB has been “measured”, and found to be crooked frauds.

Hey GB, read the writing on the wall fools. God has you right where He wants you, where you are prophesied to meet your end; (Zech3:2-4) Get ready to meet God.

14. Satan does not want mankind to understand, that the 144000 Temple MUST fully complete BEFORE the final conquest of Armageddon, like in 515BCE, that “temple 144000” and Christ; Zech4:6-8 Headstone, or finish “capstone”, “topstone” WILL complete in the face of the enemy system, just as the temple in Jerusalem in 515 BCE also completed in the face of the enemies of Israel of that day.

15. Satan does not want people to know and by that escape the assured flaming fury of that period when this Kingdom Temple clicks the last Christ “head stone” into place; (Zech4:6-8). Christ is foundation “stone”, 1914, and “head” “stone”, and there must be of course 144000 in between.

16. Satan does not want mankind, or JWs to develop this assured and completely ascertainable, from the bible pattern final replication and unfolding, BECAUSE IT IS LIKE A ROAD MAP TO THE END OF THE WORLD! IT IS LIKE A PROGRAM TO GOD’S PLAY, THE FINAL ACT.

And that whole “map” and “program” is based on a set of patterns in ancient, Christ, and 1914 times, that are absolutely provable! Some happened 3 times! Some 2, some 1 ALREADY. It also ties the complete picture of the whole bible, the “truth temple”, to 100% completion soon prior to manifestation, no loose ends regarding temple and kingdom, to “last day of last days” understanding as per Jehovah’s specification, not a sinner fraud GB that needs to be whacked but good in Zech3:2-4 fulfillment soon.

See then, how much the GB are currently holding back? (And that is not all that can be derived from all this, a book or ten can be derived from all this “true new light”! The GB NEVER will have a photon of “new light”, they are doomed subversives, IDd by prophecy and anointed.)

Downward Statistical Evidence Since 1992

See why the JW 1990 trajectory would have been at 12-14 million witnesses by now, but from that 1992 period, the sheep intake was cut in half? Ever see a graph of that statistical evidence that something happened around 1995 that caused this? It is astounding. It is obvious something is wrong that began around that period of time.

And the apostate analysis is, “oh, they changed the generation teaching”, and that caused that drop. Yeah, right. NO. The UN NGO gross active sin, has been affecting the overall Org since infect, incept, and GB inject in 1991. I do not know how that was developed, but either way, the Agent Henschel GB ops, is what opened that “can of disaster”.

All coincidence that it was when the Hawk, Fred Franz lay dying and finally died that all this GB rot broke loose? All coincidence 10 years later the story is broke conveniently just after the 9/11 WTC events? All coincidence it brought on a tidal wave of apostate hyper-attack, that justified the creation of GB, FDS and Org “idol repair modes” on steroids? Maybe 5 million people stumbled in the 10 years since? Maybe more, HUGE multi-faceted blood guilt too boot. This GB is in bloody quicksand on purpose, dragging JWs in, with simply too much developed trend obvious synergistic ramifications now obvious from this “little” “library card” affair. That is ridiculous and insulting. The GB globalist ops know all this, they are laughing their asses off!

Now I know Jehovah will NOT reproach his own name, nor will He be involved in the stumbling of a million people. And certainly not for a “library card”, r i d i c u l o u s! The fraud GB is toast soon, as per Zech3:2 “Termite Log Burnoff”. Jehovah will make sure they hear this before the “fire” “burn off” of Zech3:2 solves the Zech 3:1 “right hand” GB forever.


“King of the North” Globalist World Order




144000 Guaranteed Completion


Final Two Witnesses




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The Ultimate Final Fulfillment Loop to Revelation 8-11; 14-16 in Finale, from Zechariah3; Malachi 3:1-4; 2Thessalonians “Man of Lawlessness” Kick-Off By God Almighty as Per Guaranteed Prophecy.

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The “GB” Grand Illusion



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One thought on “Operation GB92 “Angels of Light”

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