All Seeing Eye Page

All-Seeing-Eye Symbology Used by the “Lawless One” Infiltrators of Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

Cryptic Graphics Infused by “Man of Lawlessness” in JW Org

Please note what Bethel is doing in open public fashion is far worse than their 8th King affiliate hidden signalling.
All Seeing Eye Page

These are examples of subtle “lawless one” activity in the JW organization as they try to make a move on Jehovah’s witnesses, inviting God’s move on them, as per prophecy (Zech3:2-9 = Rev8:1-5 in final fulfillment mode of the modern day “man of lawlessness” operating since Fred Franz died. Franz was the “one who acted as a restraint” in 2Thess2:3-9 modern final fulfillment. This “lawless one” is being identified and revealed by Jehovah and Christ now, prior to the expulsion* of this one from the organization.

*Zechariah 3:4 Triggers the Preparation for the 7 Trumpets

They Got Their “All-Seeing-Eye” on Sister “So-n-So”

Another Sister Gets “The Eye”

Hidden Meaning

The message in both these graphics of the “all-seeing-eye”, “eyeing” young Christian sisters, is that this infiltration has it’s “eye” on these girls – a demon “eye”; (Genesis 6). But in due time, Jehovah will put that “eye” out, with a red hot poker – this is all permitted by God to fulfill prophecy, commence the final round with a bang, and count coup on the infiltrator head move on the JW org.


Rev8 Fire Cleanse – Parallels Zech3:2
Revelation 8:1-5 is a Temple Cleansing Precursor Event Parallel to Zechariah 3:4


Awake! March 2010 All Seeing Eye Reference

Bethel JW Calender 2013


New New World Bible Translation 666 Graphic Method


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