Daniel 12:12 1335 Days Clues

Daniel 12:12 1335 Days Clues


If there is a globalization of sustaining & prolonging power for the 4th UN cycle and the elites, who control the worlds money and resources, and who are the false prophets and unite with Satan to proclaim Satan himself is the father/god and force the human race to bow down to him and give him honor and glory, which is the three blasphemous shown at Revelation 16:13, then how can Daniel 12:12&13 take place if this power continues?


The whole 1260 Day, 1290 Day and 1335 Day Sequence:

(Daniel 12:7-13) And I began to hear the man clothed with the linen, who was up above the waters of the stream, as he proceeded to raise his right [hand] and his left [hand] to the heavens and to swear by the One who is alive for time indefinite: “It will be for an appointed time, appointed times and a half. And as soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish.” 8 Now as for me, I heard, but I could not understand; so that I said: “O my lord, what will be the final part of these things?” 9 And he went on to say: “Go, Daniel, because the words are made secret and sealed up until the time of [the] end. 10 Many will cleanse themselves and whiten themselves and will be refined. (Temple purification of Daniel 8:14 culmination) And the wicked ones will certainly act wickedly, and no wicked ones at all will understand; but the ones having insight will understand. 11 “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. 12 “Happy is the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days! 13 “And as for you yourself, go toward the end; and you will rest, but you will stand up for your lot at the end of the days.”

“Happy is the one” indicates only that selection of Christ enters the Daniel 12:12 1335 day period commecnement.

Daniel 12:12 Significance to Final World Judgment Completion

Daniel 12:12-13 is the cut off period, only “happy” people “keeping in expectation” enter it. There can be no 8th King or Satan in Daniel 12:12. But there can be 8th King and Satan as Gog in Daniel 12:11 1290 days. And there is a prelude leading to that Daniel 12:11 climax of 8th King power over the 1260 days of Daniel 12:7. That Daniel 12:7 and 12:11 periods have rival system climax developments completing, and in ruling power for a while to be deposed before the Daniel 12:12 period starts.

The Daniel 12:7 period ends into 8th King world “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3); That is also parallel to Revelation 11:7-10 gift giving celebrating two witnesses death. That is also “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:25. That is also existing opposers still present as Revelation 6:12-17 and Revelation 18:9-19 period of time. The end is not an instant event, but the Daniel 12:7 parallel of 1260 days completion as Matthew 24:29-31; Jude14; Revelation 11:7-14; Matthew 25:31-46; Revelation 14:14-20; Revelation 6:12-17 parallel period leads into Daniel 12:11 second period 1290 days timed. In or at the end of that period is when “they finally” (Dan7:26) take 8th King rulership away.

In reality as per Matthew 24:29, the coming tribulation for 8th King use to resolve and present the UN world government with a convincing world “peace and security”, must end. And it will end into a period of “freedom from care” hopefulness for those misled by the the wildbeast. BTG deposition at the end of the cycle aids that final recovery, and adds to the believability the 8th King is actually achieving world “peace and security”.

Although Christ is manifesting also in the same period commencement after the 1260 days into the 1290 days starting, we do not know exactly how that will be taking place, because he will be first priority securing sheep, and monitoring 8th King keeping Gog and him in limits.

Thus the 8th King is going into completion over the final tribulation ending leg of the 1260 days, which is also a Revelation 11:1-7 final world warning period while that tribulation nears it’s Matthew 24:29 end. And the 8th King completes as “place the disgusting thing” as Daniel 12:11 1290 days begins as parallel Daniel 11:45 and Daniel 8:25 events. So the 8th King is in full rulership for some period of the 1290 days.

The full cut off is Daniel 12:12 third period 1335 days.

The Happy Ones Clue

Happy is the one “keeping in expectation” who gets to that point:

(Daniel 12:12-13) “Happy is the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days! 13 “And as for you yourself, go toward the end; and you will rest, but you will stand up for your lot at the end of the days.”

Which implies unhappy are those not keeping in expectation.

Expectation of what? Since Christ must reveal after the Revelation 11:1-7 1260 day parallel of Daniel 12:7 identical 1260 days completes as Matthew 24:29-31 parallel.

And that Revelation 11:7 removal of final but approved “constant feature” must parallel Daniel 12:11 as the “two witnesses” final ministry deposed. (Which aids 144000 completion)

(Daniel 12:11) “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.
(The clue is this is 8th King 4th UN placement world government just starting world rulership in complete form, as a stated world sovereign (1Thess5:1-3))

In that period is when Christ’s priority is first sheep gathering leading to a judgment that may parallel the happy and unhappy states of people as final sheep and goat judgments.

Marriage of the Lamb Reception for Earthling Sheep

The expectation and happiness is:

(Revelation 19:7-9) 7 Let us rejoice and be overjoyed, and let us give him the glory, because the marriage of the Lamb has arrived and his wife has prepared herself. 8 Yes, it has been granted to her to be arrayed in bright, clean, fine linen, for the fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the holy ones.” 9 And he tells me: “Write: Happy are those invited to the evening meal of the Lamb’s marriage.” 

Those are not just the Kingdom members, earthly sheep must go into that “evening meal” as this ceremony must bring in sheep as final living sacrifice to God as “harvest of the earth” of Revelation 14:14-16, taken in prior to winepress destruction of the goats as parallel to those thrown into that winepress and thus happy and unhappy states.

That Daniel 12:12 third period of Daniel 12 is this “third watch” period that is the “marriage” “evening meal” “reception” entire post Messianic Kingdom conquest development as the Daniel 12:11 1290 days ends, Messianic Kingdom completion is also completion of the Christ Bridal “Body”:

This marriage parallel also notes the parallel meaning of the three Daniel periods of Daniel 12:7, 12:11 and 12:12 as “three watches” parallel for the master’s developments as:

(Luke 12:35-40) “Let your loins be girded and your lamps be burning (Matt25:1-13 ten virgins reference; First Watch; Daniel 12:7 1260 days Rev11:2-3 parallel), 36 and you yourselves be like men waiting for their master when he returns from the marriage, so that at his arriving (1260 day ending event as Matt24:29-31 parallel of Rev11:7-14) and knocking they may at once open to him. (wise virgins, happy sheep, but more time by prophecy must unfold) 37 HAPPY are those slaves whom the master on arriving finds watching! (for ultimately all 3 watches of Daniel 12) Truly I say to you, He will gird himself and make them recline at the table (the Kingdom will have come to earth as Jesus prayed while on earth, let your kingdom come) and will come alongside and minister to them. (Jesus as per Rev21 makes an direct life connection to earthly sheep, Kingdom comes to earth as new world rulership) 

38 And if he arrives in the second watch (Dan12:11 commences as 1260 day first watch ends as Rev11:7), even if in the THIRD (Dan12:12), and finds them thus, HAPPY are they! 39 But know this, that if the householder had known at what hour the thief would come, he would have kept watching and not have let his house be broken into. (Bethel infiltration of Daniel 11:41; 11:30-31; 8:12-13) 40 you also, keep ready, because at an hour that you do not think likely the Son of man is coming.”

It appears the post 1260 days Christ manifestation parallels Matthew 24:29-31; Jude14; Revelation 11:7-14; Matthew 25:31-46; Revelation 14:14-20; Revelation 6:12-17 parallels of that initial manifestation of Christ is not yet the total end of the world.

But the 8th King completion (Dan12:11; Dan11:45; Dan8:25), and Christ also completing Revelation 14:1, 144000 last anointed sheep as 1Thessalonians 4:17, and making final earthly sheep gathering and goat determinations, but not yet instant destruction or conquest is the significance of that period of Daniel 12:11. (The 1260 days parallel as Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3; Dan7:25, events after those markers are occurring after Christ’s revelation. (Matt24:29-31));

Seven Days of Grace?

The Daniel 12:11 1290 days is a period of Christ bringing sheep into full protection, and as Noah’s time had a seven day final warning period of miraculous animal arrival to the ark, this 1290 day period may be a final period of people making final sheep determinations as per Matthew 25:31-46 unfolding over the Daniel 1290 day period, as “finally” [8th King] “rulership they took away” as Daniel 7:26, which is after Daniel 7:25 1260 days, but not necessarily immediate.

Final earth “sheep” come in into Christ’s Kingdom “ark” completed as parallel of a world judgment salvation meaning:

(Genesis 7:8-10) Of every clean beast and of every beast that is not clean and of the flying creatures and everything that moves on the ground, 9 they went in by twos to Noah inside the ark, male and female, just as God had commanded Noah. 10 And seven days later it turned out that the waters of the deluge came upon the earth.

Daniel 9:27 has a parallel principle of a “seven day” sacrificial period that 1260 days and 1290 days can combine in two final grace periods to approximate seven years of open opportunity for sheep intake by covenant application of sacrificial provision for all sheep:

(Daniel 9:27) “And he must keep [the] covenant in force for the many for one week; and at the half of the week he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease.

The half of the week is the 1260 days that ends into the cessation of the “two witnesses” ministry. (Rev11:7);

IN PRINCIPLE of that prophecy concerning Christ’s sacrifice, a related salvational “sacrifice” can also cease at the end of the 1290 days and the final sacrificial “gift offering” of the final earth sheep to God is complete as that Revelation 14:14-20 overview of final offering of the “harvest of the earth” as “great crowd” of “sheep” of the final 2Thessalonains 1:6-10 deliverance of Christ in the 1290 day period, maybe at it’s end, if God extends this “seven day” meaning to cover people with salvation offer in the whole Daniel 12:7 and 12:11, 1260 day and 1290 day, principle “seven day” as seven years period.

Thus the start of 1335 days is the final “happy” and faithfully “keeping in expectation” goal of entering the actual marriage, because earth sheep are entering a marriage covenant as adopted children beginning to be “led to waters of life” and “having their tears wiped from their eyes” as the ones going under Messianic Kingdom 1000 year rulership from day one as the Kingdom in Revelation 21 and Matthew 6:10 clue “Kingdom comes” “comes down from heaven” and spreads it’s “tent” over planet earth (Isa54), now in direct supernatural contact with all life on Earth to start the Matthew 19:28 re-creation regeneration of Romans 8:18-22 and Revelation 21-22.

Modern Bethel Error and Temple Judgment Commencement of the Whole Final Cycle of Prophecy

This is why the current JW ministry not tracking UN development as prophecy since 1990 3rd UN placement at UN NGO time, and not informing the world of all this required development, must be judged and desolated, purified and recovered to make a final clean and truthful world warning announcement explaining the 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:30-45, as it did in the first two UN placements as prophecy in 1919 and 1945.

Somewhere between 2nd UN placement of 1945 and 3rd UN placement of 1990, JWs were derailed. We know the GB arose in that period, and the GB is the source of this defection and subversion since 1976 incept control of this dictatorship overrunning the anointed “body of the Christ” with an add-on “governing” “body” actually “set in opposition” as foreign body “in the temple” by claims, defectors and impostors (Dan11:30b-31a).

As we see they cover up UN 3rd and 4th placement progression of Daniel 11:30-45, hide King North as 8th King identity and developments in that progression, blaspheme God and Christ, and override the anointed and their ministry with “operation of error” as 2Thessalonians 2:1-12 fulfills in this prophecy covering up JW Bethel development REQUIRING (Dan8:13) judgment, removal and a re-clarification to prophetic reality.

It is GUARANTEED Bethel will NOT be permitted by God to continue this deception much longer. As we see very important 4th UN placement cycle information is also being subverted by the current Bethel dictators (Isa1-5, 28), and the JW organization must be “desolated” (Dan8:13) for a huge “transgression causing desolation” as UN NGO Bethel version of the “disgusting thing that causes desolation” (Matt24:15), but as we see far more error is going on than just the UN endorsement. There is also Daniel 8:12 subversion and cover up in operation by Bethel planning and promotions.

Expect a MASSIVE judgment to come on the JW org, and in time everything we are trying to fully understand will come to full light when God’s holy spirit comes into the ministry, rather than the current evil and befouled spirit of Bethel as Zechariah 3:1-3 parallel to 2Thessalonians 2:3-4, 9.

And we know the coming tribulation in fact ends (Matt24:29) into 8th King world government and world “peace and security” to aid the overall wildbeast and Satanic deceptions. This is NOT “the end” coming up, God will provide enough time, and marked periods, to fully warn mankind of the reality that Bethel is now covering up. By Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12:7 timing alone is an approximate decade of initial judgment and recovery activity prior to Christ’s initial full manifestations into Daniel 12:11 period, to also go on for a while as 1290 days meaning and duration.

All in all God is giving an approximate but detailed “map” to Armageddon over events that will be world historic news as well marking the prophecy continuum of Daniel 8 and 12 as it is all manifesting live and real-time.

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