All Seeing Eye Misc

All-Seeing-Eye Symbology Used by the “Lawless One” Infiltrators of Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

Cryptic Graphics Infused by “Man of Lawlessness” in JW Org

Please note what Bethel is doing in open public fashion is far worse than their 8th King affiliate hidden signalling.
All Seeing Eye Page

These are examples of subtle “lawless one” activity in the JW organization as they try to make a move on Jehovah’s witnesses, inviting God’s move on them, as per prophecy (Zech3:2-9 = Rev8:1-5 in final fulfillment mode of the modern day “man of lawlessness” operating since Fred Franz died. Franz was the “one who acted as a restraint” in 2Thess2:3-9 modern final fulfillment. This “lawless one” is being identified and revealed by Jehovah and Christ now, prior to the expulsion* of this one from the organization.

*Zechariah 3:4 Triggers the Preparation for the 7 Trumpets

They Got Their “All-Seeing-Eye” on Sister “So-n-So”

Another Sister Gets “The Eye”

Hidden Meaning

The message in both these graphics of the “all-seeing-eye”, “eyeing” young Christian sisters, is that this infiltration has it’s “eye” on these girls – a demon “eye”; (Genesis 6). But in due time, Jehovah will put that “eye” out, with a red hot poker – this is all permitted by God to fulfill prophecy, commence the final round with a bang, and count coup on the infiltrator head move on the JW org.



Rev8 Fire Cleanse – Parallels Zech3:2
Revelation 8:1-5 is a Temple Cleansing Precursor Event Parallel to Zechariah 3:4


Awake! March 2010 All Seeing Eye Reference

Bethel JW Calender 2013


But as in WT illustrations, and logos, there are hidden meanings. For example in Jan 1, 1992 WT, they brought in the new “The Watchtower” logo, whose “W”s, are the double XX sign, courtesy of the new font “W” style, meaning double cross betrayal, XX on the JW ministry.

Look at the penis on the first version, of the Sin[g] to Jehovah” songbook back cover (the black man, looking up at the little girl). So blatant they updated the illustration. (But the new white guy (right image), is sticking out a scarlet tongue.) You already covered this one, but for the record:


Look at the lyric changes in “To Whom Do We Belong” (not to mention the wreck they made of the main melody, it is a warped cacophany now, it also has meaning, meaning, to these impostors, that JWs no longer “belong to” or “obey” Jehovah God. Which in some respects, is true, but not fully. But here is the lyric change):

“which God do you obey?” old lyric,

“Which god do you [NOW] obey?”, new lyric.

(All the “God” terms of the old version, are now “god” in the new version, meaning Satan is the “god” in the song.)

This is eerie in WT 7/15/15 study issue. See anything weird about that Hitler modeled man with the mustache? Plus the “10” other people look like “Heaven’s Gate” cult-frocked JW zombies listening to the Bethel Pied Piper flute:


By the way the Faith in Action DVD 2, has a flash behind Bethel:


Which if we project the Bethel and “let the light shine” orientation, using a Google Earth streetview, then this is the “flash” locale there in NY:

Of course “brother” Barr has a 6 body shape, with those three weird fingers on the book he is holding, the 3, or altogether 666. And that is the CIA “finger point”, that he is pointing to the “flash” with, which pointing-finger can be found at vigilant citizen site.

There are more here:
1. UN NGO WT All Seeing Eye Page (Baphomet in JW 2013 Calendar “starfish” image)

2. Bethel 666 hand signs at NWT 2.0 release:

3. Bethel “Christ” version as young Anton Levay flashing 666 hand sign:

4. XX Watchtower Title

Of course what is in the text of the JW UN NGO “constant feature” is far worse, so I did not concentrate on the WT “globalist-gang-sign” graphics, but it is there too. Or NOT there, like the “bread and wine” here, noticeably absent in the 2015 Memorial invitation tract:



And if we note the 2015 Memorial tract front cover, JWs are “in cells” globally, in the graphic technique used:





There is another treat on the front flap of the front cover (above older man with hat, upper left “cell” corner), but I’ll let you try to “see” that little detail. “It’s” poking into Norway, across Finland and Sweden.


New New World Bible Translation 666 Graphic Method


4 thoughts on “All Seeing Eye Misc

    • Not at this time. JWs are in for the judgment kick off epicenter. It all started with JWs in modern times, and the temple judgment will also begin with Jehovah’s witnesses. Strange days are coming, in time you will catch on.

  1. You are absolutely correct. Excellent work! Jehovah in Hebrew means Je god and hovah means ruin, disaster, mischief. So Jehovah is the god of ruin, mischief, disaster aka Satan. Jehovah is also known as Jahbulon the god of the Freemasons aka Satan aka Baphomet aka Lucifer aka Godrel. Godrel or God for short. Yes God is really Godrel or Satan, this why IN GOD WE TRUST is on the dollar bill and a favorite Freemason motto. Freemason bible translators replaced the name of our Creator with Lord which is really Baal, Jehovah, God and Yahweh. Yahweh is a Canaanite storm god. We have inherited lies. Jeremiah 16:19. I was a JW until I found out about the secret satanic congregation within the Christian congregation. They worship Baphomet in the wee hours of the morning right in the kingdom hall, while the clueless Christian congregation is fast asleep. I use to see particular people in the hall yawning, seemingly like they did not get enough sleep. Well, yeah they were up in the wee hours worshiping Baphomet then they would have to get up to worship him again under his other name Jehovah. All religions have two doctrines an outer doctrine of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc for the clueless and an inner satanic doctrine for the initiated. They are all worshiping the beast soon they will divulge this to the billions of their clueless followers, giving them a choice to pledge allegiance to the beast or die. Now that JW talk entitled “Are You Willing to Pledge Allegiance to Jehovah” they gave one Sunday ( *the day of worship to the Sun god our heavenly Father did not name the days or months pagan names, he numbered the days and the months Exodus 12:3, 6 ) makes sense at the time it seemed odd to me, who wouldn’t be willing to pledge allegiance to our Creator and Everlasting King, this was why we were JW, part of the “true” religion, yeah right.

    After being saved from the satanic congregation, with much prayer and research our Father led me to see there is no true religion, they all use the same satanic symbols to identify themselves and pledge allegiance to Satan. They are all without exception, united in secret in the practice of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. This is how and where the entire earth will be given the choice TO WORSHIP the beast in all places of worship. All who refuse will be sacrificed. The number 11 is the masonic number for death of a man aka human sacrifice, check out the number associated with churches, address, date established etc. You can calculate they to an end result of 11. Ex: 6510 Anyplace St, 6+5=11, 2×0=0+11=11, or 5810 5/8=0.625 1, 0 6+5=11, 2×0=0, 1×0=0+11=11.

    The bible was hijacked by Christianity, the scriptures are not about any religion, it is about our Creator, what went wrong in this world, who is responsible, how he is fixed it and what we need to do to be part of our Creator’s new cleansed earth. Psalm 37:22,29. It is way of life, a way to live pleasing to our Maker.

    Christianity deceptively changed the calendar from the biblical luni-solar calendar to the Gregorian calendar, to hide the true Sabbath day, having the masses break his commandment and the covenant he established with mankind. The Sabbath day is not fixed Sunday but can be any day. The biblical calendar is based on the NEW MOON and the true Sabbath Day is determined by the New Moon. Go to Bible Hub search for NEW MOON and see all the scriptures that come up. We have all inherited lies, just as Jeremiah 16:19 tells us. Read and research the entire bible with prayer, our heavenly Father will guide and lead you not religions or men. Pray and ask him to reveal all of Satan’s deceptions and he will answer. Satan is deceiving the entire earth. Rev 12:9. Research the Ancient Hebrew Concept of the Universe to see what the earth really looks like. How did the Ancient Hebrews know what the earth looked like? Mose told them. Who told Moses? The one who made it, our Creator whom Moses spoke with face to face. Exodus 33:11.

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