What To Do In The Meantime Prior to XGB Removal

I think your comments have real credibility. The questions is: What should Jehovah’s TRUE followers do since the WT has been taken over by Christendom-like agents?


Warning: I now recommend when this is discerned personally, not me saying it, but one SEEING its meaning in Daniel:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the (UN NGO; Dan11:31) disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (modern Dan11:31 “disgusting thing that causes desolation” as parallel of Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”), standing in a holy place (in the JW “constant feature” ministry as UN NGO), (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (Because the JW Bethel desolation judgment for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is near; 1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:3-5);

Then one, using their “discernment” of certain part of Daniel’s telling prophecy, has to LEAVE what is actually now an apostate and impostor controlled Jehovah’s witness “organization”, a UN partnered UN NGO “organization” as well, and one can start to “see” these things in the ONLY prophecies with explicit details of this development, with other criteria in Daniel 8 and 11.

Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

Daniel 8 and 11 Final Apostasy and 3rd UN Placement (1990) Connections and Parallels

Daniel Prophecy and 8th King Globalists
Daniel 11:36-41 and Daniel 8:23-25 8th King Globalist Details and the Bethel Apostasy Co-Development

Connecting Bethel Lawlessness to Final Prophecy


Although 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 is a specific prophecy of the “man of lawlessness” of modern note at Bethel, and their apostasy co-related to Daniel 11:32a, Daniel 8:11-14,23, and Daniel 11:30-35,41, give EXACT UNIQUE DETAILS of Bethel’s modern apostate state, WITH that 1990 3rd UN event and its UN NGO. Zechariah 3:1-3 is also a modern manifesting prophecy of this same “befouled” parallel due to these developments.

2Corinthians 11:13-15 and Revelation 2:2 also give apostate principles to pay attention to, as do a few other apostasy and “men slipped in” “impostor” infiltration prophecies. (Matthew 13:25; Matthew 13:38-39; Acts 20:28-30; 2John 7; 1Timothy 4:1; 2Timothy 2:18;2Timothy 4:3; 2 Peter 2:1; 1John 2:18; 2Thessalonians 2:3-4;Jude 10-13)

Note too, the prophecy has it all, apostasy by those formerly actually in the “holy covenant”, associated defectors or sincerely misled, and infiltrators/impostors; because all these things develop from the apostate empowered weakened spiritual state; …

Jehovah’s Witnesses Foretold Organized Apostasy Development in the Bible Symbols

…and Daniel 11:30-32 gives just such a progression, “King North” “8th King” architects consider “those leaving the holy covenant”, or the apostates, first in the process:

(Daniel 11:30-32)

“And he (the main instigator) (8th King/King North) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively (produces a successful operation Dan8:12b); and he (8th King) will have to go back and (1: Apostates) will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (anointed core defection at Bethel aids internal 8th King access)

31 And (2: Infiltration) there will be arms that will stand up (at Bethel; Dan11:41; Luke21:20), proceeding from him (8th King planners);  and (3: Profanation/Subversion) they (collusion) will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. (3rd UN placement 1990:) (4: 3rd UN event/UN NGO cross reference) “And they (team effort) will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (3rd UN placement, 1990; UN NGO, 1991, at Bethel; Matt24:15; Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”);

“And (5: General Mass Subversion) those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant (at Bethel)(6: Organized Apostasy Continues) he (8th King/King North) will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. (The Bethel “smooth words” 8th King cover-up in the JW publications is part of the smoothly justified apostasy);

The aid for “seeing” this UN NGO relevance to Daniel 8:13, is with the other matching criteria of 1990, that co-develops with this Bethel apostasy and its UN NGO main signal, such as the uniqueness of the “Cold War” cycle, and that 1990 THIRD UN presentation, the one with the Cold War resolution. (That is fully shown in those first four article links, above)

When this awareness began for me, aided by prophecy, not “conspiracy theory”, but conspiracy REALITY God exposes through Daniel centuries ago, for today, and then this blog was started, July 2012 or so, I DID NOT FULLY REALIZE HOW FAR GONE, INFILTRATED AND MISLED THE WHOLE JW ORGANIZATION ACTUALLY IS, IT TAKE TIMES TO SEE IT FROM PROPHECY AND EVIDENCE—THE MORE YOU LOOK DEEPLY, REGULARLY, WITH PRAYER AND PROPHECY, THE MORE ONE WILL SEE.

So I also did not see how dangerous the organization is now, and will become further, in time, when the judgment on it, for that UN NGO (Dan8:13-14), starts to manifest, for real—with enemy system developments to aid the context, the one they are concealing with prematurely applied prophecy, thus a true hoax on JWs.

JWs – FLEE The JW Org!! – Matthew24:15

JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy Aids Cover Up of Final Cycle – UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle


Daniel 8:13-14 Details the Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Daniel 8:13-14 Details the Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Daniel 8:13-14 Details the Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

XGB Fulfills 2Thess2:4 Public Worldwide “Man of Lawlessness”

Daniel 8:13-14 Details the Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Fire Purification: Proving the JW Temple Judgment as Daniel 8:13-14 Connection to Revelation 8

Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Daniel 8:13-14


And since that 2012 “We Alone Are the Faithful Slave Everyone!” signal, more keeps developing in line with the prophecy and their real goals.

Now they are priming the collective JW mind, with these kinds of expectations (shown below), as they represent these coming events as prophecies that cannot actually be fulfilling at that time, but will be fulfilling the temple “trampling” of Daniel 8:13; it is the temple judgment desolation they are trying to make look like “the end”.

Thus the technique is to sell JWs the REQUIRED organizational desolation of the temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14, but to smokescreen it with a hoax of “the end”; as if it is the terminal “the end” prophecies, well premature of reality as per 2Thess2:1-2 main delusion now present at Bethel:

WT quote (WT 07/15/2015, pg. 16, par. 7-8):

7 What will happen after the destruction of false religious organizations? It will be a time to reveal what is really in our heart. The majority of mankind will seek refuge in human organizations that are likened to “the rocks of the mountains.” (Revelation 6:15-17) Figuratively speaking, however, God’s people will flee to the refuge that Jehovah provides. In the first century, the interval was not a time for a mass conversion of Jews to Christianity. It was a time for action and obedience on the part of those who were already Christians. Similarly, we cannot expect that the future interruption in the great tribulation will result in an influx of new believers. Rather, it will be an opportunity for all true believers to prove their love for Jehovah and give their support to Christ’s brothers.—Matthew 25:34-40.

8 Although we do not fully understand all that will happen during that time of test, we can expect that it will involve some measure of sacrifice. In the first century, Christians had to leave behind their possessions and endure hardships in order to survive. (Mark 13:15-18) To remain faithful, will we be willing to experience material loss? Will we be ready to do whatever is required of us to prove our loyalty to Jehovah?


“Figuratively speaking, however, God’s people will flee to the refuge that Jehovah provides.”—is this: “lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization” referenced below:

WT quote (WT 11/15/2013, pg. 20, par. 17, #3):

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. 

Obviously Bethel is planning to use the org, to herd JWs to capture.

And they are now planning to prematurely cancel the JW ministry, from their own mouth:


WT quote (WT 07/15/2015, pg. 16, par. 9):

9 This will not be the time to preach the “good news of the Kingdom.” That time will have passed. The time for “the end” will have come! (Matthew 24:14) No doubt God’s people will proclaim a hard-hitting judgment message. This may well involve a declaration announcing that Satan’s wicked world is about to come to its complete end.

True, we have seen this leaning for promoting that idea “the preaching work will come to an end”, but this is just the single sentence reaffirmation they are planning this premature cessation from their own “insight” and decision, for a key time of attack of the future.

In like manner, in this actually JW hoax development, that “constant feature” is foretold to end, temporarily, due to profanation, in the temple judgment (Dan8:13), permitted by God, for the final purification and truth clarification (Zech3:4-8; Mal3:1-5)— it is THAT “trampling” to eventual purification reality in prophecy, they are making appear as if it is the full end of the ministry.

In the Bible prophecy of the second witness, of the “two witnesses”, well AFTER this clarification has been made, and the final warning it is actually preparing has gone forth—SEVERAL YEARS FROM NOW—that anointed Christian human ministry, of that time transitioning into full 8th King world government “one hour” of world rule (Rev17:8-18, Rev11:7, Rev13:5-7 in final fulfillment cycle of the future), ALSO prepares the final 144000 remnnant for this completion:

(Revelation 11:11-12) And after the three and a half days spirit of life from God entered into them, and (1) they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon those beholding them. 12 And they heard a loud voice out of heaven say to them: “Come on up here.” (2) And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them. (Ps110:2)

At which time Revelation 14:1-5 is completing in that Revelation 11:11-12 lead in, and as per Revelation 14:6-7, CHRIST completes his own ministry:

(Revelation 14:6-7) And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, and he had everlasting good news to declare as glad tidings to those who dwell on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people, 7 saying in a loud voice: “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of the judgment by him has arrived, and so worship the One who made the heaven and the earth and sea and fountains of waters.”

(Matthew 10:23) When they persecute you in one city, flee to another; for truly I say to you, you will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel until the Son of man arrives.

It is not that the preaching work will not complete, but that Christ completes it by personal assessment of every human on earth, in that Revelation 14:6-16 final sequence to gather also, the full earth sheep “harvest of the earth”, obviously AFTER the 144000 have completed in Revelation 14:1, after Revelation 11:7-12 has transpired into that Revelation 11:11-12 Christ arrival parallel.

So the WT statement ” This will not be the time to preach the “good news of the Kingdom.” That time will have passed.” is actually non-scriptural as they are “set in opposition” to the truth and are trying to prematurely and permanently cease the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry.

But as we know the “constant feature” is now in a profaned unacceptable condition, so God allows this temporary ministerial cessation, to cleanse the truth (Mal3:1-5), fulfill key temple judgment prophecy (Dan11:41, Zech3:2-5), by allowing these events, (Dan8:11,13) to be explained later as the prophecy (Rev8:7-12; Rev9:1-21, Rev10-11:1-7).

The temple judgment is a prophecy that STARTS (1Pet4:17) the final cycle. Revelation 8-11 is what is BEGINNING to activate in repeating, and final, form. Revelation 15-17 “seven plagues” will be the global “plague” parallel global context, of the spiritual focus of the overall parallel “seven trumpets”.

Repeating Cycles: The Whole Prophecy Repeats Starting With The Temple Judgment Portion

Daniel 12 Repeats – Patterns That Repeat in the Future the Initial Prophetic Patterns of the Past

Major Prophetic Milestones to Armageddon



Hence when that “constant feature” cessation, or anti-JW-org events, start to manifest in some notable vent or events, mark your Daniel 8:14 temple judgment and phasing timing calendar to track the timing of Daniel 8:14 in its first three years of 1150 days, as a possible first part of that possible 2300 day prophecy, and stay on the reality of what Daniel 8:13 “trampling” means, and that it must come on the JW organization, because its globally visible prominence of these events, will aid explaining the temple judgment, later. 

That temple judgment is actually upon the anointed Christian “house” (1Pet4:17), for a required purification (Zech3:1-5), but since these anointed Christians are of course not easily “seen” by humans, as to who they are— the Bethel JW org desolation, gives the visible epicenter of this “trampling”, to be seen globally, for the future explanation of the prophecy, and the point in time, we will actually be in, and can be properly gauged for anointed Christians and others, as the Bethel “prophecy” will in time have to fail, as these events run their course.

So if one can come to see this has actually been active, in those Daniel 11:30-31 that led to that 3rd United Nations manifestation, the the “discernment” is WHICH of the three Daniel “disgusting thing” prophecies is the one TO DISCERN of modern note and modern apostate-signal significance:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (Because the JW Bethel desolation judgment for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is near; 1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:3-5);

Thus when Christ said this “then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains” it means get out of the doomed Bethel “Jerusalem” claimant anointed Christian “city”, the Worldwide Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses, …

(Isaiah 66:6) There is a sound of uproar out of the city, a sound out of the temple! It is the sound of Jehovah repaying what is deserved to his enemies.

…and go to your personal external location “mountains”, and WAIT on God and Christ, with full attention to prophecy, and that this is a JW hoax covering up what is actually the final temple judgment [period], that MUST run its course—hence God providing the meaning and timing at Daniel 8:13-14. Do not get misled by the probable big global events, whatever they are, in which context Bethel events will manifest.

When Bethel starts to take the “trampling”, we can know these prophecy overviews, now present in modern profaned form of these spiritual entities and “constant feature”, WILL BECOME FULLY MATURED AND MANIFEST GLOBALLY:

(Daniel 8:11-12) . . .And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant [feature] was taken away, and the established place (Bethel JW worldwide organization) of his sanctuary was thrown down. 

(Daniel 11:41) He (8th King) will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [people] that will be made to stumble.  

And thus rather than the “Daniel 11:44-45 must fulfill next”, in that overly advanced expectation overridden Bethel still promotes, in error, Daniel 11:42-43 global events and context is what will actually be manifesting. We will be in Daniel 11:41 entering Daniel 11:42-43 global context of the “tribulation of those days”, and the first four plagues, going global, and having to proceed for several years, hence Daniel 8:14, until it can be recovered to the divine acceptable final “little scroll” degree for the final 260 day final invitation of open salvation and the final warning.

Really it is the Messianic Kingdom COMPLETION proclamation; so the “second witness”, like the “first witness” of those “two witnesses” symbol, which made a Kingdom of God proclamation in 1914-1919, this final “witness” of the future proclaims the Messianic Kingdom completion, which is along with Christ “gathering” the final of the 144000, to completion, just prior to Christ placed as temple “head stone” (Zech3:6-9, Zech4:6-9), and Messianic Kingdom completing “King of kings” (Zech3:8-9; Zech6:9-15) in the active “one hour” 8th King world government face. (Ps110:2; Rev6:12-17; Rev17:11-14)

Daniel 11:42-43 Explicit in Coming 8th King Globalized Wealth Control

Daniel 11:42-45 Converges Into Daniel 12 Final Fulfillment— Global Tribulation is Guaranteed, Everything Else is Unknown to Jehovah’s Witnesses

All of this is part of the main delusion of the premature end Bethel uses to keep JWs in suspended thought and paralyzed in premature expectation, which “paralysis” will peak as this ACTUALLY starts to hit.:

Bethel Hoax: Premature End Expectation

Bethel’s Main Delusion: The End is Near, Jehovah’s Day is Here! – is a Signal of The Final Apostasy






Original article, updated:

Pray ALOT, and read ALOT of Bible and OLD books and old Watchtowers (1950-1970) for foundational patterns of 1914-1919, 1919-1922; The Revelation Grand Climax book is still good, but understand that was a MINOR, 1914 cycle, what is coming is the MAJOR final completion cycle, the REAL thing, not a minor foregleam, that 1914-1922 was; But they are related, this is the reality “in person” so to speak that is developing as we speak;

God is coming with full Christ Kingdom, they are at the doors; FOR REAL!

Be patient and AWAKE to further developments that the modern man of lawlessness (MOL) will be developing before Daniel 8:11-14 really activates; the man of lawlessness (MOL) knows what he wants to do to JWs, and MOL developed from globalist KingNorth powers; (Daniel 11:30-31) and that UN/NWO as UNNGO sin, is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:11-14; Dan8:11 is in the near future, NOT an isolated Nazi persecution;

That coming “desolation” is what is due upon the JW “established place” “of the sanctuary”; Not the “sanctuary” itself, but the worldwide JW org, to a divine degree; (Jer30:11) (Remember, the globalists KNOW this is given by God and why, a BIG 666 sin onboard JW org, JWs are in the dark, and like Israel, still deny the UN/NGO sin and what it REALLY is going to mean, SOON;)


Realize that God is not just going to end the world according to JW expectations; He is going to give one last incredibly detailed prophetic cycle based on the minor temple foundation cycle of 1914-1922 to all JWs and to all the world that can be reached; This 1150 days of Dan8:14 temple cleansing MUST lead to a cleaned up JW final ministry of Revelation 11 “two witnesses”, because that 1260 days, MUST complete as “7 times” of the “holy city will be trampled” (Rev11:2) for a total 1914-1918, and the near future final attack (not this initial cleansing), for a total 1260+1260 or 2520 days, a sort of “snapshot” of the “appointed times of the nations” on God’s anointed and supporting earthling ministry;

So this cleansing period of Daniel 8:11-14, a unique cycle, will lead to a transition to cleansed approval of God through Christ of Jehovah’s witnesses, minus the man of lawlessness (MOL) and rejected JWs worshiping the xGB, to the final attack a number of years after this initial attack, to fulfill AFTER the 1260 day final JW ministry of Revelation 10-11, announcing the guaranteed completion of the Temple (Rev11:11-12; 15-19) and Kingdom under Christ, ALL 144000 will be completed in that post “tribulation of those days” (1260 day included) period of the break-point at Matthew 24:29-31 “gathering”;

Christ will make the final completion of his own ministry, separating the sheep from the goats, where Matt25:31-46 is in the Daniel 7:26 final “Christ Court” and is Revelation 14:14-16, which must finalize AFTER the 1260 days, in the 144000 complete final 1290 day cycle of Dan12:11;

Exactly when Armageddon is finalized in that period is not known;

In this way, with the man of lawlessness (MOL) and Dan8:14 temple cleansing seen by all JWs and all the world, God is giving an approximate mapping to the end of the world of rival sovereigns, upon established patterns of prophecy from the former temple foundation minor pattern, to this major final fulfillment mode temple completion finale;

So, this Dan8:14 (1150 days) minimum  “established place” “thrown down” and temple cleansing is also Rev8:2-5 and Zech3:2-9; and leads to the recovery period of true enlightenment; And that is the 7 trumpets also going into the final fulfillment mode, those angels of Zechariah 3, have other angels of Rev8-9 and Rev15-16 assisting this final cycle to the Rev10 “little scroll” commission, which is finalized and proclaimed in the Rev 11 1260 days final sequence; After Rev11:7 final attack on the anointed (Rev6:9-11; Rev13:9-10; Zech14:1-3), and God’s own actions by Christ at Matt24:31; Luke17:37; Mark13:27, the 144000 complete AFTER that 1260 days is completed;

That commences the final sheep and goat separation and the 1290 days final period, but we do not know when full Armageddon will develop; BUT, the 8th King will also be at apex of Daniel 8:25, Daniel 11:44-45, Rev19:19-21, and Eze 38 is an attack on earthling JWs AFTER the 144000 are completed; That is why they have “no wall” and are considered by Jehovah the “center of the earth”, the “nucleus” of the “new earth” as Rev19:19-21 and Rev20:1-3 resolve permanently;

So, we cannot be misled by the xGB over-simplification, that they want to use against JWs to try to impede this understanding and to try to shut-down the 2witnesses 2.0 before it even begins;

So, read Daniel 8:11-25 and Daniel 11:27-45 and know those are NWO globalist 8th King and two-horned-wildbeast elite powers, not national powers; The nations are pawned at Daniel 11:42-43 as Revelation 17:11-17 progresses to completion through WW4 over a period of time; BTG is absorbed and destroyed in this period; The JW “sheep” will also be scattered in this period, but angels will be involved more prominently with JWs in the field; (Zech3:7)

The “scarlet wildbeast” is a globalist unification, of national elites, collected by the 2-horn-wildbeast globalist elites as the 7th head of that globalist wildbeast main controllers, the WHOLE thing is the 8th King, FAR FAR more than just a 17 acre UN “image” in New York; This coming power system, is an actual worldwide, super-technologized, progressively expanding in power, “New World Order” central world government super-sovereign worldwide 200 multi-national  super-structure, a uni-power system (8th King) of the climax 666 that it is designed to become “image” AND “scarlet” whole bodied “wildbeast”; (Dan8:23-25; Rev17:11-17)

Just Keep personally Preaching however you do this (not in the profaned org) because this is still the truth (up to 1990 3rd UN presentation now unexplained at all by UN NGO Bethel), MOL will be removed, this is OUR temple (of anointed Christians, NOT a mundane “organization” of an earthly corporation), NOT the fraud xGB sinners and fraud fake brothers; They will be assisted OUT, by angels, in whatever way God does that; (Hos1:4-7; Zech3:4-7; Isa66:6) They, like Judas, merely fulfill prophecy and set their own owner globalists up for full exposure to the world as the source of this compromise for years;

We have the truth of God, that is why they targeted us;

And newbie sheep are still being brought in to the truth (Zech11:4-17 “flock meant for the killing”), and newbies have a lot to catch up on, and have plenty of real food to even get to experienced JW 1990 levels of prophetic understanding, so keep bringing people into the truth; Even experienced JWs are being fooled right now; Don’t let this development of MOL stop your preaching, because MOL will be cleaned out soon; (Zech3:4-7 Hos1:4-7);\

MOL is also foretold in Zech11:

(Zechariah 11:17) Woe to my valueless shepherd (xGB), who is leaving the flock! A sword will be upon his arm and upon his right eye. His own arm will without fail dry up, and his own right eye will without fail grow dim.” (no actual “new light”)

Just because the MOL is “in the temple of the God” does not make it not God’s Temple (of anointed Christians, not an earthly corporation), JWs are in an agreement with God through Christ, like Israel was, and there is NO WAY Jehovah and Christ are backing out now; INSTEAD they are coming IN, Isa66:6, to discipline and cleanse the JWs according to divine insight and perfect justice to fulfill prophecy; Zech3, Dan8:11-14, Mal3:1-5;

READ ALOT OF BIBLE LIKE ISAIAH; Isaiah foretold both the 740 BCE attack on Israel, and the 607 Attack; THAT pattern is the (740 node) Dan8:11-14 first attack as God permits globalists to attack the JW org, but as per Hosea 1:4-7, God shuts it down in the proper time; Then a number of years later, the Revelation 11:2-7 final attack occurs on “Jerusalem” (607 node) (Zech14:1-3); But JWs are in a fully approved state at that time; That attack is so that the 7 times are completed as 2520 days and the 144000 temple completes in the face of the enemy, like in 515 BCE;

THEN, it’s all over; But we do not know when in the 1290 days is the actual end (Dan12:7 is Daniel 7:25; Dan12:11 is Daniel 7:26), we know Jehovah will complete the temple (144000), and place the Zech4:6-9 “head stone” Christ coronation (Zech6:9-15) on it, in the face of the globalist rulership; (Matt24:29-31 “clouds” is Rev11:12 “cloud” of 144000 completion (Rev11:19 “temple”))

This is Just the Beginning of that Final Set of Periods

What we are seeing, is the very very beginning of the final kingdom/temple cycle sparking up, that will repeat the whole 1914-1918, and 1919-1922 prophetic minor patterns to major JW cleansing fulfillment;

And that Daniel 8:11-14 temple cleanse SOON to initiate, and the parallel Zech3:1-9 “temple priesthood” cleansing, will prepare JWs for the FINAL, second, 2Witnesses 2.0, last world ministry of Jehovah’s approved anointed and earth sheep to the ACTUAL completion of the 144000 temple under Christ as per Zech4:6-9, sister pattern to Revelation 11:11-12, 15-19; (That takes time to get from the 1150 day cleanse (Dan8:14, 26), over an unknown recovery period, to the 1260 cleaned and approved final commission of JWs) (Covert angels are involved at Zech3:4-7 and Hos1:4-7)

JWs WILL be in “sackcloth” by that time (Rev11), BUT approved JWs are all that will be left, by that time the temple is CLEAN! The xGB will be purged out by the 1150 days, cleaned out totally by the recovered Revelation 11’s 1260 day final 7 time completion cycle; 3.5 times, is ONLY HALF the required trampling of 2520 days, “7 times”;

So, just HAVE FUN! Yes, the NWO is real, and so is God and Christ’s forces; Be patient and rejoice with this stuff, because now we actually are SEEING prophecy in initial activation (2Thess2:4)! Be cautious as a serpent, but like a dove in innocence; This MUST first and foremost, fulfill God’s Word, and it will; But be careful, obviously they will even disfellowship anointed speaking the truth, and that is what MOL is all about, the evil slave, beating the faithful slave, while claiming to be the faithful slave, and saying the anointed are the evil slave;

Any DFing on the grounds of truth, is irrelevant to Jehovah, the WHOLE XGB are apostate and spiritually dead, what can they say? What can misled elders say? So, we have to be patient, and understand JWs will need enlightenment once this really hits, and some are ready to understand this NOW, and NOT go where the xGB try to send us; The xGB are killers at heart, plain and simple, they want to nix and betray real JWs;

We are not the only JWs starting to realize something is not right, BUT it is no excuse to leave the FAITH, just the doomed Bethel “city” (Matt24:15) Jesus dealt with also bad men in power in the temple; So did the brothers in 1914; Just be p a t i e n t and understand that the xGB will soon be playing even dirtier and trying to kill and bankrupt JWs as part of the central control system with the ZO (which is probably ALL globalist ops by now, appointed by the central ring leaders; Loesch is the oldest member (1994) all are in the post UN/NGO knowledge; Gerrit Loesch probably inherited the Henschel “ring” to lead the inner MOL works now in the xGB – but it has to go to key corporate finance and logistics systems as well)

[They are removed from anointed Christian environment. What happens to the JW organization, we do not know, it may be destroyed, it may be partially a tool, we do not know. BUT we know the anointed Christian spiritual temple is what is cleansed of apostates and impostors playing anointed]

See, the xGB and JW frauds are what are removed from the anointed context in Revelation 8:2-13 “four trumpets”; Revelation 8:2-5 “fire” is ALTAR “fire”, like Isaiah 6 cleansing fire for commission; Rev 8:5+ fires are different, they are judgment fires on 1/3 of the JW house that is out of whack with God’s requirements, and this is produced by the “lamp fallen from heaven” in modern fulfillment, as Rev8-11, and Rev15-16 ALL have a final fulfillment cycle;

Rev8:10-11 applied to Christendom clergy way back in 1919-1922 temple judgment – that was like 100 years ago! We JWs cannot keep applying things to the Christendom MOL any longer!; TODAY that applies to the xGB; THEY are the main source of “wormwood” error and injustice, especially after Fred Franz died, “the one acting as a restraint” with other genuine anointed – now the WHOLE xGB are pretenders;

So, wait for Daniel 8:11-14 to activate; Then know a minimum 1150 days (2300 e/m), will be acted upon the JW org, and it may be severe, worldwide, and accompanied by a big globalist engineered world event, to add to the hoax they are playing on the JWs in this period to debalance and attempt to wipe-out, or at least severely cripple the final ministry;

Then God will recover the JW temple (Zech3:2), and REAL “new light” and REAL anointed (Zech3:4-7) will be put into place, over an unknown period of recovery, leading to the 1260 days of CLEAN Revelation 10-11 final commission;

This is years of development, NOT an instant GT like they are selling JWs; Yes it will lead to the “tribulation of those days”, but this is God’s permitted globalist attack on the JW “established place” in the Daniel 8:11-14 signal temple judgment and cleansing; (But the real thing, not the hoax event currently being deployed by xGB)

But realize, the globalists will be also leading the world into another world war, and the “tribulation of those days” also develops after this initial Dan8:11-14 commencement;


MOL is publicly self-revealed on the jworg website, on November 9, (11-9), 2012; So, this is the case now:

(2 Thessalonians 2:3) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.

The apostasy is revealing, the MOL is revealing, and NOW, “it”, the Daniel 8:11-14 initial period of 1Peter4:17 can develop with no prerequisite needed, because NOW “the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed” has fulfilled in an big world announcement where the xGB has totally lifted themselves up over everyone, for a public “sit down” as “god” in the JW temple, even quoted as Christ authority in that web article on the “annual meeting”;

xGB quote: “”Several in attendance later expressed their profound gratitude that Jesus considers them among “his domestics.”””


Of course tell as many JWs as you can, that you feel can understand and trust the bible enough to see the Bible already pegs these guys; That is why they have been on a JW “dumb down” campaign since 1991; Now we have some JWs, some, not all, who worship the xGB, and listen to them more than God’s own Word; We have a number of competing “idols” that the xGB has erected in the JW org temple, the “org” itself is an idol, the xGB is an idol, the “slave” has been used as an xGB idol, and of course the big UN pollutions of 1991-2001 in the “daily sacrifice” from Bethel; ALL Hosea applies to this initial judgment on Bethel;

Just keep on preaching (personally, not with UN NGO Bethel), this is still the truth, but know Daniel 8:11-14 did NOT fulfill in Nazi Germany in WW2, and neither did Daniel 11:30-31; That is all since 1990, and for the near future;

The entire Daniel 11:36-45 cycle is ALL NWO globalists as KN; It’s not simply “hanging” at verse 43 as USSR, and all of a sudden a national KN will fulfill 44-45 (the globalist full 36-45 sequence is by ONE NWO power system); All national “KNs” are just globalist KN puppets for world war purposes; World war is to present globalist image and world government;; There will be another national “bogey man” no doubt, but the final fulfillment of Daniel 11:44-45 is AFTER WW4, as the UN/NWO (or whatever they may call it) sets itself in final placement, number 4 and final; (Dan8:25, is Dan11:44-45 final attack, not a world war, but a massive global depopulation; Matt24:21-22, that falls into Gog control; Rev19:19-21);

That is all YEARS away; At the very least 1150 days + 1260 days; “tribulation of those days”, can start any time though in the Daniel 8:11-14 period, and definitely after it, as the world is walked to WW4 so that BTG can be set up for asset pillage, by dead broke national powers, in multi-trillions in debt, with a world war to put it all into overdrive – probably kicked of with a super-911 like event to wobble the nations, AND the JW org;

The xGB will try to use that false-prophecy of USSR to apply it to the globalist developments, maybe Russia/China, we do not know, but as if it is picking up there, and Daniel 11:44-45 is fulfilling in this next globalist world event; BUT, this is not the end here, this is the beginning also of the next 10 year globalist cycle as well—it is actually Daniel 11:41, Bethel attack, and Daniel 11:42-43 manifesting, not yet Daniel 11:44-45;

They are trying to fool JWs, plain and simple, but the Bible exposes them; So, just read it all, and pray on it, and KEEP READING THE BIBLE in Zechariah, Daniel, revelation and the rest, because it is about to all REPEAT in the final cycle of Rev8-11 parallel with Rev15-16;


DO NOT stay in the PROFANED JW ORG “temple arrangement”.


Pray to God through Christ, and expect a major storm to be the “evening” darkness of Daniel 8:14, 26, as JWs figure out something is way way wrong with what the xGB has told them to expect; It is just a hoax;

Also realize, when this hits, JWs will be lost, and will need helpful REAL truth to know what the heck is going on! Daniel 8:11-14 is what will be going on, not “GT” as expected; Yes, it will be tribulationary, but not the grand finale, but just the signal beginning of the final cycle;

Keep studying it for yourself to accept the basic concept if you see fit, upon studying the revealing prophecies of Daniel 7, 8, 11-12, and Zechariah, especially Zech3;

See, Zechariah was written (520-518 BCE) after typical Jerusalem temple foundation (536 BCE), prior to temple completion in 515 BCE; So, Zechariah applies most completely to Temple Completion of the future; Zechariah 3 is the cleansing of the temple priesthood anointed, currently in xGB “befouled garments”, parallel with the Daniel 8:11-14 temple cleansing; BOTH temple and priesthood are to be cleaned up;

Talk to you soon, thanks;

(Isaiah 59:5) 5 The eggs of a poisonous snake are what they have hatched, and they kept weaving the mere cobweb of a spider. Anyone eating some of their eggs would die, and the egg that was smashed would be hatched into a viper.

6 thoughts on “What To Do In The Meantime Prior to XGB Removal

  1. i figured out the MOL thanks for the article…so you are saying we should still go to the KH? how do we preach with magazines full of satanic and sexual symbols…i have not been near a KH since i learned all of this…i am so confused

    • Yes. I’ll send you an email to the address in your posting avatar info, c****8; Check inbox or spam folder for a “bibleresearch” termed email name. I am also updating this article with a more up to date warning and proof, as in older articles I was not aware how fully “entered” (Dan11:41), Bethel had actually become, and what greater detail there is in the main prophecy proof—and that Daniel 8:11, 11:41 will get a full manifestation as to their fullest meaning in the near future when Daniel 8:13-14 starts to actually activate, for real.

      I’ll email you within 24 hours of this reply, probably sooner, and that update will be put in that article (and its own article), and into others I may have that made it sound like not fleeing the JW org was a recommendation, WHEN NOW IS PLAINLY EXPLAINED THE PROOF PROPHECIES, SO PEOPLE CAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES TO “DISCERN” AND FLEE, AS PER MATTHEW 24:15, BUT I SAY AS WELL TO LEAVE, I FEEL CERTAIN IN THAT ADVICE NOW.

      Of course I respect people have to “use [their own] discernment” when reading Matthew 24:15…

      (Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the ((UN NGO; Dan11:31)) disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet

      ((modern Dan11:31 “disgusting thing that causes desolation” as parallel of Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”)),

      standing in a holy place

      ((in the JW “constant feature” ministry as UN NGO)), (let the reader use discernment,)

      16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.

      ((Because the JW Bethel desolation judgment for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is near; 1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:3-5));

      …but it has modern applicability to Daniel 11:31 and that 1990 3RD UN presentation, so I do have to say get out of the JW org, in my own responsibility, the enemy is IN the house as per Daniel 11:32a, Daniel 11:41, Daniel 8:12 and 2Thess2:1-4, Zech3:1-3.

      More is coming in this comment, please be patient, and pray to God through Christ to aid your own discernment, spiritual aid and patience, and ask God all your important questions, he will answer, be very patient and vigilant.


      Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

      Daniel 8 and 11 Final Apostasy and 3rd UN Placement (1990) Connections and Parallels

      Daniel Prophecy and 8th King Globalists—Daniel 11:36-41 and Daniel 8:23-25 8th King Globalist Details and the Bethel Apostasy Co-Development

      Connecting Bethel Lawlessness to Final Prophecy

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