Revelation 8-11 – The Last Temple Sequence

Revelation 8-11 – The Last Temple Sequence

1914 Main Patterns that Repeat in the Future

1. Temple Pattern

A. 1914-1919 provided the timed context of the Temple foundation prophetic fulfillments of Malachi3:1-5, Zech3, and Revelation 11 in minor form;

B. The near future will provide the timed context of the Temple completion prophetic fulfillments of Malachi3:1-5, Zech3, and Revelation 11 in final major form upon the same 1914-1919 pattern; (Rev11:2-3; Dan12:7; 7:25-26)

2. Kingdom Pattern

A. 1914 provided the timed context of the Kingdom birth prophetic fulfillments of Revelation 6:1-8, Psalm 110, and Revelation 11:15-18 in minor form;

B. The near future will provide the timed context of the Kingdom completion and conquest prophetic fulfillments at Armageddon of Revelation 19:11-21, Daniel 2:44, and Revelation 11:15-18 in final major form upon the same 1914 pattern;

3. Rival Kingdom Pattern

A. 1914 provided the timed context of the Satanic Kingdom final 7th (Anglo-American) and 8th (Globalist elite world government) powers in prophetic fulfillments of Revelation 13:1-15 in minor form; (Rev17:11)

B. The near future will provide the timed context of the Satanic Kingdom final 8th King Globalist elite world government completion and attempted conquest at Armageddon prophetic fulfillments of Revelation 19:11-21, Ezekiel 38, and Daniel 11:44-45 (8:25) in final major form;

Final Replication

All these patterns have prerequisites that are already beginning to repeat in their initial manifestations as shown below, and will continue to progress major activations for a number of known prophetic cycles described below;

Revelation 8-11 Outlines The Final Sequence of Prophetic Replication For The Near Future

Revelation 8-11 connects 3 critical prophetic manifestations to each other; (1) temple judgment 1150 days connects to the subsequent (2) 6 trumpets which connects to the subsequent (3) 1260 days final ministry which leads to the 7th trumpet Kingdom and Temple completion and Armageddon;

1. Revelation 8 is Temple Judgment and Cleansing Parallel with Daniel 8:11-14 as 1Peter4:17 in Priority; (Zech3); (Rev8:2-5) – That will be the signal of activation soon;

2. Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization will be Desolated to Divine Specifications Due to Adulterous United Nations Promotional and Partisan Sins since 1991; (Dan8:11-14; Zech3:2; Hos4-8; 1Pet4:17)

A. When this initializing signal of temple judgment begins by world known desolations upon the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization worldwide the timed Daniel 8:11-14 activation has begun; (Dan8:14)

B. This also initiates the final prophetic replication of temple completion significance in human history and will go over the designated time of Daniel 8:14 to Revelation 8-11 activations all the way to temple 144000 completion and Armageddon final resolution of sovereign world power;

Begin End of the World Sequence

This divine temple and priesthood judgment/purification on Jehovah’s Witnesses “established place” (worldwide organization) as per Daniel 8:11-14 and Zechariah 3:1-7 will begin a modern activation of prophetic replication in major final form from this temple judgment signal to temple 144000 completion under Christ by God; In the near future this must activate; (Zech4:6-9; Zech6:9-15; Rev11:11-19)

In fact certain elements are already repeating such as the revealing of the man of lawlessness as prerequisite to temple judgment; This is also how we know we are in inspection; (2Thess2:3-4; Mal3:1) (See “It’s Already Beginning to Repeat” below;)

Amazing Events and Rocking the Nations in Final Form; (Haggai 2:6-7)

This will unfold over years upon known periods of biblical prophecy upon former fulfilled patterns through the greatest set of human events to unfold in world history beginning soon; (1Pet4:17)

Some of These events will include:

1. The destruction and removal of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “man of lawlessness” faction (Rev8-9 symbolic “1/3”) operating through the Governing Body and a full organization-wide globalist intel infiltration of Jehovah’s Witnesses; (Zech3:3-7; 2Thess2:3-12; Hos1:4-7; Isa66:6)

2. The world drive to and through WW4 paralleling the pillage and deposition of worldwide religious empire assets and sovereignty as Babylon the Great; (Rev17:11-18; Rev18)

3. The potential initial world proclamation of the final 8th King “UN” ” image” before WW4 in “peace and security” hoax event to fool Jehovah’s Witnesses into thinking this is “great tribulation; of Daniel 11:44-45; (1Thess5:1-3; Dan11:44-45; Dan8:23-25);

4. The final world proclamation of the final 8th King full “Scarlet Wildbeast” ” image” and actual world government after WW4 in “peace and security” and the ominous “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:25; (1Thess5:1-3; Dan11:44-45; Dan8:23-25);

5. The Kingdom and Temple 144000 Completion after the 1260 days of Revelation 11:2-7; (Dan7:25-26; 12:7) that the 6 trumpets and 6 bowls arrive at for 7th bowl and 7th trumpet climax prior to Armageddon;

6. The rival 8th King globalist world rulership and the Messianic Kingdom will zenith into apex final diametric development both at the same time, just as they were born at approximately the same time as well in the 1914-1919 time period;

7. The Final Sheep and Goat Determination; (Dan7:26; Matt25:31-46)

8. Armageddon; (Rev16:13-18; Rev19:11-21)

Major Final World Warning Takes Years to Finalize – Take Advantage of It!

1. Revelation 8:6-12 Begins a Timed Four of Seven Trumpet Sequence of Guaranteed Heralds To Jehovah’s Witnesses

A. Eventually the world will also know the meaning in trumpets 5 and 6 after recovery of judged and punished Jehovah’s Witnesses; Hos7:16

B. These “trumpets” will be paralleling  7 “bowls” of “plagues” of worldwide significance empowered by this globalist world drive of global engineered intrigues permitted by God as per Revelation 15-16 which parallels Revelation 8-11’s 7 trumpets;

2. Revelation 9:1-4 is the “Abyss” Recovery of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

A. This “Abyss” is where the “established place” is “thrown down” into in Daniel 8:11-13;

B. This is after the Daniel 8:14 1150 days minimum, and bridges over time to the final 1260 days of the final world ministry of the “two witnesses”;

3. That Temple Cleansing Purge of the “Governing Body of the Man of Lawlessness” and Jehovah’s Witnesses Sins is Preparatory for Final Divine Commission to Follow in Revelation 10 “Little Scroll”; (Zech3:1-7; 2Thess2:3-12; Mal3:1-5)

4. Revelation 10 is the “Little Scroll” Sovereign Proclamation of Kingdom and Temple Guaranteed Completion Prior to Armageddon Finalizing the End of the Appointed Times of Permitted Rival Rulership as 2520 Days; (Rev11:2-3 Fulfills Twice in History)

5. Revelation 11 is the Final Worldwide Sovereign Ultimatum of Jehovah God and Christ Through the Final “Two Witnesses” World Ministry;

A. This activates the final 1260 days for the second time in world history;

6. Revelation 11 is the Completion of Kingdom and Temple in One Prophecy that Repeats in Initial (1914) and Final (Future) Form for “Seven Times” Decree of 2520 Days; (Rev11:2-3 1260 Days X 2; Rev11:15-19  Kingdom and Temple completion)

7. Revelation 8-11 Will Begin and End with Jehovah’s Witnesses (1Pet4:17; Rev11:15-19) and is the Final Progression of Prophecy to Christ’s Final Arrival in Full Power;

Jehovah’s Witnesses Jolted to Reality Soon

1. As Jehovah’s Witnesses figure out from God that the “Governing Body” became an implanted 8th King intelligence control team which aided the desolation of the Bethel “established place” worldwide, permitted by God due to enormous UN and other sins, the final replication of temple prophecy will be well underway; (Dan8:11-13; 11:30-31; 2Cor11:13-15; 2Thess2:3-12; Zech3:1-3)

2. What will also be underway in the context of this temple event is the 8th King globalist world drive to World War 4 and it’s world distractions and intrigues to absorb and depose “Babylon the Great” religious assets and sovereignty among other goals;

3. This final World War 4 development is also to present the final 8th King globalist world government as this world war, like world war 1, 2 and 3, is also conveniently resolved for this “world peace” purpose for the fourth time presenting the “disgusting thing”; (1Thess5:1-3)

4. The exact pattern of 1914-1919 and Satan’s creation of World War 1 for distraction and diversion from God’s Kingdom Birth towards initial rival world government set-up as the “League of Nations” will also be repeating in major final form for the same objectives as World War 4 develops repeating this pattern to present the final 8th King globalist elite world government;

It’s Already Beginning to Repeat

1. The exposure of the lawless globalist 8th King supporting Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a replication of the “man of lawlessness” manifestation in major final form; (2Thess2:3-4)

2. The sins and denial of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a “nation” replicates Israel in Hosea’s time in the whole book of Hosea and is also repeating prophecy now by this reality today;

A. Hosea applies to today’s Bethel of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization;

3. God’s judgment on all of these Jehovah’s Witnesses’ systems is in Revelation 8 parallel with Daniel 8:11-14, Zechariah 3, Malachi 3:1-5, 1Peter 4:17 in final major temple judgment and purification form leading to temple completion;

Final 1-2-3 Sequence

1. This provides a timed initiation signal in 2300 “evenings and mornings” (1150 days minimum) of organizational permitted trampling/desolation in Daniel 8:14 timed prophecy as the parallel activation of Revelation 8:2-5;

2. That bridges Revelation 8-9 six major Jehovah’s Witnesses directed trumpet heralds from God’s angels to extend in time during/after the 1150 days minimum to the 1260 days of Revelation 11;

3. The 1260 days of Revelation 11 is the final warning period prior to the final 7th trumpet heralding Kingdom and Temple completion;

That is why this initial hit on the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization is a critical signal event to manifest soon;

The Commencement “Signal” Will Be Known Worldwide

1. When the Jehovah’s Witnesses “established place” is desolated soon worldwide over a number of years, we all will know what it really means in prophecy and why; (Dan8:14)

2. This Governing Body of Lawlessness (Rev8:10-11) is not going to tell Jehovah’s Witnesses what this means (Dan8:12) they are not anointed or Christian; they are betrayers (“son of destruction”; 2Thess2:3-4) with the globalist 8th King (Dan11:31b);

3. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and a lawless infiltration organization-wide (Dan8:12; 11:30; 11:41) will be internally aiding and leading the God permitted globalist “established place” desolation period of Daniel 8:11-14 upon the Jehovah’s Witnesses “established place of the sanctuary” until they are removed as Zechariah 3:4-7 and Hosea 1:4-7 finalize in temple purity by fire; (Zech3:2; Mal3:1-5);

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