GB Defender to the End! Or so I thought…

GB Defender to the End! Or so I thought…That is Until I Found Out They Are The Foretold “Man of Lawlessness”…

As a preface to this analysis of Kingdom and temple prophecy of the future, BASED ON THE ORIGINAL JW CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION OF TRUTH FROM 1914-1918, 1919-1922, AND 1922-1926 from Daniel’s benchmark Kingdom and temple timed periods of great but greater significance to come, which is the whole point of these articles, I point out I am not “attacking the Governing Body” that I defended for years, I am POINTING OUT THEY ARE FULFILLING AND CONNECTING TO THE TEMPLE JUDGMENT PROPHETIC PERIOD in the unique, one time only fulfillment of Daniel 8:13-14:

(Daniel 8:13-14) 
And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: (The temple desolation coming soon:)  “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 (The temple judgment and purification period and phases:) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

The fact is Governing Body engineered lawlessness and United Nations alliances (UN NGO) is activating the revealing of the “man of lawlessness” “IN the temple”, and that is a prerequisite being met that the temple judgment can proceed:

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-4) 
However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. 3 Let no one seduce you in any manner, because [temple judgment commencement of the end cycle] will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone…

The analyses in these articles is therefore reconnecting Jehovah’s witnesses, and others paying attention, to the validity of the actual prophetic point we are at NOW, NOT the Governing Body “operation of error” culminating the whole effects of Daniel 11:30-35 with purposeful interpretive subterfuge since 1990; God is permitting this error to separate recoverable JWs from the many “weeds” that have overran Bethel and the congregations from the top down, all looking genuine, but observing JW idolatries (and other lawlessness) created by the Governing Body as the chief idol, as God brings a UN NGO caused desolation (Dan8:13) on the JW org, allowing 8th King attack intrigues to be aided by the GB to perform a period of Bethel worldwide system desolation; (Rev9:1-4);

The JW organization, the “slave” as Governing Body, and the Governing Body itself are all going down as divinely smashed idols, and that is why the Governing Body diffuses faith from God, towards these idols regularly, because they know these things are purged with the temple judgment desolation and that some JWs will stumble when their “golden calves” are crushed; The temple judgment activates Revelation 8:1-6, and thus a mass stumbling event, targeting idol worshiping JWs, will meet divine allowance to determine “wheat” from “weeds” in the 1Peterr 4:17 commencement “house” judgment portion;

(2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) 
So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.

That “be judged” is in temple judgment (Dan8:13-14 is Rev8:2-5) for good and bad outcomes, not a lump sum condemnation but a temple purification (Zech3:4-5; Rev8) to prepare for a short final ministry (Rev9-10) to teach prophetic Kingdom and temple completion truth (Rev11), expose actual 8th King prophecy covered up by the 8th King inspired GB (Dan8:11-13; 11:30-35), and await the finality in live Christian service;

Thus this analysis REAFFIRMS the 1914-1922 Kingdom birth and temple foundation periods and phase, in a replication that also announces Kingdom and temple completion phase, in the same manner as the foregoing birth/foundation phase of 1914, UPON THE SAME SET OF DANIEL 12 AND REVELATION 8-11; 15-16 PROPHECY; REPEATING…

The typical generic web opposers gaining an audience, and many of the rest of the so-called “apostates” (Like the GB) websites and purposes are merely 8th King engineered dissent for globally stumbling and redirecting millions on-line to diffused oblivion, none of them respect the foundational truth (1914-1922) of Jehovah’s Christian witnesses, and they, and many others, try to invent new religions, seed all kinds of confusions, error and doubt, and diverge from foundational truth to target weak JWs and JW resources (they hunt the fringe “sheep” for profits in some cases), and utilize Governing Body purposely prepared and administered ACTUAL lawlessness “filler” content, to fortify their own content in an 8th King multi-million dollar web based anti-Christian stumbling campaign worldwide, to divide up JW weak sheep further and further, build JW reproach, and add confusion to temple foundational truths, for aiding the temple desolation scattering (Zech13:7 soon) “tenderization” of the congregations for worldwide temple judgment events soon;

Their judgments, if unrepentant, are pictured in peripheral opposer and traitor symbolisms, like “Edom”, “Ammon” and “Philistia”, in Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Nahum, Amos, Joel and other prophets as God will in due time target them after a period of repentance is offered; Their judgment, as of all of us, is NOT slumbering, but the divine judgment outcome can be favorable with repentance; Revelation 16’s first four plagues will provide an initial context of these judgments with a purpose of repentance from God; In time, not with temple judgment, but in time, it all leads to full world judgment AFTER a final warning period of also 1260 days, for 2520 days total “seven times” completion of that ministry of “two witnesses” and the “holy city” trampling of Revelation 11:2-3 repeating a final time; TWO witnessings; (Rev10:11)

All through the initial world tribulatory period, informal preaching and recovered preaching will continue – though the “constant feature” will indeed be temporarily “trampled” and removed – by divine decree as well – Daniel 8:12-14; That 1260 days is in the heat of world tribulations of more 8th King global distractions;

The fact is like Daniel 11:31 “they will certainly…”, the 8th King powers and the Governing Body all work together as the parties in that “they” (and utilize many others as some examples mentioned) to accomplish this expertly applied and deployed, internal and external, subversion and diversion stumbling and reproach campaign globally (2Pet2:1-3) – aided most especially by very real GB constant lawlessness fed into the campaign; – leading to a final “coup de grace” attempt;

Those consistently formatted and fancy “opposer” sites gaining web notoriety, are all part of the campaign of diversion and division (whether they know it, as some do, or not); It is not all that surprising, given the actual magnitude of Kingdom truth that used to be in JWs, and still resides in foundational truths and writings, these all merely resist the inevitability of “let your Kingdom come, let your will take place on earth, as in heaven” and it’s inevitable period of final Christian ministry announcement to also be purified from temple desolations;

NO ONE CAN STOP THAT PRAYER FROM COMING TRUE – AND GOD WILL USE A JW DESOLATION TO BEGIN HIS AND CHRIST’S FINAL FAIR WARNING CAMPAIGNS; (Isaiah 28 applies to Bethel, as do all 740 BCE Assyrian judgment principles; (Hosea, Amos, Micah, Isaiah);

Thus this prophetic analysis overall, and prophetic analysis of the “Governing Body” lawlessness development FULFILLING SIGNAL PROPHECY is NOT “just another apostate and opposer website”; The Governing Body and Bethel is were the foretold apostasy is housed; (2Thess2:3 “apostasy” is Daniel 11:32 “apostasy”);

THIS IS A VALID CHRISTIAN RECONNECTION TO THE PROPHETIC TRUTH AT THE POINT OF GB DIVERSION; PLAIN AND SIMPLE; to aid JWs now, and after temple judgment (and desolation) to get back on Kingdom reality track;

The Devil’s goal is the 8th King goal as well Rev13:4), that fails: TO UNDERMINE THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY by undermining the foundation of truth (1914-1918 significance to Kingdom and temple truth) AND to TERMINATE THE FINAL RECOVERY AND FINAL PURIFIED KINGDOM COMPLETION MINISTRY before it even begins;

Folks, this is no joke, this is WAR, spiritual warfare; The Governing Body are the lead 8th King directors of the “enemy within”;

I Used to Defend the Governing Body with Christianity That I still Defend – Then Things Changed

I admit that for years I too, like many others imagining some spiritual advantage, I was deceived first of all, by the overall application of the “board of directors” to the account at Acts 1:15-33, though I did note there was no such “governing body” named in the account, in the Bible or at Revelation 2-3 where Christ certainly would have addressed such a “supreme council” had it actually existed;

(To add an additional “body” to the “body of Christ” is immediately suspect, as if God would not have made that distinction Himself, as if the anointed “body of Christ” wasn’t enough, as if genuine anointed need CEOs holding their ands and making their baby food for them; To add a “body” by clever invention, slipped in early, with roots in Anglo-American corporatism, from mundane, secular, worldly commercial origination (board of directors), is of course in hindsight, ridiculous – seeing we were all fooled – it was permitted by God to fulfill SIGNAL prophecy just as Judas Iscariot’s development was also permitted by God (John 17:12), to also become the Governing Body’s actual “father” in principle of betrayal and treason in time, both “sons of destruction”; (John 17:12; 2Thess2:3b);

To place that invented, contrived “board of lords” over the entire anointed body of Christ, filled with some defecting anointed (1970s? Dan11:30), non-anointed actors, glorifying hubris, disdain for mercy, and absurd megalomaniacal hypocrisy, is of course pure blasphemy and the pinnacle anti-Christ example of all time since the Pharisees, or equal to them, God indeed has also “let an operation of error go to” us Jehovah’s witnesses;

Even the clever use of the term “governing body” was the first confidence ploy, as “body” has a more “spiritual” aspect than “board” as does a “body” of “governors”, rather than a “board” of “directors”, in any case it might as well be termed “The Lords of the Faith”; “The Lords of the Faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses”;

Secondly I was deceived by the also clever mental association this well named, and well pictured and presented “governing body” had with spiritual developments and writings actually developed and written by individuals well prior to the “lifting themselves over everyone” Governing Body move of 1976 – as much developed by all Jehovah’s Witnesses as it was by the “Governing Body” of that global congregation;

But in fact anointed Christian leaders in Charles Russell, Joseph Rutherford, and Fred Franz are who had to be enlightened by God through Christ to continual clarifications, to write down the landmark spiritual clarifications of all sovereign Kingdom and temple prophecy for the 1914 era enlightenment forward into the initial prophetic pattern of Daniel 12 fulfilling with Revelation 6, 8-11, 15-16, identifying the sovereign Kingdom of God developments; The anonymity of the vast body of works after Joseph Rutherford’s time only aided the illusion, by giving the Governing Body an automatically anonymous body of work to take credit for by association – not by any actual work from those frauds – as if they had any more to do with that spiritual development than all Jehovah’s Witnesses combined – if they take credit, like Acts 15:1-33, so should the whole congregation;

(Acts 15:22) Then the apostles and the older men together with the whole congregation …

They do not and they did not, – it is all an illusion – they ended up instead being Bethel’s new papal political “movers and shakers” merely isolating a position of factional leverage to seize power once the first Revelation awareness was completed and published by 1969 in the completed commentary of Revelation as a signal of that plateau development, as a split commentary over two books from 1963, Babylon the Great Has Fallen to 1969, Then is Finished the Mystery of God book, later combined and edited into the 1994 Revelation Grand Climax book;

Meaning by and large, by 1969 JWs had gone as far as we were going to go up to that time in spiritual insight; Shortly after that opportune time, the GB hopped onto the Bethel throne, and into the WTBTS control room to assume all credit, and to slip under the “holy man chosen of God” veneer and assumptions to found the illusion many of us grew up enveloped in, with no true re-examination of Acts 15:1-33 – as well, the 1976 GB power tripping Popes under Torquemada Schroeder designs, soon implemented the 1980’s Bethel Inquisition to make sure no one chiseled them out of the log (Zech3:2) – by threat of eternal banishment now, and cursed exile unto Gehenna later; (THEN is when Revelation 2:2 needed to be exercised by JW “Ephesus”);

The whole thing had gradually turned Neo-Catholic, and no one knew anything because the Bethel anointed were being corrupted to some degree (Dan11:30), the massive 1920s to 1970 momentum was like a truth tidal wave, the Hawk Fred Franz was doing the best he could to keep an eye on the place and develop new material, yet in 1976 the JW flagship engines were essentially cut, the ship veered but a degree of course, and the rest is just pushed way way off course now by that inertia of the past under Captain GB JW Titanic navigation, a truth also now a dated and tainted illusion (Rev8:10-12) – it is no longer a “spiritual paradise”, but a GB “Igor” worldwide spiritual morgue and 8th King landfill; The Bethel museum wax dummies are merely clothed in 2000 dollar suits, minimum, everything else is canned smoke and mirrors; Even the lights are old; The GB are NOT 12 “Taze Russells”, they are ONE “man of lawlessness”;

Well, anyways, by a few years after that “Revelation—Its Grand Climax at Hand!” book, after having read all the major prophetic commentaries of Frederick Franz and others (some a number of times), I started to notice the truth of the 1990s being seemingly over-simplified in a manner I felt personally was a little too simplistic, with very little in-depth review of what was obviously anointed Christian works of great initial insights provided by God through Christ (Rev1:1) in the past, THAT SHOULD BE DRILLED INTO CHRISTIANS for absolute complete familiarity and expertise in understanding the foundational cycle, since it was a divine miracle and a feat just to get these understandings; (2Pet1:19-21);

Instead the pretty pictures and flowery parrot talk took precedent; JWs began to look like a “CEO” Church… and lost all studious expectations for a “already made it, all done!” complacency, now a seer coma and GB sleepwalk routine as all actual meeting hours, testing, and depth of instruction has been steadily diminished;

Why all of  a sudden get lazy now? It was getting more and more and snore obvious the GB was indeed spiritually lazy; (It was getting obvious an acting objective, NOT holy spirit, was what was motivating this produced Bethel play);

My rationale, at that time, was they were simplifying the ministerial method to bring in and teach sheep faster; Little did I know at that time, the JW growth rate was actually spiraling downward (from pre GB 15% high, to current GB less than 1% lows), Bethel had joined the United Nations, and things were merely being produced to aid a deep subversion operation with masterful expert subterfuge; (No wonder the actual blessing magnitude also plummeted);

At the time I thought it was a strategic simplification to maybe be picked up with more depth in subsequent books after the “Greatest Man” book which I thought was a fine work that I feel now, must have been “lifted” from a previous anointed work of a deceased anointed – may be Fred Franz… Like the Isaiah commentary as well, all filed manuscripts plagiarized by Bethel wordsmith GB directed cannibals; It certainly cannot actually be written by UN rogue agents that inhabit the GB, duped “other sheep” and expert external wordsmiths merely plagiarize and cannibalize former anointed works, over and over again to extend the charade into 8th King trap time;

Nothing is beyond the wiles of the Governing Body to continue to try to conceal their role as modern, final fulfillment, FINAL “man of lawlessness” and their sinister final objective;

In any event a year turned to a decade, say 2000 or so, and I felt as if something was wrong, but was not quite sure what it was, or if it was;

General “opposer” theological focused arguments of “apostate” material made no difference in my overall examination, because the 1914-1926 Daniel 12 cycles were too well explained upon a sovereign progression of human kingdom that was no longer prophecy but human history (Dan2,7,8,11) – I knew we Jehovah’s witnesses had very real Messianic Kingdom divine pronouncements as the priority of what it all meant – God was indeed giving Daniel and Revelation historically benchmarked affirmation, supported by a plethora of other prophecies, that THE KINGDOM OF GOD WAS TRULY ON THE WAY INTO EARTH’S AFFAIRS FOR A PERMANENT TENURE; (Matthew 6:10 will come true;)

It did not matter the size of the group making the Kingdom announcement, it is the magnitude of that Kingdom announcement’s ultimate significance that matters; as many critics doubted the Bible Students fulfillments and could not suspend disbelief long enough to understand: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS GOING TO DROP IN SOON; FOREVER… and ONLY one Christian group is saying so and what it means for ALL “government, authority and power”; (1Cor15:24-28; Dan2:31-45);

Plus no one can fake the real Revelation 13 “seven headed” wildbeast Daniel 2,7,8 historically benchmarked world power progression reality, now obvious understanding many others also understand, and the “two horned wildbeast” as linking to Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11, that is now all world history; So, JWs are who God brought that understanding to the fore through;

No wonder the “man of lawlessness” also identifies the actual location of temple truth as he operates “in the temple” location to undermine this truth, as per prophecy in REQUIRED final phase significance; To the GB, everyone else is apostate and “man of lawlessness”, to distract attention from their own operations and identity;

That Kingdom of God Messianic TRUTH could not be sidestepped by any opposer theological arguments because they all denied that Kingdom reality in their very quest to stumble over the Governing Body or other minutia, and exit responsibility whilst blaming someone else for the cop-out, and various stumbling stones and blocks peppered into the overall true Kingdom message by the rogues accomplishes these “exits” (Dan11:33-35) for some, others are unfortunately not seeing the “lawless one” is who is at work and are actually being stumbled by outright lawless activity “in the temple”; Ironically, truth and “error” both filter out “weed” types, but many weak “wheat” sheep, and others with simply lack of knowledge are also being damaged spiritually by the rogue GB operations; Unfortunately, the Governing Body also purge “wheat” types as well – things are very messed up right now; (One has to stick to God and Christ and the Bible, crazy black days are going to fall on Bethel;)

God and Christ will recover lost sheep after temple judgment removes the fraud Governing Body and their 8th King undercovers;

I felt those errors were natural at that time – of course after seeing those stumbling blocks remain in place, greased by subsequent inaction of the Governing Body, it is apparent these “little things” are being “peppered in” like leaven, to sow seeds of doubt for perpetual web stumbling aid – kept in place at the time, by factional GB “lawless ones” as that “body” went into terminal override of lawless operatives at any and every locus of authority over the JW ministry’s resource, finance, teaching and logistic foundations;

The Governing Body wants to stumble people in a “truth” context for reproaches, but does NOT want to be discovered as, and connected prophetically to, the “man of lawlessness” “in the temple” IN that truth context as a prophetic requirement from God’s signal 2Thessalonians 2:3 prophecy;

See, that changes EVERYTHING, because it indicates temple judgment is near and enabled as per prophetic PREREQUISITE (2Thess2:3) – IT GUARANTEES TEMPLE JUDGMENT – that modern “man of lawlessness” “in the temple” as the Governing Body providing that “lawless one” “body”, REQUIRES temple judgment purifications in fact ; (2Thess2:3-4 enables 1Peter 4:17 as Daniel 8:13-14 activating Revelation 8-11); and it turns GB scandal and debacle into FAITH BUILDING EVIDENCE the final cycle of prophecy is even activating now (2Thess2:1-4), as the Governing Body even exposes themselves, and is also exposed as “lawless one” by the very prophecies they subvert, and their sins and trends now seen over 30 years piling up;

Rather than reinforce the central Kingdom and temple developmental theme over and over and over again, we see the GB is instead slowly and steadily WEAKENING AND DIFFUSING that main Kingdom and temple theme with other things – yet always mentioning the “central theme of the Bible” and 1914, they do not actually review it in depth, mention it less and less, and instead distract away from it with organizational, therapeutic and personality distractions, and the little seeds of doubt in teaching, sowed in from the 1970s forward for the most part, are NEVER resolved in better logic or abandonment, if anything they are retained and made worse, in a purposeful way of engineered idiocy for reproach, such as the “generation teaching” waffling tactic;

(That “generation” NEVER should have been used as a technique to “know the day and the hour” by a stopwatch of death started at 1914; The entire use of the word “generation” in Luke and Matthew is OBVIOUSLY generic society in every context, except for this one particular one used as now a great stumbling block??? No, it is suspect…);

Things such as that example, OBVIOUSLY hanging around stumbling perpetually, that defy logic, are signals of worse developments; NO ONE actually anointed and Christian, is simply this stupid – something is up  – and what “is up” is a GB placed stranglehold removing all anointed insight from the Bethel ministry gradually – filled in with enemy actors now fully saturated and in terminal condition;

When one writes it all down (literally, try it some time), the amassed actuality of evidence, forming the downward spiral statistically backed trends, indicates something is indeed wrong; This is far more than an “oversight”; What CEOs of secular corporations in the world at large, see their “market share” plummet from 15% to 1% under their tenure, and tell the stock holders: “everything is at apex!” “well done!!”; The GB CEOs, that’s who;

What a bunch of shameful frauds I tell you! geeeeeeeeeeeeez…

At the time of say 1992 or so, a great review of all sovereign Kingdom and temple truth ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ been accomplished as the United Nations placed a third time as “disgusting thing” after Cold War (WW3; Dan11:29) in 1990; Instead, the “Organization” book (Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom) was released as a 700 page ultimately useless distracting behemoth steroid for idol organizational development and high-lime-lighting the GB Bethel “12 apostles” for celebrity status – what a sad day that is; We JWs bought it because? clapping at the convention release like trained seals because?? It kisses JW fanny with the big “Jehovah’s Witnesses” title; It’s a shill for the org idol con;

It is true, JWs used to be Jehovah’s witnesses, not 8th King UN NGO witnesses, and did and do now in tainted form, proclaim God’s Kingdom, that is not the point; Even an org reference work is fine, it is THE CRITICAL TIMING, and the MORE IMPORTANT PRIORITIES being bypassed, for what has indeed become “organizational” idolatry, that is at issue – not to mention the historical and Biblically non-existent “Governing Body” lies in that book; That book was a designed distraction and tool for idolatry for hours of misdirected individual JW time;

It was the grand diversion using organizational details and traditions, to parallel the prophetic diversion in full action from a Governing Body also overriding anything Fred Franz would have had to say about the USSR failure and disqualification from the Daniel 11:36 required “success” from 1990 to Fred’s death, as that Governing Body had to be nearly, if not all, UN 8th King serving agents internally developed for even generations at Bethel getting ready to go UN NGO; In whatever way necessary, Fred could NOT be allowed to elucidate prophetic reality;

All the GB is undercover cover up frauds by now, pretending to be Christian, to divert Jehovah’s Witnesses into massive UN NGO transgression and cover up by erred interpretations – and to set up the JW organization for an 8th King coup as the divinely permitted and required “trampling” of Daniel 8:13 and temple judgment (Dan8:13-14), made to look like “the end” and Armageddon prelude;

Although the United Nations had made a third world historic placement fulfilling Daniel 11:31b in 1990 after the unique “cold war” of Daniel 11:29, it was time to talk “organization of Jehovah’s witnesses” instead; (That red flag is very ominous of Bethel reality;)

Although the Governing Body had adjoined all Jehovah’s Witnesses as a UN field advertising agency co-proclaiming that 3rd UN placement as “disgusting thing” Bethel promoters, this was not a good time to tell EVERYONE about it – in fact to this day, the GB makes no official published comment on the UN NGO for ALL Jehovah’s witnesses; (Instead 8th King news agencies released the UN NGO story, well timed with other globalist pretext development of Global War on Terror in the “911” World Trade Center attacks context; again, all innocent coincidence at Bethel – if we are “jotting this all down”, we have about 10 weird red flags now – but there are a hundred and more);

By that evil ploy of making no official UN NGO announcement from Bethel for all JWs, some JWs have no idea Bethel is a UN organization; Can you believe that treachery in action right at the Bethel Kabuki?

(Anyone discussing it privately is subject to banishment –  thus the “man of lawlessness” has well planned and deployed methods of “inquisitional” auto-self-protection at all levels, to remain undetected “in the temple” as long as possible, utilizing the “holiest” of JW veneers and “body” to hide in, while running the JW org, and lulling JWs worldwide into an 8th King trap that will spring as the main event marking the final prophetic cycle commencement; The GB is like a self-protecting computer virus running like a “trusted program”);

These are developments described in hindsight, yet I could swear at that time I felt the spirit of many congregations and conventions I attended was changing, but again I dismissed the deeper implications, but kept the feelings in the back of my mind; In fact, in retrospect, a full vacuum of holy spirit and divine blessing was created in God’s withdrawal of that blessing since especially that UN NGO alliance, yet the GB 1976 lift up itself, and subsequent inquisitions and shunning, sheep abusing and killing tactics, obviously was developing an unclean spirit  to fill that “vacuum” (Matt12:45) since 1976 in full action – aiding the current identification of “man of lawlessness” GB from that inception;

To even effect the 1976 coup, the GB and Bethel had to be impostor corrupted for a decade prior, or more;

By 2004 I had still not come across the UN NGO “news break”, but the “pedophile files” was also another sign seen in GB Luke 21:25 “stars” that something was wrong at a higher and deeper level;

But again, I could not dismiss the sovereign Kingdom reality that was a temple truth of guaranteed developmental activity of God to announce the inevitable coming of the “day of Jehovah” as that Kingdom is not coming to share spoils with 8th King globalist technocrats, bankers, warlords, politicians and priests; (or the GB) And that was all developed by God and Christ utilizing Jehovah’s witnesses – so what the heck was really going on here? I wondered at that time;

By 2008 I stumbled across the UN NGO reports;

Since I was a GB defender up to 2011 or so, I at first bought the “library card” excuse for a few years, but like a rock in my shoe, the very lack of Bethel produced 8th King globalist world government exposition articles and books, actual research evidence and commentary from Bethel and the GB lazy wonders made me wonder: “Do they even go to that UN library and ACTUALLY do any research and studying anyways???” If that is the “research paper” for 10 years “at the UN library, the GB and Bethel would be kicked out of the school with a grade of FFF; Triple FAIL

What gives you liars?

Who do those zombies think they are fooling???? Increasingly I realized a lazier bunch of frauds could not be found than the Governing Body, it was ALL just a CEO wardrobed and silver fork-tongued act of spiritual and literal embezzlement; (Of course PROPHECY is what REALLY nailed them) They provided ZERO new UN insights as per prophecy, they cover up 8th King prophecy, they work for (worship) the UN – and instead they used the UN library for information to plug new UN book releases in the Watchtower and Awake! magazines – they were selling UN products in other words, using JWs to be UN Avon ladies to spread the UN deals of the month door to door;

These guys are simply shameless and incredible!

So, at that time I noticed, the GB have not developed even one in depth report, on say, UN backed world globalization in government, finance and military as a basis of “scarlet wildbeast” 8th King final WORLD GOVERNMENT, above and beyond the 17 acre United Nations forum “image” clubhouse in extent, power and full world rulership formations and infrastructure in 200 nations, not just New York state and a few UN “field offices” like Bethel;

What gives?

Why was the Governing Body not keeping up with globalization developments and issues openly and voluminously available on the internet and public libraries and bookstores from secular researchers in mass quantities of even specialized globalism analyses in basic and advanced concepts and in depth research descriptions? Even the swap meet had potential of a more informative informal “library” to understand modern  globalism, geo-politics and 8th King developments; Even ‘smarty pants’ grade schoolers were doing research papers on some of these topics;

Who could simply ignore “two horned wildbeast” and “scarlet wildbeast” ties to globalist elite central banking and massive trans-national corporatism slowly absorbing many nations finances, injecting hundreds of trillions in massive debt, running a rigged fiat currency “monopoly game”, and steering national regulatory direction to aid globalist high finance, monopolistic and investment objectives?

Who can ignore Global NATO as a UN potentially allied worldwide military system at worldwide proportions founded officially revealed in 1999?

Who can ignore the 2001 commenced ongoing “Global War on Terror” world wide positioning for World War 4 sucking out trillions from the national powers, go figure, to accomplish that feat?? (Joel 3:9-12); (Like the 1929 stock market crash and the wealth transfer to the European industrial theater for billions in WW2 “gravy train” preparations, also an approximate decade prior;)

Like two rocks in my shoe, also the very Bethel strategic stupidity of having ANYTHING to do with United Nations affairs whatsoever, much less adjoining and dedicating the WHOLE JW organization to such a potential worldwide reproach in the UN NGO promotionals, was astounding;

WHO is this stupid? Agent Milton Henschel? No, it has to be ingenious and on purpose;

Now I was getting realizations there was a dead rat in the temple (Isa66:6), because this reproach alone has stumbled millions upon millions of people who may have considered Christian truth – and that VERY VERY REAL bloodguilt of say conservatively, 10 million people, that the Governing Body of Innocent Bloodlust willingly, purposely and gleefully bathes in, in hindsight, is splashing on the anointed and ALL Jehovah’s witnesses as the GB splish splashes away – not a care in the world; (Zech3:3)

(Zechariah 3:3) Now as for Joshua, he happened to be clothed in befouled garments and standing before the angel.

Is it any wonder really? Innocent BLOOD, and GB blood-money is also “befouling” those “garments” FOR REAL;

(Hosea 4:2) There are the pronouncing of curses and practicing of deception and murdering and stealing and committing of adultery that have broken forth, and acts of bloodshed have touched other acts of bloodshed.

As my own “ad hoc traveling overseer” unofficial multi-congregational involvement became sparser due to personal circumstances, and withdrawn leadership, along with myself (no blames, it all turned out for more Bible study), the internet became my “territory” as also I could not understand why an emerging massive WORLDWIDE technology of COMMUNICATION was simply ignored by the GB – I could preach all I wanted; 24/7/365… Why couldn’t they? Would Charles Russell and Nathan Knorr ignore such a HUGE “Two Chinas” sized greatest world field to open up in human history and be innovation-less brontosaurus slug fossils like the GB???

Again, what gives?? Somehow now the written word, like the Bible itself, is not “public declaration”? Yet the internet can carry all forms of human communication;

The GB ignoring the worldwide web and a revolution of communication device proliferation, at worldwide accelerated magnitudes, would be like Charles Russell ignoring “newspaper” and printing press technology of his time as “full of apostates and opposers”; It would be like J.F. Rutherford banning all radio and electronic means of communication to aid the ministry in his time;

But worse, the web is a 2 billion person “territory” now abandoned by the Governing Body in one way, as to a JW ministry, but instead 8th King op filled with evidence of Governing Body spiritually illegal activities in millions, upon millions, upon millions of web pages and thousands of domains dedicated to promotion of “man of lawlessness” ministerial activity of stumbling, division causing and goat spawning development – in the other way the GB supports a web goat ranching operation; (BUT NEVER is this engineered opposition identifying the GB as “man of lawlessness”, for the most part, of course – and never connecting them to a final prophetic temple judgment cycle all the way to Armageddon – no, no, no!;)

So the GB purposeful lawlessness, landmines the web with their dirty “inner garments” of secret and “befouled garments” sins ad infinitum, so they can direct JWs away from “apostates” that they are feeding to create this symbiotic effect on the internet of GB ingenious toxicity; The more GB filth that spews into cyberspace, the more “wise counsel” can be given to JWs to STAY AWAY FROM THE BIGGEST CHRISTIAN FIELD IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY;

The “revealing of the man of lawlessness” is one thing, connecting that to temple judgment at Daniel 8:13-14 igniting Revelation 8-11 over some years, is another thing;

Thus, the whole internet “apostates” population are GB pampered and fed goats with 8th King purpose in overall fulfillment of Daniel 11:30-35 climaxing; The Governing Body LOVES web based apostates stumbling people in organized or freelance form, that is why they rope off the JW sheep OUT of that goat territory aimed at 2 billion worldwide average Joes and Janes barraged ONLY by “man of lawlessness” goats; it is a “captive audience” to ruin the faith of;

In hindsight, in reality, the GB wants an internet “captive audience”, with no organized JW ministry to offer hope and retort, to stumble as many of those 2 billion people as possible, with no alternative rationale offered, but by a handful of JWs “ignoring counsel”, verging into the new global “territory”; The GB is utilizing the 2 billion person web for a personal kill campaign, and for spreading goat herds fed GB dirty laundry to spread world wide “stumble scat” as part of the 8th King anti-Christian campaigns;

Thus the “library card” excuse as well, in what was looking more and more to me like possibly a complex internal Bethel expert subversion operation (also described as exactly that in prophecy), is just a pretext for a monumental JW “transgression” so HUGE, it is also prophetic:

(Daniel 8:13-14) “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

That “the transgression causing desolation”, is the UN NGO “disgusting thing” Bethel dedications;

As carried out parallel with also complimentary fulfilling prophecy of God Almighty manifesting fully in 1990 event climax:

(Daniel 11:31) And there will be arms that will stand up (in infiltrative subversion operations), proceeding from him (King North as 8th King globalists); and they (8th King and GB) will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (The 1990 UN 3rd placement and the 1991 UN NGO Bethel placement of co-support; (Awake! 9/8/1991);

Folks, it CANNOT get much worse for the JW actual spiritual condition requiring divine judgment, this is DEAD serious business that the demons in the GB are dealing, for them it is obvious Gehenna level purposeful transgressions – for others it remains to be seen (at temple judgment), because the GB wants to try to drag everyone to eternal divine condemnation with themselves; (Jude 11-13);

So JWs have a temple desolation due, due to UN NGO transgression and reproaches; (Not to mention a plethora of other serious GB led sins also in child abuse, and sheep abuse by organized means that the GB loves to use to stumble more people – and to stay prophetically isolated from their role in, and connection to: 


But I digress a little; Basically, before this realization occurred for me, I was on the web preaching, defending the GB, explaining Bible details and truths in many forums, etc, when naturally globalist world developments plainly researchable on You Tube or Google, began to surface and were surpassing greatly, any information on these advanced globalism developments which was sorely lacking from Bethel; It became clear in just one year of heavy duty 8th King internet research (2011-2012) for me, that JWs were in a cave of 8th King darkness dating back to 1980; (And still are);

Though the world researchers, as also part of the Luke 21:25 “stars” in societal world “lights”, with plenty of 8th King “signs”, were not connecting the whole prophetic significance, they certainly were giving information that supported 8th King developmental evidence fulfilling or preparing to fulfill more prophecy in government, finance and military globalist developments, (Rev17:12-17; Dan11:42-43; Joel 3:9-12), as something active far beyond mere United Nations activities –  in hundreds upon hundreds of articles, books and videos, I mean thousands upon thousands upon thousands of open world research documents, from many many national backgrounds, (for example, since especially also, that same 1990 United Nations “New World Order” announcements of George Bush Sr. from 9/11/1990 forward, searchable at the Bush web library website – and the Watchtower Library beginning with Awake! 9/8/1991 UN JW world tour issue as UN NGO;

The gist of the matter is, why would even novice bloggers, rappers, people on the bus, homeless guys, high school seniors and college freshmen, (and Ron Paul, lol) know more about “New World Order” world government as a formative reality than the Governing Body?

Why would everyone and his mother be writing whole reports, whole websites, and even books and producing videos, movies and documentaries on nearly every aspect of UN website documented agendas (like Agenda 21), and globalist world government implementable initiatives, but the Governing Body seems to be oblivious to this voluminous reality of a virtual world wide wave of 8th King exposing activity, from secular researchers, expert and novice worldwide?

(We also see what most JWs are also missing in web information and alternative news worldwide, which ads to JW general globalism ignorance – thus 8th King ignorance of current developments – an 8th King JW lobotomy in progress);

Why was the world more knowledgeable than our own Governing Body of purposeful dodo birds? Why was NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH of any post 1980 prophetic significance and insight being explained properly from Bethel?

No one is simply this stupid, not even me; there had to be a reason…

Why all these weird anomalies? Because the Governing Body are UN affiliated intelligence and subversion agents, plain and simple;

In fact all of Bethel and the worldwide JW org are now factionally infiltrated with similar undercover agents posing as JWs under an easily assumable veneer of “spirituality”; They just have to look the part, that is as deep as JWs investigate the matter and claims, if it “looks” “anointed” it certainly must be, if it looks like informal or formal business attire with a bookbag, it must be Christian; (Rev2:2);

We JWs FAIL the very first commendation of Christ to the congregations as a whole in Revelation 2-3:

(Revelation 2:2) 2 ‘I know your deeds, and your labor and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, and that you put those to the test who say they are apostles, but they are not, and you found them liars.

Or, in JW “Ephesus” form:

‘I know your UN NGO deeds, and your vain labor and complacency, and that you actually bear bad men, and that you do not put those to the test who say they are apostles, but they are not, and so you made them your Bethel Kings…

Hint, hint…

Daniel 11 King North Trip to Reality

Thus for me, it was time to review Daniel 11 very very very carefully; Remembering at that time, I was still deceived not yet in full awareness, not yet realizing the UN NGO was just the tip of the GB iceberg of operations internal to Bethel, directed by that “body”, to aid 8th King cover up as regards critical prophetic fulfillment since that covered above, taking place in 1990 UN NGO culminations;

EVERYTHING dubious and suspicious was now converging upon Bethel and their GB approved United Nations secret liaisons;

EVERYTHING spiritually related to this United Nations 3rd placement in world history is ALSO prophetically converging upon Bethel and it’s lawless Governing Body;

EVERYTHING in all prophecy as regards the final signal of temple judgment, the “man of lawlessness” has in effect BECOME Bethel, by the activities of it’s obviously UN compromised GB;


The Governing Body are not the waffling stumbling dodo bird hypocrites that they want everyone to think they are – that is all for that exact purposeful effect – they are expert con men and agents, setting up a betrayal and attack, from internal positions inside Bethel, EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED FULLY TO PROPHECY THEY FULFILL, AS THE PROPHECY IDENTIFYING THEM, WHICH ARE THE EXACT SAME PROPHECIES THEY ARE COVERING UP AND DIVERTING ATTENTION AWAY FROM; (All coincidence?)

The UN final placements, the “man of lawlessness”, the final apostasy, the temple judgment, and Kingdom final prophetic cycle, all converge upon Governing Body critical sins and covert activities of subversion; EVERYTHING equals resolving that Bethel UN GB “rat pack” – which is God’s priority, right after we JWs pay the UN NGO desolation price; (Dan8:13);

This Daniel 11 “King of the North” interpretation could no longer be “trusted” to be elucidated properly, by a purposely dated and obviously extremely suspect Governing Body, suspect at that time, it had not all come together yet for me from God’s eye opening abilities in His due time IF we are paying attention to His Word;

As a background, Daniel 11:27-45 was the mental trip to understand eventually the Daniel 12 required replication;

Once the USSR fantasy is removed from Daniel 11, and the 8th King is placed in properly as “King North” (KN) (Daniel 11:36 “success”) connecting live and real-time to Daniel 12, Daniel 12 takes on new live significance as well;

The KN 8th King, in active development, forms a fresh mental awareness of this active and continual 8th King connecting to Daniel 12 in time, that the USSR error actually derails the awareness of, it stops the thinking, like the USSR also hit a “dead end” – so does contemplation of Daniel 11:30-45 hit the same, but psychological “dead end”, hindering constant awareness of where Daniel 11:42-45 MUST lead;

KN must connect to Daniel 12 in live events, for the first time in human history in this actual live connection of opposing world government events, “during that time” (Dan12:1) as that final developmental period where Michael stands permanently; In Kingdom COMPLETION – forming over the timed periods of Daniel 12:7, 12:11, and 12:12 in some way again, for a prophetic replication paralleling Revelation 8-11, also replicating ;

That connection is being severed and concealed by the GB, by use of the USSR “dead end” of impossibility;

The thing to understand is an active and continuous KN connection is required:

(Daniel 11:36b) And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

That “denunciation” is at Daniel 11:45 at Armageddon, thus KN MUST be active from at least Daniel 11:36 forward to “the end” at Daniel 11:45, no “drop out” USSR, to be filled in later by a GB deception for a premature “the end” scenario is possible – that is all a lie to keep JWs at Daniel 11:44 expectation prematurely advancing the “KN attack” prelude to Armageddon; (FYI, that attack is the 8th King inspired “trampling” of Daniel 8:13, NOT the end, but the beginning of both the temple judgment cycle and the final prophetic progression of Revelation 8-11 starting);

The thing to understand is an active, live, continuous KN connection KEEPS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL AWARENESS ACTIVELY CONNECTING TO DANIEL 12

…as obviously a live KN development, as Daniel 11:36 GUARANTEES, unto a live Daniel 12 requirement “during that time” (Dan12:1), and “that time” is the time of live and real-time KN events of Daniel 11:42-45 in the near future;

Thus an active 8th King KN leads to Daniel 12 live and real-time so Daniel 12 MUST have a replicating round of fulfillment with these finalizing world events unto Kingdom completion, just as Daniel 12 had a MINOR fulfillment at Kingdom birth to establish the KEY BENCHMARK of the prophetic TIMED PERIODS of Daniel 12:7, 12:11, and 12:12 as a sequential continuum to Christ’s arrival, final sheep and goat separation and gathering, Kingdom and temple completion and the end;

Thus in reality also, 8th King finalizing eventually in full world view, amidst global intrigues of world war resolving for final UN world government placement, in whatever form they name and brand the thing, will ALSO MARK THE TRAJECTORY TO ARMAGEDDON as God’s Messianic Kingdom “world government” ALSO IS COMPLETING FINAL PREPARATIONS for sheep separation, 144000 completion and the battle of Har-Magedon;

Therefore what the GB is covering up, is a critical continuum marked by a number of prophetic progressions currently being broken by that subversion group’s oversight;

For example of another divine continuum in the making being covered up by the “lawless one” GB we have Daniel 12:7 “1260 days” that cross links to Daniel 7:25 (1260 days) and Revelation 11:2-3 (1260 days), Revelation 12:6,14 (1260 days) and Revelation 13:5 (1260 days); ALL those timed periods of the 1260 day replication cycle, must also replicate explicitly in timing IN A FINAL FULFILLMENT, in the principle of the first fulfillment, but obviously unto God’s Kingdom completion and conquest LIVE AND REAL-TIME;

There is four UN related placements in Bible prophecy; (Rev13:11-15, 17:8-11 already fulfilling 1 and 2 placements) Daniel 11:31b is 3rd placement, Daniel 11:45 is fourth placement – THAT IS A VERY IMPORTANT CONTINUUM TO KEEP CONTINUOUS MONITORING OF; The GB ignores it, in fact breaks it, and conceals it;

A live King North, operative as “the king” of Daniel 11:36 in 1990 forward is actually “King North”ais that 8th King “the king”:

(Daniel 11:36) And the king will actually do according to his own will, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak marvelous things. And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

As “the king” is the 8th King, live and operative since 1990, as defined in that Daniel 11:30-32 progression of the 1990 United Nations 3rd placement (Daniel 11:31b) and the Bethel infiltration and subsequent Daniel 11:36 “apostasy” of 2Thessaloniuans 2:3 “man of lawlessness” developments, it all naturally leads to Daniel 12 in an UNBROKEN CONTINUUM THE GOVERNING BODY IS ATTEMPTING TO TRUNCATE FOR USSR ERROR, to aid their 8th King objectives;

Also covered up is other 1990 related globalist world positioning developments as Daniel 11:40 is globalist world invasions since the 1990 Gulf War and 2001 “Global War on Terror”, as uncommented on by the GB:

(Daniel 11:40) “And in the time of [the] end the king of the south (various worldwide generic national powers) will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships; and he will certainly enter into the lands and flood over and pass through. (Gulf War, GWOT, US-SOCOM operations, etc, all actually 8th King WW4 preparations and global pre-positioning expansions with Cold War as WW3 – ALL covered over by the GB; (Dan8:12b))

And part of that KN/8th King “invasion” is into Bethel in subversive infiltration “arms that stand up” to develop and utilize the “man of lawlessness” developing as the Governing Body from previous times, now usable internally at Bethel in the “high command”, to place a Bethel version of the UN “disgusting thing” as UN NGO in 1991 – that MARKS this “invasion”, by said “infiltration”:

(Daniel 11:41) He (8th King/KN) will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration (Bethel and worldwide JW org), and there will be many that will be made to stumble. (from GB engineered sins, hypocrisy and reproach); (Which precedes the fourth and final UN placement of Daniel 11:45, as Daniel 11:41 parallels further developments of Daniel 11:32, 8th King/KN developed apostasy);

Thus that Daniel 11:41 Bethel condition is the actual point of the extent of Daniel 11 current state of fulfillment (Not Daniel 11:43 awaiting final Daniel 11:44 attacks, as per GB purposeful error setting up JWs with premature and misleading expectations)

The Daniel 11:41 live fulfillments of “man of lawlessness” Bethel “invasion” at Daniel 11:41 is the current state of JWs and the Daniel 11 prophecy, NOT the future Daniel 11:43 error of misdirection by the rogue GB JW positioning and set-up deception that the USSR fulfilled Daniel 11:42-43 as “the ruler of gold”, which of course is fully impossible in a USSR national bloc utter bankruptcy and failure – as Daniel 11:36 also FULLY disqualifies the USSR from anything specific in Daniel 11 as just another world war failure of national power in Daniel 11:27;

(Daniel 11:27) But nothing will succeed, (like the USSR) because [the] end is yet for the time appointed.

And the “time appointed” begins as that UN 3rd placement marked “the king” as placed as “disgusting thing”;

We see Daniel 11:40-41 “invasions” parallels in ways Daniel 11:30-32 UN “disgusting thing” world government forum placement events as marking the 8th King “the king”;

And global 8th King expansions (into Bethel “territory” as well) are an 8th King objective, and parallels the “actually enter into the land of the Decoration” (Dan11:41) with the Bethel “those leaving the holy covenant”  (Dan11:30) and apostasy (Dan11:32);

That 8th King/KN apostasy is carried out by internal 8th King KN agents infiltrating Bethel with JW traitor assistance of Daniel 11:30, prior to that UN 3rd placement (1990) and the Bethel UN NGO (1991) profanation campaign  of Daniel 11:31a, as a collusion of the UN KN (8th King) and Bethel working together- the “they” in this prophecy, working together, is the 8th King and compromised Bethel/Governing Body:

(Daniel 11:31b) “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (United Nations 3rd global placement in 1990 in “new world order” initiative, and UN NGO 1991 at Bethel, are “their” “disgusting thing” placement);

The Truth

With that realization that all those world and Bethel United Nations “disgusting thing” manifesting and supporting events fit Daniel 11:30-41 and Daniel 8:11-13 far more precisely as highly significant actual prophetic fulfillments than the current “Daniel’s Prophecy” book of  purposeful GB led deceptions of erred former interpretations, based on the original Daniel commentary in “Your Will Be Done” book in a time of temporary USSR “success”, we can then re-examine EVERYTHING the Governing Body has been up to since 1976;

Those guys in the GB are neither Christian much less anointed; NO WAY can all this be coincidence and all USSR fantasies and other errors still apply, and the GB is approved of God, etc, etc; It is ALL an act;

The 1976 GB power coup at Bethel led to the 1990 UN NGO prelude events within 15 years, exposing the GB now as final fulfillment cycle “lawless one”, soon to activate in temple judgment, as required temple profaners as “man of lawlessness” must be removed in time, whose “profanations” parallel 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 “revealing” with Zechariah 3 “befouled garments” at temple inspection, paralleled as well with Daniel 8:11-14 temple judgment “transgression causing desolation” as UN NGO;

That UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is from the intrigues of 8th King “small horn” root activities of Daniel 8:11-13 “gradually given over” subversions parallel to the treason and profanation events of Daniel 11:30-32 as THIS IS TEMPLE JUDGMENT REQUIRED PURIFICATIONS by Daniel 8:14 timed prophecy timing, occurring WITH Daniel 11:30-32 inspired UN NGO transgression from impostor and JW traitor led events and developments since 1990 UN NGO climax, but with the prior foretold infiltrative developments to support this Christian ministry subversion and diversion campaign in this parallel prophecy:

(Daniel 8:11-14) 11 And all the way to the Prince of the army it (8th King root to full system) put on great airs, and from him (God) the constant [feature] was taken away (by Daniel 11:30-32 profanations at first), and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. (as an approved Christian ministry at first, leading to temple desolation);

12 And an (JW) army itself was gradually given over, (to 8t King, to UN objectives) together with the constant [feature] (first by profanations, then to cease temporarily in temple desolation), because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth (cover up), and it acted and had success. (as can be seen in successful GB deceptions unseen by many JWs);

13 And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation (UN NGO), to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” (by first 8th King attack soon, as temple judgment context);

14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.” (“right condition” of temple purification after that timed desolation – parallels Zechariah 3:4-5);

Thus in the continuum to the future, Daniel 8:23-25 then parallels 8th King activity at Daniel 11:40-45, and Daniel 8:25b, and Daniel 11:45 are both 8th King climax fourth and final UN placement at Armageddon – not two additional fronts of disjointed national powers as promoted by the GB to cover up these actual events and significance; King North, “small horn”, King of Fierce Countenance are all 8th King –


Thus everything the GB actually is doing is just a lulling act, as they await 8th King developments soon to erupt, NOT God’s Kingdom developments;

EVERYTHING else is an imbalanced and overly focused distraction in endless gnat straining minutia, purposely overblown “door to door” priority, organizational and traditional ritual and idolatries developed to diffuse faith from God unto human sinner “bodies”, as all things are intended to:

1. Distract from Kingdom reality in a final required fulfillment cycle of Daniel 12 and Revelation 8-11 parallel to Revelation16;

2. Distract from the Governing Body direct connection to the “man of lawlessness” fulfillment in final form as the 2Thessalonians 2:3required prerequisite met enabling temple judgment next;

3. Distract from the temple judgment reality of GUARANTEED desolation (and why: UN NGO), and tell JWs that desolation is “great tribulation” proceeding to Armageddon as an ending promoted in error and prematurely, when in fact it is JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE FINAL PROPHETIC CYCLE;

The Governing Body is an 8th King agency of betrayal and misleading objectives to attempt to destroy the final, to be purified Christian ministry, before it even begins;

The Illusion is Aided by Distraction and Continuing Erred Interpretation

Betray the Kingdom

1. Ignore the USSR failure and Daniel 11:36 – continue to promote the USSR error as a concealing distraction of the real 1990 climax United Nations events;

2. Become a United Nations affiliate organization as UN NGO fulfilling Daniel 11:31 portion as “those leaving the holy covenant”, but also ignore and do not point out the significance of the third of four UN placements at Daniel 11:31, and the continuum of those four placements to the fourth and final UN world government placement at Daniel 11:45; – while co-promoting the UN in Awake! and Watchtower journals as that UN NGO partner;

Ignore Yet Profane The Temple

3. DO NOT connect and parallel the Daniel 8:11-13 temple “transgression causing desolation” to the Daniel 11:30-31, UN NGO “disgusting thing that causes desolation” and treasons of 1990-1991 incept; Do not connect the external 8th King engineered internal compromise of the JW “army”  with the external 8th King engineered internal  treason, infiltration and apostasy intrigues of Daniel 11:30-32; Keep promoting the 1938 WW2 period impossibility of minor JW org adjustments;

The Governing Body and Bethel misleading illusion is aided by simply ignoring the significance of the USSR national bloc collapse into failure, not only on the world scene of global domination contenders, but in the Daniel 11:27-45 overall progression that REQUIRES a constantly successful King North entity as per Daniel 11:36; The “the king” designation of Daniel 11:36 is a clean break in Daniel 11 into globalism as the basis of this actual 8th King system that will indeed “certainly prove successful until the denunciation” completes at Daniel 11:45 as Armageddon war;

That “the king” made a world United Nations third “disgusting thing” placement in 1990 in Daniel 11:30-32, in a teamed effort with “those leaving the holy covenant”, to affirm in world and prophetic history just who “the king” is, because soon-to-be fully gelded “King South” (Daniel 11:42-43 feminized “Egypt”) national powers as symbolized by “Egypt” will never “prove successful” and control the needed resource and power base for a true worldwide system of global domination;

8th King globalists, controlling in consolidating power approximately 200 nations progressively compounding in time, will “prove successful” at sustaining a continuous world government drive into a dominant supra-national administrative governmental and legal system, and globalist worldwide scale finance and military (Global NATO and other war councils and coalitions) also utilizing the “cream of the crop” of nearly 200 nations and their leveraged resources (Dan11:42-43; Rev17:12-17);

Thus when the USSR went down, providing the handy post WW3 (Cold War) globalist world stage to present the third United Nations “placement” in “new world order” mode, the entire Daniel 11:27-45 progression needed to be reevaluated for accuracy, because due to required “effectiveness” of Daniel 11:28, 30, 39, and required continual “success” of Daniel 11:36, the USSR CANNOT simply hang at Daniel 11:43 as a fantasy “King of the Gold and Silver”, or world wealth ruler, when they also failed at finance and economics;

The assumed entity either IS or IS NOT King North, it is not a world  relay “baton”, handed to another national failure – it is globalist 8th King continual developmental success all the way to Armageddon from that 3rd UN placement forward;

King North from Daniel 11:27-45 is not several “King Norths”, but one successful GLOBALIST 8th King apex “north” formative world power system, in progress for three world wars so far, including the “cold war”, as ALL THREE world wars were resolved for a UN related placement in 1919 (WW1), 1945 (WW2), and 1990 (WW3 cold war), all as per prophecy;  (WW1: Rev13:11-15; WW2: Rev17:8-11; WW3: Dan11:31;…)

And by prophecy there will be a total of four “disgusting thing” placements, the third and fourth as Daniel 11:31 and Daniel 11:45 respectively; (Daniel 11:45 parallels final placement at Daniel 8:25, and Daniel 12:11);

Thus that 1990 United Nations event ignored in one way, was co-promoted instead by the Governing Body and Bethel in another way covertly as UN NGO (1991-2001), with nary a comment as to Daniel 11:30-31; Thus a great diversion was set in place, further concealed by simply attempting to ignore the whole Daniel 11:27-45 prophecy, while promoting the misleading, 8th King and UN covering, former erred form perpetually, conveniently advanced to the premature Daniel 11:44 “attack” expectation, when in fact the Daniel 11:42-43 world wealth transfer completion and total globalist 8th King “rule over the gold and the silver” and national transferred ownership to 8th King globalists as “all the desirable things of Egypt” is yet for the future –  the Daniel 11:41 Bethel infiltration “enter the Decoration” with great stumbling of many, is the current extent of Daniel 11 fulfillment;

(Daniel 11:40-41 parallels events in Daniel 11:30-31, as parallel prophecy, not strictly sequential; Gulf War and Global War on Terror are Daniel 11:40 fulfilling examples beginning in 1990 coalition deployment, eventually forming “Global NATO” 1999, and into GWOT 2001 as ultimately a WW4 set of world expansion positioning developments under convenient global pretexts, also bankrupting the national powers in massive debt, fueling the global WW4 expansion and other intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43 culminations with Revelation 17:12-18 events parallel in the future period of “tribulation of those days” leading to Matthew 24:29-31 events some years after temple judgment);

Along with this distraction, diversion and concealment and actual treason against God’s Kingdom in Daniel 11 cover up and alternative Bethel 8th King UN NGO alliances by the Governing Body, is the distraction, diversion and concealment of temple profanation, judgment and purification prophecy of Daniel 8:11-14, also simply lump summed into imprecisely interpreted minor organizational events also in the entirely premature World War 2 period; 

NEITHER erred prophecy has validity, since the USSR went down in an impossibility of Daniel 11 fulfillment entirely, in a failure that was not yet present in the original Frederick Franz analysis and commentary of the late 1950s, and the Daniel 8 premature timing of events for the 1938 interpretive attempt is premature, as “what will occur in the final part of the denunciation, because it is for the appointed time of [the] end” (Dan8:19) thus cannot apply to merely 24 years (in 1938) into an approximate 100 year period since 1914 to now – amongst many other problems with that interpretational error from a period of time in the 1958 Daniel commentary requiring more time for verification;

These are errors sold off by the Governing Body to never be revisited again, and thus neither will the actual fulfillments be made known until the Governing Body of Frauds are removed from obstructing divine final truths when neutralized and removed by God and Christ also as per prophecy that will also be explained once the “man of lawlessness” is “done away with” when Christ finishes that initial purification obstruction removal in an advanced period of the temple judgment desolation as per Daniel 8:14 timed period; (2Thess2:8);


Actually this developed so quickly, you will find on this website articles of when I thought the GB was merely a little backward, needed help and would be recovered; They are NOT Biblical or prophetic but as the “man of lawlessness” FROM INCEPTION; They will not be recovered in the context of the claims they make to divine authority and Biblical precedent as a ruling “body” over the one and ONLY body in the Bible as the “body of the Christ”; They are NOT needed and should be dissolved and scrapped forever, for “Christ’s body” to reassume final authority, now usurped by these Bethel cons; (Zech3:5);

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