Temple Judgment – The Prophets in Details of the Final Prophetic Cycle

Temple Judgment – The Prophets in Details of the Final Prophetic Cycle

1. The purpose of this article series is to align all prophetic details concerning the coming temple judgment upon Biblical Israel and Bethel projected upon modern day Bethel, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization and the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses as Christian ministerial entities covered in the temple judgment modern phase from Isaiah, Hosea, Joel, Amos and Micah period prophets to begin the examination;

Isaiah, Hosea, Joel, Amos and Micah apply directly to temple judgment today as symbolically pictured in the first judgment of God on Israel in 740 BCE by Assyrian forces which applies to the actual first 8th King attack on Jehovah’s witnesses in the near future providing the context of the Bethel temple judgment (Dan8:13-14; 1Pet4:17) and coming desolation on the “established place of the sanctuary” (Dan8:11b), and actual full removal of the Jehovah’s witnesses “constant feature” temporarily (Joel 1:9-14) – which leads to divine temple purifications and the final cleansed Jehovah’s witnesses ministry;

2. Zephaniah, Nahum and Habakkuk detail 8th King and related “Nineveh” symbolized judgments and other details applicable to events at Armageddon finalizing divine accounting for developments active in Jehovah’s Witnesses for over 40 years;

3. The series of articles will and move on to the rest of the Bible book named prophets in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Jonah, Habakkuk, Nahum, Zephaniah, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, as they apply to temple periods and supporting entities and “personalities” to be explained later;

4. Ezra’s account in Ezra and Nehemiah is covered with brief references as background support to post temple foundational significance details;

5. The Esther account by the historian Mordecai is included because Esther details inter-related cooperation that has bypassed oppositional obstacles by faithful aids who may not even know they are “faithful” (Heb11:31) by rendering aid to “one of the least of these my brothers” in the whole Christian ministry since incept, and will continue to apply to certain dumbfounded “sheep” wondering why they were spared; (Matt 25:37);

6. Other prophetic details are also covered from the apostles and others, since that all led to “Revelation” itself from God through Christ as the hub upon Daniel’s framework inspired by God in Kingdom and Temple details which is the summary of all Biblical Kingdom and Temple reality, BUT it all works together as a cooperative whole body of truth;

Final Prophetic Cycle Temple Judgment Concepts to be Familiar With

Temple Judgment

1. All the the prophets have recorded by inspiration in “the prophetic word made [even] more sure” (Pet1:19-20) live and real-time details of the coming temple judgment, related symbolic “players” and purposes, and critical signal events, but certain prophet’s pertain to specific features in specific periods applied to specific “players” leading to the temple judgment and into temple purification and recovery and beyond to temple completion and Armageddon;

2. We can examine these periods from temple inspection to temple judgment to temple desolation to temple recovery and purifications to temple completion and Armageddon, as the entire actual progression is already foretold in the Bible once we locate and bypass the key Governing Body diversions* into purposeful erred prophetic interpretation “dead ends” and premature “end” scenarios that end up aiding the 8th King first attack on the Christian temple and the “abyss” plunge of Jehovah’s witnesses ministry temporarily ceasing to exist; (Rev9:1-4 is consequences of temple judgment desolation as also described in other prophets in other ways; (Joel 1:9-20; 2:1-21);

(*Those Governing Body promoted diversions occur at Daniel 8:11-25 and 11:27-45 purposely erred and retained prophetic interpretations in the 1990 fulfillments of major events in those prophecies which affect other 8th King and temple prophetic information);

Temple “Inspection”

1. The fact that these prophetic Bible books were even written is a testimony of God’s “temple inspection” principle at work, and Christ’s examination of Christians at all times in the same principle that, while all this was and is transpiring, God is seeing it; The Word records inspection details; (Hebrews 4:12-13) of omniscient examination (Revelation 2:23) even before it occurs; God doesn’t only see all things, He sees it all before it happens;

2. The final fulfillment of Malachi 3:1-5 is upon Jehovah’s witnesses with little fanfare as truly a “thief in the night” event that temple inspection itself actually is, a covert examination by God and Christ resulting in the Zechariah 3:1-3 temple inspection “court judgment” reality of “befouled garments” reproach and sins in organizational activity in Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide ministry revealing the connection between Zechariah 3:1-3:

(Zechariah 3:1-3) . . .And he proceeded to show me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and **Satan standing at his right hand in order to resist him. 2 Then [the angel of] Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who is choosing Jerusalem! Is this one not a log snatched out of the fire?” 3 Now as for Joshua, he happened to be clothed in befouled garments and standing before the angel.

And the “man of lawlessness” in final temple judgment form:

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, 9-10) . . .Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god…9 **But the lawless one’s presence is according to the operation of Satan (Zech3:1) with every powerful work and lying signs and portents 10 and with every unrighteous deception . . .

Thus the “right hand” of “Joshua” anointed Christian priestly activities in the “man of lawlessness” Governing Body network at Bethel introducing gradual sin and UN alliances now progressive to terminal proportions require divine judgment:

(2 Thessalonians 2:8) 8 Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence. (at temple judgment soon unto temple purifications later (See Dan8:14 timing);

Which is this entry into the temple:

(Malachi 3:1) 1 “Look! I am sending my messenger, and he must clear up a way before me. And suddenly there will come to His temple the [true] Lord, whom you people are seeking, and the messenger of the covenant in whom you are delighting. Look! He will certainly come,” Jehovah of armies has said.

And from there the temple purifications are carried to completion:

(Malachi 3:2-3) . . .“But who will be putting up with the day of his coming, and who will be the one standing when he appears? For he will be like the fire of a refiner and like the lye of laundrymen. 3 And he must sit as a refiner and cleanser of silver and must cleanse the sons of Levi; and he must clarify them like gold and like silver, and they will certainly become to Jehovah people presenting a gift offering in righteousness.

Divine Indictment

1. Thus divine “complaints”  in sins and indictment are developed in details applicable to all phases of “God’s people” in Adamic sin – no one escapes examination; But also covered by these prophets are principles of hope of recovery, salvation to anyone perceiving the reality in time, guaranteed judgment, Temple significance, Kingdom significance, angelic assistance, oppositional intrigues – all kinds of secrets and obvious developments are “carefully concealed” in God’s Word (Col2:3) opened up by faith and holy spirit, at the actual “proper time”, not before; (Amos 3:7);

2. The divine indictments in Isaiah, Hosea, Micah and Amos apply to sins at Bethel today and precede temple judgment in some form of public notification, which the Bible itself provides to those “staying awake”;

Temple Profanation

1. Unfortunately Jehovah’s witnesses, like Israel under King Ahab, or Israel in the time of Amos, Isaiah, Hosea, or Jeremiah, or in Christ’s time in the time of the Pharisees, Jehovah’s witnesses have leaders who not only have strayed from pure worship, many are not even Christian much less anointed yet they present themselves as self-appointed “governors” and form United Nations dedications of co-promotional advertising of 8th King activities as UN NGO;

And there is far more to Governing Body activity besides the distracting idolization of themselves and using the Bethel resources for 8th King objectives while setting up UN NGO “disgusting thing” at Bethel and imbibed into daily sacrifices as publications and talks;

Jehovah’s witnesses have the modern day “man of lawlessness” NOW operating “in the temple” in evidenced decades of gradual diversion and subversion, so neither Christian “food” or actual enlightenment will EVER come through judged Bethel “channels” “at the proper time”, in fact there has been no actual anointed guidance at Bethel since Frederick Franz passed on as today’s Governing Body are obviously non-anointed actors;

2. The Isaiah, Hosea, Amos and Micah prophecies go into great detail as to the nature of the UN NGO sins foretold at Daniel 11:30-32 providing the basis of temple infiltration and judgment at Daniel 8:11-14 which will parallel the meanings of the Assyrian 740 BCE aided judgment of God on Israel (Bethel/Samaria);

Temple Judgment

1. And that is why Jehovah’s Witnesses require a FORETOLD temple judgment finality well before Armageddon, and the “man of lawlessness” Governing Body being revealed for who they really are SIGNALS and guarantees this temple judgment can proceed; and that commences an entire final prophetic cycle of prophecy in a continuity of Revelation 8-11 all the way to Armageddon some years after temple judgment (2Thessalonians 2:1-8; Daniel 8:11-14; Zechariah 3:1-3; Mal3:1);

2. We know this from God – from His prophets’ details of what to LOOK for; The FIRST Christ commendation:

(Revelation 2:1-4) . . .“To the angel of the congregation in Ephesus write: These are the things that he says who holds the seven stars in his right hand, he who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands, 2 ‘I know your deeds, and your labor and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, and that you put those to the test who say they are apostles, but they are not, and you found them liars. 3 You are also showing endurance, and you have borne up for my name’s sake and have not grown weary. 4 Nevertheless, I hold [this] against you, that you have left the love you had at first.

3. Except Jehovah’s Witnesses have NOT put the Governing Body of Superfine Apostles to the test; (2Cor11:13-15); So Christ will, and the Bible is the firetest exposure device;

Temple Inspection

1. Thus we have a temple inspection in divine action currently underway in Jehovah’s witnesses “temple arrangement” which is concluding with the full initial exposition of the “man of lawlessness”;

2. Unlike Governing Body lawlessness and sins used against the temple courtyard “those worshiping in it” (Rev11:1) and the world population of potential “sheep” by disconnected publicity of Governing Body hypocrisy promoted worldwide on the web as global reproach by GB external networks, while JWs are “blindered” and systematically encouraged to avoid the web – thus aiding an isolated 2 billion person “captive audience” stumbling killing field for GB “man of lawlessness” internal and external Bethel operations – this temple inspection revelation wires and DIRECTLY connects the Governing Body conclusively and fully to the awaited modern “man of lawlessness” (2Thess2:3-4), turning former stumbling evidence of the Governing Body into “prophetic word made more sure” faith strengthening signs of JW temple judgment unto temple purification coming soon; (Mal3:1-4; 1Peter 4:17; 2Pet1:19-21;)

Temple Purification

1. This connects the entire Bethel fraud unit into prerequisite temple judgment prophecy connecting Daniel 11:30-32 1990 climax but continuing events to 2Thessalonians 2:1-8 “man of lawlessness” connectivity to 2Thessalonians 2:8 temple judgment purification (Dan8:14; Zech3) as the main profanation unit in the Governing Body nerve center of sins to be targeted by God for guaranteed exposure and removal during Bethel global upheaval in that temple judgment desolation;

2. That connects Daniel 11:30-32 sins and developments to Daniel 8:11-14 transgressions and infiltration subversion to the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment timed period, which activates Revelation 8 into a Revelation 8-11 Kingdom and Temple final prophetic replication; All the prophets’ prophecies covered in this series of articles give significant clues for the Daniel 8, 11-12 to Revelation 8-11, 15-19 framework of prophecy in all details of Kingdom, Temple, “holy city” and 8th King completing concurrency unto Armageddon providing a live and real-time activating “map to Armageddon”;

3. Thus all things Biblical are completing including the final meaning of the comprehensive Kingdom prophecy of all the prophets from Genesis 3:15 all the way to Revelation 19 arrival of that “Let your Kingdom come” reality in 144000 completion under the Zechariah 4:6-9; 6:9-15 King-Priest Crown Stone in events of Matthew 24:29-31 timing (Rev6:12-17);

Prophetic Replication

1. While the liar Governing Body proclaims “all prophecy has fulfilled to the smallest detail” (WT 6/15/12) we see in fact almost ALL prophecy is actually replicating AND FULFILLING AGAIN to start in a temple judgment, to proceed to temple cleansing to angelically bulldoze the Governing Body “man of lawlessness” OUT of Bethel dead or alive (Zech3:4; Isa66:6), for good, NEVER again to be “lifted up over everyone” (2Thess2:3-4) with divine claims of any spiritual authority except from Satan (2Thess2:9; Zech3:1) as his and the 8th Kings (Dan11:30-32) “man of lawlessness” “body” “set in opposition” to the “body of Christ”; (2Thess2:9; Zech3:1); (Isaiah 28 “unusual work” in a “strange deed”, indeed);

2. Thus many prophets cover prophetic details applicable NOW to Bethel and the world conditions and developments, and all prophets remain applicable all the way to Armageddon in detailed globalist and plunging national power struggles culminating in 8th King globalist world government (Rev17:11-18), all covered up at this time by the globalist aligned Governing Body “lawless one”; (Dan8:12b) as some prophecies extend into the 1000 year reign;

Background Information to Be Aware of Prior to the Articles

Temple Judgment Two Phases of 8th King Attack

1. There are two temple attack phases pictured in the Bible in the final prophetic cycle now activating:

A. One 8th King engineered attack at temple judgment coming up (Dan8:13-14);

B. The final one at Revelation 11:7 8th King attack prelude to 144000 FULL Temple completion with King Jesus Christ in full “King-Priest” Head Stone (Zech4:6-9); Coronation of Zechariah 6:9-15;

2. Those two 8th King temple attacks are separated by an unknown period of time in which the first trumpets and plagues of Revelation 8 and 16 will be activating leading to the second attack phase of temple completion; (Revelation 11:1-7);

3. The temple judgment produces a final ministerial Kingdom warning in a purified state of truth and understanding activating from God and Christ between these two 8th King attacks as per Revelation 8-9 final fulfillment meaning leading over time and more prophecy fulfilling to temple completion;

Temple Cleansing

1. The first divinely permitted temple attack occurs soon with the prophetically TIMED temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 activated as 1Peter 4:17 with temple cleansing in a divinely directed and prophetically outlined purification as the purpose of God in this temple judgment initiation as per 1Peter 4:17; (Malachi 3:1-5 final fulfillment);

Temple Priesthood Cleansing – Zechariah 3; Malachi 3

1. The Zechariah 3:1-9 anointed Christian priesthood purifications parallel the “temple cleansing” of the “temple judgment” to prepare a cleansed Christian Jehovah’s witnesses ministry from revealed “man of lawlessness” “wormwood” activities currently in operation in Jehovah’s witnesses for over 20 years; (Rev8:10-11; Dan11:30-32; 2Thess2:1-4);

2. That parallels the final fulfillment of Malachi 3:1-5 temple entry into a cleansed Christian anointed temple arrangement being progressively carried out for final ministerial work prior to Armageddon at Malachi 4;

Christian Congregational “Earth” Cleansing of Revelation 8 Temple Judgment Parallel Meaning

1. That temple judgment cleansing operation is symbolically indicated at Revelation 8:1-6 in the “altar fire” cleansing meaning of pre-commission ministerial purification as per Isaiah 6:6-7 principle; Thus Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment activates Revelation 8:2-5 “earth” cleansing as Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide congregational communal system is purified trough temple judgment;

2. Since Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timed period begins in a darkened “evening” phase before the “morning” of temple recovery phase – foreshadowing the “abyss” of Revelation 9:1-4 “temple desolation” before the temple recovery from that “abyss” – the first four trumpets are heralded in progressive understanding to Jehovah’s witnesses who will “be in the dark” for the most part for the “evening” period of temple judgment unto temple desolations;

A. There is a prophetically foretold temple recovery guaranteed; (Jer30:11; 2Cor4:9; Zech3:4-7)

3. The first four trumpets are an alarm signal to Jehovah’s witnesses of the meanings and judgment in the temple judgment which Revelation 8:2-5 pictures in final fulfillment temple completion replication of this prophecy;

A. The first four trumpets of Revelation 8:7-12 explain the overall meaning of the Revelation 8:2-5 temple judgment and purifications as it is progressing but fully explained after the purification is completing in temple desolation context; (Rev8:5)

Timed Temple Judgment Begins Final Cycle

1. Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment is prophetically timed as an aid to help Jehovah’s witnesses recovery, give proof of temple judgment and to indicate that timed period is Revelation 8:2-5 purifications and thus leads to more significant events as temple recovery (Rev9) and purification leads to the timed 1260 day final prophetic fulfillment of Revelation 11:2-3; Daniel 12:7; 7:25-26 as the final Kingdom warning period active in prophetic replication in final fulfillment leading to temple completion; (and Armageddon, over some years of required prophecy)

1260 Day Final Ministry Leads to Final 8th King Attack and Temple 144000 Completion

1. That cleansed final ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses is pictured in Revelation 11 “two witnesses” symbology as the second of two Kingdom proclamations, one in 1914-1918 (1260 days) as Kingdom birth phase, and one in the near future 1260 days after temple judgment and purifications as the Kingdom completion phase second witnessing of the Messianic Kingdom Sovereign ultimatum for 1260 days as final warning and final full revelation of the “little scroll” full Kingdom meaning deployed as second of “two witnesses”;

2. That completes “seven times” of Revelation 11:2 “holy city” trampling in 2520 days (1260 days + 1260 days), which the second 8th King resistance phase (1260 days) and final attack accomplishes “when they have finished their (1260 days of) witnessing” (Revelation 11:7; Daniel 8:25; 11:44-45; 12:11);

Man of Lawlessness Signals Temple Judgment Prelude

1. The first 8th King attack is internally aided for external temple desolating intrigues globally upon the Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide organization; (Daniel 11:30-32; 8:11-13; 2Thess2:3 “IN the temple”);

A. The main internal agents of the 8th King external attack is by the setup of Jehovah’s Witnesses by the head “man of lawlessness” in the Governing Body and supporting Bethel compromised administrations (Dan8:11-12; 11:30-32) now being exposed as “man of lawlessness” in preliminary fashion;

B. That “man of lawlessness” being exposed in preliminary fashion signals temple judgment can proceed; (2Thessaloonians 2:3-4)

2. The second 8th King attack, some years after temple judgment desolations are discontinued (Hos1:4-7; Zech3:4-5,9) allowing the final ministry (Rev11) to develop and deploy as per the Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing, is all externally carried out by the 8th King as all internal infiltrators and defectors in Jehovah’s witnesses are removed in the temple judgment purification to a completion; (Isa66:6);

Egypt and Assyria Final Symbology to National and Globalist World Power

1. Egypt and Assyria in timing, events and separated delineation prior to Babylon’s prophetic rise, provide a symbolic representation of national “Egypt” and globalist “Assyria” world power systems and their final developmental characteristics and critical world events in prophetic timing in this modern temple judgment phase unto the temple completion phase and Kingdom parallel completion leading to Armageddon;

A. God is also completing His own final Messianic Kingdom developments concurrent with the final 8th King globalist world drive to full “scarlet wildbeast” world government prior to Armageddon; (The final JW ministry must address Kingdom reality);

2. “Egypt” as a prophetic symbol pictures national powers, developments and influence;

3. “Assyria” as a prophetic symbol  pictures globalist powers, developments and influence;

4. The Daniel 2 exclusion of Egypt and Assyria from the “immense image” in human form (Rev13:18) of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream commencing with Babylon, isolates Egypt and Assyria as divine symbols in the periods before Babylon’s assumption of power and symbology as the “head of Gold” prophetically culminating in the 607 BCE destruction of Jerusalem by Babylonian forces;

5. Egyptian and Assyrian world events led in time to the 740 BCE Assyrian attack on Israel/Samaria as the Bethel judgment before the rise of Babylon to full power in that 607 BCE attack significance on Jerusalem,

6. Babylon fulfilled prophecies of divine vengeance on both Egypt and Assyria, ending their world power drives permanently;

Assyrian and Babylonian Judgments

1. First Judgment – Assyria 740 BCE – Temple Judgment

A. Those two judgments of God on Israel and Jerusalem spaced over time, in the 740 BCE divine foretold judgment on Israel by Assyria, and the 607 BCE divine foretold judgment on Jerusalem by Babylon also have supporting prophetic details from prophets focused on those two judgments;

B. Isaiah (778-732 BCE), Hosea (804-745 BCE), Joel (820 CE), Micah (777-717 BCE), and Amos (804 BCE) focused on prophetic details applicable today, pictured by the first Assyrian “Bethel” attack in 740 BCE which will in modern times parallel the “Bethel” temple judgment first 8th King attack coming up soon on Bethel and Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide organizational “established place” (Dan8:11b) and “fortress” (Dan11:31);

C. This is why these prophets are important now, for temple judgment information; (Heb4:12-13);

D. The 740 BCE attack pictures the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment using 8th King intrigues leading to the temple desolation to the divine degree required in the Daniel 8:14 timed period (Daniel 8:14 1150 days minimum;) in which progression over timed prophecy, God and Christ by covert angelic actions will purify (Rev8; Zech3:1-5; Isa66:6; Mal3:1-5) and recover the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry (Rev9) for “little scroll” preparation (Rev10; Zech3:6-7) for the final “two witnesses” warning (Rev 11) in truthful prophetic accuracy for a guaranteed 1260 days successful but opposed ministry;

E. The first attack in a divinely permission context of temple judgment is Daniel 8:14’s 1150 days minimum timed requirement in “evening” and “morning” phases (possibly 2300 days);

F. That temple judgment leads to a temple recovery period (amidst four trumpets and plagues in approximately parallel events leading to the temple ministerial recovery period 5th and 6th trumpets) and finally develops into the final 1260 days Revelation 11:2-7 “two witnesses” final ministry and final 8th King attack after temple recovery;

2. Second Judgment – Babylon 607 BCE – Temple Completion

A. The Babylon 607 BCE final Jerusalem judgment pictures the final Revelation 11:7 (Dan8:5; 11:44-45) 8th King attack some years and prophetic periods after temple judgment of Daniel 8:14;

Babylon 607 BCE Began 2520 Years “Seven Times” Unto 1914 CE Completion

1. That 607 BCE judgment started the “appointed times of the nations” (Luke 21:24) in “holy city trampling” in 2520 years of divinely allowed “gentile” world rulership with no interference from God’s Kingdom until 1914 CE when the “seven times” of 2520 years ended;

2. As those “seven times” in years ended, the “seven times” in Revelation 11:2-3 in days began in approximately the same time time point, in the same prophetic time period – with related “holy city” relationships;

2520 Years “Seven Times” Completion Leads to 2520 days “Seven Times” Beginning

1. The significance to the “seven times” principle is the “holy city” “trampling” by “gentile” world power begun by Babylon is what applies to the “seven times” count in the 2520 years permitted by God, and that same principle of “seven” applies to the modern spiritual “holy city” “Jerusalem” “trampling” in 2520 days by the “gentile” powers to be ended by God at that final “seven times” completion as 2520 days – it is a countdown to Armageddon;

2. Just as the Babylonian “gentile” world power commenced “trampling” significance, begun in 607 BCE, ending in 1914 CE in 2520 years, that ending is connected DIRECTLY to the BEGINNING of continued “gentile” “trampling” now in 2520 days – commenced as the FIRST 1260 days of “holy city” trampling in Revelation 11:2-3 in 1914-1918 at Kingdom birth and into temple foundational significance as the 2520 years ended in Babylonian commenced significance;

3. Thus both “seven times” in years and days are related in time and principle and connected in prophecy;

4. And logically then a temple foundation must have a temple completion phase that must fulfill in the near future to complete the Kingdom and temple upon which completion phasing a final 1260 days must transpire to complete the 2520 days of “seven times” “holy city” “trampling” requirement by gentile world power as Revelation 11:2-3 “two witnesses” actually is two witnessings, as it REPEATS fulfillment at Kingdom/Temple completion for real;

5. Thus as the 2520 years of divinely permitted “gentile” domination ended in 1914 CE, so begins in 1914 CE a 1260 day portion of the total “seven times” 2520 days of “gentile” powers in complete disregard for the expiration of the “appointed times of the nations” in 2520 years lease of Kingdom proclamation during the first 1260 days;

6. In complete “gentile” defiance the 2520 days of final warning to be finally completed in marked Kingdom developmental manifestations of prophetic fulfillment of Kingdom birth, 1914-1918; (1260 days) unto Kingdom completion in the near future final 1260 days is carried out completely and each 1260 day phase made a Kingdom proclamation of the developmental phase the Messianic Kingdom was in, in each respective 1260 day period;

7. Which final 1260 days of final warning of the near future leads to full divine resolution of the issue of global sovereignty, in fact universal sovereign domination by God’s Kingdom with complete warning and prophetic evidence with a completing 8th King system also fulfilling critical prophecy now covered up by the Governing Body of Lawlessness; (Rev19:19-21; 20:1-3; 2Thess2:1-8);

Two Kingdom/Temple Phases, Two 1260 Day Witnesses

1. Thus the 1260 days in two phases totaling 2520 days as “seven times” is split upon also two temple judgments in temple foundational phase (circa 1914) and temple completion phase (future), and upon two phases of Kingdom of God development in Kingdom birth phase (1914) and Kingdom completion phase (future);

2. Those two phases of Kingdom/Temple development are separated in time after 1914-1918 first phase 1260 days completion by a purified Christian ministry resulting from the 1914-1922 Kingdom events and Christian temple purifications that is Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide Kingdom proclamation today;

3. That Jehovah’s witnesses ministry is in critical error and diversion since 1990 fulfillments of Daniel 8:11-13 and Daniel 11:30-32 of 2Thessalonians 2:3 “man of lawlessness” in UN NGO co-promotions of the third placement UN “disgusting thing” in “new world order” developmental mode;

Temple Cleansing Required at Temple Completion Phase

1. Due to prophetic requirements and SIGNAL lawless activity “in the temple” a final “temple inspection” phase is logical and needed and (Mal3:1) has found (Zech3:1-3) the “man of lawlessness” active “in Jehovah’s witnesses” headquartered “in the temple” at Bethel “lifted up” and “set in opposition” leading JW subversions (Rev8:10-12) leading to a final temple judgment phase for required temple purification of the “man of lawlessness” removal with the “official” apostasy he leads; (Daniel 11:32 “apostasy” is 2Thessalonians 2:3 “apostasy” and Zechariah 3:1-3 “befouled garments” in a temple inspection active now and completing into temple judgment)

2. Thus all prophetic symbology fulfilled in minor form in 1914 Kingdom birth and temple foundational periods in prophecy must also REPEAT, such as the “man of lawlessness”, the “ten virgins”, the temple inspection and entry, as Revelation 8-11 and Revelation 15-16 also replicates with Daniel 12 timed periods completing the 1260 days for full “seven times” significance unto Kingdom and Temple completion of all 144000 under King-Priest Jesus Christ; (Daniel 7:25-26 timed period repeats, Daniel 12:7-11 timed periods repeat with Revelation’s applicable portions to the very end at actual Armageddon;

Other Symbolic Entities

B. Zephaniah (Before 648 BCE); Nahum (Before 632 BCE) Obadiah (around 607 BCE) and other prophets give details of peripheral judgments on the 8th King “Assyria”, “Edom” (Esau symbol of Christians selling their anointed and related “birthright” in defection becoming “temple traitors” (Daniel 11:30b)), “Egypt” national powers, “Tyre”, “Moab”, “Ethiopia” and other symbolic entities being summarized now for final fulfillment aid to Christians to understand the final time period we are entering in all aspects of development;

Man of Lawlessness Setup and Cover Up

1. Importantly that it is NOT the over simplified Governing Body of Lies “prophetic” scenario that is setting Jehovah’s witnesses up with erred and false expectations of a premature “Armageddon” which is actually a temple judgment and desolation (Dan8:14) that the Governing Body and 8th King want to make appear to misled JWs like “the end of the world” to aid their 8th King diversion of JWs into darkness further, at the critical beginning of the final phase of completions of 8th King world government “scarlet wildbeast” and God’s Kingdom – certainly NOT “the end”;

2. God is prophetically identifying the corrupted Governing Body connection to the prerequisite “man of lawlessness” (first attack) and 8th King globalists (both attacks) in prophecy for His own purposes as they must ironically aid the divine will knowingly or not, as they set up the basis of their own exposure as a prophetic collusion of Daniel 8:11-14; 11:30-32 parallel prophetic developments since 1990;

3. This provides a temple judgment signal and context of temple “desolation” for purifications, and finally aids the 144000 temple completion (Revelation 11:11-19; 16:17-18; Isaiah 28; GB: Acts 1:15-20; Globalists: Ezra 6:1-13);

The Prophets Meaning in Final Fulfillment Cycle from Temple Judgment to Temple Completion at Armageddon

Although all prophets cover various aspects of God’s Kingdom, Temple, and “Holy City” “Jerusalem” purpose and some even describing overviews prior to Eden and even into the 1000 year reign and after, certain developmental aspects have repeated a number of times in Israel’s and Christian’s times of fulfillments of defined temple and kingdom periods leading to the finale period, as certain prophets predominate application focuses on these defined periods of Kingdom and temple commencement and completion phases;

For example:

1. Isaiah, Hosea, Joel, Micah and Amos are prophecies primarily focused on Assyrian 740 BCE Israel divine judgment in whole applicable now to temple judgment  (Daniel 8:11-14) and first temple attack significance Bethel indictment and related details;

2. Jeremiah, Ezekiel are prophecies primarily focused on Babylonian 607 BCE Jerusalem divine judgment in whole or part as temple completion development by last temple attack significance; (Revelation 11:1-7;) (1260 Days Revelation 11:2-3; Daniel 7:25-26; 12:7 8th King final attack Daniel 8:25; 11:44-45; Revelation 19:19-21; 2Thessalonians 1:6-10;)

A. Yet Jeremiah and Ezekiel describe spiritually lawless developments applicable to this first attack and temple judgment coming upon Bethel similar lawlessness, that will not be present when that temple judgment effects full temple purification;

B. The principles must be applied with discernment as the Revelation11:1-7 second 8th King temple attack is a requirement to complete the 2520 days in a second cycle of prophetic replication of the 1260 days as literally two witnessings of Kingdom developments in sovereign proclamations at Kingdom birth and Kingdom completion;

Thus the initial trampling of Jerusalem in 607 BCE by the Babylonians starting the 2520 years “appointed time” relating in time to the final 8th King attack of Revelation 11:7, also relates the 2520 days in “holy city” “trampling” significance that continued in two 1260 day fulfillments from the conclusion of the 2520 years in 1914, in the same year the 2520 days began as the first 1260 days of 1914-1918;

3. Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk have prophecies with special significance regarding the judgment of Assyria as Globalist 8th King and the judgment of “Nineveh” as the modern day Jehovah’s Witnesses Bethel UN “Assyrian” 8th King Annex “city”;

4. Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi give details on major temple completion announcements significant AFTER 1922 minor temple foundation applications which applied in minor form, in some instances to the 1914-1922 phase;

5. Obadiah gives judgment details of “Edom” as globalist 8th King developed defector former Christian accomplices who “sell out” as per Daniel 11:31b; as “Esau” was “Jacob’s” (Israel – anointed Christian) brother who sold out his birthright; Daniel 11:32 has “those acting wickedly against the holy covenant” as any JW apostate “in the temple” in active Governing Body led apostasy in the final temple completion cycle significance;

6. Jonah symbolizes recovery ministry (purified white, like Jonah after being “bleached” in the fish’s stomach) from the depths of “abyss” (Jonah 2:1-10 = Revelation 9:1-4; Ezekiel 37) which relates at temple recovery to the “sign of the son of man” which aids overall world repentance of some new “sheep” but of note in Jonah is repentance of some globalist and national elites and Bethelites at “Nineveh” (Jon 19:38; 1Cor1:26) in context of limited worldwide final “great crowd” populating (Matt25:31-46; Rev14:14-16) which the final ministry will carry forth by convincing evidence by God’s guaranteed power; (John 16:8; Matt25:37);

A. The casting into the sea of Jonah is the temple desolation of pre deliverance as Jehovah’s witnesses go into the “sea” of mankind as judged, but are recovered into an abyss state explaining four trumpets, as the angelic “fish” of God’s deliverance “swallows” them into tat Revelation 9:1-4 “abyss” state of temple desolation aftermath as two more trumpets call the JW “army” to ministerial service in cleansed condition;

B. The trip to “Nineveh” is accomplished by the “fish” as JWs are “thrown up” on “land”, ultimately by God, and must notify the 8th King “Ninevites” of impending Kingdom of God completion rather than curry 8th King favor as UN NGO “escorts”, which is how JWs have fled with the Governing Body from ministerial responsibility as the GB and Bethel co-promoted the third Biblical and world placement of the United Nations in 1990 fulfilling Daniel 11:31b;

C. The Governing Body “befouled garments” is what stays in the “fish’s” stomach rejected as temple purification “dross” and spiritual impurity;

7. Esther principles express final divine deliverance of some Jehovah’s witnesses aided by Christians in globalist or nationalist or other positions with accessibility to inside information regarding attack actions since anytime in Christian history effecting deliverance of some Christians in persecutions;

A. In final form Esther pictures repentant globalists or nationalists, but can include anybody in the process, aiding Christians in the final world judgment of Matthew 25:31-46 Daniel 12:11 time zone becoming 11th hour “sheep”, yet puzzled as to how they aided Christ’s brothers; (Matt25:37);

B. Leading to this time in “least” form are earthling “other sheep” eventually being the only “sheep” left as the 144000 “sheep” are fully gathered to aid that “harvest of the earth” and final separation of “sheep” from “goats” at Daniel 7:26 timing (Daniel 12:11); So these are people who “love their neighbor as themselves” even if unknowingly aiding Christians in times of need, but especially in the 1260 days and final 8th King worldwide attack of Revelation 11:7;

8. National prophetically symbolized features and intrigues to develop in final phases such as “Egypt”, “Assyria”, “Babylon”, “Edom”, “Moab”, “Ammon”, “Ethiopia”, “Libya”, “Tyre” and others covered in various prophets as sideline or specialized in detailing like Nahum and Zephaniah foretelling globalist “Assyrian” judgment finalities with details of events and features that “Assyria” and “Nineveh” develop in final fulfillment;

9. Daniel and Revelation are complete hubs of all sovereign Kingdom and Temple fulfillment, Revelation completes the totality Daniel’s prophecy from God founded in a framework of names and dates;

10. Zechariah is the “Revelation of Temple Completion” in Hebrews Scriptures;

Genesis, Exodus, the Mosaic Law details, Joshua, Judges and early dynastic histories of Israel, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the apostolic writings all add details and developmental features, clues and hints, like the Hebrew era prophets of Israel, to tie the whole thing into one completing Sovereign Kingdom and everlasting Temple continuum since Genesis 1 unto Revelation 22 as one prophetic whole leading into the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ as King of God’s Kingdom;

And much of it is going to repeat with Revelation 8-11 (15-16 parallel) in one grand finale of prophecy to the end;

Countdown to Armageddon Beginning not Ending

1. The truth is from the marked and signal temple judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses, if Daniel 8:14 was 2300 days and went back to back into Revelation 11:2-3; Daniel 12:7; 1260 days, that puts the temple completion within a decade of temple judgment commencement point; But the temple completion context of Daniel 7:25, 12:7, Rev11:2-3 1260 days timing ending is not the absolute Armageddon end, but the completed “sign of the son of man” that begins the final period of Daniel 12:11 1290 days; (Rev11:11-12);

2. The gist is the end is very close, not as close as the Governing Body is saying, but close; The Governing Body is preaching a premature “end” scenario that is actually their 8th King teamed final world intrigues just beginning – and they KNOW all this continues for some years as 8th King insiders;

3. Even after the post 1260 days temple 144000 completion, in the face of 8th King also completing, “Armageddon” itself may very well be 1290 days of final world judgment (Dan726 is Dan1211 timing) amidst Daniel 11:44-45 final developments of 8th King true desperation (Amos 9:1-3), but in a state of FULL Messianic Kingdom power ensuring no earthling sheep can be harmed any longer (Zech12:6-9; 9:8-9), and only selective separating work, and precise limited destruction, is taking place in that period as Christ completes his own ministry BEFORE wiping the 8th King off the face of the earth in TOTAL destruction concluding the Armageddon period; (Matt10:23; Dan7:26; Matt25:31-46; Rev14:14-20);

4. If one is “waiting on Jehovah” by “waiting on the Governing Body” one will be waiting a while, because the Governing Body is actually “waiting on the 8th King” globalist planners, NOT “waiting on Jehovah”; If you are truly “waiting on Jehovah”, He is here, thanks for waiting;

5. The Governing Body is lulling and drifting JWs for 8th King final world developmental intrigues into a global trap to lead to Armageddon YEARS later and to throw JWs into that “tribulation of those days” storm, that they well know is just BEGINNING, in total confusion to make JWs think it is “the end”, to confuse and derail JWs permanently if possible as that period actually progresses over years to true Armageddon;

6. This is why NO actual “new light” or any in-depth 8th King exposing commentary comes from this purposeful GB JW coma for 22 years now; That 10 years at the UN library produced NOTHING of any enlightenment but UN quotes and books to plug to aid sales; The Governing Body are spiritually dead (Jude10-13) and they are in league with globalist 8th King powers, for 8th King objectives in this first attack to try to destroy the JW worldwide organization;

7. It is a big and masterfully produced act on the Bethel stage fulfilling ALL of the Hosea’s prophecy and many others in clandestine “man of lawlessness” set up of JWs for 8th King coup to BEGIN the final cycle of world developments leading to FULL COMPLETE “scarlet wildbeast” world government beyond UN “image” comprehensive power and extent;

8. And all that is foretold and backed by prophetic details at Daniel 11:30-32 and Daniel 8:11-14 concerning Bethel compromise for UN NGO purposes and te infiltration required to carry that operation to success;

9. But thank God through Jesus Christ, God is also developing FULL AND COMPLETE Messianic Kingdom “Royal Family” 144000 to arise with King Christ into the face of the 8th King at Armageddon (Rev16:12-18) prelude developments (Rev17:12-17) seen by the whole world before the big war of Armaged-done (Matt24:29-31; Rev1:7; 6:12-17), and while in dual completion development PARALLEL in time with the rival 8th King to make far more powerful diametrically competitive Messianic Kingdom Sovereign proclamations in full force (Rev10-11), backed by angels (Rev8-11; 15-16), AFTER JWs are recovered to Biblical reality from this temple judgment;

Two Judgment Phases and The Prophets

1. As we see Israel went through two judgment phases in the 740 BCE Assyrian based judgment of Israel and the 607 BCE Babylonian based judgment of Jerusalem which applies to actual conditions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian ministry and temple arrangement of today about to enter a temple judgment first, leading to temple purifications through a timed temple desolation leading to a final ministry of powerful but brief “little scroll” import leading to the final “holy city” “trampling” of a second 8th King attack leading to temple 144000 completion and Armageddon;

2. The truth is things that developed in Israel’s time and repeated in Christ’s time also repeated after the time of the apostles in Christendom as far as a perpetual drift into Adamic nature of gradual sins, aided by demonic advanced intelligence and activities (2Thess2:9; Zech3:1; 2Cor11:13-15) that lead to terminal systemic states of lawlessness tat require divine judgment intervention all outlined in the prophetic details and principles in the Bible – it is all repeating in Jehovah’s witnesses ministry in the same manner as the foregoing periods;

3. Thus we JWs may apply Hosea to Israel and Christendom but fail to ascertain the same development at Bethel led by the Governing Body in Jehovah’s Witnesses repeating the same pattern of rationalized sins, JW population blindness and denial with viral self-protecting “policies” meant to squelch dissenting talk minimizing exposure of “man of lawlessness” actual activities; All those things took place in Israel in Moses’ and Joshua’s time, in Elijah’s time, Isaiah’s time, and Jeremiah’s time and repeated in Zechariah’s time and Christ’s time (1-70 CE) and Christendom’s time (380 CE to 1922 CE) prior to all those now JW known divine judgments or revelations;

4. Of course it must all repeat in Jehovah’s witnesses modern times of final temple judgment, purification, recovery and final brief but powerful “little scroll” final Kingdom Sovereign proclamation ministry;

More Applications of Prophetic Principles

Thus the dual judgment pattern of (1) 740 BCE in Israel and (2) 607 BCE in Jerusalem apply also to:

1. 1914-1922 CE initial Christian temple foundational cleansing (1) and the final Armageddon judgment in overall temple judgment cleansing (2) over 100 plus years to full temple 144000 completion in the future,

2. In the final temple completion phase itself – from the temple judgment (1) in the near future to pre-Armageddon temple completion and final total world judgment (2);

Temple Judgment

1. Isaiah is the “Revelation” of Temple Judgment in Hebrew Scriptures and contains all indictment, judgment, purification, recovery and temple completion information to support Daniel and Revelation sovereign Kingdom and temple progressions as the base structured frameworks and timelines of truth; Hosea, Joel, Micah and Amos provide supporting details of this judgment period as it applies as well to the initial 8th King attack on Jehovah’s witnesses in Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment;

Temple Indictment

1. Hosea, Micah and Amos provide complete Bethel indictments leading to divine temple judgment warning and as legal notification of judgment justice;

Temple Recovery

1. Joel is a temple recovery and global effects primer of the temple recovery and worldwide effects of that final Kingdom ministry empowered by God and Christ and a final prophetic cycle in live fulfillment proving were it is all leading in temple completion, Armageddon and Kingdom conquest;

Temple Completion

1. All these prophets touch on aspects of temple completion in principle and in detailed descriptions which support Revelation in the same manner as the apostolic writings; Zechariah is the “Temple Revelation” of the Hebrew scriptures tying temple purification to temple completion and paralleling Revelation 11 “two witnesses” symbology of guaranteed temple completion and providing temple and Kingdom completion sequences in a number of ways in separate visions, with great details allowing cross reference into specific sub-periods of the temple judgment to temple completion final phase;

2. All the prophets events, details and principles of developments can be cross referenced into the overall final prophetic cycle of temple inspection “man of lawlessness” and apostate revelations leading to the timeline of temple judgment, leading to temple desolation, leading to temple purifications, leading to temple recovery, leading to final Kingdom warning ministry, leading to temple completion and Kingdom completion, leading to final world judgment, leading to Armageddon and the full conquest of God’s Kingdom “Let your Kingdom come”;

Structured Framework and Timeline of Final Prophetic Cycle to Armageddon

1. Therefore the final prophetic cycle provides an approximate timeline with a timed period of temple judgment (Dan8:14) leading to the timed final Kingdom warning ministry of 1260 days (Rev11:2-3; Dan 7:25; 12:7), leading to the full “court” of completed Kingdom and temple in the 1290 days (Dan12:11) over the detailed progressions of the 8th King completion and God’s Kingdom completion unfolding as Revelation 8-11 parallels Revelation 15-16 gauged further by seven trumpets and seven plagues between temple judgment (Dan8:14) and the final Kingdom warning (Rev11:2-3; Dan12:7);

2. Thus all “scattered” details provided by the prophets in the Bible books can now be fitted reliably into final periods and events in this structured framework and approximated timeline to Armageddon, as this final sequence is NOW unfolding live and real-time with the temple inspection concluding in the revelation of the lawless Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and apostate Bethel administrations as modern final “man of lawlessness” in league with the United Nations in their 8th King “family of organizations” as the great signal prerequisite of 2Thessalonians 2:3 is met;

Kingdom Birth/Temple Foundation Phase (1914-1918; (Dan12:7; 7:25; Rev11:2-3); 1919-1922; (Dan12:11; 7:26))

Prophecies applying to the 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 periods of Daniel 12:7’s progression to Daniel 12:11 in that era in respective 1260 day and 1290 periods of Messianic Kingdom birth and temple foundational developments fulfilling minor prophetic significance must also REPEAT into the Messianic Kingdom completion and temple completion  phase period in full, major, comprehensive significance of the whole theme of the Bible’s tacking of Kingdom Sovereignty for the purposes of fulfilling the Lord’s own prayer recorded at Matthew 6:9-10;

For example:

1. Malachi 3:1-5 applied to the whole 1914-1922 development and subsequent Christian refinement period will also replicate with Daniel 12:11 in full Christ Court of Daniel 7:26;

2. Revelation 11:1-19 foregleam of Kingdom and temple actual completion, beyond the Kingdom birth divine sovereign announcements of the “two witnesses” from 1914 forward in progressively clarified manner, will have a final replication of 1260 days amidst Daniel 7:25 and 12:7 events in the near future also replicating unto a final Kingdom COMPLETION world proclamation;

3. Thus all illustrative patterns like the “ten virgins”, the “wheat and the weeds”, the “faithful and discreet slave” the “man of lawlessness” as “evil slave” and all the other illustrations and prophecies applicable to 1914, will also have a final replication of meaning not in all of Christendom, but in all of Christian Jehovah’s witnesses temple judgment;

4. By the time of Kingdom completion and temple completion in all 144000 after the 1260 days completes (Rev11:7-12; Matt24:29-31) at some unknown point in time, the whole progression to that final separation and “gathering” has application to “other seep” as fully in discriminating judgment of God and Christ as the anointed in completion and conclusion of meaning as anointed fully complete first;

5. Therefore since the “other sheep” are the “harvest of the earth” and global “sheep” gathered in that final Christ Court judgment of Daniel 7:26 in Revelation 14:14-16 timing, Matthew 25:31-46 applies to earth sheep, for all 144000 must be part of the final Christ Court in the 1290 day period of Daniel 7:26 (Dan12:11); as Christ actually “sits down on his glorious throne” in full Kingdom Court power, beyond the 1914-1918 minor preparation;

6. The temple must have 144000 “pillars in the temple of my God” for Christ to coronate the temple as “head stone” of Zechariah 4:6-8, and obviously God will not set Christ’s “grand crown” but on a complete temple architecture in the King-Priest Coronation event foregleamed at Zechariah 6:9-15;

7. All patterns therefore have a climax application in the near future final cycle of prophetic Kingdom, temple, holy city and bride of Christ completion in a final prophetic replication of all of Revelation 8-11 parallel with Revelation 15-16 into which all prophecy converges for also final fulfillment application live and real-time unto full Armageddon resolution of world sovereignty (Rev19:19-21), and universal sovereignty from Satanic power (Rev20:1-3; Eze38-39);

Developments After Kingdom Birth/Temple Foundation Phase 1914

1. Haggai and Zechariah apply to post 1914-1922 temple foundation progressions because they were commissioned as prophets AFTER the Jerusalem typical literal temple foundation was ALREADY laid, PRIOR to the Jerusalem second Temple completion;

2. Thus they, with Malachi must apply to events also after the 1914-1922 kingdom and temple foundational stage in major full fulfillments, as that temple foundation period of 1914-1922 had minor prophetic application to Haggai and Zechariah and because those prophets apply finally and most fully to temple completion work, having been commissioned for post temple foundation temple completion promoting encouragement;

3. Malachi, like Haggai and Zechariah, applies to both temple foundation prelude and progression of 1914-1922 and temple completion because of relationships to Zechariah 3 and the temple priesthood purifications in Malachi 3:1-5 prior to temple completion in the Malachi 4 final timing of Armageddon context;

Jerusalem 607 BCE Judgment

1. The modern temple completion period of Revelation 11 is foregleamed by the Jerusalem judgment of 607 BCE which began the “appointed times of the nations” in 2520 years which the Revelation 11:2 “trampling” will complete in a parallel form in 2520 days as the final 1260 day portion in replicating prophecy;

2. Thus that foregleamed judgment is not a divine condemnation but a temple completion final “trampling” requirement (Rev11:2) for the Jerusalem “holy city” to attain fully spiritual form in all 144000 completed under Jesus Christ as also King-Priest of that temple “coronation” event and beautification “head stone” crowning of the temple of God at Zechariah 4:6-9 and Zechariah 6:9-15;

3. Thus certain temple purification events in the 607 BCE Jerusalem judgment prophecies (like Ezekiel 9-10), in spite of total destruction of the Jerusalem temple in 607 BCE, also apply to this initializing final temple judgment and purification upon a 144000 temple that must be purified then destroyed in earthly form (two witnesses killed) as well (Rev11:1-12; Rev6:9-11; 13:9-10); but will be completed in everlasting spiritual form in all 144000 under Christ from that final 8th King attack (and separate actions of God; 1Thess4:17) to complete the Kingdom and temple in the face of the enemy system to begin final world judgment of this period in the Daniel 7:25-26 progression into full Christ Court of Daniel 7:26 (Matt25:31-46; Rev14:14-20) which aligns with the 1290 days and events of Daniel 12:11 after the 1260 days of Daniel 12:7 paralleling Revelation 11:2-3 have ended;

4. Therefore the Jerusalem judgment in the second attack of that Israel era in 607 BCE has a purification temple judgment foregleam in Ezekiel 9 and 10 of temple and city “fire” purifications even before the full Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem;

(Ezekiel 9:6) . . .Old man, young man and virgin and little child and women you should kill off—to a ruination. But to any man upon whom there is the mark do not go near, and from my sanctuary you should start.” So they started with the old men that were before the house.

(Ezekiel 10:2) . . .And he proceeded to say to the man clothed with the linen, even to say: “Enter in between the wheelwork, in under the cherubs, and fill the hollows of both your hands with coals of fire from between the cherubs and toss [them] over the city.”

5. We just need to see how the overall pattern is illustrated in both 740 BCE and 607 BCE judgments, and within the 607 BCE Jerusalem judgment itself to certain features they support in this massive final temple judgment activation leading to finalities in Revelation 11 7th trumpet period;

6. This final replication of this final Kingdom and temple prophetic cycle are summarizing the entire prophetic picture in one massive continuum to Armageddon and the actual Kingdom of God Messianic Kingdom of Christ agency in full completion and power coming into planet Earth’s realm and assuming complete universal domination of which planet Earth will be “snapped into” the completed Temple courtyard FOREVER;

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