XGB Great 2014 Decoy Temple Centennial GT Hoax on JWs

Given The Great 2014 Temple Potential Parallel, The Question Is…

Is a 2014 Centennial Temple Decoy and GT Hoax Event in the Works by the MOL xGB?

We know the “man of lawlessness” has been covertly operating in the xGB for quite a while, that is now a no-brainer in overt bad-fruitage by evidentiary examination of xGB UN worship (UN NGO), cold-hearted stumbler policies and spiritual-predator propagation by smug self-righteous attitudes that are now xGB core example broadcast across the JW landscape; The elder body is now many xGB influenced 66 spiritual IQ drones;

And a JW judgment MUST come from this as per Daniel 8:11-14 real “temple cleanse” for the Daniel 11:30-31 xGB UN-NWO-Baal worship and sin festival and subsequent deep JW org and sacrificial profanation;

But given this heavy duty 2300 unit period that must bust forth on the JW org from God allowing a globalist world coup on the JW org, will the xGB use it for traitorous, thieving and murderous opportunity as “son of destruction” xGB as well?

You Betcha!

1. What if this MOL xGB operation attempts to mimic an October 2014 centennial timing as a decoy temple event leading to a hoax GT event to use against JWs?

2. What if this MOL xGB tries to use the prophetic temple replication pattern, advancing it prematurely (like they are now), causing the actual divine judgment, possibly timed with another globalist world event, (Dan8:11-14) to appear like “Great Tribulation” commencement?

3. Will the xGB continue to prime the JW mind for premature GT hoax, while now weaving in a “temple cleanse” hoax, and centennial 2014 temple decoy event?

4. And, given the mental effect 1914 has on the JW mind, what if they try to mirror it upon a 2014 Temple Centennial that is only a strategic decoy?

5. Will this potential hoax event, be timed with another globalist world move that may have a preliminary DT placement as discussed above?

This is an xGB premature bypass diversion, when in fact a whole actual divine temple replication series only begins with this event; And that actual period of JW judgment progresses for an approximate 10 years duration through the real “tribulation of those days” and Revelation 11 1260 days of final global witness from God; (Matt24:29), with identified prophetically significant periods  – rather than this xGB crude simplification

Well, to say the least, something in the xGB is MOL suspect, priming JWs for a “premature” GT; That much IS revealing! GOD warns of such developments from MOL xGB:

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-3) However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, (Matt24:29-31); we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us (anointed, but actually from a fraud xGB), to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. (Such as Hoax GT by xGB)Let no one seduce you in any manner, (not even the xGB frauds mental pump priming and predictive programming!), because it (the REAL temple judgment) will not come unless the apostasy (In the JW org) comes first AND the man of lawlessness (xGB and Co.) gets revealed…

(ALL THIS REVELATION FIRST! ALL Prerequisite for the rest of JW history – xGB has to be purged by actions they themselves initiate by God’s covert angels – Zech3:4-7; Hos1:4-7; The xGB is “toast in time”!)

Keep Awake Spiritually to the Bible

Being about two years out from that 2014 potential date benchmark; (10/4-5/1914 to 10/4-5/2-14), we will have to consider closely, the deceptive and scripturally misapplied words that no doubt will continue to come forth from the MOL xGB, as they blasphemously start to begin setting up more decoy props, more mental priming, more “predictions” with more calls to temple scripture deceptively applied to their own hoax “temple cleansing” procedures;

Out of nowhere, after 20 years of “no light”, the xGB will get much “new light” that is all hoax credibility bait;

We can keep an eye out for possible “predictive programming” as 2014 approaches, knowing full well the globalist world planners already have a world operation in the works, and being with xGB historically demonstrated aid to compliment the main globalist world move, they can set up a scenario for the intended effect, knowing they can produce the world event whenever needed to give credibility to the hoaxed production;

They can cue it right on October 4th 2012 if they want!

Keep an Eye on All of Them

1. We will just have to see what xGB claims may come forth in this possible, speculative lead-in period, to an actual temple judgment that they of course are not giving accurate details of concerning Daniel 8:11-14, Zechariah 3 actual foretold divine cleansings;

2. Nor are they expounding the solid self-incriminating evidence as to the real meaning of Daniel 11:30-31, in light of the securely downplayed, and xGB covered up, 3rd “stand” of the UN “False-Prophetic” NWO in 1990, after Cold World War 3;

Globalist Symphonic Supports Again?

1. The “Disgusting Thing” DT has moved along with a concluding world war presentation stage at completion of the WW sequence three times so far;

Will GWOT “resolving” or “intensifying” allow a preliminary opportunity to fulfill Dan8:23?

2. The xGB has been supporting this 3rd UN DT NWO mode significance in actions, not in revelation of prophetic reality, since 1991;

Will “temple hoax” allow another preliminary preparation for xGB final wildbeast worship rituals?

XGB Historic Globalist Supporting Actions

I. September 8, 1991 – xGB WTBTS promotions began in 1991 in Awake! magazine supporting George Bush in the September 8, 1991 United Nations series in that journal, which soon spread to The Watchtower as well;

1. The “new world order” appears 79 times in both those WTBTS journals in ten years from 1991, beginning with the quoted proclamations of George Bush Sr. fronting the 2Horn-wildbeast before the UN Security Council in September 1990;

2. This was a “new world order” series begun on September 11th, 1990, by President George Bush Sr. before a Joint Session of the US Congress; (Searchable from the Bush on-line library and WT Library CD in directly related significance to Daniel 11:30-31 transgression calling for the Daniel 8:11-14 temple, and Zechariah 3 temple priesthood cleansing by God foretold in divine prophecy;))

Required xGB Prophetic Cover-up:

A. The xGB says nothing about the significance of a 3rd UN-DT stand in NWO mode in relation to Daniel 11:30-31 fulfilled in 1990-1991 climax “disgusting thing” event of v. 31b;

B. The xGB says nothing about the relationship of that transgression to the divine temple cleansing now called for, due to that sin, of Daniel 8:11-14;

II. October 2001 – The xGB then provided 10 years worth of adulterous scandal as an evidentiary “news break” nearly paralleling the 911-WTC event in timing;

All just coincidental again? Please…

1. This involved the officially sanctioned WTBTS (GB) relationship as one of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations, providing the approved UN promotional capacity for that agreement in the Department of Public Information;

2. The handy “library card” aided WT provided “information” as an “adjunct UN advertising agency”, a planned UN/UN Support Org/Media information disseminator to the worldwide Jehovah’s Witnesses ministerial audience and unique demographic through the Watchtower and Awake!; This was all exposed for a timed maximum effect along with a notable world event which became the globalist “World War on Terror” soon there after;

3. The xGB remains mum on prophetic significance and condoning of this reproachful DT scandal, still covertly involved with globalist objectives obviously now for years;

4. The pattern is, the xGB supports massive globalist inspired events with control of the whole Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organizational logistics capabilities;

Required Globalist Significance Cover-up:

A. The xGB says nothing about the significance of a “Global War on Terror”, a declared “world war” as pertaining to Daniel 11:40 and Joel 3:9-12;

B. The xGB says nothing about the formation of Global NATO in 1999 as a globalist military system supporting UN globalist (not national) objectives as this relates to Revelation 16:13-16 and the “power shift” of Revelation 17:11-17;

III. Future – Globalist and xGB Coup De Grace – To expect a finale climax event from the globalists as a third strike, possibly tied into 2014’s JW psychological significance with 1914’s “centennial” and “temple cleanse” hoax potential (now underway), all “coincidentally” supported by the xGoverning Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is not paranoid, it is logical;

1. This provides the perfect potential context for a hoax “Great Tribulation” on JWs as well, to herd JWs hither and thither, at xGB command, in 230 ‘isolated from JW communications’ lands;

2. Yet, that overall effect is not dependent on the 2014 Centennial Temple timing, but sure would have a great effect on the worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses if indeed this does manifest in this way;

3. Either way, the xGoverning Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is up to no good; They are the self-revealing “man of lawlessness” that must manifest before any of this activates in actual, not hoax, prophetic significance and fulfillment of Daniel 8:11-14;

Please share this news with as many Jehovah’s witnesses and others as possible; Lives can be affected by the truth of the matter as outlined in the Bible for this very purpose to be wary of the xGB’s claims – they are NOT good men, they are pretenders and fake-brothers;



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