What if Fred Had Lived Past 1991?

What If Fred Franz Would Have Lived?

Well, the USSR would have to be dropped OUT of all the Daniel prophecy right where they began to be applied (and that changes the whole ball game):

(Daniel 11:36) And he will certainly prove successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish…

It is just plain obvious that cannot be Russia or the USSR nor can any scripture after Daniel 11:36 apply to them;

The USSR FAILED, they were NOT successful;

Thus had Fred Franz lived, it would have been back to the Daniel 11 drawing board from Daniel 11:36 forward to Daniel 11:43;

That Daniel 11 sequence as currently applied to the USSR “KN”, is in error as the USSR’s failure invalidates them from the required profile of success to the end;

And further, we see no possibility of the USSR’s bankruptcy yet somehow complete rulership of the “gold and the silver” of the basis of world wealth as King South is neutered into subservience as the “Queen of Egypt” (south original domain in Daniel 11):

(Daniel 11:42-43) as regards the land of Egypt, she (KS) will not prove to be an escapee. 43 And he (KN) will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. (KS national domain)

So we may wonder how can the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses still refuse to update this obvious “glitch” in Daniel 11?

The answer WILL surprise you;

Cold War Globalist Idol Womb

Again, had Fred Franz lived, the next major “world peace” development that accompanied the fall of the USSR, and Russia joining the United Nations at the end of the Cold War, would have been an OBVIOUS major event to investigate related to Bible prophecy for it involved “disgusting thing” placement in 1990;

In time, this prophetic connection to globalist world governmental 8th King UN “image”; (Rev17:11-17; Rev13:11-15), would answer the question as to who the “King of the North” is from Daniel 11:27 forward in world success to the end, as required per prophecy, as other discrepancies appear in the prophecy from this USSR glitch and related UN presentation;

Globalist United Nations in NWO Mode (1990)

After the Cold World War ended another presentation of globalist world governmental “disgusting thing” was presented for a third time to the world in the form of the False-Prophet; (Rev13:11) proclaiming the objective of a “new world order” on September 11th 1990 before the US Congress connected to the United Nations before the UN Security Council shortly thereafter;

No one can ignore the significance of this event; Why does the GB do so?

With this further development, Fred Franz would have logically been floored; He would have to reverse back six verses in Daniel 11, to Daniel 11:30-31, where lo and behold, a “disgusting thing” (DT) is also placed on the world scene! Could it be connected? Is an update to reality due?

Is this a third UN/DT placement in 1990 rather than WW 2 and the UN 1945 placement?

Well that question would logically arise as the USSR bottomed out of prophecy. A re-read would be called for; a UN global presentation would logically connect to Daniel 11:30-31 for another, closer look at the prophecy; These two events are simply to closely connected in live, real-time developments in 1990 to just be ignored;

A no brainer; A no brainer the current GB still does ignore; Why?

Nazis Knocked Out

In fact even Nazi Germany drops out of Daniel 11:30-31 contention as well. As is common knowledge, they had nothing to do with the League of Nations or a then non-existent United Nations and could be therefore no part of the DT placement in the “they shall certainly place the” DT of Daniel 11:31 due to that resistance to English elite servitude;

As Nazi Germany, they were also non-existent in power when that UN “disgusting thing” was placed in 1945, so they could not apply to the Daniel 11:30-31 prophecy in any way.

Then who does apply? When?

Logically the King of the North and King of the South in all the world wars are summed up in one sentence:

(Daniel 11:27) But nothing will succeed, because the end is yet for the time appointed.

Al national north and south “kings” fail until the appointed time; 1914 to 1990 was still not yet that time by as the USSR’s failure gives evidence of; All national “kings” north or south, from WW1 to Cold War, all fail, nothing succeeds; Neither Germany or Russia proceed past Daniel 11:29;

Desolater Becomes More Obvious

World war is a “desolation” production that is engineered for the finale presentation of the “disgusting thing”, “that causes” and uses that “desolation”, in it’s ending “peace” resolution, to present the world with globalist world government as the only solution for world peace;

This world war to DT presentation has occurred three times since 1919;

As Jesus stated, the globalist “disgusting thing” is what “causes desolation”, no interpretation needed, it is what it is, it is the globalist causer of world war:

(Matthew 24:15) the disgusting thing that causes desolation

So now with these two major glitches in current JW interpretation of Daniel 11:27-43, by plain history and logic, placing the Daniel 11:31 context in 1990 with the UN NWO, why is no comment made?

This is not that difficult to see;

Fred Franz’ Revenge

Well had Fred Franz lived through this, as a functioning influential member of the Governing Body, he certainly would have said something about this easily detected prophetic glitch and significant presentation of globalist UN world governmental “prophecy” rather than go on a WTBTS, xGB sanctioned, UN “disgusting thing” NWO “advertising campaign” and “public relations service” commenced in print 9/8/1991 for 10 years in the Watchtower and Awake! as a UN/NGO for public information dissemination on globalist UN books and organizations worldwide;

And that is why the rogue Governing Body will not update the Daniel 11 interpretation or expose the activities of their globalist owners since 1990, for whom they still cover this up for, as part of the prophecy in Daniel 11:30:

(Daniel 11:30) those leaving the holy covenant

The apostate Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a globalist wildbeast 666 serving agency infiltration, this is too glaring to be accidental, it is on purpose for 20 years running fulfilling 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12;

But at least we know why the UN library card would be needed for the NWO section and promotional research on the UN and NWO festivities planned;

This affects Daniel 8:11-25 as well; It is a parallel “transgression causing desolation” from the JW xGB in 1991, not 1932 or 1938;

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