Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and 911

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and 911

Phase 1


1. In 1991 the xGB and WTBTS started to promote the “New World Order” following George Bush Sr. by nearly an exact year to the day from his proclamation of the UN in NWO mode before a Joint Session of Congress on 9/11/1990;

2. The UN NWO mode “disgusting thing” (DT) was then placed in the world on 9/11/1990 before the US Congress and soon after, before the UN Security Council on a few occassions after 9/11/1990; These are the 79 “new world order” WTBTS UN/NGO quotes commencing in the Awake! UN issue of 9/8/1991 and continuing for 10 timed covert years;

So, the xGB supported globalist objectives by being partner in the Daniel 11:30-31 fulfillemnt of 1990-1991 dual placement of the DT in UN NWO 3.0 stance after the Cold War (WW3); World war is the DT presentation stage; (1.) 1919; WW1, LON; (2.) 1945; WW2, UN; (3.) 1990; WW3, UN/NWO…

The xGB ops do NOT expound the true meaning of this manifest “holy covenant” apostasy and UN/NGO DT “transgression” which is the basis of the prophecy to soon fulfill at Daniel 8:11-14 temple profanation and cleansing; The DT “Baal Image” is erect up at Bethel, with xGB blessing and cover-up of revealing prophecy; (See Hosea; the whole book)
Phase 2


1. Well to complement another heavy duty globalist 2Horn-wildbeast world event series leading to the declared “World War on Terror” (Daniel11:40 continnum from 1990 Gulf War globalist KN+NATO operations), the xGB is involved with the 10/2001 timed release of the UN/NGO UN relationship “news break” as DPI adjunct advertising agency;

All perfectly timed with 911;

(This just happens to time as well with the Barbara Anderson globalist operations revealing the xGB “pedophile propagation” policies;)

All just coincidental?


xGB is Very Suspicious

We have two globalist prophetic fulfilling events, that were covertly and overtly perfectly supported by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses that:

1. The xGB does not apply to modern prophecy, but keeps JWs thinking 1980-1990 and 1914 constantly focused backwards, inspite of overwhelming evidence;

2. The xGB supports with their own “lawless one” UN, cover-up and globalist 2Horn-wildbeast “temple profanations” as an infiltration group  as per prophecy of Daniel 11:30-31 and Daniel 8:11-14;


Phase 3

2014 (?) Final Globalist World Event 10 Year Phase 3 Commencement

Expect the “man of lawlessness” xGB, now being revealed also as per prophecy, to support the globalist third world event very soon, quite possibly timed with a 2014 JW (1914) Centennial Temple “decoy” and GT hoax event to attempt to wipe out the JW worldwide org by deception and infiltrative set-up while this globalist engineered world event unfolds in massive impact worldwide;

Temple Judgment Instead

But in fact, this will NOT be GT, this event will be the divine judgment on the JW temple, as per Daniel 8:11-14 commencing while another 10 year phase of globalist intrigue is set in motion worldwide leading to the end; JWs will be fooled until after the “evening” of Daniel 8:14 recovery and temple cleanse completion, for final “two witnesses” final world warning recovery;

JWs think it is over, but in fact it is just getting started;

JWs expect paradise, but it is instead WW4 “fire test” time as per Zech3:2; Rev8:2-5 final cycle;

Jws will be disciplined severely for the UN/DT 20 years of gross sin condoned by the whole JW organization and the xGB apostates; (Jer30:11; Isa12; Zech3:1-9)

And this JW misconception is exactly what the MOL xGB and globalist world powers want us thinking;



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