5 Times—Foretold Apostasy Always Precedes a Global Epic Transition

Foretold Apostasy Always Precedes a Global Epic Transition

1. Apostasy precedes a world power transition, this one into world government.

2. Secondly, a treason as big as UN NGO Bethel’s, and an apostasy as severe as this one, will require a JUDGMENT to rectify. (Dan8:13-14) Thus an apostasy this serious WILL ALREADY BE IN THE PROPHECY. (The one Bethel now conceals at Daniel 8:11-14,23 and Daniel 11:30-35,41, Zechariah 3:1-3)

Apostasy and Judgment Precedes a Transition In Global Power FIVE Times:

Apostasy is revealed before and as a great world power transition is also emerging and it is marked by a judgment:

1. Assyrian Ascension: 

In [apostate] Israel in the 8th century BCE, when [Assyrian world power transitioned in], and sacked IDd apostate Israel in Samaria and Bethel cities and region [as a divine foretold judgment marker] of Hosea 1:4-7 and Isaiah 28 (among other warning prophecy); this apostasy-to-judgment-to-new world power emerged for the 1st time.

(Isaiah, Hosea, Micah, Amos all record that apostasy and judgment announcement before it hit.)

2. Babylon Ascension: 

In [apostate] Jerusalem in the 7th century BCE, when [Babylonian world power transitioned in], as a [foretold judgment marker] allowed a total sacking of Jerusalem and all Israel; this apostasy-to-judgment-to-new world power emerged for the 2nd time.

(Jeremiah and Ezekiel fully document the apostasy and the warning)

3. Roman Ascension: 

In [apostate] Jerusalem in the first century CE, when [Roman world power transitioned in] and sacked Jerusalem and all Israel as a [divine foretold judgment marker]; and this apostasy-to-judgment-to-new world power emerged for the 3rd time.

(Now we know Daniel outlined this briefly. But Christ, all the apostles and 1st century Christians were warning of this judgment.)

The point being a SIGNAL APOSTASY, SEEN BY SOME, WARNED IN PROPHECY and from some, ALL develop [[with]] [a major world power transformation].

And in modern times, the pattern is certain again:

4. Anglo-American 7th King Ascension: 

And in Christendom [apostasy] in 1914-1919, when the “Bible Students” came out summarizing the apostasy exposure of Christendom, coming forth, as BOTH the [7th King world power transitioned in fully] and [as the 8th King “image” was first presented] and began emerging with and after WW1. This apostasy-to-judgment-to-new world power emerged for the 4th time. (As before it was all foretold, and it all had a notable APOSTATE judgment marker to know what it means in the overall development)

That is no coincidence, and by then it was a common pattern. It took them a little time to recognize the specific world power transformation emerging as official in Anglo-American [nationalist] alliance, AND the [globalist] developmental nucleus of world government in that League of Nations presentation.

Today—World Government: 

5. 8th King World Government Ascension: 

Bethel apostasy is NOW emerging, with its own DELUSIONAL “the end is near!” smokescreen (2Thess2:1-2) so the final cycle also gearing up to transition into world government, can be concealed from JWs, while a great global transition, AGAIN, the BIG ONE, is clearly forming with SIGNS in the system itself as per Luke 21:25. This NOW CERTAIN apostasy-to-judgment-to-new world power will now emerge for the last time into 8TH KING WORLD GOVERNMENT along with the sacking of Bethel.

In ALL cases, the world power coming in, sacks the apostate system.

BETHEL APOSTASY IS NOW THE FINAL SIGNAL OF THE SAME PATTERN. The same guys behind the UN NGO, the 8th King planners, is who will also sack Bethel in the future, hence Daniel 8:13. And from then, the 8th King will “ascend” into the next global power system.

The Bethel apostasy is therefore just one more of those “signs in” the JW “lights”, in their “sun” at Bethel, hence Revelation 8:10-11 “fallen star” clearly applying NOW to developments inside of fallen APOSTATE Bethel. APOSTATE Bethel is who is fallen from the “holy covenant” (Dan11:30b,32a), that that relative “they” at anointed claimant Bethel, were paramount in IDing for our time (long ago now, 1914 to 1969+/-), as at one time a genuine anointed Christian “reformation” was being summarized, BEFORE that “star” fell into [signal apostasy], now called Wormwood Bethel.

It is the 2Thess2:3-4 apostasy that has to be globally judged, “revealed” as fully globally exposed, BEFORE the real “day of Jehovah” can fully manifest as in 2Thess2:1-2 premature delusion of that “day”, that Bethel now uses to divert the JW mind with over excitation as if “the end is next brothers! the end is near! forget all else, it is the end we tell you, the end!!! Forget to look at prophecy (WT3/15/15), it IS THE END!!!

THAT is the CENTRAL JW DELUSION AT BETHEL, that is the 2Thess2:1-2 warning Paul was giving by inspiration, to NOT be fooled by this hype; BECAUSE the APOSTASY AND MAN OF LAWLESSNESS AT BETHEL, has to be revealed first, THEY are the source of that KEY SIGNAL subterfuge.

So it is ALL the same thing, again, and it will form all the main points again, hence Rev10:11 eventually will emerge as “you must prophesy AGAIN” with regard to that “little scroll” previewed from the days the JW vessel, was actually guided by anointed Christians, and they did EXPOSE the enemy system at the same time, for a while—but no more.