Protocols of the Learned Governing Body Infiltrators of Brooklyn

Protocols of the Learned Governing Body Infiltrators of Brooklyn

Operation Divide and Conquer

I. Crack the Foundation; Pour in Acidic “New Light”

A. Release “new Light” to soften and undermine the JW foundation and body;

1. That the Governing Body (GB) is the sole Faithful and Discreet Slave (FDS) “new light” blasphemy will do the acidic masterful divisional weakening trick;

a. Approximately 1/3 Jehovah’s Witnesses will be for it, 1/3 undecided, 1/3 will know instantly it is treason; JW foundation will crack into 1/3s;

b. This will be perpetual compromise of a core teaching related to 1914, opening the door for further “anointed class” symbolic assaults as the xGB (Governing Body rogues) goes to coup de grace operation finale;

2. The purpose is to weaken the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) body for approximately a year or two prior to full impact of the globalist coup-de-grace iron-fist of financial embezzlement, planned internments, and overall mayhem in 230 lands WITH the next globalist “two-horned-wildbeast” ( 2HWB) lead move world catastrophic event “911” cubed;

3. You xGB moved WITH the 2HWB handlers in 1991 as UN/DT NWO “placed” in JW “temple” fulfilled Dan11:30-31 in the JW org;

4. That “news” breaks WITH the globalist 911 event, on 10/2001 moved WITH the 2HWB lead;

All xGB moves are WITH the wildbeast boys lead move as a supporting agency; This WILL repeat for coup de grace events until clean out; (Zech3:4-7; Hos1:4-7)

GB=FDS will apply the preparatory “divide and conquer” acid to the worldwide association of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

5. Let it set in a little; Divide now, conquer later; Set-up Jehovah’s Witnesses like a bowling pin, for the next world catastrophic event cycle, globalist 8th King bowling ball impact soon;

II. Hoax Temple Cleanse Neo-Inquisition: Mimic Prophecy Before it Fulfills for Real

A. Begin the parallel “temple cleanse” before the real divine temple cleansing;

1. Defile JW Temple Further: Remove as many real Jehovah’s Witnesses and anointed Jehovah’s Witnesses as possible, call them dirty infidels, burn them at the Kingdom Hall stake! Onward!

2. Jehovah’s Witnesses numbers may start to go flat and drop, but hey! That is because of? TEMPLE CLEANSING!! any negative effects are covered by “bible prophecy” the xGB is fulfilling as FDS for further credibility to MOL!

3. xGB leads the Neo-Inquisition, drawing the Neo-Jesuit “elder-body” into more gross sins and bloodguilt further than just the 8 million stumbled by the UN DT 3.0 in the WTBTS in 1991;

4. The “temple cleansing” blasphemy is a subtle mimic prior to real bible prophecy many are expecting, this is the “weed” clean out everyone! Report all murmurers! It is your Christian duty to worship the Governing Body! Help us rid the place of real Jehovah’s Witnesses!! Set up the perfect sinful state of Jehovah’s Witnesses further, prior to the REAL temple judgment of Dan8:11-14 which will come with the next globalist event;

5. Get a full 1/3 of Jehovah’s Witnesses into total condemnation state; (Rev8, FFM)

Destroy as many Jehovah’s Witnesses spiritually as possible;

III. Hoax GT: Make Globalist Planned Jehovah’s Witnesses Assault Worldwide Look Like GT

A. Tell Jehovah’s Witnesses the actual judgment STARTS with them, and that this little xGB “new light” “Inquisition” is that “temple judgment”;

1. But in reality this is just a MOL hoax “temple cleansing”, they full well know a globalist attack is coming on the Jehovah’s Witnesses system LATER; This is psychological prep work, to set up Jehovah’s Witnesses to control them in the “coup-de-grace” finale to come soon after this;

2. So, get this “house judgment” out of the way in the Jehovah’s Witnesses mind, thin the Jehovah’s Witnesses herd as best you can, and let Jehovah’s Witnesses sit and think about it, and we will send forth more “:new darkness”; we can release more hoax credibility statements as time progresses justifying great evils, as if it is bible prophecy fulfilling;

B. Now that Jehovah’s Witnesses think the Jehovah’s Witnesses “house judgment” is about through, though it has not even started yet for real, we can present the actual “house judgment” of Dan8:11-14 as a great worldwide “GT hoax” to herd Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the world to internment and slaughter houses; And the Jehovah’s Witnesses will follow the xGB Popes like the lemmings follow the Pied Piper; It will look like GT! But it’s not!

C. So xbrothers, remember to push GT GT GT and NO expounding reality of any prophecy after 1990, when we manifested full xGB control; Keep Jehovah’s Witnesses in Governing Body trance; That way we can herd them to doom that much faster and more effectively; NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

IV. Keep Confounding and Killing Jehovah’s Witnesses Until Someone Stops Us

A. The Zone Overseers, who are all globalist logistical internment herders, will have the whole Jehovah’s Witnesses system of extermination all mapped out and overlaid over the 230 lands;

1. As the xGB planned “hoax GT” progresses orders of relocation are sent out to the VARIOUS DUPED “elder body” and branch offices, if any one is suspicious we use the WT article predictive programming “brothers, it looks like a powerful government did in fact “hatch an evil plot” to exterminate Jehovah’s Witnesses”, shoot brothers, they got some of us; The “slave” did warn us of this, so they are of course not involved in anyway;

2. And then keep with that story, and no one will get past the ZOners to question anything! We will box all info and intel in our own circuitry! Jehovah’s Witnesses will have no inter communication between themselves across the lands; We can herd, whack and imprison as many Jehovah’s Witnesses as we want, with the same formula, over and over and over until finally some elders or branch overseers FINALLY, maybe, maybe not, catch on to our murderous actuality!

3. Even if one Jehovah’s Witness “land” figures out we are killing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are so isolated from each other it could take months or years for them to actually communicate to warn the others! We will have a bloody field day!!!

4. We will just grin and deny it, and split WT “hedged”  millions in Singapore, Cayman’s and Zurich later! Cheers! See ya! Suckers! We will pick up the WTBTS securitized properties later, for the “new world order”;

5. By the time the real GT comes, Jehovah’s Witnesses will have missed the divine Rev10-11 final fulfillment commission! Mission accomplished! Conquest!


That is why Jehovah is the one who must snatch this JW log from the very real fire as this transpires as per prophecy; Zech3

In reality, Jehovah’s Witnesses will complete the second of “two witnesses” worldwide final ministry no mater what may have creeped into the Governing Body since 1991;

Next on the infiltrated xGB agenda;

The globalists (2HWB/8thKing) have been in the Jehovah’s Witnesses org for years (Dan11:30), this is just “coup de grace” time – phase 3, grand clean-up, so the xGB goal is the destruction of the Jehovah’s Witnesses ministry and as many Jehovah’s Witnesses spiritually and physically as possible;

BUT IT FULFILLS PROPHECY RECALL! Man of Lawlessness must reveal prior to the world’s end cycles; And they will be cycles that will drag by one month at a time for years upon prophecies Jehovah’s Witnesses already know well, 2300 units (one time fulfillment), 1260 days (1914 and near future fulfillment) and 1290 days (1914 and near future fulfillment);


So, this xGB knows the JW org is given to the fire; (Zech3:2), that is also their goal;

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